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Learn how to set up a direct ad sales system on your blog so you can begin generating revenue from sponsors.

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In the last newsletter I introduced you to the idea of selling ads directly from your blog.

Direct ad sales is a great way to increase the revenue you make from your blog without negatively impacting any other methods you currently use to make money online.

Once you have made the decision to sell ads directly from your blog you need to take one important step before you can start seeking advertisers and making money – create a system to take on advertiser campaigns.


When I go to monetize my blogs and websites I offer two types of advertising:

  1. Text Links
  2. Banner Ads

Over the years I’ve learnt that in most cases you need to keep things as simple as you can for both your advertisers and yourself, so I’ve simplified the packages and offer just the two types of advertisements.

Text links are links you add to your blog, possibly on the front page or on every page, pointing to your sponsors.

I manually add text links to my blogs and I still recommend this method to manage text link campaigns so it appears like a natural link. This will help your sponsors to improve their search engine rankings and therefore maintain text link campaigns on your blog, keeping the money coming.

There are automated text link campaign management software programs out there, but many of them use a scripting system to deliver the links, which negates some of the benefits that your sponsors want.

Links need to pass on PageRank juice (search engine ranking benefits) and most of the time if you want to ensure that this happens you need to use good old plain HTML to do it.

If you know of a good text link management program that is easy to use and keeps links natural, please email me and I’ll check out the program.


Banners are a different story. There is a piece of software I fell in love with many years ago called PHPadsNew, which recently changed names to Openads.

This software is free and is a robust tool for managing banner campaigns and advertisers who sponsor your blog, or any website. I currently use it right now to deliver the banners on my blog,, and other websites.

Openads has a ton of options, too many to explore here, so if you are serious about establishing direct ad campaigns on your blog or website, go check out Openads here –

UPDATE: I recently had an entirely new plugin developed specifically to implement my system of selling advertising on blogs. You can download the plugin for free from here –

If you are a sucker for hard work, you can manually add banners to your blog, but you don’t get the benefits of statistics, automation or an easy management interface, so I strongly recommend implementing some form of software system for controlling advertiser campaigns. Remember your local tech person can do the installation and management if this is beyond your own skills.


Once you have the delivery mechanism to allow sponsors to promote on your blog your next job is to find advertisers.

In the next newsletter I will offer you some tips on how I have attracted advertisers who purchase sponsorship packages on my blogs.

Direct ad buys currently account for about 50% of the income I earn from blogging, so it’s an area worth investigating for your blog if you haven’t done so already.

Here’s to your blogging success,

Yaro Starak


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