How To Find The Courage To Change By Raising Your Awareness

Courage to make a leap of faithThose of you on my newsletter received an email last week where I talked about a subject related to the movie The Secret.

The responses I received to that email where quite polarized, which should not be surprising since subject matter that can be interpreted as spiritual or religious tends to elicit hard-line opinions. Yet I have to admit I was surprised by some of the emails I received in reply to the newsletter, which was a little naive on my part.

I received messages from my readers from both ends of the spectrum. Everything from I love what you are saying and totally agree, to that movie is a bunch of hogwash — just thinking about what you want won’t get it, all the way to the movie is against my religion and you shouldn’t be promoting it.

I’m happy whenever people engage with my content, and I never take one person’s feedback too strongly unless I’m receiving many responses along the same line. It was certainly interesting to read the different places people were coming from and thank you to everyone who wrote to me – it was an enlightening experience to read your point of view.

I don’t adhere specifically to a branch of religion, nor am I an atheist. If a label must be applied, I’m closest to agnostic, believing in a higher power but not looking to lock that power into a rigid framework like doctrine can do. I like to take on board concepts and ideas from all religions and belief systems, but I never became so restricted by them that I can’t at least listen to other people’s ideas without labeling them blasphemous.

You might call me a perpetual fence sitter, which in itself has problems. The wonderful thing about taking on board and truly feeling a specific religious calling is that you no longer suffer from being “lost”. You now have a framework to follow, a way to live and a community of people who share your beliefs. That is a wonderful thing.

Of course I have a moral compass, as we all do, which gives me some sense of rules and structure that govern my life. I’m going to draw the line on certain actions and label them wrong or right. Some things fall into a grey area, which once again is where having a strong religious belief has “benefits” – you have less greys and more black and whites – although I don’t think that’s always a good thing. Unwavering absolutes can be very dangerous – religious fundamentalism has certainly taught us that.

Do I Believe In The Law Of Attraction?

If you haven’t seen The Secret I’ll summarize it for you quickly now.

The movie, which in my opinion is the superior way to absorb the message (the book by the same name doesn’t do it nearly a well), is a documentary that effectively teaches a principle known as the Law of Attraction.

Before we had the Law of Attraction, as it was presented in The Secret, a book many of you will be familiar with – Napolean Hill’s Think And Grow Rich – introduced the idea that by thinking of what you desire and taking congruent action to seek the outcome, the “universe” will help you get there.

I’m not 100% sure as he never states the name of the book, but I believe Bob Proctor, who features prominently in The Secret, refers to Think and Grow Rich as the starting point for his successful application of the Law of Attraction, which if you really want to break things down to the core, means that all of these books, movies and people are referring to the same universal principle, or “the secret”.

The idea here is that the universe is structured in a way that if you think in a certain way, you actually manipulate your conscious reality to manifest what you are thinking.

If you dive into metaphysics, which movies like What The Bleep Do We Know/Down The Rabbit Hole go into deeper than The Secret does, we find that everything is made up of the same thing, so differentiating between thoughts and what we perceive as reality is a moot point – the universe see it all as the same thing.

We can make this more practical however – and this is where I think some of the detractors of The Secret go wrong. It’s not simply a case of thinking about what you want and then it magically appearing, which is how some people criticize the concept, it’s about thinking about what you want in a positive way, taking action congruent with those thoughts and then – here’s the key – when the window of opportunity opens, you take it.

Whether it is a case of the universe being structured in a way that intention, thought and action are rewarded with what you want – in other words it’s the universe that opens those windows for you – or it simply happens because you keep working towards a goal, is up for debate. No one can really know for sure and ultimately it comes down to belief.

One thing that is important to note, if you choose to believe in this idea and successfully execute it, you create a positive feedback loop. You take the actions that result in what you want because you believe taking those actions will get you there, thanks to a universal law. The law may not exist, but the outcome is positive because you executed – the link between cause and effect can be blurry – but the outcome is what counts and if you get what you want then there’s no compelling reason NOT to believe in the idea, unless you like not getting what you want.

As I wrote in the newsletter, I wasn’t purporting that I am a believer or otherwise in the teachings of The Secret or the Law of Attraction, although I have experienced positive outcomes as a result of my exposure to the movie and the idea. I certainly feel that some of the people in The Secret presented concepts that helped to raise my own consciousness in some way, and that’s what’s important in my opinion.

Proof of Results?

About six years ago I was feeling pretty bad about many aspects of my life. I had returned from six weeks backpacking in Tasmania with a girlfriend who was an ex-girlfriend by the time I got back.

I wasn’t broke, but I wasn’t making much money either – about $500 a month from the Magic card game website I owned back then. I was reading a lot about the Internet business success of other people, but most of the time that served only to depress me. I wouldn’t begin blogging for several years yet.

I was just about to start working seriously on my proofreading business, which wouldn’t be really successful for a couple of years, but before that decision was made I had to go back to my part time job to make sure I could pay the rent. I was feeling pretty rotten, I didn’t have many friends around me as they were all in full time jobs making new friends and finding life partners.

I felt like I was very far away from most of the things I wanted in my life – love, wealth and real friendships.

It was during this time that I began hanging out with a friend of my ex-girlfriend. She worked in the city and I often visited her when I went into town. Our relationship was platonic, although really it was situation of mutual sadness. We decided to spend lunchtime complaining to each other about how much our lives sucked.

It wasn’t a healthy thing to do of course, yet misery enjoys company, so for a few months we continued to indulge in this unhealthy past time.

I remember clearly having a conversation with this girl about business and what I thought would be my “big goal” in terms of how much money I wanted to make. I said to her that what I wanted was to make $1,000 a day from my business.

I recall how I felt when I said that statement and her reaction. She thought that outcome was near impossible and an incredible amount of money (she was earning a basic wage at the time, about $500 a week). I could only imagine what I would do with $1,000 a day, and while I didn’t consider it impossible, it really felt like a very far away goal, very, very far away.

In some sense it was a very far away, depending on how you value time.

I was just thinking during the last few months that the goal I set myself all those years ago, has become a reality. I haven’t done the exact numbers yet, but I’m pretty sure on average for the year, I make about $1,000 dollars a day now.

How Did This Happen?

Did my statement of intention, the following six years spent working towards reaching my goal and then finally meeting my target, get any assistance from some kind of universal law?

It’s tough for me to answer that. What I can say is that for many years that goal remained very far away, but slowly, with consistent action and making the decision to do certain things and take certain opportunities when they arose, the signs that I could get there became more frequent and I started to believe it more and more.

Today, I’m so confident of my ability to make money, as the cliche goes – it actually feels “easy”. I don’t say that to impress you, merely to demonstrate how your state of mind can change based on your reality changing thanks to experience.

Realizing When It Is Time To Change

While I have moved towards a place of deep satisfaction when it comes to my financial situation, I feel there is much room for improvement in other areas of my life.

As a result of this, 2009 so far has been a period of focusing energy on improving these other areas of my life. It’s because of making the decision to change and improve myself, that I’ve once again come up against the challenge of relying upon faith in a possible outcome to push me towards experiencing the outcome. I’m moving towards new territory, trying to do things I’ve never done before, forcing me to overcome strong feelings of self doubt along the way.

As many of my fellow Internet marketers know, we can often lead very solitary lives, working from home. This has suited my personality and benefited me financially because I’m blessed with the ability to be very productive while in solitude, but it’s caused an imbalance in the other two aspects of my life that require socialization.

My awareness of this imbalance really came into prominence when I returned from my overseas travels. I looked at my bank balance and despite spending a stupid amount of money while overseas, I came back with more money in my account than what I left with. I realized that focusing most of my attention on making more money would be futile and misguided.

Don’t get me wrong, I will run my business at the same pace I have, serve my customers, educate myself about what’s going on in my industry and continue to enjoy what I do to make money, BUT, there is no need to add to my workload simply for the sake of making more money. More money won’t make much of a difference to my overall happiness and will take energy away from the things I need to do in order to improve upon the aspects of my life I want to change.

In case you can’t read between the lines, that last paragraph is stating that once you’ve reached a certain point financially, making more money does not equal more happiness. All you money-hungry, success-focused entrepreneurs should heed that advice or you might end up pouring your energy into activities that you do simply for the short term rush that comes from making money. It’s not going to make you any happier long term – in fact it might even do the opposite once the thrill of the rush starts to have less effect.

How To Raise Your Awareness

I’m going to sample now from the newsletter I sent last week. Some of you will have read this, but I know most of you have not. This is important stuff, because it shows how you can bring change to your life, but also how you can rely on other people to raise your awareness so you have the courage to make the change.

Pay especially close attention to the section where I talk about the power of finding gurus – real gurus – and why they can help you in more ways than just giving you successful techniques to replicate.

The Courage To Seek Change

Success in business, in blogging and in life in general, comes down to many facets.

You have raw business techniques and strategies, you have your mental state and your body condition, your present physical reality, your access to resources, your skills, inherent talents, the people around you and many other elements.

As a human being we are complicated creatures, but what I have learned after years spent working to improve aspects of my life, in almost all cases your sense of self, your “inner game” or strength of character, or whatever you want to call it, is the root determinant of your success.

In other words, the power is within YOU.

In order to improve yourself you need to raise your awareness. Raising awareness, in my opinion, is the answer to most of the world’s current conflicts, and from a micro level, the answer to the problems you currently face in your life too.

To raise one’s awareness simply means to become aware (or conscious) of what needs to change and how to change it.

The problem people face – and we all go through this – is feeling frustrated not because we don’t have something, but because we feel helpless due to not knowing HOW to change.

Are You Capable Of Change?

Change is the key to success. In order to realize new states of being, something about you must CHANGE.

In order to realize change you need to see what actions are required to make the change happen. If you don’t have the awareness, you have no idea how to make the change. Problem solving begins with problem awareness.

What makes this particularly difficult is our in-built belief structure, which is largely made up of our passed experiences. If you’ve never experienced the change you want, then in order to begin the process of change, you essentially make a “leap of faith”.

If you’ve never done something before you don’t have the comfort to know that doing certain things will result in certain outcomes. In order to have the courage to make the change, you must believe in the possibility of the outcome, without having ever experienced it.

That’s why it’s so important to make that first dollar online. Once you know that making money on the Internet is possible, even if you only make a dollar, you start to experience the reality of an outcome, rather than just believing in a dream.

If you can make $1, then it seems a lot easier to make $10, then $100, then $1,000, etc. With experience comes confidence, but how do we get confidence without experience?

From Awareness To Experience

It’s amazing how easy it is to do something once you have done it before. With the experience, comes familiarity and a realization that yes, it can be done, you know how and you can thus do it again.

However, before you gain the experience yourself, steps taken towards change are based on your observation or study of other people’s experience. Seeing what others have and do, gives you awareness of patterns of behavior you can then repeat, with the expectation to experience the same or similar results.

Unfortunately if you’ve tried to make change happen before and failed to achieve the outcome you want, your assumptions are going to become increasingly negative, and you will start to battle with your own self belief. It takes a strong “inner game” to move passed this and keep striving. Your faith must be unwavering.

This is why it’s so important to learn from people who have gone through the change you want to realize in your life. They offer the best roadmap to follow, to carry with you along with your faith in the belief that it can happen to you too.

That’s why gurus, in the true sense of the word, are gurus.

The term, which comes from Hinduism, refers to a spiritual teacher. “Gu” means darkness, and “ru” means light; thus a guru turns ignorance into enlightenment.

People place faith in the teachings of gurus because gurus can manifest awareness in others. With awareness comes the power to change.

It’s not necessarily an easy process, but we should be thankful we have so many people willing to share what they know so those of us who want to improve ourselves have gurus to turn to.

When a person possesses a strong clarity about key aspects of life, it’s their strength and guidance that can empower others to realize their goals. Clarity is a powerful liberator, almost as powerful as experience itself, and of course true clarity comes from experience.

Find Your Gurus and Make Change Happen

There are many insights to be gained from this article and I don’t expect everyone to interpret it in the same way. I value your feedback, so if you have anything to say after reading this far, please leave your comment. I can’t promise to respond to everything, but I will read what you have written.

What I hope is that you will read this blog post and use it to help you find the courage to make positive change a reality in your life. In particular, if what I have written helps you to battle through periods when your belief is faltering – which we all go through during periods of change – then I consider that the best outcome possible.

Whether you take stock in concepts like the Law of Attraction, believe in The Secret, are religious, or you think it’s all bunk and live a very scientific and pragmatic life, doesn’t matter. You are human and thus you are wired to experience life with emotions and live with the same internal conditions we all face. Ultimately that is your greatest weakness and your greatest strength.

How your life progresses rests in your awareness and acceptance of reality, and how you then leverage it for positive outcomes in your life.

Yaro Starak
Raising Awareness One Blog Post At A Time



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  • Wow what a great article. I’m following you on twitter and now I understand why. thanks for this 🙂

    • Have you tried Silva Yaro?
      I am self taught in Silva and have some amazing results with it.
      The whole concept of Silva is very simple,easy to follow and a great manifesting tool.In fact it is so simple I wonder why more and more people are not incorporating it into their daily lives.If I ever run a coaching program this is the first tool I will recommend for success in any venture.And it is completely free.Any body can learn it within a couple of minutes.
      I liked your post Yaro and great to see a change in your style of posting.

      • I’ve never heard of Silva Puspanjali, and you certainly don’t reveal much about it in this post.

        This actually isn’t a change of style of article at this blog. I’ve always touched on personal development topics now and then, for example this from 2006 –

      • I am sorry Yaro……….I did not elaborate.Just google the word and you will find loads of information.In fact this LOA and mind power is my favorite topic.I can go on and on…….But I thought this may not be considered appropriate in this blog.The basic of Silva is we can achieve anything we want when we are in the alpha level of mind.
        And we are usually in alpha level right before drifting off to sleep or just when we wake up.We can induce such a state by meditation.Not the ritualistic or religious meditation.It is a kind of meditation where we gradually relax each part of our body by being aware of them and consciously relaxing them.And you can count back ward to induce this calm serene stage where your body is fully relaxed.And so is your mind.This is the magical alpha level where whatever you visualize or wish materializes.The trick is not to check frequently to see if your wish has come true.You need just to make a wish and let go.This is actually the tricky part.When we wish for something important we keep checking to see if it is really happening or not.Making a wish in alpha level and letting go is the secret to manifestation.You in your post of course were referring to change in attitude to bring about positive change in life.
        And you had mentioned two movies that I really like and got me involved in this process to begin with.
        So I was tempted to mention Silva.
        If you are really interested I can send you private email about the books by Jose Silva and the site where you can download the free guided meditation .But I don’t think that is necessary.
        Just google the word.

  • Excellent article Yaro.

    People don’t seem to grasp the actions involved with ‘the Secret’ at all (I remember the Chaser’s War on Everything skit about it last year).

    One of my favourite quotes by Gary Eby “Change is a door that can only be opened from the inside”.

    Nobody can make us change – nobody can actually make us do anything. We have to have the awareness, then make the change ourselves.

    I think 2009 is going to be a fantastic year!


  • Greetings, Yaro —

    I’ve had your blog in my feed reader for a while now, but have never commented on your posts until now. I was struck by the title of your post, because it reminded me of my own admission in my end-of-2008 blog post (which I’ve linked to my name for this comment). I titled that post “Dare to Believe.” I think its message is both different and similar to the thesis of your post.

