How To Combine Your Brain And Willpower To Break The Pattern Of Average Results

Thinking Successful WomanThere are some sad facts about this article you’ve just started to read, sad for me as the author and sad because it reflects something unfortunate about our current society.

Today we just don’t have enough time to learn new things. Worse still, most people don’t have the motivation to improve themselves and their lives, and instead choose to use what spare time they have to seek instant gratification, short-lived pleasures from entertainment, food and other leisure activities.

It’s a universal law that what comes quickly and easily is not satisfying for a long period of time and often can have a lasting negative impact. Junk food is tasty while you eat it, but it’s not doing much good for your body. Eating raw veggies is not always the tasty option, but doing it for long enough and you start to feel good.

In the Internet marketing space the same rule holds true. The techniques that are easy to do, for example using automation software to scrape RSS content for use on “spam” blogs, is never going to make you money long term. Yet if you focus on producing quality original content on your blog, and do it long enough, you can establish an asset that delivers income for years.

There’s nothing wrong with having fun, enjoying your spare time and occasionally indulging in instant gratification behaviors, but if you want to experience long term satisfaction in your life, you need to invest in yourself and become a better person. You need to become more than most people ever aspire to in their lives.

Most People Will Not Read The Next Paragraph

I said this article is sad for me as the author because the majority of people who were exposed to this text never read this far. Even if the title was compelling enough to convince them to read the first paragraph, they likely only made it as far as one or two paragraphs, began scanning the document from there, or browsed away.

As a blogger you learn to live with short attention spans and as an Internet marketer you learn that you can do very well if you have the attention of a small group of people who love your work. This is a powerful awareness, once you accept it and learn how best to leverage the situation.

Sadly, the knowledge I just shared with you, which I gained through experience and study, and teach to others through this blog each and every week, is insight most people will never become aware of, let alone go on to benefit from by starting their own blog or Internet business.

Pay Attention And Learn A Fundamental Truth

Inside the words you are about to read is an amazingly powerful lesson, something so profound, that if you read the article from top to bottom, truly absorb the message within and then apply it to your life, you will experience a dramatic shift in how you think and the results you achieve.

Put simply – you will start to realize your dreams – but it will take work to begin with, and therein lies the message I want to share with you now.

We’re quick to point out inequalities in life, and there are many that are certainly just plain unfair and unjust, the wheel of fortune dealing you a bad hand in the game of life. Something as simple as what country you are born into determines much about how your life progresses, as does your physical appearance, what natural talents you are gifted (or not) and who your parents are.

There’s not much you can do about things you can’t change and it’s fruitless to let them control your life in a negative way. Advice that’s served me well in situations of inequality that’s completely out of your control, and as far as I know this is the best attitude to have in all situations, is –

“Do the best with what you have been given”

Unfortunately many people would rather not strive to achieve their best and settle for average or worse, even when they have been given natural gifts.

Rather than focus on what’s not in our control, let’s look at inequalities that are within our control to change. The media loves to report statistics such as 20% of the people control 80% of the worlds wealth. We all know that only a small amount of people are considered rich and the majority of people, most people reading this article right now, are not happy with how much money they make and would like to change things.

Of course intention and action are too very different beasts. It’s easy to want change, but it’s confronting to actually take enough steps for long enough to make change happen. I would argue there is a great divide of wealth not because of inequalities that can’t be controlled (such as being born into a rich family or being exceptionally gifted in business), but because only a minority of people carry through long enough to become better than average at something and have the guts to take actions that are considered risky by “normal standards”.

What is normal behavior is defined by the majority, so if not making much money and choosing to continue to perpetrate the same activities that do not lead to making much money, is considered normal, then to do anything else is unusual. Rich people do unusual things and that’s why they are rich. There’s no secret there, just an attitude shift followed by congruent change of activities that lead to the desired “unusual” outcomes.

I’m not talking about super-wealth here. Just enough money to significantly change your life for the better. The kind of money where you own your house, you can afford to travel, healthcare is not an issue, you can buy organic food, drive a modern car, not worry about paying your bills and afford to take time off from work whenever you want to. Sadly, that’s definitely not the “average” circumstance for most people.

You Already Know This

What I’ve just written might seem abstract to you, so let me illustrate with a few experiences I’ve been noting recently as I work to improve many aspects of my life. This is going to make complete sense to you because you already know it, so don’t worry if you’re a bit confused now.

Every single information product I study that features advice from successful people state the same truth:

In order to succeed you need to force yourself to do certain things that lead to the desired outcome and cease doing other things that hinder the production of the desired outcome. You then need to make the positive behavior patterns a habit, so it feels wrong if you DON’T do them.

At all points along the learning curve, you always face the same sticking point, either a bad behavior that needs to be eliminated, or a good behavior that needs to be repeated (usually both).

If it’s your health you want to improve, then eating good food and avoiding bad food is critical. If you want to lose weight or gain muscle, you need to exercise and spend less time being inactive. Stop sitting on the couch watching TV and start lifting weights. Exchange one behavior that doesn’t help for one that does.

Choose The Burger

If you’re looking to meet a new girlfriend or boyfriend, then you need to stop staying at home, or sitting at the table wishing you were talking to a certain person, and instead get up and go talk to them. You have to meet new people to give yourself the chance to find a partner.

Last year I was studying a home study program about having success with eBay, presented by Andrew Lock. Part of his basic premise was that most people never make good money with eBay because they never implement the few steps necessary to beat the competition, things like using images and video, and learning how to use the right keywords in auction titles. Even after being taught these techniques, still the majority don’t bother using the knowledge they have gained and thus continue to earn mediocre results.

Just this last week I’ve been finishing up studying John Reese’s Traffic Secrets 2.0 course. John shows all kinds of simple techniques with a huge range of websites that most people never do. If you do them, and make them a habit, then you get lots of traffic. Yet most people never own a website that attracts 1000 visitors a day.

