WordPress Bloggers – Install This Plugin To Boost Your Traffic

Blog Traffic Tips Weekly Newsletter

by Yaro Starak – The Blog Traffic King


This edition of the Blog Traffic Tips Newsletter is for WordPress bloggers. I’m sorry if this upsets any other bloggers (especially you blogspot bloggers – I know there are a lot of you) but I have to tell you about a fantastic plugin you can install on your blog that can do great things for your traffic. If nothing else this newsletter may convince you non-WordPress bloggers to make the switch and start enjoying the power and convenience of WordPress.

If you would like further details on switching to WordPress check out this page which lists details on how you can import your current blog content into a new WordPress blog –



The related posts plugin is available from –


It’s easy to install, just like most WordPress plugins – you upload the file, switch the plugin on in your WordPress control panel, configure a few options and place a line of code into your WordPress theme where you want the links to appear and you are done!

The related posts plugin will add links to other blog posts you have made that it thinks are related to the topic of the current post. I place the related posts links at the end of every article in my blogs. The links are automatically generated by the plugin and it chooses the previous posts based on keywords.

For example if I write a new blog post on how to get traffic from search engines, it will select some of my previous articles on search engines and place them as links at the end of the post.

Take a look at any entry on the Small Business Branding blog for an example –


You can stipulate how many related posts to include. I chose five, but you can have three or only one if you like, it’s up to you and you configure the number in the plugin options.


There are a few key reasons why this plugin is good for your traffic. The main reason is that it will increase your pageviews, which means it will increase how many individual pages (articles) each person reads at your blog. When they finish reading one post they may click through to read one of the related posts and so on and so on. This increases how long they stay at your blog and means they read more of your content.

If you earn money from advertising on your blog then it can also increase your earnings since visitors are exposed to more advertisements.


The other benefit is that you are creating more internal links. As I have mentioned in previous newsletters, having links within each blog post pointing to previous posts you have made is good for your search rankings. By using the related posts plugin you generate new links to your previous content each time you post, meaning the overall linking structure of your blog is strengthened. It’s a bit complicated to explain exactly why but rest assured it is a good thing.

You can read this article if you want more information on why internal links help –



The best thing about this plugin is that it’s automatic. You install it and forget about it. I love plugins like these because they are free, are great for your traffic and make sure more of your content is read and not lost in your archives. It literally takes two minutes to install so you have no excuses – go do it now.

If you are not a WordPress user then once again, I urge you to make the change – http://www.wordpress.org

Here’s to your blogging success,

Yaro Starak
Blog Traffic King


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