    I appreciate that, despite your admission to not adhering to a branch of religion, you nevertheless publicly admit to and are pursuing a quest of the spirit. Two thousand years ago, a man who changed history said, “Seek and you shall find.” I think as long as one is seeking, there is always hope for meaningful change.

    Thank you for sharing such a challenging and personal testimony of your continuing journey.

    I wish you the success that really counts.

    Deb Phillips

  • Both change and the concepts put forth in The Secret (yes, I’ve read it) mean nothing if you’re not in the right mindset and for years that’s how I’d sum up what I was going through.

    Beyond religious connotations or anything else, accomplishing greatness is impossible when you feel utterly depressed. I remember having a hard time even getting out of bed most mornings back then and it didn’t matter what I read or heard from successful people because I stopped caring on the inside.

    Change is an ongoing process that takes time and if you’re prone to being impatient, it can be one of the hardest things in life to understand. Take baby steps each and every minute of every single day toward getting to a better place in life and, if you’re dedicated, you and only you can reach that finish line and become immensely happier from that point forward.

    Great post Yaro and good luck to everyone reading this page who hasn’t yet achieved what they’re looking for.

  • Hey Yaro, Gary From Tennessee here.
    The “Law of Attraction” as it is popularly “Named”, is real. I put it to the test a few times last year.

    I had no $$, my best computer was a 7yr old Mac G4, and I really really wanted Frank Kerns Mass Control ($2000, no way). Well, to keep it short — I tried the Law of Attraction…6 months later (spring of ’08), I was able to buy a 20′ iMac 2.4 ghz. One month after that, I was able to buy a 24′ 2.8 ghz iMac AND a 17′ 2.1 ghz HP laptop for may wife….a month or two after that, I was able to obtain Franks Mass Control…And the Stompernet’s “The Net Effect” monthly AND Frank and Treys “Infomillionaire” monthly.

    Well, I tried to keep it short, but I got too much stuff that the “Secret” dropped into my lap. That being said, no one can tell me that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work….it is not something I believe in anymore…it is something I KNOW OF.

    You’re next on my list Yaro. I am “knowing” that I’ll be making bigger $$ by getting your stuff, but more importantly, I’ll will meet you in person.

    When will I meet you? Well, that’s the secret … pun intended. hehe

    Meet you soon,

    Gary from Tennessee.

  • Everywhere I go recently im hearing more and more about The Secret movie, I think reading this article is a sure sign I should at least check it out!

    Thanks Yaro

  • Yaro –

    Wow!…I’m hoping that you really wrote this blog post yourself, rather than relying on an outside writer, as I really enjoyed how heartfelt, straightforward and honest it seemed. This post only further reconfirms my previous beliefs in you as being an outstanding teacher. Great words! Thanks for sharing your positive thoughts with all of us…I loved it!

    – RhondaH

  • Great article. I can’t think of anything else to say, but wanted to say something. I guess I could say, that your article was so good, that I have been left speechless in trying to convey to you how much and what I like about it. Great job, Yaro.

  • Some versions of the law of attraction emphasise taking action. The Secret on my viewing discourages this and emphasises just wishing – I think this is a major problem with The Secret (it applies less to other versions).

    If our thoughts and reality were really the same we would never learn or change our mind – how could we: there would be nothing more or no times when we found out that our thoughts were wrong.

    The important truth in the ‘law’ of attraction is that taking action increases the likelihood of us achieving something. And our thoughts have a big influence on what action we take.

    The problem is the overstatement that reality and our thoughts are the same. At its worst this is just blaming the victim. The other side is that it can lead to awful grandiosity and inflation.

    As to change. The internal blocks are a conflict. One part of us wants to change and the other doesn’t. To raise your consciousness embrace both – don’t sacrifice one part of yourself, ALL of you is valuable! This is not easy but the elation and ease that result are worth the effort.

  • Bai Zijian

    I think that besides LOA, there are also other ways that are important to think of to make the results that we want in life appear. And that there are a multitude of ways. LOA does seem to be the most effective way. I do agree wholeheartedly that real change really requires awareness and the ability to accept that there is a need to change.

    Granted, in my life right now, I’m really in a big ditch but reading your article did really help to lighten up my day.

    Thanks a lot Yaro.



    I was a strong believer of the Law Of Attraction a few years back. But now I am convinced that it is the infinite power of the subconcious mind which does the work. Humans are not able to conceive the idea that the thing sitting between our ears can do so much and hence the belief that there is an “external force” or “GOD” or “The Secret” or whatever it is.

    If you read Daniel Goleman’s Social Intelligence book, you will understand that the secret is a complete piece of crap. All the aspects like “A freind calling when we think” or “A thing showing up from our yesterday’s dreams” are just a matter of selective perception which is also explained by Edward De Bono (who has never mention about anything in the line of “the secret”)

    NOW THINK ABOUT THIS -> Napoleon Hill was almost broke before he died, if his theory was true, he should have been a billionare. He just surveyed rich people and wrote a book and since it was a magic button for people it sold a lot.


    Most of the people who become extremely rich find it uncomfortable to accept that it themselves who was instrumental in their results (and even if they say it, people like us would call them boastful) and hence they find the idea of an external force more comfortable to convince others why they are damn successful.



    Disclaimer: This comment is for entertainment purposes only (he he!)

    • Jo

      You needn’t have put it so harshly, IMO, but you are essentially correct in attributing outcomes to the subconscious. Things like “The Secret” are essentially attempts to get you to ‘program’ your subconscious. Here, I will say the ‘scary’ word so many people fear: self-hypnosis. And THAT works. It’s why thinking positively and thinking negatively both work. It’s the process behind such expressions as ‘programmed for failure (or success).’

    • I’m not sure Napoleon Hill actually did die broke. I don’t know for sure, but it could be a rumor.

      Here’s the case that he did in fact die wealthy…

      The question is does anyone have proof either way?

  • I admire your success, Yaro. But I don’t think Universe has anything to do with it. It’s you — your enthusiasm, dedication, hard work and talent — is responsible for where you’re today.

    I was going to say that Napoleon Hill was broke most of his life — not before he wrote his famous books, but after. But Deepak Raj has already mentioned this.

    It’s absolutely obvious that the famous author of the “wishful thinking theory” couldn’t put in practice his own theory.

    As for the movie “Secret”, most (if not all) of the people featured there are successful MARKETERS — not metaphysicists and philosophers, the way they were presented in the movie. I hate to be lied to. Don’t you?

    i can see that the purpose of this article is to motivate people to make positive changes in their lives. And it’s great that you do it. It means that you care — sincerely care. And want to help those who are not yet successful to become successful…

    But again, Universe has nothing to do with it.

  • Yaro, I do enjoy reading your posts as you put your emotions into it, yet appear to keep an open mind.

    While I cannot speak to the validity of “the secret” or “the law of attraction” I can say this with absolute certainty…People Find a Way to Do What they Want to Do.

    Before you can become a success at anything, you’ve got to establish what you want. Since your business is about doing business online, I’ll stick with that. Establish whether you really want to make more money…or whether (like most) what you actually want to do, if the truth be told, is SPEND more money….?

    Answer that, and I refer you back to my statement above…
    We Find a Way to Do What We Want To Do, whatever it is that is truly important to us…
    …Whether it’s building ‘six pack abs,’ building a business online,’ ‘getting an education,’ improving something about ourself…
    coming home plopping down on the couch & watching ‘American Idol,’ obsessing over violent sports, recreational drugs & our next sexual encounter (NOT a uniquely American trait I can assure you).

  • Made for an interesting read this morning. I haven’t seen the film but I loved Think And Grow Rich and agree with the general idea. I do believe quite strongly that we become what we think about. If you want something that badly you tend to find ways to make it happen eventually.

  • GREAT POST! I loved reading all of it especially the parts you get really personal or something like I can feel a lot of emotion coming through when you were writing this. Its as if you were speaking to the whole world. Good job.

    Also thanks for the reminder: I need to find a guru to guide me and support me on my journey.

  • Extremely Interesting post Yaro.

    I too have found this mixed reaction to the ideas that The Secret portrays and I personally believe it is to do with as others have said how the Secret makes it more of a just wish and no action is needed.

    Personally and for anyone else who is interested in more of the science behind the law of attraction I found Michael J Losiers book “The Law Of Attraction” to be the best book. It gave me a better foundation to put behind the concept and also gave some fantastic practical exercises to use to help get clear on what I want most and how should I vocalise it.

    You can read reviews of it at and if you’ve read this book please feel free to submit your own reviews.

    The Law of Attraction concept whether you believe its a deity helping you, if its just the power of your subconsious or whatever your beliefs shouldn’t be just pushed aside because real or not it makes people get passionate and goal set and do things that in the end help us all to become better, and I believe being better is the best thing to strive for.

    My purpose in life is to BE the best ME I can be, and to help others to BE the best that they can BE.

  • Yaro,

    Man you should become a Personal Development Coach or something 🙂

    Thank you again for such a great article! I can really empathise with you on certain points, as I too have had some of these “feelings” you talk about and continue to do so (unfortunately – i’ll change soon).

    “I was reading a lot about the Internet business success of other people, but most of the time that served only to depress me.” – I know exactly how you felt! Does this happen to anyone else too?

    Thanks again.

  • Great job Yaro! Way to stick to what you believe in and take action. I have seen the secret and I am going to watch What the Bleep do we Know just as soon as I can get a copy.

    I think the problem with things like these movies are that they are out of the “world” of most of us. We are not exposed to things like this on a daily basis, but successful people are. Go to YouTube and you will see all kinds of interviews with famous people who are huge proponents to this type of thinking. There is a great interview with Will Smith from a while ago (sorry not sure exactly when) where he talks about positive thinking and simply having the belief that you can do something, and then following though.

    Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you are wrong. What is right for you is the way to go.

  • Even though I haven’t seen or read The Secret, what you have described in your post (which was great, by the way) is something I believe most “self-help” life coaches teach. And that is to specifically define what your goals are and to take actions / steps towards reaching those goals.

    When you do this (and I can say that it works because it has for me numerous times), it creates a mindset which enables certain things to happen in your life which helps you achieve your goal(s).

    Now these “certain things to happen in your life” can be seen as the universe helping you along in reaching your goals or they can be seen as results of the actions you are taking or they can be seen as a higher power helping you out or it could be simply seen as fate stepping in.

    I don’t know if it is fate, a higher power, or whatever which helped me reach my goals but I do know if you (“you” being everyone) have a goal or goals, then you have to take massive action towards reaching that goal(s). When you do, then opportunities will present themselves to help you achieve that goal(s). It is then up to you to seize those opportunities.

    The Geek Entrepreneur

  • Great post! That’s pretty much I have to say. And I’m going to watch the movie now 🙂

  • “I have a dream”
    you know martin and you can see his dream.
    having a dream and making it your goal to fulfill that dream will make your life easier, exciting and meaningful.
    but having a dream or goal is one thing, taking actions toward fulfilling this dream is the whole point of living.
    with out a dream your actions, living are meaningless

  • The Law of Attraction is not a secret, but I think it is pretty fair to give the movie this catchy title to attract viewers. Nothing wrong with that.

    After reading many books as Think And Grow Rich, Biographies of successful people like Richard Branson I saw The Secret and it was a little as if everything was falling into place. It all has to do with the mindset.

    It’s a little bit weird that there are so many don’t get it, as it’s very easy to understand. There are so many misunderstandings. Some critics state that the message is just to wish something to get it. But it is nothing like that. The fact is that when The Law of Attraction comes to action, you come to action. If you focusing on sitting on the sofa, wishing for change and doing nothing, this is exactly what you will get, because you are focusing, well, on nothing. Last week I explained in my post Are You Wishing Or Willing, what separates me from a Wesley Snipes body shape. Just to give a good example of the difference between wishing something and wanting it.

    I think it’s healthy not to follow any guru blindly and make up your own opinion. I just listen to them who have achieved tangible results. When a friend with good intentions tries to tell me how to become a millionaire I always reply: ‘No, I don’t know and you don’t know either. Otherwise we both were millionaires.’ I learned that it’s just the same as talking with somebody about suffering of a depression, who has never had one. In short: who has never been there.

    The Law of Attraction or however you feel comfortable to name it, is triggering your subconscious mind, what brings you into action to bring you that what you focusing on. I believe in the Law of Attraction as I got more and more proof of it. Most people don’t know where or how to start. I think the best user manual is Michael Losier’s book Law of Attraction.

    I think this is very funny: after visiting Yaro’s blog for a couple of time I thought: ‘Hey, this guy is making use of the LOA in a positive way.’

    That was long before Yaro mentioned it.

  • One of the many advantages of being an Oldster is that you see that Everything Old is New Again — it’s just re-packaged. Whether it’s “The Secret” or “The Power of Positive Thinking” or “The Little Engine Who Could.” Still, it’s a good message that always bears repeating because we all have times in our lives when we forget.

  • Yaro,

    Wow, you’ve certainly elicited some strong opinions here.

    First, I want to echo the sentiment of several other commenters and say that I enjoyed reading this well-written, honest, insightful post. You certainly have a wonderful talent for the written word, and that talent shines brightly here.

    Second, I loved your self-description “a perpetual fence-sitter”. As someone who has been, at various points in my life, both a maniacal “Bible-thumper” and a staunch athiest, I’ve found my peace somewhere in the middle – or, “on the fence”, as it is. I suppose when one examines enough arguments for and against the existence of god, you eventually come to terms with the fact that it’s all unprovable theory. I also applaud your pursuit of spirit, without feeling the need to give it a name or other wise quantify it.

    As for The Secret, I found the “effortlessness” aspect of the thing somewhat distasteful. My wife, an avid believer of the Law of Attraction, pointed out that the scenes in the movie were metaphorical, and that no one really believes that staring at a picture of a bicycle is going to make one magically appear outside your door. I contested that it was precisely that marketing angle – that having is simply a matter of believing – which made the movie a huge financial success.

    It’s not exactly lying, it’s more like sweeping the distasteful parts of the equation under the rug. Kind of like those full-page slick ads for weight loss pills that claim to help you “lose 40 lbs. in just 6 weeks” – the pesky truth that you also have to exercise and maintain a healthy diet are carefully hidden in the fine print. (If you’re desperate to lose weight, are you going to stop and read the fine print?)

    In this case, the partial truth is that what you focus your thoughts on becomes your reality. The rest of it, as you noted in your post, is that you have to get off your rear and make it happen.

    The movie, to me, is a symptom of lving in a push-button society. We want pills that melt off fat while we eat pizza for breakfast; we want software that brings “massive floods of targeted traffic” while we lounge poolside; we want to find our soulmates in a 30-second dating profile; we want it all, and we want it right now!

    *Sheepishly puts away soapbox*

    Anyway, the principles of the law of attraction, when applied rationally and with a modicum of self-restraint and critical thought, are wonderful tools we can use to make goals, stay motivated, and achieve more than our neighbors are comfortable with. Hyped to the near-point of deception, though, it’s a dangerous belief that can make a person wish himself into being broke and alone.

    Thanks again for the great post!


    • Lee, that’s the most accurate description of the “flaw” with the secret I’ve heard yet, thanks for publishing it here.

      You’re right – the message is there, but the marketing demanded it appear as a “simple” solution in order to have mass appeal.

