Although I no longer need this plugin here on my blog since my current theme includes popups, Popup Domination is still one of the best out there. I strongly recommend you read this review and consider buying this plugin if you want to grow your email list. — Yaro

There are only a handful of plugins for this blog that make a direct bottom line increase to income.

Popup Domination is one of them, and they just released a brand new version, Popup Domination 3.0.

This plugin is all about increasing the number of people who opt-in to your email list. The more people on your list, the more traffic you control and thus the more money you can make. The money is IN THE LIST as they say (and it’s true!).

Updated: Popup Domination 3.0I am rarely so openly positive about a plugin for fear of sounding over-the-top-hypey, but in this case, the results match the claims.

How good is it?

I can tell you as I write this my blog is NOT running Popup Domination.

Why? Because we just switched designs and turned off the plugin for the change.

So what difference does it make not having the plugin?

We are currently getting about 75 optins a day on this blog, where previously with Popup Domination it was averaging 150 a day. That’s a 50% drop. Ouch.

Obviously I’m not silly, Popup Domination won’t be turned off for long. The reason why pop-ups are currently not running on my blog is because I’m working with my designer to apply the brand new 3.0 version of the plugin, which allows me to do some very cool things, including –

  • I can SPLIT TEST pop-ups.
  • I can use different pop-ups on different pages (this is a KEY feature I was hoping for – and I’ll tell you why in a moment).
  • More detailed analytics on how my pop-ups are performing.

These are all new features that are only in the 3.0 version of Popup Domination.

My Previous Complaints

I had two major complaints about the previous version of Popup Domination. These are significant enough complaints that for a time I considered developing my own pop-up plugin to use instead.

Those were –

  1. I couldn’t easily split test pop-ups to know which are performing best.
  2. I couldn’t pick and choose to place different pop-ups on different pages.

That second point is really important.

I know pop-ups annoy some people (heck they annoy me!), but as stated previously, they have worked well on this site and I want to continue using them — just a little differently this time (which is why I switched the plugin off temporarily).

Previously I didn’t like that my site is a magazine with a broad spectrum of content featured on the homepage at any given time, yet the pop-up would present a specific offer not necessarily related to the reason people came to the site.

In short, I wanted to better target my pop-up offers to “speak” to the reason a reader come to my page.

Here’s what we are doing at EJ HQ to increase opt-ins and reduce friction (user complaints) using the new 3.0 version of Popup Domination…

The 80/20 Rule Of Pop-Up Application

Looking at the Analytics for this site, as I suspect will be similar for your site, a handful of articles are responsible for the lion share of traffic.

It should skew to something close to an 80/20 Rule, with 20% of your articles accounting for 80% of your traffic. It may not be 80-20, but it will be a minority of content delivering the majority of traffic.

For EJ, we are going to start with the top 10 (roughly) articles according to Google Analytics traffic data, and place specific pop-ups on those pages.

Those pop-ups will be specific because they will have designs with offers related to the content of that article.

For example the top 10 articles currently focus on subjects like…

  • How to make money with advertising
  • How to buy and sell websites
  • A list of top 10 methods for making money online
  • And my post on the 80/20 Rule

These articles have thousands of readers coming from Google search to read them every month. Collectively, these four articles get as much traffic each month as the homepage of this site, and most of them are first time visitors, perfect for attracting on to my email list.

Using Popup Domination 3.0, we are going to apply a different pop-up to each page to entice people on to my newsletter, using language and an offer that speaks to the subject of that page.

(If you want to find your top 10, or even top 500 performing articles, make sure you have Google Analytics running on your site, then go to the data in the “Content” section.)

Discounted $77 to $47 For One Week Only

For the release of the 3.0 version of Popup Domination you can purchase the plugin for $47, down from $77. You can order here –

PopUp Domination 3.0

The new version is the only version with Split testing, Analytics and Multiple Popups, so you will need it to apply the technique I wrote about above.

At the very least you should be testing a popup on your blog to see what the results are. Give it a month and I suspect you will be pleasantly surprised.

In most niches a well targeted pop-up with an offer that “makes sense” to the reader, is not annoying – it’s a value add, and of course it will increase your email subscription rate as a result.

When you buy the plugin you get a bunch of other stuff, including pop-up themes and a training course from Michael Dunlop, one of the creators of the plugin. Honestly though, the plugin is what you want, the rest is just extras.

I’ll leave you with my original full review below of the previous version of the plugin. Note the price says $77 below in the review, but it’s $47 when you get to the page if you do so within the 7 days deadline.

To lear more about the plugin, go to –


Popup Domination Comprehensive Review

For a long time I had a rule for my blog: no pop-ups.

I considered pop-up banners one of the most annoying things about surfing the web, especially during the early days before pop-up blockers became standard in browsers. If I didn’t personally like them, why would I subject my audience to them?

Things have changed. Pop-up technology has become more subtle, with the lightbox pop-up becoming the new standard (and also able to bypass pop-up blockers). If the pop-up displays an on-target offer and is presented infrequently and has a professional design, I consider them a viable option with a potentially very positive impact on your email list growth.

So are you ready to start using a pop-up on your blog or website? Do they actually work or do they just annoy people?

