Why Creating The Change You Want Is All About You

Welcome to part three in this series on creating positive change in your life. Before you begin reading this article, I recommend you review the first two parts –

Is It Really Possible To Create The Change You Want In Your Life?

What I Can Teach You About Getting What You Want

Next we’re going to continue to build on the concepts introduced in the previous article, which are –

  1. Confidence can be created through training, repeating processes so you build on your results
  2. Raise your self awareness so you can be master of your universe, rather than your perceptions mastering you
  3. You must continue to move forward regardless of how you feel or what conditions you face because it’s not always going to be a smooth ride

These ideas focus on you being the catalyst for change, so let’s take a deeper look at how much power you really have to create the kind of results you want in your life…

A Hard Lesson: You Can’t Control Everything

Potentially one of the most depressing moments in your life, especially as a young person, is coming to grips with your own limitations. I’m all for creating a strong base of self esteem so you feel like you can achieve anything, but it’s necessary to realize that you’re not going to be the best at everything and some things you won’t ever be able to do.

We’re all born with gifts, natural abilities, and strengths, but conversely, there are things we’re not good at and other elements that impact our lives, which are based on the “luck of the draw” that is the lottery of life. Your genetic make-up, where you are born, what era you are born into and all kinds of things can hinder your ability to create the change you want in your life.

Your environment has a huge impact on who you are, how you think and what you do. You can expand your universe by taking in new inputs, but you’re limited to what inputs are available (hence the phrase you don’t know what you don’t know). Although you live in an infinite universe, for most of us we can only function within a finite universe or, well, your head might explode, or at least you won’t be able to function within the framework of the society you call home, or the body you operate within.

Despite having your own unique set of circumstances based on your environment, physical make-up and ever expanding consciousness, there are universal principles that you can apply to help you create what you want in your life, regardless of your limitations. In the end, as is always the case, in comes down to the choices you make.

You’ve been given the power of freewill, which means in all circumstances you can make a choice. This is a wonderful gift, but dangerous in the “wrong” hands, so it pays to put some effort into ensuring you are making smart choices – that’s smart in relation to what you want of course, which is going to be different from person to person.

Let’s take a look at a basic framework of ideas you can use in order to help you make the right choices. Like the previous article in this series, I’ll draw upon other blog posts I’ve published as source content for the ideas. Please read the source articles too as they will enhance your understanding of each concept.

4. Make Smart Choices (Stop making it hard for yourself and don’t just follow the herd)

Source: How To Combine Your Brain And Willpower To Break The Pattern Of Average Results

When faced with a situation where you’re simply not good at something or there is a barrier that is completely out of your control stopping you from achieving something, it’s important that you see reality for what it is.

Of course we can choose to see things in a different way, to put our positive glasses on, or perhaps simply not think about or perceive something at all because it serves us better that way. However, fooling yourself to believe you can fly and consequently jumping off a building causing massive injury is not the kind of positive thinking or awareness change we are after here.

The article on using your brain and willpower to create change introduced a logical idea when faced with a world of inequality: You need to accept the conditions you operate within now and do the best with what you have been given.

This is actually more critical than you might think. It’s not just about accepting that you will never be tall if you are short, it’s important that you make choices that allow you to develop what you are naturally gifted at (in the height example, you do things that short people have an advantage doing).

There are people in this world who prefer to take on challenges that they are handicapped to perform in some way. That’s fine, and I’m not going to argue against this, but for the greater majority of people on this planet, making your life harder than it already is, is not a smart choice.

We’re looking for the path of least resistance, and the lowest hanging fruit.

Make choices that leverage skills, talents or abilities that you were born with or have developed over time to give yourself an advantage. It’s usually much more fun and gratifying to do this, you earn greater rewards because you put more into it and do it for longer, and on a global scale, generally you give more back to the world too.

Don’t fight what you can’t control and gravitate to areas where you can provide effortless value. When I say effortless, I don’t mean it won’t be work, but the process of work is enjoyable even when it’s frustrating, painful or exhausting. You’re developing aspects of yourself that were meant to be developed, rather than struggling to do something you’re not good at.

This makes complete sense right?

Yeah, sure it does, but for many people on this planet they consider it a pipe dream to do what they want, and here’s why…

  1. You don’t know what you’re good at or “meant to do” or how on earth it could help you make money, or if it even should
  2. You’ve made less than smart choices and find yourself in a situation where you feel trapped doing something you don’t like
  3. You live in a society where you don’t even have your basic needs met, so thinking about what you might be good at doing rarely even crosses your mind, making enough food to survive, or finding a place to sleep that is warm, are the only challenges you deal with on a day to day basis

The fact that the third point is even relevant is particularly sad, in terms of a reflection of who we are as a people. It’s safe to say that if you’re reading this you’re dealing with issues one and two and have risen to the point where your basic needs are met. Although at one stage I’d like to more thoroughly review some things we can do to help eliminate that third condition, that’s a topic for another article on another day.

So, assuming your basic needs are met, in most cases to create the positive change in your life, the big mistake you are making right now is bad choices, choices incongruent with what you want. Every day you wake up and repeat activities that reinforce what you don’t want, which are born from thinking in a way that doesn’t take you to where you want to go, or to who you want to be.

This is an easy mistake to make because most of society is doing exactly the same thing. In order to break out of this pattern you essentially have to be “weird”, which in context is not doing what the majority think is accepted behavior. The problem is that you are a herd animal and it’s uncomfortable enough just to even bring up the subject of making changes that most people will criticize you for, let alone to actually do it. This is why it’s critical you start to connect the dots and realize that –

  • A) You’re going to have to be different to most “normal” people if you are to go after what you want
  • B) The perceived normality is, however, just an illusion, brought about because everyone thinks in a certain way and thus acts in a certain way, which doesn’t make them happy, often causes other people as well as themselves to suffer and worse still, usually damages the planet too

If you can break the illusion simply by choosing not to partake in the accepted behaviors and thought processes, then you’re on the way to making a difference.

This is not a situation of black and white choices of course, so you’re going to have to make some decisions based on what you believe is right given what you want to change. I reiterate, you need to do the best with what you have been given, which is not usually doing what everyone else does or doesn’t do.

You’re going to face ridicule (all entrepreneurs and revolutionaries know what this is like), but the fact is, if you just keep doing what everyone does, you’re going to get the same results. Break the pattern, stand out from the crowd, start making smart choices and people will look at you funny at first, but once they see how big an impact it has on your life, they’re going to start looking at you as if you are some kind of genius. You may even become a leader – now that’s a scary thought isn’t it!

What’s particularly powerful about this shift in awareness and behaviors, is that at first sure, you’re doing it for your own self good, but it can go much further. It’s when one individual starts making smart choices – let’s call them “enlightened choices” – that the run-off effect is an impact on people around you, who may as a result of observing you, start to make similarly “unusual” choices. Like a good pyramid scheme, if enough people do this, then the world can change for the better, as these two fellows certainly understand –

Daisaku Ikeda (Japanese peace activist) said – “A great revolution in just one single individual will help achieve a change in the destiny of a society and, further, will enable a change in the destiny of humankind.”

Gandhi said – “Be the change you wish to see in the world”

Although you may be looking to create positive change to aspects in your life, making smart choices can have a ripple effect that can change the behaviors of the entire human race. The great thing about this is all you need to worry about is making what you perceive as the right choices given what you want to change. It’s not always easy, but becoming aware of your power to make the choice and not simply go with the status quo, is a huge first step.