      That I believe is the sad part about our culture today and one of the aspects as a marketer myself that makes me cringe sometimes.

      • Julie

        I agree with Lee’s comment and yours Yaro, about the marketing of The Secret, however, if it means more people and investigate the idea of the Law of Attraction then The Secret has certainly achieved something wonderful. About 10 years ago I discovered a book “The Power of the Subconcious Mind” by Dr. Jospeh Murphy, first published in 1963. After reading this book I felt that I would never ever need to buy another Self Development book again (of course I have, I’m addicted), surprisingly he is never mentioned in either the book or the movie of The Secret… fall all fans of the Law of Attraction please seek out this book. The other book well worth a read is by Wallace D Wattles (who does get a mention in The Secret) his book is ‘Science of Getting Rich” and I feel for all the cynics out there this book really does cut through.

        And in the words of Wallace D Wattles…

        ” Man’s right to life means his right to have the free and unrestricted use of all things which may be necessary to his fullest mental, spiritual and physical unfoldment; or, in other words his right to be rich”

        Thanks for the post Yaro, execellent.

      • Yaro,

        Thanks for your response. The concept of “misleading” messages that cater to our push-button culture has made me step away from a number of business opportunities, and lose sleep over several others.

        If you’re interested, I added a post to my blog called If The Law of Attraction Works, Why Don’t We Use It?. It amazes me that so many people ascribe to this principle, yet they still haven’t made it work for them. Granted, I’ve certainly just scrathed the surface in that post, but perhaps it’s a good stepping-off point for figuring out why people can recognize a solution, and yet fail to apply it to their lives.

        Thanks again for your well-written insights.


  • Deepak’s comment about Napolean Hill is very interesting.

    Here’s another interesting fact: Niccolo Macciavelli wrote The Prince, but didn’t practice one bit of the (very good) advice. In fact, he practiced the opposite and never really found an audience in his day.

    The point is that *knowing* what to do is not the same as being able to actually do it.

  • Thanks for the insightful post Yaro. I haven’t read or seen The Secret but I am intrigued by the concept. I definitely believe that having a positive outlook can help you in many ways.

    For example, my father-in-law was recently diagnosed with cancer. Many people would become despondent and lose all hope, but he’s been the opposite. He’s made it clear that he’s going to kick the cancer’s ass! I really admire his attitude. He sincerely believes he’ll beat it and I think that can only help him.

  • Oh Mike,

    This is the danger that so many of us ‘disbelievers’ in the secret see.

    Not everyone who has believed have beaten their disease. What happens when the desired thing doesn’t happen?

    I really hope your father-in-law recovers. As long as he knows that feeling positive is a better experience even if he doesn’t beat it, then that is good.

    These are the disturbing things that are involved with The Secret’s teaching.

    • Evan, I don’t mean to say he’s destined to beat it just because he believes he will. I just mean his positive attitude can give him a little strength to help him through the tough times ahead. Thanks for your thoughts.

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    Unfortunately, blogging in Kazakhstan is not developed. Perhaps the reason is that about Kazakhstan, many do not know and they do not read blogs. I want to teach people to earn money through your blog and I need your help: how interested people to write their own blog and earn money with it. I look forward to your response! Bekezhan Zhunusov

  • Hi Yaro,

    I’m not sure if you’ve come across it, but a book that exists at the other end of the spectrum from ‘The Secret’ is called ‘Learned Optimism’.

    It is a clinical physcologists take on having healthier/more positive thought processes. I’ve found that it has greatly improved my sense of wellbeing. I couldn’t bring myself to ‘buy into’ the secret, doesn’t suit my personality type.

    I’d highly recommend it to any readers who are looking for an ‘analytical’ approach to being more positive, and who want to smooth out the peaks in their personality 🙂 This was something that I’ve struggled with in the past. (I’ve linked to it above)


    • Hi Hugh, Yes I actually read Learned Optimism back when I was studying at university. I just happened to pick it up at the local bookshop though, it wasn’t a prescribed textbook or anything like that.

      I found that book very insightful, both because it used lots of scientific studies to back up it’s argument and for the broader implications of how powerful thought is.

      This was long before I ever heard of the law of attraction.

  • This hits home in particular. I’m almost 50 years old and for reasons I can’t discuss, I resigned from my 27 year career with a single company. After having climbed the corporate ladder to a six figure income (not $1000/day, but pretty good…), I’m now reinventing myself.

    I’ve been looking at different options and ideas about myself and my desires and abilities. I’ve been trying to act on these ideas with a positive thought toward a new beginning. The HARDEST part of the whole endeavor is not getting derailed by people’s expectations of who am I and what I should do.

  • hey yaro,

    nice post 🙂 there seems to be a tinch of sadness in your post as you cover how money does not equate happiness .. and some point in life.. you realise that the goals set in your earlier days that was supposed to give you “happiness” doesnt exist!

    like anthony robbins mentioned, you reach a goal and say..”is this all there is?”

    I would suppose a sense of gratitude for what we have is truly what brings about happiness .. to be able to live in the moment and be greatful for all that we have (being able to see, hear, eat , move etc)

    thank you for reminding us all of this very important msg yaro.

    member of your BAB program.


    • Hi Ben, yes the power of the now I believe is the real top level principle here that’s missing from the discussion so far.

      Eckert Tolle made it his thing (I’m going to see him live in Brisbane in March actually) and I place his teachings above most others, in terms of a spiritual sense anyway. I know some people prefer Tony Robbins style teaching for the raw practicality of it, but I haven’t really studied his work so I can’t comment.

      I like applying the power of now to simple things, for example playing golf. I find if I clear all thought I’m much more likely to sink a putt rather than trying to think about the future and how I want the golf ball to perform. It’s a subtle, but powerful difference.

      • thanks for replying to the comment yaro 🙂

        looking forward to more posts from you.

        and keep up your outstanding efforts 🙂 you’re truly someone who walks your talk in every way !

  • It takes courage to know that its time to change and it takes courage to implement that change. Perhaps a lot of us don’t move out of bad situations because of the lack of awareness that things can change and be better.

  • Yaro,

    I am a writer. I have a degree in journalism, and was a managing editor for a daily metro paper, and I recognize your capabilities. You are insightful and do seem pretty darn intellectually honest to a fault, and it shows. (I also just read your whole blueprint, and am scrapping my last blogs, to start a new one based on your insights).

    My only issue with the Secret is it is like Star Wars “The Force” where the Universe is a non person sort of entity. It is actually an eastern concept of “god” that tweaks the religious people.

    I respect that because it does kind of replace God Almighty as a Person, and makes no mention of him.

    At best, proponents of this essentially New Age revision of as you noted an older concept of the deified “universe” might say to a person of a Muslim or Judeo Christian orientation, “Well, that’s fine, if you want to call it God, go ahead, it will work for you any way.”

    If not being patronizing, it at least brushes aside the very clear definitions of a God as a person, not a force; the Universe.

    I do believe truths can be found outside of divisive-minded fundamentalists of any ilk, but this “Universe” as my potential best friends appeals to the person’s desire to gratify and satisfy themselves in contradistinction to a God who says love me and worship me, and I will give you a life of my choosing.

    The Secret makes the person the center of their world, and their quasi “god,” the “Universe their servant, potentially at their beck and call. Monotheistic faiths make an individual the servant of the God, with He, a Maker, Creator, Loving all powerful being as their center of their world, or universe, as it were.

    This is why some people so serious about their faiths get mighty tweaked at ramification that others might attempt to gloss over, or patronizingly sweep aside. It invalidates their world view, and inverts its most preciously held truths as perceived by those who so believe.

    Thanks for a great ebook.



  • Hi Yaro,

    Never saw the movie. Many people I meet have. Alternatively, I have listened to Abraham Hicks. These tapes came out in the early 80’s and go much further into the Law of Attraction, Segment Intending and other concepts. Check it out.

  • Yaro, I am totally with you on this. I completely agree with your point of view and have not one but two recent events in my life that show me ‘yes’ this is real. But also that it is the sub-conscious mind that steers our way.

    Both of these events are internet business concepts that we could say were ‘far-reaching’ or ‘futuristic’ and both presented enormous hurdles or even brick walls.

    With the first one, I was mind-designing something that the current publicly available technology could not sustain. About a year went by but I didn’t just drop it. I had to find solutions, just to satisfy my own curiosity. While grappling with these issues in my mind, I received a spam email from a technology presentation web site. On visiting the site I was shown a ‘break-through’ in photographic processing technology that solved half of my problems.
    The other hurdles that I had have also now been answered, because I now had a more open mind. I had a much smaller, less daunting task ahead of me.

    But what does this prove?

    To me it drives home the point that some here have commented. Our sub-conscious mind will seek out avenues of salvation/solution in many subtle ways. It can be technical solutions (like mine) or people that walk into our lives who have answers. It’s then up to us to open our eyes to see that the solution is near us, at long last, and reach out for it.

    But what we do first is we tell ourselves that “we will find a way” and it opens that thing called the Mind’s Eye (cliche I know). We are now in a state of ‘reception’ where we will tune in to receive data from more directions.

    Anyway Yaro, I ramble. I also picked up on something else in your post. Maybe I’m wrong, but it sounds like the ‘solitude’ gets a tad droll at times. I’m here in Brizzie if you ever want to chat or have a beer.

  • Hello Yaro! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on having the courage to change by developing awareness. In regards to The Secret I must say that humanity needed sort of a wake up call, something that was palatable to people so used to living to acquire material things. The truth is that change is very very dfficult for us for many reasons. We are creatures of habit and when we are asked to change we retaliate and become defensive because we feel threatened. The Secret at least caught people’s interest which is an opportunity for people to think and realize what it is they are truly wanting, happiness and abundance, or abundance no matter the cost? If we truly want our lives to change we must begin to think about our lives with intelligence rather than emotion. We need to question and challenge ourselves about what we are doing. The only way we are going to be happy is by feeling free to be who we are, feeling good about the actions that we take, feeling free to express ourselves and feeling a sense of positive connection to the whole and that includes all people. We want to feel that no matter what we choose to do we’re part of the game of life. No amount of money can buy this for us. We need to do it ourselves by looking at our lives and the people in it and begin to question whether everything we are and have is honoring us and supporting us. When we beging to be true to ourselves from our heart by being truly honest and taking steps to change what we don’t like in our lives, change begins to happen and as you change inside the world outside of you must change. The better you feel inside about yourself and other people the closer you are to fulfilling your dreams. The opportunities will come to you and you will know when they are right. But you can’t work backwards. See we all start that way, doing what we love and wanting the best for all people. Then one day we succeed and find ourselves with all of this money and we loose track of what really matters and we start doing the wrong things, we begin to make decisions based on what’s going to benefit us forgetting about the people and one day we loose it all because we failed to follow the process that got us there in the first place.

    In order to change we must not only be aware, but we must have the courage to take the steps to make it happen. We must become comfortable with feeling uncomfortable for a little while. We must be willing to experience feelings we are afraid to feel because we don’t like it. And that is the issue with change, you are going to experience suffering at first because you are living under wrong assumptions if your life is not working. You need to face your fears before you can realize that there’s nothing to fear. Once you feel free from illusion, life happens. If you can do this on your own, great. If you can’t there are many coaches out there who can guide you. I believe we all have the best counselor there is inside of us. My advice is for people to go within themselves and begin to connect with the wiser part of them, for me that is God. Never ask for material things, ask for wisdom, ask for your consciouness to be shifted so that you are able to see truth, what you need to do and where you need to go. Always remember that with wisdom you can have all things!

    Sending countless blessings to all!

    Peace and love,

  • I know many successful people who are successful “despite themselves”. What I mean is they aren’t particularly bright, or good managers of people (a couple are outright bullies) or outstanding in their field.

    So how did they become successful?

    By sheer effort and persistence. Generally (discounting bad luck) if you work hard enough for long enough you will get somewhere.

    The majority of “overnight” successes have a long history behind them.

    While I am at it: there is no “meant to be”, only coincidence.

  • Personally, I think “The Secret” was just a massive marketing campaign. After watching the movie, I didn’t really know anything more than before I watched it. It’s just a bunch of successful people telling how they used the law of attraction to obtain their success. There is only one problem with that, “They don’t provide the How To.” I certainly learned a lot about marketing from the movie though, because they used every trick in the book. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in the law of attraction and self help and all of that, I just think the movie “The Secret” is pretty worthless in general other than simply making people aware that they can change. They should have a sequel called “The Secret – How To – Step by Step”, oh but wait the admission for that one will be a few grand I’m sure 🙂

    Be Great and Have a Wonderful Day!

  • Great article, Yaro. I had a feeling all along you were on the same page as I am in life. Your positive attitude, great momentum and ability to laugh at yourself were big clues.

    The one thing that is missed in your article and in all the comments I’ve read is that “The Secret” isn’t the real deal, it’s just the packaging of law of attraction for the masses. In order for “The Secret” to actually change your life it is crucial that you realize everyone’s three desires in life: freedom, growth and joy. And everyone wants to feel good.

    The creative life force of the universe flows through us all, and it is important to determine what makes you feel free (money certainly qualifies), what makes you grow (learning is a biggie) and what brings you joy (pursuing your passion, doing what fulfills you). Then remember to stand guard at the door of your mind, not permitting negative thinking, which is easy to detect because it doesn’t make you feel good.

    By maintaining all of the above, your vibration is elevated, you are turned on by universal energy, and nothing can stop you from realizing your dreams. The secret behind “The Secret” is you must have a connection to source energy or the wishful thinking that you learned in the movie will run out of gas. And it is impossible to realize your dreams by focusing on action. You must focus on how you want to feel, then let emotions carry your heart away until right actions present themselves. And it happens rather quickly, within 15 seconds or so. I blogged about this technique if anyone wants to check it out.

    Look at famous musicians. They play and sing because it makes them feel good. The more they record and perform, the better they feel. Their success is not determined by their desire to make a lot of money. It is determined by following their passion, having the talent to see it through, and riding higher and higher because of the joy they have created for themselves.

    I highly recommend you check out for the secret behind “The Secret.” This is what the blockbuster movie is based on, but the publicity-driven feature clashed with Jerry & Esther Hicks because it went in the direction of focusing on material gain rather than embracing source energy.

    “The Secret” movie pales in comparison to the teachings of Abraham-Hicks. A word of warning: “Abraham” is the name given to non-physical beings that Esther Hicks channels and speaks the messages presented to her. Sounds woo-woo, I know, but think of it as intuition or whatever your Higher Power may be, giving profound insights that are such common sense it is baffling – and truly enlightening. And there’s plenty of humor involved in these insights as well. It’s highly entertaining wisdom.

    Jerry & Esther Hicks have great books and CD’s. The book “A New Beginning II” is a great place to start. I read it last summer, and it led me to deciding I must write as my career, which led me to you (and blogging) within a couple of months. Your audience would love “Money and the Law of Attraction” which is a big eye-opener and highly motivating.

    Interestingly, Jerry Hicks got started in this work by reading “Think and Grow Rich.” Ta-dah! Quantum physics gets the applause. Everything and everyone is connected…

  • Lauren McMullen

    The problem with the secret is it revolves around man. The world exists for mans sole benefit. The Secret is so popular now because we have entered the golden age of What about me? If everyone is manafesting their own perfect world there will be lots of instances where that perfect world causes something not so perfect for someone else. Does the one that wishes the hardest win? It is absurd.