Can you see the pattern here?

The answer is everywhere. The techniques to learn how to do almost anything are available to you and you can, simply by doing something smart and doing it often, enjoy above average results. Thankfully, when you start to get above average results you start to enjoy compounding too, so your rewards are magnified exponentially the longer you do something smart.

Put another way, if you keep doing what rich people teach, then you yourself will become rich.

Study People Who Have Want You Want

From an intellectual perspective, for you to discover the smart way to do things, you need to find people who have the result you want and study their work. The information is available and you can learn the techniques because there’s money to be made teaching people things. Lots of money. Obviously I’m proof of this, as are every other online information publisher, university institution and teaching college, there is incentive to share what you know.

However that’s only half of the equation, and the easier half at that. Understanding something intellectually is relatively easy provided you put in at least enough effort to read the book, watch the video, listen to the audio, or like you are doing now – read the blog post (most people never get this far). It’s what you do after gaining the insight that matters most.

Unfortunately, whether it’s because of laziness, or fear, or lack of self esteem – definitely something to do with belief systems and not reality – most people are incapable of follow-through. It’s just too hard.

Once you break passed the “too hard” barrier and stop listening to all the people around you who choose mediocrity as their life condition, then you can succeed. Fill your life with successful, positive people who encourage unusual behavior, find mentors who have done what you want to do, study, and then form habits doing what most people never bother to do, and you will enjoy the fruits of life.



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A Simple Start

You Can Be A HeroSince much of this article is about personal motivation, it can be overwhelming at first to know what to do next.

I have a simple first step for you, something you can do once and repeat as often as you like for infinite rewards.

Starting now, I want you to find one behavior that hinders your progress towards what you want and swap it for something that moves you towards a desired outcome.

You can pick any aspect of your life – health, money, relationships, spirituality, education – and apply this change. Stop doing something that doesn’t help you and instead do something that does. I don’t need to give you examples – you already know your bad behaviors and what you should be doing instead. Use this blog post as impetus to make the change and as a reward for reading to the end.

Time is a resource we all have an equal amount of, yet a special few people do so much more with the same resource. You can be one of the elite, the unusual, the above average, if you decide to make use of your time in a productive manner rather than being just like everyone else.

Good luck!

Yaro Starak
Living Productive

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  • Hey Yaro

    Straight to the heart this one…

    You’ve stated a number of universal truths here.

    It really seems that success is actually very simple. But it’s not necessarily easy.

    I know a number of school drop-outs who are now extremely successful. And I also know some very well qualified people that are not very successful at all. (Of course the opposite it true as well).

    But my point is that you don’t need to be a genius to become successful. Just figure out what you like doing. Then find someone else who is already successful at it. Learn from them, and then DO what they do. (Double emphasis on the “DO”.)

    Ok, there are obviously a few more steps there, but part of the fun is learning about the new steps as you go…

    I like how you actually implement the things you learn about and teach.

    Awesome stuff!

    Gideon Shalwick

    • Yes Yaro,We tend to take the easy way out even when we know just small changes will help in the long run.We are too short sighted.What I like best about you is that you keep learning while you keep sharing your knowledge.It is a constant inflow an outflow of knowledge.You have made your mark in your chosen field……yet you keep striving to make yourself better and share the knowledge with your readers.
      The day we stop learning our mind stagnates.And yes we have to move out of the comfort zone to achieve something substantial with
      our lives.

      • Jon

        I have been writing about health and success for several years now, I do it because I enjoy it but I agree, far too many humans on this planet waste away their lives in trivialities… hence why I don’t have a television!


  • Well said. I’d like to add that for people who try this, only try to change one aspect of your life at one time. Most of the time, we all fail to follow through because we try too many things when we are excited and end up dividing our attention into too many directions. Focus on one thing, improve it, then move on to the next.

    If you read the whole post and then even this comment, you are well on your way!

  • Phillip Joe

    Thanks for the great post. It really gave me some insight and direction

  • Hey Yaro,

    I can always depend on you to write a post that inspires some serious reflection and soul searching.

    We often spend so much time searching for the elusive silver bullet. If we would put half as much effort into implementing some of the things we already know we would see increased results in what we do.


  • Excellent points…The fact of the matter is that it’s much easier to remain status quo and never really try to accomplish your dreams.

    Becoming successful takes effort and most people have become so lazy that they never even start to make the necessary changes toward freedom. They look at people that have achieved their own personal goals with spite and jealousy, yet they’ll never understand how much they could accomplish if they only tried.

    You’re right about it being sad. I used to be that person who was filled with depressed thoughts about my situation and felt utterly out of control of myself. It definitely takes some time to realize what’s right in front of our face.

    And when you do finally flip that inner light switch on, you think to yourself, “Wow, that wasn’t as hard as I made it out to be. I should have done this a long time ago.”

    • ‘I am not sure if people
      alway’s really are to Lazy…,’

      Maybe the aren’t Lazy enough, and because of it become to stressed out tyring to ‘Multi-task’ to much, to be able to have enough energy to actually fully do things with full attention.

      Or just as John Lennon said:

      ‘Life is what Happens
      while you are Planning other Things’

      (or something of that nature.)

      For example some times suddenly parents get sick, or there are all kind of other things that can have a big impact on your Energy. Than when you don’t have enough energy you urgently need to re-charge.

      Btw. on my Travel Blog (that you can find by clicking on the links just above the (Orange) Current Home Business Lifestyle Posts-devider) you can find a recent post (9 juli 2011) with an Amazing Video about what some Great Historical Figures have to say about Laziness.

      All the Best,
      To your Happy – Home Business – Inspiration,

  • That’s it, this paragraph is everything that I want:
    “I’m not talking about super-wealth here. Just enough money to significantly change your life for the better. The kind of money where you own your house, you can afford to travel, healthcare is not an issue, you can buy organic food, drive a modern car, not worry about paying your bills and afford to take time off from work whenever you want to.”