If you’ve managed to raise your self awareness to the point where you understand you are master of your own interpretation, you’re focusing on changing the internal dialogue with yourself for the better, you’re seeing the world in a much more positive light, you’re committed to working on something long enough to get a result and you realize that it’s not always going to feel 100% perfect along the way, all that’s left is to figure out what the right choices are, and then make them.

Let’s take the next step and look at how we can determine what the right choices are…

5. Follow Success Patterns (Don’t reinvent the wheel)

Source: How To Find The Courage To Change By Raising Your Awareness

Much of this source article focuses on raising your awareness to the point where you realize what you want, a recurring theme in this series on positive change too. There’s a very relevant point to extract from towards the end of the article, which can fill in one of the final missing ingredients to create the change you want in your life.

It never fails to amaze me how many people don’t figure out this very simple idea. I’ve had people come up to me and ask for my advice on how to do something and in so many situations, even if I know absolutely nothing about who they are, what they are good at, or even the area they are focused on, this advice still applies.

Replicate What Works

If you don’t know what the smart choices are to get what you want, or even just the next step, or you’re not even sure what on earth you are meant to do, that’s okay because you’re not alone on this planet. You don’t need to figure everything out for yourself.

All you need to do is find people who have done what you want to do, or who are living how you want to live, and then learn what you need to know from them.

This concept applies universally to all forms of change, there is always some form of help available. If you want to make money doing something, find someone who’s figured out how to do that. If you’re about to face a new challenge, like becoming a father or mother for the first time, there are other people who have been through this experience before you. If you want to start a revolution and eliminate a great injustice, or stop a global catastrophe, or just figure out how to change your fashion style so you will be more attractive to the opposite sex, aspects of how to do all these things is learnable because it has been done before.

Even if you are doing something completely new in a completely innovative industry, or you’re attempting to break new ground, there will be success principles that other people have used that will apply to what you are doing. You’re learning some now just by reading this article. All you have to do is get out there and find the right people or the right information to start filling in the blanks to figure out what your immediate next step is, what the smart choices are.

You might need a coach or mentor, or perhaps you can study a guru or just read a good book. Maybe a structured course, or even a full degree is the answer. Maybe just a conversation over a cup of tea will give you want you need, or perhaps taking a hands-on training program is what you require.

In most circumstances, to learn what you need to know is a holistic process. To determine what steps you need to take and to undertake the necessary personal growth you require to get where you want to go, it is necessary to collect input from all kinds of sources, some that you proactively seek out, others that just show up at the right time (more on this later in the series).

In my own experience to create the change I desire in my life I usually go with a combination of experimentation (mandatory for most change to occur), with passive observation of people who have what I want, combined with active study of materials from experts and when possible, some personal time spent with people, some who just came about at the right time and taught me something they may not have even realized they were teaching, and others who I sought out to solve a particular problem.

As Mulder constantly reminded us in the X-Files, the truth is out there, you just need to go looking for whatever truths will help you to create the change you want.

What If You Don’t Know What You Want?

As one final piece of advice before I end this part of the series, if you’re not even sure what you want, consider things you might like to have, or what about you or your immediate environment that you want to change, and then start looking for alternative choices you could make today to take you towards that reality.

You have to understand that making smart choices is not an absolute endeavor. You will never know the “right” decision beyond what is best for what you want to be in a given moment. This means that what is right for you will change constantly, it’s part of the growth process that is the evolution of your consciousness. In order to help you get closer to figuring out your truth, you will need to sample and experiment.

Follow success patterns based what you think and feel might work for you, or focus on making changes that eliminate what you don’t like about your life right now. Sometimes a process of elimination will lead you to what you want, but that doesn’t mean all the principles you have learned up to this point are not relevant. They apply equally the same.

You will always have the power of choice and it’s up to you to figure out what you want, no one else can decide this for you. That’s why raising your awareness as a basic concept is so important, it will give you the insight to know that change needs to be made in the first place, triggering the cascade of decisions that will lead you to greater clarification of what you really want.

Coming Up Next: Where Does Change Really Originate From?

The puzzle is looking a lot more complete. You now have some strong foundation concepts that can help you to realize the change you want, namely –

  1. Confidence comes from training
  2. Become self aware so you can use your perception as a positive force in your life
  3. Work consistently regardless of external conditions and their effect on your feelings
  4. Make smart choices based on your own strengths and what you want, not what everyone else does
  5. Follow the success patterns that are all around you, ready to be learned whenever you need guidance

Most of these ideas reflect on you as the center of your own universe, which is certainly true, but we’ve left out a key point – everything is connected.

I touched on this idea when I talked about how you changing yourself can result in changing others around you, but it goes much further than this.

Everything you do influences other people, just as what other people do influences you. There is a mass interconnected web that you must learn how to operate within if you want it to help, rather than hinder you from experiencing the positive changes you desire.

Once you are aware of what I will cover in the next article you may even begin to question where change comes from or what you even are. We are heading into uncharted waters, so stay tuned, there’s more to come yet!

Part 4 is now available: Don’t Let Your Ignorance Stop You

Yaro Starak
Change Agent



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  • Hello,
    Im new to participating in these kinds of things, so am pushing myself out of my comfort zone here,(embracing change) Ive been wandering around your site for a while now and am trying to get the hang of blogs etc… any way I diverse. Im particularly interested in this topic of Change and Personal Development as I have followed my own journey and still am heading on it, but with a better sense of direction these days.
    Two things – firstly you have stated 3 reasons people give up on their dreams or consider them pipe dreams. I would like to add another reason – Todays world is one of instant gratification, quick fixes and impatience – Change is difficult – everyone wants things to happen instantly and when it doesnt work out – its always someone elses fault (apparently!!) and the dream is ditched. I think it should be pointed out that change comes over time and can be a slow process. It may even happen for some without them knowing about it – hence the importance of self awareness – once you grasp this knowledge change can progress reasonably quickly.

    Secondly – being self aware can be initially devasting. Realising that perhaps what you believe is not quiet so, or that there are areas for improvement in your character can be a hugh awakening – not to mention embarrasing, scary and overwhelming. You begin to question yourself and you then start to wonder – have others seen this flaw. Then the prospect of Change is daunting as it means a lot of work. Accepting the need for improvement aids change and makes self awareness worthwhile.

    Lastly, I read an interesting article to day about seeing things in black and white. Right and wrong, black or white – our choices are based on what we give meaning to. What we perceive as normal/right is definded by past experiences and the meaning we (or society) attribute to these experiences. Rethinking the signifigance of what we want to do may assist our self awareness and our choices. Thus giving us the courage to step out and do what we want as we have reevalutated the meaning of the outcomes.

    • You are very perceptive. The instant gratification bit and the black and white phenomenon is indeed great disincentives. But, having identified these one must endeavor to overcome these.

    • I definitely agree about your two additional reasons people give up on their dreams, and I would add another – unintended consequences. If you’ve reached a point where you have decided what your dream is, and you have worked hard to realize that dream, even seeing some initial success, but something happens to make you question the fundamental validity of your dream.