    It all seems so innocent when your desire is for something that benefits you but does not hurt anyone else but what about the evil people of the world that try to think something evil into happening? You can say the universe wont allow that to happen but then how do you explain the Hitlers of the world. They obviously existed and certainly managed to create lots of havoc.

    For me, I choose to put my faith in God the Father and His son Jesus Christ and not in the whims of man.

    • Here’s a book from 1952 that address Christ with this concept… Dr. Venice Bloodworth–The Key to Yourself. These are principles taught by Christ 2000 years ago.

  • Dear Yaro, thank you for being the open person you are. Your thoughts on the “Secret” come at a good time. The condition of world finance is the direct result of the Secret in reverse. I would like to share a piece I wrote some time back that hints at my thoughts.

    Follow your dream. Visualize hope. commit yourself to the proposition that you make a difference. Those doing nothing to better the human condition add weight to the idea that humans are not worth the effort. Others work to bring about a better world for all. Pursuing the best within adds weight to the side of the equation that predicts survival. Giving your all to the job at hand adds to the collective spirit of life.

    Sitting back waiting for someone else to make it happen weakens the spirit of life. Those lacking the will to care for themselves are by necessity left behind.

    Gone are the days of innocence. Lost is the time when we excuse our actions with a call to ignorance. It is time to own up to who we are and what we are doing. Every thought, every action, or inaction, bears on the outcome, influencing the direction we travel toward our destiny. Do we continue on our current path, or do we work to make the world a better place?

    Your work makes the world a better place. The ideas you put forth open doors of opportunity. Thank you for your effort.

  • Interesting. Honestly, I’ve never heard of any of this. I’ve never heard of “The Secret” or any of the people you’ve mentioned.

    I appreciate your honesty in your post. I think the biggest secret, though, is that money will never bring anyone happiness. What happens on the outside does not matter, it’s what happens on the inside. Material wealth, or external things, can never bring peace and joy.

    For me, I do absolutely believe in God and I believe that as we keep his commandments he will bless us. We must work and do our part and I guess if you want to call that “positive thinking,” or whatever, you can, but I believe it’s God. I am completely certain of that.

    I believe that we reap what we sow in life, in relationships, in everything. And we’ll probably accomplish whatever goals we set in life. I think we just need to carefully consider the goals we set and make sure the goals are what we really want.

    Thanks for your post.

  • Oscar

    I love Yaro’s approach with this. He’s touching on something that I’ve noticed lately, which is an increasing realization amongst people in commerce that the exchange that happens between a buyer and a seller can really go way beyond the “return on investment” model that’s so prevalent. As we all know too well from the collapse of financial markets in the U.S.A., which was initiated really out of greed and a lack of spiritual principles, commerce has been overly focused for too long on the what’s in it for me approach. A newer, better approach is emerging. It’s a soft-sell approach in which the marketer/business person acts out of a sense of spiritual connection, out of a sense of service, rather than solely an intention to make out like a bandit. In the long run, this approach is more productive, results in a stronger connection to the customer/client and is far more fulfilling for all.

  • First off…..great article!

    It occurs to me that as we move through this human experience we come across so many things and experiences that maybe get us to question ourselves and our beliefs, I also think that we have the chance to discover just how we have been indoctrinated with certain belief systems and mindsets. (if we are prepared to look that is.)

    From Religious devotion to God and Creation, to Atheism and Evolution and everything in between, if we look hard enough, someone, or something told us to ‘Have faith’ or to believe in something because it is the absolute and undeniable truth.
    In many cases these doctrines and in some cases dogma’s are continually re-inforced in our psyche and cemented with the Emotive tools of Fear and Guilt. Consider this line from a song by Roger Waters..”Shown how to feel good, and told to feel bad”

    When we really start to peel away the layers we can start to see things for the first time, and it really is OK to make our own minds up you know, Our inbuilt moral compass will run true when not thrown of course by the draw from what we are ‘supposed’ to think.

    The thing about the Secret is ……it is not right, or wrong, it is not true, or untrue, it is what it is and whether you choose to throw scorn upon it, for whatever reason, or take it on board as the be all and end all of everything, it is still what it is……and it is still working for all of you….even in as much as it has given you the opportunity to question it. After all it has sparked off an amazing discourse right here on this very page.
    And just possibly the real secret is that there is something to learn there, no matter how you accept it.

    The opportunity to question…….how many of us when first faced with the internet and the claims of unheard of wealth at the click of a button fell for the sell? and now, with experience how many of us have learnt to question, and peel away the layers of these claims? With every new ‘Guru’ led fantastic wealth making system there is something for us all to learn, and that exists whether you jump in with both feet or laugh and click away from it, However, What we take from these things, what there is to learn, is unique to each and every one of us, and that goes for the secret and just about everything in life.

    I heard a statement somewhere that, being an Agnostic, means “You just haven’t made your mind up yet” A rather simplistic and erroneous judgment in my personal opinion.
    But there lies the problem, the world and it’s societies want to put a label on us, ‘A believer’ an ‘Unbeliever’ a Churchgoer, an atheist, an agnostic, a Guru, and so on.
    If we accept any of these labels we accept the implications of perception by others that go with them. But we are free to do so if we wish, there is no right or wrong to it, it is up to us. and it is also up to us to choose to peel away the layers if we so desire to see what may lay there, or not.

    We are all free, learning spirits joined in the collective of humankind, but most importantly we are all individual and unique, and totally free to believe or not believe in anything at all.
    And to be quite honest, our only obligation in life is to be true to ourselves.
    I could go on………and I’m sure that some of you wouldn’t want me too, and some may, whatever, thanks for reading.

    Be Happy and Enjoy Life, whatever it brings.

  • Diane

    I absolutely loved everything you said. I loved The Secret! I listen to the book on cd all the time and occasionally watch the movie too, just to get it all to sink in. It’s the “taking action” part that I get hung up on. I am a very impatient person so when things don’t go my way quickly I get very frustrated. However, I am trying to be persistant with my online business. I really want to make it happen! I’ve been reading tons of material and experimenting with all types of marketing tools but I haven’t taken the leap yet. I’ve been trying to figure it out. I want to succeed more than anything but I just can’t seem to get “lift off.” I started reading The Secret Code of Succcess by Noah St. John and I think he makes some extremely valid points about people who just don’t seem to succeed even though they study success relentlessly (and that’s me by the way). I know the “how’s” I just am not clear on the “why’s.” I’ve been studying success since the late 80’s when Tony Robbins came out with his first infomercial. I have heard all the How to’s of success and I have even implemented lots of them, however, something always seems to hold me back from achieveing my goals and dreams. I’m in the middle of this book but so far I’m starting to get it. Thank you for your Blog. It was interesting and enlightening.
    Looking forward to your next one.
    Diane S.
    Long Island, New York

  • I have successful changed content in many areas of my life using such ideas based around ‘The Secret”. I don’t consider them a result of action. In fact most would say ‘lucky’ based than action based. For me though, the results are too close to my thoughts and too far away for action to produce such results. I did take some action but only the actions that my desires lead me.

    To see what I mean, I will list two areas in my life that I transformed in which seem to score high on the ‘popularity level’ from my site:

    1. I managed to quit my fulltime job and invest my fulltime in blogging, which is my passion (within eight months).

    2. I managed to evolve my sleeping pattern to 45 minutes of sleep every 24 hours (been doing that for over a month).

    The sleep hour change (or changing hours to minutes) is what throws most people off, at least with living my passion as a career, that can be tossed into the wind as being ‘luck’. Many people react many different ways to the sleep though: some don’t believe it, some think I hit a thresh-hold of delusions, some think I harnessed the power of my mind, some say I made them think about what is possible, and of course the people who have harnessed the power of Law of Attraction understand it (but even some of those people are struck with awe).

    Nothing is impossible and since this has the potential to change the way people view sleep (especial if I let science a hold of me lol), there will always be an diversity of ideas about it. Proof is an illusion because you will only see what you believe to be true, even with hard-hitting facts of science. For good reason though, it’s in the contrast that we grow and expand as individuals and a collective society.

  • Hi Yaro, I had to admit to you that you really held my attention right from the beginning of this article to the end. I never really like to read this kind of lengthy content blog post but I found this so attractive and at the same time inspiring. I can sense that you are a great believer of personal development stuff. You most have read so deeply in the area of self-help stuffs. I kindly welcome your ideas and to the best of all, you have great future to explore. Thanks for noticing me true email…

  • Yaro, thank you for sharing your own reality and almost vulnerability and doing it in a way that does not seem to challenge other belief systems.

    When I first started learning from Bob Proctor – even before he appeared in the movie 🙂 I remember having my biggest a-ha moment at reading “that most of us live as unconscious competants” …. LOL – aint that the truth! What has occured for me is that now that I am continually raising my awareness (and may I be happily incomplete forever) I can simply apply more focus to what I choose to create in my life, and when I tune out from the unwelcome mind chatter… I become so much more aware of all around me – eg. opportunities, connections, call them “signs” if you will….

    For the most part, I lived my first 35 years as a happy go lucky ‘unconscious competant’, ‘choosing’ to live a life uncommon and not fall into the ‘society says brigade’ … but over the past 3 years I have thankfully experienced a shift in my awareness towards what I am capable of doing, being and having in my life – and doors just keep opening for me, the one I am most grateful for is bringing my business online at the beginning of 2008.

    And you are so right… finding the courage to accept change can only come from raising awareness and being open to absorb insights from others who have gone before you and experienced a life by design.

    Why did Ghandhi say “be the change you wish to see in the world”?

  • Hi Yaro,
    This article inspired me a lot. All the things you mentioned really happen in real life. For years I have wanted to have some changes in my life, change the way I think, my job and the way I look at the world. But it all ended in frustration and halfway left undone. Maybe its true that we need a guru to see us true or we need to see our true selves and re assess ourselves to what we should do next. Lately I am on this mission again and try to find some answers.
    Hopefully I can get it through this time. Day in and day out, I will do it bit by bit. Thanks ago Yaro for the wonderful ideas. The writing itself tells the story of a man who really want success in life and know how to get it and at the same time not forgetting about the true meaning of happiness that success is not only measured by the amount of money we make, but other things like how we help others to be successful as well.

  • Seems like I need to strengthen my awareness on those positive thing to be stronger and richer like you 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!!

  • I love the idea of the Law of Attraction and discussed it in my website which is about this type of thing.

    We can all benefit from being less negative and more positive. That is a must if we are to be successful in challenging times. It all comes down to attitude.

    Love the blog and your work.


  • Hi Yaro,

    Your post was indeed very insightful. I have prooved over and over againn to myself if I focus on what I want and not on what I don’t want, together with deligent action I get what I want.

    The problem is to often our minds focus on what we don’t want – we get caught up in fear because we ar already seeing failure and procrastination from the outset because life has always just been that way.

    We know that no book can make us do what it says, no exercise machine can force us to actually use it ect.

    The secret is correct in saying that you must feel the situation as though it was already there. That way you are already elevated into a happier mood and are motivated to go ahead.

    For me everything happens in the mind – I believe we are all creators , heck there’s even a part in the bible that says we are made in the image of God. I’ve been told I’m going to hell for thinking like this!

    Oh and about the Silva programme – it really is goood it was created by Jose de Silva and he has some excellent mind exercises to increase intuition and awareness.

  • Blaine Lentz


    “Silva” referrs to Jose Silva (and now his daughter Laura.) Jose Silva wrote a book that I believe was called The Silva Mind Control Method which was popular in the ’70’s

    Jose Silva was the first of the Guru’s ala Bob Proctor who tried to tell people that there is a great deal at work in our lives of which we know and understand very little. He was the first to try and change that through his teachings which remain valid today.

    Abraham-Hicks has done much to clarify for us today what Jose Silva was already onto.

    Your post was great, right up until the last line. How your life progresses depends not on your acceptance of reality, but your creation of it — something that we all do for ourselves, in concert with Universal laws, whether we’re aware of it or not.

    Keep up the good work.

  • not by using any modern scientific machinery of course (x-rays, MRI etc). Instead they prefer the ever-reliable way of… asking the patients! Yes, they ask the patients about their symptoms and then they match these reported symptoms against the book of “proving” in order to find the substance that *causes* these symptoms in healthy people! Who needs high tech expensive machines when you can simply ask the patient?

  • Dear Yaro,
    I think we all philosophize about life and the meaning of it when life is not what we would like it or you’re searching for answers. I think you had a series of cognitions, sudden realizations about your existence. A spiritual awakening. Enlightenment. There are universal truths that govern the Universe, this world and beyond. I have looked for The Truth myself and it is whatever is true for you is true for you. There will be believers and nonbelievers of the Law of Attraction. I’ve questioned the existence of God for many years and I’ve come to the conclusion that I need proof. If I can’t communicate with him, then he must not exist. I may be considered a heretic, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I must rely on empirical knowledge to attain The Truth. I am not telling you to believe what I’m saying, but look for the truth for yourself. We must all walk the path by ourselves to find the answers to our questions in life. We are all looking for salvation. Like Gautama Siddhartha (Buddha) said: “No one saves us but ourselves.”

    Best regards,

  • Nice article.You can´t sit in the “waiting room” all your life thinking good things will happen eventually.Get out there and make things happen.It takes courage to come out of the comfort zone but you don´t have any options.

  • Hi Yaro!
    Your honesty is disarming, and you are an excellent writer. I agree that if you choose to believe in the concept behind “The Secret” (I saw that movie — found it full of hype however) — then you are likely to achieve better results than if you reject the idea — provided you *do* take action.

    Indeed, it is like saying that you have more success being an optimist than a pessimist — which I guess is usually true. An optimist sees the possibilities in a situation, while a pessimist sees the problems and overlooks the possibilities.

    Well, I guess we all need to be reminded of that.

    However, my feeling is there is a deeper truth behind it all. You mention Eckhart Tolle — a spiritual teacher I am also very impressed with. This deeper truth is explained beautifully by him — only problem is you need to *experience* it; merely reading about it really makes no difference.

  • Janice

    I’ve enjoyed this in-depth dialogue. I hope it shows folk that you haven’t made money simply by teaching us how to get on the ‘make money by blogging’ loop. The best blogs are those with something to say, where the writers write with authenticity and passion about something they’re driven to share, and would share even if there was no money>traffic-spike>money in it for them. The Law of Attraction and Tolle’s New Earth are all about resonating with what’s meant to be, about becoming who we were born to be. Hence the great intelligent, thoughtful comments above. People need to feel connected; we all need to feel that we were given a unique voice, not just so we could express ourselves, but so that it resonates with others.

    Whatever we’d like to attract into our lives, it’s worth making sure we always ask the question “What would I like to have, do and BE in my life?” It’s not all about the HAVING. ~Janice

  • I have not read any comments so this is raw. This is a good article. I know ‘The Secret’ is controversial to most Christians because it does not specifically mention God. However, there are certain principles that can be taken from it and incorporated into Christian living and you can give credit to whomever you want. The main point is that you must begin to ‘call those things that are not as though they were’ in order to manifest changes in your life. That is in the bible and carries the same positive principle as ‘The Secret but the credit is not given to man.
    I agree with you that the courage to initiate change is vital to successful outcomes. I am still waiting to make my first dollar and you have encouraged me to maintain my positive ‘inner game’ and continue to follow my blogging gurus. Thanks.

