Searching For Enthusiasm (And Why It’s So Important To My Business)

During my early twenties I was introduced to the author Paulo Coelho, beginning with his book The Pilgrimage and then his most famous book, The Alchemist. I then went on a bit of a Coelho binge, reading everything I could find by him.

Most of his books I loved and still do. His writing style has always had a magical quality for me, an ability to make everything feel imbued with emotion, and bring about clarity through simplification.

Paulo was one of the first authors I read who was able to take very big and powerful concepts important to every human, and condense them into short phrases or single words that always seem to fit perfectly. Many of his books focus on one human condition and the entire narrative is a story or collection of stories exploring that concept.

For example, he wrote how each person has a purpose in life, a journey to go on, which he called your “Personal Legend“. This is pretty much the entire thesis of the Alchemist: One big story about a young shepherd’s quest towards a destination, that turns out to point to the journey as the purpose.

I love the phrase personal legend. Your purpose, which is so important to you that it becomes somewhat of a legend – an epic tale that is your life – is something we can all relate to. There’s nothing more important to us than figuring out what is important to us…ahem.

Although I haven’t really connected the dots until now, it was through writing like Paulo’s that I came to see how important it was to label your ideas so others could easily share and understand them, especially if you are a writer. If you come up with particularly good phrases, then other people will adopt them too, and suddenly your idea has become part of a common language within your community.

My introduction of the concept known as “Pillar Content” to describe the creation of the content pillars of your blog, is a label the blogging community adopted. There are countless examples like this within every field human beings communicate about.

This concept I believe is critical if you want to become a thought leader. Thought leaders teach, so any time you can condense complex concepts into effective, yet simple labels that people share, you further cement your position.

Naturally it made sense for me to label the idea of giving labels to ideas, which in this case I called a “Language Identifier“. Perhaps ironically, I haven’t really seen this label take off, possibly because the concept as a whole isn’t discussed much.

The Driving Force Behind Action

There’s another word that Paulo wrote about that has a strong connection to your personal legend. If your legend is your story, your journey towards something, but you aren’t clear what that is, then in order to find your path, you have to follow your “enthusiasm”.

Enthusiasm is the fuel that fires the engine to get you to take action.

Recently I’ve been paying particular attention to my enthusiasm. I’ve got several projects on the go, some projects that are coming to a close for me, and several possibilities for new projects.

I’m well aware that I have a few too many things going on at once, hence enthusiasm has been a very important ingredient necessary to show me where to focus my time.

Take the startup company I have been working on lately called CrankyAds. I’ve been very enthusiastic about parts of the project, in particular seeing ideas for features get developed, and brainstorming positioning strategies to differentiate our service from the competition.

The problem, which has surfaced again and again as we develop the business, is that no one in our company is enthusiastic about certain jobs that need to be done. Most of them relate to sales roles within the advertising industry. We’ve hoped that our software would do most of the selling for us, but since we have hit many development hurdles, it’s been hard to get the machine running up to speed, meaning we’ve looked to human powered solutions to help make some money.

As a result of this, certain jobs have surfaced, like cold approaching prospects, that none of us want to do, or are good at.

When we come together for weekly meetings it’s clear what we do enjoy. Idea generation is fun for everyone, then we each have individual strengths – Walter programmer, Mick designing, and me writing.

From time to time we understand we have to do things we don’t enjoy, that’s fine to help get the business going. However if your team comes to realize that a core component, or several components, require jobs that no one likes doing, you have to start changing direction or bring on new people who do like those roles, if you want to succeed.

Strengths, Passions And Enthusiasm

I occasionally talk to people who are just starting internet projects. Often the goal is to make enough “passive income” or create some kind of low-labour income stream, so they can quit their job, or pay off a debt, or invest in a bigger project.

It becomes pretty clear that the “what” they do isn’t so important as the possibility to make some money, quickly.


It’s hard to even write that phrase. Quick, easy money. It really doesn’t exist, or if it does, it’s not legal or doesn’t last very long.

I’ve always been a proponent of passion based projects. I fully believe there is no quick and easy money option, all of them require hard work, thus the most important ingredient above all else is enthusiasm.

If you read my recent post about how much someone can do by themselves online you will see how I referenced previous interviews I have done with successful online entrepreneurs. In every case, they had absolutely dogged determination to get things done, to keep working regardless of short term results.

I honestly believe if there isn’t some kind of enthusiasm, whether it’s love of the subject matter, or love of seeing the project come together – it can’t simply be seeing money come in – then you won’t be in the game long enough to make it work.

Learning Experiences

In the last few months team CrankyAds and I have realized that we’re not going to make any profits from the project any time soon. We’ve been looking at pivot options, which I will no doubt write about soon enough on this blog.

As a result of this my partners have had to up the amount of contract work they do for clients so they can do things like eat and pay their rent and bills. Important stuff.

I’ve also had to start thinking about the future and my income streams.

Affiliate marketing isn’t the same as it used to be. Frankly as much as I like certain products I recommend via my newsletter, I’m not always happy with the marketing techniques used by other people, so I’ve been promoting fewer and fewer things.

I haven’t had my own product on the market for over a year, having closed down Blog Mastermind and Membership Site Mastermind. Leslie has taken over the Become A Blogger product.

