Podcast: How Daniel Scocco Launched A $10,000 A Month Membership Site

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Daniel Scocco is well known for his DailyBlogTips blog. I recruited Daniel as a mentor when I launched my first run of my membership site Blog Mastermind, where he enjoyed an inside look into how I was running my program. I later gave Daniel access to a special preview version of Membership Site Mastermind.

Daniel liked my system so much that he immediately started thinking about launching his own membership site. He became the first person to take my course and get out there and action the advice by starting his own Membership Site, OnlineProfits.com.

Daniel did a very short launch and within a few days had 200+ members paying him $48 a month. A roughly $10,000 a month income stream was created in a week.

Daniel Scocco

What I like about this story is that Daniel did a lot “wrong” in the sense that he choose not to do many of the steps I recommend people do, and yet he still had a great result. He took the parts of my system that he liked and made them his own, did a launch, but it wasn’t a huge launch and he certainly could have done a lot more, but most importantly, he got out there and did SOMETHING.

Daniel had a great idea to help speed up the release of his site. Instead of being the sole content creator, he decided to recruit a team of experts to produce content for him. He went around and contacted some of the best in his industry and managed to convince quite a few of them (including me) to contribute.

There are some great insights to be gained from this interview, so I recommend you sit down and have a listen to what Daniel did to launch his very first membership site training program.

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Show Notes

  • Daniel explains how many members he attracted and how much money he made during his membership site launch
  • How Daniel selected the topic for his membership site
  • What Daniel did to demonstrate the preeminence of his membership site offer
  • Daniel talks about how he drove traffic to his membership site launch
  • How Daniel managed to get some top launch partners for his membership site
  • What technical systems Daniel set up to deliver his membership site
  • How Daniel conducted his five day launch and generated a $10,000/month income stream
  • Why Daniel recommends Membership Site Mastermind

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  • Wow.. I’m honestly having a hard time believing this is true. Do you create membership sites using WordPress.org?

  • Kenan

    – On the one hand Daniel is saying that we need a COMPLETE product to persuade important Affiliates (like the guy from problogger in your conversation), on the other hand its mentioned that we need only 20% ready to show our partners?

    – Ok, OnlineProfits had cost 48 USD and they were 200 members. Thats 9600USD. BUT: Daniel said that he has done the product alone (which I also dont understand, because why are the mentors like Zac, Batista etc. mentioned on the site of Online Profits although he did everything alone before the first opening).

    An Affiliate wants cash and someone like problogger at least 50%- thats 24 of 48 USD. After Clickbank, PayPal…the creator has about 20 and after tax (~30%= 6 USD) 14 USD …IF he does everything alone. So per month Daniel is earning 2800 USD (14*200 member). Not bad, IF it would be per month.

    Imagine every of the nine mentors mentioned on OnlineProfits is earning one (!) dollar for their work, which is a ridiculous low assumption, and Daniel gets 400 users, and not 14 USD, but 24 USD due to the higher price, he has to give 9 USD to the mentors, and the result is 15 USD, one dollar more then in the first opening. Ths time he would get 6000 USD, which is really not that bad, if he would not have waited months to launch of the product again, and if he must not wait again a period of months to launch the product again to not saturate the market.

    Sure, he can make more membership sites, but this can get extremly time consuming (lets dont forget the 20/80 pareto principle), especially for a person who says that it would be better to concentrate only on one project (and thinking about selling the others).

    Ok, I accept the fact that it isnt an easy task. But the numbers tell you everything. You have also to consider that Daniel has “one of his blogs, is ranked among the 100 largest in the world” -OnlineProfits

    Yaro, you have a great blog and your an amazing guy (hey I am a SEGA and Star Trek Fan too + I am currently developing my first membership site and want to have you as an affiliate), but I am a sceptical guy, so it would be amazing if you could give some statement.

    greetings from Austria, Kenan 🙂

  • It is really amazing. Awesome! Real stuff are simple if you put your mind and heart to it. I have feel, a haunch, an intuition that Yaro’s membership site mastermind is one of the best products in the marketplace.
    This latest post and interview is the icing of the cake.

  • Hi Yaro,

    This interview is amazing because you covered very important things and gave away great ideas that anyone can use to launch a membership site.

