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Thank you for your interest in contacting me. You are welcome to email me anytime.

This is what happens when you send me an email:

  1. My inbox manager will receive it first. They will respond to you and answer your question if they can help.
  2. If they cannot respond to your message because it is only something I can address, they will flag it for me.
  3. If your email does not require a response but I should see it, they will flag it for me to review and then archive. Sometimes I respond to these messages.
  4. All other messages are archived without reply.

I process my email roughly once a week. Although I will probably see your email, I can’t respond to every request.

If you ask for free coaching, for me to review your blog or product or anything else that takes longer than 30 seconds for me to get back to, chances are I won’t. I do what I can, but I prefer to spend my time helping a wider range of people by creating content, products and supporting my paying members and angel investment companies.

Are you a current client looking for customer support?

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Customer Support Queries

If you have a problem or question about a product or service you have purchased from me, send an email to this address:

All customer support queries are responded to as a maximum priority, so you can expect a reply within a couple of hours, up to 24 hours.


I currently offer one main sponsorship package, which includes advertising on my podcast, blog, email newsletter, YouTube, and social media channels.

For rates and to determine if my audience is a good fit for what you sell, send me an email.

Guest Posts

I am not currently accepting guest posts. If you send them, they will be deleted without reply sorry!

Podcast Interviews

I’m happy to be a guest on your podcast, just send me an email with details about your show.

If you want to be featured on my podcast, please visit my podcast page and scroll down to the section on ‘how to be a guest’.

Affiliate Program

If you want to join my affiliate program and promote my Blog Mastermind 2.0 course and other products.

This is temporarily closed.

Product Reviews

I am not currently doing any product reviews. If you send them, they will be deleted without reply sorry!

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