How Fran Kerr Turned Her Acne Prone Skin Into A Profitable Blogging Empire

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Fran KerrThis interview is one of the most exciting successful blog case studies I have ever shared with you. This is the story of Fran Kerr, who created, a blog about acne treatment, skin care and alternative health.

I met Fran back in 2007 and realized she had the talent to go after the blogging business model. She had passion for a subject (alternative health) and was technically able to get the work done.

Fran as you will hear in the this interview, really experienced a roller coaster of emotions – almost giving up completely at one stage – before finally tasting success. The challenge in the end came down to mindset more than anything else.

Fran has one of the most popular alternative health and skin care blogs in the world. She writes articles for her blog, produces videos which she shares on her YouTube channel and her blog, has a subscriber base of over 15,000 people, sells ebooks, has an e-commerce store where she sells physical products, has a membership site and does affiliate marketing.

I worked very closely with Fran when she went through the early days of her blogging and it’s safe to say that this is one case where having a coach and mentor really made a difference (Fran you could say was my first private coaching client). Fran did the hard work and went way beyond what I taught her, doing things that I haven’t done myself and eventually tasting financial freedom because of that. She’s a hard worker, who followed my systems and advice sometimes, while at other times did things her own way.

Today Fran brings in anywhere from $4,000 to $12,000 a month income thanks to her business, and best of all she’s living the dream of being in charge of how she leads her life and makes money doing something she loves.

This interview breaks down Fran’s entire story, how she started her High On Health blog, the challenges she faced along the way both practically and emotionally, how she attracts traffic to her blog, creates videos and how she set up all her different methods of making money.

As you will hear in this interview, Fran comes across as a very down to earth person, who I believe anyone can identify with. There’s nothing about this story you can’t replicate, and in particular I recommend any of my female followers listen to this interview because I consider Fran a real shining star and source of motivation for other female bloggers out there.

Enjoy the interview and if you want to get in touch with Fran and see how she does what she does, visit her blog,


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  • What an inspirational story.

    You are right Yaro, it all comes down to the correct MINDSET.

    Many people give up way too early. This business requires hard work, dedication and time.

    It is amazing to see results like these. They prove that this system works, and success can be achieved!


    • You’re not kidding. Hard work on persistence and this has really paid off for Ryan. Did I hear the numbers right? He charges $97/month for his inner circle, which has over 4,000 subscribers?! That’s over $400,000/month!! Incredible. Truly incredible.

      I also love how Ryan is so family-oriented. It is refreshing to see someone so successful have such a focus on family.

      Yaro, keep these coming!

    • She is so inspirational. I love her site and to see that she did it all own her own without using freelancers is refreshing. Great information!

  • Definitely an inspiring story, Yaro. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thank goodness you didn’t go with the title “How Fran Kerr Squeezed A Profit From Her Acne-Prone Skin” :-).

    But seriously, a great interview and very motivating for those still ramping up.

  • Nice interview. I have heard of Fran before. She does have a great story to tell, thanks for sharing.

  • I used to have an acne blog and have therefore followed Fran since December 2009 when I first started. While I have moved on to a different niche (which has been an unbelievable blessing) I appreciate what she does. She does a lot for those who suffer with acne and have skin problems.

    The best thing of it all is she is extremely passionate about it. You can easily tell in her videos. I have not listened to the interview but will do so this week. Fran and Yaro have both been too much of an inspiration in my life to pass up this interview.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Todd! Your blog topic has changed ..ahh I lost one of my loveliest affiliate sellers 🙂

      I know what you mean about the acne niche, I sometimes struggle with blogging about such a negative “problem” like acne – I feel that it puts a lot of pressure on me to be perfect too. Which is why I’m spending most of my time now writing and creating video about raw food, permaculture, raw skin care and other fun positive stuff .. so I can understand the change and it sounds (and looks, great blog btw) like it was a real blessing for you x

  • That’s great! I’ve been looking for a new blog to follow and it’s great that Fran had a passion for her blog because that is absolutely necessary.