    I want all that by doing photography. I am a photographer, but I don’t have that yet… it’s coming and your blog definitely encouraged me!

    Thank You!

  • Such true points. I especially relate to people only reading the first paragraph There have been lots of times when I get visitors who stay for 1-5 seconds (some of which I realize are from stumbleupon, so thats pretty normal) but I’m always thinking, “Is it my writing? Are they bored? Or are they just skimmers? What can I do to keep them on the site longer?” But I know that some people just don’t read most blog posts very far, for whatever reason they have.

  • Wow, thank you so much for posting this. I certainly hope more people do read the whole thing. It is sad and even sadder when you realize you are the one shirking discipline and whining over the results. Embarrassing really, but any point is a good starting point, right? Thanks again for the encouragement to use well what I have been given.


  • Hi Yaro,

    As regards to the 80/20 rule, in this society 20% of the people are wealthier then 80% of the people but what makes the 20% so different from the rest of the 80%?

    I got to agree with you, It is the mindset.

    It is sad to say, in our society, mediocrity is much more needed than excellence. An example, you can see much more people working through the 9 – 5 jobs rather than entrepreneurs who have those people working under him.

    When mediocrity is much more needed, most people succumb to it and be mediocre because it is an easier way and human have a habit of finding the easy way out.

    So is it possible for one to become successful even though they are not born with a silver spoon in mouth?

    Definitely it is possible, it is just a matter of changing our mindset. As what you said, by modeling the rich people mindset and applying what we had learned from them is almost a sure way to success.

    Continuous education is also a key too. Even though you are enjoying great success over at your blog at Entrepreneurs Journey, but you are still putting in the effort in investing in your own education (exp:John Reese’s Traffic 2.0) and that is the difference between excellence and mediocrity.

    I saw your success and I wanted to learn how you did it and that is why I joined your Blog Mastermind Program. I got to say that the program definitely have the content to help one to succeed in blogging and all we need is to learn from what you are teaching and applying it.

    Yaro, thanks for the great article and also your wonderful Blog Mastermind program and I better stop here now before the comment turn into an article. Or it is already an article already? 🙂

    Personal Development Blogger

    **P.S** If you still think a $497 Blog Mastermind Program is more expensive than a $1000 Gucci bag, you have some work to do in changing your mindset. Peace.

  • Good stuff, Yaro. I found myself nodding as I read. Right on target. The old saying: “nothing succeeds like success” is true. A person trying to improve themselves can start with just one tiny thing and lever that into another change, and then another, and then soon, momentum is built up.

    The confidence enjoyed from the first success can help break through to the next success.

    This is a must. If you don’t get your inner game right, your outer game will not be right.

  • William

    Yaro has delivered many important point in this article. I would highly suggest anyone who isn’t familiar with what he is saying to think about what he has shared right here.

  • Excellent point! Discipline is truly the only ingredients you need to succeed online.

    There are many valuable resources out there, readily available at your fingertips…and everyone who have internet access and little bit of cash can get them. Yet, as you say, only a handful people take the necessary actions.

    I love this article, because when I read it, I sounds familiar with Zig Ziglar’s quote that I printed and put above my computer: “Discipline yourself to do the things you need to do when you need to do them, and the day will come when you will be able to do the things you want to do when you want to do them!”


    • True. It’s when you don’t want to do it but you still do it because it’s necessary when a winner sets himself apart.

  • Hey Yaro,

    Great insight. I like the part where you quoted. True that.

    Making it a habit so that it feel wrong to not do it.


  • I always try to do things that benefit me rather than waste my time. Instead of watching TV (which I have not done for months) I create content.

    I hope that my work is the best quality it can be, but sometimes it is hard to be objective in assessing your own articles.

  • Excellent post Yaro. Here is a small content from me to add to your post…

    1. Take Action

    I once saw a speaker who did a wonderful thing to differentiate intention and action. Here is what he did.

    He took a $50 bill from his pocket and raised it and asked the audience “Who wants $50″… many people raised their hands. He again asked “Who wants $50″… they just kept their hands above.

    Then suddenly one lady understood the situation and walked upto him and said I want $50, give it to me. And she got it!!!

    All the people who had their hands in the air were having an intention to get $50 but only one person took action.

    You can get a beautiful soul mate, lots of opportunities in business, money or anything if you can just stand up and walk towards what you want. Do not fear rejection in life.

    2. Keep asking until you get it…

    Just like in online marketing, where only a % of traffic converts into leads and only a % of leads convert to customers and only a % convert into raving fans… In life, only a % of people will like you and only a % will become your friend and only a % will convert into a long term relationship.

    You cannot drive 10 visitors to a landing page and worry why you did not make a sale. Many of my friends just try a few girls and worry whether they are not good enough to have dates.

    Even if your landing page sucks, if you drive enough traffic, someone would eventually buy. Similarly you will get your date, business opp, money, or whatever if you can simply ask enough times. And as you go through it, you can improve yourself (& your landing page) to convert better!!

    As simple as that 🙂


  • Yaro, I see that most of your articles are pointing towards your coaching service. I like the tone of the blog now because the mindset you are spreading suits my needs for 2009. I just hope to make good money in order to hire your services within two years 😉

    Cheers, D.
    (BAB student)

  • What a home run of a post! It is so true that slothfulness really prohibits many people from achieving greatness. I myself am guilty of buying a book or program and not completing the learning exercises or failing to finish the material all together. It is up to us to make a mental shift if we are to stopping watching the successful people with envy and join them with gusto!



  • I’m a fan of make the most of what you’ve got.

    You’re right – it’s about the long haul and learning smarter ways for better days.

  • Nice one Yaro, breaking your bad habits is a great idea, more of this can been seen at Loe babutas Zen habits blog.

    I love the idea of taking these ideas and applying them to moving your online business forward.

