The Membership Site Masterplan Is Now Available

Membership Site Mastermind Is Open
Again From March 2010

My coaching program on how to launch your own information product online is opening for a new intake of members from March 2010

If you want to work with me to launch your information product online and you have some money to invest in your education, click the link below

Membership Site MasterplanIt’s been a long time coming, but my latest free report is live and ready to download.

The Membership Site Masterplan is a walk through of all the ingredients necessary to make money with an online membership site, based on the model I used to launch two six-figure membership sites in the last two years.

You can download your complimentary copy from here –

What Is In The Masterplan?

The Masterplan is a content report. By that I mean I wrote it to be a standalone document that provides real value, and is not just a light lead-in report that essentially only promotes a product, and isn’t going to teach you anything helpful.

Of course the reason why I invested so much time to produce this report and give it away for free is because I expect many of you to read it and then decide that you would like to take my membership site coaching program too, but that’s entirely optional.

The Masterplan is a solid guide to my system for launching successful membership sites. In the report I take you through the following process:

  • How to find topics for a membership site
  • How to develop preeminence, which means people choose to join your membership site over all the other options
  • What sources of traffic I use to bring members to my site and build my list
  • What technology I use to deliver content (this is so simple, anyone can do it)
  • How to make money from a membership site BEFORE you create the content for it
  • How to fill your membership site with hundreds of new members in a matter of days by conducting a powerful, yet simple, launch campaign

and much more…

Click Here to download the Masterplan

My Simple Formula

The Masterplan shows you exactly how to set yourself up with the right conditions so when you launch a membership site you have a crowd of very hungry people ready to join. It will teach you how you can get started quickly (you can open before you create most of your site content), how much you should charge, how you can conduct a strategic launch, and so much more.

There is one key difference, and I believe this is the real power behind my system, which makes what I do different from most other membership site trainers.

Most people get caught up with the technology they can use to deliver their site. Technology has been the biggest roadblock for me and I expect for you too. Because of this over the past two years I’ve been constantly changing parts of my membership site process to make it as SIMPLE as possible.

I like simple. I’m not looking to get everything perfect or have all the cool features that membership site scripts can offer. I just want to deliver value to as many members as I can get as quickly as I can with as little hassle as possible. Plus I’m focused on setting it up to be an automated system so once it’s created I don’t have to work hard to make good money.

If you’re looking for a program that makes the technology challenge as simple as possible, you want the quickest path to success and you’re committed to finally creating a long term stable business, read this report.

The Membership Site Masterplan Download Page

Isn’t It Time You Produced A Product?

One of the biggest mistakes I made with my online business was waiting so long to release a product of mine own.

The next mistake I made was taking so long to realize that a membership site is the best product to sell online.

Learn from my hindsight, commit to releasing a product this year and make it a membership site.

If you’re a blogger, then you are in a particularly good situation since you can use your blog as a launchpad for your membership site. Since you are already familiar with blogging tools like WordPress, which is what I use to store the content of my membership sites, you have another advantage.

You don’t need to have a blog to make this work of course, but if you’re into blogging and you’re going to create your own product, then this is definitely the best product-creation training to take since it’s created by a blogger (that’s me).

Membership Site Mastermind Next Class

I’m opening the doors again to my training program, Membership Site Mastermind, inviting you to participate in an intensive course to get your membership site or information product up and running.

As preparation for the class, please read the Masterplan and leave me your feedback as a reply comment to this post. I’d love to know what you think of the report and I want to see you succeed with your own product this year.

Click Here to download the Masterplan

Yaro Starak

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Yaro Starak is the author of the Blog Profits Blueprint, a report you can download instantly to learn how to make $10,000 a month, from only blogging 2 hours per day. You can find Yaro on Facebook, Twitter and .

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  • Hi Yaro,

    It seems that you cover a lot in this report.

    Membership sites can help you to make a lot of money, there are many advantages. I think the tedious part is creating the content if you are doing it yourself.

    Some people don’t have a membership site in place because they don’t know how to set it up, but if you don’t know then you can hire someone… the most important thing is to get it going, as you said it has not have to be perfect.

    I have my membership site, but I’ll download your report because I am sure I’ll learn something from it 🙂

    ^PV Reymond

    • Hi there Reymond, Membership site/ Life/Business like an elephant, must all be eaten one small bit at a time.

      Isn’t it great we have such an awesome teacher that makes it a lot easier than you and I doing it all alone?

      I love your site by the way. Easy to understand, read, enjoy.

      I’m off to read more of your informative site. 🙂


    • Dear Yaro, Your mastermind is full of really good information for me, unfortunately I am so brand new at this stuff that I have never even posted to a blog much less have one, I am a single mother of an 8 year old boy with somedevelopemental problems all though you would not kow it considering how active he is, he has problems in school and needs lots of help. Any way my problem with doing this business is that I don’t understand some of the terms, I have no money either and when I say no money I don’t mean I only have a few thousand or a few hundred dollars I mean I have maybe a dollar or so in change in my purse but that is it. I have severe Fibromyalgia and I cannot work outside the home, we live in a camp trailor and have lived on 450.00 a month for the last year. I need to make money so badly and I spend hours onthe net trying tofigure out how to do all of this stuff it takes money though and I have none, I have no blog and no website,no one knows who I am so I can’trecommend any products to antone so it is going to take me months to make any money, my car broke down and I need money now, I live in the country and can’t get anywhere without one. So those are my issues, I am learning alot and I found a site that teaches html so I’m learning that too. I hope I did not bore you with my long winded answer.


      Lisa Enoch

      • Hi Lisa, I am in the same boat as you are only I ‘m living on social security. If you stick with Yaro you will learn an awful lot from him. He gives out lots of free information which is very helpful. I print out all his info and keep it all in a file to refer back to from time to time. He will help you step by step. He takes you by the hand and tells you how to set up membership sites.I do am new to all this. I had been buying things as I could afford them which wasn’t often. But I will swear on a stack of bibles that NO ONE will tell you things Yaro does and for free. He really wants to help us. I started a blog and now I have 11 blogs running. I dont make a ton of money right now but Its more than before I started listening to Yaro. My advise is to listen to everything he tells you and use that info. Good luck.

        • Hello Louise, thank you for responding to my reply on Yaro’s blog. How did
          > you start a blog? I can’t think of a topic anyone would be interested in. I
          > so need to get this going, thank God for the internet huh. I really
          > appreciate you telling me all this about yaro, it helps me feel better about
          > the direction I’ve decided to take with regards to working from home. I hope
          > you start making lots more money, I know how hard it is to live on such a
          > limited income, if it weren’t for some friends who let us live on their
          > property I don’t know what we would do. If you would like to start emailing
          > each other I think that would be great, I will get you my email address but
          > I don’t know how to do that without putting it on the blog for everyone to
          > see. If you do, let me know ok. It would be nice to have someone to talk to,
          > other than my sisters, who are in the same sitch I am.
          > Sincerely,
          > Lisa

          • If you’re struggling just make your basic wage each week then I don’t suggest you join my paid programs – I wouldn’t want you to put that much pressure on yourself.

            My programs are ideal when you have some money you can invest into education, which for most people is usually just a case of switching what they might spend on renting DVDs or going to the movies or eating junk food each week and instead using that money on things that will make yourself a better person.

            What you don’t want to do is buy into a coaching program when it’s your “last chance” of getting out of the situation you are in. That’s just not a healthy amount of pressure to put yourself in. Keep a job and use the spare cash left over after you pay your bills, rent and buy your fruit and veg each week, to buy into education programs based on what you want to do with your life.

            If you don’t have the money, then keep using all the free info I, and many other bloggers and Internet marketers release. My free reports, like this one – the Masterplan – have enough info in them that you can start making money. You can then reinvest what you make into more training if you choose to.

            That’s exactly what I did when I wasn’t making much money. What I earned online went back into making more online.

          • Yaro that’s one righteous and honorable reply of yours to these folks in a tight spot who just need to make cash now. I was very glad to see it.

            You make clear that you care about people. That unlike many marketers, you’re not desperate or grasping for every last cent out of potential customers. And that you trust in the Universe to provide you with win/win situations in life because you bring to the plate good intentions and expert guidance.

            Peace and blessings to you, & all seeking a better life.
            Rev. Scott Ufford

          • Hello Yaro:
            I have read the plan and need more info as to how to integrate it with my products for which I amm targeting my marketing to the bald community. You can see some of my designs on the scroller at the top of my landing page. I ‘m thinking about forming a club membership of $29-39 for one year that gives the member a free t-shirt and discounts on future purchases for one year and, if they refer a friend that joins than give them another t-shirt. It would be a carry-over from the design you will see called the Naked Head Surf Club.

            Please reply on my email to let me know your thoughts,
            Thank you, Allen Cox

          • I think Yaro said it correctly right here. Don’t start one of these programs to make a living and feed your family. Try it out in conjunction with your normal job in order to see if it works for you.

            Remember: there is no guarantee that you will be a success with this. Be realistic.

            However, it’s certainly a nice concept to pursue — with a lot of hard work. Don’t get into this for an easy, quick buck. It doesn’t work that way, nothing in life does.

            Yaro, I’ll be watching with interest.

            — mookie

          • Hi Yaro,

            I have only recently started my own blog and must say I am incredibly impressed with the information you supply for free. As you mentioned in one of your audio programs the reason so many of us start blogs and never make anything of them is because we get the “information overload”. Thanks to you, I feel much more on track of where to sink my energies and I know as long as I listen to your planned out strategy, eventually I will see results. It has been a week and I am very excited about it all as I can really see it actually coming together.

            I even wrote up a strategy next to my mirror so I am reminded everyday of what I must do!

            You are also such a likeable guy, so honest and genuine. I have spent a small fortune on products over the past year and I must say I have never received so much information for free. I had to pay $100’s of dollars for what you simply showed on a video in easy to understand language. It is so nice of you to share your knowledge and not be greedy. Most internet marketers to market products about internet marketing do only that. They offer no support or help once you get stuck.

            Thank you for giving everyone in the world a chance to make it – even those with smaller budgets!

            Love your work! 🙂


          • Hi Yaro,

            Firstly I would like to pass on a long overdue thank you, to you and Gideon too, for the time and effort you put into teaching guys just like me, how to create, and successfully run a blog.

            That you are genuine, honest Good Guys of the Blogging World is apparent by way you give your time without demand, just happy to see people succeed in Blogsesphere Land.

            Believe me when I say I have read, downloaded,and filed every thing that you have emailed to me thus far,- and currently enjoying reading your Membership Site Masterplan.
            Looking forward to your next Mini Email course-No 4?

            I am now at the stage where I have everything in place to create my own blog.
            However battling with a few areas that I don’t understand?

            By the way please tell Angela that it is possible to use Pay Pal to pay for your Domain Name and web host, though I know Gideon doesn’t recommend this method.

            I am sincere when I say keep up the good work.


      • Val

        Hi Lisa,

        I am now worried about you and your boy………… Yes, I have been there!
        Why not have a free blog page to tell the world about your home life and your son……….. If I was now a young mum I would certainly look to other mums to help me with the stress I had with my over active son at that time……… There are so many things you can talk about each day and ask for feed back………… This might be a start to be able to sell Yoraks book and get yourself an autoresponder like aweber to start your list of friends who will support you in your venture………. We are all out here and you are not alone in your situation……….. Take care of yourself and your son……………… It will all come together………… Another Idea is how about asking a few mums to each have a part of the blog to start you all off on the web?

        Take care Val

      • Hi, Lisa, I can understand this situation. I think that if you wrote a blog about fibromyalgia and how to cure it or developmental problems in schooling and how to solve them, you would have a lot of readers and you would be “into” the subject matter too. I have started a newspaper-themed blog about my local area, and someone asked me recently what my “budget” was, and I told the truth – there is no budget, because I didn’t put money into it – only the cost of the wordpress theme – the Gabfire theme – actually. The problem I have now is how to monetize it. I am learning from Yaro Starak what some of the possibilities are, and I am interested in adsense and affiliate marketing because they have no upfront costs at all.

      • Lisa: A question and a suggestion.

        The question is: Have you identified what you want to blog about? It would be ideal if it was a topic that has numerous potential affiliate opportunities, products, companies wanting to advertise, etc (thinking down the road a bit).

        Then, having identified your topic, there are numerous ways to start a blog for free – i.e., which you can then very cheaply move over to your own WordPress blog on a hosted site – for instance, on HostGator – when you’re able.

        The suggestion is: There are GENUINE opportunities to earn money online doing surveys, etc. None of them will make you wealthy, but if you have some spare time and you need an extra $50 to $100 a month to invest in programs like Yaro’s to take you to the next level, they’ll do that for you.

        Check out: – which I found by Googling the phrase “make money online for free”. Looks like there are some possibilities here.

        You’re in a real “bootstrap” situation, starting from “ground zero”, as you know better than anyone. But the good news is that it can be done and it doesn’t take genius – just determination.

        Good luck!

    • What do you mean by “release your own product” are you talking about your own blog or your own how to information? I know I need to start up a membership site, I currently have no members so I do need to read your report on this but I want to know about this “your own product ” thing first.
      I don’t have a product to sell, I do have a blog started but I also don’t know how to get people to see it, it’s pretty controversial.

      • Lisa – a product is something you sell online, like a membership site that might be $50 a month in exchange for a series of videos or lessons each week you remain a member. Or it might be a one time payment for an ebook.

        A product is anything you create that you then sell online.

  • Downloading it now! Can’t wait to read it as you always produce amazing quality 😀

  • Good stuff Yaro. The content in the report is a very solid base for launching any membership site.

    • Absolutely, the report is fantastically solid advice!

      I’m just getting started with building online communities at present so the report could not have come at a better time.

      PS: I loved the interview you did with Yaro as well, well done. I wish you and Yaro your site all the best for continued success.

  • Thanks. I can’t believe it was free =)

  • I like how you have a couple of places for us to download that plan. I know you are giving it away but I also wanted to know how big is the file?

    • Thank you Yaro. I downloaded it last night and have started to read it. It is very thorough. Good Job.


    • The PDF is 72 pages and about 1.7 MB.

      The MP3 is 2hrs 45mins and about 76 MB.


  • fabules stuff thanks dear………………….

  • download it now…thanks very much 🙂

  • Another great product Yaro. Good read.

  • Thanks, Yaro! I read your ebook last night (my time) when it came via email. I had been looking for information about how to set up an affiliate program and was glad to see you covered quite a bit about different programs that are available – great read!


    Hi Yaro, have you found out yet that the first link in your book is misspelled?

    The Actual link Entrepreneurs-Journey, is spelled “entrepreMeurs”…, Leading to “address not found” kinda thing.

    Hope this helps, and that you can fix it before thousands more download it.

    Your BIG fan,


  • I am already wanting more info!! What plugins do you use for wordpress to create the membership sites? You recommended Easy wordpress in a previous post – is that still good? How about memberwing? wishlistmember?

    I love wordpress and have been trying to figure out my next venture – I think a membership site is it!

    • That’s the great thing Julie – my system is so simple I don’t even use a membership site plugin. That just creates extra layers that you need to look after and set up.

      You might want the extra features, but I find it just slows you down to getting your site out there making money.

      • Hi Yaro,

        Thanks for the great input and inspiration!

        I would like to reply to this issue because I am still a little bit puzzled.
        If you don’t use a plugin, then how do you actually protect the (WordPress) membership content? Which software component makes the login popup appear? Do you manually receive payments and email back passwords that you generate yourself?


        • Hi Waldemar,

          I use a standard directory password protection system to protect members content. The automation for passwords is through an email autoresponder.

          If you want to see all the tiny details your best bet is to take my course as I have plenty of videos in there that show you everything. If you still can’t figure it out after that, you can ask me directly on one of the coaching calls I do for members.

  • Em…Yaro i have seen your Email and now i will answer your question in the Email.
    About Materplan,I think if a blog want to make money it must have a large readers like John Chow.A big blog with a little reader can not earn money i’m afraid.
    I think the greatest chanllenge is i do not have a such a group readers like Chow.I want to build my membership but i can not find the way to success.
    Thank you here

    • Hey Bati, when I first launched my membership site I had 3000 people on my email list. I think anyone who picks a good niche and delivers some value for free can build up a list of 3000 people.

      It takes some work, but it’s not hard, and then you have a platform for a membership site launch.

  • Yaro,

    Great product Yaro… I really like the prelaunch information you have put in here, the most valuable I have read so far.


  • 1. Fantastic Yaro – I’ve listened to nearly all of the audio. Having also done Ryan Deiss’ Continuity Blueprint, I feel that your introduction here has gone into much greater detail. The fact that you are offering an actual coaching program, not a “home study course” is also very appealing.

    2. I feel my greatest challenge has been not knowing who to bounce my ideas off to get feedback as to which “idea” will work best. Content creation is another blockage – but I know I could outsource a lot or even go with “specialist contributors” ….. so I’m probably suffering from a bit of analysis paralysis…. lol!

    • Hi Jodie, you do sound like you would benefit from someone giving you a little guidance and affirmation of what direction to follow so as to reduce the confusion.

      Group coaching calls are good for that 🙂

  • I was privileged to receive an ‘advance’ copy of your wonderful report, and think it was the best report on running membership sites that I’ve read all this year – or even in the last 3 years!

    A longer review of the report is on my blog, but I’ll sum it up by saying this is a MUST-READ report if you have even a remote idea of setting up a membership program, either now or even in the future.

    Thank you for sharing such valuable content with us – for free.

    All success

  • H.R

    I have listened to your report.
    I am weighing your advice. I need to digest your information, I guess. But thanks for your honest information.

  • Very informative. I’m still having trouble seeing how a membership site will work for my movie review site though. If I can come up with a way to make it relevant (and possibly come up with a service and/or product), perhaps I can make it work.


  • Hi Yaro,

    Have read many free reports, the information looked very similar, particularly what was said about membership sites and particularly what was said about aMember, then Butterfly marketing, and so on. Can’t remember if I saw that here or elsewhere.

    I think the report would have had more value for me if it had demonstrated how you were making WP a membership website, and the type of content that goes up, but I’m guessing you’re saving that for your membership website on how to create membership websites =D

    Thanks again, will continue to read your other reports, God-willing.

    best regards,

    • I didn’t want to put too much technical detail into the repor Siraaj, although my system is so simple you won’t believe it.

      Technology, though you might think it important, is not top of the list of critical ingredients. Anyone can set up a membership site, but only those who have a strategy can fill it with members.

  • Just a thanks for now Yaro — downloading now and excited to see what you have to say

  • jaive

    Hi Yaro,
    I love the stuff you do, your blog and the free e-books that are packed with great information and are free!!!!

    I want to particpated in your programs (especially the blog master mind one) but here lies my problem, i don’t know how to pay. I don’t have a credit card and i come from a country (papua new guinea) where it is not easy to get a credit card.

    Please let me know if there is another way of paying (etc TT) that you may except.

    • Hi Jaive – this course is going through Clickbank for payment, so right now that’s the only option I have for you.

      If there was enough demand I’d offer alternatives, but besides yourself no one else has asked.

  • Nice report. Have you looked into using Joomla for a membership site?

    They have a free membership site component which looks pretty good, but haven’t tried it yet myself.

    • Hi Mike,

      I have a friend who is a tech geek and loves Joomla. I’m not into adding more to the mix than I need to, so I’ll stick to WordPress.

      • With the right knp-how of wordpress anyone can tune it for any type of sites. also there are many aviailable plugins for the none tech-gurus to use.

        thumbs up Yaro. your report was a refreshing one for me.

  • Amazinggg Yaro………..
    As i am new to blogging, I’ve got a bunch of information on how to start a blog by reading your posts.
    Thank you Yaro.

  • jaive

    So if i am the only one, does that make me unique enough to be considered for other alternative forms of payment 🙂

    I’m working on a blog and am currently lining up direct advertisers for it. once i have enough to meet the unbelievable requirements of banks in this country and get myself a credit card, I’ll be taking part in your coaching programs.

    But, i have learnt alot from you work.


    • Good luck Jaive, and hopefully one day every country will be qualified to use Clickbank and PayPal.

  • Yaro,
    I found your free report to be very informative. It has inspired me to try and create my own membership site. What do I think will be the greatest challenge for me? Creating marketable content. My area of passion is gaming and technology, and I just can’t think of anything to come up with in this niche group that would be considered membership site content.
    Thanks again,

  • Yaro,

    I have been reviewing your Masterplan for a Membership site and I must say that for me this is right on time. I just emailed Mark Ling last week about resources to get this business model setup. The report is very detailed and it helped to hear some of the pitfalls your experience, so that I can benefit from the wisdom. I love the fact that you want to keep this system as simple as possible by using wordpress plugins (small investment $).

    My greatest challenges would be maintaining the customer contact, doing the launch marketing, email list setup. Having an email list scares me, personally. Although, I would want to keep hands off as much as possible. And if I don’t complete the content prior to launch, then I would have to keep checking back and forth on what clients want.

    I know this is a proven system and it doesn’t seem like this is a high risk model, so I’m sure with guidance I could overcome these challenges.

    • Hi Monique, if you want to base a business on contact with other human beings, then a list is the best way to do it, so you’re going to have to get over that fear at some point.

      It’s actually quite a lot of fun having your own tribe who benefit from their relationship with you.

  • My biggest challenge is I’m unable to hear anything audio because I’m deaf. So I cannot comment on your audio of the masterplan, I’ve downloaded the book still to read it Only downloaded last night. I’ve not tried a membership site yet still to look into that. I’ve been working on learning how to create blogs. created my first blog for Friends of the Cat. I’ve just recently done 160 blog posts for a someone else, still got to work out how to make money from blogs. I’m learning one day at a time.

    • Hi Cynthia – Hopefully you had a chance to read the text version.

      I’ve had queries from deaf people about getting transcripts of my podcasts. This time I made sure I had both text and audio available at launch.

  • Yaro,

    Thanks for sending the plan. It does have a great deal of information, in fact it will take a bit for me to digest.

    Concerns? My biggest is that my expertise and “preemiscience” is about writing. How could I possibly offer something on a membership site that is already being done on literally thousands of free sites?


  • Great report Yaro. I wrote a review in my about it.

    There were many good tips in the ebook. I liked the triggers part the most. One point that made me to think was:

    “Some people offer 150% money back guarantee”

    That is something I haven’t seen in any sales page till today. Maybe I will spot one soon.

    One more thing:

    When I do a Google search for membership site masterplan, your download page comes first. This might affect your list building for this membership site. Just wanted to let you know about it.

    • I meant “I wrote a review in my blog” and not “I wrote a review in my about it”.

    • Thanks for pointing out that Google issue – I think we have it solved now.

  • Hi Yaro,

    I cannot wait and read this amazing report yesterday. I think that is great and have good basis of information how to create membership site. Because I am at the level for preparing of membership site, and already have tried Word Press Wish List and Butterfly marketing and I think that this 2 technology is great. But also I want to mention your model with WP, Auto responder and Click Bank because I am following Become A Blogger Premium training and already play with similar technology and know that this functioning very well.

    Best regards and thank you for this great report.

  • Hi Yaro, I am interested to know the price of your coaching program so I can prepare the fund for it before hand. If it is inconvenient to announce it here, plz drop me a mail, would you?

    Many Guru’s coaching program is over-priced like $97 a month, it really is a burden especially for newbies. I am from Malaysia, we experienced big burden from foreign exchange. If priced at $97 then it won’t be affordable for many people.

    • Hi Kiatic, I realize it’s tough for people in countries who have a weak cross-rate currency with the US dollar. Of course the benefit for you is you make USD online as well, so you don’t need as much to live comfortably.

  • Thank you, I’m downloading now. I guess it’ll be useful for me

  • fas

    Superb book there Yaro. Loved it, cant wait for the site masterplan to launch.


  • Hi Yaro,

    I thought it was a good report. It sets out what to do pretty clearly.

    One gap. What if I don’t have a popular (over 500 readers) blog? Should I build the blog before launching a membership site?

    I ignore testimonials – who’s going to publish bad comments?

    If people followed this I think they have a good chance of having a successful membership site. I do wonder about the difference between people starting from where I am (low traffic blog) and people starting from where you were (high profile already). This applies to all the marketing advice – building a list, alliances with other bloggers and so on. At the end there are stories referred to of people who made it quickly – I wonder if they were starting from little profile.

