Do You Want To Work With Yaro?

We’re always on the look out for talented, creative A-players to join the YB team so we can help more people break free from a job they despise and enjoy the freedom of living the laptop lifestyle.

What We Do

Every day we help thousands of people around the world – experts, authors, speakers, teachers, trainers, enthusiasts and coaches – to package up their knowledge into digital products and sell them online through the power of blogging and email marketing.

Through, Blog Mastermind 2.0 and the Laptop Lifestyle Academy, our days are spent inspiring (and being inspired by!) like-minded people who know there is a better way to live and earn a living than battling the usual 9-5 grind or the 12-hour a day startup lifestyle.

Work with Yaro Starak

About Yaro

Yaro Starak is the author of the Blog Profits Blueprint, founder of leader of the Blog Mastermind 2.0 course and head coach in the Laptop Lifestyle Academy. He began blogging in 2005 initially as a hobby, but transformed it into a training business when his income from blogging surpassed $10,000 a month.

Since then Yaro has mentored thousands of people on how to turn their expertise into a profitable online business. Today Yaro helps people set up their own “Blog Sales Funnel,” a system that combines blogging with email marketing to build a platform to sell their own digital products.

Yaro has a proven track record of results, with his “graduate bloggers” going on to make thousands of dollars – some even millions – in such diverse niches as book design, ADHD, speed reading, acne treatment, BMX bikes, skiing, cars, sports, real estate, tv production and fat loss.

Yaro’s success has been recognized globally and featured on the Sky News Business Show, Forbes, Problogger and Entrepreneur Magazine, just to name a few. He was also ranked #18 on Business Insider’s Top 100 Podcasts that will make you smarter and more successful.

Why Join Our Team

Work From Wherever, Whenever (or YB) team members are free to work in their pyjamas at home, or from a hammock on a tropical island. Provided there is reliable internet and you have a good computer, you can work wherever you want and at whatever time you like throughout the day. As long as the job is done well and timeframes are respected, you have the freedom to create a schedule that gives you a perfect work-life balance.

Get Paid To Learn

When you work with YB, you are being paid to get an education in entrepreneurship. You will work with one of the internet’s most successful and longest standing online entrepreneurs and a team of talented and dynamic individuals in a fast growing and rapidly changing business. Once you’ve become a permanent and ongoing part of the team, you will also have access to Yaro’s highly sought after training courses and eBooks.

Endless Opportunities

We’re constantly coming up with new ideas and projects so we can provide a better service to our members and drive our business forward. Because of this, we’re often hiring new team members and our roles are constantly evolving. When you work with YB you will be challenged to expand your skills all the time and once you have proven yourself capable, there are plenty of ways you can move up and around within the company.

Freedom To Work Your Way

At YB we hire grownups so we don’t micro-manage or play the role of the helicopter parent. You will be expected to get your job done right and done well, and we’ll leave you to get on with it in whatever way you know works for you. If you respect our way of doing things, we’ll respect yours. Creativity and innovation are rewarded so we love it when people take the initiative to come up with exciting new ways to improve and enhance our business.

Successful applicant

What We’re Looking For

YB team members and customers hail from all over the world so it is imperative you are culturally aware, a strong communicator (especially via email/chat and phone) and have exceptional English.

Yaro’s top values are reliability, great communication, attention to detail, initiative and the ability to be creative with minimal direction. You should also be able to self-motivate and work productively alone.

The YB team needs professional, A-players who are not just passionate about our business but their role within it. We’re looking for innovative and proactive people who want to be part of our journey for a long time.

Successful applicant

What We’re NOT Looking For

Team YB is definitely not for people looking for a short-term gig or seeking free training or mentoring with Yaro. These jobs are not for someone who can’t commit, communicate well and create independently.

