Mitch Wilson: The Amazing First Two Months Of His Football Blog (Which Today Is A Million Dollar Business)

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This interview with Mitch Wilson was recorded back in 2008, shortly after he joined the Blog Mastermind program.

We didn’t know it at the time, but Mitch would grow his blog into a multi-million dollar sports media empire.

Today Mitch is the founder of, which covers all major sports. Back when we did this interview, Mitch was only covering college football and his blog was known as College Football Place (

Million Dollar Outcomes

Needless to say, Mitch represents the best graduate case study that has emerged from my Blog Mastermind program in terms of financial results.

He was hardworking and a great student, implementing many of the ideas I laid out in the course. The end result as you can see is incredible and completely changed Mitch’s life.

At the time we did this recording Mitch had been in the program for about two months and as you will hear, was up to lesson nine, so still very fresh to the course and growing his blog.

The reason I invited Mitch to do this interview is because he showed himself to be a standout performer and achieved above average results in a short period of time. After two months his traffic was already hitting 3,000+ unique visitors per day and I wanted to know how he did it.

Mitch came to my attention because he was clearly an action taker. He asked many questions in the private forums as soon as the program started and was always one of the first to ask a question during the live question and answer sessions with me.

Take Action And Get Rewarded

This really is a special interview because you can hear how new and exciting everything was for Mitch.

He had no idea what was coming to him in the future, yet you just get this feeling big success was around the corner.

In this interview we find out…

  • What Mitch does different from most people new to blogging
  • How he was able to drive so much traffic so quickly
  • How Mitch comes up with content ideas and is never short of something to write about
  • Why I’m glad Mitch is not good with technology and how that helps him become a better blogger
  • Why he loves the Blog Mastermind program
  • A specific example of a technique Mitch used to drive a lot of traffic quickly
  • What I consider the key to Mitch’s early success

This interview should serve as serious inspiration for anyone new to blogging.

Listen in and you will hear that getting a quick start with your own blog is not hard. Create some content, implement a few key marketing techniques like Mitch did during his first few weeks, and you might be surprised how quickly things can take off.

Blog Mastermind 2.0 Is Ready For You

The new Blog Mastermind 2.0 coaching program is open for a limited time. You can follow in Mitch’s footsteps, start your own online business, quit your job and travel.

Class starts now…

It’s Not Rocket Science

Mitch’s case is certainly not typical but you can see the steps to replicate his success are not complicated.

You just need to follow a formula and get started.

Here’s to your blogging success,

Yaro Starak

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Yaro Starak is the author of the Blog Profits Blueprint, a report you can download instantly to learn how to make $10,000 a month, from only blogging 2 hours per day. You can find Yaro on Facebook, Twitter and .

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  • those are amazing numbers for such a young blog. :O wow.

  • Great interview, even for people who have older blogs that need traffic should listen to this.



  • Your interview with Mitch was certainly an eye-opener in many respects. Firstly is the fact that he didn’t start his blog to make money; it was a labor of love first and foremost.

    Secondly, the way Mitch started was simply Goggling “how to start a blog”
    which, strangely, is about how I started.

    His technical expertise, or lack of it, really does seem to be a boon to him. It’s prevents him from getting bogged-down with tech-issues and frees up his time to work on the important stuff…………adding content and it’s his content that attracts visitors (i.e. traffic).

    The other valuable point that came from your interview with him, is that Mitch is VERY active on the forums. He has strong views and opinions and isn’t afraid to express them.

    Great interview and very educational!


  • Yaro, I’d love to hear more inspiartion stories.

    I run a site for beginners and have a lesson format. Inspiration has been key to me keeping my hopes up and I think I could use links to your site as a means to inspiring my readers.

    Can we expect any more?

    • Let’s hope so! Every time I find someone in my program doing well I like to grab then and find out how they do it.

  • That was a very good interview, Yaro.
    I appreciated you staying on the topic and asking good questions.
    As a result I enjoyed the interview and got value from it.
    Content AND the interview itself were great examples.
    Thank you.

