Why You Must Be A Thought Leader

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by Yaro Starak


Do you consider yourself an expert in the topic you blog about?

Not every successful blog is based on the expertise of the author, but for most of the top blogs written by individuals, the key to their success rests solely on their ability to demonstrate *preeminence*.

Preeminence is the perception that a person is the best or one of the best authoritative sources on a specific topic. You don’t necessarily have to be the best, but people need to perceive you as the best.

It certainly helps if you really are very good at what you do – it makes it a lot easier to convince people of your expertise – but don’t feel bad if you aren’t 100% confident in your own abilities. Remember you know a lot more about your topic than your readers do, hence in their eyes they will view you as an expert, provided your content teaches them new valuable things.

Based on my newsletters you can infer what subject area I aim to establish myself as an expert in.

Yes, blogging, in particular blog traffic and strategy. Do you feel that way about me? Has what I have taught you through my newsletters and blogs built a perception in your mind of what I am good at?


To create the perception of preeminence you need to do two things –

  1. Constantly educate yourself about what is going on in your chosen niche.
  2. Write about what you learn through education and experience to your blog.

The first step should be something you already do if you are genuinely interested in what you blog about. Daily I read other blogs, websites, books and study courses on topics related to what I blog about.

I have a very high level of awareness on a whole range of topics in my industry. I am certainly not an expert on all aspects of the area I blog about, but if someone asks me a question about something related to blogging or Internet business, at the very least I will know what they are talking about and respond with an educated answer or opinion.

If I’m asked something that I know a lot about from experience, then I can provide an authoritative response in confidence.

That’s another key to establishing preeminence – you have to present your knowledge in confidence.

If you are not confident about what you write about or you present it in a non-authoritative way, you won’t inspire confidence in others.

If you don’t feel it, fake it. With experience you will feel it too.


Preeminence is powerful because the topic authority you demonstrate convinces people your blog is worth reading long term.

  • Your audience will come back to hear what you offer as an expert in your field.
  • It will increase your blog’s social proof.
  • Your RSS subscription rate will increase, as will your RSS retention rate.
  • You won’t lose subscribers if one or two of your posts don’t interest them. Readers are prepared to stick around because they know based on your previous content demonstrating your preeminence, that you are bound to deliver more of the goods, and they don’t want to risk missing out.
  • Preeminence opens networking doors. People will ask for your opinion or contributions to other popular blogs or sites.
  • You may be offered writing gigs in magazines or contacted for interviews in the offline press.

All these factors combine to generate a lot of traffic to your blog.

If currently you are having difficulty increasing your traffic or growing your RSS subscription there’s a very good chance you are just not writing authoritatively on your topic.

Without authority and confidence it’s impossible to establish preeminence.


If you think you lack credibility and you are far from establishing any preeminence in your topic area, you need to take action to increase your expertise.

Most bloggers are not experts and there is a very good reason why – they don’t have the education and life experience to create the knowledge necessary for expertise.

As a result, many bloggers end up becoming news reporters. They report news on their blog and regurgitate the content from news sites and other blogs – the credible and expert sources.

In this situation the news blogger rarely builds much traffic and of course the preeminent sources of content receive more traffic as all the small news blogs link to them.

If you really want to create a truly successful blog it has to become considered a top source of quality knowledge, and if you don’t personally possess the means to provide this, you either need to get educated or bring on board writers who can provide the knowledge.


I suggest you focus on educating yourself since this helps you in many more ways than just your blog traffic.

Begin by studying. Stay current about developments in your industry and read the blogs and listen to podcasts from the established experts. Take courses, buy information products or books and learn the fundamentals in the industry you write about.

If all this feels like a chore to you then you clearly are not interested in the topic you blog about. If this is true then you need to find another topic or angle you care enough about to invest energy into because you want to, it is fun. Passion is the root source of preeminence. If you feel the passion then I have full confidence in your ability to study enough to become an expert.

Once you convince your readers of your passion, preeminence is a natural conclusion for your readers to make and this will lead to increased blog traffic and a greater connection with your readers.

Here’s to your blogging success,

Yaro Starak


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