    I’m glad it includes transcripts of the videos. I’m very text based and videos are just a huge waste of time for me.

    Overall I think it is a great report. My only problem is how much it applies to those starting from no or low profile.

    • LOL, I love how I used your testimonial in the Blog Profits Blueprint Evan considering the comment you just made.

      Of course no one is going to publish negative proof, but having positive proof is better than no proof, so testimonials are critical.

      You don’t necessarily need to blog before launching a membership site, but you will need to build a list. You don’t have to be famous, but you do have to have a means to communicate with people if you want to sell them something.

      Go to work and get yourself a list of 3000 subscribers and you have a great base to launch a membership site. If you can get to 10-20 new subscribers per day it won’t take long to get to 1000 and then 3000.

      A blog can be one way to get there, or Pay Per Click, or joint ventures.

      That’s like saying do I have to be famous before I can get famous. Unless you are born lucky, everyone has to do something in order to get where they want to go.

  • Judex Jones

    Hi There All,
    Well I haven’t finished the report yet, but here goes so far.

    I always knew that I wanted to have a membership site I just didn’t know how to go about it.
    Now I almost accidentally do!!
    Shall I explain accidentally? Well I accidentally stumbled into Yaro’s site before Xmas while trolling for something else. So tadah here I am.

    Not knowing the technology I needed to start was my biggest challenge.However this report helps to alleviate some of that fear and it saves me the time and energy on research that I would much rather be putting into something else.

    While I am not sucked in by the promises of riches, I just want to share what I have and make enough money to pay the rent and buy books and vodka, I think that the level of info is astounding and beyond what we have come to expect from similar promotions and that strangely instills a sense of confidence and trust.

    I wait for one perfect day to start.
    Yaro says, “Just start.”
    So I will, with Yaro.
    Good report Yaro.
    I can’t wait to finish the rest.
    I give you two koala bear stars and one hairy nosed wombat.

  • Yaro, I just finished a post about you and your lasted product, the membership mastermind. Take a look and tell me what you think. I wrote this post under 30 minutes.
    I’ve downloaded and printed my copy. I will consuming the whole stuff this weekend.

  • hi Yaro.. thanks for your free report I’ve just download it. When I read your email about this free report from my mobile gmail, i searched for internet cafe immediately cause i know your report will help me to comprehend internet business…
    wish you all the best with the new masterplan

  • […] on his latest post recommends Yaro Starak’s membership masterplan. Shoemoney make close to 3 million in the year that he charged 19.9 dollars for six months on his […]

  • Hi Yaro,
    I am about to launch my first ebook but having listened to your report-and actually because I am going through your BlogMastermind the same question came up for me and that is should I offer my ebook free as you do or perhaps charge for it and use it as the entry point for the membership site?

    Great info in the report.


    • Hi Danny – That’s a question you need to decide based on your overall strategy.

      I could have sold the Blog Profits Blueprint for money instead of giving it away for free, but it’s made me lots more money as a free give away as it helped me to build a massive list of people who like what I teach. This in turn translates into money when people buy products I recommend as an affiliate, or my own courses.

      You should decide whether you plan to release more products in the future, how big your list is right now and what list building techniques you have available. If your list is small and you have few techniques actively growing it, then giving away the ebook for free as a list building strategy is a good idea.

  • Another great report. It makes sense. Someone just needed to put it on paper and you did it. Anyone can start a membership site. It was just a matter of time that we have a model to follow.

  • Thank you. Down loading.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Over delivering once again I see. I appreciate all the free advice and training you offer and that is why I and many others are avid readers of your blog.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!


  • Michael

    Hi Yaro;
    Thank you for the good information.

  • Kaelo

    The MasterPlan is phenomenal. I have read it and re-read it. Now, I am going back a third time to highlight the points that I want to remember to incorporate into my own site.
    The time is NOW to sit down and spend some time tweaking a membership site.
    Yaro…….. what a great product!! Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  • Kaelo

    Great product, Yaro!!! Lots of sound advice!

  • Just discovered your membership plan. it gave some new ideas for my christian blog here in Berlin. But still have to sort out if this will work for a christian blog project.

  • I thought the Masterplan was a Masterpiece (har har). It gave great details on how to pull this off, and was realistic in its approach and kept your expectations grounded.

    My biggest challenge right now is the credibility factor. It’s hard to really establish yourself online. So I’ve started my site and will build it for 6 months before I start my membership site, hopefully to give me more authority.

  • Hi yaro, you really are a highly talented writer! By the way, did you noticed that you have a very little design problem at the top left hand corner… the line next to your Logo name is longer than it should be…

  • Thanks, Yaro, for this comprehensive report. I hate to admit that I’m deep into information overload and not sure how I can apply this to what I’m doing at this point.

    I know of a family that actually makes their living from a membership site business model. They dove in and set one up earlier in the decade. They certainly didn’t have your guidelines. I think they did it on the “wing it” approach.

  • The one thing that would be really useful that I haven’t seen in the masterplan is a study that shows what types of membership sites are actually workable businesses? Some subject areas will simply not attract money as there are too many free sources of info out there for people.

    • Hi David,

      The problem with the question you propose there is that you assume people who go about launching a membership site follow a sound strategy.

      You can’t ever say anything conclusive about any niche until you get out there and test it properly.

      In most cases, if there is a need and people are spending money, then you just need to get in front of that traffic to make sales.

  • I’m in central Mexico presently and I received the link in the middle of the night.

    I loved the fact that it came as BOTH .pdf and .mp3. The cleaness–bright white background, crisp non-serif lettering punctuated with subtitles, neon blue active links, charts and videos–was like eye-candy. And the content was right on point. Clearly and thoroughly explained and…as I said in a few of my tweets–“pleasantly” mind blowing.

    I was working on my April Challenge at the time so I thought I’d just listen to the audio while I continued reading/writing elsewhere. lol. You know just start playing it and grab what nuggets jumped out at me.

    Well, Yaro, a few minutes into it and I had to stop everything and give you my full attention.

    This is an extremely savory recipe that you have given us in extraordinary detail. I was so impressed that I sent out more than a dozen tweets on this AND your Blog Profits Blueprint within the first 24 hours. Keeping track of the sates at my tweetburner account. The links have gotton well over 500 hits, Thank you very much 😉

    Now I am working on my social networking foundation and my blog. In the not so distant future, when I am properly positioned this is definitely a direction that I want to move in. It makes so much sen$e.

    • Thanks for all the tweet action NiaNia, and I’m glad my reports have been that helpful and pleasing to the eye for you 🙂

  • Aw, rats – I just re-read my comment cold. It sounds like I’m dissing your product. I’m not. Gosh. That’s what happens when you write stuff in a rush.

    What I meant to say – and didn’t come out right — was that I imagine that family using the “wing it” approach would have LIKED to have had something like the Masterplan. I’m sure they screwed up Big Time as they created there membership site business and would have liked to have had some guidelines.


    And I R a wrighter, too. Sheesh!

  • Hi Yaro! I’m having a hard time trying to find WHERE to download the report. I subscribed days ago, got your email with the Masterplan download link on April 27, clicked the link and got to this website. Click the links in the posts where it says “download the Masterplan” and got to this site: where I can’t find any “download report here” links. Only thing I found is a form where it asks for my name & email. So I entered it but it just says “already subscribed”. SO, where do I download your report? Hope I don’t sound too stupid, LOL! Thanks Yaro!

    • ISSA, after you opt-in you will be sent a confirmation email, you click the link in that email and that adds you to my email newsletter.

      You then receive an email from me that has a direct link to the download page for the opt-in. It’s quite clear in that email because the link has the word “download” in it.

      If you get stuck, send an email to my support address (, or try subscribing again with a different email address.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Just wanted to say thanks for Masterplan.

    It is obvious to me that you really but some time and thought into what info/content you wanted to include in this document and audio and what more detailed info/content you would likely be providing in your training program.

    Pleasantly, I didn’t feel overtly “marketed to” as you provided lots of information that could be readily used. It is very well written, enjoyable to read and obviously based on real world experience.

    I can’t wait to get more info and details about your newest training program, Membership Site Mastermind.

    Thanks again…

  • Patrenia

    What is the cost of the mastermind course? Has that been released yet?

    • Nope, it’s a secret. What I can tell you is that’s it’s less than all the $1997 courses out there.

  • Yaro:
    1. What did you think of the Masterplan?

    I think you’ve got solid information and definitely know your stuff especially speaking from experience. For one thing I already know and understood most of the concepts (still need proof at some areas) and technology (I was a designer) involve but I could not put it all together like you did not to mention it all makes a lot of sense.

    2. What is your greatest challenge regarding
    starting a membership site?

    I believe is staying consistent in addition to building value in both content and offering.

    I am seriously considering and would love to hear from you personally to get some questions answered before proceeding, thanks.

    eric tsai
    [email protected]

    • Hi Eric – if you sent me an email I should get to it very soon, if not, feel free to ask here as a comment and I will reply.

  • Raymond McArthur

    Hello Yaro
    I have listened to your report and I have done a little research
    and I have come to the conclusion you are really from another
    planet. There are no human beings that over deliver like you do.

    You could paint one side of a rock with cheap Gold paint and I would buy all
    you could supply. Thank you again

    You are doing the world a great service so don’t leave EARTH Yet : )

    • LOL, Raymond, you don’t know how true that is 😉

      Thanks for your great feedback too!

  • lisa wood

    Thank you Yaro for your information in your Masterplan….I dissected the ebook and wrote my review of what i got from the book. At first I felt over whelmed by how much information was included to have a profitable website with blogs….but then I took a few steps back…and went through the book with a hi-lighter so that what i wanted to understand stood out. Looking forward to hearing about the course coming up. My ebook review can be seen here

    Thanks Yaro for breaking it all down for people like me to understand what is needed to succeed on line


  • Yaro,

    You exemplify the idea of long tail growth, professional demeanor, and the concept of providing great (no…phenomenal) free content..that will lead me to buy your coaching products and other items I’m sure.

    I listened to the Mastermind audio,and downloaded the pdf on both my computers…and took 4 pages of notes on your content (and this is your free content??)

    I highly, highly recommend Yaro’s teachings, content, and methods. He walks the walk, delivers without hype…dig in.

    Great lead in content…keep it up!

  • Yaro,

    When I downloaded the program I was in the middle of finals, my Legal Ethics course had to wait, the membership site plan definitely had my attention. I read straight through it and looked over the details of the site plan and how I could get it set up immediately. I’ve been working on the concept for a while, but hadn’t actually set up a consistent planned project, so I hadn’t been able to put together a monthly fee site, where I could present consistent NEW and valuable information.

    With your information, I realized I’m already doing many of the required activities and I can actually set it up and have it ready to go by the first part of May. I’m excited about getting the program together and setting it up. I believe what I have to offer is valuable, and I’ve had proof of that in the number of people who participate in my current programs.

    The membership plan will be a great addition to my online business.

    Thank you for offering this program and sending it out!

    Jan Verhoeff

  • The ebook is yet another showcase of your impressive marketing knowhow. If you can get this much value from reading the ebook – and we definitely got huge value from it – then yes I am in for the masterclass to learn more.

    I signed up to the becomeablogger premium and witin 2 months have learned what most hope to on a 1 year university course on the subject.

    Your motivational messages keeping us focused on taking action really help. I have written an ebook, developed software, created podcasts, created my own videos (green screen in the house now!), and all this simply because I came across you on a website saying you ‘were the man’ on blogging.

    I was confused as to what to do next to monetize my blog content on the niche subject of capital raising for high-growth technology companies based in Australia, and now that you sent me (well Gideon sent me) the possibility of being taught how to create a subscription membership site, you just hold me back being the first to sign up.

    As I said on my first twitter about you – and it wasn’t the only one – you rock!

    Hope to see you soon and learn how to share more of my knowledge on my specialist subject – and get paid for it.

    Thanks very much.

    • That’s what we like to hear Michael 🙂

      Thanks for the enthusiastic feedback, I LOVE enthusiasm.

  • Nona Parry

    How do I shut the music on this thing??? I HATE having to hear music on Other Peoples’ Sites!!

    Nona, in New Zealand

    • Ahh, Nona, there is no music. Perhaps you had another webpage open at the same time as mine?

  • Yaro,
    really SOLID information that you have given. Starting a membership site has been on my mind for a while and I have used programs like Wild Apricot to start up memberships sites for clients . Have yet to really try out using WP to do one but it certainly sounds very viable to me. ( No idea on how to use Joomla). Looking forward to learning more from you about doing up a membership site.

  • Thomas Weston

    I just finished reading the pdf of your Membership Site Masterplan. There is a lot of good information there, and I thank you for making it available. I have an idea for a membership site targeting a rather large established market with an offer that I think will offer enough value and differentiation to draw customers. The model I’ve selected relies on gathering content from experts in this market. Your overview gave me a good starting point for covering many of the fundamentals of setting up the site and the sales funnel.

    One thing I was hoping to see in your masterplan but didn’t was an overview of how to contact potential content providers and a discussion of the various relationships that can be established with them (content in exchange for free publicity, paid content, revenue sharing, etc.). This type of information is something I’m having trouble finding, as most resources focus simply on written content. The content that would be provided by the experts required more skill to produce than simple written copy.

    • Hey Thomas, regarding your comment, did you check out my interview with Daniel Scocco?

      Daniel explained how recruited a team of experts to create heaps of content for his membership site. It’s quite inspiring actually and can certainly make your job easier.

  • Hi Yaro
    Just downloaded the Membership Site Doc. Looks great. I’ve looked at doing this before but too many shiny things to chase. If you have a step by step guide like you always do… you, my friend have a winner and I will be the first to join.

    Write soon when I’ve had time to digest it all.

    Best of luck


  • Thanks for your report Yaro, its great. You asked for feedback on our greatest challenges and I guess for me its what you’ve mentioned in your post, my challenge is creating good quality content that I can charge people a membership fee to access.

    One idea I’m thinking of is joining your training program when you open next week and tailoring the content for the market here in the country I live in, South Africa.

    Thanks again

  • Well Yaro, just as well you are a male, otherwise I would fall in love and stalk you. You are a man after my own heart – as in having the same ethics/beliefs. You are honest in your intentions, and prepared to share enough to help people get started. It is not a sin to want to succeed and make money, because for a start it will require a lot of dedication and perseverance – and so deserve to get rewarded. You, and Gideon too, are extraordinary role models – absolutely incredible that you want to share from the heart. Those that really appreciate your efforts to help will be successful, the rest don’t deserve to because they are too narrowly focussed and introverted.
    I have many researching for many years in my content interest ( health ), and have actually come up with at least one unique product ( pain relief ), but as you said somewhere I think – it’s no point unless unless you have an effective way of letting people know about it. I’ve tried many ways of advertising, but finally ended up broke. I was in total despair, when I came across your become a blogger course – I am trying to catch up and be ready to launch it this year. You have saved my life, and for that I am truly grateful. e.g. I only have a few products listed on oztion shopping site, and only get one or two sales a week, despite on some days I have actually had over a 100 hits. So I am confident that on the upcoming blog website, having videos for description, feedback and comments will make an enormous improvement. Have also registered domain as – took your advice for an easy to remember short name. ( You can still use my other [email protected] email, as it is linked to the above [email protected] ).
    YOUR MASTERMIND 76 pages IS MINDBLOWING – can’t wait to start your coaching, if I can get in. Am looking forward to letting you know before this time next year how well I have succeeded. Success is the only word I have programmed in my subconscious – so it will happen. So yes, your info was in depth, honest, practical and illuminating. GOOD WORK AND THANK YOU.
    My greatest challenge – none, because I am going to make it happen.

  • Thanks Yaro for all of your information. This membership site plan looks great. It goes along with my goal.s

    Your free 10 videos on becomeablogger are what enabled me to learn how to get a website up. I have learned a lot since then and I want to thank you for the training your provide that even a beginner can follow.

    Although I don’t have an email list yet (I am just at that step now to build one), I am confident that in 2010 my membership site that I build having this plan will help me meet the goals I have set.

    Thanks again!

    Shanan Beaman

  • Hey Yaro,

    I read the PDF last Night, Great stuff 🙂

    Really like chapter 3 when you are talking about all the membreship script you’ve tried. ( I pretty much did the same thing…lol)

    I was wondering which Wp membership plugin you where using, but from your answer to one of the first comment, you are not using any membership site plugin.

    Hmmm..very interesting.

    Now I am off to listen to the MP3

    Thank for sharing your report.

    All the best,
    Cedric Aubry

  • I have always imagined that setting up a membership site was a daunting experience. I now know not to jump to premature conclusions 🙂

    Thanks for the clarification Yaro. I’m looking forward and am rather intrigued to find out more.

  • Amazing stuff Yaro, as usual. I’m still digesting it all … makes me wonder how you became such a prolific writer, and that leads me to my biggest challenge regarding starting a membership site …

    I would have to say content creation. It’s one thing to have an idea for a membership site, but actually creating the content is the big roadblock for me.

    Best – Michael D. Pollock
    Bodhi Web Marketing

    • Thanks Michael – maybe that’s why you decided to stick to development rather than writing blog posts 🙂

      There are other options of course, like sharing the content creation workload as I did with Gideon Shalwick, and Brian Clark did with Tony Clark and Daniel Scocco did with many other people. If there’s a will, there’s a way.

  • Fantastic! info and thank you I am planning a membership package to go alongside the KidStar project and your ebook was most interesting and helpful

    I have a Joomla based site can you tell me the best way to create the members area and do you have any other suggestions.


    • Hey Paul – I’m not a joomla user, so I can’t really help with that. The best members area strategy I know is to keep it simple, just like a basic blog design. That has worked great for me now with three different coaching programs.

  • I don’t feel I have enough web credibility to run a membership site yet, so I’m working on that very hard right now.

    I have the report, but haven’t yet had time to read it. I think I need to go through your Blog Mastermind course first!

    • Dave – Credibility is important, as are relationships with enough people who are your target market.

      Make sure you spend some time studying the best strategies for building up your credibility and traffic so you put your energy in the smartest places.

      • I’ve written over 170 posts since this comment in April. Feeling much better about my credibility now!

        • That’s awesome Dave – great work ethic, it will take you far!

  • First of all, as is my first comment ever in this blog, allow me to say Hi, Yaro and Hi commenters and visitors.

    Once this said, now I feel like an old fellow, so I’ll go straight into “things”.

    WOW ! It had eat some big time and hard work to put all those together. And some “heavy weight” info inside. I should say thanks for giving it away for free.

    In fact I will say:
    THANK YOU, Yaro for this FREE masterplan.

    But ..

    Did ever happen to you this :
    Going out downtown at favourite restaurant snd there order your favourite meal. You know everything about that meal, is your fav cince ages, you know exactly how they made it there therefore you know exactly what spices to add and in what quantity.
    You end your meal, pay and walk home with the imposible to erase feeling that THIS time something was missing.
    You recap all about spices you add and all was as allways, yet something missing ..
    Know that feeling ?

    Is what I feel after carefully read it once, the masterplan.
    This mean that I have re-scheduled it for a new reading.

    ( I’m a ebooks collectionaire. Anything I found free and sound intersting > download. Way over 3 Gb … The oldest – still functional – is from ’97 🙂 )

    Btw, are you on twitter ?

  • 1. What did you think of the Masterplan?
    Yaro, The report was great!. This help me to have an idea how to start my own membership site. Yaro, you are the best! I mean it. The tips and ideas you send me, are helping me to continue my Internet business venture.

    2. What is your greatest challenge regarding
    starting a membership site?
    I think my greatest challenge will be Management my time, a membership site will be the most excited project I ever done in my life. But I am Ready!. You Yaro and Gideon are wonderful teacher and the best menton I ever had. Thank you

  • Been busy with work/blogging/book writing/ and now the weather’s fantastic too so I’ve been doing my favorite hobby, walking all over!

    I emailed you a short review of the plan, please use it as you may 😀

    More feedback to come…(just grabbed Blog Profits blueprint as well so I’ll post my 2cents back on that as well)

  • Thanks for the report, Yaro… I absolutely loved it.

    I have been struggling for some time (2 years now) with list building and marketing my own blog… I love the idea of a membership site, and I have considered it for a while, but I don’t know how reasonable it is with my current list & my current popularity.

    I considered blog mastermind (particularly the bonuses)… I wanted it, but I didn’t have the money.

    Will the Digg bonus be offered again with membership site mastermind?

    Either way, I’ll consider it based off price… I know your material is excellent, it is just a question of whether I can afford it or not.

    keep smiling,


    • Hey Ben,

      You can grab Blog Mastermind for basically 50% off if you order it during the order process for Membership Site Mastermind, so you might want to consider joining both at the same time.

      You will get the Digg interview with Blog Mastermind, yep 🙂

  • Hey Yaro,

    I have listened to your MasterMind and I think it`s a MasterPeace..
    I will need to listen and read this many times to follow your exact
    lead..I have been in the progress of starting my own member site,
    and can see I have much to learn..

    My greatest challenge would be lack of money to hire a copy writer
    and whatever else I have trouble with..

    Thank you very much for the knowledge..

  • Yaro, I found your Masterplan to be extremely helpful, valuable and easy to read. Currently, my biggest challenge to implementing my own membership site seems to be understanding and plugging in the various monetization features.

    Seth Callen

  • Yaro!

    Thanks for the great video and for your Master Plan.

    I hadn’t really thought about a membership site and how to make is work with my resume and job consulting business. But after your presentation I’ve rally gotten the vision.

    Now all I need is the money, the blood, sweat and tears to make it all happen.

    Thanks for your help and I’m now a Yaro fan following your work.


  • Hi Yaro
    i have read it twice now. it is a very well written document with sound ideas. I enjoy your openness about yourself and believe that what you are teaching is a sound idea which i plan to implement myself now. My own site is completely suited to a membership plan as i have just completed the first phase of my site which is a free course teaching people Cognitive behavour Therpy techniques. it is now going to having a more in depth course of 12 weeks which is amembership site to make money. Quite how i am going to go about it I haven’t worked out yet, but I will use your expertise I dare say.
    You are a very good titor, very intelligent and definately know what you are talking about. so you have gained my trust.
    Good luck with it,

  • amitai gat

    Didn’t have a chance to read it yet, but download the PDF

  • Hi

    I am afraid I started a new “day job” last week so I have been more than tied up and have not yet had the chance to read the masterplan. We have a bank holiday weekend coming up in the UK, so I hope to start on it then.


  • My dear Yaro,
    I would love it if you and Gideon were my only source of this knowledge. There is no BS with you.
    I haven’t had time to listen to the entire the podcast in one go. I am at about the middle and it is excellent. I see it may the only way for me to go but I am not there yet. I have to build more of a following, make my mark in the Occult world, and hopefully the dark fantasy novelists world
    by extension.
    When I finish Blog Mastermind, I may be very interested in this course.
    Thank you,

  • jim

    Yaro – excellent content.

    Talking as somebody who doesn’t even yet have a blog, it sounds like I would need to spend time building authority and giving away plenty of good content before I could even start to think about building a membership website, just like you yourself have done. My thoughts are that this product would therefore not be right for me at my current stage of development.

    From all of the topics you cover, I also find it hard to see how I could possiblly accomplish this on a part time basis. It feels like running before I can even walk.

    Lastly, I have skills in an area that I really want to get out of (IT). I don’t feel that I am an expert in subjects that I actually have more enthusiasm for, certainly not to a level where I would feel happy to charge people a recurring fee to listen to me! I don’t feel that your report covers this in enough depth – what do you do when you are not the authority and would therefore have problems delivering top notch content. I guess the answer would be to become a publisher – find experts and build membership sites around their content.

    Just my thoughts Yaro. I am a great fan of your work – you always demonstrate honesty and integrity, and you always deliver thought provoking and interesting content.

    • Hi Jim – You echo concerns I hear again and again, which are legitimate, but can be overcome.

      Some people don’t worry about building up preeminence and simply buy traffic and throw it at some great copywriting to convert people into a product.

      This can work, but obviously the stronger your relationship, the more sales you make and the longer people stay your customer, potentially purchasing more than one product.