  • Wow, that is really impressive – my blog is just over a few months old and is getting like 200-250 visits a day

  • Yaro, I love this kind of interviews. Case study method is the best form of learning because we know what is going to actually work in the market. Can we expect more such interviews from Blogmastermind students?

    I have a new blog which is pretty successful for a 2 month old blog. I am planning to join your coaching program, I hope you will post an interview of mine after I join! Will you?

  • Yaro, that is awesome. Thank you for doing this interview. This is the kind of inspiration new bloggers like myself need. When I started your coaching program, I didn’t expect it to be as good as it is. It’s been great. I launched my blog this past week (finally), and my goal is to be one of your interviews as to how I became successful so fast, lol.

    I just wanted to put that out there to challenge myself. Once again, thanks for the interview.


  • awesome stuff yaro, this really is inspirational stuff, ive been officially at it for a week now so my im going to use this as a target to get around 3000 in two months.. maybe if i manage it faster ill get an interview? :p.. heheheh

  • I have noticed that your podcast always have low voice. Can you please increase it so I can hear it clearly. And Where did the start-up music go?

  • It takes courage to make the first step. It takes passion to retain optimistic thinking and keep going on doing what you love. It takes commitment to grow. It takes patience to see the results

  • Hi Yaro,

    I love reading and hearing about your blog daily. Lots of great content and so much to learn. Just a question after listening to the interview, you and Mitch mentioned about a Tech Guy that you use for your blog and also have recommended it to the Blog Mastermind group, is it possible to get the contacts of that Tech Guy via email?

    Also I’ve been writing a blog about Dragonboating as well for the last couple of months and I’m starting to find the technical side a bit too much.. I would rather be writing content so that’s why I ask.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Thank you.


  • Don’t feel disheartened by the initial low-traffic ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep on blogging, join MyBlogLog – provide useful solutions to other readers – and soon, you’ll have your very own fan base ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ My blog didn’t have very high traffic when I first started out. I’m an avid traveler/photographer. Blogging is a hobby that has somehow turned out well ๐Ÿ˜‰ I don’t rely too much on ad revenue. There are other more immediate perks – like sponsored goodies & freelance projects ๐Ÿ™‚

  • A truly magnificent achievement. Needs a great deal of application and determination to do something like this.

  • Thanks everyone for the kind words and encouragement and thanks to a lot of you who have stopped by to check out my blog. Those of you who have can see I still have a L-o-n-g way to go but I can already see the rewards of just connecting with so many people who enjoy the same thing that I do. As I said in the interview it isn’t anything magical, it’s just that I didn’t have to do much trial and error becuae I was told what worked and what was probably a waste of time (anyone intereested in slightly used copies of WordPress for Dummies or CSS/HTML for Dummies?). In any event I have 3 games tonight, 2 tomorrow and a full slate Saturday so I’m off. Thanks again Yaro and thanks to all of my Blog Mastermind classmates and I forgot to thank Blaine and everyone else in the members forum who have been a huge part of any success I have had.

  • W.T

    I’d never think that college football could have such an insane amount of readers. And this is only the beginning. The fact that there probably isn’t many blogs about that topic is a big help to the traffic. And I liked his last comment about being all organic. Great overall post. Thanks.

  • W.T

    My blog has been up for only two weeks. I was wondering what’s a NORMAL amount of traffic for a young blog?

  • Hey Yaro great interview! I must admit I’m only going into Lesson 4 so I’m a slacker but I’m also running a business that keeps me quite busy. This is a great kick in the pants for us members who are behind on the lessons. Awesome job Mitch!

  • Awesome interview Mitch! It’s great to hear and it’s a kick in the pants for us members who are behind. I’m going into Lesson 4. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Wow those are great results for such a young blog. Thanks for sharing his story…I enjoy reading inspirational posts like this one.

  • I’m in BMM and started my blog from absolutely empty space when I joined in late July. (BTW, thanks, Yaro, I couldn’t have done it without ya.)

