The Most Powerful Blog Traffic Technique

Blog Traffic Tips Newsletter by Yaro Starak

This is by far the most powerful traffic building technique I have ever used.

It’s not easy to do, but it’s worth the effort. Read on for more…


The process of releasing Blog Mastermind, a membership based mentoring program for bloggers, provided me with my favorite type of learning experience – a real world market test. In this newsletter I’d like to share with you one of the lessons I learned and the technique I implemented that resulted in the most traffic.

Although I was specifically marketing Blog Mastermind, the spin off effect was a large boost to my blog traffic too, since is the showcase blog that I drew upon to produce most of the materials I used to market the mentoring program.

Obviously since my blog taught me nearly everything I know about blogging, I refer to it over and over again when preparing materials to teach others with, this in turn drives traffic to my blog.


During the launch process I implemented many different marketing techniques to build buzz and traffic to my site, but there was one technique that outshone everything else I did – I released a comprehensive free report called The Blog Profits Blueprint.

If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, please do so, it’s a great book and I have received more than 200 glaringly positive feedback testimonials from people who read it and it’s been downloaded more than 10,000 times.

You can get your copy from –

The book was the primary resource I released to teach people about blogging and as an introduction to what they could learn through joining the Blog Mastermind program.

Inside the Blueprint are many links to articles in my blog and also links to videos featuring my blog, so the Blueprint acted as a great introduction to my blog and me as well as a marketing tool for my mentoring program.

I promoted the Blueprint everywhere I could, including my own communication channels (for example if you were on this blog traffic tips newsletter when the Blueprint was released you would have received an email about the release) but I also leveraged my relationship with many high profile affiliates and partners to spread the word about the Blueprint.

Affiliates, partners and friends are key for building traffic to your blog when using a free report or book. If you just release your free report to your current readership you are preaching to the converted. There is nothing wrong with that, and hopefully many of your current readers will share your report through word of mouth, but the real traffic growth comes when you can use your report as a doorway into traffic sources not already familiar with your blog.

Strategic relationships are very important and if you decide to write a free report style document or any similar “hook” style resource (see newsletter #31), make sure you consider how you will use the resource outside of your current exposure points. If you really want significant blog traffic growth, you have to tap into “other people’s traffic” and the only way to do that is via money or relationships.

Releasing a comprehensive report on how to do something is one of THE best ways to get the attention of other people. Best of all, you can give your report to other bloggers, ask them to read it and if they like it, do whatever they want with it.

Chances are they will read it, enjoy it and then share it with their readers. There’s no guarantee of course, but a soft approach like this works best since you are not pushing hard to get people to promote your work – they only do so if they genuinely want to.

The hardest part of this technique is actually producing the report. I wrote The Blog Profits Blueprint in about 3 weeks of highly concentrated effort, but you don’t have to be as focused as I was.

A 30-50 page report is not that much work, it’s about 8-15 pillar articles strung together and I bet you could write it in about 2-4 weeks if you put your mind to it.

I guarantee, once you put together your report you will be very glad you did so. It’s so nice to have something solid to give to people as a great introduction to your work. Go on, start writing your report today.

Here’s to your blogging success.

Yaro Starak
Blog Mastermind Mentor


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