Success Stories

Below are links to in-depth case study interviews with successful bloggers.

Each person started from scratch, created a blog about a subject they care about and today make at least a full time income, all the way up to millions of dollars per year.

Jessica Nazarali

Jessica Nazarali
Blog Subject:

Coach For Health Experts


$275,000 pa


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Fran Kerr

Fran Kerr
Blog Subject:

Acne Treatment


$4,000 to $12,000/month


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Tracy Raftl

Tracy Raftl
Blog Subject:

Adult Acne




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$30,000 Launch

“I started with no clue, no idea what I was doing. Today I have a passive income side business, with all the programs and products I created, following what Yaro taught me through his program. 

I haven’t actually taken any other program besides Yaro’s. I’ve generated around $27,000 to $30,000 each time I do a launch, plus it also provides a monthly income from the sales I get when I am not doing promotions.”

— Michelle Dale

6-Figures Within A Year

“I had bought your program during a really rough time in my career.  I learned a lot, but did not apply it immediately.  Things got worse. I was nearly broke….had poor health…very few clients…and less than a few hundred to my name.  I was so broke…I couldn’t afford to go to the funeral of my half-sister’s mom.  It was a pathetic low point in my life. 

During that time I began to apply the techniques you taught about building an online business, and applied it to my local business and blog, and within 3 months I was making enough to live, 6 months I had extra, and within 12 months I was doing 6 figures

Last month was my best month ever at $30,000.  Literally I went from 300 bucks to 30K/month in less than a few years by applying the core principles of how you build an online business.”

— Tom Menditto

I Was 62 Years Old…

“I went through Blog Mastermind in 2010, and it taught me just about everything I needed to know to get my blog up and running quickly. At the time I was 62 and, although technologically competent, new to the world of blogging.

Your course put me on track to build the biggest authority blog in my niche (independent book publishing), get speaking engagements all over the country, skyrocketed the prices for my services and consulting, and eventually spun off a highly profitable e-commerce site in 2013, with another one coming in 2014.

My blog has consistently been voted one of the best in its field, I was named “one of the 10 publishing pros to follow online” in 2014 by Writer’s Digest, and many other kudos. A couple of weeks ago I ran an affiliate promotion from my blog that grossed $33,000 in about 5 days. And it all started with Blog Mastermind.”

— Joel Friedlander

Business Blogging

“When I first came across Yaro’s website I had no clue what I was going to do. I kinda knew I wanted to run my own business one day, but I never considered being a blogger. I thought bloggers were time wasters!

I didn’t understand the beauty of the front-end blog and the back end business that can be born out of it.

It really opened my eyes to this new world. I found these people who really can sit by the pool and earn a lot of money at the same time. That really lit me up inside. I decided I had to figure out what I could do to start my own blog.”

— Barbara Turley

Million Dollar Sports Blog

“In my first week of the Blog Mastermind course I had less than 50 hits a day. Within two months I was up to 3,000 hits a day. Today I get millions of visitors a month.

It hasn’t been luck, it was by following the steps that Yaro provided for me (he’s not paying me to say that!). I’m so grateful to have actual people who read my stuff.”

— Mitch Wilson

$4,500 A Month

“I watched your video, read a few things about it, then I bought Blog Mastermind and I started applying it from day one.

I went from having a readership of 200-300 per day on average, and now I get as high as 5,000 to 6,000 a day, averaging 3,000 to 4,000 readers every day. It was shocking how fast things started to grow after implementing some of the things in the Blog Mastermind program.”

“Just through my blog and the email list I grew from my blog, I went from making $20 a month, to making $4,500 a month. It’s just insane!”

— Leigh Peele

I Would Have Given Up

“I would really like to say how important it is for people to stick with it. Honestly, if Yaro was not there to support me, I would have given up. If people don’t have the kind of support (you get) from a mentor, I think they will give up. I’m so glad that I did stick with it.”

— Fran Kerr

Keep It Simple

“The most important thing I learned from Yaro’s course Membership Site Mastermind is how to keep your product simple. How to make a product that is easy to understand and present a clear benefit to potential members. 

I also learned about how to build the traffic into your membership site. I know the tools to get paying subscribers, like a blog for example.”

— Muhammad Noer

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