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I received one of the best comments I have ever received to an old blog post and it reminded me of an important lesson that I would like to share with you.


I woke up to a comment left to my blog this morning that truly generated a warm and fuzzy feeling.

The comment was left to one of my older articles – nearly two years old in fact – which goes to show that people do read through your blog archives and stumble across your old content via search engines.

Here is what the comment said:

Hi Yaro!!!

I think you are an AMAZING person. I’ve know about you for less that 24 hours and I already feel inspired by you. I was moved to tears by your blog about whether you really just work two hours a day. I forwarded that blog to key people in my life urging them to read it. You give really sound advice. You are incredibly wise at such a young age.

I wish you all the success your heart can stand.

– Tee Jenkins

That’s awesome and of course you can see why that made me feel good.

What I really liked about this comment though, and why I am bringing it up in this newsletter, is because of the part about forwarding my article to key people urging them to read my article. Now that’s word of mouth of the best kind – a friend to friend recommendation.

I don’t know how many people were contacted as a result of this one new reader finding my blog, but you can see the viral effect that can occur when you can write content that stimulates a response like that.

I went back to the article to read over what I had written to see what might have driven my reader to tears. You can take a look at the article for yourself here (this is not the article the comment was left on) –

Do I Really Only Work Two Hours Per Day?

This article contains a theme that is prevalent in my blog posts from time to time, going right back to the start of my writings. The general idea, and this is what I think made so much of an emotional impact, was my discussion of money and how it influences me.

I have a love hate relationship with money, which I believe is something I share with most people. We all want more of it, but often we are not happy with what money motivates us to do (dead end jobs, working too hard, sacrifices, etc).

This is something that clearly resonates with people on a deeper level, which as a result, can prompt the kind of reaction we want if we are looking to increase blog traffic.


When I write my articles I don’t specifically look to manipulate people to boost my traffic by focusing on tear-jerking content. However, if I hit upon a topic that is emotionally impactful, which usually means it’s something that impacts me to a great deal too, then I have no problem writing about it with some passion.

The result of this can be a strong influence on the people reading my blog, especially if I hit a broadly relevant topic and really nail the expression of my ideas.

There is a lesson here for all of us. As humans, we have a unique insight into what impacts other humans. Chances are if you feel passionate about a topic, others to do.

If you want to create viral marketing events simply as a result of the words you write to your blog, then you must find topics and ways of expressing yourself that stirs emotion in others.

Obviously not every topic is something that is emotionally stirring – I’m not going to make people teary when I write about increasing opt-in rates to an email newsletter, but from time to time you can publish content that is reflective and touches upon topics that are not so practical and more philosophical.

If you haven’t tried this angle before, I suggest you give it a go.

You might wonder how you can find ways to cover more personal subject matter if your blog topic is skewed towards something very practical. The key with this is to tell stories from your own life or the lives of others that somehow connect, perhaps by providing an analogy, to something relevant to your blog’s topic.

At the very least, whenever possible you should look to inject passion into your writing so people react with feeling to your blog posts. If you want to stimulate a response in others, you need them to feel something as a result of reading your writing. The best way to know you are on the right track is to focus on topics that you feel something about yourself.

Here’s to your blogging success.

Yaro Starak
Blog Mastermind Mentor


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