      For example, this could be something like deciding that you want to be a blogger/internet marketer, working hours and hours on end, reading, trying things out, and then just as your starting to make your first money you get carpel tunnel or debilitating neck pain from all your hours in front of the computer. Even though the benefits and rewards of achieving your dream may still be the same (eg. for blogging/internet marketing: financial security and working independently), there are unintended negative consequences that make you doubt your dream and give up. I think this is the most fatal and depressing of all types of failure, as it will cause you to doubt every dream you have in the future…

  • Do you feel the Internet is making it possible to increase our inputs from the universe like no other time in history?

  • We have our definitely places in our world and we sure have to find them. When we already found it then, there is a good chance that you won’t look form something to satisfy you.

    My brother who has this inferior education compare to me, had this great chance to get in the company I aspire. I had attempted three times to get in that company yet I failed. I still don’t get it, but, indeed, there are things you can’t get even how qualified you are. However, I’m glad for my brother. I learned that you shouldn’t fight the resistance, although I still went against the flow, I have no regrets. Now, I know it wasn’t simply for me, as I’m completely happy with where I’ am and what I’m doing right now

  • I like reading your blog post, thanks Yaro..


  • Very nice article Yaro. I want to say that, people usually make complicated/difficult choices. As well as smart choices, in most cases we need to make simple choices. For instance, people rather choose to leave their regular job to go after their ambitions and dreams. I have nothing against that. But, chasing your dreams can be very stressfull as well, if you have no other income on the side. So, the simple choice is try to do both at the same time. Chase your dreams, while you have regular job, which pays you regular income. That is also the simplest joice. The difficult choice is letting that job go and take a huge amonth of risk, while chasing your dreams.

    I hope this makes some sense 🙂

  • Thanks for good article.

  • Okay, I believe in three simple things.

    1. There is nothing possibly possible or impossible until you start believing in that particular manner.

    2. What can not be cured must be endured.

    3. The most important part about wanting to change is because you are not comfortable with your present condition. Just start enjoying your present and then gradually give a thoughtful play for your future.

  • Realizing your limitations is a key to success in life. Particularly when it comes to business you need to focus on what it is you do well and surround yourself with people that can do well where you normally fail.

  • I think the toughest one there is 3). It’s incredibly hard to work consistently when you’re depressed/have lost interest/motivation in what you’re doing.

    • “I think the toughest one there is 3). It’s incredibly hard to work consistently when you’re depressed/have lost interest/motivation in what you’re doing.”

      If you have lost interest (picking that one out in particular from your comment Needmoney.com), then it surely means you didn’t have the passion to begin with regarding the subject matter of the blog.

      Being depressed and unmotivated then is par to the course of making change within yourself and what this series of posts are all about – making that change within yourself to overcome these obstacles 🙂

  • “Don’t fight what you can’t control and gravitate to areas where you can provide effortless value” good stuff right there. thanks for the read.

  • Dan

    Taking personal responsibility is the big trick for sure, “normal” people will confuse it with selfishness, it’s just a simple way for them to shoot someone down who has ideas that make them uncomfortable. It’s up to you to make a change, don’t sit on your hands for the comfort of others.

  • This is timely.
    This morning I woke to the thought that my dreams are just that….dreams,
    But there have been several positive influences on my thought processes today, this post being one of them.
    working consistently is paramount to success in anything
    and making smart choices is the thing I think about way too much.

  • This is so true (A) You’re going to have to be different to most “normal” people if you are to go after what you want), better being prepared for that, and facing the ridicule too.

    As for confidence and training, you are right on. Great article.


  • Hard and most important lesson, in myopinion, “you can’t control everything” just control what you can and make allowances for the rest.. just don’t let them occupy your mind too much

  • Never give up your focus, i always use the following rule. If i have a very large project or idea i want to develop i break each day town to setting small goals. Never give with your ideas and try to follow them through to the end

    You can also gain confidence from the training. Training is great to have as we all need skills and from that we will gain confidence.

    Great post

  • Thanks so much for writing these articles – I am currently about 7 months into my website and haven’t yet seen any cash flow. My dream is to have a portable business (I am very independent and like to live life on my own terms and schedule), and while I enjoy the creative and technical challenges of creating a blog/site, the lack of cashflow at this point is discouraging.

    HOwever, I decided a while ago HOW I want to live my life, and this is the vehicle for that (still haven’t ruled out winning the lottery, that would be great, too). I feel that giving up on my website would be giving up on myself and my dreams …

    There are so many naysayers out there – I am very careful who I tell about my goals because I don’t need anyone else raining on my parade – I am hard enough on myself. But, like my brother told me, it has to work because I have put so much effort into it, and I am not giving up, so how can it not? (we’ll have to wait and see on that, but I’m not good at taking “no” for an answer)

    Anyhow, coming back around to my first point, thanks so much for sharing. It’s good to know that the struggle of climbing the mountain is worth the view from the top.


    • We are on the same page with the blogging.
      I have been absorbing every particle of free guru marketing audio and video I can get my hands on. I find it to be the most difficult stuff to learn because there is so much of it and it is not spelled out.

      Eban Pagan has a series of 6 free videos that broke through for me. Marketing 101.
      He is very clear and says so it is understandable.

      Now I have to choose an affiliate product to sell that I will promote OFF my blog. That’s because my niche is not bog money. Now the scary part is putting up a website that is just about money — a “squeeze page” and see if I can flog someone elses stuff. I may even use another name, but Im not sure and will probably use video.

      At some point you have to bite the bullet, leap tall buildings with a single bound, or fly by the seat of your pants. For me marketing scares the living H out of me.

      Maybe that’s you too?

      Good luck for all of us!

  • Yaro you continue to provide amazing advice. It is tough to realize that we can’t do everything. When many people start out in business they are extremely confident and bite off more than they can choose. Eventually you have to realize that it is much better to get help and concentrate on your strengths.

  • This article reminds me of the saying, “if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

    People often feel they have no choice; They can’t leave their job because they have a mortgage, they can’t chase their dreams because they have a job, they can’t travel because they have kids, etc, etc, etc. Truth is, we all have choices. Some may be more amenable then others but there are always choices. Sometimes making a good choice needs courage but the rewards are worth it.

    The other thing I’ve noticed is that people will often spend more time planning a holiday than planning their life. It can be really helpful to take time out to assess what’s working and what’s not. Once you know, you can put together a plan to change what you want to change and start working the plan.

    Great article Yaro. Thanks!

  • An interesting article for me to read today. I have just landed in Australia as part of a life changing experience (in Brisbane too) and I can indentify with what you say. I believe that if we continue to push ourselves, create situations where we are out of our comfort zones more ofthen than not we will not only live a fruitful life, but an adventurous one too. After all, life is just a cumulation of experiences, if you don’t create many, you will have a less fulfilling life.

  • Yeah that’s true when you do internet marketing, you need to have short of control and balance.

    Not does do internet marketing for short term we are not making for short term if you think as a blogging mind, Control For what you do.

    Thanks for sharing this useful article.


  • I wish more people would understand these concepts in your post. This should be a Ebook Yaro Great content i started realizing this facts like a year ago if we want results change has to be part of the plan.

  • […] do, but he’s a wise, values-driven business leader. Here’s Yaro’s latest post on Entrepreneurs-Journey.com about creating positive […]

  • Wow.. I like every concept of idea you wrote in this blog Yaro, everything is about replicate, replicate and replicate. I think this world will be much better if every person on this planet changes their life by replicating the lifestyle of other people that are considered as a succeed people in particular area. Why bother thinking of how to do it yourself, just replicate someone’s life (I mean, not the whole life) and you’re on the right track.