My experiment to convert Entrepreneurs-Journey into a multiple author blog, was worthwhile initially, because it allowed me to spend a lot of time at the hospital when my mother first had her stroke without worrying about the publishing schedule. However, overall it has proven unsuccessful as it failed to increase traffic.

Besides the odd post now and then from other writers and columnists, EJ has returned back to “Yaro’s blog”. As much as I appreciated the additional content from other writers, it was hard to get consistency, especially given they were writing on a non-payment basis – they do it for exposure.

To make things worse, I found myself spending just as much time with coordination and editing as I used to spend writing. Given a choice, I’d rather write, so I’m actually quite happy to take back EJ as my own again, even if it means there won’t be quite as much content as there was.

Based on feedback, I’m pretty sure many people are happy to hear that I’m back as the main EJ writer. Quite a few people were upset to not see my writing as often, and while the columnist did publish some amazing articles, for certain people they come to EJ for my story only.

Over the coming months you will see the EJ design change a little bit to reflect the previous business model I used to followed. All this means it that EJ is once again my platform. It’s my place to teach, to share and to introduce you to my materials.

Rediscovering Old Passions

All these changes, my mother being in hospital (she is still there in case you are wondering and I visit every day, so a large chunk of my time goes to this), my products closing, less income from channels I used to rely on, a startup project that has taken a lot of resources including time and money for little financial return, has led to me being in an interesting place.

That’s why I’m focusing on my enthusiasm. It’s helping me decide what to spend my time on. Oddly enough, it surfaced just recently in the same place that started me down the blogging path almost eight years ago.

I always recommend to people that you outsource your tech work if you are not good at it. That advice took me about seven years to learn. During those first seven years I did a lot of tech work myself, which while slowing me down, was beneficial in that I learned how to do things like set up and change the design of websites and blogs.

As a result of not being hands on with tech for the last seven years, I have lost some of my familiarity with the tools people use to do things. Because of this, I just recently decided to get back to basics and install a WordPress blog myself, and also play with some tools that help me use WordPress to make sales pages, landing pages and membership sites, which I will need for releasing new products.

So I went back and did a manual install of WordPress as a refresher. I also did a one click Cpanel installation, which is definitely easier. I’ve also installed the Genesis Framework, a child theme for Genesis, and the Premise tool from the same guys (studiopress/copyblogger) that helps you do landing pages and membership sites, etc. I’ve also installed Optimize Press.

Why do all of this? For practical reasons – so I can get ready to release new products – but also so I continue to have familiarity with the tools that people use today. If I am going to remain a teacher it helps to know how to use the tools.

What surprised me about this process was how much fun I had. I used these tools on a new hobby blog I’ve wanted to set up for a while. The whole process of choosing a domain, getting the hosting set up, installing the themes, playing with the plugins that help you make landing pages, has all made me very excited about creating things again myself.

It’s as if because I built it all from scratch myself, I feel a stronger sense of ownership.

That of course doesn’t mean I won’t keep relying on tech help. There’s plenty I cannot do and it doesn’t pay for me to learn how to do, but at least knowing some of the more every day things gives me some sense of control.

Most importantly though, it was fun. That’s enthusiasm. I can’t remember the last time I wanted to keep working on something late at night despite being tired because I just needed to see it finished.



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What Are You Enthusiastic About?

I’ll end this article with an obvious question – what are you enthusiastic about right now?

Let me know by leaving a comment.

Thanks for reading!

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  • Dear Awesome and Enthusiastic Yaro,

    Happy to see you back πŸ˜‰

    “I can’t remember the last time I wanted to keep working on something late at night despite being tired because I just needed to see it finished.”

    Great specific way to measure enthusiasm.

    To answer the question, I’m enthusiastic about tennis at the moment and watching tennis until late at night for the first time…

    I’ve been losing some enthusiasm the last couple of months.
    So time be inspired by Yaro the Great, explore new field of the business and work until late at night despite being tired !

    I’m gonna work on being connected, building a strong business network… and having a great backhand πŸ˜‰

    – Alexis.

    • Aha, Alexis! Good to have you back playing tennis after your injuries… I fear however that our careers must be coming to a close soon just like Andy Roddick?

  • Jason

    Yaro, I really enjoyed The Devil and Miss Prym by Mr Coelho.

    I’m enthusiastic about making a difference.

    I recently learned that working for someone does not mean they will remember you clearly 11 years later when you contact them out of the blue. That’s helped me realise some things at a time of restarting my life.


    • I remember the devil and miss prym – that was a clever book!

      Good luck with making a difference Jason, I’m sure if you are consistent it will happen, if it hasn’t already.

    • Hi,

      Some people are just impossible. They never remember you if you do something good, but they would remember you if you did something bad.

  • Hi Yaro,

    It’s nice to see you back on EJ and reading your thoughts on enthusiasm and business.

    I think I first started reading your blog in 2008, and what I liked about it was:
    1. Your enthusiasm
    2. Your authenticity
    3. Your voice as a blogger. It always felt like you were very real and personal in your blogging.

    You are bringing these back to EJ!

    Thank You πŸ™‚

    • Great to hear that Alpha, I enjoy writing and always have – it is the one constant. Thankfully I can make enough of a living from it too to make it my main job.

