Thomas Smale Thomas Smale is a website broker, who founded Flipping Enterprises. He helps to connect buyers and sellers of websites and has been involved in more than $5 million in deals last year alone.

Before starting out in brokering, Thomas bought and sold websites himself, which is how he first created an online income stream. He still buys and sells for his own site portfolio today.

In this interview you will hear how Thomas got his start flipping websites for spare cash, which then grew into a system for flipping that he taught via an information product.

After the quick background story, we then dive into pretty much everything you ever wanted to know about how to sell a website, including –

    • How Thomas determines the value of a site and what metrics matter most
    • Which sites Thomas sells on Flippa (in 2011 his company sold 1.3 Million on Flippa)
    • When not to use Flippa and what other options you have to find buyers
    • What a broker can do for you, what types of sites a broker can help you with and how much it costs to work with one
    • Thomas shares some stories of a few example transactions to show how deals get done

If you have any plans to sell your website or blog, or you are thinking website flipping is a possible online income strategy for you, this is an interview you cannot miss.

Enjoy the episode,

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