Let me help you make that decision by revealing my own results.

My Lightbox Test Results

A few weeks ago I broke my rule and began testing the PopUp Domination plugin, the brainchild of my blogging colleague, Michael Dunlop from

Michael and his development partner James Deer came up with the following lightbox that you’ve probably seen pop-up on this blog recently –

Lightbox PopUp Example

I can report back that by adding this lightbox to my blog I’ve increased the number of opt-ins I get each day by about 50% (that equates to about 30-50 additional opt-ins a day). Gideon and I also run a lightbox on the Become A Blogger site, and he runs the PopUp Domination plugin on his site.

Lightbox pop-ups definitely have a positive impact on your email newsletter growth rate, and thanks to this new plugin, it’s a lot easier to install one on your blog or any website.

So should you consider adding a lightbox to your blog or website?

The short answer is a definite yes.

In almost all case studies I’ve heard, the lightbox pop-up increases your opt-in rate quite significantly. Some people have even reported as much as a 1,000% increase, though I suspect they must have had some fairly under-optimized methods for building their email list prior to adding the lightbox.

The next question to ask is whether this plugin is the best method to implement a lightbox on your site? Read on and let me help you decide…

My Money Comes From My Email List

The majority of people who will read this blog post will come from my email newsletter because I sent a message about this review. Chances are that is how you came to read this.

Most of the money I make in my business comes because I have built a large email subscriber base. I foster relationships with my subscribers by offering lots of great content, and when appropriate, I make money recommending great products, including my own products, or like this case with the PopUp Domination plugin, products created by others that I review using my affiliate link.

Since the popup domination plugin has a direct bottom line impact on your most important business asset, your email list, I have no problems recommending it to you. I’ll explain exactly what it does in a moment, but understand, in terms of improving the performance of your blog or website to add more subscribers to your list, this is one of the single best tools available today.

You can grab the plugin for $77 from here –

The Plugin Gives You Options So You Don’t Annoy Your Audience

When I first began testing a lightbox on this blog I received some feedback that people couldn’t close it, thus it was stopping them from reading my blog content. That is definitely not a good thing.

The team who created PopUp Domination fixed most of the bugs, and the latest 2.0 version seems to have eliminated the issue with the lightbox not being able to be shut down. I haven’t received any negative feedback since I upgraded the software, so that is a good sign.

The great thing about this plugin is that you can determine how often it shows up. At the moment a person who comes to my blog will only see the opt-in every seven days as long as they use the same browser/computer. The plugin allows you to set this up for any duration, so you could have it show up only once a month or even once a year.

If you’re really conservative and worried about annoying your readers, just set the plugin to show the lightbox once a year. At that setting there’s a good chance they are only going to see it once, yet that will still result in a hefty increase to the number of people who opt-in to your list.

What Other Things Can This Plugin Do?

The development team have come up with nice list of features, here are some of the cool things PopUp Domination can do –

  • The template designs that come with the plugin are elegant and professional, a perfect blend of eye-catching design without being too in your face. You can customize colors and change all the text elements to match your offer, and upload an image of your product. This is the key reason I believe this plugin has performed so well and so many bloggers have purchased it – it’s simple to set-up and very polished.Here’s some example templates, any of which you could have running on your blog or website in a matter of minutes after installing the plugin:PopUp Domination Template 1PopUp Domination Template 2

    PopUp Domination Template 3

    PopUp Domination Template 4

  • If the templates don’t do it for you, there is an advanced editor where you can play with the HTML and CSS to make a custom lightbox.
  • You can set the lightbox to appear only on certain areas of your blog, for example just on a page, or just on a category within your blog or only on the frontpage of your site.
  • The plugin can delay the appearance of the lightbox for a duration of time or when the mouse leaves the page (that can be annoying, but is a nice feature to have for sales pages as a way to capture a lead as an exit call to action).
  • You can use the plugin with any of the major email autoresponder services like AWeber, GetResponse, iContact and Mail Chimp, by copy and pasting the code directly into the plugin admin area.

Are There Any Issues With PopUp Domination?

I’d like to see a feature where you can split test different lightboxes, although that might over complicate this plugin. I’ve been told the function is in the works.

Services like aWeber come with built-in lightbox generators that don’t cost any additional money, but they don’t naturally integrate with wordpress as well (providing all the customizable options for delivery), or have template designs as nice as PopUp Domination.

The main problem with this plugin, which isn’t really a fault of the script, is that you do reduce the usability of your site when you use it.

That’s the nature of using a pop-up, they do annoy people, so you have to assume although you will attract more subscribers to your email list, you will also turn some people away who just want to read your blog. It’s a trade-off, so you need to test carefully and gauge feedback to see what kind of impact it has, especially if you’re audience are very sensitive to marketing techniques like this.

That being said, in most industries, if you offer an incentive very related to the reason why the person came to your website in the first place, the pop-up will have a far greater positive impact than negative, so make sure you’re offering something of quality when you throw that lightbox in the face of your website visitors.

This is a great plugin so I have no problems endorsing it as one of the best ways to increase how many subscribers you convert with your blog, which should be your top priority.

Good luck with your list building!

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