  • Playing tennis is one of the things I am enthousiastic about and I have a pretty particular style, ‘Crosser than cross’ and for me it’s not unusual to give the ball so much effect that it bounces back to my own side! When am behind 4 or 5 games, I usually am completely Relaxed about it, because I like it even more when it looks almost impossible to win, and I frequently do win. (Btw. that’s also the joy of Cold Calling that it looks almost impossible to get results with it :))

    I also am enthousiastic about the – Blogging Process – itself, learning new things hanging out on Blogs, Forums, learning new things, writing comments and replies etc. etc. Blogging about things like amung other things Travel, Photography, Music, Writing (Btw. also have a Book Review Blog where you can find Books from Paulo Coelho)

    • Hi HP,

      I know what you mean about tennis! I have a tendency to get a bit cross too – it’s one of the only places where I actually get properly angry enough to express it. Normally I’m pretty calm.

      Great to hear you are enthusiastic about the blogging process. Hopefully it’s starting to pay off with your own blog.

      • Yes, I sure hope it will, because it definitely can contribute to my Enthousiasm, only with so many interests and so many Blogs, I might be at risk of spreading myself a little thin.

        So I am hoping for a ‘Force Multiple Attack Effect’ that can give me – Bursts – of links clicking people from many of my Blogs combined.

        Recently I actually experienced a few of such – Bursts – so that’s a hopefull sign πŸ™‚

        • Btw. thanks for bringing up this topic, Yaro

          Because as I wrote about ‘Crosser than cross’
          in a previous reply….,

          I just realised that having many interests, and multiple blogs can also have other advantages, like for example that you can easily do all kinds of – Cross Sellings –.

  • Olga


    It is TERRIFIC to see you back and often on EJ! You and your content are AWESOME!

    Any time you feel tired, unmotivated, or down, just think of how many people you have helped and made a difference in their lives! Remind yourself of this every day. I am speaking of myself, but I am certain so many other people would agree and say the same. I sincerely mean this when I say this.

    As for enthusiasm: lately I’ve been watching videos of Brendon Burchard. I haven’t taken any of his courses, just watching various free videos. I find his amazing, unlimited enthusiasm totally contagious. So any time I feel unmotivated, tired, bored, or along those lines, I simply start watching one of his free videos. Just several minutes of those solves the lack-of-enthusiasm problem completely for me. He also has so much insight and great ideas (as said, I’ve only watched free videos so far). E.g., yesterday I watched his free 3-hour webcast. Even though he spent I’d say 60%+ of the time promoting his upcoming high-pricetag event, the rest of it was amazing: (a) some ideas he coined + (b) the unlimited enthusiasm were worth countless times the time I spent watching it.

    Back to EJ: Don’t know what others think, but I think your podcast interviews were simply incredible! I found them incredibly useful and also so motivating. Some of them I listened more than once. I wish you had more of those. They are also unique to EJ as you have a very particular (awesome) way of conducting them.

    • Hi Olga,

      Thanks for your enthusiasm for my work – you are certainly the most consistent comment maker on EJ, and I appreciate that a lot.

      I’ve been hearing a lot about Burchard lately (I just interviewed Jeff Walker and he talked about him too). I will have to take a better look at his materials.

      I’m glad to hear you like my podcasts. I’m actually looking at starting a regular interview series as my next product, like an interview of the week club sort of thing on a monthly subscription. I’ve always wanted to do one and I really enjoy the interviews, so hopefully a few more people like them enough to pay a small monthly fee so I can focus on them.

      • Olga


        Great to hear that you are exploring doing more with the Interviews and Podcasts!

        For Brendon’s videos: as a good example, he is right now promoting his Total Product Blueprint program So one gets to watch 3 free videos, you know, the usual drill πŸ™‚ While the material itself would be common sense to you given all your experience, watch out for (a) the incredible enthusiasm, the sky-is-the-limit belief, plus total belief in what he is offering, + (b) note the fact that he is making over $10M a year doing these things. He sure knows how to create and market a whole *** line of products ***! There are his videos on YouTube, too.

        In the 3-hour webcast of his that I watched yesterday, he was talking (among other things) about his plans for 2013 to go into an App direction and develop Apps for his products, in addition to all the other things he is doing. He claimed that one can outsource an App creation for several hundred dollars. Apps are not just for tasks etc, but info products too! As I was listening to him, I thought of a good example I know who implements this strategy: and the talent behind it Susan Miller. She has this website where she puts out free monthly horoscopes. Plus she is very active on Twitter with the same account name. Plus she has a subscription App for iPhones that provides daily horoscopes. Plus she publishes books. Plus she does lots of other things. I.e., *** a whole bunch of products out of very much the same thing.***

        Love the interview podcast idea! What I love about those interviews is that they give an opportunity to hear and learn not just from one person (the blogger himself) but all these different other people, and their successes, their paths to success, in different niches, errors, lessons learnt, etc etc.

  • Rick Resch

    Hello Yaro,
    Good to hear that you have taken back Entrepreneurs-Journey as your own. I considered you the VOICE of EJ, and the other writers and columnists as just fill in. I think of you as the preeminent expert of blogging and only want to listen to you. You can follow numerous people, but if you want to get your information from one person you go to the person that you know the most and you trust. I don’t care if you write less as long as it comes from you.
    I have sold my blog last May and working on some ideas for my next business. I’m presently trying to get a part-time job to pay off some debt and then will start another business.
    I hope your Mother is getting better. I know it must be difficult to see her in such a bad condition. Is she improving? My thoughts are with your Mother and you.
    Take care and I wish you well.