  • Hello Yaro,
    A very powerful and thought provoking message, and well presented. Something for all of us to consider with an open mind without letting personal prejudice get in the way.
    I am trying to remember a saying that went something like this , “Once you make up your mind and finally start to take action, all manner of things fall into place to help you reach your objective.”
    Sorry for the mis-quote. If anyone knows the proper version, I would be obliged if they would let me know.
    Best wishes’

  • Wow that was long read! I am not too sure about law of attraction but I guess murphy’s law do exist. If you know what I mean? Anything that can go wrong will go arong!

    Its so true with whatever you do in life..

  • hi Yaro,
    very balanced article, thank you. Maybe I can contribute a bit about the background of ‘The Secret’. This sequence of interviews (there was no story at all=no movie) was based on a book by Wallace Wattles (, “The Science of Getting Rich”, written 1910. Together with Charles Haanel he was one of the pioneers of the ‘New Thought’ as it was called at the time. Wattles wrote also “The Science of Being Great” and “The Science of Being Well”. Unlike many ‘self improvement’ authors of today he studied his subject a lot, and to make money was not his primary goal.
    “The Secret” for me was a pure marketing stunt. Afterwards I cut all my ties (newsletters etc) with Proctor, Vitale etc. There is no room here to elaborate on that. But ‘The Secret’ is so simplistic that it hurts. People deserve better and that takes much more attention, not conducive to marketing. Partly Wattles was even quoted wrong etc., just to create a need for new products.

    If somebody wants to get involved with Wattles: years before ‘The Secret’ Rebecca Fine created a whole course based on Wattles’ book. I found that an effort with more integrity and also more useful. Check it out here: (no, I don’t get any kickbacks from that).

    I like your way, Yaro. Good luck to you (and yes, we could talk for a long time about what luck and happiness means. It can’t be put in ‘Secret’ like headlines.)

    Cheers, Mycle

  • HI.
    Your explanation of the position you sit in reference to religiosity is one that think is shared by many youths of our world. None the less i must say that its phrasing was well constructed.
    The secret i think is a production that we can all take something away from. Aside from the “Hype” i think the message underneath (much like religion really) is an important one to be interpreted in a more applicable context. The concept inspires positivity and motivation in its readers, traits that many people are lacking in the chaotic situations enveloping our world currently. To be able to implant such trait into another is another skill that few hold, and i commend those that have commercialized the idea and touched many lives.


  • Yaro,

    Thanks for that post!

    I’ve been studying the Law of Attraction for a while now and it’s really quite in alignment with what Jesus taught.

    In my life I focused on finding peace with God – and I have. Now I’m working on the money piece! It’s kinda funny how we are all on a different path to the same goal.

    Raising your awareness is key.

    I love this Einstein quote

    “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created it”

    Raise your level of thinking and new solutions will become available.

    Easy? No. Worth it? ABSOLUTELY!


    Come visit my blog – you inspired it!

    Communicating With God

  • Hey Yaro,

    For what it’s worth – great article. I’ll be honest with you, I don’t read you blog regularly. I don’t read it much at all unless you point me here from your Newsletter or Blog Mastermind.

    As for self-belief, I think this topic is so poorly misunderstood by a great majority of people. I agree with what you’re saying that self-belief comes from focusing on the possibilities or outcomes we desire; and of course, this desire stems from our mindset.

    Self-belief creates it’s roots in our reference experiences. Anytime we experience a win (or earn money online, $1, $10, $100, $1,000) we create a greater belief that we can experience this over and over again.

    But here’s the problem: creating that first experience; earning that first dollar. You have “to do” something to create that experience; you have to take action.

    I think the greatest lesson that anyone can learn from The Secret is the practice of gratitude. And here’s why:

    The more often you focus on gratitude, the more often you see the “good” in your life. And the more good you see, the more good you perceive. Now take that person and put them in a position where they must raise their level of courage to take a new action and they might say to themselves:

    “What’s the worst that can happen?”

    Probably very little to someone who only sees the “good” that can come from their actions because all they see are the possibilities.

    In my own experience, being grateful has given me the courage to take more acts of courage. And these acts of courage have created new reference experiences and a new belief in what is possible for me.

  • I have been following you for over a year and have always been impressed by your conversation. Many of these self help books simply identify things we may or may not already do, but somehow pointing them out to us make such a difference. The mind is a powerful thing, but a negative attitude will always hinder results. How does one change that? By putting the right content in. You know the old “junk in , junk out” philosophy. It also takes being honest with one’s self. I am doing the 30Day Challenge, and I am learning so much. For me, it is not about the money. It is about learning a little bit more than I do and applying it to enhance my life. For me, Christ is my “Higher Power” for all that I undertake no matter how large or small. I can trust him for getting me on the right track, as well as changing my attitude when it gets out of hand. Think on these things: true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of a good report. Think on these things. It makes a difference.

  • Bob

    Hell Yaro, I do enjoy your blog.

    Is the ‘end’ just the ‘beginning’ ?

    Does anyone know the ‘ Truth’ ?

    What can you write on a ‘clean slate’ ?
    Anything that you wish to.

    A newborn child is a ‘ clean slate ‘.

    Take that child and seclude him/her in an environment,
    that is totally opposite to all of civilizations beliefs.

    IE: black is white, white is black;
    the moon is the sun, the sun is the moon;
    darkness is light, light is darkness; * ( you get the picture?)

    Everything is ‘ completely opposite ‘ for them as to what ‘ we
    are led, by civilization, to believe ‘.

    Keep that ‘ person ‘ in this secluded state for 20 years of
    their life;
    Then turn that person loose in todays society.

    The way of life and truth ‘ is to each of us ‘ whatever we are taught.
    The spoken word, the written word ?

    Ponder on ‘ what would happen to this person ‘ ?

    Complete harmony is your brains ‘ natural state ‘.
    There would be no hunger or sickness in this world
    if the ‘ world ‘ ( all minds) were in harmony.

    Greed is ‘ the order of the day ‘.

    There are so many races, religions and, yes, social and political
    beliefs in civilization today that causes stress and pressure to
    the point of imbalance in the ‘ modern brain ‘.

    What is a ‘ Truth ‘ , what is a ‘ Lie ‘ ?

    What is the definition of each of these ‘ Words’ ?
    Are they in fact the opposite of what we are ‘led’ to believe?

    For centuries humans have searched for ‘ the Truth ‘.

    The ‘ Truth ‘ has been buried under myriad tons of ‘ Lies ‘ ;
    ‘truth’ is miniscule.

    The bigger the ‘ Lie ‘ the more it is believed.

    Therefore, I think ,
    if one should unearth and dispense with ‘ all Lies ‘,
    What is left,
    in conclusion, would be ” Truth “.

    Everything in existence is ‘ pure energy ‘ .

    Death is not ‘ the end ‘.

    Just a new ‘ beginning ‘.

    A clean ‘ slate ‘ if you will.


    the ‘ Crusader ‘.

  • Beautifully balanced write up on this subject. Whether one wants to believe it or not, our creative mind do create our want. In many instances however it just did not materialize because deep inside we tend not to want it to…Subconsciously, many are just afraid of the change

  • Yaro, one of the posts mentioned someting about the “now”. I am offering my thoughts on “now”.

    Now, moment, instant, these words, what do they signify? Past, present, future, are symbolic representations of three time related concepts that incorporate the now, moment, and instant. Now is the boundary between past and future. Now is different then present in its symbolic relationship with corporeal time fluctuations.
    Present is the smallest retrievable memory of past events, and future dreams. Now is the unmeasurable distance between past and future. No time value is placed on now because now is all that exists. The past is memories fading over time, and the future is dreams composed of hopes and fears. Both of which exist only in the mind.
    What does exist is now—or does it? Take a string, fold it in half. Call one end future, the other end past. Cut it in half, and you have nothing between the two pieces. They are not connected in any real sense of the word. It is the same with our existence; there is no connection between past and future except our memories and dream expectations. The point of demarcation between past and future does not exist, can not exist. Without a clear separation of past and future the two are aspects of a point in time that does not exist except as a concept of mind.
    Without mind to create and manipulate esoteric philosophies arising from our experience, the concern about here, now, and time does not exist. Only our awareness of mortality separates us from lower life forms. Misuse of awareness prevents us from escaping the trap of arrogance to become the higher life form we claim to be. If we are capable of choice, why do we follow the false profit when the other road is plainly marked by the treasures of life?
    Ask yourself what is important to your joy. Do you aspire to clean air, fresh water, nourishing food, comfortable shelter, and loving companions, or do you aspire to things that become useless over time? The use of technology in the service of life is a worthy endeavor. Technology used for immediate gratification without foresight is akin to driving an automobile when drunk. The results are, more times then not, disastrous.
    Life is like climbing a mountain. Is climbing for the sake of the adventure the reason, or are you reaching the top so others may admire your picture of the achievement. There is nothing wrong with mementos as long as the event remains the focus. It is the experience that is real—not the memory. A picture, or record, is a symbolic representation of past events held by the conscious mind.

  • “More money won’t make much of a difference to my overall happiness and will take energy away from the things I need to do in order to improve upon the aspects of my life I want to change.” – Yaro Starak

    I am a newbie blogger. In a span of 2 months, I have come across all sorts of “web gurus”. However promising they sound there is always a doubt that lingers in me on what their real purpose is.. besides they want to teach.. to help… to share…. blah.. blah.. blah.. ( how about…earn money ?)

    In fact …I did doubt the author of this article. But don’t get me wrong, I’m a follower, a subscriber and a member of BAB… ..but still in doubt.. ( I’m still in the process of searching and sorting the fakes from the real McCoys).

    This article gives a reflection of the author’s character… an insight of what he was…. a hint of what he had become. That is all I need. That is what is important …. to erase all doubts.

    The Medium vs The Message.

    If I trust the medium, I’ll listen to the message.

    I have found one damn good “guru”.

    He’s got long hair. 😀

  • I am not sure what commentary you got from a Christian versus other religions but as a Christian I don’t see these principles far from what is thought in the new testament which focuses on having nurturing relationships, love for one another, respect, understanding, walking in spirit and truth rather than your own personal desire, etc. I guess the issue would be the focus on monetary gain through relationships which can be seen as deceptive but even then this is not a bad thing if you exclude the negative things that may drive you to do it – We all just need to remember that money is tool in your life and not your only focus.

    Yaro, you rock so keep up the excellent work.

  • There is a fundamental flaw with The Secret. The problem is that it will wants us to believe all power is within us. Yes, we do have a role to play as individuals, but must not forget that God is supreme and without His sustaining power we are nothing. It’s hard to discuss this topic without bringing God into the conversation. Anyone can have temporal success by personal effort, but it will not be long term success unless we are ready to acknowledge God and His role in our lives. I know this comment will be controversial. But I challenge you to look honestly at the universe and explain what “force” could be sustaining it (and you).
    All that said, Yaro, I’m glad you are analyzing these things in your own life.

  • PhiGus

    good stuff Yaro, and nice to see an honest assessment of your situation as it relates to such concepts.

  • Paul

    Ah Yaro,

    What a nice searching blog combining my two favorite words “Communication” and “Change”.

    Acknowledging that Change is the only thing constant in life brings a realization when it comes to perception of our surroundings and who or what we are. Many things in life we automatically assume will always be there until one day we notice they are not there anymore, what happened then is the inevitable question on people’s minds and lips. A change took place and most of us didn’t notice it. Change is the only aspect in out life that we can guarantee, therefore doesn’t it make more sense being consciously aware of change, directly involves and prepares us more readily for the positive opportunities that change will bring.

    Communication the corner stone and foundation to all that we know and understand in today’s world wither it was by grunts from prehistoric man bartering his goods or today’s commercial online marketing and contracts. The necessity for communication has and always will play a paramount role in our lives. Not only communication we have with each other but consider for a moment the communication and even sometimes the miscommunication that we have had with ourselves over the years. The miscommunication has most likely resulted from misperception of what was happening or about to happen within our immediate surroundings.

    The power and energy within us which fuels us day in and day out is quite incredible as I am sure you will agree, Capturing and harnessing this power is the function of the mind. The mind is the most advanced computer known to mankind, were it not for the power and capability of the mind we would not have the technology which is available to us all today.

    Medical science today cannot fully explain how the mind works specifically. Unlike the other organs of the body which can be transplanted the mind has yet to be conquered by medical science. However we do know that the mind can be described in two sections (1) The conscious mind which guide us through our day to day tasks and (2) The subconscious which handles the back office when we are not awake. We also know that the conscious mind controls our five conscious senses which is governed from an area accounting for approximately one tenth of the brain which leaves approximately nine tenths with the subconscious handling the back office so to speak.

    I believe the power lies within us all by tapping into these subconscious resources and aligning them and if you like re-tuning them more in harmony with our conscious mind. We all do it to some degree or other each and every day for example (a) How often have you made the same regular car journey each day same route, how many times have you arrived at your destination and thought, I don’t remember the journey or passing Mrs. ,Wilsons store. (b) Late night tired a problem to solve, gave up gone to bed deal with it in the morning and woke up the next day and solved the problem but put it down to being too tired the night before. These are all examples of what could be termed as “on auto pilot”, but consider this, some other part of your mind other than you conscious senses were working it’s a fact. or the mother with the newborn, exhausted at night in a deep sleep, suddenly sits bolt upright in bed and says the babies crying in another room, what part of her subconscious heard this. I for one have been sitting up in bed reading many times when this has happened.

    Consider the subconscious mind like a computer hard drive from the day you were born until present all your life experiences are stored filed in there and the beauty of it is that what is stored is all positive; the subconscious mind does not accept negatives or criticism only positive is stored. It might all be filed away haphazardly, but it’s filed away in your subconscious nevertheless.

    Thinking back to children have you ever asked a small boy and what are you going to be when you grow up and he answered I am going to be a fireman, a policeman or an engineer like my dad. To the small boy there is no reason he can’t be who he wants to be and that’s because he has yet to experience the influence of the everyday conscious environment. You would be surprised how many people grew up to be exactly what they wanted to be. I for one knew exactly what I wanted to be when I was 5 years old and actually became a deep sea commercial diver. It would be a nice question to know how many of your readers who read this blog will say the same.

    Like the small child taking its first steps embarking on any new venture is exactly the same…taking the first step is always the hardest but one step at a time and your going somewhere different, don’t think of it as a chore, think of it as an adventure. When faced with challenges I tend to take about 15 minutes out of each day for pure relaxation, finding somewhere quiet, relax in a comfortable chair, listen to some quiet music and consciously relax all the muscles in my body, starting from my ankles all the way up to the tip of my head. Whatever you are planning to do in your life it will never be a failure; there will always be a degree of success. There always has to be a balance in life and although the common denominator here is business and money. The emphasis is on excellence strive for excellence in what you will become excellent in yourself and the rewards will come naturally.

    I hope this has not been too long a blog I am kind of new to blogging, but I did think your blog was excellent and if I am not mistaken can detect some new awareness.

    Paul sunning in Sri Lanka

  • You’re a deep thinker Yaro Starak, and you’ve obviously been doing an awful lot of it lately! I enjoyed reading your article Yaro, I found it very inspirational. There are sooo many ways of expressing a positive mental attitude (PMA), and one of them that I find particularly profound is this statement:

    “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re probably right!!”