    I picked a niche topic that I love, too, (horses and culture for the non-rider) without any thought toward a market for it, except that it’s a blog that I would enjoy reading and that I knew I could make fun. I’m still building content and feel like I’ve got enough now to go promote it to strangers.

    But, just today, I had been chopping away on some new forums but had one of those moments of doubt that I might be wasting my time there.

    Now, I’m back in the saddle and raring to go. I hadn’t thought about leaving teaser articles on sites. I had always feared that it might be perceived as bad form.

    Thanks, Yaro and Mitch.

  • Great interview I have really needed this as my traffic has hit its peak and I needed to find a few small things to start getting it growing again instead of at a stand still.

  • Great interview and as a pretty new fellow sports blogger, who is still trying to get his traffic up that high, I really enjoyed that and learned a thing or two.
    Thanks Yaro and Mitch.

  • it will be interesting to see how these sites are monetized, i have sports blog myself and i just cant seem to figure out how i can monetize it later when its succesful..

  • Very interesting Yaro, I downloaded it and will add it to my collection of Yaro goodness. I still thing your blueprint is a must have and I can’t wait until I can join BM, glad that you aren’t closing it this time around!

    Good stuff man.

  • What a great testamony and advert for what you are offering. I’ll have to say that although I thought about it before this does consider it a whole lot more. Great job on both parts

  • SEO next

    Nice and inspirational … I think the thing where most of the people miss out is taking action about the stuff they know… ACTION matters a lot … right thing done at the right time..

  • Having a strong blog is very crucial and it is good to see how Mitch turned over his blog into a hit. I’ll make sure to use the tool when my blog comes out!

  • Great inspirational interview!

    I joined Blog Mastermind back in December and have been thoroughly impressed. Unfortunately I got busy with my day job and have failed to go back and complete all the lessons. This podcast has inspired me to get back to the program and also to start contributing to the forums (I wasn’t involved in the forums the first time around).

    Here’s a little early history on my blog:

    When I first started Blog Mastermind I was getting around 20-30 uniques a day. I hit a couple as Yaro calls it in the blog profit blueprints “big rivers of traffic” a few weeks into BMM. The first was an article that caught on in stumbleupon. I received over 20,000 uniques in 8 days from that article. The second “big river” was an article that ended up on the front page of Fark (which I’d not heard of at the time). I received close to 5,000 uniques in a couple hours on the first day on Fark and over 20,000 uniques on the second day.

    Unfortunately, this past April I became very busy with work and other activities and haven’t had a chance to get back on track with Blog Mastermind. I usually post between 3-5 articles a week and today receive around 500 unique visitors a day (much better than the 20-30 I started out with).

    Thanks Yaro! I couldn’t have done it without your help!

    By the way, I love the audios, I just click the link from my iphone and listen to them wherever I may be.

  • Yaro,

    Well, I have to say, Mitch’s story is a real eye opener… 3000+ UV per day is extraordinary!

  • WOW! That is an AMAZING number of readers for such a short period of time. I can’t wait to be able to sign up for your coaching program ๐Ÿ˜€

  • […] blog posts jumped out at me. We have Yaro Starakโ€™s Entrepreneurโ€™s Journey feature podcast โ€“ How much traffic should a New Blog have after 2 months? โ€“ advocating the importance of personal interest in a blog […]

  • Yaro,

    Thanks again for your refreshing information. Of all the articles and people I’ve read and listened to, I always come back to you and Rosiland Gardner.

    To your continued success…and mine…


  • Yaro

    Something has gone wrong – my comments have disappeared.

    Absolute newbie – but appreciate poeple like you, Dr Mani, Holly Mann, Seth Godin.
    Sylvie Fortin, Kevin Riley & the very few ehical marketeres.

  • That’s an extraordinary number of readers … really something to aspire to.

  • 3000 uniques a day, that is unreal for a blog so young, congrats man.

  • I’m excited to hear about the possibilities! I realize it takes hard work and dedication, but hope I can aspire to Mitch’s success as I move forward and learn.

