Today’s podcast is a little bit different. My guest is Claire Giovino, who is my partner and co-founder in our startup company

Claire is also the voice behind the intro to this podcast, so you might recognize her immediately :-).

Claire and I have worked together for several years, as she was part of my client care email team for my coaching business. However, in 2018 she transitioned out of this role, to work full time on

2018 was our first full year of business for this new company, growing from two test clients at the end of 2017, to 14 clients by the end of 2018.

A lot happened during the year. We had to grow our team to support more clients, come up with systems and processes to improve our operations, test new marketing methods and carefully manage cashflow.


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Another great in-person meetup with Claire, my hard-working co-founder of When you work on a #startup together but live in different cities these short periods spent face-to-face are very productive. We talked about the present and the future and also sat down and recorded a podcast together about how we started our company and lots of stories from behind the scenes working with clients and our small but growing team. Thanks to #Vancouver as always for making a good impression on a visitor #sunsetbeach.

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Behind The Scenes Of A New Startup

Claire and I thought it would be fun and make for an interesting podcast, to dive into the last year and explain to you what happened, what worked well and what we learned.

The first year of a new company, especially when you have an offer that people seem to really need, is exciting.

My role has mostly been in sales and marketing. I do the discovery calls when a new potential client is interested in signing up with us. I write articles, do podcast interviews and use Facebook to promote what I believe is a valuable service.

Claire handles everything else, including hiring and managing our team, training, onboarding new clients, communication and finances.

There have been a few surprises along the way. For example, I didn’t think the biggest issue we’d face when delivering the service would be email addiction — some of our clients just can’t stop checking their email even when we are there to do it for them!

There are plenty of additional interesting insights in this podcast. If you’re growing a new startup, this episode will appeal to you, especially if you are focused on selling a service.

Enjoy the episode,

Topics Claire Covers In This Podcast

  • How Claire went from working as a contractor for me as part of my Client Care team to becoming my co-founder for InboxDone
  • How we went from 2 test clients to 14 clients in a year
  • The types of processes InboxDone uses to help entrepreneurs leverage their time
  • The difference between an InboxDone expert and a generalist Virtual Assistant
  • Insights into her hiring process that doesn’t require résumés
  • How putting more trust into your team with your inbox makes your team more effective

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