  • Yaro, I had the pleasure of meeting your mother on the weekend (I was being assessed for my life coaching qualification) and can see where you get your brains from! 🙂 Great post!

    Many people know what they should be doing but it’s the minority that actually do it, and it is a shame really, because they’re missing out on so many wonderful things in their lives.

    I believe the reason so many people don’t get out there and do what they need to do is because they don’t really believe they can actually do it.

    Talk to a successful person and you realise that they always believed they could “do it”, even when faced with huge challenges – and that is why they are successful.

  • Very thought provoking post Yaro! Just a few things I’d like to add/comment on.

    You spoke of how people don’t use their natural gifts. It amazes me that so many people don’t even know what their natural gifts are and it seems many times it’s because they are too busy trying to fight their gifts and do something everyone else is doing. You know, trying to fit a square peg into a round hole type thing. That’s like fighting a losing battle isn’t it?

    Action – such a powerful word. Without out it what is there?

    Lastly, I heard somewhere it takes 30 days to make something a habit. So many people, as you said want instant gratification, and never make it that long. 30 days is nothing if you think about it in terms of a lifetime. 🙂

    As always, great stuff.

  • One of the most inspiring blog posts I’ve read in a long time. And some great comments too! It’s unfortunate that so many of us have to have this information beat over our heads before it finally sinks in. I like to take articles like this and create little daily affirmations from them that I read every morning. It makes a huge difference in your mentality when you read those lines aloud each day.

  • I think the secret is learning to make vegetables so they are delicious! That way it is a pleasure, not a chore to eat them (to follow your analogy).

    To me that is the same as working on something I am passionate about. If you love your work, pouring your heart and soul into it and finding success comes naturally. Delicious!

  • Rudolf Orsag

    It is so easy to lose perspective, especially if there are so many things happening around. Luckily precious articles like this one from Yaro come from time to time and get our focus on important stuff back.

    Do not let it go to waste people. I know that there is lots of stuff to read and our memory has its limitations…so do your best, right here, right now. Read it once, then read it again and slowly, make notes, jot down some ideas, make this really personal, maybe pick some cool coloured pencils and create a wonderful mindmap which you can keep on some very visible place. Spread the ideas from these articles among your friends, visualize doing and becoming one of those rare people or make a presentation for your mate or do it all….you get the idea.

    There is a difference between knowing and gaining the insight. Once you really gain the insight and act fast enough to transform this energy into momentum..possibilities are truly limitless. Strength & passion to do what you feel is true for you. 🙂

  • @Gideon. Success is simple, but hard work 🙂

    Anyone who is not getting the results in anything they are doing can trace the failure back to a lack of action or taking the wrong actions. When I didn’t see the results I had hoped for in my first six months in Blog Mastermind I went back and reviewed each and ever action at the end of the lessons. I found quite few that I wasn’t doing religiously and some that I didn’t do correctly.

    So I am making those corrections and I expect the next six months will show the increase in traffic I was hoping for.

    No reason to beat myself up about it. Just make the corrections and keep moving!

  • Yaro,

    You know your post is great when even your colleague Gideon posts a comment!

    So very, very true. I’ve tried several programs in my life that I’ve bought into with no success. Even though I blamed external forces for my failures, deep down I knew it was due to two things:

    1- Needing instant positive results to justify continuing (i.e. instant gratification)
    2 – Lack of perseverance to see the project through

    Yaro, you have a way of explaining how we can break through these internal barriers without sounding condescending, which unfortunately other ‘gurus’ can’t help doing. I am grateful that I found your web site back in August of ’08 (to this day I still don’t remember how I stumbled on it!), but I keep coming back for inspiration such as this. When I meet you in person, I’ll know I’ve arrived.

    Keep up the great work.

    Proud Become a Blogger Premium member,
    Omar Alvarado, The Paradiddler

    • I had those problems too. It can be very frustrating, especially when you don’t have any feedback. What you should do is micro testing. Instead of measuring the success of a diet after 2 months, measure it after 1-2 weeks. The same applies to the online business as well.

  • Yaro,
    Very inspiring! In order to achieve any success we need to actually go out there and do what it is we have been dreaming about. Simply thinking about it and wanting it will get you nowhere.

    I especially liked your point about studying what successful people do (in your area of passion) and then implementing what you learned.

    Thank you very much for the insight!

  • Hey Yaro,

    Do not keep posting those thoughts and insight! Of course there are those lurkers who will just NOT get it. That’s ok, its those few that you are able to help and make a positive impact on their lives thats makes what we do worthwhile.

    Keep the great thoughts flowing and those with passion to learn more…will!

  • Personal motivation, now that’s something I don’t lack. I am motivated but I have no direction. I cannot stick to doing one task until it’s done well.

    I know methods of making money online but I’ll stop and start and switch from one to the other. Have you got any ideas as to how to organise yourself to be able to get things done.


  • Hey Yaro!

    Grand writing as usual! However, in my humble opinion, this blog entry would have made a great guest post at someone else’s blog, since your target audience at Entrepreneurs-Journey is fairly motivated (most of them already started blogs, regularly check out your posts and leave their comments). So perhaps, this way such a great inspiring post could have attracted more new subscribers.


    • Thanks everyone for all the great comments so far, I’m glad at least you people read the article to the end!

      Alex – that’s an interesting suggestion and would likely have been effective to drive traffic, however I think your justification might be off.

      I’d like to know how you have this insight that most of my readers have blogs, check my posts and leave comments? If most of my readers left comments, then this post should have at least several thousand by now, or I don’t have as many readers as I think I do.

      The truth is I don’t know the specifics about my readers either, but I’m pretty sure most of them didn’t read this article from top to bottom and don’t follow the principle within it. If I published it at another blog that’s not going to fix the lack of attention and action problem, that’s just the way the general internet population are.

      • Yaro – certainly you have more inside on who your subscribers and what your blog stats are. Don’t get me wrong, I just made an assumption. On the other hand people that are interested in Internet marketing are typically aspiring Internet entrepreneurs, bloggers or website managers.