    • My mother is improving, although she faces some pretty big hurdles to get out of the hospital environment. It’s not likely she will ever be home again like normal, she will always need to be cared for, which is unfortunate and very sad. We still have hopes for improvements, and she isn’t depressed or overly sad most of the time, still laughing and enjoying movies etc, so it’s not all bad.

      • Tobias from Costa Rica

        Hey Yaro,
        you might help your mother further with a Healing technique called Quantum Entrainment. May be you have already heard of it. Sounds strange, but here a book that explains it further:

        All the best

  • I’ve been referring to it as “lack of motivation” for a number of years.

    Some days I want to do everything and some days I just want to sit in front of my TV and watch TV. My only solution is to wait until I have one of my motivational days and then do as much work as I can which will hopefully cover me through the ‘bad days’. πŸ™‚

  • Yaro Starak nice to come in contact with you again! Your.This is a very great site you were very helpful during my start up times online( about four years ago),thanks to one of your many resources especially ‘How to start your small internet business’. I read that long before starting my blog and now My passion for writing and netpreneurship is growing gradually around the blog!

    • Hi Emmanuel,

      It’s great to hear from someone who read that first report I ever wrote. It’s an old one, but still has some great tips from my BetterEdit days.

  • Dear Yaro, what an amazingly resourceful and comprehensive post _ I am linking to this now from my blog post, I was in long search of a truly meaningful post and you have given it to me. Enthusiasm: I do nothing without it. Nothing anymore! So well-said. The long tough arduous journey to cash is the most rewarding of all, and I plan to stick to it. Sending your Mum lots of good vibes, she is luck to have such a caring son. Thanks for sharing this post, Yaro, it took a long time to write, you are so kind to put the effort into it.

  • […] You are self-driven and enthusiastic about your work and do not need to be told what to […]

  • Yaro, I am so happy to share with everyone that I got to my first threshold with Adsense weeks ago and I am so happy that my correspondence arrived by post from Google yesterday…This was a journey I started about 4 years ago and Yaro’s material was so instrumental . You can have a look at my blog at
    I have also linked directly from my blog to your blog

  • So nice to have you back, Yaro. And thanks for your synopsis on the ebb and flow of life and business. So many of us are rushing to get to “the end” when there really is no end, just milestones.
    And by the way, 7 year cycles are Saturn cyles. Transiting Saturn (cosmic inspector of hard work) makes a quarter turn in a natal chart about every 7 years.

  • Hi Yaro, i love reading your posts:)
    let me know if you want some help with your tennis! that’s my passion as you know.
    All the best

  • gary


    Just found your stuff on the web. Great stuff! I am reading your blog profits blueprint and have realized i am in the information overload over analysis mode. haha Anyhow I see you are a tennis player that’s awesome. I have taught for 27 years and currently I am in Toronto. If you need any help with your game give me a shout.! Gary

  • Yaro, I just noticed that I’ve been subscribed to EJ since early 2008… That can only be a good thing, as there are many guru lists that I’ve unsubscribed from. However, I’m one of those people that is only interested in the Yaro posts.

    I can relate to the enthusiasm and excitement of building blogs, adding the plugins and getting the theme to do what you want it to. I’ve always done this myself because I enjoy it so much and the hours seem like minutes.

    I think it might be time for me to tinker with a new hobby membership site, because I’m missing the hours of fun I had with the old model train membership site.

    Thanks for the Inspiration Yaro.

    Ian McConnell
    Western Australia

  • David Evans

    Hello Yaro,
    Good to have you back, as it was your voice that drew me here in the first place.

    Right now I’m enthusiastic about realizing my creative vision through writing, acting and painting. I’m working on a one-person show about Robert Burns and I’m trying to figure out where a blog will fit in to the mix and what the value could be to readers instead of simply a public chronicle of my project.

    Good luck with your continuing journey. Relish.

  • I remember someone once said, “Change is the only constant” and this is especially so for those who are working in the SEO and Internet business. We need to be alert and change gear quickly to adapt to the constantly shifting environment. We also need to test and then amend based on the results we get, and then repeat the whole process again. Things may appear rough now, but as long as your fighting spirit is there, I’m sure things will be well again, if not better. Good luck!

  • So glad you mentioned your Mum. I had lost touch with where things were at in that department despite having often thought of you both. Would love a more detailed update at some point.
    Regards – Col.

  • Oops I didn’t read your rules!
    AutomationMan = Colin Sanders :-!)

  • Words that can be put to music that can make a difference in people’s lives. That can tell about injustices in our society that can tell about Jesus our savior. Story lines that help install enthusiasm and hope. My web site is with Yola but I am looking for a new home and effective ways to promote any ideas?

  • Great post Yaro-I love Paulo’s work because he inspires us to find our core and when we do there is no stopping us, we have less fear, more flow and engagement with our work and life generally. I’m totally enthusiastic these days about helping others find their natural rythmn and flow by slowing down,self understanding and having ridiculous goals that I can coach them through.Emotions are so contagious and I find people set conscious goals but don’t clear the emotional debris that keeps them stuck in an old way of being. When they get a vibrational match to their state they just sink further. I help people understand how being and energy principles affects their performance in everything and there is nothing more rewarding than seeing people fly metaphorically speaking.