  • It would be awesome if there was a video interview version as well (something like Mixergy) 🙂

    • Yeh! Video interview would be awesome 🙂

  • totally inspiring – for all genders. especially fran’s willingness to integrate your advice/business model, with “moves” of her own.

  • Yaro you must be somewhat proud when one of your coaching/mentoring clients attains this kind of success. It sounds like Fran is doing quite well for herself.

  • I can’t wait to listen to this Yaro. I’m so glad you’ve gotten some new recent podcasts up. I’ve been waiting tooooo long for more from you.

  • Sometimes it takes a negative situation to force one to put energy into worthwhile things. Blogging is one such thing. If there is no strong push, it is difficult to make any headway with it.

  • What an inspirational story. I already bookmarked her blog and would love to follow her blog. I am uber-crazy about keeping my skin healthy and her blog would definitely help me a lot.

  • Absolutely loved this! Fran is so inspirational! I really felt quite scared to do a natural angle on health care as I am not a doctor! She makes it so simple and openly tells people she doesn’t know everything. I have only had my blog for 2 weeks and wasn’t sure I was on the right track. She has opened my eyes to a much easier way of entering in blogs. I was spending hours researching just for one blog entry each day!
    She is really inspirational! I will save this as a favourite and make sure I watch it whenever it all seems too hard!

    • Yay Melissa! I’m glad I could help 🙂 Seriously, it is easy. I rarely research anymore ..because my life is so entwined in natural health (it’s what I love to do) that just by living and immersing myself in my hobby, I’m in fact researching without realizing it.

      Most of my health teachers are not “formally” educated. They’ve had lives of self learning and being inspired by and following their peers and the great leaders within the health industry that came before them. Viktor Schauberger is a beautiful example. He refused to go to University! which was really odd for those times. Instead he took himself out into the forest and learned by studying nature. He’s an incredible example but just shows that we really don’t *have* to be a doctor to have something worthwhile and amazing to share with others. ps- Read his books if you haven’t already, they’ll blow you away!

      Good luck with your blog 🙂 x

  • Thanks for sharing this Yaro. Fran is one of the great bloggers I know outside IM niche. It’s really an inspiring story wherein she lives the life that she wants because of her businesses. Being an entrepreneur can really give us time freedom. Keep it up!



  • Yaro, Absolutely great content. I’m glad you shared…and I’m more glad that I checked my Reader account and saw this one pop out at me. I’m going to have to check out the link to her story here also.

    I checked out Fran’s site…very cool.


  • Yanik, you’ve done it once again. Not only is this a great testiment to your blog coaching program, but these types of interviews are always so interesting to hear.

    When people get their start, overcome hurdles, and then become successful it just shows the other underdogs that the dream is really possible. Congrats to Fran as well.

    -Joshua Black
    The Underdog Millionaire

  • That is amazing. I am just trying to become a small known blogger. This gives me great hope. Thanks for sharing.

    • Stick with it and you’ll get there lovely, absolutely!!! I still find it odd that people visit my blog, but they do …lot of people actually every day. So no matter how much doubt you have, know that it absolutely is possible x

  • Amazing, it took me 3 days to completely listen to the interview, but got through it, lots of lessons to learn,

  • I just wanted to say this was a great podcast Yaro…please keep them coming. it’s been great to have fodder to chew on again…

  • A very helpful interview.

    Hearing how Fran navigates her day, managing all the various parts of her business, including YouTube, physical and digital products…you wonder how people do it!

    Thanks for letting us know. 🙂

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  • This is surely another inspiring true story. Well, I am not a skin-health freak but Fran’s story really inspire me to just keep on trying. I’ve been experimenting on what could work but to no success to date. I keep on trying 🙂

  • Hi Yaro

    Thks for providing this story. It can be a good case study and inspiration for us bloggers.