    Daniel Likin

  • “We’re looking for the path of least resistance, and the lowest hanging fruit” -awesome

  • I am studying physics at the moment. I thought this seemed relevant . Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation states, “Every particle in the universe exerts an attractive force on every other particle”. Yaro I like what you said about everything being connected like a web.Has anyone watched/read the Secret? Do you guys think the law of attraction is real?

  • I’m always searching for different and better inspiration, and you – as usual – have some more good stuff here. I like the bit on finding others who have done what you want, but I haven’t found any vegetarians who moved out of the US to the UK. Guess I need to keep looking or broaden my perspective.

    • I moved from the US to the UK and lived there for almost a decade.
      Blighty is riddled with vegetarians. Scads of Indian restaurants. You just have to find them. There are vegans under every bush.

      At least you can go to places and not have to inhale clouds of cigarette smoke. It was awful before the ban.

      Also, I didn’t find Americans sticking together in UK like a lot of the other nationalities. I rather think we tend to avoid each other.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Thanks for putting out your uplifting ideas and energy out into the Blog World for us all to contemplate.

    I have a few philosophies regarding Change, that I have embraced over the years (meaning they have become a part of me, not just an idea in my mind) that I’d like to share with your readers as they might like to embrace some of these ideas:

    1. A high quality life has more to do with what you “REMOVE” from it, than what you “ADD” to it. *That was actually a concept I heard many years ago from author and life coach, Chery Richardson, when she was on the Oprah show. I work with many women who are searching for their “purpose” and “passion” in life and my first suggestion always is to begin with what they can remove from their life that they don’t want (this includes projects, people, things, situations, etc). By doing this we create the space for what we do want (even if we don’t know what that is in the moment, that’s okay) to come in.

    2. Learn to manage Quitting. This idea can be found in an amazing book by Seth Godin, “The Dip: “A Little Book that Teaches you when to Quit (And when to Stick). The author says that our biggest obstacle to success in life, is our inability to QUIT. He speaks of Jack Welch, the former CEO of GE, who had a philosophy “If we can’t be #1 or #2 in an industry we must get out.” Why? Because he knew that being #4 wasn’t good enough. According to Welch, it distracts management attention, sucks resources, capital, focus and energy from the organization. The same is true in life: “Quit the Deadends.” If you can’t be #1 or #2, get out and focus on something you can be #1 or #2 at. It’s not an overnight event and it’s not for the faint of heart. Most people quit when the going gets tough. The one’s that make it through the “slog” (the tough part) become the best in the world and usually pick up the biggest paycheck. Why? Because everyone else quit. In our instant gratification society, many people “start” things, but only a few “finish”. So, if you can become #1 in your niche’, whatever that is, then you’ll get more than your fair share of profits and glory.

    3. Work Less. Make More. This is an idea I adopted after having worked 15 years in the legal field and ended up flat broke, living paycheck to paycheck and was very unhappy. I went to college, got a good job and did what I thought was the right things to do. I was miserable and my job was sucking the life force out of me. That’s when I met Billy Ray Cyrus (1992) and he asked me what my dreams were. I told him I didn’t have any dreams my life was about survival. He told me I had a buried dream and that I needed to figure out what that dream was and never, ever give up on that dream. A year after I met Billy Ray, I discovered my dream when I was reading a little book called “How to find your Mission in Life” by Richard Bolles. In the book, the author asked “What do you love to do where you lose all sense of time?” Finally, I knew what my dream was. Writing. I LOVED to write. I took one step towards my dream, then another door opened up, then another step and another door and another step and another door…and it’s been an incredible journey ever since that’s led to me the place I’m at now…

    My niche’ is working with women who are looking to discover their dreams and passions and make a 6-figure income.

    I love your site, because I am a “new” blogger and I just downloaded your ebook: Blog Profits Blueprint. So I am studying that now and will post my first blog tomorrow on my website. I’d love to be a guest blogger on your website one day soon.

    So thanks for your inspiration and your blueprint…I appreciate it!

    Warm regards,

  • Hi Yaro,
    Thought provoking stuff.
    Artists know the lonely hours spent writing and painting, practicing and memorizing when everyone else is out having fun. Writers are especially isolated because a novel not only takes up all your physical energy sitting down and doing it, but also all of your mental and emotional energy because stories have a way of obsessing you and the best ideas can come at the oddest times. Plus they take a long time to write.

    How many times have I asked myself “What am I doing? Am I mad? I don’t even know if there will be a payoff.”

    But you do it because you HAVE to. Otherwise there are easier ways to live.

    A spiritual teacher/ astrologer once told me ages ago that 80% of people go with the herd. 20% are Individuated, ( as in the Jungian sense of being a conscious person) and 2% are Spiritualized to the degree that they see the divine in everything and are not identified with limited human consciousness.

    What I have found after years of working with meditation and yoga and healing and all that stuff, is that when you try to do something unnatural, like slay your ego for instance, it takes constant work for quite a while and then it goes snap! but another layer can sneak up on you.

    Napoleon Hill talks about poverty consciousness and how easy to slip into it. Its like a default state because ,unless you were born into money, you don’t have any, and then you have to find a way to convince yourself you have it– its basically unnatural.

    There are intertial forces in society, as I found when to London and did my psychic work in a public space. People can really pull you down and there is the other tid bit of wisdom that ” every group mind sinks to its lowest common denominator”
    That is why could not work the J.O.B .any more. The common denominator was not a place I wanted to go. Nor was the herd mentality in London, but — as they also say — “Gravity Sucks!”

    But I believe change is totally possible. I am doing stuff now I never dreamed I would ever do and continue to grow. I thrive on change and I am risk taker who can’t do that any more…But for the change to stick and be ingrained you have to Practice — as meditation practice, musical instrument practice, dance practice, tennis practice. It has to become a habit. that is why passion is so necessary — otherwise you wouldn’t do it and we tend to like to do things we are good at too.

    When I would have clients for Tarot readings who came to me with the question “What am I supposed to do with my life?” i always asked the “What is your passion?” I have sadly met people who have no passion for anything. — Or whose passion is “Going to the pub with my friends.” (Hmmm… Social Media maybe?)

    As in the theatre, not everyone can be on stage. There has to be people in the seats. There has to be an audience, They are as much a part of it as the actors.

    I’m tired now. and so must you be if you read this whole diatribe.


    • Lyn

      Arlene I loved your “diatribe” it drew me to read it end to end.

      I wrote a long one too…sometimes you are inspired to just get it off your chest!

      Yaro rocks, I retweeted his post for my twitter peeps (all 280 of them lol!).

      Like you I am a risk taker who can’t (& doesn’t want to) do that anymore… however now I take risks of a different kind. I am brave now and I am not afraid to be alone for a while (surrounded by people who have no perception of the depth of the inner journey I have been on) as I emerge and grow into who I really am even at this stage of my life.

      It’s all just a journey with only the beginning and the end decreed as birth and death, while the rest is our personal choices about how we want to go about learning the things we came to learn.

      There are so many possibilities it’s amazing…I only secretly (now not so secretly I guess) wish I had known about possibilities far earlier in my life…I only got it when I was about 40…what a HOOT it would have been!!

      Well, I guess there’s still time for some more hooting!!


  • Very good point you put in your yellow box — we’re not in this alone. Chances are, someone out there has done something similar to what we want to do. We can learn from them.