  • Stewart Kelly

    Hi Yaro,
    Yes, it is very good to have you back. Something was just lacking. Of course I understand with all the changes and challenges you are facing. I pray your Mom will regain her former vibrant health soon.
    I too was struggling with the direction my business was going. I bought into the affiliate marketing idea and fumbled with projects I was more than competent to do but lacked the passion to fully nurture.
    Right now I am going through a process of shedding unwanted domains and regaining the passion I once enjoyed by focusing on some of the travel sites I let languish.

  • * Reading to my child (or any child who makes eye contact) – teaching through stories
    * My experiences with intentional, conscientious parenting and the effort to raise a ‘whole’ child with character
    * Whipping up nutritious, irresistible, vegetarian meals for my child’s lunch box – what a super feeling it is to have your child appreciate your cooking day after day and not crave the possibly tastier-looking, but not necessarily healthy food many of her friends dive into!
    * Writing…about all of the above…besides other things!

  • Pam

    Yaro, so nice that you have taken back EJ. I found myself not as interested in reading the writings of others. No offense to them, but your personal voice and experiences offer something to relate to personally. I am so sorry your mother remains ill. Thanks for sharing about her, as we all care about your troubles! I joined Membership Site Mastermind sev. yrs ago, but never finished it because of one question asked early in the course: What do you want to do? I’m paraphrasing, but it has been a haunting question, the answer to which still evades me. This post about enthusiasm fits perfectly, and I do believe I am coming close to finding the answer. I am enthusiastic about fiber art and quilting. I can stay up late into the night reviewing ‘how-to’ books, articles and online video clips, and I recently spent 5 hours at a local fabric shop picking out the fabrics for my very first quilt, which though small, turned out beautiful. Hopefully my current enthusiasm is real and not just a passing fancy. Good luck with your journey, here’s hoping your future remains bright.

    • It looks like you have a thread there to follow Pam, no pun intended! I do think you need to be careful when it comes to passing fads and hobbies. Enthusiasm is stronger than this. I think a hobby can certain be the passion you build your business on, but the enthusiasm behind goes beyond just having a hit of tennis on weekends, you need to live and breath this stuff every day.

      I can count on one hand the number of subjects I care about to learn and practice every day. They are the things I am most enthusiastic about.

    • Hi Pam,
      My passion happens to be answering this question!
      I agree Yaro – it has to be something you live and breath. But for me it is the people I want to help that I care the most about.
      Rod Stewart – the rock star – sings for his money flow and he obviously loves it. But he also has a hobby so compelling that he rents an entire suit to accommodate the hobby when he is traveling. It is Model Trains. But he does not try and make money from it!
      So the formula if you want to make money from your passion is:-
      To choose something you not only have a passion for; choose something you know a lot of other people ARE willing to spend money on. And that those people are the ones you want to be thinking about for a good chunk of time.
      If you are new to business startup – make sure you choose an area you have previously made money in. Therefore you will have your business brain already working for you.
      Plus, you avoid having multiple learning curves all at once! Lastly, if it is all overwhelming, start TINY from a place where you already have some level of confidence.
      At least you will be building and in motion.
      Here’s to your Creation!
      P.S. Yaro, you were the person who started me on the path of defining ‘following your passion’! You spoke of passion as being either a subject/topic or a process – e.g. it being about ‘the game’ you are playing.

      • I was just reading some of the comments here on this post, and I am glad I did because that’s great advice from you Charyl, to choose an area that you previously made money in.

        Because, although nowaday’s lot’s of things in the Market Place changed a lot, for example years ago when I did sell Products & Services for the – Product Group Electronics –, the Photo Camera’s didn’t yet where all digital and didn’t have Memory Cards in them.

        However, it’s indeed great advice to realise what I previously made money in, like for example realising that besides frequently selling Photo Camera’s, I also sold large volumes of Photo Frames, and lots of other related products

        So I do think that it indeed can be an interesting Startingpoint for a business startup, and for getting your business brain working for you. Being able to make full use of previous experiences. For example even for my own current – Digital Camera Ideas – Blog it might be an interesting idea to also create a special page with a little more focus on things like (Digital) Photo Frames etc. etc.

  • Every seven years? perhaps you were a grasshopper in an earlier life.

  • Glad you’re back. You’re one of the authentic voices that keeps me hanging around the IM circles, instead of stomping off in frustration at being oversold to. Best wishes to your Mum, too. Hope all works out well…

    Interesting about the 7 year cycle you mentioned – 7 years is how long Saturn takes to cycle through your chart (your ‘Saturn Return’), and apparently often heralds turning points.

    • Olga

      Folks who do not read astrology things are typically notably cynical and skeptical about it, and talking to them about it is an exercise in futility. πŸ™‚ I get that. πŸ™‚

      But for those with an open mind, I’d recommend reading forecasts by Susan Miller on She is amazing, to say the least! I’ve been reading her monthly forecasts and books for about eight years and continue to be stunned. I can write a whole book just about accuracy of her forecasts based on my experiences and those of people I know.

      Our destiny is in our own hands, of course. Astrology does not argue with it in any way. But from the astrology standpoint it helps to know when to do things to increase success potential and when not to do things to reduce chances of problems. E.g., don’t buy electronics and sign new contracts during Mercury retrograde.