    I think the 5 days launch is a short term strategy but it works well… you create buzz and make more money in a short period of time. The secret here is that you can re-open it again whenever you want.

    ^PV Reymond


  • May i even do not know what is membership website. Like GDI? Maybe not.

  • @Kenam, let me clarify your doubts.

    1) I didn’t say you need to have a “complete” program to get affiliates and joint ventures. Here is the quote from the podcast:

    “the most important thing to get other people involved in your launch is to make sure that you have a valuable product, that you have a training program that will create value for the members.”

    You don’t need to have all the content ready to go to show its value for your partners. For example, when I talked with Darren about my membership site, all I sent him was the list of modules and lessons, and 3 sample lessons that would let him get an idea about the content. I guess the fact that he knew my work for the past years helped, but having the product completed was not necessary.

    2) When I mention I did everything alone, it is referring to the technical setup of the site, not the content. The content comes from myself as well as from all the 9 mentors, and that is what we mentioned on the sales page.

    3) Yes the affiliates get 50%, but consider that only 100 or so members came via affiliates, and the other 100 came from my own sources, so I get 100% on them. My company currently pays around 6% tax here in Brazil (because it only deals with online services). So your $2,800 is way off.

    4) I am not using the model you described to pay the mentors. In fact, some of them are not earning anything. That is because they are my friends, and when I approached them with my idea they said “Sure Daniel, I will write some lessons for you, but I don’t want the money.” I was really surprised too, but then again they earned a lot of respect from me and now I do everything I can to help those guys out.

    It is good to be skeptical given the number of scams and low quality stuff you see around the web these days, but I don’t think that applies this program in particular.

    I don’t want to brag or anything, but my plans are to make that $10k monthly figure peanuts in the coming years.

  • Great ideas and motivated.

    $10,000.00/month income streams, i am impressed.


    Make Money Online : Autopilot Profits

  • Great post, great doubts raised and a fantastic response from Daniel Scocco.

  • Kenan

    Thanks for answering Daniel. I have to admit that I am pretty jealous: 6% tax is damn low if considering the 43% tax amount that I have to pay.

    So, see you in Rio. 😉

  • Great post Yaro. Definitely can see that it is possible to succeed in creating your own internet business.

  • Wow, what a great success story…though I think it will be a lot harder for the average guy who doesn’t have all of your connections. But congrats on the success!

  • Yeah, but those bloggers stick together.

    Daniel, Darren, Shoemoney, John, Yaro and many others – check their blogs, every one of them probably mentioned this product.

    I say it’s great, but also huge advantage.

    Give me real example, Daniel is already pro with contacts and audience – most important, even if product could be bad

    I don’t have time for this, although I’m sure that it”s not waste of money.

    • Dave Ailey

      Matej we all have to make that first step to start something, can you remember your first day at your first job, daunting isn’t it. Well there is nothing different with online but one thing. You get to choose when you can do it. These days no none has time anymore we always seem to use up what little time we have.
      I’ve done exacly what you have mentioned, no time, family commitments, work, I just can’t get my head around this stuff. All those excuses, but I always use one example I personally have witnessed from one couple And that is the Grants, Daryl and Andrew. I attended my very first internet seminar back in 2004 which was the first for the Grants too.
      Whats the difference today, well for me nothing much has changed except jobs, for the Grants ,try about $3.8 million in the past 18 months. Kinda makes you stop and think, is the Internet going away, not in a long shot, so at least select first gear to start. I’m know clicking into second gear.

      • I don’t have time because I’m already stuffed with my own online sites and future projects. I decided to finish those first before anything else.

        Anyway, why my comment links to some MyBlogLog’s guys profile? That’s not me 🙂

  • Greta, another “make money by getting other people to pay you for telling them how they can make money” site. Just what the world needs.

  • Have you thought about/have you done a screenshot video inside the program…I’d like to see EXACTLY what we’d be getting before I would buy.

    It looks like a great program though, I’d just like to know more about it.


  • As a one week member of the blog mastermind program, I can say Yaro knows what he’s talking about. I’ve already got 100 visitors in one week and comments from one blogger that has a heavily trafficked blog.

  • Tammy

    Great case study, Yaro.

