How Does Getting Paid $500 An Hour Sound To You?

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Have you ever considered working as a high paid consultant?

Using the simple tip in this newsletter, you can attract well paid work thanks to your blog. Read on for details...


In a previous newsletter we looked at one of the best methods for monetizing your blog – seeking direct sponsors.

Once your blog becomes reasonably successful – at least 500 unique visitors per day – you should be able to sell banner and text link advertising directly from your blog. This income stream, in most cases, is very stable and like for my blog, provides the largest source of income.

Generally speaking, if you can make money from your blog without using some form of brokering or middleman service, you make more money since you don’t have to share the revenue with anyone else.

Today I have another way to directly monetize your blog that is very easy to implement, yet so few bloggers bother with it.


Many bloggers, whether they intend it or not, become respected as experts in their industry. The act of writing regular content that demonstrates you know your stuff will position you as a reliable source of opinion about a certain topic.

Even if you are not the number one person in your industry or if you never intended to become an expert, a blogger who builds a popular blog is in a prime position to sell consulting services.

Consulting is not as hard as you might think. What you know about your topic because you choose to immerse yourself in it, represents knowledge and experience other people will pay for, if you just give the option.

You can sell consulting in one hour increments over the phone, or on a per project basis or even as some form of freelancing where you provide tangible output for a fee (like a report or physical product or design spec).

Let’s say you blog about how to lose weight and write a lot about diet and eating right. As you begin to achieve results with your own weight and talk about it on your blog, other people wanting to lose weight may consider hiring you as a diet consultant.

You don’t have to be a trained dietitian, you just have to talk about what you did, what worked and what didn’t. Don’t pretend to be anything you are not, but be confident in what you have achieved and how you could help others achieve similar results.


One of the most powerful tips I can give to any blogger wanting to make money from their blog is to add an advertise page. I covered this technique in a previous lesson and go into it in some depth in my coaching programs.

It’s not rocket science. If you want people to give you money for advertising, give them instructions in a page on your blog and don’t hide it – make it obvious. See my blog if you want an example –

When I had my web designer work my new blog layout I told him to create a new page called “consulting” and add a link to it from my navigation bar.

Although I don’t always want to do consulting, having that page means I can list my per hour rates, what areas I can help with and how to get in touch with me for paid work. Once again, this is a simple way to give yourself the chance of landing paid work and generating a lucrative income stream thanks to blogging.

If you really love your blog topic and the idea of earning $50 to $500 an hour to talk about it and help others appeals to you – then go add a consulting page to your blog.

You may not get any clients initially, but trust me, as your blog grows simply having that page can lead to all kinds of high paying work that you would never have landed if you didn’t think to offer the service. Often the simplest of ideas have the greatest impact.


Your blog topic may be something that doesn’t fit the traditional consulting model. That might be true, but it doesn’t hurt to try and make the option available.

Sometimes people need advice about a topic, they want it immediately without hunting around for it and the first recognised expert they find who says they can help is the person they give money to.

Remember what you might consider easy or “basic knowledge” in your industry is information other people are willing to pay for. I believe everyone has something to offer and if you blog in an area that other people are interested in, it’s worth trying every avenue you can think of to make money.


As far as I am concerned, consultants are really just well positioned, and thus well paid, freelancers. In all cases I recommend you “consult” rather than work on a per contract job as a freelancer, but sometimes this just doesn’t fit.

If consulting isn’t appropriate for your industry, you can create a “hire me” page instead, and list the areas where you can offer services as a freelancer. Your per hour rate may not be as high as if you work as a consultant, but for some industries, that is just the way things are.

I’ll leave it up to you to decide what fits your market.


Adding a hire me or consulting page to a blog is a smart way to make money from blogging that goes beyond traditional advertising models.

It won’t work for everyone, but most people never try – so go out and try it on your blog today.

Here’s to your blogging success,

Yaro Starak


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