      Perhaps, Yaro, you are a Pisces. That will help explain financial limitations. πŸ™‚ That cycle is almost over, another month or two! πŸ™‚

      Again, I apologize to folks who do not read astrology things and are cynical and skeptical about it for writing this because I can anticipate their reaction. πŸ™‚

      P.S.: I happen to have a PhD, so certainly plenty of scientific training. Lighten up and have an open mind to various theories and approaches! πŸ™‚

  • Welcome back Yaro! I know you have not been physically away – but what I have found and experienced is that entrepreneurs and the energy of their business is inextricably linked. Where their attention and passion wanes, or their focus is understandably drawn by life’s challenges, so does their business’s focus, passion and attention. It exists … it works … but the spark is not there.

    For me personally, I have loved hearing your voice in this blog, and feeling your journey into caring for your mum. Your compassion inspires me. The other writers have been great, but I found myself looking for your words.

    I agree with your 7 year cycle. This year, (after a 7 year break), I have rediscovered my love and enthusiasm for speaking and mentoring – and not just copywriting for others. I have rediscovered my own voice and not just speaking through the voice of others.

    And I feel like a craftsman picking up their tools after a long break. The joy in creating from scratch, the burst of energy and total immersion in the task – but with deeper wisdom and depth gained from time away.

  • Hey Yaro,
    Good to receive your latest email and hear about all your updates.
    Like you I am a huge fan of Paulo Coelho and frequently post his sayings on our Facebook page. I find him amazingly inspirational.
    Regarding the subject of enthusiasm; I have discovered that since working to look after others, ie. the underprivileged, downtrodden, those with no voice, my enthusiasm for my work has escalated in leaps and bounds.
    I think initially it was the realisation that there are so many people on our planet who are suffering enormously and instead of always thinking about our own needs it becomes altogether a different matter when you’re working for others who are helpless and unable to help themselves.
    We are simply trying to do our bit to help and care for others.
    Hope your Mum gets well soon.

    • There’s a nice piece of perspective there Glynne, a very important insight when it comes to the reality of what you are working on and how much it matters in the big picture. Thanks for sharing.

  • Yaro,

    Good to have you back, I am a Brisbane based as well. so its nice to see people from our corner of the world succeed. Its a interesting thing the 7 year cycle, the assumption is we are a completely new person every 7 years on a celluar level. Although these days I think my motiviation flucuates on a 7 day cycle. I struggle with focus now, there is just so many things to try ….. I am stating to cut back all the noise to focus on just a few projects at a time, .. hopefully completing them successfully before moving on ot the next one.

  • I’m enthusiastic about building a online business that allows me to work from anywhere (I’ve just come back from a 3 month trip in the U.S., Costa Rica and Colombia) and meet awesome people (like Jeff Walker or our common friend Alexis ;-)).

    You were the first person I bought an info product from, you helped me a lot to start, but now I feel you’re not enjoying it anymore and it saddens me.

    You should find a challenge that is bigger than yourself. Something you wake up everyday and want to work for. Might it be your mom, might it be a kid, might it be a new venture, but you’ve got to find something that drives you forward.

    I was wondering, have you read the Lean Startup ?

    I’m starting new web services besides of my info product business and this is the methodology I use. Very powerful.

    • Hi Aurellen,

      I have read, or at least listened to the audiobook of the Lean Startup. Great stuff. I’ve been challenging myself with all kinds of new projects, so there’s no shortage there. The result of this though has been highlighting what I really enjoy doing and what I don’t. There’s no point shooting for a huge outcome if it turns out the industry or the concept itself is not appealing to you.

      I hope you said hello to Jeff and Alexis for me!

  • Yaro- it’s great to have you back, and as someone who has been following your progress more or less since the first Blog Mastermind course in ’07, I enjoyed reading your post-mortem analysis of the past few years.

    Going back to the beginning, you’ve always hammered home your choice that while not everyone needs to feel the same way, you have to be passionate about what you’re doing, and I feel the same way. But it’s true that when goals are taking longer than expected, it’s not easy to keep the same passion level. At that point, you need something to reinvigorate yourself, and a change in direction may be the answer but I find that too often, people make radical changes in direction instead of just adjusting their course slightly.

    So I’m not surprised you ultimately came back to your online roots. That’s where you’ve had the most success. You just need to understand what pulled you away, why you got bored, etc., and see that it doesn’t happen again.

  • Pat

    Hi again Yaro. First, glad to hear your mom is getting better. And that you are finding new enthusiasm for new directions. Always appreciate your insight and wisdom.
    Perhaps the alignment of the stars! LOL but I too am trying to refocus… been trying new things, continuing to work in five directions at once, which often means I am getting some things almost done, but not quite… am distracted by the next shiny “toy” that comes across my path and think that might be the answer! Have several blogs in the works… still plugging away…but nothing is setting me on “fire” if you know what I mean. So my intention is to simply choose one thing and FOCUS…. As Mari Smith said “Follow One Course Until Successful”… my biggest issue is to choose one course because I am interested in dozens… Your suggestion to follow that path that allows the most enthusiasm and passion is a good one. Thanks.

  • From someone who has been around since like you started this blog, I am pretty excited to get you back on the scene.