  • Great post Yaro,

    The path of least resistance to change really is an ‘inside out’ path.

    I’ve recently written about this very topic, although in a different context (career and small business peak performance and profits) on my blog http://winatworkzone.com/blog/small-business-training-discover-what-really-motivates-you-part-3/

    What’s already inside of you, usually lurking just below your conscious awareness, that can be leveraged to boost your productivity and profits?

    Your key natural talents and your core values. In other words, what you’re good at and what’s important to you!

    Mobilize those two aspects of the inner you and point them in the direction of your vision or set of goals for motivation and commitment that you can sustain.

    To Your Peak Performance And Profits,
    Your ValuesCoach,
    Karyn Clarke

  • I have been blogging since May, and started Become A Blogger in July. What a difference that class has made! I have to agree that walking your own path is hard and it takes so much foucs, especially when I’m not seeing the results I want. Every day I am paying more and more attention to the things I do that don’t contribute to my growth and re-focus myself. This is an important step for me because before I can make the change I have to be aware of what isn’t working.

    I also am grateful that you focus on meaningful content BEFORE cash flow. If it weren’t for those words echoing in my head I might just give up. They give me great hope because I know that I’ve got a few more months of serious blogging to do before I should expect to see any real results.

  • Thanks for a powerful and insightful message today. Those of us who are not “normal” will have a lifestyle that is full of risks, rewards and a freedom that few understand. In America, we need to rekindle the entrepreneurs spirit…

  • Abe

    Until you make your unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call
    it “Fate”.

    If you did nothing else but ask yourself ” How do I want to feel right now ?” and kept
    bringing yourself into feeling good, everything would fall into place.

    Always remember to ask how to solve a problem instead of crying why and let the spirit in you work the magic. It’s just natural.

    Turn of the TV just one day a week and experiment the freedome of your mind and peace in your soul. You will discover that you’re being disconnected from yourself and your family.Your minimized intelligence is always there waiting for your click to restore it. It just being forgotten to the point of hibernation.

    Avoid the news and hosts show-they think they have the answer- and keep focus.

    Thanks Yaro.

  • Yaro,

    don’t know if you are in the position of having a partner?
    One of my problems is that my partner does not believe in the path of making money on the Internet and passive income in general.
    It’s one thing to say that others will ridicule you but imagine living with someone who thinks you are wasting your time and sometimes resents the time you put into the task.

    • That’s a tough one Greg – especially when what you do for a living is such an important part of your life. You want support from the person you love the most.

      You can have a heart to heart and try and understand what fear your partner is expressing to you so you can understand where they are coming from. If you can speak directly to the fear and eliminate it, you can help the person to become supportive of you.

      I find in a lot of cases simply listening to and acknowledging where the other person is coming from and addressing their concerns will help you.

    • Greg,

      I had the similar problem with my wife. However, I sat down and talk to her and explain everything. We also create a time schedule, for family and for my work. I know that it is though to prove them, you can make money online, while you make nothing. That is why you need to talk and even involve her a bit.

    • Greg,

      I have been marketing online for 3 years… 2 years with dismal results and 1 with magnificent results.

      I am an electrician and in Western Australia with the mining boom electricians are very well paid. Most of the time they are earning well over $100k per year.

      I am married with 2 kids. When I started marketing online my Wife (and all my friends) could not understand how this would work. I wanted my Wife to come to the seminars and hear the stories, but she would not come. I think she was scared, maybe thought she would be out of her depth, or that there would just be a bunch of geeks that she couldn’t relate to. 🙂

      I don’t like being an electrician and had tried being a real estate agent which was a complete waste of time as I was too honest and I knew this online marketing was my ticket to the freedom and life i desired for my family.

      Now 10 years ago we immigrated from Zimbabwe to Australia, so there was the added pressure of being way behind other 40 year old’s financially as we arrived with basically nothing.

      Over the first 2 years of me marketing online the conversations would always end up being “Why are you wasting your time, when you can just earn a great hourly rate as an electrician”. I had no support and my friends thought I was insane.

      I made huge mistakes initially by following what 20 different “gurus” were saying and just about daily I was changing strategies because I thought what I had read in an email that morning sounded like I would have quicker success than the email I read yesterday.

      It was crazy… but I was desperate for results so I could prove to my Wife and friends that I could succeed at this.

      At the beginning of 2009 I unsubscribed to 99% of the lists I was on, picked one blogging strategy for 2 niches and focused. Within 6 weeks I was consistently making $50 a day and it grew from there…

      The best part was when the Clickbank and Google cheques used to arrive and I’d get my Wife to open the envelopes… After seeing the 3rd cheque her attitude actually turned to amazement. Now she completely supports my online marketing.

      My friends still think I’m crazy because they don’t really understand how it all works and I don’t tell them how much I earn.

      Now my son who is 16 is also in the game and who knows what he might be earning in a few years online?

      Greg, I hope this helps as I completely understand, but you just have to keep at it. Remember most people do not understand what we are doing and that’s most of the problem. But, believe me when the cheques start arriving your partner will change their attitude quickly.

      So, you need to get results asap. You do that by ONLY listening to what Yaro is saying on this blog. Ignore everyone else. Stick to one strategy. You will get there but you will need to persevere.



  • Positive Change in your Life is a combination of being determined to make a differeence in you and your families life.
    Its about changing the thing you do until you get the results you want.

    Make the change and accept the results.
    Thanks Yaro

  • As Emerson said: Before you can have something, you must be something.
    You have to change yourself if you want to change your results. It is a simple but
    difficult proccess

    • Lyn

      smart bloke that Emmerson….BEing is the big part, having is great but BEing is who we are…

      I like this one too…
      Each day, before you make your to DO list, make your to BE list.

    • Wow, having read this I already feel motivated to do something about my life.

  • Lyn

    Yaro, thank you for the perfect timing of this post! I have been on this journey of self awareness and personal growth for many years, and this year (my 56th!) it has all come to a head.

    Perhaps after working through my blocks and seeing how I had made poor choices very early on in my life I finally got to see that who I am is actually because of my choices, not in spite of them. I read recently that our mistakes are our credentials, not our shame. That was an aha moment for me. After all, it was also my choice to grow, and so I did.

    So this year, 20 years later and still growing, I saw the possibility of myself being who I am in my heart or my spirit, whatever one wants to call it. I am going through exactly what you have described in your post. It is so well written and succinct, and you are (from my perspective) 100% on the money.

    Once we “get” that we can choose the way we want to be, and go with who we ARE rather than who we have allowed ourselves to be pushed into being, we get to drive the bus on our own journey, no longer as a passenger being taken goodness knows where!

    I agree with one of the other responses, that no3. is the hard one…and today I am right in that space…I WAS feeling a bit down, until I read your post that reminded me…

    Sometimes the learning curve feels a bit steep, but one step at a time towards your dream IS the dream, it is NOW. So long as you are BEing who you really are, the destination and the journey become one.

    As a result of my reading, courses, seniars, webinars and as yo say, just sitting ack and listening to those who are in a similar place to where I would like to be, I am starting a new (self growth) business, online, with a Membership site, following your Masterplan (which I am half way through reading with great interest).

    I am also re-shaping my 12 year old other business so it is aligned with who I am NOW – not who I was 12 years ago when I started it. I am going to set up a Membership site for that business as well.

