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I was up one evening recently thinking about the marketing campaign I was about to begin for my new company InboxDone.com.

Having studied and practiced many different ways to get traffic to an online business over the years, I feel there is one challenge that rarely gets talked about.

These thoughts led to this — a late night podcast recording session to explain to you some brutal truths about getting traffic to your online business.

Why Care About Traffic

I start this podcast explaining why exactly I’ve been thinking about traffic, especially recently due to some big changes going on behind the scenes with my businesses.

Next, I cover what traffic methods have worked for me in the past, and why I have focussed so much on getting as close to passive sources of traffic as I can (which I call ‘highly leveraged‘ traffic as there is no such thing as truly passive traffic).

The Four Traffic Tactics Every Successful Business Uses

Throughout this podcast, I cover basically every major traffic tactic companies use today.

There have always been four main methods to reach potential customers. If you’re not sure what these are, this podcast will get you up to speed.

Of course, new traffic methods constantly emerge (for example I mention Spotify audio ads in this podcast), but they all fall under one of the four broad categories.

While there is no such thing as true passive traffic, there are some methods that are a lot more stable than others, and require far less ongoing maintenance. It’s important you consider this before starting your marketing campaign.

Enjoy the episode, and please subscribe on iTunes if you have not already.

EJ Podcast

Topics Covered In This Podcast

  • What’s currently happening within my own businesses in terms of traffic
  • The concept of ‘bootstrapping‘ your business to get traffic using free methods
  • Why there is no such thing as forever consistent traffic sources that run passively without you
  • The 4 major sources of traffic that can give you leverage
  • Why the ultimate leverage is always your own email list

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