    When I I first read that statement, it took me a second or two to realise the power behind what it was really saying. It not only shows the enabling power of your mindset, when you think “You can”, you’re halfway to achieving it, but it also highlights the debilitating effects of having a negative mental attitude, because when you, “think you can’t”, your halfway to being beaten!


  • One of the best blog posts I’ve ever read, Yaro. Thank you.

  • The Universe is organized. From a religious point of view, it makes sense that G-d would have some order… a way to follow his plan so to speak–whatever you believe that plan is. The Law of Attraction is a spiritual law that is at work in your life continuously. It’s so frustrating when things don’t “do our way” and we don’t get what we want and we end up using the Law of Attraction as a tool to beat ourselves up… evidence that it doesn’t work… but it’s working. Take responsibility for your thoughts, words, and actions and discover the worthy ideal you are willing to trade your life force with… then take actions toward that ideal (that makes a difference in the world) and it’s never about the money…. but how money allows you to live that ideal. Thanks, Yaro.

  • There are always going to be skeptics and naysayers at each stage in a persons progression. Not everyone will agree with what people like Yaro says, and that is fine. There are enough of us out there that value his work and agree with what he is saying to continue to support Yaro.

    When I talk to people that think I am full of it, in regards to The Secret or universal law, I make one small point that ties into what Yaro said already. Whether or not this universal law is real or true, that is not important, what is important is that changing your mindset changes the way you feel about yourself and what you can do. If you doubt yourself, then you will not accomplish much. But, if you feel that you can accomplish the goals you have set for youself, then chances are good you will accomplish those goals, regardless of universal law. A shift in mindset, to one of “I can”, is one of the most powerful tools a person has, follow that up with action and look out.

  • Dennis

    You’re becoming quite the philosopher but I’ve got to say what your saying is true.I’m 64yrs old I’ve been up and down the money tree several times in my life.I started playing with this Internet Marketing on Nov 1st with no real idea what I was doing. My mentor is a guy named Colonel Sanders for those of you who don’t know who that is he started Kentucky Fried Chicken when he was my age and died a very wealthy man .What I’m trying to get across is I made my first sale the other day a whole $33.00 not setting the world on fire but it’s a start, what I’m trying to covey is that if you’ve got the huevos to start this stuff and stick to it you can most likely get where you want to go. I hope this makes sense though it ‘s easy to get discouraged don’t give up!

  • Hello Yaro,
    Very insightful post. I love your openness, courage and honesty. We get to see who you really are. You let us into your inner world and the processes you take to find your truth. It’s very refreshing and helpful. You show us that it’s a continuous journey. As we grow in awareness (or consciousness) the challenges become more and more subtle and refined.

    I blogged about this very subject recently under the title, “Do You Want The Secret Behind All Secrets?” that has a great video from Tulshi Sen, author of Ancient Secrets of Success for Today’s World. His teachings are helping me become more and more who I really am.

    Thanks again for raising awareness, Yaro!

  • Hey Yaro, I am glad to see you putting it out there. I personally find the language of the Secret too New Agey for me. The Law of Attraction is real I think, but I prefer to think of it as the Law of Paying Attention. \Positive thinking doesn’t work as a concept for me. But focusing on what you want and having the will to make it happen makes you therefore pay attention to it. Its like a photographer with an interest in trees. His eye will be on the trees and the patterns of trees until he is able to compose the most beautiful tree images in his mind and then find them with his camera. Its like falling in love. When you love a person they take all of your attention. Therefore when the door opens you are ready to walk through it because you have been anticipating the opportunity.
    So that’s my 2 cents worth.
    From an old warhorse on the spiritual path,

  • Excellent post Yaro!

    I have enjoyed the Secret, and, as a metaphysical teacher and minister, I teach universal laws and principles. It’s a funny thing that the laws and principles of the universe work whether we believe in them or not. We don’t have to believe in gravity to be subject to it. I’ve never heard of a sane person that argues with it, yet we argue with other universal laws we don’t understand. Ignorance to the way the universe works doesn’t exempt one from experiencing the effects.

    We are creators, and whatever we consistently think about, with emotion, will manifest. Whatever we give our attention to will eventually become our reality. It’s a very simple truth, like all universal truths.

    Loved this discussion, and I get a chuckle out of people who think the Secret goes against their religion…

    Valerie Love
    Destiny Coach & Metaphysical Minister

  • Oh, I would also like to add that as professional psychic for 20 years I have read tarot for so many people who are convinced that “magical thinking” is all they have to do solve problems. This is sheer lazy mindedness. I have to say, kindly of course, that there is no big hand in the sky that will do it for them, God helps those who help themselves, and if wishes were horsed then beggars could ride.
    What you call ‘faith’ (a word I am allergic to), I call risk taking and getting out of your comfort zone, and stop being a frog in the well.
    You know the story of the Frog in the Well, don’t you? The frog lives at the bottom of the well and when he looks up he sees only a little circle of sky and thinks that’s all there is. If he would only jump out of the well he would know there is a big world out there.
    Now some frogs might choose to jump right back in in again. Others, like you and me, Yaro, would go exploring.
    The word Courage comes from the French — Couer means heart. Coming from the heart — caring, desiring, and willing are what makes one courageous.
    If you live in your head you get head trips.
    Sally forth into the Abyss young man!

  • Yaro, very thoughtful. As I read your post, I kept wondering if I had drifted over to a different blog site.

    I sent you a note about Deepak Chopra’s “The Third Jesus.” Now I know you must read it because it deals with many of your carefully written thoughts.

    Chopra advises against “belief”–things that are based on what we know–and “faith” that deals with the unknown. His book is not about the historical or “religious” Jesus. It’s about awareness and God-consciousness.

    He argues that, fundamentally, the Universe is not the normal reality we all experience. Chopra presents Jesus, like all spiritually-enlightened humans, as a man who experienced a transformation that changed him forever. For example, “I am the light of the world” was not Jesus’ attempt to declare himself as more God-like. In fact, he really meant that all of us have the potential to experience what he did.

    Get the book. It changed how I view the Universe and Jesus’ message completely.

  • Hello Yaro,

    Thank you very much for this article. I am just beginning with my blog and with the help of Become a Blogger and other information I have found online I am taking it step by step. I have actually accomplished more than I thought I would be able to accomplish. So – thank you very much for that.

    I have a question about gurus. It isn’t a question I am expecting to find the “right” answer for – so it is more about thinking out loud and wondering what others think too. One thing I have learned in the last two weeks of starting my blog is that there are many many people online who claim to be gurus. It is very difficult for a beginner to sort out true wisdom and value from the hype and hard-sell. So my question is – how does a beginner distinguish the value from the hype. As a newbie online I feel very much like fresh meat sometimes – there are so many people eager to sell. There is also a lot of very valuable information available at no or low-cost – so I am wondering if you don’t have a formal mentorship with a guru or if you aren’t a part of their club – can you call them your teacher – even if they don’t know you?

    I have been going with my gut, (which is about 50/50 accurate I’m guessing) but you have passed this learning curve and I am curious about how you made choices when you were at the starting gate about whose light to follow.

    All the best,

    PS – I am comfortable with the view from the fence too. Having faith is a challenge. I guess that’s part of deal, right?

    • Hey Kirsten – before I lose your comment in the sea of amazing comments posted to this article, I’ll respond to your question…

      I find the best way to isolate the people you should trust and follow as mentors and possibly even gurus (I don’t like to use that label to loosely!), is to ask these questions of yourself –

      1. Does this person resonate with me in their style/personality?
      2. Did I learn something practical that I took away, applied, and enjoyed a result from?
      3. Did they help me become more aware of the problems I face and how to fix them?

      Inspiring is good, but not enough. You want inspiration, a greater sense of awareness and real practical outcomes, plus it helps if you like the person.

      Your gut can tell you lots of these things, but look at practical outcomes too.

      • Yaro, thank you! This is a very helpful answer and I will keep these three questions posted on my desktop. I truly appreciate your guidance. Thank you!

        All the best,

  • This makes for a GREAT accompaniment to The Secret. I know you mention this explicitly, but your article make it all sound real as opposed “secretive” and difficult to grasp for people who aren’t used to believing in themselves.

    I have to say Yaro, personally I really like your story because it’s so similar to my own. Only I’m 24, graduating from uni and getting ready to go teach abroad for a year. Your fears and very similar to mine and encourage me whenever I read about them.

  • Yaro, I enjoyed your post since I am also one of the “lost” people who does not belong to a specific religion. Although I was brought up as a Christian, I guess my natural curiosity about the universe and its Creator leads me along quite a few heretical paths of knowledge.

    Thank you for sharing your own internet marketing experiences. I currently work part-time for my father while trying to create an online income stream. It is quite a solitary working environment and I sometimes get either frustrated or depressed when success stays out of reach. But then the next day I continue again. I have tried other things and working from home is the only lifestyle that suites me. I am quite amazed and troubled at the same time when I hear of old school friends of mine who are married and have one or two kids already. Here I am still single and without a steady job or vocation. Or a soul mate for that matter. Quite a predicament.

    Images are powerful and we think in terms of images a lot. When you connect intention and images together, you certainly present a clear target or goal to yourself. When you know what you want to do, the next logical step is to do it and keep doing it until you can match your outer reality to the inner reality of your mind. Self image is also quite important. Psycho-cybernetics is probably loosely related to the Law of Attraction.

    In the gospels Jesus of Nazareth is reported as saying “According to your faith be it unto you.” We are constantly seeing things and doing things according to our own perceptions and beliefs. Reality is not an objective experience, but rather a very subjective experience influenced by each person’s particular angle of belief. Of course, these beliefs have to be habitual in order to manifest as your reality.

    The word “lie” actually hides in plain view in the words “beLIEf” and “beLIEve”. Taking a leap of faith demands that you believe a lie since what you see in your mind does not yet exist in time and space. When after working towards it for some time you finally experience what you believed in, it ceases to be a lie and manifests as truth. A kind of “fake it till you make it” mentality. Anyway, one can get lost in discussions such as these.

    Thanks again Yaro. Always good to find someone who shares a passion for such universal musings.

  • Great stuff bro! If i had to label myself… I would say that I am closest to an agnostic as well… that whole paragraph is like me exactly!

    I think that the secret can be helpful and harmful.

    here’s why…

    those who take action and know the secret it helps.

    those who think only and do not take action it hurts…

    Ya feel me?

    thanks for the great post!


  • Very good article. Very honest, heartfelt and truthful.

    I am a bit iffy on the whole “power of attraction” thing. I admit that there is an element of truth to it, but as you so poigniantly called to our attention, the real results are achieved when those thoughts become actions that move us toward our goal.

    There are some principals that are so universally true that they are taught in every major religion, be it Christianity, Hinduism, etc. Things such as, “you reap what you sow”, and “as a man thinks, so he becomes”. People who always focus on the negative, and spread negativity to those around them always seam to get it back multiplied. Likewise with people who have a positive outlook.

    It stands to reason, then, that these same principals can be applied to other areas of our lives, such as achieving success in business or in relationships. I do not believe, however, that you can simply spend all your time thinking about something and have it manifested without being proactive in achieving it. If this were true, then all the band geeks in high school would have dated cheerleaders.

    It all really comes down to focussing on what you want to accomplish, then taking the action to do it, one small step at a time.

  • All the net is full of law of attraction blogs, infos and the bookstores are full of LOA books. The system works for the writers of those books. They attract a lot of money

  • Great post Yaro! It was filled with valuable nuggets and I just want to thank you for sharing. 🙂


  • Change is a good but scary thing. A lot of the wisdom in the laws of attraction or the secret seems to me to be good ol’ common sense. There’s a lot of good in common sense.

  • The important part is that one must have an open mind and be receptive to change. Most peope resist change even if they don’t realize it; change requires study and effort. Change requires leaving your comfort zone and adapting to new ways of thinking. Change must lead you away from past unacceptable experiences or failures using your “desire to succeed” as a driving force. Visualizing what life would be like from making the change is an important part of this process. This keeps the desire in the mind’s eye and helps keep desire in an upper most position.

    This is more an idividual perception than most experts proclaim. Each inividual is driven by their past experiences, environment, and beliefs; some are more likely to succeed than others. The individuals acceptance to change is probably proportional to their past successes. With success comes confidence in ones self; making it much easier to put forth the effort to apply learningand making change.

  • I see people that are not aware of the laws of the universe, they constantly break them and then suffer consequences, then complain and then they break them again…

    Knowledge of universal laws highly benefited my life and I could not imaging living unconsciously like many people do.

  • Wow, awesome post! There is an old saying that states “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”…..Religion and the nature of “god” is a subject that most people have been programmed with a fear response from a very young age, and are quite frankly too scared to debate or ponder upon.

  • nelson

    dear Yaro, Napolean Hill’s book (and life) was about Andrew Carnegie’s (the steel king, not to be confused with Dale Carnegie) principles to success. Carnergie’s “secret” had 2 parts to it. The first part “has not been directly named” and “is already in possession of those who are ready for it.” The second part is the “thirteen steps to riches” laid out in the book. These 2 parts make up the “carnegie secret” or the “carnegie formula” to success.

    After Carnegie shared this secret formula with Hill he then asked him to spend the following 20 years or more “preparing [himself] to take it to the world.” He then “analyzed hundreds of well-known men…[including] Henry Ford, Charles M. Schwab, Theodore Roosevelt, John D. Rockefeller…” and stated that “[he has] never known anyone who was inspired to use the secret who did not achieve noteworthy success in his chosen calling.”

    The point I wanted to make was that Think and Grow Rich is about the carnegie formula to success, as taught to Hill by Carnegie himself and subsequently studied for 20 years by Hill. “The Secret” loosely talked about today is a vague term which each person can – and does – interpret in their own way.

  • Wow a really strong article! Both of them. When I was first introduced to the secret I thought it was amazing! I think it is a good introduction to the laws of the universe but most people don’t understand that the secret is simply an introduction to how reality works. Religious types do not realize that most of the teachings of the religions is about how the basic laws of the universe work.

    Jesus Christ was really the first new age guru if you come to the understanding that he was speaking figuratively. The people that don’t like the secret usually are ignorant of it because someone religious told them they should not view it. Or they believe it is only positive thinking mumbo jumbo and not realizing the depth of how it works.I am not religious, but I do read the bible because it gives me insight into how the ancients viewed our world and the laws of the universe. Jesus believed in the secret, read it.

    • nelson

      i see your point, and i agree that there are many similarities. the difference though is that jesus was willing to be crucified in order to defend his ‘secret,’ and so were many of his apostles. for some reason i dont see oprah or bob proctor or any of the others doing the same.

      when you you say “laws of the universe,” do you include the law of attraction? in science class i learned that one of the laws of the universe is that opposites attract, and from what i understand the law of attraction teaches “like attracts like”..?

      • Jesus was not crucified “defending his secret” he was crucified because he said he was the son of God and that we are gods in our right because we are connected to the same source as he. He was not attempting to keep that a secret.

        At the risk of getting way off topic on the gist of the article I will answer your question about like attracts like and science saying opposites attract.

        Both are correct. Everything in the universe is energy at the most base level. Everything in the universe vibrates. In order to create anything there has to be an opposite counter part for any charged particles, wave or people to come together and create anything. We tend to want to use the terms negative and positive however, it is more useful to understand them in the aspect of masculine and feminine. They are opposites. But it takes the masculine and feminine aspect to come together to create anything. That means from a thought to a child. It works on any level of creation.
        That which you vibrate in harmony with is the masculine or feminine counterpart that will attract to you.