    Once you are around the block a few times, you don’t often see ‘new info’. And I never read EJ for new info, I read for your take on that info. Other people who wrote for it, I didn’t have that “connection”. And I am sure you’ve heard this before, so I’ll drop it at that.

    So glad to have you back, and look forward to your posts.
    All the best and good luck, Yaro (and here’s prayin a healthy recovery for your mum) πŸ™‚

  • Glad you’re back, Yaro ~ I’ve missed your insights and cogent remarks. Your “enthusiasm” thread is one I’ve been interested in for quite a while; in fact, this touches very closely to an idea I shared in my new book. You can download it for free on my web site πŸ™‚ Would love to hear your thoughts on it as I imagine it’s very close to those you shared here.

    Wishing you the best as you head into new winds — and much delight for the next parts of your journey.

  • Hi Yaro,
    Just finished your article and particularly appreciated a couple of things.
    So glad to hear someone speak out about the massive belief that ‘Quick, easy money’ can be made online without work. It is an attitude that takes us way off course and I confess to buying into it in the beginning.
    I think that the resistance to work is one’s subconscious saying that we are not following our ‘enthusiasm, strengths and passion’ in work – therefore it is not fun.
    When I read about your Language Identifier concept I realized that I have just done that ‘accidentally’. I have been refining a ‘formula’ or defining principles to help others tap into exactly what you are talking about in this post. So in the spirit of your identifier (L.I.) I want to share my new name.
    You Genius Zone!
    What do you think?
    I just believe so strongly that everyone who wants to start a business has this crossover point where their strengths, talents, skills and past successes/experience converge – that IS their unique Genius Zone. It should be natural to gravitate towards this point – except we have all been taught to ignore our own truth and follow someone else’s.
    This, I believe, is why you are so well regarded – you are about tuning in to oneself!
    Thanks for your thoughtful and strong message.
    Cheryl Hill

    • Genius Zone sounds pretty good Cheryl, I think I have even heard it before somewhere. I also like “Flow”, which I suppose the act of tapping into your genius zone.

  • HI Yaro,

    I been following you for years and glad you are back to EJ.

    Funny how you say outsource technology πŸ˜‰ Im the opposite, I outsource my writing.


  • i like this line ” If you come up with particularly good phrases, then other people will adopt them too, and suddenly your idea has become part of a common language within your community.”

    i totally agree with that. In fact, even just saying catchy words to people can inspire them.

    I have so many passions right now, but recently I find my self so much into movies. Since I’m also into blogging and I want to practice my English, I created a new blog about movies. I don’t know when I’m going to have extra money from it but what’s important for me now is to do what I’m enthusiastic to do.

  • I feel my enthusiasm fading. Not for what I am passionate about, just being able to run a successful blog on the subject. I have poured my heart and life into this for the past 9 months and I am not getting any feedback on my efforts. When do you decide to keep going or fold. I want it to work so bad but I have nobody that will tell me the truth about the direction I am going, so some days I just stumble around in the dark and hope I hit on something. I am a professional organizer by trade as well as a published author. I am just not sure my passion for organizing or writing fiction means that I am a good blogger πŸ™‚

    • Hello “Hey Yaro”, that’s an interesting name you have there.

      Whenever someone is struggling after many months to build an audience I always ask – what are you doing to bring attention to your work?

      You can’t make any conclusive decisions until you at least do some form of marketing. Nothing happens if people don’t have a means to discover your blog in the first place.

    • Hi Hey Yaro,

      Agree with Yaro – interesting name… How about this.

      I started fooling around on the Internet more than 5 years ago (web sites). When the economy drop later hit the world I had this vision to get into internet marketing (part time) and for it to be a great success. I started blogging (very strange concept for me at that stage) – luckily I stumbled onto a blog of Yaro’s.

      No big success yet – but I learned a lot and gained experience. Only now I am ready for the big things and can see it happening. So – never loose enthusiasm.

      If things are not going the way you want it – you are doing something wrong. Find out what and change it…

      All the best and keep going…

  • Hi Yaro,

    Best wishes for your Mom and you.

    Thanks for your enthusiasm, and guidance.

    I’ve read a great deal of your writing,

    Keep Going !!! Scott Erickson

  • Vicky

    Best wishes to your Mom, Yaro. She sounds like quite a lady and isn’t allowing this to get her down. My friend had a couple of brain bleeds a few months back, died three times, came back and is now the life of the rehab facility she is in. We get to see videos of her first steps, her great smile and now she is skipping. Each little step is a miracle in itself.

    I would also like to say that I am happy you are back. It is like Back to the Future, eh? You return to your past to create something new and amazing. I have loved your blogs and use them to inspire me to continue. My own enthusiasm comes from the idea that one day I will write something that will help others……to lift them up and allow them to see the possibilities in their own lives.

    This is a wonderful post that reminds me why I do the things I do and makes it easier to “feel” the direction I need to go.

    Well done.

  • Yaro, I’m so glad you are back! You are one of my strongest motivators, honestly. I have taken (and am still involved with) two Internet Marketing courses, both of them very good, but after finding EJ, I come here more than I go there. Your advice has helped me so much.
    I feel for your mother and you, as it is so hard to go through these types of things, but I’m glad to hear she’s improving. My thoughts are with you both.

  • Thank you Yaro for reminding me and everyone about the significance of enthusiasm. I agree with your view that ultimately having fun is REALLY important.

    Thanks and Wish you all the best.