    So that’s why I was feeling a little perhaps overwhelmed today…there is a lot to do and I need help, and some much needed financial support while I pull it all together, but I know I am on the right path for me so I don’t question HOW the universe will support me, I just ask that it will.

    You’re wisdom is a breath of fresh air. I’m so proud to be a fellow Aussie when I see the likes of you taking a stand for all mankind. I have your Blog RSS feeding directly into my email program, and I am learning as much as I can from you. I also listened to another fellow Aussie interview you recently too (Joey Martin)…the learning curve is awesome!

    I plan to interview you myself in due course, so watch out for me…I am not only on my own path of growth and enlightenment, I now know I am also a conduit and a light to inspire others to grow too, in whatever their own way might be…it’s NEVER too late to start!


  • Yaro…Great post I have read everything you have written and watched you progression and viewed all you videos that you make with your partner..

    .anyway Do you know any female writters
    that need a helping hand..or a wanna be writer…I publish…Thanks for the
    every thing you have done..P.S. I have turned at least 50 people on to
    becomeablogger.com and told them to watch you 10 videos
    i also want to say I like your style and you have given the world sooo much
    important information and helped many of my friends get un-stuck from all the
    as Mick Jagger whould say “usless information” and information over load of
    the same information packaged 25 differnt ways…Thanks again and when your near LA of San Fran take a drive to Santa BarBara you’ll see why we live here…I hear your home town is cool too..Surf’s up P.S.S. I’ll let you know when I post my first WP.org site…I’ll follow your video directions..Later…got to go Duncan

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  • Sorry I didn’t re-read my spelling error’s I’m using my new mini Eee Pc /windows xp not vista I love it my 4 year old
    Rolls Royce Tosiba started dying when I put vista in it and Dream weaver 4
    My tech guy told me to get a new one…I love this I take it to the beach every day and sailing out to the islands too…( not today its raining)..Have fun cleaning your house…Dust storms I took a PHD in pool cleaning after our last fire hear in May
    dust and ashes every where and then the wind would blow and have to do it again…
    now I have a maid…a little outsourcing I guess..my house is to big for me so I do
    vacation rentals and weddings and go sailing

  • Once again, a great piece of literary advice. I watched a programme yesterday that kind of ties in neatly with your ethos. Sometimes, people should just stop ‘dreaming’ about wanting to do things, and just ‘do them.’ It ties in with politics and how some just say they are going to do it, when they should just get on with it. Believing that you can achieve has to be followed up with the ‘doing.’

  • You say ‘The perceived normality is, however, just an illusion’ and I totally agree there, self awareness allows us to perceive that that is always the case. In fact I’d say that life on earth is really a small part of our overall experience, it’s been said that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. I believe that to be true and that our circumstances are pre selected by us so that we can play this game and learn. That said we go thru the river of forgetfulness and forget what our real being is and then most of us spend our lives trying to get back there. Money, status and such are minor prizes, the big prize is inner peace and happiness, and that does not belong to the rich only. Anyway, good article and appreciate your putting out like this. Cheers, Mark

  • Yaro,
    Thank you for being so much more than just a technical, how-to-make-money-online internet marketing person. I so appreciate reading your posts that go “beyond the blog” so to speak, and have enjoyed this series and the inspiring posts. This sets you apart from the crowd, and I believe that like minded people will continue to be drawn to you and want to work with you-I know I am looking forward to taking one of your courses.
    And I agree with Greg-it can be very difficult sometimes with a partner. My fiance is very pragmatic and doesn’t really see why I am spending so much time on an endeavor which at this point is showing no financial return. I am confident my hard work and time will pay off in the end, and do my best to take 1 step forward each day. I intend to show him the financial reward down the road. Wasn’t it Roosevelt who said “move confidently in the direction of your dreams?”
    Be well

  • Brilliant post Yaro.

    I can relate exactly to what you are saying. I used to build site after site hoping for some of the mud I was throwing at the wall to stick… After 2 years my results were dismal.

    Then at the beginning of 2009 I focused on 2 niches and unsubscribed from 99% of the “guru” lists I was on. I only listened to a few, one of which is obviously you Yaro…

    There were days when there was no improvement, but I just kept at it. I kept writing articles, posting quality information to my blog, provided quality answers to people asking questions… And then the results came, from what felt like nowhere… from 0 to 100 in 2 seconds!

    It is a great feeling and now I’ve progressed to only working one day as an Electrician and marketing online for 4. It’s awesome and I am about 2 months away from doing it absolutely full time… I can’t wait 🙂

  • One of my fave mantras towards life is to ask myself:
    What can I do about it RIGHT NOW, TODAY? I have found this approach more result producing than anything else. Life is too short to be inactive.

    I have my first blog, a bit of a preemie baby, but I am proud in that I utilized what I knew, what was available to me today, and that I can look anyone straight in the eye and say I’m doing what I can do today.

    I believe God honors our attempts, and that my humble start will be added to, and my thanks to Him will be to do more with the more He provides. Selah.

    Yaro, I am so thankful for the inspiration and instruction you provide. Straight up.

  • Thanks Yaro. Your article did a very nice job of describing the problems around change, the benefits of making the change and good steps to actually making those changes. Excellent information!

    I’ve been one of your students since you first started Blog Mastermind and I know that one of the shortcuts to the life that I want is the education that you have provided. Thanks again…Jack

  • Good points Yaro. Confidence will be the best asset that a person should have. And it all starts to yourself. If you wanted to improve anything, you must train for it to achieve it.

  • Dear Yaro,
    Your post is absolutely top-notch inspirational stuff.I’m new to
    blogging and look forward to your posts.The issue of the near & dear one’s being
    dumb to your endeavour,I think.is an essential part of the story.Persisent hardwork in the right direction,will always pay handsomely later on,and success is the only permanent and satisfying answer to your detractors.After all. even the Lord had to work out some miracles,for the followers to actually believe him.

  • Well said. Especially the part about understanding who you are and your inborn capabilities. People often harbor feelings of being less-than because they compare themselves to others.


  • Yaro,
    I love the way your mind works! And it’s especially nice that you share it with all of us!

    I like that you think holistically and globally…and that you think about those people in the world that don’t even have the basics.

    There are two things that are very important for people to hear:
    1) Don’t be afraid to be different and follow YOUR OWN path
    2) Be consistent and persistent…things ALWAYS take longer than you think they should.

    Keep up the amazing work, Yaro! And thank you!

  • Yaro,

    Thanks for yet another thought provoking and info packed post.

    I’ve been trying to develop my online business for several months now and at the same time, going through some very steep learning curves.

    Your idea or working consistently towards your goals I think is a crucial aspect to achieving your aims.

    Something I’ve found that helps me work (fairly) consistently (because I’m only human), is to plan my day ahead, identify clear tasks that move me forward and tick them off, one by one.

    This process works wonders on your subconscious and your self esteem, because you finish your days work with a sense of achievement, that small goals (tasks) have been achieved and that progress has been made.

    Before I followed this strategy, I could easily find myself aimlessly surfing the net 2 or 3 hours later, having done little or nothing productive. I suspect that many people can identify with that.

    So my advice – along with all the great stuff Yaro highlights above – is to plan and identify your daily tasks.


  • No matter what walk of life, change is a constant and it is always about one’s self. Some of the things that you list are indeed vital but willingness to change, is something that has not received the emphasis that it deserves. Otherwise a very interesting installment, enough to whet the appetite for more.