        To be honest, I rarely read motivational posts to the end. I read this one however, and I admit that sometimes am torn between things I want to do and things I know will be good for me. Alas most people prefer to withhold from action and keep exploring their dreams instead, regardless of all the encouragements to finally start doing something. But, perhaps there’s enough competition already, do we really need more? Just kidding:)

        Best of luck in your new endeavors,

      • Yaro,

        IMO, many, many people are now leaving comments for the sake of traffic driving. They actually have nothing to say. That’s why there are “great post – thanks!”-type of comment.

        Here’s a real life case study of mine:

        I did just what most internet marketer and link builder did – leave comments to drive traffic to my blog (shame on me… but then again, many people do what I did)

        Not until my Noobpreneur blog gain quite an attention (smallish, I suppose), I just learn that leaving such “bland” comment is, well, generic and distasteful – particularly with the “dofollow-nofollow” issues of SEO.

        Why? Because now there are people who leave comments on my Noobpreneur blog for the sake of the traffic (and doing the “commenting on related niche” thingy). Some post “good job” comment, some post “you might interest in this

        THEN, I realise that leaving comment is meaningful only if you have something to say.

        But then, this is the reality of blogging today. Attracting new subscribers and driving traffic is often more important than offering something of value to readers.

        My 2 cents 🙂

  • Your writing style is honorable.

  • For me, the most important is to study people who do and have what I want. Everybody has advice to give you. And it’s usually people who are not one the track in life that you are looking toward. Ignore them or politely listen and focus on the recommendations of the right individuals.

  • Beautifully put Yaro!

  • Yaro, its like you reached inside my head and pulled out my thoughts! I’ve been making an effort to stay focused and concentrate only on tasks that move me closer to my goals. Its too easy to get distracted and waste time, but that’s a trap that will hold you back forever if you let it.

  • Hey Yaro,

    Bob Proctor (guru on wealth building and Star of the Secret) says that 4% of the population controls 96% of the wealth. It might be worse than you thought!

    But, putting all that aside – I think there are a few troopers, real movers and shakers (members of Blog Mastermind) that are going to shock you and make it big online 🙂

    prepared to be shocked,

  • A few comments. If you force you who is the you?

    People are motivated. They can spend hours, days, weeks and years doing stuff. Think of the time we spent to learn to speak our native language. Something happens. Eg we reward those who can bore themselves most effectively (its schooling – sometimes humorously referred to as ‘education’). People have become demotivated. There are ways to tap back in to motivation – but forcing yourself probably won’t last long term (though it may help short-term).

    The reason people usually don’t read past the first paragraph of blog posts is that all the goodies are in the first paragraph. I know you are doing your part by writing posts that don’t do this. But I do think this is the reason. As for list posts . . .

    Motivation in general is pretty difficult. Motivation to do something fascinating and interesting won’t be a problem. I think the question with motivation is why do you not want to do what you want to do. Ie. there are two desires. Reconcile these and the elation an motivation will flow.

    Most things don’t need to be hard. Honour the part of you that is scared and reluctant. Take small steps that feel easy and good. The way to joy can be pleasurable – most of the time anyway.

    Sorry to be contrarian (well, OK, not really).

  • Funny Yaro, this article sort of sums up the Idea of Choice Theory, a great book that I highly recommend for lots of people wanting to shift their psychological thinking.

    Stop being a Victim!

    You can either focus on your misfortunes and what you don’t have, or you can change and utilise your skillset.

    Everyone has a quality world and personal boundaries, fans of Eben Pagan would know this quite well.

    You need to first realise that you have no control of things outside your personal boundary or quality world. Once you’ve come to this realisation, you can begin to then take control of what you can change and being the process.

    There is so much money and success to have in this world. The reason its an 80/20 split is because 80% simply don’t have the motivation. The fact that you’re reading this, goes a long way to show that you’ve made the CHOICE to read it and to learn.

    Now put it to use!

  • An excellent read over breakfast this morning.

    I’ve begun using a very handy little program called RescueTime (Google it) and it’s been helping me identify any possible areas of time that need “rescuing”. Applying what you’ve brought out here, my work will be to replace the low priority things that I find myself spending unneeded time in with things of higher priority.

    It’s a simple, yet profound concept. Trading negative for positive.

    Thanks for sharing,


  • I think many people honestly believe that making money online is easy and you see results quickly.You cannot blame them when there is sites offering “magic-pills-to-instant-online-riches” everywhere you look.

    It is true that if something comes easy, it will not last.With the blogging example, if you build quality content on your blog and post every day, you are going to see results eventually.Many people do not have the patience and persistence it takes, because your virtual real estate grows slowly but will last.

  • Yarro,

    Here are a couple of quotations that I have kept in mind and used as a personal prompt for many year. I thinks they both support the theme of your article today.

    Quote # 1: Insanity: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955)

    So, if you want to change your life, you must change what you are doing. If your business is tanking, its time to see if there is an alternative path you could guide your venture along.

    Quote #2: “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” George Bernard Shaw (1856 – 1950), Man and Superman (1903)

    So this means if you just do the same as everyone else, you will get the same result as them. By taking a risk and challenging the dominant dogma of the day you can move beyond the masses and achieve something truely unique and yours. We need people who are not afraid to change the world.

  • Yaro a always you hit the nail on the head. many of the things you have written are hard for some to hear but the comment about “If you;re not doing what you should be doing, something feels wrong” hit a nerve. I’ve always had a great work ethic almost to a fault. I missed a lot of Golf outings with the guys who should have been working, and I was because I just couldn’t drive myself to goof off. The results have been outstanding over my career, and I look and expect the same from my new Pro Blogging career.

    Your article serves as an Impetus to keep me on the track I need to stay on!

    Cheers Mate!