      You should look at doing two things –

      1. Focus daily on taking a few steps that build your profile and traffic. Do this for long enough and you will get results. That’s what the first two years of my blogging was about.

      2. Work on product development. Selling your own product will always be the path of greatest rewards, especially long term.

      Everything else you talked about can be learned through training, so just don’t stop learning and doing and you will get there. Just make sure you choose to study what you need to help you today based on what you want.

  • Sindre

    I’ve almost finished listening to the mp3 on the train on my way to work and back every day. And I love it! I actually had the plans of a membership site from before, but i didn’t have any knowledge about how. A lot of neat tips here! 🙂

  • Hi Yaro,

    Your Masterplan explains so well everything I need to do to start my membership site… I’ve got no more excuses not to!



  • My brain is on fire! I have been creating a paid forum, but now I feel so much more prepared. I have direction for my launch! I know that I will not be able to do everything correctly in my launch, but I know for a fact that I am so much more prepared. I know my launch will be 10X more successful!

    Thank you!

  • Andrew

    I was really impressed by the masterplan; my main challenge is how to build a membership site in a pre-determined niche that I’m already working (I don’t have the luxury of picking the best or most profitable one).

    I’m in the process of doing some informal polling and surveys via my blog, Twitter and forums that are relevant to my niche (a great idea from your follow-up video!) to help determine what people want and need.

    I don’t have a mailing list, but I have a blog with about 7,500 readers and a database of about 1,000 of those people who I’ve directly interacted with. I’ve done some number crunching and being totally realistic I think it would be possible to build a membership site within a year that has aprox. 200 users paying up to $24.95 per month. I’d love to learn more about strategies for a) thinking “outside the box” to attract a larger user base and b) developing add-ons to maximum revenue, since I’m working with a relatively small niche.

    • That’s an awesome start Andrew. With a blog that has 7,500 readers I hope you are offering some kind of incentivised email opt-in so you can build a list. If not, you’ve got a pretty major leak you need to fix as you’re losing all those customers who never come back to your blog.

      Email is king, so leverage your great blog to build a list and half the job is done.

  • Paul

    Best book I’ve ever read, starting my own membership site soon.

  • Hi Yaro

    This is a quick reply to your email – I will follow up with more later.

    I was initially deterred from reading your report by this pitch:

    “How You Can Quickly Set Up A $100,000+
    Per Year Income… Almost With Your Hands
    Tied Behind Your Back!”
    I’ll Reveal To You, The Same Secret Weapon
    I Used To Earn High Six Figures Last Year…
    While I Traveled the World Enjoying Life!

    But because I am interested in the topic, and you followed up with an email soliciting feedback, I am going to give it a read.

    Isn’t there a better way to market your product without the hyperbole?

    • Working on that Jim 🙂

      I’m going to change that page to a video opt-in soon as I’m not 100% happy with the copy either, though it does convert reasonably well, though I think video can do better.

      I’m glad you grabbed the report though and I hope you found it useful.

  • You certainly embrace the concept of giving away your best material for free.
    Listed to the audio yesterday at work and loved the practical advice based on your hands-on experience.

    Particularly like how you developed your own engine from WordPress. That’s smart and is something I was already considering with a new site I’m working on.

    Thanks a lot.

  • georgette

    I thought the report was excellent..I actually read it all which is amazing.
    But I need more help with moving my current site to this platform which presents a problem for me…I have yet to find that solution

    • Don’t forget anything that involved heavy lifting can be done by other movers 🙂

  • I enjoyed reading the masterplan and am seriously considering signing up for the next course. I already have a site in mind 🙂

    I have two primary concerns moving forward. First is marketing. It is easy to say ‘build your email list’ or ‘promote on your blog’, but both are hard to get traffic for.

    The second is the structure of the course and how to release each lesson. A thought I had was say each lesson was a blog post. I could then post date each one for subsequent Mondays (for example). Seems fine, but then what about the next class that comes along. do I unpost them? what if previous members want to use them as reference material?

    Not earth shattering problems for sure, but that is what is going through my mind at the moment.

    • Hi Robert, you are right, marketing is the greatest challenge when it comes to releasing an info product. I use and teach some great marketing strategies, many of which I talk about in the Masterplan, in my blog and other reports and in my paid coaching programs too, but as you say, none of this is “easy”, it’s work.

      The trick is to be passionate about your goals so the work is fun, that way you are eager to do it.

      In terms of your strategy to use a blog, my suggestion, and this is what I do with my programs now, is to use blog pages, not posts, and give the links out only via email. You can then have people start at the beginning of an autoresponder sequence to go through the lessons.

      Join any of my programs and you will see this in action, and I also teach how I do it inside Membership Site Mastermind.

  • This is a great report, the system exist and proved all we have to is to learn how the way it is. congrats to all.

  • Pamela

    Hi Yaro,
    Well you have done it again. I really appreciate your expertise. Very precise. I think that one of the issues for me is getting the information together. I will be hitting this head on because I do believe a membership site is the way to go and is a great way to offer a very valuable product to any client. There are also some very inexpensive ways to get started while you making some money. You cover a lot of excellent ways to do this. So Thanks Yaro for such a good resource I have passed it on to a lot of my internet marketing friends.

  • Excellent article and you have covered a lot of ground and provided some great examples of what worked and what didn’t. Well done. You have certainly motivated me to create an abundant future through a membership site.

    Its clear as well that a lot of work goes into a successful one just like any business and good for you for pointing out that it does require hard work instead of saying what other promoters do and suggest its very easy.

  • I read through and listened once so far, and learned a lot. Between your report and “What Would Google Do?” I have a few things I need to revise.

    Right now I’m putting a newsletter together for an organization I belong to, but as soon as it’s done I’ll be back to creating content and preparing for my next steps.

    My biggest problem is not knowing how to administer a membership site. I know there are people I could hire, but I’m unemployed and don’t have any money to spare for this. So I’m working on learning how to set up and manage some of the services available from my webhost.

    Next is the content for my roll-out product. Between what I learned from you, Fabio Marciano, and Jeff Jarvis, I’ve got a bit of re-writing to tighten up the first couple of sections. I don’t mind being only a hop and a skip ahead of my students, but one toe length is a little too short for me.

    Meanwhile I’m active in a few forums related to my niche, and am posting articles to build my expert reputation.

  • Hi Yaro,

    I have now been able to download the Masterplan info. I must say I was unable to read it because of of internet problems for over 9 months and which is being worked on. However, I was able to read up to page 47 and what valuable information this is. I know you have put alot into making this available for free and it is much appreciated.

    My goal is to be able to become a part of your community on the web.You have made understanding “front-end and back-end ” so much plainer. Before, this was like a foreign language.

    Thanks again for your thoughtfulness. I know I have a far way to go but I will not give up.

  • I listened to the audio and thought it was very good. You already have saved me many hours of testing. Thanks for that.

    I already have a WordPress blog where I get about 1,200 to 1,500 visitors a day. I was planning a membership site, but was stuck on how to get payment. I was looking at the EasyPayPal plugin, but you pretty much convinced me to go manual.

    Now I’ve switched to the User-Access-Manager plugin to handle viewing, but payments will be handled with a simple PayPal button.

    I liked all of the content except the part about selling your membership site. I just thought that part of your content was a little premature.

    • Hi Matt, I’m glad I helped.

      Regarding you comments on the part about selling your membership site, I included that because many people are motivated by the big picture, so being aware that you could exit this business never having to work again is a pretty motivating factor.

      People often don’t think about things like this until you show them the possibilities, so I included that section because that’s how I think. Selling websites and businesses is how I’ve made some of the most money in my life.

      Keep up the great work with your blog too, it sounds like you are well and truly on the right track.

  • Phil


    You asked me to leave a comment, and it’s the least I can do after you provided such an excellent resource at no cost. I have read the book and found it very thorough, and it is a great guide to setting up a membership site. One year into internet marketing I think it is too early for me to go this route, but I will certainly reread this in a year or so.



  • Sherry

    Wow! I wasn’t sure if I was interested in a membership site but was sure that your Masterplan would have a lot of information about putting together a site and marketing it AND IT DID.

    I now have some better ideas of what I would like to do for some other sites. AND one of the ideas I have been involved with looks like it could be a perfect membersite, even though I had been just looking at an e-commerce type site.

  • Hi Yaro –
    I enjoyed reading your Membership Masterplan report and I’m anxious to get started. I started a membership group for women- Pink Passport Society -intending for it to be a “live” organization, but I’m going to set up an online interface to see if I can grow the membership. I think what I’m doing is slightly different from the type of membership site you have, but there are lots of similarities. You gave lots of great information – I like your writing style and I always read your emails!

    I am part of your premium blogging membership (one of?) and have yet to implement all those wonderful ideas – haven’t figured out how to transfer my blog from to so I can start using all the tools you’ve referenced in your lessons. But I am plugging along!

    To answer your 2nd question, the biggest challenge is the technology of course. Oh yeah, and time. I’ve learned a LOT recently but my little brain is getting full! So I will try to outsource some of the technical side of the plans.

    Thanks and keep it comin’!

  • Yaro, I always get a stackflow error when I leave a comment. What and why is that?

    Also, congratulations! I just ready that your blog “Entrepreneurs-Journey” is listed as one of the top business blogs. I’m impressed!

    Continued success!

    • Hi Larisa, that error should hopefully be fixed now with the new design and upgraded wordpress.

      Thanks for your comment!

  • VB

    I thought this was the best report of its kind that I have ever read. I particularly loved the in-depth discussions of technology and providers and your experiences with them. The parts of building up a list of 3000 were rather vague.

    My biggest challenges are a) I don’t have a list of 3000 subscribers nor do I know how to add 10 to 20 per day and b) time or lack thereof.

    • VB, the first thing is to find the time to start working on a website that can get you those 10 to 20 subscribers a day to start building your list.

      Perhaps you could swap time you currently use watching TV, or maybe take one day off of work, or get up earlier in the morning? It really depends on your lifestyle, but most people can simply make a few habit adjustments to find more time.

  • Sofie

    Hello Yaro,

    Thank you very much for the report. I haven’t read it yet but I already listened to the audio file. Very comprehensive indeed. A very good report. You did not hesitate to give a lot of information which I find really very good. But I need to listen to again. I was also sort of working on the side when I listened to it so haven’t really grasp everything especially the latter half of the audio. I was not expecting that it would be that long but I finished listening to it anyway. 🙂

    More power!

    • Yes the audio is long! After talking for that long I was quite tired actually 🙂

  • Nico

    Hi Yaro

    Thanks for an execellent report, I am on page 34 of 72 now and have already downloaded wordpress and started to play with it, but for me the most challenging part would be to come up with interesting enough content that people would be interested to read. I have decided to make a start by at least getting my own blog site up and running in the near future.

    Is there a support site or email that one can send questions to as I have just started with wordpress and already have a lot of questions to ask about it.


    • Hey Nico, It sounds like you are talking more about blogging, not membership sites, however no matter what you want help with, you could try my forums –

      I don’t get in there myself very much as I spend my forum time in the private forums I set up for my paying members, however you can get questions answered from other people.

      You could always join one of my coaching programs and participate in a live coaching call if you want to speak to me directly.

  • Hello,
    after reading the blueprint for blogging I have taken your advice but nothing is really happening, which means I’ll be signing up for your coaching course as soon as work settles down a little. As for the mastermind course, even if it states that it is for everyone newbies and oldies I felt it was a little difficult to follow at times as a newbie. However it does provide great insight but feel it will only be successful if one does coaching.
    Generally all of your stuff is instructive and very satisfactory.

  • Thanks Yaro

    lots of really great information. A must read/listen several times over to take it all in.

  • Thank you for the masterplan.

    1) It is informative, easy to read and everything just made a lot sense. I only read it last night, and after reading the comments here, I better read it again. The comments here made me more aware of some of the issues with a membership site.

    2) It would be the marketing side and administrating a membership site. Building a list sounds easy until I tried it. I guess it’s everything that leads up to the launch.

    • List building is a challenge for everyone, but once you have the system set up, all you need to do is fuel it with great content.

      It always amazes me that every single day I have new people join my list, people who have never come in contact with my content before. As long as you keep working and giving value, new people will find you and subscribe.

      If you build it, they will come 😉

  • Yaro,

    GREAT report. Better than most of the paid stuff out there. Still debating the membership model for future monetization of my web properties, but if I decide to pull the trigger on it, I’ll be joining your paid program. It would be a no brainer…

    – Steve

  • Once again, very impressive content clearly expressed and timely.I like the fact that your stuff always emphasizes the information and not the hype. If I see another sales page with the headline in red,I will not be responsible for my actions. You provide content but no B.S., bologna, hype, whistles, jiggle bells and no friggin Ferraris!
    My concern about a membership site is the ability to do one in a health related area and the special problems associated with that niche. I’m also concerned (of course) about the RECESSION. I have friends with membership sites that are having to do significant belt-tightening.
    Again thanks for the content. Keep on giving it to us straight.

    • Health is a great niche Terry – it’s one of the most profitable there is and one of the areas that is most desperately in need of intelligent people to offer alternatives to what mainstream medicine currently subscribes, in my opinion.

      I’m glad you liked my report too 🙂

  • 1)- This is the best free info I’ve seen. I am not left hanging. I know what to do now and will do it.

    2)- My greatest challenge is finding the sweet spot in all my interests where the subject of the blog is to be found.

    I’m taking the AWAI course right now, copywriting. That’s not going to be a waste of time, but I wish Rich Schefren had emailed me earlier about you.

  • Thanks for this great membership guide!

    Regards from Germany

  • Hadar Pedhazur

    Thanks for sharing a lot of very good info. I think you lay everything out in a good order, with a reasonable amount of detail. For people who will have the discipline to follow your instruction, they effort could be worth it.

    Unfortunately, as you note (so I think you are being very straight with people), I don’t believe that most people will do this. Perhaps if they take your course, they will feel more “invested”, and will then go through the full life-cycle.

    Thanks again for sharing your insights in this arena.

    • Those who take action always win, it really is as simple as that.

      From my point of view, I hope that I have a group of people who join my courses who are action takers as I get the most personal value when I see my students get results.

  • I listened to the audio version of your download several times.

    I’m rather new to blogging (NGQ is less than two weeks old).

    I like the idea of a membership site, and may incorporate some of these ideas as I become more familiar and comfortable with the blogosphere.

    Thank you, Yaro.

  • Kudos to you, Yaro. You have, I believe, presented a most realistic look at precisely what it takes to produce a successful membership site without all the usual hype.

    I would be very interested to know if you believe that a membership business model should even be attempted by a novice internet marketer as an initial foray into the world of online entrepreneurship.


    • Hey Mike, A novice can achieve just as much as an expert, if not more, given they are willing to take action.

      It’s not where you start from that matters as much as how willing you are to keep learning and doing.

      I recommend starting on the most important aspect – by figuring out where you can provide value to other people in an area where some of them will be willing to pay money for help eventually. From there, work on your strategy to build a list, then develop your product, do your launch and start making money.

      It’s as simple as that, at least when I say it with a few sentences 🙂

  • Dear Yaro :
    I think it´s a very usefull and impressive presentation, I doesn`t real all up today, but my future challenges are :
    1. make a proffessional site, focusing in content quality ( I must define properly content ).
    2. I´m just saving money to take the second opportunity to get the course.
    best regards, gabriel

  • T

    There seems to be a technical problem downloading it. it says:

    Access Denied


    Is there another link?

    • Try again T – it’s working again. My tech guy deleted the wrong file by mistake, but it’s back where it should be.

  • Yaro, thank you so much for the free Masterplan! I always pay careful attention to everything you write, because I’ve learned that everything you offer is great! As far as the Masterplan goes, it came at a very good time for me as I am interested in starting my own membership site in late August or early September, this year. Before that time I will set up my blog and do all of the things you mentioned in the Masterplan–use articles, WordPress, Twitter, etc.–to insure I have developed preeminence before I offer my membership site, at which time I will have the Masterplan by my side. Also by then, I may be working working with you as an affiliate (I hope!)


  • Erik

    That was a great read and I’m glad I stumbled onto your site now rather than later.

    Much food for thought and hopefully I will be able to apply a lot of it to my start up venture.

  • The report was mind blowing Yaro!! I can’t believe you gave that much information away for free. There was more content in there than many $97 ebooks. Thanks man! 🙂

  • Great report! Worth a read for anyone interested in setting up a membership site.

  • Gilbert Paul

    First Yaro I wish to thank you for the book. I downloaded it yesterday and am reading every chance I get! It is written in real down to earth understandable language! I have been looking for a way to increase my income to have more time with family as the older one gets the more you realize how important it is! I hope to finish it quickly as I am sure I will re-read it again! Thanks again!

  • fabriano

    Hi Yaro,

    I am really really amazed that the report is beyond great. I thought I already knew a lot but this report is definitely giving me something that really open my eyes. Thank you so much, I really appreciate that you publish this report.


  • Funny, I was going to tell you that but what if I do this sort of site, it’s really nothing like what you write about, so what do I do in this case, and in that case… As I wrote the questions, I thought of the answers, based on your Masterplan. 😀 I doubt that I will make thousands, but at least I got some ideas, thanks! Now I will have to read it again with “a new pair of eyes”.

  • Hi Yaro

    I’m fairly new to the whole online business thing and have been on a steep learning curve. I’ve just completed my first ebook, am finishing writing a coaching course and what is relevant to YOUR REPORT is I’ve just started working on building a membership site.

    Your free report was fantastic! It seems to have covered everything from taking the thought of a membership site to making it into a successful reality. I really lliked your comment in the middle of the report: Plan For Success – I think that is an important mindset.

    What I liked about this report:

    You offered loads and loads of great content
    I loved your emphasis on keeping things simple
    Your approach is based on honesty and authenticity – not conning or manipulating
    You give lots of references to products, resources

    The report helped me to see where I’m on track and what else I need to be doing.

    Thank you very much – I’ll be recommending this to others!
    Off to twitter about it now!

    Warm regards,

  • Nic

    Hey Yaro:

    Read the masterplan and followed you through on audio…a superb piece. Love the honest step by step approached, and method used in disseminating this report. My greatest challenge would be the overall cost in starting a membership site….

    However, I’m on board and awaiting you 6 weeks course in the days ahead.

    Cheers Nic

  • Hmmm I am going to join

  • Hi Yaro,

    I just listened to your audio. This is very, very useful information and the best I have seen/listened to concerning Membershipsites for a very long time. Highly recommended. Very good work.

    Mostly I would be interested in the technical part of setting up a membershipsite as well as the launch and prelaunch.

    Best regards from Germany

    • your are right; when you are new at setting up a membership site there are tons of questions. Knowing what key features will benefit your ability to run the membership site will save you headaches, time and money in the long run.Yaro has solved this problem. Thanks

  • Barbara

    Very much a newbie at this sort of thing and very much preoccupied with caring for my husband with cancer. So, for now I’ve put it on the back burner. After listening to your videos and spot reading your program I’m convinced I can do this and hope to start within the year.

  • Excellent report full of practical no-BS information.
    I have used WP for all kind of CMS projects, tweaked it in (almost) every possible way… so, I would be very interested to see how do you use it for membership site management without plugins.

    Thanks for the great info in the report.

    As for “challenge” – delivering valuable content in timely manner.

  • I have a few ideas in mind for membership sites (I love the recurring income!) so the timing for this is perfect. Just downloaded your report and I’m gonna grab a cup of coffee and have a go at it.

  • It was very informative. Thanks for the report!

  • I’ve been looking at some software for Membership sites that seemingly is completely functional. The cost runs towards $150.

    If you have content, that looks like a good way to get started.

  • 1. The report is a comprehensive guide to setting up a membership site. It leaves out just enough to make your course valuable, though I think a course where you worked with people to get them to launch stage would be even more valuable (It would stop hesitation and delay). All in all it is a great report.

    2. I have no single biggest problem but the ones I can identify are

    a) Lack of capital
    b) Lack of Preeminence
    c) Despite having been an IT professional for 10 years (developer not admin) the tech skills needed are outside my skillset and comfort zone.

    Since I have to make a way out of no way I am trying to generate seed capital by writing online articles mainly at

    Hopefully this will establish me as an expert in writing if nothing else.

    My goal in internet marketing isto make enough money to be able to undertake private research in areas of interest and communicate them to others. A secondary goal would be to help others.

    At first I considered a business telling others how to set up a business was basically dishonest – and there are many scammers doing just that, I realise it can also class as helping others.

    The next (first) step for me is to consider the topic for a site. Because a great many things interest me this could be hard.

    Thanks for a great report. I suspect I could rewrite it as much shorter but not perhaps so interesting.

  • Hi Yaro.

    Thank you so much for the great report, and I like your contents in this blog and any other free materials you’ve ever published. I enjoy reading them, but I always need much time reading + understanding, as English is foreign language to me.

    I always missed the opportunity to post a comment here, as I am always behind to other people, this time I am writing this before I read your report until the end. But don’t worry I keep reading little by little, very slowly compared with other people though.

    In reply to your question,
    1. What did you think of the Masterplan?

    I’m always amazed at your works. There are many internet marketing gurus, but one reason (out of many) I like you is your way of writing is easy to understand, even to a person like me who study English as a second language.

    It’s also nice to know that you tell us “get rich quick” things are inadvisable when we want something long-term & big scaled success. We have to work hard, take risks, spend time & efforts for trial & error, learn from failure experience, and so on. These may be very basic things but very good to hear from time to time because there are so much flooded info. for opportunity seekers that sometimes makes me feel suspicous if I were working stupid for nothing.

    With Masterplan report of yours I have learned again so many obstacles ahead of me, besides language problems. (^_^;) I just have to move forward little by littlle…

    2. What is your greatest challenge regarding
    starting a membership site?

    It sounds that I have to deal with HOW-TO type of blog or business when I try to have a membership site, in terms of preeminence. But mine is not. I have a feeling that my blog tends to be a one-time-sales type that incurrs less leverage. (At a moment I’m building a foundation and not yet go for a business from it.) So I wonder how I can connect a membership site to my blog.

    BTW, I could set up this blog thanks to Become a Blogger tutorial. You can see I’ve been around you…but no chance so far to say “THANK YOU” to you, Yaro! (^0^)

  • Hi Yaro,
    It is nice and very useful for all those who are on that path with only one thought in their heads: money, money and more money, just money and more money. Although I understand the importance of money in my projects, where making money make they indicate worth of the projects itself, but, because in my projects the importance of money is already firmly on its back seat. Therefore, I have no other chance but struggle through it with the glimmers of ideas that come through the moneymaking project, like yours for instance. Nevertheless, I must say that I learn each time by reading the reports like this, in a general way; and since I am illiterate with computers, it is a great help too. However, nobody could spare some time and teach me step-by-step, and to be paid for it later when I make some money; since I am pensioner, with my small budget it is very difficult for me to pay anything in advance.
    I have few blogs out that scare many people or make them uninterested to help me; you can see them at and at and judge for yourself. I have nearly finished work on a new web page, and have already spot for it ( but do not know how to post it. I am sure that the stuff will eventually take the roof down (or the sky in this case), but cannot do anything until the Providence provides some personal help. If that is you, let see.


  • Michelle

    Yaro !!!
    I am absolutely impressed and so grateful that I found you!! That report is fantastic beyond words! I learned so much more ……and I thought I was pretty prepared for my launch! I absolutely will become a member of your next step. Incredible content and detail. Thank you so much. What I find the most interesting is this: It’s so true that when I read something like this, I am completely drawn to becoming a member. Your content on this report was A-list material, and I’m confident your new membership plan will be phenomenal.

    My biggest challenge right now is this…I decided 2 weeks ago to finally step out and launch. I’ve spent over a year and literally about $50k learning how the whole IM idea works. It’s time to move ahead. I wish I found you before the 10 days left I have to launch. I digress….so what my problem is, is that I really need a team working with me to meet my deadline, and I don’t have it. I will take your advice on continuing to outsource. My budget is thinning until I monetize, but I am very excited about the potential with this, and grateful for your amazing info!
    Thanks Yaro!

  • Yaro, only two words come to my mind. SIMPLY AMAZING !!! You and Darren are just to easy to understand and my (usually ) slow mind can grasp what you are saying easily.

    I listen to this every morning as i get things ready at work. It is clear, precise and I can follow what you say without have a question.