  • Wow, I wish I had that much readership. I am hitting about 100 per day after 3 monthes and have slowed because I have been unable to write articles this past month. Hopefully after writing more consistantly over the next month I will be able to achieve such higher numbers.

  • Great motivation article!
    I think that there are three key things that led Mitch to success:
    1. He knows very well what he writes about
    2. He got expert “advice” as to how to blog (from Yaro)
    3. He had good luck (with the exposure he got from his article)

  • Incredible — how do they do it! lol

    Man, that’s genius.

    It’s a shame that most folks want to get traffic fast, neglecting the basics.

    That’s why fellow bloggers should “fix” the basics first, then focus on the traffic.

    Just my 2 cents.

    # — Yaro, I have to disagree with you when you say “there’s no guarantee you could succeed” (I remember you saying that, or something similar) in a recent post (newer than this one!)…

    and my suggestion is this:

    “You are guaranteed to succeed, when you never give up!”

    Master P said that first. What do you say about that? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Well it depends what your definition of success is of course – some people will see failure unless a certain result is achieved. Others will look at any kind of result as success, so this is certainly open to interpretation.

  • Hi Mitch,


    (I can’t say I get sport but you obviously love it.)

    Being picked up by a major news site early on your blog isn’t luck? Give me a break.

    But obviously those who found you loved what you do. Wishing you every success.

  • I would say that a new blog should have an amount of traffic after two months that matches the intensity of the site owner. I think that this tends to occur normally, and that bringing value to the table is easily visible by viewers. Not having value on a site is a quick way for it to be forgotten, even if it has fancy design work.

  • Wow that is very inspirational, that is amazing traffic after only 2 months. And it will probably keep on growing. Congrats on reaching that amount of traffic in such a short amount of time

  • 2 Months!!?
    Nicely done!
    I love what you say about it not being “rocket science”, things generally are simpler than we think, and yet wer always try to complicate them

  • Commenting on other blogs or getting a buzz on a big blog can really help funnel traffic your way. @Armen, you said it best. It all depends on the site owner.

  • Thanks for the info. The main thing from this interview is ACTION.

    Most of the thing mentioned in the audio is actually in Yaro blog profit blueprint and on become a blogger ebook.

    We must start doing instead of just becoming audience.

    I’m off to write my article now! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Chetz Yusof
    Attract Anything

  • Just another inspirational interview…
    Any blogger should listen to this.
    Eye opener for both, newbie and older.
    Thanks Yaro. Thanks Mitch

  • Great interview Yaro. I was thinking about what you said how most people in the program are kind of stagnant and not really active. Could it be that they are not really passionate about their topic? Or they don’t have the patience to let it orgranically grow? I know I was guilty of this initially before realizing the time and effort needed to become successful with blogging. I am still learning and have yet to join your program. I know when I join it will be the missing piece that will take me over the hump. Please keep interviewing your students as they find a level of success with your program.

  • Amazing podcast. It is definitely true that if you are writing out of passion, people will sense that and they will stick to your blog.

  • Hey Yaro,

    Thanks for the link to your interview with Mitch…I guess I should get my Butt in gear and start to Blog more about what I Love..I have been just Posting whatever I want to show people ..My problem is time and Money and if that isn`t enough , I am Disabled..Maybe I just have to many excuses to Do this as it should be done..

    Sincerely , Gary

  • Ely

    Yes, it’s very cool to hit Top 10 with your article and then get featured on Fox site. I guess, most people are wondering how to do that. Still a good call and something to think about.

  • Hello,

    Thank you Yaro and Mitch also for sharing with us this interview, all these great informations.

    Indeed it`s true as ordinary people can create extraordinary things. Maybe some people can think an example like this interview is just a nice story… I know it`s real, when you have some results, practice, then you know it`s real.

    Few days ago I obtained a fast indexing in Google for a new domain name and for other, in less than two weeks, the 2-4 position in the first page of Google for some top targeted keywords.