    Todd Ackerman

  • in other words, just do it already…

  • Yaro,

    Here are two quotations that I have kept in mind for many years and used as an occasional personal prompt. I think they both support the theme of today’s blog.

    “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
    Albert Einstein, physicist (1879 – 1955).

    “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”
    George Bernard Shaw, Irish dramatist & socialist (1856 – 1950).

    In life and business there are times when you have to take chances and go down a different path from the masses.

  • Lew

    Hey Yaro.

    I’ve been pretty busy with 4 blogs now, so I have to say I have been away from ” Entrepreneur Journey ” for a while, but it’s nice to return home ( per se ) and find this great post, plus your interview with David Risley.

    Everything you’ve said here is dead on. I see a lot of what you refer to with people whom I work with unfortunatley…folks who live paycheck to paycheck and will not have an easy retirement. I need to go back through your course and start the basics with 3 of my 4 blogs, but I do need to stay on point with them all. Coming back here and going through the course again will keep me focused this year.

    Thanks again.

  • Very sad…. But true… It just seems to be too much effort for most people to keep up with their own lives and expectations, nevermind overtake them… But then, if everyone did it, it wouldn’t be special anymore

  • Thanks for this post Yaro.

    Totally agree with you that too often in life people spend too much of their own personal energy on things they will never have control over. Letting so much opportunity slip right by them.

  • I have too noticed the correlation with our short attention spans and our lack to do those small things that would help so much in the long run. I like how you said that; it was quite insightful.

  • Dude, I loved your analagy of eating a raw food diet with little short term gratification compared to Internet Marketing. Instant new fan. My wife is on a raw food diet and I’m an Internet Marketer as well. While I eat McDonalds, she looks great, I don’t. However, last year I spent Q4 learning and mastering social video marketing. Writting an article to be submitted to a single directory for a single inbound link is a lot of work, but we’re ranking high. Creating a video is allowing us to dominate the SERPs, but takes significant amount of work. I’m eating the raw food diet of the Internet, and I love it.

    Thanks for a great blog.

  • We all want to improve ourselves and the fact that we are reading an entrepreneur make money online motivational blog proves it.

    Yaro – I envy your writing style that delivers your thoughts so clearly. You are dominating this field so I am watching, reading and learning – many thanks for this site.

    Self-improvement and motivation are always excellent reads. I don’t care if it hits my nerves just as long as good change eventuates I am happy.

    2 Things – Make Money Online and Self-Improvement.

    I started with and then had to split it with and have never looked back. I love this field, this blogging job and definitely want to make it my life.

    I won’t quit Monday but rest assured each night after work I’ll be working towards a better life. Well done Yaro – take care.

  • Very Good Article Yaro. Congratulations.

    Don’t worry Yaro, the shift is happening and many people, like never before will have success.

    This is the time were more millionaires are born, and it’s easier with mentors like you and others that encourage to take action and DO SOMETHING. Not just Something but Give Value and have patience.

    Thanks, see you later

  • You are so right on here Yaro,

    Collecting the information is relatively easy, but the effective implimentation is where the rub is.

    Most don’t muster up the amount of inner drive to get them to do what is necessary, which is usually against their current habitual thoughts and actions, long enough to actually become effective in the right ways.

    This overriding of long standing behaviors can be tough as factors including beliefs, self concept, doubt, fear and confusion can contribute to what one must overcome in order to properly take command of thier thought and actions.

    This is the same with basically everything in life, which is why any change is difficult for many.

    Digging down deep to discover your reasons why you want to do things differently is important in stimulating your inspiration, drive and self discipline to change to purposeful actions that support the desired results.

    It’s great that you wrote this post for so many to see.


  • Hi Yaro,

    I have to admit that this article really is spot on. As a Hypnotist this is the type of stuff I deal with each and every day. I see people who come to me for stop smoking, weight loss, motivation or whatever the situation is and while they are seeking to use hypnosis to help them it comes down to a basic principal.

    This principal is behavior and habits. The way our brain works is that it enjoy things that are familiar. This is one of the reasons why people stay stuck in the same place or complain that life isn’t what they want. These people have been doing the same habit of not taking action or not learning new information and so when they decide to finally take action it usually only last a week or two because the mind always goes back to what is familiar which is usually the old unproductive habits.

    Think of working out as an example. We all say we’re going to get in shape, work out and we do for a few days, maybe a week than our old habits kick in and we stop working out.

    A big problem is that too many people think Will power is all they need. Will power was never meant to cause a lifelong change within us. I like to think of will power as nothing more than mental adrenaline which gives us just enough motivation to get things going, but once that adrenaline is used up we seem to go back to our own ways.

    The problem with habits is that we want to make a change at a conscious level, but habits exist on a subconscious level and the best way for people to affect that part of the mind is by using their imaginations. The brain doesn’t know the different between real and imagined. So if you combine the imagination with taking action you will see much better results.

    Every morning before you get ready for work and before you go to bed. Imagine or pretend that you are putting some of Yaro’s techniques to action and they are working or stuff you learned from John Reese is moving your business forward.

    The reason this works is since the brain doesn’t know that this isn’t real it’s creating a new habit or behavior for you. You know as I know that habits are created as we do something over and over. As far as your mind knows you are actually doing whatever activities you are thinking about so each day it becomes easier and easier.

    As Yaro said in the post we want to reinforce the good habits and spend more time and energy on them . I didn’t mean to ramble on here, but this post is just so spot on and if people only knew how much success is breed in the mental world rather than the physical world. It’s all about being congruent. When we are aligned with our conscious mind and subconscious mind. In other words, when your habits and behaviors match with your intent for outcome. This is when real success starts to happen.

    Once again Yaro thanks for producing such great material because in the end it is all about quality and it shows in each post you write.

    Thank You,
    Joshua Houghton

  • It is posts like this one that make me squirm for not taking action based on all the data and skills I have. Thanks…for the nudge.