    Maybe because I have my own Monthly Membership up. (I had to figure it out on my own – not always a great thing.) I wish I had this before I did mine. None the less, I already have tons of new better ways to do it now that I have you to teach me about different companies, techniques, ideas.

    Already gave my list the great news of a “THANK YOU GIFT” of lowering the price for three months to 29.00. Then made a new vid to tell the new ones only about the 29.00 deal – for three months only…wink.

    I can’t wait til the fifth. I got your binder ready and I am ready for my homework. wink wink.

    Have an awesome day Yaro, classmates.


  • I think it is a great tool. Filled with a lot of useful information. So, I say thank you.

    My biggest challenge is creating great content. I am practicing by writing a Blog and Publishing a Podcast. My next thing is getting traffic. I need to build traffic, so I can build my list and launch a profitable business.

  • Thanks Yaro

    The report was great, but I must admit a daunting prospect. i have done a lot of research on the net as i want to start a membership site. There is so much confusion – joomla, wordpress, and numerous other ways to start a site.

    I downloaded BFM 2.0 and that is so complicated I gave up.

    I want to drip feed content to stop people just downloading and then disappearing. I am in the back pain relief field and have a very successful eBook (pain disappears quickly success – the site and sales slow) and a membership fits nicely.

    Content I have, expertise I have, techno ability I don’t. Is your system complicated like BFM, or simple and easy to follow?

    Once again thanks for the report, Iam inspired.

    • Hi Graeme,

      As I wrote in the Masterplan, I went through a process starting with Butterfly Marketing, then moving to just WordPress. My system is VERY simple and that’s because, like you, technology is not something I want to spend too much time messing around with.

      It sounds to me that you are too hung up on the technology issue. This is something that can be solved quickly by doing two things –

      1. Deliberately using a simple technical set-up.
      2. Hiring a tech person to put it together for you.

      This is what I did and what I teach in my coaching program, so if you want more explanation please consider joining the next class if you didn’t already join previously.

  • jim

    Hi Yaro, in answer to the questions I liked the report, there was plenty information, and the biggest challenge to setting a site like this up for me is establishing pre eminence, and also having the time to spend on sifting the sources of information available, and deciding what to go for. I am already working through become a blogger which is great, and that will do me for some time into the future. Thanks again.

  • Hey Yaro!

    Well, I actually have only started to listen to the audio version today and got 10 minutes into it when I was sidetracked by your added video post from day before yesterday!!!

    That video gave me an idea:)

    I realized that I could package one of my sites (the one that has the link on this post) as a membership site by offering the existing DVD and adding a t-shirt. A buddy of mine is setting up a screen print business so he can provide the added t-shirts!

    So, the idea is to entice those people who are into the Oregon Coast to support the site with a membership.

    What is the average annual membership fee these days? I was thinking $50. I could also offer an affiliate commission to people who want to promote this site.

    Of course, I plan on adding new video content to the site this summer to keep it fresh!

    Sorry, but you will have to wait until I finish setting up my membership to finish listening to the rest of the audio 😉

    With these great ideas from just the latest video and the first few minutes of the Audio Ebook, I can’t imagine what the rest will offer!

    Thanks, Jay

    PS, I left a comment on another post “How to find out what your members want…” but it never showed up.

    • Thanks for your feedback Jay. Your comment on my other post was possibly filtered so I had to approve it before going live. It’s probably live now.

  • michele

    Hello Yaro,
    thanks for the email and your audio file….

    I’m very new to all this and unfortunately I can’t really tell you much about how good or how explanatory your Membership Site Masterplan is simply ’cause I don’t understand most of the concepts. But I’d like to listen at it a few more times and see if it’ll make any sense to me…

    In the mean time fell free to send me emails with more materials and I’ll promise to have a look at them and come back hopefully with some more constructive feedback.
    Wish you well!

  • Thank you for your report , it was presented to me by Jeff Walker , I’m actually going trough a massive change in my life , I’m totally new in the Internet Marketing Business , so I’m spending a lot of time and money designing and creating the second part of my life, as it should be and not as it came , like the one I just lived!

    In respect of your Master Plan , I’m taking as many ideas as possible from what I can see , read , hear and detect about you.
    I took your guide , printed and analyze the 72 pages at the same time that I was listening to your voice , writing every thing that was important, interesting , doable , and put emphasis on the must dos.

    You also make me understand that it is ONLY A MATTER OF TIME until the systematic and automatic business model of making money in the internet will materialize and be consistent.

    Yaro , thank you again for you information.

    PS :I also enjoy the video of Fran Kerr , very good Tips!

  • louise cohoon

    Hello Yaro ! I think ALL the info you have given me over the last several weeks is amazing. Believe me when I tell you, you are a god send to me. I have bought ebooks that was total trash and I didn’t really understand any of it. I have listened to 30-40 supposed to be gurus who didn’t give me near enough info and what they all do is repeat the same things that I already knew. You tell it like it is and in plain everyday language that we newbies can understand. I am really great full l I found your site. Altho I am still in the learning stage I have made my first sale with your help. I fell like I just earned a million bucks. I am a retired nurse who wanted to earn money at home and with your help I now can. Thank you so much for all your wonderful help and honesty. If people don’t read all your info you are putting out they are CRAZY. I love your style and passion for your work in wanting to help us newbies. Thanks again and God Bless you from the bottom of my heart.

  • As usual, Yaro, you’ve included all the ‘nuts and bolts’ required to launch a membership site in your easy to understand style. Clearly you’ve put this masterplan together because you’ve done one or two product launches yourself – experience counts a lot!

    My greatest challenge in not starting a membership site is I don’t have a mailing list nor affiliates – two key elements to a successful launch, according to your masterplan. The good news is … I do have a product!

    Thanks for removing all the overload hype and giving us, internet marketers, very valuable content to use effectively.

  • Özgür Yavuz

    Hi Yaro,
    i’ve been following youfor a month. Thanks for your strong advces and free e-books. i can create membership site and i manage it good but i have a big problem. The mail list. This is the most important thing but i can’t create one, this will take a long time. you say 3000 mail adress, this s hard to reach for me. where yu can get this adress. Ony from your personal blogs

    • Ozgur, you have to build your email list one subscriber at a time. I’ve had some great success doing it slowly with a blog (starting at about 10 new subscribers all the way up to 100 new subscribers a day). I’ve also used affiliates, who can send you hundreds or even thousands of new subscribers in a day.

      Just keep working at it and give people more reasons to send you traffic.

  • Lindsay Townsend

    Hi Yaro,
    Thanks so much for your very easy-to-follow, high quality information about membership sites. It was a great read and really got the wheels turning! I enjoyed it very much. I am not a tech expert by any means, and there were definitely some words and phrases that I am not familiar with -mostly in reagrds to technology of blogging or programming- but for the most part I felt like you included clear explaination of your steps.
    I am a registered dietitian, and I have a great idea for a nutrition & fitness membership site (in my head and written down). I really think I have found a few gaps in nearly every similar site I have reviewed. I also have a fairly large family which is spread thoughout the country and would definitely help expand my e-mail list, however, I have very little money to invest into something at this time. I am finding myself thinking about this idea constantly though ….

  • Wally Hughes

    You have 180 comments. Are you trying to create a feeding frenzy? Are you going to personally respond to them? You are too late. I have just purchased a smorgasborg of programs in the past month. I plan to be online within the month. Look out for me.

    A question you must ask is “what is your success rate?” Not how much you make, not how many students you have but how many use the system, and how many will make gobsmacking money from using it.

    The first issue one must face is WHAT STOPS YOU. This is a course in itself. What stops you and what can you do to over come this and then what can you do to push the obstacles aside.

    You do not address this nor do your fellow gurus. Until you do so you do yourself and your students an injustice.

    It is easy to say it is easy after you have done it. Your students have the same hurdles and or vastly different hurdles. If you address this issue you will have 90% making big money instead of maybe 10%.

    There is a formula to overcome these hurdles. I am happy to talk.
    PS I have read your Masterplan and see great benefit in it. I will use some of it that is why I have replied. You have given trust. I give back in return. I could have said RA RA yes yes. A good friend tells you that you still have your breakfast on your face.
    Regards Wally Hughes.

  • I am downloading it as I’m typing this comment. There is serious value to be had by frequenting your blog, Yaro! One of the reasons for your success is the quality of your offering. May you go from strength to strength!

  • Thanks for all the good information. I am slowly building my subscription list… taking time. I have in mind a free download product which will assist me in getting more subscribers. One step at a time. Thanks for the roadmap.

  • Hi Yaro

    I thought the audio version of the master plan was great. I’m meeting with my website guy to re-organize the site around a membership model. I’m in the process of starting a gifting membership site in order to fund the community work that I’m doing. My biggest challenge right now is how to obtain the ‘preeminence’ that you spoke about. Any suggestions? Please check out my current site if you have a moment.

    Thank you

  • Your Membership Site information was well thought out, well written, well said and a wonderful read. I learned alot and will be in touch.

  • rudy espinosa

    Your program is probably the best thing since toilet paper! It reads like it just flat out gets the job done. I’m still trying to absorb it all. I feel confident that I’ll be coming aboard very soon. Thanks for being so articulate in your presentation. I’ll keep in touch.

    Rudy Espinosa

  • Hi Yaro

    Your free report was very valuable! It answered several questions I had. I’m in the process of setting up a membership site for small business owners. However, your report also made me aware of several other questions…are you suggesting we should not begin content creation until we’ve done a survey to get their biggest concerns?

    I feel like eveytime I get close to launching my membership site, I discover there are still more puzzle pieces missing. I’m thinking I’m just going to continue on the path I’m on and do as you did — make changes as I discover they need to be made. I think I could dither around forever trying to find perfection.

    By the way, have you investigated the Instant Member membership software? It seems much simpler than Amember, but still has a lot of features. At $99 US I figured I couldn’t go wrong! I’m going to give it a whirl.

    Looking forward to seeing what your launch looks like!

    • Ruby – there is a time for research and a time to just get your product out there.

      I think the main mistake people might make is assuming they know what their members want and then creating an entire course, launching it with very little traffic, and then getting no members.

      The process of understanding your customer goes way beyond surveys, but people like techniques that give quick answers, which a survey provides. In truth, I’ve spent about 5 years studying my customer and I will continue to do so as long as I run my business. It never stops.

      Don’t forget, some of the best research you can ever do is to actually sell your product and see if –

      1. Anybody buys it
      2. If they do buy it, what feedback they give you
      3. If they ask for a refund, why they do so

      The more answers to these questions you get, the closer you are to having a best selling product.

  • Luis

    Hi Yaro I interest in the idea of having a Membership Site and thank for your great information. The only consorne is if the membership site have already contend or if I have to update it all the time. I need more information how to bring more traffic to my site.

  • Leah Cepukas

    Thank you for the membership report.

    I am still musing over how I could apply the plan. I am in the process of deciding on a blog design, how much content to offer depending on monetization options.

    My biggest challenge is my limited technical knowledge both in design and optimizing social networking. Your site and offers have been a great help.

    Thank you again, Leah

  • Hi Yaro,

    Thank you for lots of good information. It sounds a bit complicated for my budget, as I would have to hire a lot of it done.

    I am working on a plan I came up with to build a membership site using MLM referral payments to create passive income. No technical skills needed.

    I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

    You make it very hard to find the price which makes me think it is too expensive.

    ask the wYman, brainstorming solutions to business and world problems.

    • Hey Wyman,

      The price is available on the order page when the program opens.

      It will be expensive for some people, but not for others. That’s always how it is.

  • Very well presented and comprehensive information. Just like the blogging report, got to learn a lot from this.

    Thanks. Keep Growing.

  • Thanks Yaro,

    A lot of really useful information.
    I’m rebuilding my site which is going to take a while, but after it is done I’ll be looking at how to use your strategies.
    Good free information


  • Am downloading it now! I’ve not tried a membership site before but have to agree it’s got great potential.

  • Hi Yaro,

    I finished reading the report last night. I must say I am very motivated to get my first membership site up and running. I created my second blog last night. (my first blog I created about a month ago using becomeablogger) This is the blog intend to use for my membership site. I am confused however by the claim that you only need 10% of your material done before you launch. Money is my biggest obstacle right now. How is it that I can launch my site without having it complete?



    • Hi Laura, if you are offering 26 weekly lessons, then you only need to have one lesson finished when your people first join, and then ensure you keep producing one new lesson a week until the course is complete.

      You might also want to include some additional resources so your new members find some value when they first join, but that is the basic principle.

      When I launched Blog Mastermind the first time I only had written the first lesson of 27 that I would eventually create, as well as 10 mindset audios, 5 interviews with experts and a public forum. The rest of the course was created as the first members went through it.

      This is very powerful as you learn from people who are paying you money exactly what they want so you can create a great course for them, plus you don’t have to worry about creating all the content ready for day one, and then find out people don’t even want it.

  • Thank you Yaro,

    There is a lot of information. Information is good and I espicially like the fact that you gave very real and honest reports on the the technical tools you are using and why. However, not only did you give what you are using but also other tools that are available and why they may be useful for others depending on their financial and technical positioning.
    In addition to the tools you discuss in the report you also informed about the back end business of a member site, or for any on-line endeavor that might be done on the net.

    Great information!

  • Lyn


    I am reading everything you have written. I found you Sunday night and I can’t put you down (just like a book!).

    You have inspired me! I was trying to figure out the membership thing when I found you.

    With all the crap and fluff that is out there you are a breath of fresh air!

    My main concern is locking the website or blog. I have been looking at Sentry Login for that. What do you think of them? Or has anyone used them?

    I also have used Host Gator in the past, but I am now looking at Blue Voda. What do you think of them? Or has anyone used them?

    Thank you! You are my “Guy” now!

  • Hi Yaro,
    Thank you for this wonderful ebook, I read it like strait through!

    I guess I’m just ready for some (much) more and I’ve circled around your content from your different membership sites and I’m not too sure were to start.
    1. See I’m French and I can understand you perfectly, but you might not be able to give me feedback for what I do since my sites are all in French. What do you think of that?
    2. Basically I have my niche (musicians), I’ve planned my product and I’m just ready to start recording some stunning content (on 2 specialized sites) but I’ve never output a blog even to a small audience. So were should I start? Blog trainning? Membership trainning?

    Thanks for any advice, Olivier.

    • I’d start by creating content and giving it to your audience so you can build up a following. If you like that idea, then using a blog is the best choice, so I’d recommend training in that area as a good start.

      I recommend my free report the Blog Profits Blueprint as your best beginning point if you haven’t read it already –

  • Allan

    Hi Yaro

    I used the audio format of your Masterplan and listened to it in one session. Great to hear an Aussie sounding accent.

    1. What did you think of the Masterplan?
    Personally I found it a bit overwhelming. However, the how do you eat an elephant one mouthful at a time would be the way to go.

    2. What is your greatest challenge regarding
    starting a membership site?
    Finding a product that I could pass on to others to begin with, yet alone keep them coming back for more.

    In closing, you mention the need of a list and say one way to get it is quote:
    “A blog can be one way to get there, or Pay Per Click, or joint ventures.”

    May I ask what is the incentive you use in say, Pay Per Click to get people to give their e-mail details? Would it need to be related to your niche if so then I’m back to Question 2.

    I’m not 100% sure that this is for me but if I was to build a membership site I belive that your training course sounds genuine and not over priced. Though it maybe out of reach for someone unemployment.

    Kind regards
    Allan (Mid North Coast Australia)

    • Hi Allan,

      Your best incentive is something that meets the strongest need of your target market. If you can give them that, then you get more opt-ins.

      In my case I’ve used free reports and free videos. Some people use free audios, or even a CD in the mail or just a regular weekly email newsletter.

      The medium doesn’t matter so much, it’s how well you are meeting the needs of your potential target customer. The better job you do at that with the incentive, the more likely they will then buy from you when they want more.

  • i just want to thank you for all the free help you provide all of us trying to make money online. you are a great example of some one paying it forward. you cover allot of things and i do believe it the best training program any one can use. i hope i will be to sign up for your training in time. the biggest issue problem i am facing currently is that i do not have any prior exeperince with building a website. i have been trying to build one for 2 weeks now loll. do you think some one with no knowledge of the web can benefit from your program?

    • I think anyone can benefit from all my course, but it’s up to you to decide what the benefit you want is.

      My program can be the sign-posts to guide you were you have to go, but you are going to have to walk there yourself, that is always the case. In other words, you will need to learn things that I don’t teach you because I don’t know what you don’t know. I can only provide a roadmap based on what I think you need. The rest you will have to figure out for yourself.

      It’s definitely better than going in blind 🙂 – and much quicker too!

  • El

    It may not bring tons of money overnight, but this is a solid good material. Thank you for putting this together!

  • Yaro,
    First class information for anyone. I think you’ve covered all the bases with no stone left unturned. Over delivery excellent! I’m looking into the program I have to figure out where I have the time because if I can’t give 100% I don’t want to do right now. I will though some time in the future.
    Gary Cooper (internet)

  • Victoria

    Great Content!
    Major Kudos for the Freebie of Vast Info!!!

  • viorica

    Hi, Yaro!
    I received your information and now I must write a mail to you, as you asked me; it`s ok! I was curious and also interested how somebody can make a lot of money from bloging.
    I must tell you that I am ignorant about businesses on internet , but i am very interested on it; also i am not an english speaker , (I am from Roumania, East Europe). Why say I all this? because I am not able to become your student in anyway- i have no the abylities required, no time and no money, too.
    anyway, the experience of meeting your sites and reading the informations you posted on internet are very valuable for me.

  • Thank you, Yaro. Masterplan is excellent in all respects — just what I’ve come to expect from you. I’m a fairly recent Blog Mastermind graduate and am working on my learning curve when it comes to Internet marketing. I’m planning to order your membership site course, but I have to wait. I hope I’ll be able to get in later.

  • Samuel Helm

    Your ad for your course would be more convincing if it had more examples of bloggers and site operators who had membership subscription sites or any kind of money making sites that make great money selling a product that is not just about how to start a site to sell training on how to make money online (you get the picture). Maybe you should title your program on “How I made money with subscription sites that sell something other than training on how to make money training others to start sites on how to make money selling training others to do the same.” or something like that. That would be what people really need the most.
    My point is, do you have any experience at making money on line selling anything but advice on how to make money on line? If not, then that is a problem, for eventually for this all to work the students have to sell something other than how to sell, there has to be examples of students making money selling something other than just how to make money on line. Well, anyway, all of your information is much appreciated, and probably useful even for those who want to sell something other than how to make money advice, but I hesitate, still.

    • Hi Samuel,

      If you received the emails I sent you after you opted in for the Masterplan you will have seen a case study video featuring Fran who has a membership site in the Acne treatment niche, and Jay Jay who is launching one in the magic tricks and illusions niche.

      I teach a system that can be applied to any marketplace, but the fundamentals of that market must be present – in other words, there must be demand.

      Any niche right now that has people willing to pay money for information is ripe for a membership site. If you want examples, go check the best sellers list at or and you will find thousands of viable niches.

  • Mark

    Feedback on Masterplan

    1. Masterplan looks excellent, but I still have a few questions. I had already sent them off to your [email protected] but no one has bothered to reply yet. Not a good sign, wouldn’t you think? Here they are again :

    I have a couple of questions about the Membership Site Mastermind

    a. Yaro mentions an almost time unlimited Money back Guarantee. He even mentions a year. However in your sign up sheet, I see that it shows 60 Day money back. Which of the 2 are correct ?

    b. Do we get access to all materials immediately ? I am semi-retired and have 10 to 12 hours a day free.The reason for asking is I would not like to be getting access to the materials on a week by week basis over a 6 week or more period. So I think I would find it really frustrating to receive materials on a weekly basis only. I have the time available and want to get up a membership site up and running and running as soon as is possible.

    2. The biggest issue I have is I have no idea what to build up a membership site around? What would sell? And how to get a list up and running in a pretty short time period?

    So please answer my questions.
    msbergman[email protected]

    • Hi Mark,

      I replied to your email but I’ll put my reply here too to benefit other people.

      A) Clickbank will cover the first 60 days, which is their standard policy. If you want a refund after that I will pay it out via my paypal account. So far this has happened twice from the first group of 350 students, so I’m pretty content that people like my program.

      B) The option is there now to purchase the entire course upfront, or make payments over a period of months and receive the resources weekly. This option wasn’t there the first time the program opened, but is available for any opening after October 2009.

      2. This is not something I can answer, I can only guide you towards finding your own answer. I cover this in Module one of the program, but if you want a really simple answer – go visit, find a best selling ebook, set up an opt-in form that targets the same customers, give them a free report that’s better than the paid ebook, market it, then launch your membership site once your list is large enough.

      All you have to do is find what is selling already and then offer something superior to the same customer base. There are other ways to find markets, but I’ll save that for inside the program.



  • Jacques

    Hi Yaro,

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with this great ebook. I have been looking for months for a good approach on how to build up my own internet business and your ideas about membership sites seems to really make sense. After all the great advice you gave away for free, I didn’t hesitate long to enrol in your coaching program. I have read somewhere that if “you pay for the best, you only cry once”. I really believe this is true and I am willing to give you my trust that you are the best.

    I am looking forward to learn much more during the next 6 weeks and start my own site very soon.

    Greetings from Paris,


  • Joe

    Your free report is top notch – great stuff. Your paid program, however, is way to expensive and priced well out of the range of the “little guy” trying to make a living online. IMHO

    • Hey Joe,

      Pricing is all relative to your marketplace. Consider that I might be attempting to attract a certain type of member with a price like this.

      Pricing is actually a really important aspect, and most people under price for the value they offer. This is something I present inside the course.

      I understand where you are coming from of course, which is why I give the Masterplan document away for free. If you can’t take this document away and take action, then you shouldn’t be buying any paid for products either because you need to work on your mindset first, that’s where the real hiccup is.

  • Donnalynn

    Hi Yaro, I have just started studying the Membership Site Mastermind. It is just what I was looking for. Even tho I’m just beginning my study, it’s very comprehensive and clear. I am considering doing a membership site, so your information came to me right on time. Some steps I had in mind corresponded to what you say. Other steps you pointed out were things I hadn’t thought of. I really appreciate all of what you have put into the Mastermind.

    I would love to attend your seminar. I have to agree with Joe’s comment above. It’s just too expensive for my pocket right now. I often wonder if gurus like yourself ever scholarship anyone into these programs. It would be a great testimonial for you and allow me to be one of your shining stars. Just a thought.

    Thanks for the ebook!

    • Hi Donnalynn, as I mentioned to Joe and many others – if you are low on funds, don’t buy anything. Spend your time on getting your first income stream up and running following on the great free info out there, like the reports I give away and my blog content.

      There’s more than enough there to get you making even several thousand dollars a month if you put your mind to it.

      You can then reinvest the money you earned back into more training to take your income to the next level, which is exactly what I did. I didn’t buy any paid products until I had the cash to do so and it made sense because I was in a place to action what I was about to learn.

  • Hello Yaro

    I thought the report was good and a fair indicator of the pitfalls involved.

    I,m curious to know how to attract members to a membership site whos’content is not completed?. You refer to the importance of this issue several times in the report but I can’t see any proposed solution (unless I’ve missed it).

    I’ve also signed up for the course so If this detail is here I can wait a few more weeks I guess?.

    PS. It it a simple as promising to deliver certain content and then being forced to deliver to the deadline?

    • Hi David,

      You should know the answer to this question by now for sure. If not, take a read of the reply I gave above when someone else asked the same question.

  • Yaro,
    I like you and I like your products and I think this newest one is also very good. But I’m still working on Become a Blogger, and then I want to learn what you offer in the next one, and only then might I be ready for this one. I need to make some money on something I can afford. You’re already making your six figures. I’m not. At this moment, there is no way I can afford what you’re asking, even with the BAB discount. When i’m finished paying you and Gideon, and then paying you, and if I make some money, I’ll also order this one. I think you have the top products out there, and I expect to be paying you every month for possibly years to come, but right now i’m in a recession. thanks -Jim

    • Hi Jim, that’s great, I wouldn’t recommend you buy anything until you’ve completed what you wanted from what you are studying now.

