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This is my first audio blog post…and you can tell! I’m learning how to do audio blogging and podcasting and all the other cool features you can find at This first cast is five minutes long. I don’t expect people have the patience for long audio posts, I know I don’t, and so I will always keep them relatively short and sweet. I intend to make audio blogs a regular feature but I won’t stop writing so don’t fret, I’m not getting lazy.

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Unfortunately the AudioBlog publishing system which allows for a really neat flash streaming audio player to be embedded in my posts doesn’t work with the high security settings on my web host. AudioBlog have assured me that within 1-2 weeks they will have a cut-n-paste version which I should be able to just copy into a post manually. For the time being you will have to stream the MP3 file by opening it or downloading it. The link is below.

For those syndicating this blog the FeedBurner syndication stream allows me to do podcasting on the single feed so if you are reading this via RSS with a podcasting enabled feed reader you should find the MP3 file attached for you to listen to.

If you are totally confused about RSS, Syndication, Podcasting and all this blogging mumbo-jumbo then here are some definitions for you courtesy of Wikipedia. I recently read through these myself because I was and in many ways am still very confused about all these terms and technology.

And finally, here is the audio post. The file format is MP3 so any audio player should work and if you use Windows you probably have Media Player installed by default. I recommend my favourite player Winamp.

The Podcast by the way is about using real world advertising methods to promote online business. I hope you enjoy it!


Your feedback is very much appreciated and encouraged.

Yaro Starak
Audio Blogger

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  • Edward

    Hey Yaro,

    Longtime reader, first time poster.

    This sounded really good. Looking forward to your further experiments with the format. You need some theme music (pumping trance music perhaps?)


  • Thanks Ed, your feedback is much appreciated.

    I would love to have some theme music going in the background but I heard that the RIAA hunts down little 6 year old girls that play mp3 music that they don’t have the rights to and sues the crap out of them. While I’m no 6 year old little girl if they ever decide to go after 25 year old males I could be on their hit list.

    Maybe I could create my own soundtrack by humming…

  • Yaro,

    Glad to be apart of your first audio blog.

    I look forward to listening to many more.

    Regards, Dion Kramer.

  • Hi Yaro

    Congrats on your first podcast 🙂 It’s good to see you pushing the boundaries of technology. Hope to see more in future.



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