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Complete The System

This audio is the conclusion to my two-part interview with Adam Short, who is an expert at building profitable niche websites.

During this portion of the interview Adam explains the second half of his system, including how Adam builds traffic to his niche sites, how he then makes money from that traffic, how he uses email autoresponders to increase his profits (which can be templated to fit almost any niche) and how he increases his income by adding back-end products.

I love Adam’s system because it’s simple and I also find Adam, as a teacher, easy to learn from. If you appreciate my style of blogging I think you will also find Adam a helpful resource and someone you can learn from too.

This is definitely one of the best interviews I’ve featured on this blog, so make sure you listen to both parts one and two carefully. There are TONS of great ideas to be taken away from what Adam talked about, including several things you can begin applying immediately (like outsourcing to the Philippines and using Amazon.com to find profitable niches).

Do You Want More From Adam?

Niche Profit Classroom LogoYou can get more information from Adam Short at his Niche Profit Classroom website here – http://www.nicheprofitclassroom.com/

Show Notes

  • Adam explains how his article marketing system works and why it can be so effective at bringing in free traffic from Google
  • Next we look at how Adam has made money from his niche sites once the traffic is in place
  • Adam talks about one of his live sites on the topic of a favorite pet fish, and how the site continues to make over $1000 a month on autopilot
  • Adam discusses his follow-up email marketing system which is used to convert more visitors into buyers
  • We talk about adding back-end offers to increase the profit coming from niche sites
  • Adam explains what his coaching program contains and offers a link to more free content

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