      Maybe sometime next year you will be in a position to take this program, or maybe your business won’t include a membership site or information product. Time will tell, just don’t stress out – my courses aren’t going anywhere 🙂

  • David

    Dear Yaro

    the whole concept of your idea is beautiful.
    I believe I need to learn more before I start doing it. I hopefully will join your next coaching.

    I believe I have to get my head around the whole idea before starting the membership site. on the other hand, i have got familiar with this internet marketing just for a few days.

    Thanks and I would like to hear your comment.


  • Hey man,

    I really loved the Masterplan! We are launching our web product in 3 weeks. I find that the biggest challenge right now is to get all of the content ready for our release date. That said, a bit of pressure never hurts! We found your report really useful and we are now following your blog

    Thanks for everything man,


  • Great report Yaro – I’ve been following the last few you have released.

    This has given me some great ideas to work on for my email marketing services. I never saw it as a “membership site” as such, but that’s really what it is.

    I always find myself referring people to your blog and to Become a Keep up the great work.

  • Roz

    1. What did you think of the Masterplan? Not sure I could do it or keep it going, besides it’s expensive to join.
    2. What is your greatest challenge regarding starting a membership site? …need a webmaster to develop a website, need to write the content that I’d be selling…this needs time and money. I have both but not sure if it will be successful enough. My market is limited.

    • Roz, the Masterplan is free. The Membership Site MasterMIND program is what costs money.

      Just keep working on your business and I’m sure you will get there eventually.

  • Hello Yaro,
    Wow, you’re certainly good at what you do! I’ve only had a chance to have a quick look at the MasterPlan, but can’t wait to sit down undisturbed and take notes, etc. I’ve seen some other videos related to your business ventures and it’s getting me excited & I’m accumulating ideas in a folder.
    I think one of my greatest challenges at the moment is “FOCUSING” because there’s too many things I want to do. I’m a Graphic Designer who had to learn computer skills after years of travelling myself, and currently having a love & hate relationship with a Business Certificate with the intention of starting up my own design business next year [with no funds]. I hope to do this by setting up a web page, but now the idea of setting up a blog beforehand seems quite relevant. A week ago, I wouldn’t of thought Blogs were that great.
    Possibilities seem endless now.
    Your information is worth its weight in gold, thank you. I hope we keep in touch.

  • Hey Yaro 😀

    Thanks for this guide, it was very helpful ^_^

    1. I might consider joining, need to make sure I have enough in the bank first :S

    2. I guess building up the blog or promoting the site would take more time then I want it too in most cases but I guess I just need to have a little more patience 😛


    – Chris

  • i read your mastermind and is simply amazing get your mind right on track, concerning greatest challenge regarding starting a membership site? is gathering enough content to give the members

  • Hiya Yaro

    1. Thanks for the great audio and pdf downloads. Much useful, structured info there to help me.

    2. The opportunity and challenge for me:
    building an excellent blog many and more readers will find useful, whilst all the time I’m enjoying doing it.
    Attracting, directing readers to my blog.
    At the same time building a membership site that people will want to join.

    Lotsa fun ahead!

    Thanks again

  • Tom Rogers

    Yaro – Your ‘Membership Site Masterplan’ is the work of a master! You have great skill at explaining your concepts and methods in an open, down-to-earth manner that attracts and informs. For me, it’s a lot to understand, but it’s worth a reread, definitely. I really enjoy your honest, open style, both in writing and in your videos. Much continued success!

  • Yaro, Thanks for your ebook, I just download it and i will try to read it later. that is the second ebook i got from you. One again, thanks for your spending your valuable time to produce them.

  • Absolutely fabulous report! Very thorough, and a quick read. Thanks!

  • Kevin Rhodes

    Your program could literally change my life, but with the economy why don’t you consider making it more afforable for the common man. There is no way I can afford $297 this month in one lump even though I know that I should. It’s so frustrating to see something within reach and not be able to grasp it for the very reason that I need it.

    • Kevin, see my comments above regarding pricing. There’s a time and a place to invest in paid education, and perhaps right now you should be focusing on using free resources to develop your first income stream online so you can then reinvest some of that money back into paid programs.

  • Ron

    Great Report Yaro, truly over-delivering!
    I will check out some more of your stuff.

  • Gary

    Hi Yaro

    I did listen to the audio version of your report. I am no where ready to set up a membership site but you appeared to give lots of step by step advise which I am sure will benefit me as I continue to build my first 1000 Net Friends. If you or you or you want to sign on to be one of my Net Friends just look for garydotgray on either twitter and/or Facebook. Or you can click on my name up top and sign up. You can @garydotgray me a message telling me that you found me here on Yaro’s blog comments.

    Thanks Yaro

    P.S. You really are amazing in what you are giving away. I found you by singing up for Caroline Middelbrook’s blogger’s bible ebook where Caroline sends out a chapter a week.

    Smiles :o)


  • Yaro,

    Thanks for making this available. I did opt to listen to the masterplan (primarily) but I used the PDF as a reference after fully understanding your points in the audio. I am grateful that I cam across this resource as it actually confirmed what another person was trying to tell me, just not as eloquently. So as I look at it now, the greatest challenge to setting up my site has to be planning. There is a TON more involved than I thought and even though I am working with a partner, I see that I will need more help. I am sitting on a gold mine but I need the help of miners to get the gold out there 🙂

    Last night I shared the masterplan with my partner and we worked for a solid 5 hours whiteboarding a plan. I could use some advice soon but for now I am continuing to research and develop.

    Thanks for your contribution to my process and all your advice.


  • Everett Hutchinson

    Hi Folks,

    I haven’t read all of this book yet. But, from the half I have read you need to know this: It is much harder to build a Blog that will support you.

    If you are really willing to spend at least three hours “Every” day M-F, after some weeks or months of living and breathing your Blog into existence at least six hours a day, you won’t succeed. If Yaro did, as I am prepared to believe he did, He is one in several thousand Bloggers.

    I read hundreds weekly and they all have tales to tell of Blogging Hell.

    You also need something you know well enough to be bugged by the number of folks who ask you to do, write, speak about ____________
    if not you either know enough about too narrow a field or don’t know yours well enough.

    Either way not enough people will care to make a subscription site work.


    Watch for Ubuntu coming soon to a Firefox near you.

  • eli

    Hi! Yaro, Greetings from Bacolod City, Philippines. I have started reading your Membership Site Masterplan. It is superb, to say the least. Being new to blogging, your e-book has provided me with a manual to avoid pitfalls and for me to jumpstart my site. Not only that, your is a rich resource for bloggers, both beginners and professionals. May you continue to share to the world your knowledge and expertise.

  • Ray

    Yaro, you have given more in the masterplan than $100 ebooks I have bought. Just un-believeable, I have learned more in the first half of th mp3
    than i have learned from full courses. Beyond that, the information is accurate, useful and something i can use right now. Thank you.

  • Milad

    Thanks for another great free resource Yaro! I am currently building a blog and following your blogging blueprint. I also hope to follow this one when it comes to building my products, thanks again!

  • Anthony

    Hi Yaro from Orlando!

    Your Masterplan eBook is very well written. Congratulations!

    I think your KISS approach (Keep It Simple S…) would be great for an educational membership site involving sequential product delivery.

    You endorse WordPress but make no comment about Wishlist. Perhaps it’s an unnecessary complication? I’d be very interested in your opinion of this plug-in

    I’d like to create a community where members can meet, exchange views, interact with and help each other. I envisage that much of the site value-add will be provided by the members themselves. So member web pages, and member to member communication, are key requirements.

    My greatest challenge is finding suitable membership software at an affordable price. I’d be delighted to learn that Masterplan is a viable solution for my needs or hear your alternative recommendations.

    • Anthony, I don’t need the features of Wishlist to do what I do, however it certainly is looking like one of the best membership site plugins around right now if you need the extra features.

  • ayob

    Hi Yaro,

    1.I think your Masterplan is a well thought and written,straight from the heart and mind of a guy who is very good and love at what he is doing.
    2.Since i,am a newbie to most ‘lots of thing internet’ and all its terms,everything seems a challenge to me starting with trying to digest it all.
    3.And Yaro, you are one of my first few gurus in this fascinating medium.

    Thousands of thanks to you.

  • Well, Yaro, you did it again. I am one of your Blog Mastermind Graduates. It is a remarkable piece of information…same standard of the Blog Blueprint, and as always, you don’t leave anything out and you pour your soul, sharing fully your experience. That’s what I love about you Yaro, Your honesty, your candidness, your straightforwardness, your genuine care to give the best of you. Your passion. It transpires in every word.

    Thanks so much for being who you are. Thanks so much for publishing this great document exactly when I needed it the most. When I am ready to turn mine into a membership site.

    Warmest regards my friend.

  • I’ve been away and have only just downloaded the report. I’ve now read it and think it’s invaluable.So, thanks for that. Since I’ve missed the deadline, any idea when you’ll be running this course again? Meanwhile, I can beaver away in the background working on my blog/program content etc.

    All the best

  • Hi Yaro,

    I love that you provide both an audio and pdf. I learn best by reading along while I listen to the audio. Terrific report and jam-packed as usual.

    I’m still overwhelmed and not sure how to create the content for the membership site I’m contemplating. Your reports are the greatest sales tool for the courses because people come away from them hungry for more information, not satisfied I could do it on my own with the report alone.

    But as I go through the course videos I’ll figure my site content out just like I did with Blog Mastermind. My only dilemma with that is I created too many blogs, and now I need to decide what to do with some of them. I’ll probably leave them up and have them worked on as soon as I can afford to higher out content production. Some make money, some don’t.

    I am definitely in the “passion” category when it comes to topic. No amount of money is enough to warrant creating content and running a site for something I’m not passionate about.

    Thanks for your great programs!
    Sherri Joubert
    Blog Mastermind Graduate

  • Yaro,
    Answers to questions:
    1. As a free report, that free report was packed with great info. Just as you said, it is a great framework for the membership business model. Not too in depth on any one subject…. just a great over view.
    2. Greatest challenge…. putting it all together and making relationships / partnerships with people. A lot of my membership site ideas are based on bringing in experts and creating cross-promotions. Its becoming a bigger obstacle than i thought. Most people dont understand advanced internet marketing techniques, so its hard to get them to see the big picture.

    Thanks for the free report yaro. As usual, awesome content from a non-biased point of view. Not sure if i can afford it, but hoping to get in when you open the doors to your membership coaching.

  • Outstanding report Yaro. Very detailed and an excellent resource for virtually anyone who is ready to begin a membership site.

    I especially appreciate you identifying the pros and cons of starting one, attrition rates, and how to retain members.

    I would highly recommend this report.

    My greatest challenge at this time is finding the best software solution for my needs. Your overview of several choices was very helpful.

    Kathleen Gage
    The Street Smarts Marketer

  • Your Message
    Yaro, still digesting the information from your clear and concise Membership Site MasterPlan. My company The Learning Compass now has a blog http://www.mylearningcompass./blog which has been helped by your blog and suggestions. Thanks!

    We are building a platform for life-long learning. I am factoring in your suggestions for a membership site for our purpose of providing a continuity coaching program for parents to learn how to learn. Will keep you posted on our progress.

    Again, thanks for all the practical content your provide. Keep up the great work!

  • Hi Yaro!

    I’m Iulia from Romania and I must say (write) that I haven’t read such an easy to comprehend information before.
    I’m happy, because now I see that things aren’t as comlicated as many people say, you just have to go out there and do something about your success, since it probably won’t come knocking on your door for nothing.
    I also think that if you work a little bit every day on your project, website, blog, it will be a success.
    The funy thing is that I read about how you live an avarage day and it’s almoust the way I spend my weekdays too. I have a couple of websites in Austria and Hungary and would like to start a blog on travel. Maybe I will e-mail you about it. 🙂

    Have a nice day and keep up the good work!


  • Hello Yaro,

    I’d like to say thank you for the excelent material that makes up the Membership Site Masterplan report.

    There are three main reasons that the report worked for me:

    – It introduces a strong, sustainable method to online business, one that has strength beyond the “write a trillion niche sites” style of report. However, it introduces its method without claiming to be “only” opportunity there is.

    – It builds on people’s strengths. Not only you find that what you know can be valuable, you find that you can start a online presence that does not contribute to adding pointless information to the net.

    – Finally, I must admit I am a fan of your writing. It comes from a place of knowledge and you let your points come across has having real value by not hyping them up, “doomsday clock” style.

    My biggest challenge is to commit to action. You’ve made available on your blog some articles, and pointed to Rich Schefren’s teachings, to help overcome this, so thanks again 🙂

    My second biggest challenge is to adapt these teachings to the cultural and economical reallity of my country. I’m from Portugal and we don’t have a strong culture of online purchasing.
    Only the younger crowd really makes strong use of PayPal or other payment processors. So, finding a suitable structure is the second challenge I’m facing.

    That’s rather a long comment already, so I’ll just thank you again for all the great materials and wish you all the best!



  • Yaro,

    I didn’t know how people make money from blogging. I heard about it, but didn’t really understand how until i came across your FREE books. I believe your Blog Profits Blueprint is a good way for a newbie (like me) to start … than Become a Blogger videos would be the next step. By the way, just by following the two free resources (your blueprint and Gideon’s free videos) I was able to get my blog up in a matter of hours. You will be hearing from me, but for now I take your advice and concentrate my efforts into creating some pillar content. I am brand new at this blogging business … did not have a site (until few days ago) nor any kind of readers, but I am willing to put in the effort and time now that I know where to find the help! Again, thanks so much for the quality of the info you and Gideon provide … I will definitely sign up for the BAB Premium, and your Membership coaching program. Priceless info!!!

    Again, Thanks a lot!

  • Hi Yaro,
    Thank you for your Master Plan. I have downloaded it and am in the process of reading it. I can already tell that it is going to be informative and interesting. I do not have a member site up yet. I am a newbie. I need all the help I can get. Up until now, I have been reading and studying everything I can find on Blogs and websites. I am ready to get going, but I am still a lot confused and know that I have a long long way to go. Everything was greek to me in the beginning, but I have learned quite a lot from reading and studying. I am still in the process of reading your Master Plan and will contact you when completed.
    Thank you.

  • Jen

    Hi Yaro,

    Great report. We are in a different position than a lot of others, I think. We have a lot of great content (subjective, no doubt) and are ready to roll. We pre-launched our site last week and are trying to learn all we can about membership sites to turn our months worth of content creation into a successful launch. I see your actual course is closed but would be interested to know if I could purchase packaged content which we could go through at an accelerated pace.

    Either way – I learned a ton from the report. It was very useful for breaking down the membership site from initial creation through exit strategy. Lots of helpful tips on establishing/leveraging credibility, working affiliates, actual launch, and more.

    Thinking ahead about attrition and how to manage it, pricing strategies, automating the website to make it more valuable to potential buyers… this report is like the mini-bible of membership site management!


    • Hi Jen, you might not see this reply since you wrote your comment awhile ago, but if you do, the program opens again October 27th and there is an option to get all the materials up front this time for one payment.

      If you didn’t already join back in May, I hope to see you in this class.

  • Dan

    Hi Yaro,

    Still digesting the info you provided via the Masterplan and would update you when I begin to implement your advice. My greatest challenge starting a membership site may really just be that, STARTING and stop procrastinating.

  • Hi Yaro

    Your membership masterplan is a masterpiece. I appreciate your good, and
    honestly well laid out report. That is one thing I like about you.

    My biggest, or greatest challenge in starting a membership site is the content.
    Having the right content to start with, will make it a lot easier for me.


  • 1) I think the structure is not the best in the world – In the chapters tell something that actually first should have been said in the later chapters.

    So when I make notes it’s a bit difficult to do, when you keep jumping from topic a to topic b.

    I liked the Blog Profits Blueprint much more – Maybe spent some time where you get a bit better structure.

    2) Think get it all up and standing – And get someone to enroll, to get the salespage – Or maybe to generate content even though you only should make 10% from start.

  • Hello Yaro,

    My hubby and I have read and listen to your Membership Master Plan. We have learned a lot from it. We missed the sign date for Become a Blog Prem., so we have decided to go with this plan. We have been blog for a year and half now, and haven’t made the amount that we wanted. So we will sign up at the beginning of August, as we are researching some new niche.

    Thank you for Sharing this awesome program, hope to talk to you so.

    Naoko Yoshioka

  • Hi Yaro,
    Just want to thank you for the high quality report. I appreciated the design and layout and having the MP3 version was awesome – it allowed me to listen while working (love it when I can learn while on company time).
    I’ve been learning everything that I can about membership sites lately, and your report didn’t tell me a lot beyond what I already knew – it went into selling the membership site which I think is a little beyond the scope of most of us who are still debating over starting one or how to start one. I understand you wanted to give an overview on the full cycle of creating and eventually selling – I’m sure it added value for others.
    What I did really appreciate was your no-tech philosophy to running a membership. I tend to get attracted to the shiny piece of software that will fix my life for me and find that I’ve been holding out on starting a membership site until I can choose and afford the right software. So I appreciate the fact that you’re not pushing some software product that costs a bunch to solve the problem. WordPress is all that you need.
    I don’t have a list, and low traffic at my site, but I feel that I have something of value to give to people in my niche – so I plan to release a viral report in conjuction with building a list and creating a survey to determine if there is a demand for what I have to share with the world.
    Thanks for the info and insights – your example (of paying with a house through your membership earnings) is a great one to aim for!

  • Hi Guys,
    Thankyou so much for providing all the learning info I’ve received. Being unaware of this blog concept all this info sure has been an eyeopener. The doors available to open to these opportunities presented do seem neverending. From a beginner perspective the audio and manual together definately are a bonus for absorbing and processing what is required for planning the required strategies and the ‘how to’ of getting kick-started.
    Listened to your affiliate interview before downloading the Masterplan. Together I can see how it all comes together and can compliment each other. Great interview Yaro. What stands out for me is, I can see you guys sure have got your finger on the pulse with a genuine desire and ability to teach and support those who are new to IM when they come onboard.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Thank you for your excellent free report. Your offered a lot of sound advice that other people would have charged a bit of money for!! There are many options to pursue regarding making money online and I was a little confused with where to start e.g: affiliate marketing, websiteflipping,blogging etc. But after reading your report I now have a clear idea of the avenue I would like to pursue.

    I wil start a blog,post and create an email list to establish a presence and credibility. Then I will open my membership site.Im glad I found your blog!

    Best Regards,


  • Yaro:

    The content is fabulous and is a great read for people who are a bit jaded about the whole industry due to either 1) Complete failure to turn profits due to poor investment decisions in mentors, products, and methods; or 2) Having to deal with the frustration of having a great business plan, the ability to execute the plan, growing the model, and then having it stolen by the big players in the industry who generate millions of dollars in revenue that can be reinvested in advertising dollars that even successful online entreprenuers can’t match. I may be banned, but it is worth the satisfaction of saying… if I ever have a product that is pimped by Shawn Casey, I will hand the business over to the inmates at Leavenworth and let them run the show.

    Your ideas are simple and direct… focused and logical. I just have difficulty believing that the global internet community is ever going to allow for true artistic business entrepreneurship. The guys who are running the show in affiliate marketing possess such close relationships with the key decision makers of how the architecture of search engines and the future of data ouputs are going to be put in place, it is almost like insider trading. What pains me the most is to see some of the beautiful work put together by some online business owners just get completely lost in the midst of the bank run to steal their ideas and repackage them just enough to prevent clear infringements of law.

    Although my sentiments should come across as pessimistic, I have the utmost respect for a few people in the industry who could play at that level and the rules those other “gurus” play by, but choose to throw variables interference into the colluding few. These variables have often come from you Yaro and I thank you for your service to the broader constituency who actually support this flawed system.


    Richard Seagraves

  • Hey Yaro, I haven’t listened to all of it yet but a membership site is something I am thinking about but I am a little concerned about doing it for my topic space which includes spirituality. I kinda like Zebhabits approach which is to just give it away. And get money indirectly. But we do need money too. So hmmm. Something I am trying to figure out. I do like how you give a way a tone of stuff. I call it the economics of love and it’s cool. What you are doing follows these ideas well.

    • That’s a good point William, and I certainly could have followed the model where I gave away all the content in my membership sites for free, hoping that the audience I generated by doing so would have translated into enough income thanks to other means like advertising or affiliate products.

      I personally think I wouldn’t have made as much going down that path, but it’s tough to say, and as Leo at Zenhabits would no doubt point out, it’s not just about the money.

      What I’m really curious about though is results. I wonder even if only 1% of the potential audience I could reach giving away everything for free would result in more success stories because they didn’t pay money to get in, hence they are not motivated to take action or even study the resources.

      I’ve noticed a correlation when there is some kind of “cost” (not necessarily monetary) and the likelihood of people taking action or even studying a program until the end. There needs to be consequences or people are not motivated.

  • I am almost all the way though the membership masterplan blueprint Yaro. I hope that it opens up again soon, I am sure you are busy teaching another group how to run their own membership site, which I would love to be one of those peopel too soon. thanks.
    Larry C.

  • Dear Yaro, brilliant piece of material. If one cannot set up a membership ssite with this, then there’s really no hope. The language is so simple and straightforward. It’s almost as reading bullet points. Two things have happened. I am an internet consultant and I have always stayed away from accpting membership site contracts. Guess what? I have two in progress now for two of my clients. The best of all, I am now planning my own membership site. Everything is more or less worked out including the niche. I guess my greatest challenge is how I’m going to fing partners who already have lists relevant to my site so I can market it to them. The other challenge for me is just finding that little bit of resources to kickstart things. However, I am very certain, after reading your book, that this is definitely a 2009 project for me. Again, thanks for the masterplan. Best wishes.


  • The Mastepaln is a great manuscript loaded with good usable information. The free content is far superior to many eBooks on the subject that charge an arm and a leg. It is unfortunate that your mastermind is closed. I’d love to sign up. Unfortunately, I can’t wait until October for the next one to start, so I’m looking at two other programs which I can start almost immediately.

    Thanks for the information and insiration!


  • Yaro love the Masterplan a lot of great info, I plan on doing music lesson membership Sites and a fashion site. My greatist challenge is the right platform and software to use.


  • I liked the report, but really feel that you would have a tough job convincing non techies that getting a site up and runing is easy.

    Saying that, I can use WordPress, is that okay?

    • Easy is a relative term on a person by person basis, so yes you are right and you are wrong too.

      WordPress is a great choice – especially if it is easy for you 😉

  • Hi Yaro,

    I have been working online as a designer/developer for years and helped design and build several affiliate marketing, membership, and mlm sites in the past, so I’m no stranger to the web. But this time is different, I decided to work on my own projects for a change and I find myself with similar stories to the ones posted before mine.

    I don’t know where to start! I think I have an awesome concept with my site which is currently in production called Brand Build Sell (, which basically provides tutorials, tips and tricks to help people who are new to the web get started with building a website for less than $20 in step-by-step instructions.

    I have had a good feedback since starting this project, but I really want to take my site to the next level incorporating a membership option. The problem is, I’m not really sure what the value would be. I’m not an affiliate marketer, or a SEO person or a I CAN HELP YOU MAKE MILLIONS ONLINE person. I’m just a girl who really loves helping people and empowering them with knowledge to maybe one day fulfill their dreams of having a successful online business.

    Please take a look at my site. What do I have to offer that isn’t already available on my site for free? p.s. Don’t forget the site is still in production!


  • Yax

    Yaro! Our membership site just launched today. We just made our first 5 sales at $500 per member. Thanks for all the advice.

    The masterplan book was great. I read it 3 times.

    My suggestion is to create a platform where members can team up with other members. I couldn’t have launched my membership site without my business partner and even you have Gideon.

  • Your Message
    Hello Yaro,
    The report was very inspirational and it has gotten me quite excited about the potential at my fingertips if I just gave it ago. I am completely new to the concept of running my own membership site but happened upon your websites whilst looking for a format and marketing ideas to sell an idea I have. I have yet to follow up any of the links and suggestions in the report, so cannot comment on their content as yet, but I’m looking forward to what they do have to offer.
    The main problems I think I’ll have with turning your information into a new income for me are simply a) time – I work and look after an eighteen month old – there currently seems to be very little time for anything much else, and b) the concern that the idea that I have might prove to be weak content when it comes down to it.
    Once I’ve determined whether the content it worthwhile I may well join the waiting list for your training programme.
    Thanks very much for the inspiration you’ve given me so far. I’m looking forward to reading more into your websites.
    Kind Regards

  • My wife adn I will be joining the next membership site mastermind group, so keep us in the loop. ok?
    Thanks Yaro,
    Larry C.

