Podcast: Maria Andros Reveals Her Tactics For Driving Traffic With Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

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Gideon Shalwick interviewed the video marketing queen, Maria Andros, in this fantastic podcast.

Let’s state the obvious – social media is HOT right now and as marketers, we are looking for ways to leverage these communication tools to further our business growth. Maria Andros was clever enough to see the opportunity early and cemented herself as a leader in the field of social media marketing.

Maria has taught thousands of people how to better leverage websites like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook for traffic, but not just traffic – for money as well.

It’s easy to see the potential in these sites to tap into large audiences, but do you know to convert those people into customers and members for your products and services? Maria can help you understand exactly how to do this.

Listen to this interview with Maria Andros and you will learn –

  • How Maria got her start online (she worked for ten years in a completely different field before moving online)
  • What are the top three social media services based on traffic growth
  • How you can use your videos to get on the first page of Google search results
  • How Maria begins her videos to capture attention with just one sentence
  • What are “Long Tail” keywords, and how do they relate to getting traffic
  • How can your Twitter bio help you get more followers
  • Maria’s top twitter tips for building a huge following
  • How Maria integrates Facebook into her marketing system

Maria works very hard to give away lots of great free training materials as a means to introduce herself to people by giving first, a philosophy I wholeheartedly endorse. One of the things that really stand out for me about Maria, is her focus on mindset and attitude. She’s extremely positive and motivated about getting results for other people, because she knows that will help her to achieve her goals.

After listening to the video, if what Maria talks about resonates with you, you can opt-in here for some more free videos from her –


A big thanks to Gideon as well for arranging and conducting this interview.


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  • Maria Andros is someone who does things perfectly. I have consumed some of her free stuff in the past and it was pretty good. And look at the image posted here! Very professional!

  • yes… she is the best person … i was follow that trick …on twitter bro…
    now my twitter have 8k follower.. i try to make 10k

  • Great stuff. I’m also using Video as a way to promote my blogs and websites but learned some new tricks to enforce that.Especially the way how to getattention with just one sentence is valuable.

  • How can I download the file to listen on my ipod?

  • G’day Yaro, I am pretty sure it was you that introduced me to Maria, thanks so much for that.

    I have created a little side project SMTB Insider Podcasts where people building businesses online can connect with others doing the same. Things is the SMTB community are Maria’s students so they share their struggles and triumphs implementing Maria’s strategies and importantly share their shift in mindset as a result of working with Maria.

    I appreciate all I have learnt from you over the years and from Maria. All the best, Deano

  • That is one powerful audio. Thanks Gideon and Yaro for putting it out here. And most of all, thank you Maria for sharing such a huge load of information in the interview. Excellent tips, loved the video/Youtube parts especially..

    It was obvious from the start that Maria knows a lot about Internet and social marketing, and now after listening the whole thing I definitely want to know more about the things she explained on the interview, so now I gotta go fill my watchlist on Youtube with some of Maria’s videos 🙂

  • Inspiring tips! Thank you very much for sharing this Yaro. Especially the part about Twitter will help me a lot I guess.

  • lovely audio and video from Maria.
    She is 10 times more inspiration to me because of her background, kind of similar to myself – from vancourver, canada, corp world etc.

    lots to relate to and lots to learn from
    love it

    cannot help to get her full story

  • The timing for this is perfect!

    I just finished converting some of my screencasts to be uploaded to YouTube. Now I can make the most of them!

    A thousand thanks for this!

    -David 🙂

  • Lets state the obvious right now – Maria Andros is surely one of the HOTTEST social media gurus around. She is as hot as social media is…..

    Jokes aside, there is good value to be had from this lady, and it is well worth your time to both peruse this video clip and to sign up for her other free offerings.

  • This is great for me and although I have only listened to 20 minutes of the audio (got to go out now) I can’t wait to listen to the rest of it. This is an area that I desperately need to explore and persue, I keep shying away from it but I know that I need to learn more about it and go with it.

    Looking forward to learning from Queen Maria and thank you Gideon and Yaro for this interview.

  • This was a great podcast! I literally had just started using YouTube and Twiiter, but wasn’t even using it to it’s full potential. I was just using YouTube to supply videos to my media page. I didn’t really even think about using it to make my own videos and get on Google’s front pages. And twitter… well, I just kept thinking twitter was the silliest thing I had ever seen and that there couldn’t possibly be much use in posting tiny random blurbs. Apparantly I was wrong. So… you can guess all the things I plan to go do! Thanks for this info Gideon and Maria!

