The Secret To Successful Blogging

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Can the movie The Secret and the Law of Attraction be successfully applied to blogging too?

Let’s find out…


I expect you already know about the very famous movie, The Secret, and the underlying principle it talks about – The Law of Attraction. If not, go watch it now –

I’m a fan of The Secret. I’m not necessarily a pro-active devotee, but over the course of my life I have implemented law of attraction style thinking without realizing it. To me this was another case were someone came up with a fantastic methodology – a label and system – to encompass something I was already doing.

Of course we are all manifesting things in our lives all the time, but there is a difference between doing this actively vs passively, and The Secret can help raise your awareness regarding how you think about your life. It’s empowering to know you are capable of controlling your outcomes, to a certain degree.

What I like about the law of attraction is how it can unify your thoughts with your actions. If you truly believe that you can manipulate reality through thought and subsequent action, then you gain a sense of inevitability about everything you strive for – it’s simply a matter of time.

Having faith that an outcome is possible given enough consistent action towards a specific goal, and actually believing that it will happen, means that you become completely congruent – your thoughts and your actions both drive you towards your goals. This I believe is when the law of attraction can truly manifest and it’s a powerful thing when you experience what you are working towards. It’s a self reinforcing pattern that if you can sustain, can lead to achieving whatever you want.


A congruent thought process with action and positive reinforcement from celebrating each little step forward, are critical for successful blogging.

As bloggers we all have similar goals and we can break things down into very specific outcomes. We may desire a certain amount of RSS readers, or unique daily visitors, links from other sites, opt-ins to our email newsletter, exposure on popular sites, monthly income or any manner of achievements.

As you study more about blogging you collect a body of knowledge largely made up of tactics. Some people teach strategies as well – this is something I personally like to focus on – but mostly you are taught techniques, tactics that should get a certain result.

Techniques are great, they are the foundation of every successful blog, but unfortunately most people don’t follow through with enough of them to realize a result. It’s great to know how to get something, but if you don’t actually do enough to earn the reward, then it’s pretty much useless knowledge. It doesn’t move you closer to your outcome.

This is why most people, despite reading so many blogs about blogging and uncovering hundreds of great techniques, never grow a popular blog. They lack a strategy and the necessary mindset to carry through the strategy.

The successful blogging puzzle looks like this –

  1. Mindset
  2. Vision
  3. Strategy
  4. Tactics

Your mindset sits at the top as the most crucial element. You can establish a brilliant vision for your blog, determine a strategy to realize it, which contains various techniques, but without a mindset in place, even the perfect strategy and copious knowledge of tactics will help you. Your blog will go nowhere.

This is where the law of attraction can help. If your mindset is lacking then you need to change your thinking. One of the best ways to reconstruct how you think is to establish a belief – even a “faith” based approach – to how you go about your life.

Faith is a powerful force and it doesn’t have to apply to just religion. If you believe you will succeed, if you see the result and can envision yourself taking the steps day-by-day to get there, then it’s only a matter manifesting the process into reality.

If you believe the law of attraction works and you apply it to how you think and consequently act, then you will start making what is in your head happen in the real world. That’s all there is to it really.

You don’t have to call it the law of attraction if you don’t want to. In “Think and Grow Rich” a book by Napoleon Hill, the author reveals countless stories of how people simply thought about what they wanted, then ceaselessly worked towards making their thoughts a reality. This book was published long before The Secret came along or anyone wrote about the law of attraction.

Whether you believe there is some mystical force linking thought with reality doesn’t matter. What is clear, is that the mind can be your greatest roadblock or your strongest advantage.

As you no doubt realize, this principle goes way beyond blogging, but since blogging is a big part of my life and I expect it’s important to you too, I tend to devote a lot of time to thinking about my blog and my Internet business.

Without having a strong belief in my own abilities and following some simple principles, I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this on my laptop in the middle of the day, earning six figures a year from an Internet business based on blogging.

I hope you come to realize how important your mind is to your success and take steps to bend your thoughts towards positive outcomes.

Here’s to your blogging success.

Yaro Starak
Blog Mastermind


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