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Over the years I’ve heard hundreds of stories from people who made the big leap, leaving the world of employment to become full-time entrepreneurs.

The stories range from the incredibly daring people who quit their jobs without having any savings, or a plan B — they ‘burn the bridges’ and put all their energy into their new business.

Then there are those who carefully plan and slowly transition, moving from full-time employee to part-time, to freelancer, and to business owner.

I have my own story as well, from back during my early days when I left all the part-time and casual jobs I had during my early twenties and eventually went 100% full time on my business projects.

How To Manage The Transition

In this solo podcast, I offer you my suggested plan on how to leave your job and do so minimizing stress and risk, so you feel comfortable, at least in control, of the move away from your job or jobs.

Making the leap is always a tense experience. It becomes even more so when you have loans to pay, and a family to support. However, there are ways to carefully plan for, and then execute a transition process where you never feel out of your depth.

I also talk about important things like savings buffers, working from home, freelancing, and having a plan B in case things don’t work out.

Where possible I’ve used some examples from my own story and stories from people I have coached or interviewed over the years.

If you’re dreaming of leaving your job but you’re not quite sure how to, listen to this podcast and then start putting your plan into motion.

Enjoy the episode,
EJ Podcast

Topics Covered In This Podcast

  • The psychological and practical aspects of transitioning from job to entrepreneurship
  • The 3 key numbers you need to think about before quitting your job
  • How long you should have a savings buffer for
  • The 5 different methods you can use to free up more time to focus on growing your business
  • What it’s really like to move from job to business and why you shouldn’t follow what media likes to highlight
  • The most difficult emotional decision to make in the transition period
  • What to do if your business ends up failing (i.e. The importance of having a plan B)

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