  • I agree with Internet Age above. Maria is hot and she’s an expert on Social Media. Learned a lot of new things from her interview. Thanks Yaro and Gideon for making it available for us.

  • I just read on Mashable that Twitter has had more than 1700% growth since June of last year. It’s reached the tipping point where nearly everyone has at least heard of tweeting. I’m glad I signed on early enough to get the terryheath user name! LOL

  • Maria definitely knows her stuff when it comes to social media and the video explosion for sure. What I’m astounded with is the speed with which she has achieved so much success! She’s done a whole lot in a whole little time!

    I think the time has definitely come that you absolutely have to incorporate social media and especially video into your online marketing strategy.

    Thanks to Maria, Gideon, and Yaro for helping to spread the much needed information to help others become successful!


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  • I wish only to send a Big Thank You for Yaro, Maria and Gideon for sharing so many interesting and useful things for Free. I wish all the best for all of you!

  • This is a great podcast – I was neglecting the power of social media for the longest time especially video marketing.


  • Do video and audio blog posts really work out for you?

  • […] Yaro Starak, Gideon’s partner at Become a Blogger also posted the interview on his blog Entrepreneur’s Journey. […]

  • I listened to this interview yesterday and learned so much. I’m especially excited to start using video on my blog. A bit nervous but I think once I get going it will all turn out OK. Like Maria says, I just have to find the courage to do it!

    It was nice to finally be able to see her picture in your blog post. I’m not able to see Twitter backgrounds, they are all covered up on my screen. What a doll!

  • Yes, to the person above asking if video and audio blog posts really work out? There is an art to it – you can’t just throw junk up…but if you are genuinely interested in others – they will be interested back.

    Just wanted to say Gideon this is a great interview!

  • Wow Maria is supercharged! With the amount of energy she brought to this interview no wonder she has had such success in the social media market. I will follow her advice about being genuine in my videos. Looks like I will be joining another email list after writing this comment. So many videos to watch, such little time.

    Thanks Gideon and Yaro for this awesome free interview.

  • Yaro,
    Have to say this was a great piece of content. Really breaking down the essence of the current trends in social networking. I am currently in the become a blogger course and its great to have the most up to date content always coming along. Great stuff between you and Gideon.

  • Thanks for another great video. You keep giving good value information, glad I decied to stay on your mail list.

  • Very interesting. Worth emulating.

  • I had listened to the audio recording, easy simple steps to follow for a beginner like me, and I’m gonna head up for the social media traffic blueprint.
    I hope I can catch up the schedule Yaro, thank you for share with us.
    I just found your website from google. I think it’s a kind of new publishing your blog with podcast so visitors don’t really need to read entire post 🙂

  • Looks like a very compelling course. Will opt in to get more videos from you Maria. social media is definitely growing as a business tool.

  • Social media are rising. It’s great to know how to handle them properly. Great interview! Thanks for sharing!

  • Great interview, I been using twitter and facebook a lot. Recently started with youtube and my readers really liked it. I will surely do a lot more videos.

  • Maria Andros is a web 2.0 marketer. A very popular one at that. I believe she is from Canada. I’m not sure if we are signing up people in Canada at this time. If she was considering joining us, I’d be more than happy to show her the ropes.

  • Thx Maria .. Good Tips .

    Its really help to do works ..right way

  • This content is brilliant. There really is a way to use social media and this certainly covers the best bits.


  • Great stuff- I definitely could use the help and it’s sad, being a member of the younger generation yet not getting the whole social marketing thing- I’m twitterilliterate!

  • Trully useful knowledge. I like it very much. Thank you for the precious information.

  • Thanks Gideon, Yaro and Maria. I really enjoyed listening to your comments about Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. I found your comments about doing one thing well and making it a success most interesting. You have come on a very fast journey in 2 years.

    • This was a great interview. It confirmed a lot of what I’ve been trying to tell one of my business partners (to no avail, unfortunately). To be honest, though, I found her video not so compelling. She’s obviously very successful at what she does, but in the video she goes on too much about her backstory. OK, we get it already, before online success came your way your life was miserable, so move on! Sorry, I’m impatient like that.

      One of the many things I like about Gideon and Yaro’s approach is that they don’t beat about the bush and get to the point quickly. They succinctly sum up the backstory and get to the beef right away. This shows not only skill at telling their story but shows respect for the reader’s time.

