The Membership Site Masterplan is a walk through of all the ingredients necessary to make money with an online membership site, based on the model I used to launch two six-figure membership sites.

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What Is In The Masterplan?

The Masterplan is a content report. By that I mean I wrote it to be a standalone document that provides real value, and is not just a light lead-in report that essentially only promotes a product, and isn’t going to teach you anything helpful.

Of course the reason why I invested so much time to produce this report and give it away for free is because I expect many of you to read it and then decide that you would like to take my membership site coaching program too, but that’s entirely optional.

The Masterplan is a solid guide to my system for launching successful membership sites. In the report I take you through the following process:

  • How to find topics for a membership site
  • How to develop preeminence, which means people choose to join your membership site over all the other options
  • What sources of traffic I use to bring members to my site and build my list
  • What technology I use to deliver content (this is so simple, anyone can do it)
  • How to make money from a membership site BEFORE you create the content for it
  • How to fill your membership site with hundreds of new members in a matter of days by conducting a powerful, yet simple, launch campaign

and much more…

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My Simple Formula

The Masterplan shows you exactly how to set yourself up with the right conditions so when you launch a membership site you have a crowd of very hungry people ready to join. It will teach you how you can get started quickly (you can open before you create most of your site content), how much you should charge, how you can conduct a strategic launch, and so much more.

There is one key difference, and I believe this is the real power behind my system, which makes what I do different from most other membership site trainers.

Most people get caught up with the technology they can use to deliver their site. Technology has been the biggest roadblock for me and I expect for you too. Because of this over the past two years I’ve been constantly changing parts of my membership site process to make it as SIMPLE as possible.

I like simple. I’m not looking to get everything perfect or have all the cool features that membership site scripts can offer. I just want to deliver value to as many members as I can get as quickly as I can with as little hassle as possible. Plus I’m focused on setting it up to be an automated system so once it’s created I don’t have to work hard to make good money.

If you’re looking for a program that makes the technology challenge as simple as possible, you want the quickest path to success and you’re committed to finally creating a long term stable business, read this report.

The Membership Site Masterplan Download Page

Isn’t It Time You Produced A Product?

One of the biggest mistakes I made with my online business was waiting so long to release a product of mine own.

The next mistake I made was taking so long to realize that a membership site is the best product to sell online.

Learn from my hindsight, commit to releasing a product this year and make it a membership site.

If you’re a blogger, then you are in a particularly good situation since you can use your blog as a launchpad for your membership site. Since you are already familiar with blogging tools like WordPress, which is what I use to store the content of my membership sites, you have another advantage.

You don’t need to have a blog to make this work of course, but if you’re into blogging and you’re going to create your own product, then this is definitely the best product-creation training to take since it’s created by a blogger (that’s me).

Membership Site Mastermind Next Class

I’m opening the doors again to my training program, Membership Site Mastermind, inviting you to participate in an intensive course to get your membership site or information product up and running.

As preparation for the class, please read the Masterplan and leave me your feedback as a reply comment to this post. I’d love to know what you think of the report and I want to see you succeed with your own product this year.

Click Here to download the Masterplan