    I’d love to get going with this, but I barely have time to get to my BAB lessons with Gideon, amongst other many things I’m currently doing on and off-line… lack of time is definitely my problem now. I hope to join you in the very near future.

    Thanks to Daniel too 🙂

  • Fabulous information Yaro and Daniel, Mahalo!

    I am now wondering what to do first. I have an idea which I originally thought I would do in ebook form yet now feel the interaction of a membership site would really enhance the entire experience.

    I have:
    a blog with only ~25 visits a day
    ~4600 twitter followers
    an idea and expertise which the membership site was almost made for

    Question….what program will benefit me most or which to do first?

    Thanks again for your site and expertise,

  • It was great to hear from Daniel, since I was also born In Brazil, and it’s great to hear Brazilians succeeding. His path that he took almost seems close to mine, I wonder… I hope I am able to get the level where he is at. The only difference is… he was in Italy… and I am in the usa… lol

    Till then,


  • Hey Yaro

    Thanks for all the informations and tips.

    Daniel basically covers all areas to succeed in membership sites.


  • I really liked how he described how he built up the traffic to his membership site. And what you thought about it. Especially when you mentioned how someone with low funds could still do something like this.

  • Daniel’s story has got me really intrigued ….how was Daniel able to get mentors and free content from experts in his field?

    If this was win-win situation, I’m assuming the experts that Daniel worked with must have received something in return for providing valuable content and mentorship?????

    • Have you heard of networking or creating contacts? I would have given him free content as well.

  • Great podcast, thanks!
    I want to organize my work place like on the photo in the near future =)

  • This is really one helpful podcast and article. I hope I could also attract a handful of members and generate large profit when I launch my own membership site. Could you help me?

  • Daniel, I’ve followed “Daily Blog Tips” for some time now and you’ve consistently delivered a lot of value. Congratulations on your success!

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  • Hi Yaro,

    This interview is very useful. You covered very important topics and gave away great ideas that anyone can use to launch a membership site.

    I really liked how he described he built up the traffic to his membership site. And what you thought about it. Especially when you mentioned how someone with low funds could still do something like this.
    You have a great day, Thanks.

  • Hi:
    Nice blog, I just started 5 weeks ago and downloaded your free product. I like what I hear and I will continue to read your blog. I am beginning to monetize now and will definitely add an auto responder shortly.
    I’m in this for the income and any input is appreciated.

  • Yaro what are your thoughts on promoting other make money membership sites? Obviously there are only so many people can sign up to..

  • “$ 10,000 / month income stream”-a very good profit. Well done Daniel. Thank you for your excellent post.

  • Thanks for sharing. That was incredibly useful.

  • I find most membership sites out there to be extremely basic in the information they provide — perhaps it is because I have an MBA or perhaps because a lot of people quickly put together ‘material’ that they think is good, but in the eyes of the majority it is pretty poor. I truely believe that in order for people to really excel online they need to stop thinking and acting like the ‘herd’ who are just out to make a quick buck. If people really poured their heart and soul into their work it shows – a good example is this website and Gideon’s website – I have not subscribed to either programme, however the free information is of a reasonably high quality so far.

  • […] membership sites even from some of the previous members who were involved with the program, like Daniel Scocco who created a $10,000 a month membership […]

  • […] sites, despite my extra article with regard to the subject on Tuesday, then may I suggest that you click here and take a look at free video with regard to how Daniel Scocco built up his $10,000 membership […]

  • […] Let me give you a link to an interview that was conducted with Daniel Scocco, who made $10,000 from his membership site: Click this if you doubt the authenticity of this statement. […]

  • […] you want to know more about the Mastermind Program, click here to see an intro to the program, or here to listen to an interview with Daniel Scocco, one of the big success stories from people who have […]

  • I enjoyed the podcast. I especially like how you demonstrated how the content of the class related with the launch the Daniel did.

  • Very valuable lessons, and shows especially with Daniel if you jump in it and do it you will get to where you wanna be. Thank Yaros for the inspiration and insight to show us another way reaping rewards to our life by using our imagination and persistence.

  • That is amazing. Although since he already had an established blog and market presence may be it was easier for him to do.

  • I’m trying to launch my own membership site sometime this summer. Being a Dietitian, I don’t have any experience with web stuff, my fiancee helped me put up the site, thank god.