  • Glad I ran into this post. I really like Maria’s talks. Wish it went a bit deeper, but hey this is good free material.

  • The power of social media is a phenomenon – this article is pertinent for all business owners who have or are exploring the option of marketing their services through Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter. Living in Oregon, I was astonished to see the effect Twitter had on Dave Chappelle’s appearance in Portland, Oregon. One Twitter post ended up reaching thousands of individuals in the Portland metropolitan area who were able to see his performance free of cost. He only expected 200 to show. This only further demonstrates the massive effect Twitter has on viral loops and user relationships. Small businesses, however, should be warned of the overwhelming response that these sites can generate if one is not careful. Great article!

    Kind Regards,
    Ellisa Brenneman, President

  • That was an excellent audio. Maria absolutely know what she is talking about. Do you guys think social networking is at its peek right now? Or do you think there is a lot more to come?

    • I don´t think social media has reached it´s peak, there´s lots of sites coming up and the older ones won´t go anywhere because of the massive usage they have.

      The sites themselves might always reach their peak sometime, but as the whole it all adds up on social media.

      If now it is essential to have Facebook and Twitter working for you, I can see that next year at this time we have one or two sites more with such a prestige besides them.

  • She is right social media is all the rage now and everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. I think it’s really important to educate yourself on the topic of social networking etc. It’s important to get in on it now, asap. Its great that she is teaching others these valuable facts and tips. Her shoes are awesome btw.

    Till then,


  • Hi Guys,

    Thanks so much for a wonderfully inspiring interview with Maria. I’ve been following this blog for some time, and only recently ‘discovered’ Maria.

    I am completely pumped because I am so close to launching my latest service (a membership site training course) and this site, along with the podcast from Maria, continues to be the motivation I need.

    Well done, and thanks!


  • mei

    Can’t state enough how important the entrepreneurial spirit is.

    Curious if anyone has caught this book yet? “The Richest Man in Town” by W Randall Jones. I’ve read half of it so far and let me tell you it is well worth it. Would like to hear what everyone else thought of it?


  • Using twitter has help us with generating leads for our services, We’re constantly looking for ways to use this platform. As I said we have had some luck, but at the moment there isn’t real true data for our industry yet..

  • Yaro and Giddeon,

    I bought Maria’s program and am not able to access it. The delivery system is truly not the best and I’ve sent a lot of tickets for support and have heard nothing.

    I got the $895 program, but that’s a lot of money for me still … so I’d like to know someone will get back to me soon.

    Has anyone else had issues?


    • Save your money, the program is worthless. Look at the click through rates of her students tweets on twitter. Even the tweet she sent of a video she did, only got 59 views (out of 45,000+ followers…its all a numbers game to look popular). When questioned about the less then adequate stats, not only did she not approve a reasonable question, but immediately took down the video.

      In her own webinar (and I have copies from people who complained about her course. She states it would be best to use a video streaming service (like amazon ez3) to hide the fact that you may not get many views. The webinar followed my comment. So with full disclosure, she deliberately took down the video, and misinformed her “students”.

      Back in May 2007, I spoke with her when she claimed to have done “6 figures” on Ebay in less then one year (when questioned about her userid, she not only wouldn’t give it out, but had the nerve to hang up, claiming she doesn’t deal with skeptics), and now she claims she started selling on Ebay in April ’07. She has been outed on numerous lies, like making 6 figures investing in real estate “online”.

      Her followers (using “hollywood” jargin) are nothing more then stand ins, to make her look like a guru, but really she is just selling overpriced training and her metrics are fundamentally flawed (as is her reality…of course…law of attraction).

  • Excellent audio. Truly useful, looking forward to learn more from Maria.

  • Excellent one Maria! Keep up good work.

  • Excellent audio. Truly useful, looking forward to learn more from Maria

  • Hey Yaro,

    Twitter is definitely a growing tool that helps in building the network full of people of you same niche and you can spread the message to all of them in one go. The great number of followers helps greatly in getting huge traffic. I use it extensively for my blog.

    Thanks Yaro for this beautiful podcast.

  • YouTube traffic is great. If you know what you`re doing, you can literally get thousands of visitors to your pages daily.

    I`ve tried just to add one video without some “tactics” – it got just a few views per month. While doing the tags, description, video replies and such things, drives massive amounts daily.

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