The 7 Secrets To A Successful Podcast

This is a guest post from Mwangi, as I know him from the Blog Mastermind program. He is by far one of my best students and an extreme-action taker. He came away from Blog Mastermind with a new love for Podcasting and has put together this guide for us on how...
Alborz Fallah: The Million Dollar Car Blogger

Alborz Fallah: The Million Dollar Car Blogger

[ Download MP3 | [ Transcript | iTunes | Soundcloud | Raw RSS ] Alborz Fallah is the founder of CarAdvice.com.au, one of the top blogs in all of Australia in any category and competes right along with some of the biggest media companies in the world for the...

Podcast: How To Launch A Product Using Your Blog

[ Download MP3 | iTunes | Soundcloud | Raw RSS ] With all the talk of doing a product launch online thanks to Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula 2.0 release, I thought I should talk a little bit about how blogging can be used to launch a product...

Podcast: Darren Rowse and Yaro Starak Talk Blog Design

It’s time for podcast episode #40. It’s hard to believe I started podcasting more than two years ago now! [ Download MP3 |  iTunes | Soundcloud ] This episode features myself and Darren Rowse and our topic of discussion is blog design. Darren...

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