  • These are all great points, and I agree with all of them. If you want to succeed you should focus on the things you have control over and not things you can’t control such as the attention span of the average internet reader.

  • Your post is wise beyond your years Yaro.
    I think it’s safe to say we all started out asking the right questions but in the wrong order, ‘Where to make money online?’ instead of ‘What is the best way for me to make money online?’, the answers you get will be different.

    Thank you again for writing a post that has meat on it:)

  • Wow quite the read Yaro, I really like the doing your best with what you have been given quote, as I trying and live that on and off line.

    I think this translates well into weight loss and overall health practices as well as blogging and online business. In fact I’m sure you could apply to almost every aspect of your life.

    Great Post,

  • Personal motivation plays the most direct role in a human’s self-improvement and perfection. And it is a pity to realize that the majority of people spend their free time on the things that will not lead to any kind of perfection. And this is their 1st mistake. The second mistake is that not everyone realizes that for better result he should focus one just one aspect and do his best to succeed. Once you succeed in this, you are free to pass to another aspect of self –improvement.

  • I’ve attended many workshops on self esteem and self improvement, and I can say that the motivation part is the hardest. If you can stay motivated, whether its working on a new blog, or a new ppc campaign or even posturing yourself properly in the public eye is important. Staying up once your perceived as such is as hard to do, but very rewarding for the person with calm, poise, perserverance and patience.
    Great post!

  • Great article Yaro.

    I think the hidden issue in these discussions is the ability to manage ones self-esteem and personal optimism (getting that nagging inner voice onside). It seems that a lot of striving entrepreneurs struggle to maintain an ‘even keel’, and instead bounce between extremes. This is destructive to self esteem, productivity, and personal optimism. Certainly that has been something I’ve struggled with.

    I’ve followed your progress for many years Yaro, and one thing you’ve always struck me as is well balanced.

    The more successful entrepreneurs I meet, the more I think that this is the ‘secret sauce’ everyone is desperately searching for. You do see the odd ‘extreme personality’ success story, but it’s my feeling that these people are a minority popularised by the press (they make better superheroes).

    All the best,

  • Oh my lordy Yaro, words can’t express how much your wisdom inspires me. Here’s a quick story of my experience with “habit replacement” which I found by accident but probably saved my life…

    Just over a year ago, I lay in bed with an ambulance officer by my side, truly believing I was “checking out” from life. I was 36yrs old, weighed 38kg, couldn’t hardly eat, and was smoking about 30-40 cigarettes a day. I was utterly depressed and suffering chronic anxiety and panic attacks. (Actually I’m still dealing with those but it seems to be fading over time).

    On what felt like my death bed, terrified, I made a decision that I was never going to put another cigarette to my mouth again. I really didn’t want to die despite my wishing to be dead for so many months. I decided desperately that I really did want to live, and I’d do whatever it took to haul myself back up to the land of the living.

    I had always wanted to learn how to play acoustic guitar, since a child, but never made any effort to give it a go. I’ve always had music in me, played by ear, and learned piano from a young age. I knew there was a guitarist inside me waiting to come out and play! So I replaced what would have been my next pack of cancer sticks with a $15 piece of wood disguised as a guitar from eBay!

    Man that guitar was crap! But to date it’s been the best damn ebay purchase I’ve made. (These days I have a nice $600 guitar, paid for purely with the savings I made from giving up smoking).

    Every single moment that I ached for a cigarette, I’d pick up that damn rusty-stringed out of tune joke of a musical instrument I sniped on ebay, and strummed the living hell out of it. I spent hours and hours on YouTube learning to play the guitar, and spending nearly every minute I had free every day and night, just playing and playing and playing.

    Through sheer determination, I focused hard and long, playing until my fingertips were the consistency of minced meat, to not only comfort myself during those horrid cravings and withdrawal symptoms I was experiencing, and to be finally free of the chemical prison I was sure to die a horrible death in, but to also live the dream of being a sexy rock chick up on stage in a band playing to thousands of adoring fans!

    Okay, well that part is still in my dreams, and will no doubt stay that way as my dreams have shifted to more realistic goals! But unlike in my early twenties when I did get to play locally on stage in a couple of bands, sang at a couple of weddings, and won a couple of karaoke comps… as a nearing-40 single mum who just wants to make a great life for herself and her two sons, I’m just extremely joyous to be able to pick up my guitar any time, and entertain my stresses and anxiety away instead of sucking down fumes of poison and feeling like utter crap.

    Funny now that I see how smoking actually never really did anything to relieve my stress! They in fact had the exact opposite effect on me though I tricked myself, thanks to the addictive crap they consist of, that they were helping me in some way… how sad!

    So, from chain smoker to smokin rocker chick, with not a single nicotine patch or gum stick! Just hard-arsed pure replacement with another activity that required my full attention to learn until it became second nature.

    After that kind of proof, it’s clear to me now that anything truly IS possible, if you just set your mind to it. It really shouldn’t take a terrifying near-death experience to get you moving though. If only I’d had that kind of urgent determination when I was a teenager… I could be kicking Tommy Emmanuel’s butt now darn it!

    Well, thanks for listening, and goes to show how much I’ve been inspired by you Yaro. I have never in my life written what sounds kind of like a sales letter (am I reading too many of those lately?), let alone one that sells absolutely nothing! Well except my excitement about having the power in me to make change and improve myself.

    Now, I could probably eradicate my habit of reading other blogs instead of working on my own abandoned site (which when I read those posts now it’s kind of embarrassing to realise how different I was just that short time ago)! But some things are just more important right now, like self improvement! Especially learning new thinking and working habits. I am so aware of the serious work I need to do on myself in order to achieve what I dream of doing and having in life. The gap from “here to there” seems to be getting smaller though. Your site is one that is definitely helping me transform myself into the person I believe I can be.

    God bless you Yaro! And all those who dream of being better somehow than what they are right now.

    Annie 🙂

  •  Well I also think that the power of brain can break any chain and it’s the mindset that makes things happen.