  • Hi i think There are enough bogus claims, misleading opportunities and outright lies circulating the Internet, and for many, it’s been absolutely devastating to their dream of ever being able to quit the daily grind and carve out an online business of their own 😛

  • LOVED this! This interview made me realize that just as I feel like giving up-I shouldn’t. I love my blog and the subject and get several thousand unique views per month and the blog is about a year old. I’ve got twin babies who just turned a year old so I don’t have all day to work-BUT they will get older and things will get easier and this interview has reinspired me to continue and that is invaluable to me!

    Thanks so much for posting Yaro! Great job Fran!

  • James G.

    Great Story, Yaro!
    I too, talk about alternative health on my blog, but if you’re not
    doing the 5 or 6 other things like newsletters, memberships,
    affliliate marketing, etc. you’ll just continue to have a blog that
    only a few loyal readers will enjoy.
    So Yaro, I guess you’ve convinced some of us-we really need your

  • A lovely story of inspiration 🙂 Thanks a lot for sharing it.

  • Such a great story. I was on the verge of having another “breakdown” as Fran described and this interview knocked me straight out of it. I was doubting my niche and my business model and oddly enough my business model was very similar to Fran’s .

    I thought if this lady can do it, than I can do it.

    Thanks Fran and Yaro.

  • […] Kerr, writer of High on Health. You can read the post about her on Entrepreneur’s Journey here, or go here to listen to the hour long interview. It’s an interesting […]

  • Oh I can’t wait to listen to this one! Gonna burn a CD and listen to on my trip back home!

  • This is quite a story of inspiration. Thanks a lot for sharing it!

  • Great interview! I really connected with this because a) I too studied multimedia at uni b) She’s a fellow Aussie c) she’s selling actual real consumer products d) she doesn’t enjoy programs as much as selling products and ebooks 🙂

    I’m so grateful for studying multimedia at uni, it has given me such a diverse range of skills, and what’s specifically great, is when you create your own product/business you can utilise the skills you have learnt with your own creative twist/edge. I learnt, programming, web design, video, animation, 3D, design and has been so helpful for me to starting my own venture online.

    Your post inspired, to get idea out of mine…which I have been putting off, which is to animate, a scene with my bags in them (so my forest theme bag will have a background set of a forest animating). I’ve just started putting it together in After Effects. Really fun and exciting.

    Great interview and glad you’re following your passion 🙂

  • Sorry I should of said Fran instead of “she”.
    Ps- did anyone else read the title as “How FRANK KERN Turned Her Acne Prone Skin Into A Profitable Blogging Empire”?

  • You are so right! Mindset is what everything’s all about! I’m a personal trainer in CT and I see people everyday who set goals, and without the right way of thinking, you’ll never get there. Trust me people, I see it EVERY day! Anyway, thanks for the post! Readers: Try and discover the power of confidence! If you can find pride, even in flaw, you will succeed. Please feel free to check out our website any time, you’ll see people who found the right mindset and went for it! good luck!

  • Great story and very motivational. It is always inspiring to read about a real life success story that began as a difficult situation.

  • Hi Yaro,
    I have been following you on my mail religiously and I have been finding your articles very informative.I am in the same boat today that Fran was about 2 1/2 years ago I started blogging on a blog about two months ago and write articles on various health problems. Today I have a self hosted blog and intend to migrate immediately. This MP3 does have a motivational effect on one and kudos to you for presenting it to us. It has come to me at the right time. Its that thing about ” Being at the right place at the right time”.
    Thanks to you.

  • Mindset is so important. I’ve actually just relaunched my blog and written a business plan for it, and mindset is mentioned in the business plan. I’ve tried for almost 2 years to get my blog to go places and always failed, and I’ve now realised that mindset was the failing.

  • Great interview, thanks to you both. When talking about making videos who did Fran mention?


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  • This is truly inspiring. I like her points on how to deal with challenges and how she managed to turn her own self into the foundation of her business.

  • Yaro,

    Another solid interview. Thank you. Fran was adorable and down to earth and it truly sounds like she just jumped in with something she was passionate about and kept going.

    Your prodding questions were great, you kept the interview moving smoothly, and I look forward to more of your work.