    • No problem Larry – you should receive emails whenever the doors are about to open again.

  • Hi Yaro,

    I am so impressed with your message, philosophy, and the products that you put out. It seems kind of coming from a “spiritual” point of view. I am a bit tired from all of these super internet marketers throwing the “hype” around. Yes, internet marketing can be absolutely miraculous and could change your life around but you also emphasize following your “passion” in combination with putting your nose to the grindstone. You’re honest, forthright, and full of intregity. Thank you.

    Now I did read the Masterplan Book and I definitely see great value having a membership site and plan on doing so for the two sites that I’m setting-up now. I have busily been working on understanding internet marketing this past year since I didn’t know it existed 11 months ago. So for 11 months I’ve learned more about internet marketing the different avenues and it seems blogging seems to be my thing as opposed to PPC and putting up hundreds of landing pages to products that I’m affiliated with that I don’t care about. I have used Twitter for the past four months and in that four months have found the key super bloggers in my chosen niche and now am doing joint venture projects with them. That is huge for me.

    I think that biggest challenge for me is the technical side of things. It’s really hard. I will knock the socks of of people when via emails and video from just who I am so I’ll attract alot of opportunities and followship but setting up technical systems including a membership site??? That’s going to be a challenge. Not knowing what kind of platform to use. What types of features are out available etc.

    Thanks for you time

    Diane Williams

  • I am using your resources this November when a friend and I form up in a partnership in a business we will be blogging about as well. The blog is a necessary component of our business’ website, and after reviewing your materials we decided we can write decent content we think our customer base will appreciate, and that some would pay a membership fee for additional premium content that is consistently updated. We’re fortunate in that we have established ourselves in the particularly industry, now we’re just trying to bolt your concepts on to it. Would love to chat about it, but understand both of us are busy.

    Thanks again.

  • Well just to say the membership site was excellent! When I found your site I have to say I have learned more just by reading your site than any other site regarding making money blogging. The most challenging thing for me with the membership site would be starting a blog and the technical part. I don’t have a clue on how to make a blog. But with the information you give I’m sure I can get it going soon!! Thanks so much for the vauleble info!! Keep up the great work!

  • Good stuff.
    Disappointed when I could not sign up for the follow up program.
    Regards Murray

    • Hi Murry, it’s opening again October 27th – hope to see you there this time round 🙂

  • Yaro:

    I am working through all your information on both blogs and membership websites, digesting it completely, and I find it to be excellent.

    Based on your information, I will shortly open a site, with memberships, open blog, and pillar content in place. I will then begin to do the linking, connecting, etc. and let the web crawlers find me, and then wait for the explosion which will follow.

    After 20 years of writing columns in magazines (to which I retain all copyrights), and also writing reader feed back columns, and more recently with my own blog in an e-zine which had numerous “pillar” white papers, I am finally making the transition to becoming the publisher myself, due to your methodology.

    i.e. why should I, the guru with the talent, be forced to work at starvation wages, while the advertising sales “jerks” got all the gravy from selling the ads to go alongside my fantastic content.

    Frankly, the publishing world has changed, you have pioneered a path, and I am following it. I am currently editing up my 91 pillar articles, all previously published in the print media, and collating my prior blogs which have appeared as an ongoing column for over a dozen years (every two weeks or every month), in 3 printed magazines, one e-zine, and one internet poster board (in the late 1990’s, for which I was the editor).

    When my site opens (which time willing will be in a couple of weeks). It will already have a dozen year history of blog posts (I am editing out the chaff), and massive pillar content. Additionally, much of the existing market will recognize my name from years past, as my prior following relocates.

    Thanks to your methodology, and the careful way you explain it, I will now have the keys to the kingdom, and will no longer be providing an unearned income to the idiots (former ad salesmen) who own print magazines and who pay other ad salesmen more than they do to their best writers.

    This changes everything, Thanks again.

    Capt. Alan Hugenot.

    • Alan, that’s great news – I love seeing someone take control of their own work and thus create a profitable business. Keep us updated on how your business performs.

  • THe article although very very long for me ( i still read the entire thing) was very informative.

    I would cut it down by removing the section on the exit strategy.

    I know it is imortant to have the end in mind,but I dont think it really needs to be addressed in this article. Most people that are reading the article are probably most interested in learning how to start a membership site and what it takes and is involved.

    Still a great resource.

    Thank you.

  • Thank you Yaro for once again overdelivering with free content. I am in the process of building my blog, traffic and content, and definitely would like to take part in the next class. I am a big fan of simple and straightforward! I realize that a membership site may be fairly far in the future for me, but can start to brainstorm ideas, identify problems and create solutions now! Thanks again for all the great information.

  • Listened to your vidoes and downloaded the PDF both for MEMBERSHIP SITE MASTERPLAN and BLOG PROFITS BLUEPRINT.

    Awesome! Excellent info and easy to understand

    Now… when is the next Enrollment period for the Membership Site Mastermind training series.

    You got us all excited now we want to learn the system!


    • It’s coming up on the 27th of October 2009, the last time Membership Site Mastermind will be open this year.

      I’m happy you enjoyed value from both of my reports Heide 🙂

  • I like what I see so far. I began reading the report last night and am anxious to put what you state into action. My biggest problem is like you say I want to have all of the content ready before I launch. But I am going to take your suggestion and have something of value to start with and fill in the rest as I go. Thanks for the advice.


  • Hi Yaro,

    I have stumbled upon your site few weeks ago, I have read about 20 articles, read both free books and I have to say that you have really overdelivered. I’m the lucky guy in internet marketing – beacuse I have read and watched over tons of e-books and different get rich and eran cash schemes. So until a month ago I wasn’t even thinking about making some real cash on the net. But after reading your stuff I got all excited but totaly different this time. There are rare businessmen that put such a detailed and gournd breaking info in thire free reports. And since you asid in the books that we’re free to reprint and distribute them further I would like to trasnlate your books in Slovenian language and start a mailing list site with similar information and free stuff. Of course I intend to keep all the original links in the book. I just reallly want to start teaching here beacuse our country is like 30 yeras behind in terms of quality business and i-net marketing. Can you imagine that PC stores and services still have telemarketing as a primary feature for getting new customers, ROTFL
    So I think I have a great opportunity to “revolutionise” our local market and of course I count on your help and knowledge aswell.
    And thanks just for being here for us, you’re a blessing itself!

  • Hi, Yaro,

    Thanks for the prompt email follow-up.

    Your ebook is queued for filleting tomorrow evening (Sunday), and I’m looking forward to it.

    I spent an enlightening hour yesterday evening listening to your “Blog Profits Blueprint” MP3 on the way home from Portsmouth, here on the South coast of England, and it not only gave me a solid path to tread in developing my own blog, but showed the gulf separating the old-world technologies to which most of us are accustomed, and the wonders of our 2.0 world. I’m at the earliest stage of my blogging career, and guidance from people like your good self is most welcome.

    I’ll get right back to this comment stream when your “Masterplan” has been read. I call the process ‘filleting’ because I remove the fat, bones and foolish grin, and then examine the muscle and viscera. As writers, we know how small our work looks when subjected to that! It’s a method I learned while at college and University, all those years ago…



  • Yaro,

    Further to my earlier reply, I’ve just finished a first appraisal of your Masterplan PDF. I will be reading it in more detail, because it’s a rare and wonderful thing; a giveaway ebook of true value.

    You asked for feedback:

    (1) Your Masterplan PDF is generally well-crafted in terms of content, but the pagination was left unfinished and untidy. I grew weary of widowed titles (pp9,12,19,38,51,64) and the odd orphaned last line, but the exciting pace of the message allowed me to finish reading.

    It presents a complete business system, with a progressive structure and pitch-perfect tone. The drift into the advert for your puppy-walking course was almost effortless. Each topic was developed in an epicyclic fashion, building and reinforcing, expanding in an orderly fashion. I was able to grasp each concept (I am not a business professional) without recourse to external reading, and at no time did I feel patronised.

    (2) You sell the idea effectively. You’ve sold it to me, for sure; I dismissed subscription sites on the grounds that my primary niche (home-built amateur radio equipment) will not tolerate anything more than a token subscription rate, but my next project is wildly different and is open ground for new money. Careful and extensive research has left me with the hope that I may be the originator of a new social thread, but without the prescience of a certain market I can only take the plunge and pour myself into it. That’s my greatest challenge; confronting the world with novelty, and wearing _that_ hat boldly. It sounds easy, does it not?

    Thank you for sharing your report. It’s cleared up some mysteries, and presented lots of new ones. It’s enriched me!


    Pete Morris.

  • Nice one Yaro!

    The info in this is Gold Dust! Like all things it’s about the attitude and determination and coupled with your info anything is possible!
    Thank you for sharing your experiences to help others.



  • I just hope that I’m up for the challenge!



  • Hi Yaro
    I am already a member of BAB premium, but as yet I have very few subscribers
    Would it be advisable to wait until my subscribers increase?
    or could I just plunge in boots and all and try something altogether new with your membership site course.

    • Hey Brigid – It’s certainly not too early to study this information if that is the direction you are heading, but of course you will need a means to get in front of people and enough people to make it worth your while if you want a successful business.

      If you’re trending upwards, your traffic is growing, you plan on releasing a membership site and you have time to study and take action, then joining now is a good idea. You have lifetime access too, so you can use the materials next year if it takes longer to get ready to launch.

  • Hi Yaro! I’m sorry for absence of my feedback because I was busy to begin translating your interview with Alborz Fallah into Russian. I just have ready with the first part of it so you can watch it how it’s looks like on my site

  • Nice job.

    My challenge is first that I’m not sure I WANT to do a membership site. I don’t like membership sites, and have steadfastly refused to join any. I see that I could monetize (had that word!) my content in that way, but I’m more than reluctant to do so. If *I* don’t like them, how could I ask anyone to join mine?

    Assuming that I changed my mind about that, the next issue is that I’m too scattered and unfocused. I blog in 4 main areas now and obviously I’d have to pick one or more of those areas to convert to a membership model. As I’d want to provide excellent value, that would probably mean narrowing my focus to just one subject and letting the rest languish – I don’t think I have the energy to do it all.

    So, at least for now, I think this idea isn’t even on a back burner – I haven’t even filled the kettle, so to speak.

    But nice job on the report, yes.

  • Hi Yaro,

    It’s a great report.

    However, what has been bugging most people is they do not have the necessary expertise or passion in any subject and how can they convince people to sign up for their membership site without the credibility?

    • I talk about developing your credibility in a couple of ways –

      1. Give something of value to your potential customers to demonstrate you know something they don’t that they can benefit from learning from you.

      2. Have another expert recommend you and your work.

      It’s not rocket science. If you aren’t an expert, people don’t know you or trust you yet, then get out there and do something to change that situation.

      If you’re worried you don’t know enough yet, then understand two things –

      1. You know more than beginners, everyone starts at the beginning so as long as you stay one step ahead of a group of people, you are an expert

      2. Read books, take courses and have experiences. Experts aren’t born, they do stuff and study stuff, so if you want the benefits of preeminence, take steps to transform yourself.

  • I started blogging last year, but I’m definitely ready to take the next step and am looking forward to the class opening up! I’m struggling with the “how’s” of how to set up a membership site, and knowing Yaro’s other classes, this one promises to be awesome!

    Thank you so much for sharing such valuable information, Yaro! 🙂

  • Yaro,

    Thankyou for all your information and content. I am about ready to start my blog in November and can not wait. I just returned from Blogworld in Vegas and along with the knowledge I have gained from you and the others I plan on taking the blog world by storm. I am currently enrolled in your blogging school I am glad that I did.

    Tell next time,

    Tad Wolfe

  • What did I think of the MasterPlan? WOW!! Yaro, as usual, you deliver. Your total honesty, simplicity, credibility, and OVER deliverance of great content is First-Class.

    My biggest challenge is getting started. Lots of ideas. I just recently eliminated some distractions so I could focus on advice from Yaro and Gideon, and Darren Rowse. More than enough to succeed. I’m an older guy with a lifetime of experiences that needs to discipline myself to get started. I’m thinking “Become A Blogger” Premium may be my best place to start.

    Yaro, thanks for all you do. You are an inspiration.

  • Yaro,I can not wait to get in.But Ican not find a click to download it.

    • After you enter your name and email you are sent a confirmation email where you have to click a link.

      Once you confirm, a second email is sent to you which includes a direct link to the page where you download the Masterplan.

      If you are still stuck, contact my support desk –

  • Hi Yaro,

    I found your content in the pdf useful to the extent that it motivated me and gave me a path to follow for my membership website plans. However, I feel that the info may be a little shallow as far the execution of the project goes.

    Loved it anyways. Thanks a lot.

    • I’m glad you liked the report Vivek. If I had gone into more detail the document would have started pushing 100 pages, which is more than most people can handle.

      Some people said I went into too much detail and should have cut a lot out, so you never can be sure 🙂

  • Your Message


    I am already a member of the Mastermind program and downloaded this file because i thought it was an addition to the program.

    Sorry for the confusion.

    I have not had time to work on my blog for a while. I plan to get busy soon with an update.



    • No problem Frank – even as a member studying the Masterplan more than once is a good idea, so you didn’t make a mistake.

      Hopefully you can get back to working on your blog and product soon!

  • Hi Yaro,

    I must say that I really like your ideas. I did download the report and read it completely. I believe that you are a genuinely good person who has worked very hard to get where you currently are! You will continue to do well because you care about others a great deal and that is a very large business asset. I am unfortunately not there yet. I am just in the infancy stages of building a list. I will stay in touch, keep reading your stuff and continue to tell people about your amazing product.

    Best Wishes!

  • Yaro, it’s a great report. I’ve enjoyed reading it and have learned lots. I have a membership site under development, and I’m looking forward to finishing the setup and getting it out there. My biggest issue (with most internet businesses, not just memberships) is the technical side of things. I have the ideas, I can create great content, but installing scripts and that sort of thing just does my head in. Thank goodness for outsourcing!

    • Audrey I have to agree with you – technology is the part that causes me the most headaches too. Because of this I deliberately went with a very simple system for my products, which has kept the issues to a minimum. There are still challenges to overcome, but it’s much easier when you stick to only one or two scripts you already use (in my case WordPress and AWeber).

  • Thank you. I have downloaded the file, but as a chinese, my english is not very good, so it is difficult to me to understand. However, It is very nice to see you blog.

  • Hi Yaro!
    Thanks a lot for your free report. I was listening to the podcast while I was working out (wasn’t so easy ever before)…

    I’m about to start a Membership site and I have a good topic I think. The little problem is the market. I’m from switzerland and I know that it is very hard to make people pay for stuff on the web. It’s even hard to make them subscibe to a newsletter. What do you think about my doubts?

    Oh and by the way. The report is great! It gave me so many ideas! thanks!

    • Hi Yaro,
      The free report and audio was amazing. I never before even thought of it from your view. I had considered a members area before to start making some income from my site but it all seemed so overwhelming but after reading your pdf and listening to the audio it is really a rather simple plan to make a membership site. I really appreciate you putting this out for people since I am sure there are many in my boat and this has just opened their eyes to some great opportunities.

    • Dani, if you have a large audience who spends money then you can do well, the challenge is figuring this out.

      I find it hard to believe that a modern culture like the Swiss don’t spend money on the Internet, I’m sure they do, so you just need to find a way to deliver something they want and then they will subscribe and buy from you.

      • Thanks for your advice! I think my product is good and I will start a blog soon to see if people are interest.

  • Hi!

    I only have 1 question in mind –

    What if a paid member publishes any of the tutorials on internet?

    I would like you to answer this!

    Even paid softwares are available on internet for free/ cracks etc


  • Hi!

    Can anyone comment on how we can really protect our member posts.

    We talk about password protected wordpress posts or directories or password protected pdf files.

    What if, a member uploads the tutorial on net and makes it available for free?

    This is the real thing to be taken care of while deciding how to provide content to a member. I am stuck in this and looking for solution from readers over here.

    If there is no answer to this, then we can simply provide pdf files or link to private blog through awerber followup. Why do we need such member plugins or software?

    • Hey James – Here’s how I view it: If a person wants to steal your content then they will find a way. You can drive yourself nuts trying to stop a bad apple, or spend your time helping all your good apples, who paid you money for your content, to get a result.

      You can guess what I do.

      So my advice is to put some password protection in, but don’t stress too much about it. The more you focus on stopping people from doing something you don’t want them to do, the more likely it is that it will happen.

  • Hi Yaro:

    Posted a question on another post, but this is a response to your email requesting a response on the free Masterplan. In a word – Fantastic. Great info and with a little hard work and smarts, it has all the info to get rolling on a membership site of my own…

    1 concern that I have that I asked in a prior post is that if we know our target audience, why can’t we just buy some lists of their emails to start an AWeber marketing campaign to??? This would be in addition to PPC, YouTube videos, Twitter, LinkedIn posts, etc… offering a Free report and info to peak their interest in our membership site….

    It seems buying a list of some sort may not be the best return because they did not opt-in, but it would be a kick-start to the process of getting people to order my free report which is the be a vehicle to get them to possible join as a member upon launch…

    Interested in your thoughts…


  • I already write a teaching web site for niche market (stock options) loaded with excellent content (opinion of readers).

    The problem for me is: what more can I do to retain the current readership plus open a new premium page?

    Yes, e-books, live Q&A sessions, video lessons. But I feel I need to write something also. That’s the challenging part. I already write a lengthy (for a blog post) post 5 days per week.

  • Your Message

    I thought your introductory report was jam packed with fantastic advice and resources. Thank you.

    The hardest thing for me about contemplating a membership site is narrowing my vision of what it will look like and who I can serve the best with it. I have too many ideas, so picking the right one is really where I need help!

    Thanks again.

  • Yaro,

    Although I’m only about halfway through the book, what I’ve read so far has been really useful. Also watched the video regarding surveying potential membership site customers, and I think it’s a great idea. Thanks for the useful content.

  • Hi Yaro,
    I have given your report the basic once-over, and will go back again when I can to give it more attention. From what I saw, it is wonderful information. I am in the baby stage with my projects, but hope to steadily build as time and resources allow. That alludes to my biggest challenge, which is finding the initial capital, (seed money), to get my projects beyond the staple-and-scotchtape stage. Thank you so much for this great array of free advice. You are a great, albeit recent discovery.

    Best Regards,


  • Your Message
    Yaro, you did an outstanding job with your presentation (I listened to the audio version). Very thorough, insightful and targeted. It was clear to me that everything you said was rooted in your experience.

    You make a good case for doing this . . . I just have to figure out where the time is going to come from.

    Thanks, Mike

  • hi Yaro,

    In response to your email, yes I did listen to most of the video… but it’s too long. I find most of the marketing sort of videos are way too long. I get distracted after about 5 minutes of listening to testimonials or other things.

    Your video was/is interesting, but I bailed out about half way through and downloaded the .pdf. The .pdf is still sitting on my desktop, unopened.


    I have very little time. Good intentions. No time.

    As a suggestion, something like this would work much better for me if you handed it out in bits.

    A newsletter that I can get every day or so, with one step. first day, first step. second day, second step.

    One step at a time like that I can follow through and act on. I have enough time to read one step, and take that one step without being pulled away to something else.

    For that matter, I’d be willing to opt in to a paid subscription to a newsletter that was in that format. 9.95 a month for baby steps to build a thriving online business, in bite sized pieces… or something.

    • Hi Kelly,

      I appreciate the feedback, and certainly some people would benefit from chunks, but from my testing, those who are really motivated to take action want all the content immediately, which they they digest at their own pace.

      • Yes, but how about the bit sized chunks too… for people like me that are interested but need information in smaller pieces, one step at a time stuff. A newsletter every couple days maybe, with “today, go do this” in it.

  • I consider myself fortunate to have joined you as an affiliate. Although you sent your notice earlier this week, I wasn’t able to log in to my email account earlier than yesterday…hope it’s not too late to promote the last class of 2009! My intention is to send out notices tomorrow to a group of would-be hopeful aspiring marketers.

    However, and in the meantime, as your Twitter follower, it has given me much satisfaction to retweet your series on “how to create positive change…” in one’s life. I’ve just started reading your “Masterplan,” and I find it to be more of a “reality check” than anything I’ve read before on this subject. For example, on page 18, you’ve raised a series of questions the average newbie blogger would not have considered when starting this venture.

    It’s one thing to be an affiliate, but it’s a whole different ball game when you take on other affiliates. I was glad you mentioned InfusionSoft. Their price tag is tremendous, you are right. I was about to ask them a series of questions regarding their services, but, to my surprise, you’ve addressed them in this report! By the way, I had a fledgling blog, which was nowhere near ready to be published after I started to read your “Blog Profits Blueprint.”

    You are also right concerning the required software for forging ahead. Having a Pentium II PC with a Windows Millennium version is probably not the best for this business, but, unfortunately, some of us are caught between a “rock and a hard place,” and have to manage until a “positive change” takes place.

    Thanks, Yaro.

  • wow yaro, superb info! u have given us so much to work with and so many hot tips…. THANK U!

  • Yaro,

    Great guide!

    My question is will your course help me with a dating site? I already have the site up.



    • Dating is an AWESOME niche Todd, one of the most lucrative online. So yes, I’d say it is one of the “perfect” niches for a membership site, and thus my course would be a great choice for you.

  • Hello Yaro,

    During the last six months, I have been reading (and actually buying) a lot of material about Internet business from many of the “experts” online. But I must say that the advice about blogging that you are giving in “Blog Mastermind” are the best and most concrete I have seen so far.

    I am running a couple of projects on-line. I started out about a year ago with an “traditional” internet-shop for tanning-lotions ( and have just started my blog at for the purpose of supporting the shop with additional information and thus enhance (or maybe better say create) my status and trust as the “tanning-expert”.

    Separately from this, I am running a small Russian language project at:, and it is mainly for that project I am considering a membership site. I have already started the preparations on the site with the DAP (DigitalAccessPass from Ravi Jayagopal – membership plug-in. Of course it would be very interesting to have your review of the DAP, which, at least in theory, seems very good.

    The language projects are quite straight forward but for the tanning-projects I have the challenge of trying to serve customers in several European countries and thus need multi-language sites both for the shop and for the blog. If this is of interest for more than me, maybe it could be an idea to cover also multi-language sites.

    Anyhow, looking forward to join your membership program!

    Best regards,


  • Hi Yaro,

    Thank you for a wonderful and informative report. I am in the process of putting together a membership site. So your report is timely! The content, direction and topic of my lessons are not a problem, I have a background in Training and Organizational development, so have written numerous training manuals and programs. I have been investigating membership program software options and purchased amember recently. However I recently concluded that WordPress maybe a better option, so was presently surprised when I read this in your report. I am interested in finding out more about your coaching. I am currently undertaking a coaching program on Internet Marketing, and have reservations on whether I can do them simultaneously.

    I will be watching keenly over the next 24 hours for more details on your program!

    Congratulation on your success, I live in Melbourne, so love to see fellow Aussies at the top of the Internet Tree:)


  • Great source of information. I sold a blog host membership site this year, and just to motivate some people out there, i started working on it about 2 years ago and learned along the way, you make mistakes, you learn, you increase your knowledge to be even more successful next time round! My advice, go learn WordPress, this is a great platform for any web based business!!

  • Dear Yaro,
    Thanks for offering the masterplan to your readers. After going through all your videos with Giddeon, I must say that you always come through with your promise and thanks for that. I have no doubt that your masterplan will work but I have a concern with some of us that do not have such a big list. Building a list is quite difficult and I have tried my best to do so. If you have any advice I will appreciate it.
    Thanks again

  • Hi,Yaro,
    I like the idea of Membership Site, but to jump into it I have to make sure I have something to share with my Members otherwise I can lose big time if they realize there is a Naked King.
    Thank you for your information!

  • Hi Yaro!

    I am going over your guide again tonight.

    This is my second post.

