From Father Of Three And Walmart Employee, To Internet Success Story, Joey Kissimmee Explains How He Made It Big Online

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Joey Kissimmee worked at Walmart for ten years. During that time, to make extra cash he went online and managed to bring in a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a month whenever he needed it.

Joey Kissimmee

He started with eBay, ordering a CD-Rom from a poster he saw on a telephone post. Thinking he could just stick the CD into his car and listen to it, he learned after his wife told him, that no, you need a computer to play a CD-Rom. He bought a computer two months later.

After eBay Joey had a stint with MLM programs then moved on to promoting affiliate products from Clickbank.

His tactic was to learn how to do something, then create videos on YouTube to show people how he did it. YouTube back then was a lot easier to get traffic from and he used it to build an email list of other people who were like him, working a full-time job but looking to make extra cash online.

During this time Joey never saw his internet income as a real business, just extra cash. Finally, one day when he was at a bank depositing some checks he had made online and his salary check from Walmart, he realised that his online income was greater than his Walmart income.

Although he didn’t quit Walmart immediately, eventually he did and became a full-time online marketer in 2010.

From Casual Income To A Proper Business

In this interview, you will hear how Joey grew from a person completely computer illiterate, to a full-time internet marketer.

Joey had his first child at 17 years old, and then another two children over the next 15 years. Supporting family has always been his number one priority, hence it took him a long time to have the confidence to leave his job.

Today Joey does a lot of different things. He sells software that provides services, has membership sites that teach people how to do what he does, creates iPhone games and is currently working on a WordPress theme service.

During this interview you will experience the story of Joey’s progression from no computer skills, to hacking together different ways to make money, building his personal brand and then in more recent years focusing on more sustainable, recurring income business models.

Enjoy the episode,

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  • Another great interview Yaro, it certainly will inspire people to know that someone working in a place like Walmart, with no computer knowledge, can quit his job and make a successful online income. The perfect example being able to make an income with no experience. 🙂

    • Thanks Dean, glad you liked it. Joey knows a lot about a lot, so you should definitely check out his website.

    • Thanks Dean. So glad you enjoyed the interview. It was a true honor to be interviewed by Yaro as I’ve followed him since before I even knew what a blog was 😉

      If you have any questions just ask, I’ll try my best to help and answer.

  • Thanks Yaro, I had a ton of fun doing this interview. I hope I brought some inspiration and value to your people here 😉

  • Liked this 🙂 I really enjoyed the parts about branding. My current business is the first time I’ve been in a business where my name isn’t apart of the name of the business (it’s SproutSpire), so it is the first time my name and face could be separate to the branding. At this stage, though, I am pushing the face and thinking I still would like to somewhat be part of the branding.

    • I know exactly what you mean Carlie. I had a similar experience with one of my products that did not rely on my face and my brand.

      It was difficult because all I new was how to brand myself to sell the product. But once I figured out how to do it without me being the face, it worked out well. In fact it helped make it more automated.

      If you have any questions about it just let me know.

      • Thanks Joey. Making the business automated and perhaps eventually separating myself from the business is definitely something I’m considering for the future.

  • Very inspirational interview Yaro. Will be checking out his website!

    Thanks again!

    • Thanks Stephen. Glad you enjoyed it 😉

  • I myself have worked in a Supermarket for nearly 2 years. Time seems to slow down to 1/3 of its normal pace. You constantly face rude people all day.
    It’s good to hear that somebody else made it out of that hell. Good interview.

    • Oh god, I remember those customers. We had to literally eat it up. I don’t miss those days at all 😉

  • Great inspirational interview Yaro. It’s great hearing about people that take action and create a different path than the norm. Way to go Joey!

    • Thanks Jason. Really appreciate it. And I’m glad you enjoyed this session.

  • Mary

    Thanks Yaro,Thanks Joey
    This was a great interview! Joey came from a background of working too hard for too little. He never gave up and kept learning and kept a good attitude. It took time and with continued effort it really paid off. There really is alot to learn and this has been inspiring.

    I have been learning about build websites, plugins, getting companies solving problems, writing articles etc— so there hasn’t been any time to MAKE MONEY!
    Maybe its time—Be well! Mary

    • Thank you for listening Mary.

      I see you’ve been trying to do a lot of things at one time. One thing I did for many years was to do a lot of things at the same time. I never got anything done or accomplished anything.

      What I do no is start one thing at a time. I don’t move on until I’m finished with that project. Then do the same with the other projects.

      Even though I got my hands on many different pools, the reason I make them successful is because I work on them one at a time. If you do the same, before you know it, by the end of the year you’ll have many different product out there working for you.

  • Mary

    Thanks Joey for your great comment and the time you put into it.

    Yes one thing at a time seems right, it just seems like I haven’t figured that out yet. Although I am working on articles and eventually a blog, I want to learn easier ways to make a living.So I am looking forward to checking out your site and your products.
    Product creation seems sooooo monumental! I hope it just kindov “evolves!
    I wish you the best Mary

  • For me, the tutorials spoken in english, have any value, because I don’t understand the english language at a level of a native english speaker.Many years ago were radio programs in special english, transmited from USA, which were very usefull for the beginner in learning of english language.Regarding my web site, I understood that for the first months, is important to have as many as possible subscribers, and then one cann spoke about earning money.For the moment I have technical problems to resolve, and that’s why I can’t write articles in a rhitmus of 2-3 per week.

  • Great interview guys!

    It’s good to see Joey go through all the IM clutter to now having great business clarity. is a very impressive site and one I’m sure I’ll spend a lot of time on.

    The strategy of looking for problems on forums and in reviews, creating a free product to fill the need, then creating a pro version from the feedback is just awesome. All those people providing feedback will feel invested in the product and will want to buy…

    Great info Joey and thanks for sharing the good stuff.

    Ian McConnell
    Western Australia

  • Yaro, I enjoyed this podcast. It is amazing to hear how far Joey has gone and he has been able to succeed and make money online using multiple income streams. Congrats to Joey! It gives me inspiration to keep trying and get something out there sooner rather than later. Thanks!

  • Excellent interview….I can rally relate to working way too hard for too little…At some point one realizes that there are better ways to make money an better ways to spend your time…Thank you for this!

  • Yes one thing at a time seems right, it just seems like I haven’t figured that out yet. Although I am working on articles and eventually a blog, I want to learn easier ways to make a living.So I am looking forward to checking out your site and your products.
    Product creation seems sooooo monumental! I hope it just kindov “evolves!

  • Definitely a great interview. Keep it up Joey!

  • Inspirational “rags to riches” stories are always a treat. Hopefully one day I have one that i can share LOL There is so much opportunity out there to achieve financial greatness, it just is a matter of sticking with it. Thanks again

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