The Recruitment Process

Step 1
To apply for a position, click on the link below the job description and follow the prompts to complete the questionnaire. Due to the high number of applications we receive, we can only respond to candidates who are invited through to the next stage.
Step 2
If you are shortlisted you will be asked to complete a second questionnaire or practical interview with tasks designed to assess your skill. This gives you and our team a chance to see if we work well together
Step 3
If we think you might be a good fit for the role, you will be invited for a Skype interview with Yaro or a member of the YB team. We will then check your references with the two referees you listed on your job application.
Step 4
We will make an offer to the successful applicant to work with us for a one month trial period. If it all goes well, you will be made a permanent member of the YB team.
Please note, response times vary depending on the role and how quickly we need it filled. Applications have no deadline and remain open until we find the right person for the job.

What Else You Need To Know

The YB team is made up of self-employed contractors who communicate with Yaro and other team members via Asana for project management and Slack for general chat.

Minimum tech requirements for your remote office are a good internet connection, a reliable computer and a smartphone which can support several new apps.

Unless specified otherwise, we are open to applicants from any country assuming you have reliable internet access and an excellent command of the English language.

All contractors are responsible for recording their hours, invoicing for their time and ensuring they are compliant with the laws and tax regulations in their home country.

Most YB jobs start out as part-time but have the potential to go full time if you prove yourself to be a true A-player. All positions have a 1 to 3 month trial period during which time your output will be evaluated against your effort.

We take applications from any interested job seekers year round so that we have a database to draw on when we need to fill a position. If you would like to work with us but don’t see a job that matches your skills and experience, register your general interest here.

Meet The Team


web designer, tech girl

Carly has been YB’s web designer and tech girl since 2013, working with Yaro to develop the YB blog, membership community and affiliate portal. With a background in marketing, Carly launched her web design business in 2006 so she had the flexibility to stay home with her daughter and travel around Australia competing as one of the country’s few female circuit race car drivers. She works from her NSW home but has been known to duck off to Italy to test drive (and hug) the odd Ferrari.

project manager, team leader

Laura is YB’s Project Manager, Team Manager, HR lady, and “Whatever Yaro Needs Done” kind of person. Since 2015, she has helped launch the Blog Money Finder, Power Podcasting and hired a bunch of A-players to join the team. Laura is a French-Australian digital nomad who has been globetrotting for more than 17 years, runs a non-profit organization in Nepal and is an enthusiastic (but not very talented) ukulele player.

web and content assistant

Julia is YB’s Website and Content Assistant who joined the team in 2018. Julia is also the Co-Owner and Marketing Manager of a family adventure park in Ukraine, which offers kayaking, cycling and ropes courses in the summer, and she spends her spare time dancing swing, Lindy Hop and Blues. Julia completed her tertiary education in law but her real passion lies with entrepreneurship which once led her to China where she managed a yoghurt production company.


customer care

Claire joined the YB Client Care team in early 2017. Currently located in New York, she taught English in 17 countries before completely transitioning to online education. In addition to coaching international graduate students, Claire also does copywriting and content editing both for YB and entrepreneurs whose first language is not English. In her free time, she teaches ballet to at-risk teens, attends book clubs and is addicted to buying domain names.

customer care

Alex is the YB Inbox Manager contracted through Inbox Done. With a B.A. in Spanish, Alex has spent most of his professional career researching, writing and teaching. He has worked as a Freelance Contributor for leading digital media companies throughout Latin America. Alex has also worked as a Remote Copywriter for years, and teaches English as a second language to all ages and levels. He currently lives in Buenos Aires where he fluently communicates in multiple languages.


podcast manager

Alan is a Sydney-based Aussie who joined the YB team as the Podcast Manager in early 2017. While studying Marketing at the University of New South Wales, he has taken on over 20 different paid and volunteer roles to build his skills and experience in entrepreneurship, personal development, digital marketing and venture capital. Alan loves exploring natural scenery and devotes most of his free time to his hip hop dance crew who compete at international championships around the world.

Current Openings

Review Recruiter And Editor

In 2020 Yaro is launching a brand new blog project focused on long-form reviews and Q&A contributed by the public.