    I am in the dating site market. I already have a site going but it is not focusing on a niche. I’m thinking of basically starting over.

    I have a niche in mind and an idea for an e-book as well as a blog.

    Your guide and system seems like a good fit for this, but I’m not sure.

    Do you think your system will work well for me in this market?

    Thanks for the information and I’m defiantly a fan!


    • Hey Todd – I replied to your first comment, and yes, dating is a great market for a membership site 🙂

      • Thanks Yaro!

        Thanks for the replies.

        I’m looking forward to your coaching program!

        I can’t wait to get started!


  • Excellent information Yaro – well written, replete with knowlesdge and experience.

    Before I actually sign up for the Masterplan there is some work I still have to do. Clearly there will be a greater chance of success if the basics are in place – an established blog, a degree or two of pre-eminence and some product written. I have more to do here but I am mindful of what you say about procrastination. I see myself in the class of 2010.

    • It’s definitely a good idea to work on building your platform, in fact you never really stop since marketing is an activity all businesses must keep doing if they want to grow.

      That being said, even if you’re not ready to launch a membership site or info product right now, learning the path you are about to walk can certainly impact what you do while building that platform.

  • Hello Yaro!

    The content was awesome – I sat down and got through it in one sitting. I look forward to studying more of your great work. One thought I had from the information was – timelines? What are realistic timelines for rolling out the strategies and tactics you suggests and what are realistic timelines for the rests to “potentially” be expected? I’m guessing the niche and product will cause some variation in results, however, what would be reasonable timelines for setting up and then what are reasonable trends of list growth and conversion?

    Great stuff and look forward to learning more!


    • The part that takes time is building up a significant audience/email list and forming relationships with them so they join your offers.

      How long this takes could be weeks to years depending on the niche.

      In my case it took me two years to from starting my blog to launching my first membership site. One of my students just launched her site and it took about 18 months to get there, while another is going for it after about 8 months of list building.

      I recommend at least six months if you are starting with nothing. If you have a list or a means to access lots of people, you could be launching something in as little as a month. There’s an interview with Marc Lindsay inside my program where he explains how he went from zero to having a membership site in 3 weeks, so it can be done quickly given the right conditions and work ethic (Marc did work very hard!).

  • I absolutely loved the information in your report. I couldn’t put it down and read it all in one sitting. I have been wanting to start generating an email list to eventually use to start a membership site for providing health/medical/wellness/maneuvering the healthcare system/”Ask The Doctor”/etc. type information probably in newsletter form. The biggest obstacle to overcome I think is just getting off of my _____ and getting started. Hopefully your program can get me going! Thanks for all that you do! Bob

    • Hi Bob, What a great idea, I could have used this many times. All success to you. Irene

  • Yaro, I listened to the report while gardening this weekend and thought it was excellent. Your style really is a match for mine and your information resonates loud and clear. I love your straightforward no-nonsense, over-deliver approach and I find your information compelling and motivating as well. My obstacle (per your question) at the moment is traffic and refining my niche. I set up my blog having taken the BAB course this summer and I’m starting to drive traffic and build a readership.

    I’ve since decided how to further refine my niche (I knew I wanted to do that when I started, didn’t know what it would be, but knew if I took a leap of faith it would become evident, and sure enough….) and there’s still a learning curve there, but one I’m committed to mastering. I’ve been talking up BAB and am thinking I should become an affiliate so I can recommend the membership course. I’m assuming there’s somewhere I’ll be able to find easily on your site to do same? If not, please advise!

    I’m a fan! Amy

  • Yax

    Hi everyone,

    I am a member of Yaro’s Membership Site coaching program and launched my membership site in august. We made $5,500 so far. We’re doing a second launch in November and expect things to go even better. Yaro’s system works!

  • Hello Yaro,

    I really enjoyed reading your free report and as always you over deliver. 🙂 Of course that is a key ingredient to positioning yourself as an expert that cares about the education of your potential members. As a person that runs a free group it was very assuring to see that some of what you spoke about in your report was implemented in my group. I call it the Wow factor I am sure you know what that means.

    I have been interested for a year in getting my own membership site for awhile when I realized that running my group is pretty similar to a membership site just without the recurring revenue. I am looking forward to joining you further down the line. May I say I wish you much success with this endeavor and hope to see you on the other side.

    Thanks so much for the opening up numerous possibilities to not only be prosperous but help those along the way.


  • Thanks so much for your membership site report. It is very enlightening and really enticed me into going to this type of online endeavor.

    Yaro, I notice that most membership sites are all about internet marketing and how to make money online. But, what if I want to work on the topic of pet dogs? What do you suggest would be the products I will present in order to entice people to join my membership site? Pet advices? Training ebooks? Pet care products from affiliate programs? I am sort of at a loss here.

    Thanks so much yaro for your anticipated response.

  • Hi Yaro,

    I found the information in the free report extremely useful. My biggest challenge has been finding a good niche that I can reasonably sustain.

    I’ve settled on a niche that is not exactly a membership site or an information product but it is one that I can reasonably manage and scale with my given resources.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Thanks tremendously for sharing your Membership Site Masterplan – what a boat load of valuable information. It’s phenomenal! The greatest challenges I face are getting my blog launched, determining what my members desire and would pay for, and of course acquiring a greater understanding of the membership site model (it’s totally new to me). These are challenges I can overcome and am working to do so now.

    You’re very much appreciated!


  • Hi Yaro

    Wow! I am amazed at the quality and content of your free report, Membership Site Masterplan. You have covered practically everything one needs to start a successful membership site. I reckon this model is very attractive due to the monthly recurring billing to members. But as the owner make sure your topic is one you are passionate about since you will be maintaining and growing it for the long haul. To choose a topic is the challenging part and will need more time to consider before diving in. I would rate the report a cool 10/10!
    Thanks for giving it free of charge, kind regards.


  • Xof

    Listened and watched both intro videos. With a BA in marketing and master in eBusiness/IT, I could appreciate the strategy and system offered.

    At this point, all I need really is a product/service to offer in order to justify investing in your program. Hopefully, you’ll re-open the site in the future.

  • Hi Yaro,

    your follow-up email finally got me to read your report and comment on it, as well.
    Great info, very well structured, lots of links to resources included, easy to read and, perhaps most importantly, with a personal touch. Your experience, your personal opinion, your personal advice, although clearly subjective, makes for true authenticity. And I value that.

    My greatest challenge in setting up a membership site at this point is in transforming what little I’ve done with my blog from a diary-type of writing (with a philosophical touch) for friends to valuable content for a larger audience. Finding the/a match between my interest, passion, knowledge (ipk) and a reasonably sized group of people who could value what I can offer seems very difficult. Either the niche (I hate that term) is too small or my ipk factor drops.
    Eventually I’ll get there, I hope.
    Thanks again for a great and free report,


  • Hi Yaro,

    Well looks like I might be a student of 2010…

    The coaching program looks great and is probably worth every penny….but a little to expensive for my blood at the moment…:-(

    ….although I do plan on going through the training in the future…when i can afford it..:-)



  • Your MessageThanks Yaro for releasing Masterplan. I found out more helpful no nonsense information in the time it took to read masterplan, than I have in the last few months checking the net. Everything on the net is bits and pieces. I found a wealth of easy to understand info all in one place with references to help get started just by reading masterplan. Thank you for being an honest and sincere person to freely give this kind of help to others like myself.

    Thanks Yaro Sincerly

    Dennis colorado USA

  • Your Message
    I’m so sorry for the dely in answering you. I read twice the book I downloaded, and I have so many questions. Since a got sick, the the computer started being part of my life, then I started reading about blogs, because here in Brasil it didn’t start as a business, it starded most like a diary. (I don’t know if you are going to understand everything I’m typing, so sorry for the errors). Things are changing now in Brasil, but when I do research I always find the same things. So I opened a blog at so I could learn blogging and informatic expressions, like what’s SEO, linking, gidgets, etc. The problem is that I study to much. I downloaded “A Stealth Marking tactic from Dr. Noel Swanson” and downloaded “The keyword Crach Course by Courtney tuttle and Mark Butier” and many other advices. The blog I have was just an experienced, because until now I did’t know if I could put into words things that I like, experienced. I loved it. I have 48 years old, 1 university completed and another one I stop in the middle becuase of my kids, So I didn’t know if my brains and Ingles where still there to start this new project. I am treating this as a business, because after 16 years I want to go back into market.
    Sorry for the letter. This was just a resume, so you can know me a little bit.
    1) I live in Brasil, people think diferent, should my sites by in ingles (of course I will have some one to read it first then I would public it) or should I try my market?
    2) What hostes I should have, American or Brasilian?
    3) Every site I read said that the first step to the sucess is the title. So does that mean I have to put the subject on the title? The blog I have is “casa da rose” that means Rose’s home. Because I give recepies, nutritions information bout the receipe, I explain how to receive people at home, how to decorate a table, etc. But I’m not Martha Stuwart, so that means, it will be difficult to succeed the the first months?
    4) what are adwords, everybody talks about, on one of the e-books I downloaded said that we sould have around 5000 words on the subject were are writing, is this so?
    As you can see, I don’t know where to start from. Please help.

    Many thanks and sorry for this big comment. By the way, I am loving your work.

    Rose Ferreira

  • Your Message:
    Hi Yaro,
    your automated message request for feedback arrived in my mailbox, so here you are: In brief, I live in the UK on ‘state benefit’, although a graduate and a former PR/Marketing professional. I have MS you see and am married to the sweetest guy… who accepts me as I am but is not any kind of businessman. I simply cannot afford to take your course, although I think there would be benefit in it for me. I am planning my websites, hope to monetise and operate membership, but without any (literally any) capital resources, the one thing I have on my side is time… Oh, and my extreme creativity. I write fiction (rather well), make beautiful and weird stuff and have no shortage of ideas. One day I would love to get back to supporting myself financially, I’m working on that.
    Thank you for your efforts, I enjoyed the video presentation – although rather long. You obviously enjoy the work you do and your success. I wish you well!

  • I can not download your book. I click “Join my blog tips newsletter and get a free copy of my Blog Profits Blueprint” and then nothing shows up in my email to verify. I have tried 3 times. Help! – Carol

  • Hi Yaro, i’m actually taking the membership blogging program. I think it is very complete and well structured. I’ve just entered the blogosphere, and am making the babysteps for the entire program.

    I just wanted to congratulate you for your effort and knowledge.

    Best regards,

  • Hi Yaro, I’ve just started the course. Congratulations on putting together really solid content. Something missed by most. Ben 😉

  • As much as I learnt from your Blog Mentorship, I am not in a position to join the Membership program. However, I found the free download very helpful in highlighting the process, especially the importance of pre-launch.

    The use of WordPress to run a Membership site sounded ideal. However, research revealed only this occurring with the use of plugins.

    I have no idea about plugins, that is what my tech is for (shout out to blogtechguy). aMember is installed on my blog, widget on bar, page urls entered, and I have no idea how to gt to my Admin area…

    Unfortunately the entire process is time consuming for someone of my tech literacy level (I’ve had the software for 2 years and installed for 5 months).

    So my greatest challenge is i) understanding the software’s function
    ii) understanding its structure so that I can manipulate it within the parameters available.

    • Hey Char – Just so you know, my membership sites running wordpress do not use any plugins to run the membership site component. No aMember, no wishlist – nothing. Just a normal wordpress blog, password protected.

      This is how I keep the tech requirements as simple as possible so you can just focus on marketing your great product to as many people as you can.

  • I found the information in the blueprint very useful. I am currently thinking about setting up a membership site for one or two of my blogs, but this is more an option for the future than something on my hotlist. My niches are a bit special, so finding good topics for membership sites will not be easy.

    I have joined Membership Mastermind about 10 days ago, so I will focus on blog building first.

  • I meant “Blog Mastermind” in my previous comment, sorry for the confusion.

  • Hi Yaro
    I have read your report on Membership Mastermind and i am astound by the simplicity of setting up the membership site, so much so that it gives one of my blog site a real direction that i can see now that it will the main base of a Membership Site. I have been sitting on this blog for a while not knowing which direction it will take till i read your report. Any way thank you for the very informative report and looking forward to the next time Membership site opens and i ill be putting my name down to enrol.

  • Hi Yaro,

    I liked what I read in your Masterplan. It was informative and very detailed. It is unfortunate for me that I came down with the flu after I came across your site. My biggest challenge is getting started and getting the help that I need 🙂 I do not have the technical knowledge or the know how. I do look forward to signing up when you decide to open up the site for enrollment.


  • Way too much information! Loved the free Membership Site Masterplan, but there are way too many questions to get started…my primary source of content is through online teleclasses and WordPress seems to be a little tricky when it comes to audios. I need some help but am totally overwhelmed with my choices thus far as to creating a membership site.

  • After a long period of reading your simple approach expressed in such a clear fashion about very detailed points in the internet membership business, the result is not a decision about whether to set up my own membership site. It seems to me the more important decision is,” I can trust Yaro”. He cares, he gives, and he understands how difficult it is for someone who has never done it before. Knowing that he is trustworthy makes him special among the thousands of internet marketers yelling for our attention and money. Simple simply works. Thanks for sticking to your approach when challenged by those seeking bells and whistles.

  • I downloaded the free membership website readup. I wasn’t expecting much at all except a simple grab at my email address, and alot of junk mail. Currently i have the skills technically, but have been spending weeks researching what route i want to take in the online money making field.
    It takes alot to make me go out of my way to leave feedback. The reason is many years on the internet…. Being a veteran webdesigner has left me wary of what i see out there, but honestly i was impressed with the free download. It was a full blown ebook covering the topic….in detail. Not a jumbled mess trying to be jammed down my throat for 29.95. The mail that followed was in fact interesting, and useful which i also was impressed with.
    I am still not sure which online route i will be taking because lets face it ideas are the hardest things to come by, but I do have to thank you Yaro. In my opinion you are one of the few “internet dinosaurs” left out there!
    What i mean by that is we are almost extinct in a world of information. Not many will part with information to get one started in this field of the internet without initially charging something first. So in my books you ranked #1 as a true internet icon, and in my online moneymaking journey I will remember the example i was taught today.

  • will be using it for a template for my client for building his community site…cool stuff

    its a blueprint….

  • Hi Yaro, I am reading it and digesting it. I have to distill it and apply it to my niche, which is the world of Etsy and handmade things. Things don’t work for me as for your regular customers but I have been able to apply advice here and there as I have found it, adapting it to this special world of art and crafts. So, I have hope.
    Take care! Thanks for the info.

  • Hi Yaro,
    A very thorough and fast read. Like a lot of the people who posted, my problems are lack of technical know-how and little money.
    As a divorced Dad, trying to support 2 households is very difficult.
    My blog is aimed at those interested in natural methods to get well and stay well via the Supermarket.
    I had a blog at Ebay but they discontinued blogs on Halloween, so now I just have my Typepad blog.
    So, I better get going-with one kid in college and two to follow, it’s crunch time (literally).
    Thanks for all you do.
    James G.
    Co-creator of [email protected]

  • This book is an interesting read, seems a lot of us are coming from similar backgrounds with nothing to begin with. And looking for some way to get ourselves out of the sinking ship that we are on. The information is good, just how to go about it and having the time to do it is that hard part.

  • Yaro,

    You knowledge is spot on as usual. My team and I listened to your audio version on membership sites and we all recalled the same pain you went through with almost all of the same resources. 😉

    Currently we have a membership site with over 4,000 members but I have to admit your consolidated blue print for the overall business plan was extremely well done.

    Ultimately our development team decided to build our own platform and affiliate system from scratch which will include our own shopping cart shortly.

    Nice work and what a way to give great content back to the community.

    Scott Jay Ringle
    President / CEO
    Empowered Brand Builders, Inc.

    PS: your blogging style is what I truly love my friend.

  • You requested my comments, so here goes:

    I found your guide from Michael Pollock’s site. completely by accident. I love Solostream themes, which he founded.
    Anyone who Michael likes must be a good egg indeed.

    1) I’m not sure how helpful the info will be for my particular case, since I will not be having a membership site. I’m a music composer, not a web marketer. Mine will be a Royalty Free music site where buyers purchase individual music files for use in personal or broadcast AV productions, or just for personal listening enjoyment.

    Our industry does not use a subscription model, but I guess I could try that…

    2) I have no experience with Membership sites, but if you’re selling education/training programs then it makes good sense.

    3) All the email gathering/ppc campaigns/landing pages/copywriting/affiliate programs etc won’t matter a lick if you don’t have the content to back it up.
    I think your guide could be more useful if you talked at least a bit more about actually developing jaw dropping content.

    But maybe that’s an entirely different industry.

    3) The use of forums seems very efficient.

    4) What’s so great about vBulletin?
    Why do you love it? I’m very curious.

    How it better than phpbb or Simple Machines Forum?

    vB costs $195 at least. Add a lot more $ if you need phone support.

    If you have zero code knowledge and need phone support, then I could see how it would be a good use of your money.

    5) The only level of protection you have for your membership areas is a password protected directory??

    Very interesting. That would never work in the Music Library industry, but glad it works for you.

  • Hello Yaro…

    After teaching piano by ear in the studio for 20 years, I decided to take it online. Have had an online business teaching people all over the world to play piano by ear. I have a total of 5 instructional DVDs that I’ve marketed online for the past almost 4 years. It has been quite successful, but I’m looking to take it another step and create a membership site. My site will contain instructional piano by ear videos in addition to what I offer now.

    I hope to be part of the Membership Site Mastermind when it reopens!


  • Red

    The Masterplan ebook has great insights about creating membership site!

    My Problem is what topic should I choose and how can I find the content to put in the membership site. And why would someone pay money when they can get it in the web for free?

    P.S. – I’m more concern in the content part.

    P.P.S. – My friend told me to write another P.S.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Here is my feedback:
    1. I thought the pdf was an great resource, although I wanted to know more about how you have attracted the other mentors and how were they being rewarded for their work (percentage, hourly fee etc).
    2. I think getting the right people would be the biggest challenge.


  • Well I read, The Membership Site Master Plan and I enjoyed it. I like the information that it provide for me. I read it three times and each time I got something new and exciting.

    Thanks for the information, I have my work cutout for me but I’m ready.

    Thanks again,

  • Hi Yaro,

    All your info is great and TY for it sincerely.

    My greatest challenge in joining a membership site right now is fee’s.
    I am also a Student in Graphic Arts and have a busy schedule ~
    I noticed your aff. link and signed up tho, so now I know I have something I feel great about promoting ~ Thank you !

    L Jenna F

  • Ba

    Hi Yaro,
    The kind of info you give, and for such an abnormally low fee (FREE!), I’m certain only GOD will be able to repay you (you’re definitely experiencing it already).
    Your free issues are more than awesome and indeed very helpful and my BIG thanks to you. For my case, I’m just out of college and stumbled upon your articles through an article in a daily.
    I’m yet to establish a blog since there are some things to be taken care of first but internet marketing, I’ll definitely do it. Anyone who could give me some info on details of getting started on setting up a blog, as in themes selection, HTML knowledge required etc?
    Trust me (if you are courageous enough to take the risk), you’re of much more help than you can imagine.

  • I enjoyed the podcast! Will there be any Membership Site courses offered in 2010? When will they start?

    • Hi Travis, MSM will reopening in late Feb or early March, so stay tuned for that!

      • Hi Yaro,

        Thanks for the report (and of course – BMM too!)
        You mentioned in the comment saying the coaching programme will reopen in late Feb or March? I’m sure that you will notify us by email right? Hope I can make it next time!

        Best regards,

  • I now realize that I must have a good product on th web before I can setup a membership site. I also realize that my greatest challenge to this is finding a topic or product to sale in order to create a membership site.

  • Yaro,

    You asked for feedback.

    The membership site idea seems great in theory, but in practice it’s difficult enough getting traffic. I keep telling myself that I’ll have a membership section to my site when I hit x unique visitors a day, but I never hit that number… not even close! Having said that, I have in the past created quality content for my site, especially of an audio nature, that would form the basis of membership section. No-one’s interested and when I take it down my traffic doesn’t seem to change. So from my perspective, the concept of a membership site is sheer fantasy.

  • Thanks for the great report! I just wish your class was open. It is frustrating to know there is a good product out there that you can’t sign up for when you need it…back to google research I guess 🙂

    • Hey Wendy, I’ll be teaching the next class early March, so you can sign up then 🙂

  • Tim

    Personally I’d have included more membership plugins in the report. Amember is not enough.

    Maybe a call for some dev to develop a great one. Cross selling opportunity etc etc


  • Hello Yaro,

    Just finished the 2nd time through and need to stop as my eyes have begun to cross and words have a nice blur to them. But before I go… a question of my own and answers to your two questions.

    My question: I’m reading along and learning a bit about Preeminence, Proof, Marketing, Technology and then suddenly – poof! Affiliate Management. Say what?!

    I got lost on the jump from developing a membership site to having/managing an affiliate program.

    If I am still in the process of developing a membership site then what do I have for an affiliate to market and thus why would I want affiliates until after launch?

    Your questions:
    1. What did I think of the Masterplan (ebook I guess I would call it)?

    It is a good read. But could I build a membership site based off of what I just read? Honestly, NO. Could someone else? Perhaps. Me, no.

    This read is more of a build-up (sort of a pre-launch) to joining your Mastermind training program. That program is where perhaps I’d receive the actual “nuts & bolts, nails & screws (and please, I’m building here!)” necessary to hold the foundation, walls and roof of my site together.

    2. My greatest challenge re: starting a membership site?

    I have no preeminence, proof nor even a list. I have nothing at this moment in time. Soooo… I need to get both yours and Gideon’s blogging information read (hoping I won’t need to buy into a Blogging Mastermind) and start developing my Preeminence and List.

    Fortunately, your ‘tips’ newsletters give me some clue as to blogging subject and thus ultimately a membership site.

    Thanks for all your hard work, articles and advice Yaro.


  • Hi Yaro,

    Really, in respect to the membership site you gave very detail information on development and implementation of a membership site. Great Great Great advice and training, loved it!

    Frankly, I think I can fairly easily start the membership site with your instructions. But, one challenge is the content I plan to offer on my site. I have been thinking about writing an eBook concerning weight loss advice. Most importantly, I have never written an ebook. Also, in the future I’m concerned with having a budget to start the membership site and hire customer service representatives.

    Nonetheless, I truly appreciate the Membership Site Master plan Training in audio and the Ebook copy. Looking forward to the 6 weeks course in the future.
    Thanks Yaro,


  • Wow Yaro! I’m continually astounded by the quality of what you deliver. I’m looking forward to joining your program and taking the next step.

    Creating content is not going to be a problem for me – I see the biggest challenge in deciding where I draw the line between what information I will post to my (soon to be) blog and what information will make up the membership site.

    Thanks again!

    Vancouver, BC

  • Hi Yaro,
    still digesting the mastermind info. I would love to do your training but am penniless right now, even though its dirt cheap, I am digging myself out of a financial hole which may take while yet. I am beginning to develop an idea for a membership site, or possibly an information product. I have been following your stuff for a while and have come to appreciate your work. One bit of feedback though… I thought the Shoemoney sales pitch you sent out was pretty trashy to be honest. I think that kind of marketing preys on people who are easily taken in by promises of easy cash working from home… these kind of people like to pretend that they are a one man outfit who did it all at home working just 4 hours a day, but the truth is more like that he has a whole team of people working for him… If he was so keen to help prople, why charge a fortune for information that can be found for free all over the internet? Anyway… just my opinion, but I think that your reputation is worth more than what you might get in return from promoting his product.
    Best wishes and keep up the great work…
    Brighton, UK

  • Yaro,

    your master plan is as excellent as I have come to know and trust your brand.

    One suggestion for this page I have for you: reverse the order of the comments… I have scroller’s thumb just for paging down!

    Ok, on to your report: my greatest challenge is time. So many amazing ideas, so little time. I LOVE your keep it simple methods and really appreciate your revision of various possibilities for merchant accounts, tracking etc.

    This is not the first time I have been lingering over joining your program. True to my word, I have not gone to others for my source, you are my source, but I am still not sure about the timing… you certainly have my attention now and I especially appreciated the mp3 reading of your report.