        Yaro used the example of his platonic friend saying that they got together to complain about how life sucks. They were in harmony with how they thought. They got together and created a world that sucked for them selves. Yaro obviously changed his vibration/thoughts and created another world for himself. When he vibrated differently, the things that he harmonized with came into his existence. That is what he attracted. The masculine aspect sought out the feminine counter parts to create what he saw his world as being. Masculine and feminine attach for the purpose of creating. The counter parts, that you vibrate in harmony with is what attracts to you. Hope that helps.

      • nelson

        (personal note: im not convinced that jesus was God, sent to earth to die for our sins. like you, i approach this topic with an open mind)

        jesus was not crucified because he was defending his secret, nor was he keeping anything a secret (it was only a metaphor)

        he was crucified because, in your own words, “he said he was the son of God.” To generalize, he was saying things (very powerful and controversial things) which many people did not believe that they could be true.

        when he was then given a choice to:

        a) be tortured and crucified
        b) announce that he was not the son of god, or any other controversy

        he chose the former

        the question than follows – if oprah, bob proctor, etc were given a choice to either:

        a) be tortured and/or killed
        b) get on youtube and say “i no longer believe in the secret”

        what do you think they would do? or, perhaps more important – since our opinions on what other people might do are only our opinions – what would YOU do?

    • Many people think that Jesus was a “guru” of some sort. Well, he was not. He certainly has no affinity with the new age teachings. The Secret and the teaching of the new age emphasize the “inner” power of the individual. Here is a fundamental difference with Jesus. He said that he did nothing of himself, but as the Father gave him. Over and over again you will see that he claim no power of himself, but attributed it all to the Father.

      • nelson

        reginaldc – youre right, jesus was not crucified because he was defending his secret, nor was he keeping anything a secret (it was only a metaphor)

        he was crucified because – as the bible says, which could be debated but it seems like you agree? – he was saying things (very powerful and controversial things) which many people did not believe that it could be true.

        when he was then given a choice to:

        a) be tortured and crucified
        b) announce that he was not the son of god, or any other controversy

        he chose the ladder.

        the question than follows – if oprah, bob proctor, etc were given a choice to either:

        a) be tortured and/or killed
        b) get on youtube and say “i no longer believe in the secret”

        what do you think they would do?

      • nelson

        oops, jesus chose the former*

      • nelson

        gustavo, new age teachings say something similar, but instead of ‘Father,’ ‘universe’ is used

      • Gustavo,
        I don’t know how you would define guru. In the article “Courage to Seek Change”, Yaro defined a guru as this

        That’s why gurus, in the true sense of the word, are gurus.The term, which comes from Hinduism, refers to a spiritual teacher. “Gu” means darkness, and “ru” means light; thus a guru turns ignorance into enlightenment.
        if you used the definition in the has in his article then Jesus would be considered a guru. What most people do not understand is that Jesus spoke figuratively. See below

        John 16:25, 25″Though I have been speaking figuratively, a time is coming when I will no longer use this kind of language but will tell you plainly about my Father.”

        When you take his words and teachings and decipher them as he meant you then get the universal context of the teachings of Christ. This is and example of his figurative way of speaking in the NIV Bible:

        22″The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light.23But if your eyes are bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness!

        If you look at what he is saying in these scriptures then it is simply the law of attraction stated another way. If you look for good you see good. If you look for evil you see evil. Like attracts like. Classic law of attraction.
        The “Father” simply stands for or means, universal source.

        I am not Christian, but I do understand the message Christ was attempting to convey.

      • Bob

        In my ‘opinion’ Jesus was not a Guru;
        he was mentor and teacher.
        What he taught was to look into yourself.
        The ‘inner power’ (that everyone has) comes
        from ‘the Father’.
        The Father, to me, is ‘the power (energy)’
        that the universe consists of, which has
        been ‘the creator’ of all things in existence.
        Look unto the heavens…
        the energy of Galaxies, the total ‘universe’,
        which even the best of humans will never conquer
        let alone, understand completely.

        Bob ‘the Crusader.’

        Expose all lies, you will then
        know the truth.

      • There is much mystical teaching in the Upper Room Discourse: I in them and Thou in me that we may be perfected in unity. This stuff is very poorly handled by evangelicals – read the commentaries on it – they are decidedly underwhelming.

        Likewise ‘the secret’ (which I don’t believe) emphasises receptivity.

        There are points of similarity.

        The big difference between Jesus and the New Age teachings, as I understand them, is the valuing of the individual. Jesus’s teaching values individuality and difference and bodily experience, the New Age teaching devalues all these. The big worry with the New Age teachings I think is that they undercut compassion – why be compassionate to another if there suffering is just an illusion? This doesn’t mean that New Age people aren’t compassionate, just that their teaching doesn’t take account of all of their experience.

  • Bob

    Yes, I believe that Jesus was crucified to keep
    from teaching the secret (truth) to the masses.

    The people that crucified him knew the
    secret (truth). They maintain control of
    the masses as yet, today.

    the crusader.

  • Cheers Yaro,
    Followed you for awhile… superb article! In total alignment with my planned new business… I now know that blogging must be part of my internet/product/speaking/workshop strategy to bring life to my mission/tagline…
    “Your Roadmap to Conscious Living”.

    I am copying your article over to my colleague Joanne Justis ( Her software/system/tools will power my new business. Thanks to you, I am more aware than ever of the need for what I do and why I must do it. No doubt, soon I need what you offer to rting my gifts and information to the world.

    Warm regards,
    Randy Hlavin… Your Numbers Guy! (maybe Guru!)

  • Yaro- It is interesting to see so much focus on the Secret and Think and Grow Rich. Both of these actually take their ideas from the philosopher James Allen, who lived at the turn of the 20th century. He wrote a book called “As a Man Thinketh,” which is a short read but extremely powerful. You can also buy a compilation of his philosophies entitled, “As a Man Thinketh 2.” James Allen’s writings not only completely encompass everything that Napoleon Hill and the founders of the Secret write about but goes much deeper. If there was ever a guru on the subject of human empowerment it is James Allen.

    As for your post, I have to say you did a smashing job. I have been following you for sometime and your posts lately have had a lot emotion in them (which makes them more real and enjoyable). Thank you and please keep up the great work. ~Paul W.

  • The Secret is everywhere!

    My blog has a feed to watch the first half hour of The Secret. It then sprawled 3 posts about it.

    Stay positive, take congruent actions and results will manifest. Congrats on the success you have made from this blog! As soon as I can manifest some money I will be enrolling into your course.

    I’m from Australia – is there off-line training available too?

    Once again congrats and take care!


  • Yaro, I like when you go into your past and really tell us how you got to where you are now as well as what you did to get to the present. I think you and I are very similar and that gives me hope for the future. If a person that shares many of my hobbies and beliefs can become successful then maybe so can I. I enjoy reading your post keep up the good work.
    What ever happened to your MTG site?

  • John

    Great Article! It’s all about Bringing balance to your life…the Quam. (from the movie Jerry McQuire).

  • Hi Yaro,

    I really appreciate this post as I know I have had points in my life where I feel I will never get where I’m trying to go. It’s refreshing to find others that have been there.

    I bought The Secret, despite the fact that I’ve read Think & Grow Rich and similar books and loved them, this book didn’t resonate with me (maybe I should watch the movie),

    I believe the Law of Attraction is real in the sense that when you focus on things you will discover them. If you don’t dream of working for yourself or earning a more substantial income your chances of having these outcomes are null. When we want something, study it, think about it, and consistently work towards it we achieve it.

    “Nothing happens until something moves,”

    Thanks again for the great posts!

  • Hi Yaro,
    that’s so true what you say! The Secret / Law of Attraction is all well and good, but you have to take action.
    I have been working towards complete self sufficiency since 2005, applying various strategies and gradually becoming the person I wanted to be. Yet one single factor changed it all for me, and that is FAITH. I would consider myself agnostic as well, but once I started to trust that my efforts were worthwhile and that I was changing, I actually started to see REAL results. I also find that some time spent in meditation (and some visualisation) has accelerated the results. Adding gratitude to the mix made things manifest even faster.
    I walked away from a job I hated in the middle of the recession that everyone is talking about…and yet I have never been happier. I made the decision to change and everything has fallen in to place.
    I turn 40 in a few weeks and now understand why things don’t happen overnight just because I want them to. I have to grow before I can get rewarded (and I have worked damn hard at it too!)
    Thanks for such a great article!

  • Hi
    I saw the movie the Secret, even read the book. It explains the Law of Attraction , but in the Hollywood way. There are other books treating the same subject, like the Attractor Factor by Joe Vitale, etc. I am reading another more pragmatic book by Brian Tracy ,” Goals”, which tells methods and practices to follow to change our lives.
    All in all, this is true , we have to change something: our beliefs. We are conditioned by all this avalanche of information. I have cut off TV news, because it reminded me too much of the negative around us, adn too little on the positive which is in much greater dimension. There is a book that I put on the top of all others , it is “Power vs. Force” by David Hawkins, which tells how the way we think affect the rest of the world. I like the positive aspect of the book. We can make a drastic positive change in the entire world, by being more positive. Try to smile, to enjoy others, to see the world as a wonderful place, to enjoy the present moment as much as possible, to value others more and more, and to dissolve negativity from your mind i.e., envy, greed, impatience, anger, selfishness, are all replaceable values. It is all in the mind. for more about this, I wrote on it on
    Enjoy what you have right this instant! Count your blessing often!

  • Yaro,

    I’ve begun work on a new blog I’ve read the Secret many times and fully believe that much of what I’ve achieved in my life has been because of the “law of Attraction.”.

    I own a business but realize that I need a more stable income that I can manage without so much work on my part and a business that I can run from any location. I love to travel.

    I’m attempting to read through your blogger Premium Series, Caroline MiddleBrooks StumbleUpon and her BloggerBible. I’d like to build one or two blogs that I have a passion for, but need to learn how to drive more traffic to them.

    They are good blogs and well written and one in particular is definitely a niche market Once my traffic is substantial, I’d like my ad revenues and affiliate products to generate income for me, but for now, I’m tryng to make my way through all this material. (PS-There have been lots of reported problems with wordpress based blogs 2.6.3., This is causing me a lot of down time messing with it.)

    Anyway, back to my point.I know that if I look in the direction of success and earnestly work toward it, that the law of attraction will bring it to me. I’ve had so many things happen in my life when I envisioned them, that I can’t just relegate it to “coincidence.

    I thought about them and drew them to me, both positive and negative and it’s almost uncanny how it happens on an everyday basis. So I’m feeling a bit lost in all the things that I need to learn in order to eventually draw traffic to my site. but I know it will be.

    I’d love to talk to you more in depth at some point about the “Secret’
    and how it works it’s way through our lives. It’s not unusual, not something strange, but draws upon the physical bounties of the universe. In this way, it can effect science that is totally in line with religious, spiritual beliefs or both. All are variants of “energy”. Whether that energy is the concept of a “creator” a “big boom” or whatever, it is still energy and it carries with it frequency. Even the bible, says…”Ask and you shall receive…seek and you shall find.”
    What more convincing argument for the Laws of Attraction could there be?

  • Francois

    The movie “ The Secret” released by Rhonda Byrne back in 2007 was one of the greatest gifts ever received by ALL of us, that entertained the concept.

    A beautiful truth that finally reached many…especially those who NEEDED it to be true…!

    Please do not misunderstand me..I’m not disputing the validity of it ! I’ve been living it since 1990 when I came across the “Seth” material by Jane Roberts.

    “Everything ALL of a sudden became clear !!:.…WHY I lost that job!..WHY I’m always alone!..WHY I’m always broke!!…

    and that : I CAN be rich! ..I CAN be whatever I want!..”

    The Law Of Attraction ..The law that governs the “happenings” in the world…Each and every one ,that happens to us individually and collectively.

    Unfortunately, this great gift also came with an even greater dilemma .

    Most of those who’ve used the concept to get what they want in life and succeeded in getting them, are still not happy..And wonder: “ I’m able to get whatever I want, but yet, I feel an emptiness!” Imagine that dilemma…This individual was better off living a life “governed” by chance occurrences.

    Then you have those who’ve also entertained the concept but are UNABLE to manifest all their desires (this group comprises of about 99% of those who live by the law of attraction)

    So they continue researching, psychoanalyzing , buying more books and programs, join more groups in order to MASTER the law of attraction in order to (hopefully) FINALLY get what they want and consequently…


    Two things happen..They either continue the search for as long as they can and give up, disclaiming the truth of “The Law Of Attraction”… or they succeed and “upgrade” to the first group of people: They have it “all” but yet feel a continuous sense of emptiness, an unhappiness..They’ve reached the top… but the top doesn’t feel as expected least not anymore…the sweetness was short lived…IT ALWAYS IS!

    If the law of attraction was intended for happiness would only allow ONE option to choose from: “How to attract Happiness”(Most of us already live in a state of unhappiness)

    In my opinion..the main reason why one should be aware of The Law Of Attraction is to UNDERSTAND one’s own life circumstance.. however good or bad..

    This in turn will give one insight into one’s own state of mind….To understand what your mind had to be identified with in order to manifest :“THIS”….And at last come to understand that YOU ARE NOT YOUR MIND OR ITS CONTENT, but merely an observer of that TOOL..A TOOL we’ve all allowed to take COMPLETE control over us!!!

    ….Hence the current state of humanity…


  • Francois

    The movie “ The Secret” released by Rhonda Byrne back in 2007 was one of the greatest gifts ever received by ALL of us, that entertained the concept.

    A beautiful truth that finally reached many…especially those who NEEDED it to be true…!

    Please do not misunderstand me..I’m not disputing the validity of it ! I’ve been living it since 1990 when I came across the “Seth” material by Jane Roberts.

    “Everything ALL of a sudden became clear !!:.…WHY I lost that job!..WHY I’m always alone!..WHY I’m always broke!!…

    and that : I CAN be rich! ..I CAN be whatever I want!..”

    The Law Of Attraction ..The law that governs the “happenings” in the world…Each and every one ,that happens to us individually and collectively.

    Unfortunately, this great gift also came with an even greater dilemma .

    Most of those who’ve used the concept to get what they want in life and succeeded in getting them, are still not happy..And wonder: “ I’m able to get whatever I want, but yet I feel an emptiness!” Imagine that dilemma…This individual was better off living a life “governed” by chance occurrences.

    Then you have those who’ve also entertained the concept but are UNABLE to manifest all their desires (this group comprises of about 99% of those who live by the law of attraction)

    So they continue researching, psychoanalyzing , buying more books and programs, join more groups in order to MASTER the law of attraction in order to (hopefully) FINALLY get what they want and consequently…


    Two things happen..They either continue the search for as long as they can and give up, disclaiming the truth of “The Law Of Attraction”… or they succeed and “upgrade” to the first group of people: They have it “all” but yet feel a continuous sense of emptiness, an unhappiness..They’ve reached the top… but the top doesn’t feel as expected least not anymore…the sweetness was short lived…IT ALWAYS IS!

