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Blogs Don’t Work Anymore 😢

Blogs Don’t Work Anymore 😢

A friend recently said this to me... "You got out of blogging just in time. Blogs don't work anymore." I responded by first saying I haven't stopped blogging -- or creating content, but yes it is true that I no longer rely on my teaching business as my main source of...

I Was Nervous, But Excited…

I Was Nervous, But Excited…

It was almost midnight in Brisbane, Australia. This night was the culmination of three months – or really two years – of preparation. I was about to click SEND on an email to my newsletter announcing the opening of my first product. This was MY product. 100% made by...

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Anthony Zhang, Co-founder Vinovest, How To Invest In Wine And Whiskey

Anthony Zhang, Co-founder Vinovest, How To Invest In Wine And Whiskey

 Anthony Zhang is the co-founder of ⁠Vinovest.co⁠, a platform and marketplace for investing in wine and whiskey as an asset class. Anthony explains in this podcast how to add wine and whiskey to your portfolio and takes us through the origin story of his startup....

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