  • The power of brain and will to do anything is the key to break the walls. Like there was an incident in which a lady turned the whole car just by her neck in order to save her kid.

  • I have always believed that life is not about what is given to you, but what you do with what is given to you. 🙂

  • Well as I say, there is power in small groups. It’s true that most don’t aspire to become anything greater then just mediocre, but that’s the way the world runs. Everything that is ever great and successful requires work, and everyone knows it deep down, but sometimes they don” want to admit it, or they don’t want to have to do the work. As you say its important to make small changes in your life that will help you out in the long run. Of course, its also important to make “small” changes so that things don’t seem overwhelming.


  • Hey Yaro,

    This is a great post! I have been reading your blog for a long time now. You actually are the one who inspired me to start mine over a year ago now. What you are saying is so true. I have been so persistent with what I am doing and the end goal and I am getting there!

    Thanks again!
    David Foster

  • This is great, thank you. Entrepreneurs thrive off of groups and word of mouth to get started. The more you give into the universe, the more comes back. I want to show something cool with the power of Twitter in the realm of your discussion. Getting recommended electronically similar to word of mouth. The link on my name does nothing for value of the Internet (like SEO), but provides an abundance of authority when it’s done naturally.

  • “You then need to make the positive behavior patterns a habit, so it feels wrong if you DON’T do them.”

    That one is so big. When you finally hit that point, things can only get better. We’re wired to want to avoid pain much more then we want to gain pleasure (which is half the reason people never get off their ass in the first place – fear of failure etc).

    Mate you are one of the best bloggers I’ve seen in my limited time in this field. I’m bummed I missed your talk at the Brisbane Grant’s Workshop.

  • I think this is one of the greatest blog post I have ever read. I have just created a blog myself, and I hope to use your message to my advantage.

    Best Regards,

    Terrence Taitt

  • Hi Yaro!

    I have been researching blogging for a whole month now: happy b-day to me. Have been deciding on content, as well as studying how-tos. And am getting ready to start working on content this week, and this blog was a motivational seal-the-deal with myself.. Thanks for all that I have learned from your blog.


  • A Great Article Yaro. In the control of the mind lies the greater success.

  • As the old saying goes: time and tide wait for no man. Nothing can be accomplished if nothing was started. Don’t let just words do the job, act on it!

  • Truly excellent post, Yaro. Your words were very inspiring and your advice very practical. It’s articles like these that I use as a benchmark for quality. I look forward to the day when I can create as much value as you in my writing.

  • Hey Yaro,

    I know I am 8 months late in reading your this blog post. Let me tell you that, I have read it from to to bottom!

    Frankly, I visit your blog everyday and scan your archive posts to find the one that resonates with my current situation. I always get one!

    Keep going,
    God bless you.

  • Yaro,

    Why did it take me so long to finally start reading your blog? I think this article answers that -most people don’t act. I came to your blog trying to learn how to improve marketing techniques, but I learned about life. One of my best friends, when asked what time it is says, “Right now!” This article reminds me of that.

    Right now is time to act!

    Thanks for your insight that will help me so much in my life!

  • Yaro, it’s posts like these that inspired me to take the leap and have a go at an Internet business. I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while and you still give me faith that this unpredictable nail-biting ride will eventually smooth out…

  • Dude,

    Spot on here. The reality is most people will NOT do anything, even when you spoon feed them the answer…

    On one hand it is depressing thinking about humanity as that apathetic – on the other it leaves more pie for the 20% (or realistically 6%)

  • spot on dude.
    want more on this subject: check out Illuminate: Harnessing The Positive Power of Negative Thinking (wiley 2009) ( It will blow your mind.
    Let me know what you think.

  • i know all about the need of instant gratification. These days doing something that is a long term investment is not appealing. I know I waste far too much time worrying about entertaining myself during the day instead of doing something constructive. It reflects how lazy society has become.

  • I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while and you still give me faith that this unpredictable nail-biting ride will eventually smooth out…

  • Yaro,

    You always have something to say that helps keep me focused on succeeding with my online business. Although it has taken me a ton of time and I have felt like quitting so many times that I cannot count them, I continue to apply the lessons I learn from your site, from Gideon’s site, Tyrone’s site and West/Andrew’s site plus many others who speak to this mindset truth about which you have articulated so clearly.

    Thanks for continuing to show by example what everyone here wishes to accomplish, namely, success in life through business, personal relationships, health and spirituality.

    You’re the best!


  • If you want to change the way you live your life it has to come from inside of you. The inner part of you is responsible for the change that you see on the outside. So if you have a weak mind frame this will show on the outside.

    Like Yaro mentioned if you have a bad behavior, you need to replace with good behavior to achieve your desire outcome. It all start from within you.

  • I enjoyed reading your article. I agree that we must be willing to evaluate ourselves, make necessary changes within our life and move in a positive direction. In addition, we need to maintain a sharp focus and take immediate action toward achieving goals leading to our success.

  • Hey Yaro,

    You’ve touched so many points that are so valuable in this post..

    For me its all about understanding what works, plan to do it in your schedule, then going ahead to execute it , take massive actions and to complete the loop by reviewing what worked well and what didn’t..

    I think subconsciously we know what we need to do, but things in life do get in the way…


  • Excellent stuff — words to both live and work by! The industry would do well if there were more people willing to put the time into helpful articles such as this one.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Great post. Totally agree with you. I started to make money only when I stopped making blogs on what other liked and started blogging on what I like i.e computers, pda etc. People read my post, felt my enthusiasm and bought my shit….as frank kern puts it.


  • Great post! Indeed it is sad and stunning to see how many people complain about their life and yet do nothing to change it, too many of them are afraid of change because it means that they would need to get out of their comfort zone and do something, that may seem like hard of frightening at first, but there is no other way around it, if you actually do it and turn this positive behavior into habit then you’ll see your goal come true.

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