Tom Menditto: Pittsburgh ADHD Coach Goes From $300 In The Bank To $30,000 A Month Applying Online Marketing To His Local Business

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Get ready to be inspired…

Tom Menditto is one highly passionate fellow!

Tom rose from a previous life suffering from the mental illness ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). He mastered his own condition and today helps other people do the same through his coaching practice based in Pittsburgh.

Tom’s business has grown significantly in recent years primarily thanks to online marketing. Here’s a segment of the email he sent me –

I had bought your program during a really rough time in my career. I learned a lot, but did not apply it immediately. Things got worse. I was nearly broke….had poor health…very few clients…and less than a few hundred to my name. I was so broke…I couldn’t afford to go to my the funeral of my half-sister’s mom. It was a pathetic low point in my life.

During that time I began to apply the techniques you taught about building an online business, and applied it to my local business and blog, and within 3 months I was making enough to live, 6 months I had extra, and within 12 months I was doing 6 figures.

Last month was my best month ever at 30K. Literally I went from 300 bucks to 30K/month in less than a few years by applying the core principles of how you build an online business.

Needless to say, I had to invite Tom on to my podcast to explain his story and learn what he did to grow his business.

How To Attract Clients From The Internet On Autopilot

Tom MendittoWhat I love about Tom’s story is how he took what he learned in my Membership Site Mastermind program and applied it to create an automated online marketing system for his offline coaching practice.

Tom built a blog and email list that are designed to introduce his concepts to potential clients. This education and relationship building process happens automatically, so when a person gets in touch for coaching they already know him and what he stands for. This makes the “selling” aspect of his business almost effortless.

Prior to setting up his online system Tom was experiencing poor results using traditional forms of offline marketing like attending networking events. As you hear in the interview, things really changed once Tom created his online sales funnel.

If you’re a coach or a local business owner who feels they don’t leverage the internet enough for marketing, this is an interview you have to listen to. The same goes if you suffer from a mental illness and have aspirations to leverage your “unusualness” to create something amazing.

Tom will leave you feeling inspired, that is for sure!

If you want help setting up a sales funnel to automatically market your digital products or services, you can take the same course Tom did – my Membership Site Mastermind program.

Please share this interview with anyone you think will benefit.

Talk to you soon,

Yaro Starak

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  • Hi Yaro,

    I totally dig stories like Tom’s because we learn it’s not where you’ve been or what you’re going through now that defines you. Build a vision for a bright future and tenaciously hold to that vision, and you’ll go to amazing places.

    I resonate with Tom’s story on a few levels. Really hits home. If you stick to a proven system and work it daily you’ll pretty much name your price when it comes to generating sales.

    I found it neat that he focused on this niche too; ADHD doesn’t get as much pub compared to other mental issues yet he’s helped a ton of people and prospered mightily to see these results. It shows that luck has nothing to do with this business game. Just following the advice of pros, each day, and keep on working on your mindset because this is how you allow in money, success and of course, the people who need your product or service.

    Thanks for sharing the internet Yaro.

    I’ll be tweeting.


  • Wow Tom!

    Nice story, I am more inclined to “Making money with blog”, as I love blogging now.


  • Hi Yaro…

    All of your interviews are very very inspiring.

    I also want to start something online.
    My main goal is to help others, But after watching all this stuff about making money, my mind is also considering this factors.

    I am very confused that is it now possible to make a living from Blogging ?

    I mean, you and the entrepreneurs that you interview are pros in market, i mean they are in online business or say Blogging from last few years(around 3-4 minimum).

    So what if i start blogging now ?
    Is it possible now to make a handsome amount of money from blogging ?

    and if it is, then I would really LOVE to join your program to get me going on….!!!

    • It certainly helps if you pick a subject for your blog that you know about. Most of the people I interviewed were not pros at blogging when they started, but they did know about a subject that they wanted to share with the world. As was stated in the interview with Michelle Dale, you don’t have to be good at sales, you just have to be good at what you do.


  • Hi Yaro,

    No doubt, success is really inevitable when one is working smart and hard. I am encourage to keep nurturing blog @

    Obviously, I will share my blog income testimonial here soon. Your articles has been resourceful.


  • Yaro

    This interview is awesome, I don’t believe any entrepreneur doesn’t have ADHD honestly, in my case I call it “being in the good zone”;)

    Thanks for the interview, and keep em comin’


    • Glad you like it Tomer! You know I’ve never had problems with ADHD, I’m good at focusing for short blocks of time. What matters to me is the transition, having the freedom to change activities. I’d probably have ADHD like symptoms if I worked a job 9 to 5 though!


  • Thanks for that great chat, Yaro. I think it’s a huge help for those of us who feel like we can’t yet take your course because we don’t know what our actual business is – and don’t want to settle for anything less than something built around our true nature.

    You just wish you could get to your epiphany quicker…

  • […] This particular chat with ADHD coach Tom Menditto had me scribbling notes every few minutes: […]

  • Thanks for the podcast Yaro. I was in your MSM course and beleive that I remember Tom as a fellow student there. This is just great when people put in the correct amount of elbow grease to get the success in life they deserve!

    Dwight Anthony
    Financially Elite Blog

  • Hi Yaro:

    Thanks for another great interview! Onto the next one…

    Best wishes,


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