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Outsourcing And Automating Your Email And Customer Service Process

In this Christmas flavoured Everything Entrepreneurship #11 episode, Walter and I head into a long discussion about email and how you can best outsource and automate this very important part of your online business.

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During the episode I mentioned an article from the archives of EJ where I covered how I came up with my email management system, which you can read here – Inside My Business: The Evolution Of A Customer Service System

Mail Boxes

Here is what we talked about –

  • We begin with a brief segue about Doctor Who and the amazing prelaunch process that occurred online in the build-up to the 50th anniversary special episode.
  • Walter explains what he is setting up to run automatically without him since he is about to devote at least six months of his life to a brand new startup and incubation process in Sydney and San Francisco.
  • The rest of the episode centers around email automation, including how I currently handle emails and some of the various systems I have used in the past.

If you want your question answered during our next episode, leave a comment reply to this post or email your audio question in MP3 format to [email protected]

Merry Christmas!

Yaro and Walter

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