Two Videos Reveal Powerful Techniques To Help You Create Info Products

Continuing with the theme of giving you advice on how to launch a membership site or information product, I direct you back to two videos I did earlier in the year, which talk about some of the most powerful techniques I’ve used to build my online business.

This information is especially valuable if you’re just starting out as a beginner asking questions like this –

  • How can I figure out what people will spend money on?
  • What language do my customers use to describe their problems?
  • I don’t have a list or an audience yet, how can I build one?

The first video I recorded to show you a technique I used before creating my first information product that helped me understand exactly what my customers wanted and what language they used to describe the problems they faced. You can listen to me explain the technique in this video here –

Video: How To Find Out What Your Members Want Before You Launch

The second video is half a slide show where I show you some of the places I visited in 2008 during a trip around the world. The second half of this video talks about building lists and shows you a couple of examples of people who are using blogs and videos to foster relationships with an audience in preparation to launch a membership site or coaching program.

You can watch the second video here –

Slide Show: How I Made $211,969 While Traveling The World & Two Unique Case Studies

You may have seen these videos when I first published them, but don’t let that stop you watching them again, the lessons never grow old.

I’m highlighting this content now because next week is the final opening of Membership Site Mastermind for 2009.

I’m really looking forward to working with the next group of students who will actually implement the techniques talked about in the videos. Watching videos and understanding the process is great, but taking steps to actually do it is the only path to success. If you want help in that direction, my course is available from next week, or you can do it alone – as long as you do something!

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  • I’ve done both the Blog Mastermind and the Membership Mastermind programs and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to learn how to make money online. The forum alone is worth the price of entry.

    • I didn’t realise that there was a forum for members. You’re right, I would love to have access to the forum, as being able to connect with like minded individuals is the kind of value-add that nobody can actually put a price tag to. More incentive for me to take the plunge and enroll for the next program. I gotta do it!

  • Hey Yaro,

    These are really great vids. I learned a lot form them.

    Your Unique case study is really inspiring and makes you think over getting into this business seriously for the newbies.

    Thanks for sharing these links again.

  • What are info products??

    • Info Products are any products you create using information as the purpose of the product. Examples are videos, reports, books, membership courses as well as card packs or games.

  • Ray

    It’s been about a year now since I’ve done both your programs and as I keep building my business, I keep coming back to the same techniques and methods you teach. Solid stuff Yaro, thankyou

  • Will watch these videos asap.

  • Finally, here’s a great free resource for learning more about constructing the perfect product launch.

  • This is a really nice lead up to your blog mastermind course starting. I am sure it will be the final bit of leverage that persuades many people to buy in. I think that I’ll be enrolling for the following blog mastermind course myself.

  • These two are very powerful videos and it was nice to revisit them.

  • Hi Yaro:

    As always great free information and I am looking into joining your course to set up a Membership site to teach real estate agents how to be sucessful in this market.

    I have been a succesful Realtor for ten years now and have been instructing my whole career and thought about selling a e-book until I got your email about setting up my own membership site and was intrigued at the thought.

    1 question for on realted to this topic – Although I have an extensive list of emails for my past clients and associates, I don’t have a list of realtors and/or prospesctive realtors. However, these lists can be purchased rather easily from varoius Real Estate Booards across the country. Why can’t we just purchase a list to start sending out emails to using our AWeber account???

    This seems to cut to the chase to entice them in an email with a free report and/or video to join my membershipo site???

    Any thoughts….


    • Hi Mike,

      You can buy lists but usually they can’t be uploaded into AWeber as they don’t allow lists that haven’t been proven as double opt-in. You should email AWeber to confirm this.

      If you know of a way to get reputable lists, then for sure, give it a test. Just be careful to verify everything you are doing as you don’t want to start off by getting yourself accused as a spammer.

  • I believe that Yaro put a lot of efforts on his membership site in the past, as you said, no pain no gain. Yaro deserves it!

  • Timeless advice. Thanks Yaro.

  • Real straight forward help videos.I was quite impressed with them. Thanks a lot for sharing the links with your readers. Thank You.

  • Both videos provide a great deal of knowledge and examples. I especially appreciate well presented business cases, they are always very insipiring. I surely hope to put this knowledge into practice real soon.

  • Making over $200k while traveling around the world is pretty sweet. I’m sure most of us could be in your shoes. That has got to be nearly every internet entrepreneur’s dream.

  • I completely agree with Aluminum Laptop Cases;) everyone would like to be in his shoes…I strongly believe that there are certain ways to earn big money online.

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