Kat Loterzo: From Personal Trainer Trading Hours For Dollars, To Making $80,000 A Month Online, Traveling The World And Living The Laptop Lifestyle

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Kat Loterzo was a successful personal trainer based in Melbourne Australia. She built up a thriving practice and enjoyed her work, but something wasn’t right. She wanted to do more, help more people and gain freedom from the hours-for-dollars business model.

Fast forward to 2007 and Kat came across my blog. She loved how I was able to travel around the world with my laptop and make an income using an online business model. She promptly signed up for my Blog Mastermind program and started her own blog.

Kat continued her personal training practice but slowly began the process to transition towards online business. She used her blog as a platform to build her brand, then launched a health and fitness ebook, which provided her first taste of making money online.

Kat Loterzo

It took some time for Kat to evolve her online business to the subject she cares about – helping woman get the most out of all aspects of life, including health and business.

Today she runs a coaching and digital training business and makes $80,000 a month. She has a membership site, runs online and in-person workshops, has a private coaching program and more.

Kat travels the world with her husband and two children and is able to run her entire business from her laptop.

In this interview, you will hear the story behind the entire transition process Kat went through, how she creates and launches products, and built her audience.

Ready, Fire, Aim

I believe a big part of Kat’s success is her ability to come up with ideas and execute them incredibly quickly.

She will have an idea for a training program one day, spend the night writing the sales page, send an email to her subscribers the following day, make sales and then create the program with her new members.

This rapid product launch process might be stressful at times (and Kat openly states it is), but the pressure leads to performance. When you have paying customers you have to deliver.

While the “ready, fire, aim” methodology might not suit everyone, if you’ve had a product in development for a while, stop developing and start selling.

If you are where Kat was in 2007, running an hours-for-dollars business and you want to break free and build an online business with a better income model, then sign up for the next round of my Blog Mastermind course.

Just as Kat did, I will show you how to create an online platform for selling your own digital products and services. Using just a blog and an email list you can run your business from anywhere on this planet, live the laptop lifestyle, and enjoy helping so many more people than you can working one-on-one.

Talk to you soon,

Yaro Starak

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Yaro Starak is the author of the Blog Profits Blueprint, a report you can download instantly to learn how to make $10,000 a month, from only blogging 2 hours per day. You can find Yaro on Facebook, Twitter and .

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  • Thank you Yaro and Kat for a really great podcast. After several goes at listening to this, I finally got to the end, and what a great lot of valuable information. I love your fresh honesty especially finding your real passion for your online work. All the best for your next baby.

  • James

    I am always blown away by the resources and stories you share here Yaro. I love learning so much new information but also helping me see what I have been doing right and what I have not done so right either.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Amen to Kat moving quickly.

    I just uploaded eBook #4 to Selz, and am uploading it to Amazon as we speak. Marks 5 eBook products – 1 is a combo – in 3 months. Kat runs with it. I dig that, as I’m doing a 15K eBook every 10 to 12 days. Yep, I’m on #4 now from when you graciously endorsed #1 😉

    I love Kat’s story and style. The Universe loves speed. No need to wait around or life will pass you by. While folks are gearing up and psyching themselves up to launch Kat is producing at lightning speed. I totally dig her delivery, brand and quickness to market because that’s where the magic happens. Folks who act inspired quickly manifest some neat stuff.

    Here in Fiji it’s time for chapter 2 of eBook #5. It’s just how I roll because I learned from you and Kat that running with an idea until you’re done with it is the way to prosper, and I can’t complain from here in Savusavu.

    Thanks so much for the inspiration Yaro and Kat. Love it.

    Tweeting shortly.


    • Ryan you are a commenting machine – I see you everywhere in blog comments.

      Is it working well for you from a traffic point of view? How are the stats?


    • Ryan, you make $1k/day? Nice one. I better go over to your site and pick up some tips!

  • Joe

    Wow , she really needs to invest in a decent mic. Other than that, awesome.

  • Thank you so much Yaro – it was an INCREDIBLE honour to be interviewed by you here, and such a fantastic example of how things come full circle when you just keep on going and taking action. To the next stage – for all of us!

  • Thank you Yaro and Kat for an awesome interview.

    This podcast is packed with golden nuggets from beginning to end.

    I really like how transparent Kat is regarding how she is running her online business.

    I think that many people suffer from paralysis from over-analyze, where everything has to be planned to the smallest detail, before they can take action. Yes, unfortunately, I sometimes do belong to this category as well.

    We should add more of “Ready, fire, aim”-approach to the mix. Action gives traction to your business, and Kat is the living proof.

    I think Kat`s process regarding product creation is great. She is asking and listening to her customers. After all, no one knows better than the customers what they really want.

    As the experts say: don`t ask who are going to buy your product. Find a problem that needs to be solved. Then create a product that fills that need.


  • Jassica Bella

    hi yaro ,

    This is Mind Blowing Information very Long and Very Interesting Article Great Information , i like it , My First Visit Your Blog i am Really impress Great ideas good work , Thnak You For Sharing me ,

  • Yours is an amazing success story, Kat. A role model for what is possible! Keep up the great work. Looking forward to your next interview, T.S.

  • Quite an inspiration! Great to see how things are going for you Yaro, I remember how you started your blueprint and other programs. Very inspirational to hear others sharing.

    • Good to hear from you Alexei! I believe Facebook recently told me you were married, so congrats my man.


      • Got married on 22nd of November 🙂 Feels like it was last week. Time flies…

  • Can’t wait to read your Ebook Yaro. Hoping to learn how to earn quickly with my blog. I know it’s going to take some work, but two hours a day I can definitely do. I’m sure I’ll get some golden nuggets out of this one. Thanks.

  • Dave

    Just wanted to apologize for my first question! I asked something like, how do you make a million writing a blog. I didn’t read any of your material yet. Not even a sentence. After reading for awhile, the subject is very interesting. Can’t wait till Thursday to hear your seminar. In the mean time, I’ll spend as much time as I can reading about this subject. I guess the first thing to learn is how to write a Blog and what to write it about!!
    Thanks Mate!!

  • Kat Loterzo is a true inspiration for all of us. Specially for all the Women in the world who want to start something of her own, must read her story and get inspired.

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