  • It’s great to have you back writing on a regular basis, Yaro. I agree, people want to hear YOUR voice on your blog. Having just read your most recent post, I can see that your blog title is a true reflection of what you do best. You write it just as it is…an entrpreneur’s journey. It’s an honest voice that comes from the heart. I hope your future projects are as successful as your past projects.

  • KA

    It’s true, it’s great when you are so absorbed in something that you lose track of time… and usually that’s because it interests you and you believe in it. Kind of like reading a good book which is something I love to do, and in fact I’ve been building a blog/website related to this.

  • Hi Yaro, its the first time i am visiting your blog and i am really impressed. I am also a professional essay writer and I agree to your outlook on enthusiam and motivation to work. It is very important that people love the work they are doing, otherwise it leads to dissapointing results.

  • Hi Yaro
    Iv been reading your blog for some time now and I thought it was about time I show my appreciation of your work!
    Your posts never fail to inspire and this is yet another great article and one that I can very much relate to.
    I have used a lot of your guidance in the process of creating my soccer blog, which of course is a result of my enthusiasm for the sport and creating a site that inspires other others, and it is great that you are taking full control of EJ once again!
    ‘The Alchemist’ has been a great influence in my life too, as has ‘The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success’ by Deepak Chopra who refers to your ‘Personal Legend’ and ‘Purpose in Life’ as finding your ‘Dharma’!
    I agree that our enthusiasm is what we should all follow if we want to be satisfied in life and consequently successful!!
    Thanks Yaro and best wishes for you and you family

    • Hi Luke, thanks for popping up and writing a comment. I really do appreciate hearing when people have benefited from my writing over the years.

      I’ve been meaning to look more at Chopra’s writing. I’ve been to one of his events and read one book, but there’s a lot more out there to take a look at. Perhaps I can give my new kindle some Chopra love!

      Good luck with your soccer blog – that’s surely a topic with a large audience.


  • Lynn

    Hi Yaro,
    I am not a blogger. Yet. But I really do enjoy your writing style. In fact that has been what holds me back – my lack of confidence in writing the way I want to say something. It does not come easy. Especially since I know what good writing is and I rarely meet that expectation. But I really appreciate the gift when someone has it. You have it. Thank you for sharing your words and work.


  • Welcome back Yaro!

    You have been missed. Glad to see you back and I hope your mother really starts to do much better. I took care of both of my parents and it is a full-time job when they are ill.

    I understand your frustration with people who want to make money NOW…by any means possible. But you are getting a lot of traffic from the US and that may be the key to the issue. We don’t have the safety nets that Europe or the people down-under enjoy. Ditto Canada. Our safety nets have been shredded to bits. Our minimum wage is so weak that the jobs displaced workers are being offered are not even subsistence. $8-9 an hour in an area like NYC???? You’ve got to be kidding! People are losing their homes and the banks won’t refinance people like me who would benefit tremendously from the dirt cheap interest rates. That would be a lifeline, but I can’t get it. We have a lassiez faire policy with a bunch of tea party radicals who are happily throwing the average American to the wolves.

    What you are seeing is probably not greed – it’s gut wrenching fear. People need money and they need it fast. Unfortunately this results in predatory behavior – hence your comment on how people are marketing themselves. You are the real deal – but there are a lot people feeding on the desperation of others out there.

    The world is scary right now…most people can not summon their better angles when they are scared….

  • Thanks Yaro as always for being so transparent in your writing and the message.

    Dwight Anthony
    Financially Elite Blog . com

  • Corinne

    So pleased to “hear’ your voice online again. Very much missed. Leslie’s feeds come through all the time – but your voice is the one I want to hear. Keep writing. And thanks for returning.

  • Hi,
    I would like to thank you EVER SO MUCH for this blog. Almost everything I know about blogging comes from these pages. I definitely did learn a lot, and mostly for free. So I do feel that I owe you something.
    Please keep up with the good work ans post often.
    P.S. I’ve been on your newsletter list for over a year now and read all your pre-set messages. I do not receive them any more ( I guess they only last for a year), and I do miss these tips. I even considered unsubscribing and re-subscribing so that I could have a second read πŸ™‚

  • I was glad to see you changed back to running your site yourself. EJ is not EJ without you. and you found that out. I wanted to read what YOU wrote, not others because I came here because and for you, not others. You have a unique and VERY insightful approach this business and that’s why I came here in the first place.
    Sorry to hear your Mum is not rehabilitated, but she has an awesome son who can be there for her. Which many don’t have even though they have sons.

    This is the first time I’ve been back in months, almost a whole year because it wasn’t you. I’m glad you are back!!!

  • I loved this . . .

    “Quick, easy money. It really doesn’t exist, or if it does, it’s not legal or doesn’t last very long.”

    Most people ignore the reality that the majority of people do what is easy and as a result of this, the majority of people are living lives of quiet desperation.

    If making millions were easy, everyone would be making millions. But it is easy to make $15-50K a year and that why the majority of people (at least here in America) are doing just that.

    I think a more accurate term for better ways of doing what it takes to succeed is EASIER – Easier than being broke, easier than feeling sorry for yourself, easier than being seen as a disappointment in the eyes of those who need you to be a hero.

    I commend you Yaro for shining light on the hard to swallow truths about what it takes to make it in business. πŸ™‚

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