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* Please note, throughout the podcast I refer to Yaro.Blog as Entrepreneurs-Journey.com. This was the name of my business and podcast at the time I recorded it but I’ve recently undergone the rebranding to Yaro.Blog.

Welcome to the first episode of the Entrepreneur’s Journey Podcast new ‘Solo Sessions‘.

What is a ‘Solo Session’ you ask? Well it’s me, talking to you, explaining how I do something behind the scenes in my business.

Don’t worry, EJ Podcast interviews are not going away. I love learning the back-story behind the success of other entrepreneurs and sharing them with you in my podcast, but I also want to share with you my own back-story, in particular what’s working for me right now.

You’re going to see these Solo Sessions with Yaro inserted along with the interviews on a regular basis, starting with episode #1 today – How We Hire People At Yaro.Blog.

I’m calling this episode one, even though it’s clearly not the first ever EJ Podcast (that was this one, back in May 2005). This is the first of the new Solo Sessions, and given I am going to provide you with handouts and resources along with the Solo Sessions, I purchased a new domain name – www.ejpodcast.com so you can easily find them.

This episode has its own redirect link – ejpodcast.com/1 – which is the web address structure I will use for every Solo Session, so you will always be able to easily find them. The interviews won’t use this new domain name, but you can always find them by searching for the name of the guest I interviewed or going to the Podcast Homepage here on Yaro.Blog.

Also be sure to join the email newsletter for the EJ Podcast, where I will send you an email for every new podcast episode I release.

How We Hire People

In this episode, I dive into a full history of how I have hired people to help grow my online businesses over the past decade, right up to today, including what my current team looks like and what they do.

Team EJ Faces

I cover my first ever hiring experience, a university friend (and new mother at the time) named Angela to handle email and customer support for my editing company. I also talk about working with my first tech support people, and why I believe I made a big mistake waiting so long to hire help just because I was afraid to spend money.

I share a rather horrible experience trying to hire people from the Phillippines (12 failures!), which lead to a big change in my hiring strategy that I am unbelievably thankful for today.

At the end of this episode I give you three tips you can apply right now in your own hiring process, so you can begin outsourcing for the first time, or build on the team you already have.

Free Download: Questions To Ask Job Candidates

As you will hear me talk about during the podcast, today we have a system for hiring new people that includes a comprehensive questionnaire application process powered by a Google form.

To help you set up your own hiring process, we’ve created a free downloadable handout with the questions we ask people as they go through the hiring process. These questions will help you filter away the wrong candidates and leave you with only the best people to interview.

You can download the free handout by signing up to my list here:

You will receive a direct PDF download link to the handout after signing up, plus you will go on to my email newsletter.

Do You Like Solo Sessions?

I enjoy doing Solo Session episodes, so you can expect more of them from me. Of course, I do this for you, so I’d appreciate your feedback…

  • Did you enjoy this episode?
  • What other topics would you like me to cover in future Solo Sessions?

Talk to you soon,

Yaro Starak

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