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Belinda Weaver offers one of the best examples I have ever heard of someone carefully planning and executing the transformation from full time employee, to freelancer (paid-by-the-hour or per contract), to independent blogging entrepreneur selling her own teaching products (earning money while she sleeps).

As you listen to this story you will get the sense that Belinda was never ‘in trouble‘ so to speak, regarding the often scary decision to leave a well paying full time job. She carefully planned her escape and all but guaranteed that she would have ongoing work as a freelancer once she left her job.

Then, once her freelance copywriting business had taken off, Belinda once again realized the need to transform from a person who gets paid to work on projects, to a teaching expert, who has digital products she can sell without requiring ongoing labour.

Belinda Weaver on the EJ Podcast

If You Want To Quit Your Job, Follow This Example…

If you’re reading this and you currently have a job that might be okay at times, horrible at other times, and you know it’s not what you want to do for the rest of your life, then you need to take careful notes while you listen to Belinda’s interview.

Her path was relatively simple…

  1. Get educated while working her job
  2. Use new education as basis for freelance work
  3. Grow freelance business during evenings and weekends, while still working full time job
  4. Tell your boss you are going to quit, but still work for the company as a freelancer
  5. Quit your job, grow the freelance business to as big as you are comfortable with
  6. Transition away from completing freelance work yourself, to having others do it
  7. Create a blog and digital products based on experiences gained in your job and freelancing
  8. Slowly transition away from freelance work to selling digital products

…and then you are making money while you sleep!

Most of us have responsibilities, so making rash decisions like randomly leaving your job in the hope of figuring out how to make money yourself, is just not realistic.

Belinda made the process much safer, by being careful with how she transitioned between each key change to her work. She had a sound strategy, made sue she was educated and could provide value, and slowly rebalanced what she focused on until she found herself living the dream.

I personally never had a full time job, but I know a lot of EJ readers and listeners still do. This podcast should appeal to you if that is your situation.

Enjoy the interview.

Yaro Starak
EJ Podcast

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