How To Laser Target Your Blog Traffic

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by Yaro Starak – The Blog Traffic King


When I first created a blog I was planning on using it to augment my small business,, an online editing and proofreading service. I had heard that blogs where pulling in amazing search engine results, better than “normal” websites, so I had to test this new technology for myself.

If you have ever managed an online business you will be aware of the importance of choosing the right target audience. Even with small numbers, as low as 50 visitors per day, you can get results provided those 50 visitors are the right target audience for what you are selling.

I started my first blog on the industry I was working in, proofreading, and I struggled. I am not a proofreader and while I enjoy running the BetterEdit business I have little interest in the actual industry. Coming up with new content for a blog on proofreading very quickly became tiresome.

I decided to change focus and began blogging about what I really enjoyed, Internet marketing. I started to write about my experiences setting up businesses online and told stories of my successes and failures.

Blogging about Internet business was a lot easier then discussing proofreading, but clearly the audience I was attracting to my blog was not very relevant to my small business. I created a new blog,, specifically for the Internet marketing niche I was writing about.

My First Attempt To Make Money From My Blog

My new blog about Internet business grew really well thanks to my traffic strategies. A few months into it I decided it was time to attempt to make money – to monetize my blog.

Like many bloggers I first tried using Google’s AdSense program and placed their contextual ad links on my blog.

The result – between $0 and $0.50 a day plus I wasn’t happy with the ads that were displayed on my blog. A few months later I took the AdSense off.

Next I tried affiliate marketing where you recommend other people’s products and get paid a commission if you make a sale. I wrote a good sales blog post telling my readers of a fantastic offer on a marketing newsletter subscription service with a bonus e-book that I thought would be very relevant to my audience.

Here’s the blog post I made –

I woke up the day after posting that sales letter to no sales. During the next week or two I made about $26 total, not exactly a roaring success.

Know Your Audience

After my failure at making money from my blog I was in a bad mood and I decided that all my efforts during the past months to grow my blog traffic must have attracted a readership with no money to spend, or I was pitching products that they weren’t interested in.

Needless to say I went on after my initial problems to make money from blogging (I’ve since had a day where I made over $900!) but the lesson I learnt was a good one. Know the target audience you want to attract, know why you want to attract them and implement traffic strategies that will bring in only that target audience.

It’s better to bring in one targeted reader than ten random surfers. Your traffic strategies must reflect this.

Who Is Your Target Audience?

Take a second to jot down exactly who it is you want reading your blog. You can define such characteristics as:

  • Age bracket
  • Sex
  • Income
  • Phase in life (university student, retiree, etc)
  • Industry
  • Job Status (manager, CEO, employee)

With a target reader profile you should find it easier to conceptualize and generate the content to appeal to them. You can “step into their shoes” and brainstorm the best traffic sources to draw from that will attract the right audience.

Remember in almost all cases it’s *quality* over quantity when it comes to blog traffic.

Here’s to your blogging success,

Yaro Starak
Blog Traffic King


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