Establish Preeminence With A Pillar Article Series

Blog Traffic Tips Newsletter

by Yaro Starak


In last issue of this newsletter I explained the importance of establishing preeminence in your chosen topic area.

Continuing on that theme, this week it’s your turn to take steps to establish preeminence at your blog.


You already know what a pillar article is – a timeless piece of content that pulls in traffic forever, or at least for a long time.

You can leverage this technique in a big way by producing an article series, connecting a sequence of pillar articles together to really bring in the traffic and educate your readers.

If you ask many of the top bloggers they will tell you that one of their first really big successes came as a result of publishing a series of how-to articles on a specific topic.

Brian Clark of the very popular blog told me exactly that on a recent audio podcast recording I did with him for a bonus product, which comes with my book on search engine optimization for bloggers.

Brian noted that he strung together a couple of article series on copywriting for blogs that resulted in a lot of traffic and exposure on many blogs.

If it wasn’t for events like this his blog would never had established the huge following he now has.

Now you must do the same.

Pick a popular topic in the niche that you write about on your blog, something meaty enough that you can discuss it from many angles and offer advice on various topics.

Write down the main topic for each article and how it will link through to the next in the series. Consider the overall point you want to teach and the argument you need to develop in order to successful educate your readers.

If you can think of examples from your life jot down a reminder note and use that example somewhere in your series. Each article in the series should have a point or several points of its own, but also lend credence to the overall point you are making.

If you can’t construct the entire series in your head now, don’t worry, it may come to you as you write it. The important thing is to focus on really putting your best stuff out there, so this should be a topic you really have a key insight into, and of course, it must meld well with your blog topic as well.

By the time you receive my next newsletter I hope you have started your pillar series and can already report back some great results.

Remember too that if you write enough solid article series you can piece them together as chapters in a book – a book you wrote while building traffic to your blog at the same time.

That’s a good way to get even more value from the time you spend writing to your blog.

Good luck!

Here’s to your blogging success,

Yaro Starak


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