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Here’s a simple way to score offline publicity for your blog that could lead to a nice traffic boost and exposure to a new group of readers…


Have you considered approaching newspapers with a story about your blog?

Recently I enjoyed the rewards of a news story that circulated both online and offline that sent traffic to both my blogs.

The story featured a proposed listing of the top 100 Australian blogs. You can see the updated latest version here:

As I type this my blogs have position two and seven, but that’s not really saying much because lists like this are quite arbitrary.

What matters was the coverage the list attracted. Not only was it featured quite prominently online on many blogs, the story made it to a mainstream Melbourne newspaper.

While I can’t directly correlate this event as wholly responsible for the traffic boost, during the week after the news circulated I noticed around a 10% increase in RSS subscribers.

The beauty of newspaper publicity is it attracts a new audience to your blog. Many bloggers get stuck re-using the same traffic techniques over and over again.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you are getting results, but you tend to attract the same type of reader and in most cases experience diminishing returns, where each time you apply the technique the results are not quite as good as last time.

It’s important to market your blog using many different avenues to attract traffic from many sources. Newspaper publicity is possibly one of the easiest and cheapest offline marketing tools available to bloggers, if you can come up with an interesting enough angle to get attention.

The key to success is coming up with an interesting hook – a unique story – that a newspaper journalist finds interesting.

Remember journalists are hungry for content and if you have something with broad appeal and a good angle it might just take a phone call or an email to your local newspaper editor to land some coverage.

You never know until you try, and yes I’m talking from experience, it has worked for me before.

A few years ago I shot off a handful of emails to local newspapers and magazines attaching several pre-written press releases about a small business I was launching.

The result was two articles – one published in an Australia wide computer magazine and another in my local newspaper.

Not a bad outcome and something anyone could replicate. There is no reason why you can’t do the same for your blog.

Here’s to your blogging success,

Yaro Starak


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