This is a startup company with grand ambitions to help people make more informed decisions when buying products and services that are more complex in nature.

To start, our focus is business softwareemail autoresponders, shopping carts, and website building tools.

Our Objective

To create the most in-depth and helpful reviews of the most popular business software tools, as determined by keyword research.

We’re not looking for your standard style product reviews.

Bloggers write the best reviews, and that’s our goal — get the public to contribute long-form, heartfelt, candid, user-experience stories about the software they purchased.

For example, Jane runs an e-commerce store that sells socks. She needed to launch an email newsletter, so went looking for options. After looking at Mailchimp, Active Campaign and Convertkit she decided to use Active Campaign.

Our goal is to get Jane to write a review of Active Campaign, explaining how she uses it, what she likes and dislikes about it after using it for a while, what were her main criteria when first looking for an email autoresponder, how she compared the three tools she looked at, and so on.

Your Role

Your task is to find all the “Janes” out there, and get at least one amazing review written for each of the 100 or so software tools we are focusing on to begin with.

You need to find people who have a story to tell about how they use the software and their process for making the initial buying decision.

Once you have recruited the reviewer, your job is to support them in writing and submitting their review, and then editing it for publication. You may also be required to add images and other media to reviews to enhance presentation.

Post-publication, you will continue to involve the review writer by encouraging them to respond to any comments or questions that come in about the software they reviewed, and share it with their audience.

What You Will Be Doing:

  • Making sure project goals are reached within a timeframe and on budget
  • Coming up with criteria for determining what makes for a good review writer
  • Creating, testing and refining a system for locating, vetting and then approaching potential review writers
  • Searching for quality review writers within Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blogs, Forums, Websites, Reddit, Quora and any other reliable online and offline sources
  • Approaching people using email, social messaging and/or phone calls to invite them to write a review
  • Testing various incentives to determine what motivates people to produce the best reviews
  • Maintaining a database of contacts to track your recruitment process and then following up with good candidates to get them to submit a review
  • Checking in on review-writers to make sure they submit on time, and to keep an open dialogue so they feel supported before, during and after writing a review

Your Skills

Primarily this is a recruitment role.

You will need to be creative in your approach, considering where to find the right people and convince them to write a review.

You will need to be able to identify people who have a product experience story to share and who have the writing ability to produce a good review.

Understanding what makes for a good written review is critical, as well as what makes for good blog writing in general, so you can edit the reviews.

Basic web publishing skills using WordPress, Canva, etc is also required as you will be formatting and adding media to reviews before publishing.

You must be a self-starter, able to work independently to meet review quotas and be an excellent communicator and salesperson, since you will need to ‘sell’ people on the idea of writing a review.

This is not a job for someone who just wants instructions to follow. You will need to solve problems independently with your own creativity and understand the big picture goals we are working towards.

Ideally You Have:

  • Experience with the online recruitment process, including seeking applicants, testing and interviewing to find A-Players
  • General familiarity with leading business software, what problems they solve, and how entrepreneurs can use them
  • The ability to connect and communicate with people from all backgrounds and walks of life
  • Creative problem solving skills and innovative ideas
  • A good eye for design, layout and formatting of online content
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills and fluent English
  • Good attention to detail and a knack for picking up spelling and grammar mistakes
  • A good computer, smartphone and reliable internet connection


This is a new startup in 2020 and you are joining a small team led by Yaro. You will work directly with Yaro, five days a week, communicating through Slack and voice calls as required.

This a remote position, so you can work anywhere in the world provided you have your own computer equipment and reliable access to the internet.

The role is initially part-time on a trial basis but has the potential to become full-time for the right person. It will take time to get to know you and your work and make sure you take ownership of the role. You will also receive bonuses as we hit milestone goals.


To apply, complete this questionnaire by clicking here.

Can’t Find The Right Job? Apply Anyway!

We take applications from interested job seekers year round so that we have a database to draw on when we need to fill a position. If you would like to work with us but don’t see a job that matches your skills and experience, please register your general interest here.

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