How To Kick-Start The Launch Of A New Blog

Blog Traffic Tips Newsletter by Yaro Starak

Here’s a tool you can use to drive traffic to your blog in a manner of minutes.

If done right, this can skyrocket your blog traffic and help a new blog gain a firm footing in the blogosphere…


I recently recorded a special interview with a new Australian blogger named Collis Ta’eed.

The topic of the interview was how to quickly launch a blog and build huge traffic in a short period.

Collis was the perfect subject for the interview because his latest blog, the second blog he ever launched called, went from 0 to nearly 4000 daily readers in just THREE WEEKS!

Yeah, that’s pretty darn amazing and I was eager to learn how he did it.

I can’t explain the entire process in this newsletter and if you want to listen to the whole interview you will have to join my Blog Mastermind program (

I can however reveal to you the main trigger he used to start the traffic ball rolling.


Do you know

It’s a social media toolbar that you install to your browser that lets you “stumble” from site to site and vote for content you think deserves to be stumbled upon more often because it’s good.

If you haven’t tried it yet, go to and download the toolbar.

There are literally millions of people using the toolbar every day and it’s fast become a huge driver of traffic to websites.

What most people don’t realize is you can actually buy traffic from StumbleUpon and direct it to any web page. You can even highlight what topic categories you want to nominate and draw traffic from.

Collis used this tool to kick-start the traffic to his new blog. It wasn’t the only tool he used – he did quite a few clever things and I have to commend him for strategically approaching the launch of his blog – but StumbleUpon was the initial launch tool he used to get things going.

The paid service starts as low as 5c per visitor so if you want some cheap traffic quickly here’s an option worth testing. Just be careful how you do it and ensure you are prepared to take advantage of the traffic when it comes through.

This really must be a strategic decision, don’t just throw money around buying visitors hoping that the traffic will stick around for the long term because that won’t happen unless you have a strategy in place to make it happen.

To create a campaign on StumbleUpon go to this page:

If you end up trying it out I’d love to hear your results. Send me an email to let me know how you went buying traffic from StumbleUpon.

I’ll be trying it out myself very soon and I’ll report to you what happens.

Here’s to your blogging success,

Yaro Starak


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