  • Hey Yaro,

    I agree that there are many factors that act as barrier in our ways to make a change in ourselves and our ambiance , but at this time we must keep in mind the change that we wish to see, because this is the sole thing that will keep us going on.

    This was a nice series. Learned a lot from it. Thanks for it pal.

  • Follow the successful path rather than making your own

  • Kudos to you, Yaro, and many thanks.

    I have been an integrative health care practitioner for 35 years, engaging people to regain/maintain their health and well-being by optimizing their ability to self-heal (plus whatever medical care they choose to receive). People often miss opportunities to do small things a little differently, or give up when their results are not immediate and obvious.

    Transformation doesn’t come easily. The most radical acts we can make in this culture are acts of self-care, and a critical aspect of self-care is pursuing our heartfelt desires and offering our talents to the world. What could be healthier than offering our gifts to others and creating a vehicle to support us and our clients simultaneously?

    You have articulated what it takes to make lasting change in the most down-to-earth, matter-of-fact (yeah, some days will be tough) manner I’ve ever seen. I will be sharing this, for sure.

  • Your Message Such a relief! Common sense is not dead, after all.
    You know, Yaro, I think most people don’t really believe they have a choice so they do nothing rather than choosing what might be the “wrong thing.”
    They don’t understand that doing nothing is a choice.

  • First of all, another Brilliant Article Yaro, and yes like you mentioned in your article there are some things in our lives that we just have to face reality that we cannot change, but in my opinion those who are able to change the things that are in their control, they can reach their full potential, and raise their limits to the max, and will see the success they want to see in their lives.

    Till then,


  • Great Article Yaro! I think you have analyse what has been ringing in my mind for so long.I agree with the point that we should make choice that leverage our skills and talent.I observed that we become outstanding in our areas of gifting without struggle.Naturally I believe if we are struggling where we are right now,it might be because we are in the wrong place or perhaps we are lacking knowlege in that area.For me I live in a society where the basic needs are scarcely available hence what we think here is survival .Please Yaro, I am waiting for your article on the third reason why people dont follow their dreams.Keep on the good job

  • Thank you once again for another post in this series Yaro!

    I’m really thinking that this will help me get my head round what I need to do for a secure future in many ways.

  • Yaro,

    I must hand it to you – you really do have a good grasp of the relationship between our thoughts, beliefs and actions. Very well done. Thanks for sharing.

  • Yaro you rock, I love this post. I will be changing period.

    Thanks Yaro

  • Yaro for the most I totally agree with and live by the principles you are sharing in this post. There is however one concept that I would firmly disagree with that you talked about at the very beginning of the post and that is about accepting your limitations.

    I am a living example of how that is so not true. When you think back to when you were a child, you believed anything was possible. That you could do and accomplish whatever you wanted. Of course as child you didn’t use that kind of language or though process, but it was there all the same.

    As you pointed out, environment has a lot do with what we ‘believe’ our limitations are. And that in itself is the issue. If you believe you have limitations, then you will have them.

    I was a fairly lost and confused individual as a youngster and through my environment, accepted what everyone around me was telling me. That I wouldn’t achieve anything. Ever!

    Yet at the age of 29 I went back to uni, studied my ass off and learned. I was studying to be a network engineer. Not an easy feat. Particularly considering I dropped out of high school at year 9.

    Yet, because I did not have a world of people telling me that I couldn’t do, or more importantly because I never for a moment thought or believed I could not achieve this, I not only passed, but I passed with high distinctions. In fact I was assisting teaching others mid way through the course, and was tutoring others as well.

    I don’t believe that I have any special abilities when it comes to computer sciences. On the contrary I accepted that as an older student I would have to study much harder. So I did. I accepted that if I wanted to achieve this, then it would take a lot of work. So I did the work that was required.

    Since that time I’ve come to the realisation that, ok maybe I can’t be an astronaut (only because I’m too old, too fat, and too opinionated) and I doubt that I’ll be an Olympic athlete but if I set my mind to it I can do whatever you or anyone else can do.

    Why? Because if you can do it then so can I! It’s all about your own belief system and the moment you accept the idea that you have limitations, you’re doomed. Rather accept that you can overcome those limitations if you’re just prepared to work hard enough, and make the sacrifices in your life that will enable you to achieve what you intend to.

    • I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiment Andrew, but I’d put what you are talking about more in the category of destroying limiting beliefs rather than not accepting your limitations (although it could all be semantics!).

      I believe there is a balance to be had, and you’re right, most people shoot way too low, but I do think having pie in the sky goals can be more dangerous than good because it may result in constant failure destroying any self esteem you ever had.

      The kind of limitations I was referring to are things that are impossible to change, or at least the process of change is so drastic or just plain silly (like a tall man cutting off his legs because he wants to be shorter) that’s it not reasonable to try and make it reality.

      This applies differently if you actually intend to go after something vs. just believing you could if you wanted to. There’s a difference in believing you could be an olympic gold medalist at age 60 if you really wanted to versus the kind of belief where you actually try and do it. Optimism and realism need to be both present in healthy doses in my opinion or you are in for a world of disappointment if you define your happiness based on achieving what you set out to.

  • Your article is both insightful, well written and encompassing. Congratulations!

  • Thankyou for the post, I agree that sometimes my goals in life are more complicated than they need to be, making them sometimes seem impossible to reach.

  • Jenny,

    You are NOT alone. I master the art of complicating my life and then getting frustrated. Then the voices in my head start to chatter and then that really drives me nuts and I start second guessing myself.

    I’m now learning every day how to make this simple and reach milestones that will lead to more success.

    Yaro, I don’t always read full posts, but this was a great way to start my day!


  • Hi Yaro

    I like this one. You talk about things that you don’t like or are not good at, and I automatically relate to doing my accounts. I hate the thought of it, but when I actually get myself into it, I don’t mind doing it and even quite enjoy it, especially when I get no interruptions. As they say it’s all mind over matter. Take care of the mind and rest doesn’t matter.

    Decisions, good, bad or indifferent we all need to make them in life. We do have choices and that’s fantastic.

    Thanks for sharing this post Yaro

  • Time and again I always lost focus on my goals each time I want to achieve something in life. It a weakness when we are in a comfort zone or just plain lazy to start. Thank you for reminding me how important it is to change for something better. I am taking too long to think of a domain name to start my website. It is fear that is stopping people to change.

  • I think that ,finally, the idea that we are all connected is grabbing people…the internet connects us like never before …and the info out there is nothing if it isnt shared….its good for business, blogging and most importantly the world…yes we are all connected…thanks Yaro…

  • Yaro, I think you’re truly brilliant the way you manage to articulate all that you do. These are quite complex concepts yet you seem to effortlessly lead your readers through it all so they can grasp it, I’m in awe.

    You wrote:
    “You don’t know what you’re good at or “meant to do” or how on earth it could help you make money, or if it even should”

    It would be great to see you expand on this point more. I find that it’s easy to pin point things ‘you’re good at’ but often those things are not fueled by any real passion. I have stumbled across many people who cannot seem to recognise ‘what they’re meant to do.’ I know highly qualified editors, vets, accountants who are very ‘good at’ their vocations but there is no passion. I would be interested to hear your take on how people can get sight of their passion/’what they’re meant to do.”

    Fantastic series Yaro, thank you.