    I’m starting this from scratch, with no contacts. Just going to try and reach out to healthy lifestyle bloggers and hope I can get some support. Any specific recommendations for people like me with NO web presence?


  • […] the OnlineProfits.com training program. If you want to learn more about that story, check out this podcast interview I did with Yaro a while […]

  • […] the OnlineProfits.com training program. If you want to learn more about that story, check out this podcast interview I did with Yaro a while […]

  • It is interesting what is going inside the membership site!

    but can somebody explain why he is ready to pay 50$ for membership?

  • hi

    just tried to listen to it and it cuts out after 30 secs and goes silent after word “italy”

    any ideas

  • Hey Yaro! Nice to share success stories with us.

    I have a suggestion for you, if you don’t mind.
    You see Mp3 is great. But video is better, I think. for me at least, and I remember you talking about a friend of yours who never read your blog posts unless it is video ‘coz he is a video guy 🙂

    What I would advise you to do after completing your Mp3 interview is to transform it in a very simple “slide commented video”.

    I mean you take your mp3 file, you put it into audacity or windows movie maker,
    then you go into powerpoint, you make several simple slides that concord with each main part of the interview, then you synchronise everything in windows movie maker very very simple to do or in camtasia , and there you have it!

    A super video embeddable in your blog post, that you got from a mp3 interview. I think it would be much more powerful, people just click play on the video on your blog post directly without the need to go and download the mp3, people could then share the video and make it become viral, etc.

    For myself, I would have really clicked only on the video play button istead of going through the mp3 doownload process.

    And the best part is you already wrote the different slides content in your blog post, so you just take it further and make a great video. In this example, basically, you already wrote the contents of the slides, and they are:

    # SLIDE 1: Daniel explains how many members he attracted and how much money he made during his membership site launch
    # SLIDE 2: How Daniel selected the topic for his membership site
    # SLIDE 3: What Daniel did to demonstrate the preeminence of his membership site offer
    # SLIDE 4: Daniel talks about how he drove traffic to his membership site launch
    # SLIDE 5: How Daniel managed to get some top launch partners for his membership site
    # SLIDE 6: What technical systems Daniel set up to deliver his membership site
    # SLIDE 7: How Daniel conducted his five day launch and generated a $10,000/month income stream
    # SLIDE 8: Why Daniel recommends Membership Site Mastermind

    Of course you will then have to upload the video, an extra bit more of work, but it would be cool, I think.

    I hope you don’t mind me giving you my idea about it. I follow your work for a while now and you are really a kind of approachable guy so that’s why I publish this.
    Your Mp3 are also really “listenable” and thanks for sharing so much with us.
    Your free Masterplan is a real breakthrough for me, through preeminence to pre-launch/launch to technology to dealing with attrition etc.

    I did not want to give just an advice on 1 or lines, I wanted to explain in detail so that you don’t wonder what I meant here. I wanted to give you the details of my thinking.

    I can’t wait to enroll into your MembershipSiteMastermind, as soon as I can afford it. I’m still a student in College and mixing Internet Marketing + College exams is hard and Time-consuming. Since 2005, I’ve been burnt a few times, through error and trials, and after all that 5 years of struggle, and like yourself Yaro, I am now convinced that having my own product + a MembershipSite Modele is the way to go. Can’t wait to finally get into your MembershipSiteMastermind Program.

    Until then, keep up the good content coming. It’s really appreciated.
    Sorry for my approximative langage, I’m french speaking.
    Greatings from France.

  • Kat

    As I prefer reading versus listening (get through the material faster), I look forward to reading the Text Transcript ’cause I’ve actually had in my mind to start up a membership site. I just didn’t know how to begin. This should help!

  • Is the blog mastermind the same as the membership site mastermind. I thought it was two separate programs but when you click on membership site mastermind, the blog mastermind comes up? Thanks.

    • Hey Cheryl, the Membership Site Mastermind program closed last year so I have the sales page redirecting to Blog Mastermind.


  • He is great. I just wondered what will be inside the membership. $10,000 is a good income.

  • Hi Yaro,
    Are you still offering the Membership Mastermind course?

    Every time I reach the sign up page through a link, it takes me to the Blog Masterming program.

  • Sorry, ignore that last one! Just read the other comments

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