Outsourcing And Automating Your Email And Customer Service Process

In this Christmas flavoured Everything Entrepreneurship #11 episode, Walter and I head into a long discussion about email and how you can best outsource and automate this very important part of your online business.

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During the episode I mentioned an article from the archives of EJ where I covered how I came up with my email management system, which you can read here – Inside My Business: The Evolution Of A Customer Service System

Mail Boxes

Here is what we talked about –

  • We begin with a brief segue about Doctor Who and the amazing prelaunch process that occurred online in the build-up to the 50th anniversary special episode.
  • Walter explains what he is setting up to run automatically without him since he is about to devote at least six months of his life to a brand new startup and incubation process in Sydney and San Francisco.
  • The rest of the episode centers around email automation, including how I currently handle emails and some of the various systems I have used in the past.

If you want your question answered during our next episode, leave a comment reply to this post or email your audio question in MP3 format to [email protected]

Merry Christmas!

Yaro and Walter

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  • Hi, Yaro,

    Since you’re not sending emails as much as you used to and switched to itunes subscription, I assume you don’t consider email marketing such a very important part of your online business. Or ain’t I receiving anything?

  • Yes but there used to be more, I think. And then you made a video about email marketing and a post about if it’s dying. So I started to think it’s time to rely on other channels. And some people tend to enter a junk email address they use to subscribe on everything and then never check it.

    • There haven’t been any fewer newsletter besides this week because it is Christmas I haven’t sent one out yet. Maybe you are feeling the lack there.

      I’m actually building out quite a large email funnel at the moment, so next year expect a lot of email from me Anastasia!

  • Since am interested in SEO I like to know about email marketing. I find your article very impressive. I just started my email list so this information came in handy.

  • Beautiful insights and I always enjoy the way you expose “how the magic was done” behind the curtains.

    Automation is truly the way to go, and I like your simple and pragmatic approach.

    I see so many people spend so much time on things that are “below the line.”
    They hand-craft things that are better suited to digital processes.

    And, I think it’s because not everybody internalizes a vital concept:
    Value is in the change.

    That’s why things like the 80/20 are so important.

    If we’re busy doing the routines and the “below the line” work, we don’t have enough time to actually create and capture new value (the “above the line” work.)

    And that’s how businesses die.

    They over-invest in keeping the lights on, and under-invest in generating new, unique business value.

    Ruthless focus on “above the line” value generation is what usually creates enough “energized differentiation” for a brand to break away from the pack and take the lead.

    I see it time and time again.

  • Ted Murphy

    So I read your blueprint ebook beginning to end. I was surprised to not read anything about SEO. Did I miss it? Or is nothing about SEO in there?

  • Automating–the next frontier for many businesses. Not only does it lessen their load, it likewise makes things a tad more efficient. However, remember to back it up with a team of live customer service agents to come in when things go haywire. We cannot over-emphasize the importance of the “human touch”.

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