    Take care,

  • Very nice blogging success story. I learned a lot! Thanks Yaro for sharing this. You definitely inspire new bloggers like me to aim for success. More power to you!


  • Great interview Yaro. I have seen Fran around. She has a great story to share, thanks for sharing.

  • Does anyone know how Fran made her YouTube banner on her YouTube page to allow people to click through to her site HighOnHealth site? I think that’s fantastic, but I haven’t seen it done before.


  • Love the picture of her eating a cupcake. Her new name is Cupcake.
    Get rid of Acne by eating cupcakes!!!
    Great Podcast….

  • I suppose if you have a lot of sites there is no problem with adsense. But I’d read their Tos, if it isn’t allow then you can use your family accounts, but I don’t see why they should prohibit them..

  • That’s a pretty competitive niche to conquer. Well done to her!

  • Great interview Fran!

    I connected with you on Twitter and Facebook.

    Randy Allen Bishop

  • Great story, its always good to hear these success stories. It shows us that anyone can do it.

  • Really awesome to hear From Fran, it’s been a while since I’ve seen her on your blog 🙂 Really great to hear from her again!

    Till then,


  • I leave absolutely nothing out this guide is a collective resource of ALL my personal strategies to generating thousands of dollars a year from single hands-free blogs.

  • I have been hearing stories about how people are making money using blogging empire. Out of curiosity I searched on net and saw several options like rss2blog, viral instigator…

  • This blog entry was added because one of our members found it interesting and wanted to share it with our community.

  • A real inspiration. Just shows what you cn achieve if you have a passion and are willing to put the time in to get the work done. Well done!

  • I came across the name Fran Kerr when I was searching for acne treatment for my cousin and I must say she writes very well and effectively. I think, that is one of the secrets in order to make money from blogging. Just like her, you need to have the talent and the passion.

  • Thanks Yaro and Fran, this is a powerful story. It shows the truth about making money on the Internet. There is certainly work to be done, however, just like Fran experienced by her patience, the money will surely come.

    I too have gone through the period of dryness in my Internet marketing business, but I’m glad I remained with it, and though I haven’t made a million dollars yet, which is my goal anyway, the money has started coming.

    Again, thanks, Fran’s story will surely inspire and motivate anyone to find a niche they are passionate about, get a mentor, and keep building their business – the money will definitely come!

  • Max

    HAHA, I thought this was KERN….

  • Wow… thanks Yaro and Fran,

    A truly wonderful interview and thought provoking re mindset and not giving up.

    Your interviews are always so informative Yaro.



  • Hi Yaro!

    This is just such an inspirational story!

    My wife is a nutritionist and has recently started her own blog called The Nutrition Genie, and I think this story will really motivate her to continue writing great articles about a subject that she loves.

    Thanks for sharing such a great interview!


  • Less cupcakes = less acne. Simples!

  • I found this really inspirational. Fran, I’ve known your ‘work’ for a while now having had issues with my skin, raw food etc. I think you are such a star and I’m really grateful to you and Yaro for sharing your story.
    I’ve recently re-done my website and taken on much of the advice of Yaro gives although I worry I’m a bit early in the game to be selling affiliate stuff. I’ve been blogging for a year but the juicy stuff has only recently started to flow.
    Numbers are still growing very slowly but I’m about to release my second ebook so hoping this will help plus I NEED to get a newsletter on the go!
    Thanks again

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  • Awesome interview. Very Inspiring indeed! Thank you guys for sharing your tips and inspiration! I love how Fran mentions that she doesn’t feel like its work. The joy of doing work in which you enjoy. 🙂

  • Yaro, I have always found your post informational and inspirational. But this interview with Fran Kerr has really ignited my spirit, to follow my dream and my passion. I have yet to start my blog. This has definitely pushed me to move forward. Thanks Yaro! And thanks to you FRAN!!!!!! Louise Eubanks,

  • I wrote a blog about acne a while back and it was a major success. The one thing I found out was that most people are more confident writing about their acne over the internet than discussing it in person with other people. No one can see their acne when they are behind a computer, but when they are out in public, any one can see. This is why blogging about acne is a great idea. People can share their stories where as others are looking for stories to point them in to the right direction. Some will talk about what the best cleanser for acne is, or what to eat in order to help prevent acne. The topics range from all over but the point is simple.