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  • Yaro, I follow you on Twitter and this post really touched me. I think that awareness is being alive, awake, being conscious, and having the ability to choose which thoughts we will toss aside and which ones we will listen to. It is the self recognizing that it has command over the mind.

  • This was a fantastic article. I am so glad I found this blog, it doesn’t surprise me though. It was just a natural progression in personal development aka entrepreneur personal development 😉

  • Thank you very much Yaro…all you wrote in this blog…was so powerfull and brought all people who join this, the great idea..so we can follow the tips step by step to grow the business.

    Thank you..i’ll always waiting another article from you….

  • Hello Yaro,

    This has come at the right time for me, I started with Become a Blogger end Dec 2008 and moved in leaps and bounds – building, topic what topic, wrote about my life and then hit a brick wall.

    The brick wall is still there, but thanks to the forum I have met a “local” business woman who is putting me on the path with perseverance and direction with her marketing background. Whenever I stray I get put back on track – with the comment “have you read..” we are both members of Blog Master Mind and Membership Site Mastermind, it is always something from one of the sites.

    I have some “p’s” and “q’s” to get in order but these three write up’s, Dan’s comment moving from Zimbabwe and starting from scratch have given me the get up and go again.

    Thanks for all those inspirational notes, it helps to know you are not alone, especially if you doubt yourself and your abilities. We all have something to offer, it is to find the passion and overcome the fears.

    Cheers and thanks to one and all, this has been a great post.

  • This was a very helpful blog article. Good that i found, I always have an issue maintaing a balance (work/life) and for me little things grow bigger as i keep them undone day by day, and over a month it looks like a mountain…hard to sortout then..

  • Your words really hit home with me. I often times wonder exactly what I am doing is really satisfying. I want to find a balance between enjoying what I am doing, but still being able to provide for my family and others. It is hard to choose the first when the second is so dependent on you. I am hoping this year to find something that I enjoy doing that will make us all happy.

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  • First and foremost learning about yourself is key. Too many people chase what they think is their dream only to find out is was about chasing the money. That makes for a very long and expensive lesson in life. You must undertake a process to determine what it is you really enjoy doing and find a way to make money doing that…no matter how ridiculous it may sound. In this day and age of the internet, anything is possible.

  • in my opinion at first you should be aware of your weak and strong sides. @work with David Lee: unfortunately the whole World is about the money. It is always about the money. However, passion is the drive that makes your job or whatever you do much easier.

  • well said Yaro

    more and more interesting..


  • This was my biggest hurdle, Breaking the patterns of laziness that I have had in the past causing me to slack on projects and do things at the last minute, expanding the amount of time wasted on a projetct.

  • This is my second time reading this article; glad I did, too.

    “Everything you do influences other people, just as what other people do influences you” This is so true, in every aspect of life. Just take a look around at how you interact with others and the reactions you get..

  • It’s true that real change starts from within – become the change you want to see in the world 🙂

  • This is the first time I have read these articles and they are very timely in my life. I am working every day (and very grateful for the job) but am working and doing things everyday that are reinforcing what I don’t want to be doing. In other words I have a dream and am working towards that dream but it is tough every day to not lose interest or momentum. As much as I want my life to change in big ways, it does take alot of time. Recently I went out on a limb and did a BIG babystep. I usually do small baby steps but felt confident that I could pull this off and it would gain me alot of sales. WRONG! I lost a ton of money and did not gain ANY sales but I learned alot. Now that being said does not make me feel great but I have learned how far my money will go and that I cannot take a big loss like that again anytime soon. I learned virutally 7 things to change and am back at the drawing board re-tooling for my next smaller opportunity. I think the biggest thing for me is to always think – it takes time.

    I look at successful people and always want it now and figure if they can do it so can I – they are not any smarter than I am – maybe they know the right people or just got lucky (wink wink) It happens every day. But success is not created over night. And that is why I have to try and do just one thing (at a minimum) every day to move forward with my dreams. Fortunately if you have a good support systems of even ONE person (my sister) it can make all the difference in the world. After my big loss I wanted to quit but then I talked to her and she said “so what you can go back to something you don’t like?” Point well taken. I am in it for the long haul and it is what it is. I talk to alot of people, try to make the best choices I can with the info I have at the time and always move foreward. It is like training my young horse, many times he responds not as I would like him to but as my trainer says, as long as he is moving forward you are good. And so am I. Hopefully someday I will be able to say I am where I want to be and get this – it is not all monetary. Just the freedom to do what I really want to do in life and believe I that is what I was put on this earth for.

  • I’m now in the stage where I have a relatively good idea of what I’m good at. I admit though that I’m still trying to improve my own perceptions of myself.

    Thinking about success patterns, which I need to find as I move along in this path, I think it is important to consciously take the ideas we got from other people and mold these ideas into ones that we can apply in our own lives. For me, it takes a lot of hours of thinking deeply about these ideas, but I find comfort in the thought that it’s not impossible to succeed in it.

  • Yeah I vibe with this: “Confidence can be created through training, repeating processes”.
    That’s how it works!

  • Breaking the mould ain’t easy, and people tend to look down on you for being unconventional. Not giving up is key, and successfully doing that is the only way to show others that your way isn’t so wrong, after all! The boundaries and limitations society and our conditioning impose on ourselves are great hurdles to overcome (once can actually “see” them!)

  • Wow, I am liking these series! I have lot to catch up on your site, lot of good reads!
    one thing is for sure, we can not control anything, even our family, sometimes it is toughest lesson to learn though.

  • I agree in perseverance. Not giving up is key! good post as usual, Yaro

  • I’m astounded that at 26, you’d figured out all this!!

    I mean, I’m getting on for 55 and still kind of peering around
    in a bleary-eyed way…

    Makes terrific sense, all of it.

  • This is brilliant. So inspirational, thanks for the post, Yaro!

  • “Do what works.” I really like that sentence. So many people in my family try to follow what their friends are doing. Unfortunately, most of their friends are doing things that will never bring change.

    Following the herd will never get you where you want to go. Thanks Yaro! I’m going to apply this to my musical career. I can sing really well, and I’ve been playing piano since I was 7. I’m 25 now. I really think it’s time to do what I’m good at. You’ve inspired me so much. I hope others will be inspired as well.

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  • Chris

    Hello Yaro, I have read what you have to say about how we can change our lives and it is brilliant. However it won’t help me, the stuff you have written isn’t really any different to what other so called experts on how to change your life have written. There are two big areas that bug me. Here is the first one. You all insist on telling me that I am responsible for my life and only I can do it. Please, do not be offended, it is utter rubbish! How does that work? How does telling me what I already know work? Ok! so you tell me only I can do it, but you don’t say how that helps or what to do next The life I live is the life I am meant to live and has nothing to do with my thoughts and beliefs. I am not where I am today because of what I think or believe. There is a latent force at work making sure I live the life I do. My life has nothing to do with what I think. I want a different life and need your help to achieve that. I cannot do it alone. The second thing that bugs me is this. You haven’t mentioned money. That’s right! money, that old chestnut. I can change my life in a few months, but it won’t happen unless I have the cash to do it with or you show me what to do without any cash. It would be more helpful if you show me instead of reading pages and pages of stuff I have read countless times before. It can be done and all I need is someone to show me. Take care Chris

  • Beautifully written article! I knew about the Gandhi post but Daisaku Ikeda is new to me. Thank you. I always love reading blogs or websites on self development. Change begins with me! Thank you again!

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