  • Your report was great. I especially found the “preeminence” chapter extremely helpful. I’m a fan of yours and Gideon’s who is amazing also. You both always give a lot of great information for free as well as excellent programs for reasonable prices.

  • Yaro, I appreciate you asking for my feedback. I downloaded the Membership Site Masterplan a few days ago and I’m currently about 1/3 of the way through reading it. I’m not currently looking to build a membership site, but it’s something I most likely will want to do at some point.

    In the Masterplan I’ve learned some things that I’d not thought about – I had some misconceptions about how membership sites work and why people would want to join. The Masterplan has good solid information, though it does act as a teaser too. For instance I want to gain preeminence, of course, I’m sure we all do, but the Masterplan doesn’t teach that (guess I’d need to sign up for the Membership Site Mastermind to learn).

    I’ll be recommending Membership Site Masterplan to others because it’s quality information and you can’t get a better price than Free!

  • I have been studying you “new rich” for almost a year. I’ve fallen in love with you all! My first was Jonathan, then Jenn Lawlor, Katie Freiling, Mike Dillard, you and the list goes on! When I opted in to Michael Cheney and Mark Tetzner I realized I was burying myself! I got my blog up and running (at least it’s not embarrassing,) decided my niche (sort of,) when I fell in love with video I chose to follow you and Gideon Shalwick. I read and listened to this ‘Membership site’ book about 1/2 way then stopped myself. It’s so far above me! I must finish creating my pillar articles, building my facebook and twitter following and creating a list! I thank you for all you give! In a few more months I’ll be ready to create a Membership Site!! Thank you for all the FREE information!!

  • I love the Membership Site Masterplan, it answered questions that I had. I want to build a membership site, but did not know what it entailed.

    Writing the content is going to be a bit of a challenge for me.


  • Your Message

    Hi Yaro,

    I have just finished “The Membership Site Masterplan” – thank you. Instead of ‘overwhelm’ I found your information to be logical, clear, succinct and just the right amount.

    A big challenge for me in getting started is finding a topic that resonates with me, and is something someone else might want and would see me as the ‘expert’.

    I’ll keep working on this.

    Appreciative Blessings


  • Downloaded the Membership Site Masterplan and as usual, you provide a lot of pertinent information – the day after I read the “Plan” I took some time to review what I had done with my blog in the first two months of 2010. The membership model that you detailed has set in motion the development of a “subscription” module for the blog. I only had to read as far as “start taking steps that actually result in opening your membership site.” in the section Get Paid Before You Make Your Membership Site before the “light came on in the closet” (an old Zen parable about enlightenment). What your are talking about at this point is consumer generated media (CGM) and I had stopped thinking “outside the bun”. Anyway, thanks for the “Plan”, it got me back in the real world.

  • Hi YARO
    that’s a great guide
    thanks for masterplan it’s really a wonderfull start for me

    thanks again !!


  • Hello Yaro

    A membership site is a concept I have felt overwhelmed with. It is a huge task and I have a few of the tools you suggested in place. I have taken your advice and decided to use AWeber for my Email marketing and after reading your report, I have decided to redraught my original idea and keep it simple. I will also use WordPress for the membership site.

    Your report was easy to read and grasp. Packed with handy real life experience information, which counts alot in my book, as I am brand new to blogging.

    Thank you, Yaro

  • Hi Yaro,

    To paraphrase what I emailed you earlier today: After reading your Membership Site Masterplan, I clicked on the link, that took me to this page that initially I found very confusing. I scrolled up and down, and eventually clicked on “448 comments” (next to “Print this article”) that took me to a page with no means that I could detect, for sending feedback.

    I now realise that I’d previously scrolled straight down to the bottom of the page (to “Recent podcasts”), couldn’t find a feedback box, so gave up and wrote you an email instead. I received a very prompt reply from Angela.

    Anyway, I found the Masterplan itself most interesting and informative. Thank you for describing in such detail, how you got to where you are, and how people like me can do the same.

    Amidst the mass of useful information you provide, my greatest challenge to starting a membership site is deciding where to begin!

  • Joe

    Your Message Thank you for your Membership Site Masterplan. I enjoyed it very much.


  • I had a chance to listen to the guide. I appreciate how clear the process you describe was. The first time someone hears it though, might be a bit overwhelming as there is a lot of information packed into one shot. But serious students would listen to this guide more than once I assume, to fully implement the techniques over time successfully.
    Overall, very thorough and excellent guide.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Thank you for the report. This report is really great as is most of your other ebooks and posts.

    It really awakened me to see the advantages of having a membershipsite. And also it helped a lot in learning the most suitable technologies and techniques to build a membershipsite.

    I’m still new to blogging and this kind of stuff and am still working on my first site. I want to offer some exam specific educational materials. But Im not sure whether to go for a membership site or for a shopping cart site for this. When I searched the other providers (who are mostly established educational publishers), they are using estores for this purpose. Can you give me an idea on what way to go???

  • I thought that the report was great. I was first introduced to the monthly continuity concept by Ryan Lee and you perspective was very helpful.
    What is your greatest challenge regarding starting a membership site? I would say that I don’t know what to offer. My blog is about real estate investing and I am not sure where to take it from where it is.
    In the past year my mind has been expanding and expanding since learning about how people make money online, but maybe I don’t feel like I have enough knowledge to impart to others yet.
    I have been enjoying Become a Blogger. Keep up the good work.

  • Hi Yaro,
    Thank you so much for both of the free downloads. After reading them and watching your videos, I started my own blog! All your information provided me with enough guidance to set my site up, but I still feel a bit overwhelmed. That may be because I am brand new to everything: internet, blogs, even facebook! I’ve got a long ways to go, but I am trying to use your advice and it has helped me move in the right direction. Thanks again!!

  • 1. It’s a great report, detailing your real experience.

    2. The biggest problem is always convincing people to subscribe to the membership site.

  • With so many “bait” e-books and reports out there, it is refreshing to see some real and solid content given away for free (or at least for my email address) :).

  • Hi Yaro,

    After reading both of your reports (masterplan and blog profits) i´m amazed how much useful info you are giving away, thanks and congratulations.

    My blog is in Portuguese, so many of the advices you give doesn´t apply, none english blogging it´s another reality you know, much more difficult to find affiliate stuff, much more difficult to conquer an audience, but the answers are there, i just need to find them.

    But don´t expect that i´m going to read your stuff from now on, not because it´s not good, far from it, it´s because you are not the first one saying to stop reading others blogs and actually focus on the creation of content, i have seen this advice repeatedly, so i going to put that on practice.

    Like and undercover agent would say “i´m going dark”.

    See you, and keep helping people creating their dreams. 🙂

  • Hey Yaro!!
    I downloaded your book been reading it and i’m totally liking every bit. You have pretty amazing stuff. I’m learning my HTML and in a short while i’ll be good to go.


  • Yaro:
    This is a GREAT tool! I am a “newbe” to internet marketing so there are some things I’ll need to do before doing a Membership site. I am fortunate I “stumbled” over you. You have everything I need to produce an internet business doing what I love- writing! I highly recommend this report to all who want to increase thier income with internet marketing.
    thanx again for the info

  • Hi Yaro,

    Your guide is really a great guide, I never believe I can get such for free.

    Thanks a lot,

  • About 4 months ago I got an idea of making a dating site – I know it’s something that many people try to do with 99% failing.
    Well… I just started reading one forum on this topic. Every here and there I was stumbling across unknown terms and checking them in google.
    Then I saw “niche sites” term and the search brought me to your blog.

    Wow… since then – for two weeks in a row I was swallowing article after article from your archives. And now it is about 3 months that I am running my blog.
    Not a big success, but has some loyal readers which I am absolutely happy with. As with few dollars that so far I am making with Adsense.

    And then this “Membership Site Mastermind” came.
    After reading it, seems that I am going back to the initial idea of dating site (which will be my membership site) in synthesis with the current blog.
    Not now, it will take time before I do it – but this time I will take your tutorial as my personal advisor and I hope that my chance to succeed will be bigger than 1%.

  • Yaro, i think the mebership site masterplan is well structured and gives an outline how to structure a mebership project.

    Unfortunately most membership site projects that work perfectly in english speaking markets are poor in the german market.

    Anyway, very interesting!!

  • I downloaded and read your report and I’m implementing everything that you’ve shared. Such a great intuitive report. Thank you so much, Yaro, for all that you do!

  • Your Message

    Hi, Yaro, Thanks for the Masterplan! Like some others here, I’m also on info overload, but I’m still listening and reading your material. I believe that the real problem some of us may have trouble getting started with this is that we don’t believe anyone really wants to hear what we have to say. I liked your comments about finding your own voice. Great point! Related to this is the feeling that what you provide has to be based on what we have been doing instead of on what we are and what we are learning…

  • Hi Yaro,
    I just finished reading the e-book and listening to the mp3 audio file. There’s so much useful information, that it’s hard to believe that something so thorough and well-organized is actually free. Same goes for your other material. Since I’m new to blogging, I’ve read the e-books carefully. I’m still learning, and there’s so much out there, but I will be launching my own blog in the next few days. I feel that my greatest challenge at this point is “finding my voice,” and having the guts to jump right in. Thanks for the great info, and keep it coming!

    Randy G

  • Hey Yaro,

    I’ve seen gobs of gobbledygook on membership sites, but this report is good stuff.

    You succeeded in giving me the “Wow, how cool that this is free” response. 72 pages of you sharing your own personal experience in what works and what doesn’t.

    You make a good point about how important it is to build a business as a saleable asset, if we don’t *plan* to sell it. That’s a big lesson from the offline world, but just as applicable online. And you listed out multiple resources on how to carefully go about the site sale process, if we ever do decide to. I didn’t even know you had done that too!

    To your success with Membership Site Mastermind,


  • Master plan was great… ideas are flowing still in planning stages and also soc med management launch right now… when I firm up the plan for my blog I be hittn u up.

  • The report is great, and being on the course is teaching me so much more. My greatest challenge is not the doing of it all, it’s the mindset I am in… I think a lot of it rests on whether people like me/warm to me or not. This is the only area where I think I lack the confidence to make it work.
    I am going down the video route for a lot of my marketing and it scares the poop out of me.
    Onwards and upwards! You never know unless you try.
    Thanks Yaro,

  • Hi Yaro,
    Your report is top notch. An amazing product that you are giving away for free as with all your free reports!

    The roadblock I am facing is which avenue to head down. I very recently created an incrediable ebook that solves a huge problem that no one has addressed and has potential for a worldwide audience. I was originally going to just promote and sell the ebook (not released yet) but after coming across your site, you have me intrigued on whether to start a membership site with this as premium content or to even start a related blog on the subject and give this content away for free.


  • All I could say is that the masterplan for the membership site is really great, and what else more do you need than to have Yaro guide you through the whole course with all the stones unturned. I’m still new to blogging and I’m definitely going to go into this membership site in the future.

    My greatest challenge that I’m currently in right now is my blog is still new, not much visitors or readers, not much traffic and exposure and with that said, not much income at all. So I guess that i’ll need more time to keep my blog growing.

  • The master plan is a great e-book and thank you very much for taking the time to write it for us. I have had the book for about 24 hours and read the first 17 pages of it. On page 17 ran across the “The Sales Funnel Explained” caught my eye. My background is Marketing and the only kind of work I have ever done. But I love the way you explained it to us.

    If I were a newbie and read this it would be an eye opener for me because it is crystal clear what to do in plain and simple English that anyone could understand. I printed it out and started to read at night but had turn off my computer. So, the next morning got up and read the articles about the “The Sales Funnel” and enjoyed ever moment of it. (While having my coffee)

    As I’m sure you already know, it’s about how well we explained stuff so the new business owner’s can get the correct information to start with, makes all the difference in building a successful business online.

    Having been in Marketing some twenty year plus I knew all this stuff, but enjoy the way you spoke about it in your writing. However, if I had been a credit manager and was working for a big enterprise and lost my job, it would be a blessing to fine this blog.

    Good look and keep up the good work.

  • You asked for my opinion and I feel compelled to honor your request after having the benefit of your free eBook on this subject. It is a very good read; very informative. It is the authoritative/credibility issue that you hammer on so hard about that I would find to be my greatest challenge. It got me kind of down for a bit and you offered no alternative approach so I almost did not read any further. I am currently considering two membership sites though and believe I have the angle to overcome this issue in both. I absolute understand that it would require a lot of give first but that is the name of the game these days!

  • Hi Yaro,

    Thanks for asking for my thoughts on your Masterplan. Here are my answers:

    1. What did you think of the Masterplan?

    Your Masterplan is informative. I appreciate the insider information you share about what it takes to be successful. When I read your material, it is not full of “overly hyped language” that promises wild success with no work and no investment of time. As a result, you portray an image to me of a credible expert in Internet online ventures.

    2. What is your greatest challenge regarding
    starting a membership site?

    Right now I am working on increasing traffic to my management blog (10 months old now) and establishing an email list.


    Business Consulting Solutions LLC

  • Hi Yaro,

    Thanks for creating the Masterplan and for detailing clearly what is required to set up a successful membership site.

    Re my thoughts on your Masterplan.

    1. What did you think of the Masterplan?

    A great introduction on what will be required to set up and run a successful membership site, so that the reader can have a clear understanding and no misconceptions of the work that they will need to undertake to be successful.

    2. What is your greatest challenge regarding starting a membership site?

    Quite a few at the moment starting from scratch, but I think gaining preeminance in my chosen field will take the longest. Your masterplan also made me sit back at have another look at my time schedule and realistically I will need to add some more time to my proposed launch date. Better to know now then face setbacks later.

    I have joined your Membership Mastermind Course and really look forward to learning from you (recorded anyway) as I like your relaxed non hyped teaching style. You seem like a genuine bloke. Nice to be learning from a fellow Aussie as well!

    Thanks again and look forward to speaking with you on the monthly calls.

    Kind regards,


  • Repost to correct website location

    Hi Yaro,

    Thanks for asking for my thoughts on your Masterplan. Here are my answers:

    1. What did you think of the Masterplan?

    Your Masterplan is informative. I appreciate the insider information you share about what it takes to be successful. When I read your material, it is not full of “overly hyped language” that promises wild success with no work and no investment of time. As a result, you portray an image to me of a credible expert in Internet online ventures.

    2. What is your greatest challenge regarding
    starting a membership site?

    Right now I am working on increasing traffic to my management blog (10 months old now) and establishing an email list.


    Business Consulting Solutions LLC

  • Hey Yaro,

    Thanks for the great ebook. Even though I have never been a blogger, nor established a membership site, your report got me all curious. Right now I am literally absorbing every possible input I can get. I will start my blog soon, and the membership site will follow shortly. My first ebook is almost 50% ready and I am also writing my first articles to give myself a little head start. I do however struggle with a couple things, and I hope you can help me:

    1) How long after creating my blog should I wait before releasing my membership site? What would be a good amount of readers to start with?

    2) English is not my native language. But I would like to write in English to target a larger pool of people. Do you think it’s the right approach?

    3) I have a hard time visualizing how you online business structure looks like. In other words, it looks like this blog is your key page, and all the membership sites are build around this one. Am I right? However on it looks like the membership site is the main page, and the blog and other sites are build around it. It just seems like it, because to find the blog, I actually have to search a bit on the bottom of the page. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    4) For, how fast did you get your email list together? I mean once it was launched, did it take a lot of time to get, say the first thousand of readers?

    Thanks for all your hard work!

    Greetings from Estonia,


  • Okay I like the general idea of the ebook, it has given me some advice that was good. and it has definitly thaught me what to write in a free ebook and how to write it with out giving away any really specifik information and only talk in the broades general terms possible while giving the basic step by step layout to accomplish something. Very impressive writing, I have a learned a lot from that.

    But still, Its pretty useless for someone like me who’s starting this as a zero budget project. I don’t have any money to spend on adwords, affiliates or on paying some big whigg blogger to name drop me.

    You talk about having outsourcing, buying content and buying traffic, that is not an option for me so I’ll have to do this the old school way of building a presence with a blog and make sure i get talked about in the right forums and start to engage the right bloggers which will take time to build up traffic but the quality of the traffic will be better if im to guess since you manage expectations of your site through your previous actions, statements and reputation.

    Please correct me if im wrong on this?

    i have studied you and your tactics for a while now and think I have a pretty good understanding of what you do and how you do it.

    Though I do not agree with you at all on the marketing design of landing pages for a product. If there is only one page with static content and no quick links to the stuff im interested to know I usually leave with in the second.

    I don’t give a frakk about the testimonials, the photo copies of checks and the marketing buzzword crud that 99% of these landing sites feed me. If yo are selling a website system for membership sites, I want to know what the features are, the capabilities, what the competitors capabilities are, the pricing, is there a demo and screenshots? Then I might want to know what other customer say, but I’ll google for reviews from people who are not affiliates with a vested interest in selling the product for commissions.

    thats my five cents…


    Chris Vighagen

    • I agree with you, Chris. To me, the best “landing page” is right smack dab on the home page of a site that screams value and professionalism, and that has a considerable amount of free content that I can access immediately in order to judge for myself the value of what’s being sold “inside”.

      Here’s an example of such a membership site:

      Here’s another:

      Both of these sites have an astonishing amount of free content and leave absolutely no doubt about what you’ll find “inside” when you become a member. Neither one of them has a “landing page”, a “squeeze page”, phony claims or anything like that. And both of them have very reasonable membership prices as well!

  • Hey Yaro,
    Thank you for what you are doing…you’ve given me so much insight and knowledge in all that i’m suppose to know about driving traffic to my business. you are truly God Sent. Ive spent sleepless nights in my research to know and understand how the internet works and am very great-full for your e-book and Gideon: He’s a Genious.

    I am however ready to get things started and not yet sure as to whether i should use the latest model of WordPress or the 2.6.3, the one Gideon used in his videos. How much more complicated is it to use?

  • Yaro,

    This a great report, and right now I’m just really getting started on Become A Blogger. I will be working on my blog first and then, when the time is rright I wil most likely take on Membership Mastermind, and build a membership site. Thanks fro the great info. just not the right time for this right now.

    Peace and Happiness to You and Everyone, Bruce Schroeder

    P.S. How do I post my picture to my comments?

  • Thanks for your Blog Profits Blueprint. It is great information I start do as like as you said and it makes easy to get traffic.

  • Thank you very much Yaro for the master plan. This is indeed a great plan. It is a step by step and easy to understand lesson. After reading and listening to the audio, I have come to known that you have the ability to make some one start on the straight line.

    What makes me afraid, is that I have my website It means it is a small baby in the pouch of an adult. The adult indeed is very helping and honest but still there is a knot between the the visitors and the entertainer. Can this make something wrong or I need to divert.

    This is my personal question but I hope you help me with a good answer.

    Thanks once again.


  • Report is great, but main challenge for is to choose a right niche on which I can base membership sites. Probably I just need to brainstorm this issue and then move on.

  • Yaro, thank you! How amazing to truly read info from someone that has done it, knows it and also sharing with us all 🙂
    I have been following you for some time and love everything you put out. I read the whole ebook last night after downloading it. I don’t know why I haven’t done it sooner! I always looked at it as one day….but now you made me understand that its not that hard and yes like everything, takes time but very achievable.
    I have looked into it earlier this year, but got discouraged by all the choices out there for platform, plug ins etc… much to test and have not had a time for it.
    Have you ever looked at Its something that was referred to me for landing pages, sales pages and membership sites. Just curious a I trust your expertise.
    I have a list of around 2K+ and then social media followers all combined around 10K, so I see no reason why I could not launch something in 2011 🙂
    Thanks for all the amazing info you share, the nudge to just go for it and the support you offer.
    Have a Merry Xmas and a very productive and prosperous 2011!

  • This was the first time I received so much information about starting a membership site in such a short period of time from a perfect stranger. I have “so called close friends” who already have several membership sites & they still haven’t told me how to start one. I’m definitely interested in learning more.

  • Hi Yaro,
    I received your download for Membership Mastermind and I have read it. It is a goldmine of information. This will definitely help me after I have mastered blogging and with your help that will be very soon. I am still going through your Blog Profits Blueprint e-book. I am new to blogging so I am looking for information to teach me what to do and how to start. I have found your e-book very informative and concise. There is so much information out there, some free, others you pay for, but I find there is none compare to yours and what makes it even better is the fact that some of it is free. I may not know exactly what my blog is to going be about, the fact that you have provided me with the guidelines is a big deal for me. I am a single mother and I have been looking for means to support my son and myself without a huge start-up cost for me, as well as provided me with traffic to a network marketing business I have joined 2 months ago. Added with the blog I will be starting and my other business online: I will be well on my way to creating a suitable income online, Thanks to you Yaro.

    You are one in a million. Definitely on my A-list. Thanks again.


  • Dear Yaro Starak,

    I think that you are really doing a very good job. I am a new blogger and with you, I am sure that I will go ahead. You give useful information and advice and all documents sent by you are well written. I do agree to work with you, let’s say with you guiding me. Thank you very much, Yaro, and be sure I am always pleased to hear from you. Good bye.

  • Hey Yaro,

    Big thanks for this fabulous Masterplan. Nice reading and I love the mp3 for listening in my relaxing chair… I’m a big fan of your blog.

  • mar

    Dear Yaro,

    I wanted to thank you (and some other people who helped me to start thinking independently) even earlier.

    Not longer as yesterday I thought about it: when I will get some good result I’ll thank them for their help – even if they don’t know about me at all.

    But really, that should I wait for, no need to wait for results to thank for help.

    So, thank you Yaro, for all of that brilliant information which I received in just a few days after subscribing to your website. Every new message from you gives me a hard kick forward. Don’t stop with it, Yaro. I hope, I can’t stop, too.

    Thank you again and good luck!

    • Dear Yaro Starak,
      I am new in blogging,just since one month, I was overhelmed by the huge amount of information in the internet, I am really one step to be confused, but When I read your documents Blog Profit Blueprint and the master plan, I said to my self this is just what I need, follow Yaro Stark and you will reach your goal, do not confuse your self with other information, learn from Yaro and make action from what you have learned, you will succeed.

      Thank you very much again.

  • Tay

    Hi Yaro,

    I am keen to sign up for membership site mastermind but it is not available at the moment? When will you start the programme again?

    • Hi Tay,

      MSM won’t be back on the market in it’s current form again. You will be able to get the content sometime in the future, but it will be bundled with something else. Sorry about that, I did a closing down special a few months ago and that was your last chance to join.

  • Yaro:

    I have read many e-books in the past several months on various topics and from what I have read, your e-book, “Blog Profits Blueprint”, is one of the the best. Certainly, as a FREE e-book yours is second to none! You have written in great detail what others charge for. You really know how to create value for your readers and members to your club.

    The most difficult thing I am experiencing at present as a member of your Blog mastermind club is putting together the SEO as described in lessons 3 & 4. Some of it is too difficult and needs the help of more experience. I plan to go to the forum and discuss this as you suggested.

    I am also having some difficulty understanding the ideas you discussed in chapter 3 of “Optimizing Your Blog Internal Structure”. The discussion about “Links” is confusing to me. Everything seems to be connected to something else. This is quite a process. Thanks.

  • Thanks Yaro for wonderful strategies. I am in the beginning process, but your blog has given me a solid foundation and excellent principles to begin building my business.

    In case you have not downloaded your copy, DO IT NOW! It will change your life!

  • your ebook is great, it gives great principles
    thank you!

  • Iam really interested to sign up for the membership in short time. At present I donot have either a product to sell or a website. But really interested to join your trainning

  • HI Yaro,

    I am interested to sign up. Pls tell me what should I do?


    • Stephanie

      Hi Annie,

      The Membership Site Mastermind is currently not available. However, you can check out the details of other coaching programs here:

      Kind regards,

      Steph (EJ editor).

  • 1. What did you think of the Masterplan? Brilliant, could not stop reading it, I took pages and pages of notes, I just had to sign up to the Masterplan, as I really do want to get involved in this in a big way, I love helping people this is my first and foremost passion, the money takes care of itself, I have a great belief, I work hard and also play hard.

    2. What is your greatest challenge regarding
    starting a membership site? Love challenges, the greatest challenge will be actually seeing my hard work develop in front of my eyes, I’m prepared to work hard, I’m focused, and no one will stop me from reaching my goals.

    Love challenges and thrive under pressure.

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