Welcome to part one in my series on how to buy and sell blogs and websites for big profits.

Let’s dive straight and look at why buying a blog or website is such a good strategy, especially given the challenges of starting something new from scratch today.

It’s Hardest At The Start

Over the years I have taught A LOT of beginners how to make money via a blog (I’ve had over 3,000 paying members in my blog coaching programs).

These people are new to blogging and internet business, and have a strong desire to create an online income stream.

Most begin with a process something like this…

  1. Do some market research to find a niche
  2. Start a blog on a topic that you believe can make money
  3. Get busy working hard to produce content, promote your work and build an audience

There’s nothing wrong with this path. I’ve done it more than once with my own blogs and websites.

The rewards can be tremendous, but the path is long, often lonely and depressing if you do it without help, and you are never certain of success.

You need a very strong mindset and belief in yourself to keep going, especially if you want to make money from your project.

It’s challenging because of the slow pace and ambiguity of results. You’re working very hard, yet no one is reading your work and you are certainly not making any money yet.

From my own experience I feel a whole lot more successful when I’m making money. It’s nice that people read my writing, leave comments, share my work – but if I can support myself and my family because of my work, that is an incredibly satisfying feeling.

The great thing about starting a blog or website from scratch is the learning process. The downside is that a lot of the learning during the early months and even years is done in isolation. It’s a slow process, and until you have an audience it is hard to determine conclusive results.

When your audience size is small and no one is buying from you, how can you really know if a technique works or not?

The best learning comes when you have an audience who buy things, because your experiments impact people who give you live feedback and make a statement by how they spend their money.

Momentum is critical. If you are responsible for creating momentum from a standing start, you certainly have your work cut out for you.

Would You Like To Skip The Slow Part?

Consider this alternative: You buy a blog or website that already has traffic and makes money.

Not everyone has the capital to buy a blog, but if you can collect together $500 to $1,000 that’s enough to get started.

If you have $10,000 to invest you can buy a blog or website that returns as much as $1,000 a month.

The mind really begins to go to interesting places when you think about buying more than one site.

Buy two or three sites that collectively bring in $2,000 to $3,000 USD a month and you just bought yourself a ticket to a full time income living a quality lifestyle in a country like Thailand.

Keep going and your little portfolio might become your most significant cash flow source.

Let’s not forget that putting together a portfolio of sites gives you an asset that is sellable. A six figure or even million dollar payday is possible if you build up a quality portfolio of websites and then sell them.

However, I am getting ahead of myself. Step one is to make that first purchase…

Buy A Blog Or Website And You Instantly Have An Audience

For a beginner who wants to fast-track the learning process buying a blog is by far the best option.

1. You can buy a blog that has traffic: The website already has an audience who keep coming back for more, and new visitors who arrive each day from search engines.

2. You can buy a blog that makes money: The money might come from advertising, sales of an affiliate product, an information product like an ebook or course, a subscription service, software, or physical goods.

The point is people are already spending money and you get to take over that income stream. You might even buy a site with MULTIPLE income streams already, or the potential to expand into multiple income streams.

The best thing about buying a website is you don’t have to worry about picking the right niche. You don’t go through that depressing early stage when you produce amazing articles or videos and no one even knows your content is there.

  • From day one people will see your work.
  • From day one you have a platform you can build on.
  • From day one you have people who spend money on what you offer.

Plus you can CHOOSE what niche you buy into. You can see what topics the website covers, what they sell, how they make money and then decide if it’s the kind of blog or website you could see yourself taking over.

You can also choose what type of income streams you want. If you’ve always wanted to own a money making membership site, you can buy one. Maybe you want a blog with hundreds or thousands of readers. Buy it!

This strategy offers a pretty amazing jumpstart, and it’s a real possibility if you just take the time to buy a quality blog or website.

I can promise you this – it will take a lot less time to find a quality blog you can purchase, than it will to create one from scratch.

That’s the power of money. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but if you have the capital, it can fast-track your results.

Free Workshop: How To Buy & Renovate Websites For Passive Income

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You will learn a lot from them, so go sign up for their workshop now.

Coming Up Next…

Next in this three part series I am going to explain how buying another blog or website is a great way to expand your existing business.

It’s like corporate mergers and acquisitions, but you don’t have to be a big company, you can buy something that meets your current needs and budget.

You can read part two now –

You can also go express to part three in this trilogy of training articles, where I explain how I sold my online proofreading business for $100,000 (which was just a website and some contract editors).

During the years after I sold my proofreading site I was under a non-disclosure contract, so I couldn’t write about the sale in detail. Now that period has lapsed, I can reveal what happened. I know you will find the behind-the-scenes details very interesting.

Good luck finding your first blog or website purchase!

Website Investor