  • I’ve been really enjoying your blogs and interviews you’ve had with your previous students. I love hearing success stories that can help me improve my blog. I had no idea that acne treatments could make an amazing niche as Fran had success with her blog.

  • Thank you so much for this interview. This interview changed my life when I read it a year ago.

    I also developed severe adult acne and cleared it holistically, and Fran, amongst other bloggers on the internet, were a huge inspiration for me when I was clearing my skin. I loved researching natural health, and I was doing a holistic nutrition course at the time…. I was sitting around going “Okay… what am I going to do with this? What am I going to do with my life?”

    And I spent so much time reading other people’s blogs, and researching, and learning, and I wanted to share it…. i thought…. I COULD DO THAT!! I could do this make money online thing. I knew I had what it took. I somehow stumbled across this interview with Fran, and it was what really convinced me to go with it.

    I decided to buy Blog Mastermind, and I set to work, following a very similar approach to Fran with the blog and the youtube videos. It’s been 10 months now, and I’ve grown a small but dedicated following. In fact, I do guest videos on Fran’s blog too. I started selling my first product – an ebook – a couple months ago and have begun making money… it’s not quite a full time living just yet, but I’ve made a few thousand dollars so far.

    My blog has given me purpose beyond anything I ever thought possible and I’m so excited and optimistic about the future. My blog is growing a bit slower than hers…. I am just scraping 500 uniques per day at 10 months, but it’s slowly growing and every day I get many beautiful comments and emails from people telling me how happy they are that I helped them clear their skin. SO REWARDING!!

    Like everyone I go through my highs and lows with it. It’s been hard, but I’ve never wanted to truly give up… I know I’m going to make it, and I thank you – Fran and Yaro – for truly changing my life. Love <3

  • Thanks so much for sharing this interview. It gives me hope that I can some day make a decent living from my online writing, including my blog. You’ve hit on a number of issues I’ve been having (e.g., bloggers block, working my “you know what off” and only accruing pennies) and Fran’s experience with these issues lets me know that I’m not working in vain.

  • Hi Yaro,
    you were one of the very first people to catch my attention as a ‘guru’ when I began in IM, but over time when I went through my shiny object phase I got drawn further and further away. Recent posts like this show that you are definitely someone I should have kept an eye on to learn from. I’ve bookmarked this blog after reading this one and will be returning to keep learning! Thanks for a great resource!

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  • Thank you Yaro & Fran This article is very inspirative I think not just for me but so other people that read this article and now I believe that I can to do for each other …..

  • This is good to know. I have tried everything from Burt’s Bees but way to oily. I’ve tried every product too at Wholefoods almost. I do the at home facial with the Riiviva Microdermabrasion tool for my acne scarring and it’s terrific. It is here at

    Do you have any recommendations as to what avenue to take for moisture without all the oily residue that happens when I use oils. Thanks

  • […] term readers of this blog may remember I published an interview with acne blogger Fran Kerr, whom I coached to help start her blog. Fran eventually became a leader in the field, making $4,000 […]

  • I have suffered with acne since I was a teenager so I was really interested to read about Fran’s experiences with using natural products. I have briefly looked at this form of treatment in the past, but always felt that I didn’t know enough about the properties of the many different ingredients that were marketed as natural to be able to make an informed decision about which products would be best for my skin. As a result I have just always stuck with what I know, and while this has slightly improved my skin, the results have not been great. Since reading this article I have decided to take the plunge and try out a range of natural products to see what works best for me.

  • Brian

    Is her blog still alive? When clicking on her link, I get a Shopify storefront that hasn’t finished it’s setup..

    • No she sold the whole business to someone else several years ago. She wanted to move on from the Acne niche. Tracy Raftl is still in it though.

      • Karin

        It seems she has started a new acne blog:

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