    Napoleon Hill wroted better than I could say – “Whatever the mind can conceive and believeโ€ฆ it can achieve”. It`s true!

    Thank you again for this great example and for all the useful informations from this Great Blog.

    Doru B.

  • Starting a new sports blog, reading his interview gave me the motivation to reach that level of readership! Great interview and lots of great advice to use for any blog.

  • Wow. What an amazing thing to learn from

  • Cheers Yaro, another very interesting call. Thanks for the very informative content.
    Still searching for a bigger blog to promote my content to though – that would be amazing!

  • Hi Yaro,

    Thanks for taking the time to record this interview with Mitch!. I really enjoyed the information he shared.

    There are so many avenues from which to gain exposure from but the key to it all is…
    …taking ACTION!!

    His results prove it!


  • I am continually impressed by your podcasts and the information you offer, Yaro. I am finally able to join your Blog Mastermind program and I am so excited to do it!

  • Thank you Yaro for such a great blog post and interview.
    you are one of the few blogs I follow and fly over to when you add a new post. Keep the great content coming. I have learned a ton from you and will be coming back for more.
    Would you be interested in giving an interview someday soon?
    Stop on by and say hello when you have the time. My blog is young but I am using you as one of my “Blog” mentors.
    would be an honor to interview you.

    Douglas J Gregory

  • Hey Yaro, I’m relatively new to your site, but I’ve been listening to your podcasts and find them amazing! I was curious if you are still in contact with Mitch and you know if his business has exploded over the last couple years since this interview?

    Thanks, Paul Ciurysek

  • That’s a great example of combining passion and success. I like Mitch’s suggestion of not over thinking and rather acting. Congrats!

  • Hey Yaro, You seem to be legit, but I still don’t want to pay a penny before I see results. How about you help me make money with my blog. I give the first $6,000 to you, if you can help me make at least $12,000 in a year. NO? If interested, contact me through by blog. Thanks, William.

    • In my experience William, those who have free access to training materials are not motivated enough to take action. Paying money, although annoying, definitely motivates you to use what you pay for.

      This is why I never give freebies just because people ask. Even if I did, why should I choose one person over another who asks for freebies?

      There’s enough free content in my blog and reports to start making money anyway, so rather than asking me to prove the value of my offer, why don’t you prove your commitment by implementing what I teach in my free resources.

      Good luck!

  • William,
    If we always could see results before paying a penny, nobody would work ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyway, Yaro, great interview with mitch!

  • Thanks for this, a simple but effective approach to blogging, with very impressive stats; interesting interview. I’d like to know how Mitch is getting on now, 2 years down the line. Any news?

  • These podcasts on your site have really been helpful to me in a way that I cannot express properly with words. All of these podcasts really resonate with me, but it was was after listening to your podcast with Fran Kerr (I just listened to it last week) that I realized how much I was holding myself back and not REALLY believing that an average “ordinary” person like me could ever have success building my various blogs. Thank you Yaro.

  • Yet another inspirational interview Yaro, will be hear all the time to learn, internet has become one of our greatest teacher.

  • Thanks Yaro for posting such an inspiring interview with Mitch. It surely is going to inspire and motivate many aspiring bloggers and to take the right steps in their career.

  • What’s amazing to me is he’s getting all that traffic to his blog without seo’ing himself to death like I am with my blog-and still not getting any traffic!
    I must add that he’s got a good niche too. There’s a lot of people that LOVES college football!

  • Getting 3000 unique visitors per day is very difficult and rare, now getting 3000 visitors to a 2 months blog is really unbelievable and exceptional, hope I could do the same for my blog

    Regards Kostas

  • sir my website is one month old and I am only getting a traffic of 100 persones per day please visit my website and tell me if. Iam doing something wrong or it is enough after one month

  • I am hitting about 50 per day after 1.5 monthes and have slowed because I have been unable to write articles this past month. Hopefully after writing more consistantly over the next month I will be able to achieve such higher numbers.

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