Is It Time For A Kick In The Pants?

Blog Traffic Tips Newsletter

by Yaro Starak


Last newsletter I assigned you with the task of writing a pillar article series to build preeminence at your blog.

Did you begin your series?

I recently finished a five-part article series on professional blogging as a sustainable business model on my blog. It was by far the most significant series of articles I have ever published.

It took me nearly a month to complete the five articles because each article was between 2000 and 3000 words and required significant time to research and polish to my satisfaction.

If you are interested in professional blogging you should read my series. Start with the first part here –

Is Professional Blogging A Sustainable Business Model?

Now that I have completed the project I collectively have over 10,000 words of content on a very relevant topic to my niche. Not only does this content demonstrate my expertise in the current blogging industry, it also provides a fantastic resource which I can re-use in the future.

I’m not sure what I will do, but I’ve been thinking that I might compile the entire series into a free report and release it as a PDF. I might use it as a lead-in resource to encourage people to sign up to a newsletter or as a free give away in one of the blogging products I will sell in the future.


During January 2007 my article series on professional blogging was pretty much the only content I published to my blog. As I released each article new comments would come in and many other bloggers linked to the article and continued the conversation I started.

Despite the large gaps between posting each article – I even went a full week without publishing a new article to my blog at one point – it did not affect my traffic.

People told me they would check back daily, eager to see if the next part in the series was available.

As I type this my traffic is nearing 4000 unique visitors a day and averages at least 3000 per day.

Twelve months ago I released the very first Blog Traffic Tips newsletter and back then I was averaging between 1000 and 2000 visitors per day. That’s about 100% growth in a year, not bad.

I can honestly say it would not have happened without focusing on pillar articles and producing compelling content like this article series.


If you have blogged for a while – and since this is newsletter 39 I suspect you have – can you look back over the previous year and say you are happy with the content you provided for your readers and the traffic rewards you reaped as a result?

If not, you only have one person to blame, but don’t wallow in self pity for too long – make a decision to do a better job over the next 12 months – starting NOW.

There are only two ingredients stopping your blog traffic from skyrocket from 0 to 1000 daily readers or more if you have not met that milestone yet:

  1. The reason why a person comes to your blog in the first place – your pillar articles.
  2. A means for them to find out about your blog – how you promote your blog.

There’s not much I can do regarding the content you publish to your blog. I can tell you to write quality, I can tell you to write often, I can tell you to write as a leading expert in your industry, but if you read these words and instead go and read other people’s blogs and never work on your own blog, then I’m at a loss.

Where I can help you is with marketing techniques, strategies and the psychology behind what makes a successful blog. It’s your job to take this advice and apply it to your blogging every time you write an article.

Becoming a better blogger is like learning any skill – you get better with repeat practice in real life situations.

Eventually what I teach in in these newsletters will feel like second nature to you. It will make intuitive sense how you can apply each technique to your blog.

Consider this newsletter a slap in the face if you are not earning the results you want yet. If you need inspiration go back and read over my previous newsletters and implement some of the techniques. Implement, Implement, Implement.

Nothing happens without implementation.

Here’s to your blogging success,

Yaro Starak


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