Brian Nichols in 2014 had an offer to work at Facebook, Twitter or Lyft.

He chose Lyft.

This was just one of the early startups he worked out, many of which turned into great experiences, but no big financial gains.

This lead Brian to realize he’d rather have a small piece of lots of startups rather than have all his eggs in one basket as an early employee at one.

Hence he became an investor.

It wasn’t easy though, no venture fund wanted him, and he wasn’t rich so couldn’t fund investments by himself.

He found a solution by launching an angel investment syndicate for Lyft alumni, people who had made money as early employees at Lyft.

Brian explains on this podcast his path into venture capital, which eventually lead him to Hustle Fund, where today he leads the Angel Squad group — education, deal flow and networking for angels.

Enjoy the episode.