    If the law of attraction was intended for happiness would only allow ONE option to choose from: “How to attract Happiness”(Most of us already live in a state of unhappiness)

    In my opinion..the main reason why one should be aware of The Law Of Attraction is to UNDERSTAND one’s own life circumstance.. however good or bad..

    This in turn will give one insight into one’s own state of mind….To understand what your mind had to be identified with in order to manifest :“THIS”….And at last come to understand that YOU ARE NOT YOUR MIND OR ITS CONTENT, but merely an observer of that TOOL..A TOOL we’ve all allowed to take COMPLETE control over us!!!

    ….Hence the current state of humanity…

  • Francois

    Yaro, I sincerely apologize about the double post..It was done unintentionally..

  • Change – we either do it or it does us.

    You are right we get good at not changing. Procrastination is one of the best distractions. We need to turn the fear of change into the excitement of changing. As you inferred, the first few steps can be the most difficult.

  • This was a really interesting article! I am quite familiar with these teachings because it was a big inspiration of mine to start my own business.

    I suggest you watch The Opus because it really brings all the teachings together and presents it in a simple to understand in reality based manner.


  • Mind blowing post, I am fully agreed to the quote “Change is the key to success” as without change we can not progress.

  • Great piece, Yaro. You are quickly becoming my favorite blogger. Thanks for sharing your experiences (not making much money to making more money than you could spend on your vacation) with us.

    I have used and benefited from The Law of Attraction, having used it to attract a great relationship after having attracted a series of really, really pitiful relationships. (Have been happily married for years now.) I also used it to attract a house in the type of neighborhood I wasn’t even sure really existed.

    Now I’m going to use it to attract wealth.

    The thing is, people mistake LoA for hooey because they think you just make a single declaration, and suddenly the cash or whatever falls in your lap. But it takes more than that. You have to declare it every day. Picture it every day. Feel it every day. ACT on it every day.

    For those of us who fear LoA is an affront to religious beliefs, check out Norman Vincent Peale’s “Positive Imaging” or the more recent, “The Greatest Secret” by Ron McIntosh. Both approach LoA from a biblical perspective.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Great article. Great insight in to awareness. I enjoy the “Secret” and believe the law of attraction to be true in many ways.

    Mikko Kemppe

  • Well I think, Putting together your very own personal development plan that fits who you really are can be a difficult, and in some cases impossible feat – if you don’t have the right resources and tools.

  • Hi Yaro.

    First off, yours is my favorite newsletter and I always make it a point to read it. While I am not an Internet marketer or anything, I do enjoy writing and blogging (for fun and for money) among other things.

    Reading what you write has helped me become more focused in what I do in life. I’ve been reading what you write for years now – and I love it. Just goes to show that one does not have to be in the same profession to benefit and get inspired by what someone writes.

    So – at the risk of sounding like a me-too – nevertheless – I’ve got to say it. Your stuff is great.

    Cheers and Thank you.


  • Hi Yaro,

    I am in the process of doing some research right now on limiting beliefs, fear, and why we hold ourselves back from achieving our goals, and I find a lot of value in your writing. I can relate to much of what you talk about, in terms of the feelings we go through during those times in the “messy middle”. I too am in the process of taking some LEAPS of faith, way outside my comfort zone, first in negotiating myself out of a fairly cushy job in the corporate world for the sake of pursuing my true passion, and then secondly selling most all of my belongings and moving across the country only with that which fit in my smallish Honda Accord and 6 shipped boxes. But I have a vision, I know what I want, I know why, and I *somewhat* know how to get it, but I am okay with that semi-uncertainty because I know that in each step that I take toward my vision, I will learn the skills that I need at that time to help me to take that next step. Not every day is bright and sunny, even tho I now live in a beautiful city that IS bright and sunny every day. 🙂 But through those highs and lows, I stay focused on my vision, almost like a laser, to the exclusion of all the distractions, doubts and so forth that jump in my path.

    I am a huge fan of James Ray’s (also featured on The Secret and mentored by Bob Proctor) teaching, and one of the things that he has said that has helped me the most is this –

    When you are standing at that line, at the edge of your comfort zone, you can either take that step forward into the unknown, uncertainty, toward the vision/goal that you hold, or you can fall back, into what you know, what makes you feel “secure”. But realize that when you get those scary, doubt-filled feelings, it means that you are on the brink of something big. Something life changing. And if you can take those scary feelings and flip them into feelings of excitement or enthusiasm, for what is to come, rather than allowing them to keep you captive in fear, it changes your whole perspective and experience.

    Doing this has helped me so much on my journey, because when I really stop and think about it, those “scary” feelings, really do feel the same as the “excited” feelings, it’s all just a matter of how you decide to label them.

    Anyway, thanks again for your words of wisdom. Articles like these help to solidify my passion for knocking the pants off my own limiting beliefs 😉 and are a great reference, like you say, of someone who has succeeded.


  • Yaro,

    This is a very insightful article. I am a scientist and a teacher, and in studying physics, especially quantum physics, I believe that there is much more to consciousness than we understand from everyday life. The Law of Attraction and The Secret begin the process of understanding more about consciousness. Life experience (age) also breeds a greater understanding of consciousness and insight.

    I’m not religious, but spiritual, and I believe that on a deeply basic level, we are all connected and that there is a higher power, regardless of what you call him or her.

    I also believe that we become what we believe about ourselves. If we believe we can become something, we tend to seek knowledge and take actions in that direction, and we eventually make that belief a reality. If we do not believe we can accomplish something, we most certainly will not accomplish it.

    I see that happen often in my students. Those who are doing poorly, but are willing to work hard and believe they can improve make great progress while those who don’t believe they can improve don’t make progress. The difference in the students isn’t intelligence or a natural gift in the subject. It is whether they believe in their own abilities or not, and are willing to put in some hard work. Those who don’t believe they can do something won’t put in the hard work and will cause failure because of it.

    Whether one follows the teachings of the Law of Attraction, The Secret, What the Bleep Do We Know, a religion, a guru, the principles and practices of psychotherapy, or the basic concept that you get out of something what you put into it; each of us has the power to change our lives. The decision about changing is are we willing to believe in ourselves and take the actions we know must be taken to realize that change.

    Sherri Joubert

  • Hey Yaro, Julia from Transilvania here. 🙂

    I believe that if you really want something you should try to accomplish it. What I do is that i focus on selling domains almoust every day and in the few first months i didn’t sell anything altough I thought about it every day, but then I started believing that I can sell those domains and pleople started to buy them. It just happened 2 months ago and once a transaction is over, another domain is being purchesed from my portfolio. 🙂

    It’s fun. 🙂

    I also believe that those people who are balanced and look at the bright side of life are happy and good things happen to them every day and that makes them feel even better and so on.

    I now focus on selling 3 websites but they’re in Hungarian language and people in Hungary are not familiar with buying and selling developed websites so I’m having a hard time but I’m sure i will be able to sell them in the near future.

    I really enjoy reading your blog and you inspire my work every day. Thank you!


  • This is one of the best blog posts I’ve read in a while! Thanks!

  • Great article! Good way to summarize it: realize change is needed, increase and maintain awareness, and build the courage to make it happen.

    Not so sure, I will call them gurus, but I get your point. I prefer mentors.

    Keep them coming!


  • It’s definitely better to get responses that are both positive and negative. It adds another level of realism, and it means that people are really reading and chipping in to the discussion. I think its important to get the message right. If you are positive about something while going full force and taking all of the opportunists at hand, your chances of succeeding are much higher. I enjoyed reading your story, of how she thought the 1,000 a day goal was near impossible and you almost thought the same thing.

    Till then,


  • You have expressed yourself so well. I love this bit -“One thing that is important to note, if you choose to believe in this idea and successfully execute it, you create a positive feedback loop. You take the actions that result in what you want because you believe taking those actions will get you there, thanks to a universal law. The law may not exist, but the outcome is positive because you executed…”
    Even a non believer has to appreciate the power of placebo – when drug companies run trials they expect placebo to be about 35%. These results can be very clear to see and are measured scientifically. It pays to believe!

  • Thank you so much for writing this article and demonstrating the power we have to co-create our reality. Life is truly what we make it through our intentions and of course what we pay attention to. I love that you call your site the Entrepreneurs Journey. It shows that the entrepreneurs of this age (the information age) are focusing our gifts and talents on that which is a derivative of higher consciousness.

    Most importantly, I am very impressed with your commitment to show others that “making money” as you put it “doesn’t equal happiness.” We can increase our finances but it is also important to increase our awareness in order to live in abundance.

    Great article. And very well written, sir. Loved it. Keep up the wonderful work and thank you for being a wonderful messenger here in the blogosphere.

    Carmellita Brown

  • I really like these self help type posts. We likely all need to change something about ourselves to make our lives or business better. Raising your awareness of these issues is the best place to start. Once you fully realize your faults, it becomes easier to prevent that behavior.

  • This article spoke to me on so many levels and it was pure Synchronicity that I would find this article today. “The answer to most of the world’s current conflicts” and another that you once were involved with the Magic card game, were just two points that seemed to interweave with my day. I am an ambassador for the Parliament of the World’s Religions and am dealing so much now with awareness being the answer to most of the world’s current conflicts and trying to promote this very fact. But, I have also been trying to apply these concepts to my business life and health. Thank you for the inspirational article.

  • I realized my email was incorrect in the last comment

  • Hi Yaro,

    I found your blog through your business partner(?) Gideon Salwick, who was recently interviewed on .

    This is a great, great post. So many people keep talking about the idea of the “Law of attraction”, my sister is in fact learning about it right now. I watched “The secret” last year, and while i do think many of the concepts do hold through, i think the movie lets itself down by being too “magical” and almost disney-like. Know what i mean?

    I read Think and Grow Rich at the beginning of the year, and the line that always rings out to me is “to become successful, you have to become success conscious”.

    Since then, while i may not be demonstrably financially successful just yet, i’ve definitely experienced many wins already this year.

    I do think that the inner state is most important, totally agree with you and feel re-inspired. I try to guard my inner state more than anything else.

  • I don’t know for sure if I’m repeating what’s already been said here, or simply too late but I think the law of attractions is having faith that what you desire for is a possible reachable goal, thus making it worth hoping for and setting as a goal and working toward until you reach it. Put simply: You draw what you want to yourself by moving toward

  • Hey Yaro

    Awesome post, great content. I’m looking forward to making some changes this year and I reckon I’ll be reading this again 🙂

    – Nick

  • That’s so strange!! I was just doing research for a blog post I’m writing about psychological barriers to getting rich. I liked what I found on The Light Brigade site, which basically said that we

    1) ‘frame’ our version of reality with the help of society (parents, school, media, etc…) and then we
    2) ‘selectively’ focus on evidence that bolsters our ‘frame’ while ignoring evidence that might weaken it. Then when we realize that our current frame of reality isn’t quite cutting it, we
    3) opt for ‘incrementalism’ which is changes that are too small to really affect the overall inertia of our lives.

    That is quite related to your ‘belief structure idea’, but stated in another way that I think might be useful for readers.

    Cheers nice post!

  • Thank you for sharing your experience Yaro!
    As your story demonstrates, it is not a matter of “Can I achieve this?”, but it’s a matter of “WHAT I really want to achieve?”
    Knowing what you want in ALL the areas of your life, can surely lead you to a perfectly-balanced life! But you ever know it all once a time. You know it day by day, as you grow up. And that’s the fun!


  • I remember hearing that one of the best things you can have for success is a “short memory”. Meaning, forgetting your failures rather than carrying them with you!

    I think we need to see everything as experimentation and a learning process rather than concrete failure.

    Great article… thanks for the inspiration!

  • I do agree that change has an outmost importance when talking about progress in ones life. The fear of change prevents many people to finally overcome the obstacles and break their monotonous daily routine to improve their life for the better. While some of the “gurus” out there are only selling dreams, in my opinion, it is really not important where you get the inspiration to change your life. At the end it will come down to you and to how you use that in order to really make some changes. Life, just like anything in this universe is a progress, nothing is constant everything changes and evolves all the time. So try to live yours like that, and never ever fear change.

  • Hello Yaro,

    I’m a new follower and one of your new students – this post really hit home with me. I have the book on my night table – The Secret – and had just finished reading it last week – I had purchased this book because of a personal desire and need for “change” and new “direction”. Always believing that we are our own “Creators” I couldn’t get enough information about “Manifesting” our lives/business/success etc. Reading this book has lead to some wonderful findings in my life since ( your programs for one – and great information you share which is truly bringing to light some of my own passions.

    Oh, and as far as working from home ( I work from home – online now full time ) and YES! It can be lonely and it can be quite the challenge getting out and being social after years working day and day out ( when you work from home or are self employed ). I am still learning! I am inspired by you. Cheers!

  • Jonatan

    True Gurus does not lie. False Gurus do lie. And this is something that is extremely dangerous. Im not saying that the law of attraction does not work, I will present what I am trying to say below.

    Life can not be taken for granted, especially as Easy. In the movie the secret, at several points in the movie they say stuff, if I remember it right, as following;

    “If you apply the law of attraction, life is easy”

    They sell it, as an easy way out. When in fact, the law of attraction isn’t even something that you can “apply” since it already is in action. You do not apply the law of attraction and therefor you are certainly not the one in charge of whether your life is easy or hard. You simply can not regulate that.

    Why this is dangerous is because it sends a whole lot of people in to very very deep deppressions since every time they realize this very blunt fact, they blame themselves and it is sort of bi-polar. One second you are so greatful because everything works out easy, and when it is hard you sink through the ground so deep that youre almost likely to kill yourself because you are to the 100% convinced that you are doing something wrong. You completely go against what is called yourself and your self-esteem by thinking thoughts as;

    I am not greatful
    I dont know what I REALLY want
    I dont ask people
    I dont receive

    BAM, law of attraction is there for you all along and it always has been. The only thing you are regulating are your own perspective on things. When you keep your selfesteem as high as you can you see possibilities. When you think

    I am greatful

    or just

    I am

    You suddenly see possibilities. I would have recommended Ronda Bhyrne to instead of convincing millions, and soon to be BILLIONS of people (she has actually set that goal out for herself and no doubt she will make it), that life can be easy all the time. She should have instead given a lesson about courage, and I will finish this off with a quote from I do not remember who.

    Life is very simple, and simple is not the same as either easy or hard.

    It is very simple to every now and then reward yourself with positive affirmations. But it really does not have to be easy. Sometimes its really hard. And it does not have to be easy to be courageous. You develop courage, you don’t get it as some sort of christmas present like the movie the secret may seem like. Just listen to the following sentence

    “You can do anything, nothing is impossible. It is EASY!”

    You would be no more or less naive if you clicked one of those “You just won a million dollars, CLICK HERE”. So, change the “Easy” part, with “simple” and you will be on the right track.

    /someone guessing that OP is another scam-artist, but I might be wrong.

  • I really like what you have written about raising our awareness to reach our goals. Thanks for clarifying the real meaning behind the law of attraction. Many people misunderstand the message. Thanks.

  • Yes, i missunderstand the secret mean,,,i have to think more about it.
    Confused a little bit…
    Thanks for your info Yaro..

  • Chris

    You will find a lot of the secret’s material also comes from Wallace d wattle’s the science of getting rich

  • Hi Yaro. I sort of believe in the law of attraction, but I think it works mainly becuase it gets you to focus on getting a particular thing. You cannot acheive a goal that you don’t have, so it helps you have a goal.

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