Podcast: How To Profit From Niche Websites By Adam Short – Part 1

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Adam Short from Niche Profit ClassroomI’ve been asked many times whether I own other websites in various niches, all making money. The answer is no, I don’t. All my websites focus on the same niche, and while in the past I spent some time buying and selling websites in different niches, now I focus on maintaining authority in one marketplace.

Today I’m giving you part one of an interview with a man who does the opposite of me. His specialty is creating profitable websites in various niches. In fact, he owns 90 different websites all making money. His name is Adam Short, and in this call, you will hear Adam explain exactly how he can build sites and make money from them despite targeting so many different topics.

This Is Powerful Information

I had to break this call down into two parts because Adam and I ended up speaking for an hour and twenty minutes. Adam really spilled the beans about everything he does, including how he chooses a niche (it’s ridiculously simple), how he generates a list of keywords to target, how he gets content created, how he drives traffic and then turns that traffic into money using automated email marketing.

Although Adam is not unique in what he does – there are plenty of niche marketers out there – his system is by far one of the simplest I’ve found and he was particularly good at explaining it on this call. He doesn’t hold anything back during the interview, there are no secrets, and you will even learn what are some of the specific niches and websites he uses to make money currently.

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t feel capable of establishing dominance in one market and you’re looking for a system of making money with websites in topic areas that you are not necessarily interested in, this could be the answer. After listening to the interview you will definitely have an idea of how it’s done.

Show Notes

  • Adam introduces himself and how he got into niche websites
  • We learn Adam’s very simple system for choosing a niche topic
  • What keyword research you should do to check whether a niche is viable as a profit source
  • Adam explains his traffic/keyword system for finding the high traffic/low competition keyword phrases
  • How Adam gets content created for his sites

In part two of the call you will hear the rest of the process, including how Adam builds traffic, turns that traffic into money by selling products and advertising, and how he uses email autoresponders to increase the income returned. His entire system is “templated”, which makes it very easy to replicate, so make sure you download and listen to part 2 to complete the full picture.

Want More Information and Support?

If you enjoyed the way Adam explained his system and would like additional support and training to start building your own niche sites, Adam and his partner Alen have put together some free videos you can download if you are willing to give them your name and email.


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  • great share yaro. will try to listen to it down the road. 90 websites!!! wow I’m trying to cope up with 2 blogs and this guy has 90 sites all making money. wow! ok i’ll try to listen to it and find out how he’s doing it. thanks.

  • I didn’t get to listen all of it, so I bookamrked this page. Sounds very interesting and informative, will listen to it when I have the time, probably tonight.

  • Excellent advice.So, if you do research to find a niche that is in high demand,make a blog and start writing articles related to the niche, you will make money?

  • Fantastic. I only asked about this a few days ago and already you have an article lined up. Haha. Can’t wait to listen to this when I get home. Thanks Yaro. I find myself spending more and more time on your blog because of articles like this. Many, many thanks. I will be back for part two.

  • Diogo Slov

    Hey Yaro,

    You could post a review of this course. Adam could give you a pass to check it out by yourself and tell us about it.

    I’m interested in taking this course to help promote my blog. Check all topics within my niche and make it grow faster; perhaps sell an information product and, for sure, speed up my list building.

    • Diogo Slov

      Duh. Never mind. I will do that myself for $1.

  • Amazing… 90 websites and all are making money. His method sounds simple enough. I can’t wait to listen to the part 2 tomorrow…

  • Excited about Part 2 🙂 Your podcasts keep getting better and better.

  • Do you think adsense is the best way to start out any internet business? Are there any changes that you would have done if you could do it over again?

  • Wow, Adam gives some great information on choosing niche markets that I think will motivate a lot of people to get out there and start trying to make their own money.

    More often than not, people tend to put off the necessary legwork required as a basis for attracting customers to their sites because they just don’t have a repeatable system in place.

  • This guy is amazing! 90 websites and all profitable! This is great. Very interesting podcast. Thanks

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  • Thanks tremendously for the interview. I haven’t listened to it yet. I started it and thought I want to comment first. I know it will be good because the last one with Leigh Peele was. It caused me to decide that I would one day join your mastermind ranks as a student. Thanks again! I’m off to download this one with Adam Short.

  • Rob


    How did you get such clear quality on the call? That’s one of the best quality recordings I’ve heard…I’m wanting to do a similar recorded interview but most of the ones I’ve heard don’t have nearly the quality. How did you do it?

    • Skype to Skype interview using Call Recorder for Mac to record. Very easy and always a quality recording because Skype is digital.

  • I’ve been doing niche marketing for a while with modest results. I was going to try focusing on a main blog. Now, after hearing this great podcast, I can’t decide what to do.

  • Yaro,

    This is exactly why I read you blog… and have continued to read your blog for more than a year now. Great information that’s easily digestible. Excellent stuff. Thanks.


  • Yaro, where’s the text/pdf version like the one on the leslie interview?

    Thanks for sharing this to me – an internet connection challenged guy fro the 3rd world.

    • Coming soon Erwin – it takes a bit of time (and money!) to get it done for you guys.

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  • Hi Yaro,

    Thank you for another great info. Can’t wait for the download to finish. Keep em coming. 🙂 GOD bless and more power.

  • Hi! I’m from the Philippines and Adam is correct. A lot of the people in the Philippines can write/speak in english. In fact currently, the preferred call center destination is now shifting from India to the Philippines.

    I know a lot of people who writes good content for about $5-$10.

    In fact I have a group of writers/bloggers that does this for me. I’m quite fortunate to be living here in the Philippines because I can outsource some of my content production locally.

    If anyone needs help outsourcing their content, I definitely can help you guys.

  • wow… 90 website and all of it make an income..
    thanks for share it with us Yaro…
    guess I have to learn a lot and put an extra hardwork for my blog

  • Rodwell

    Yaro, for sure it’s one of your best interview. I mean, the guy was practical taking us through the process, he is step by step person (thanks to you for making him describe the practical steps). This is what most ‘gurus’ dont like doing, i.e. explaining how they did it with just a simple example, and they don’t even want to give a sample niche example which their listeners can go and try out themselves. Of all interviews, this is among the very top if not the top. Thanks Yaro, bring in more such good-hearted marketing people.

  • Excellent. I am sitting here listening with a good friend that wants to get started online.

    I currently have just over 20 sites and I find it’s tough to maintain them with good content, so I am hoping that Adam will help me figure out how to be more productive in less time so I can increase the number of sites I have without going bonkers.

  • Great content Yaro! I will put it to good use immediately, and I already have about ten ideas brewing in my head. I’d like to comment about outsourcing to the Phillipines, and the problems some people have with outsourcing and accepting pay scale differences in other countries. The people who object to this should not buy most American goods (i.e. Nike, Target, Walmart, Gap, Apple, Dell, etc) because it would be hypocritical of them. All these companies outsource production to the third world where the pay scale is much lower and thus, gain competitive advantage with globalization. This is the current world trend, and far from making these foreign workers poor, it actually raises their standard of living. I should know, I come from a third world country and currently reside in the US. I hope this puts this subject to rest.

  • Janet

    As a writer, I do object to outsourcing blog and e-book writing jobs.

    • livelife

      You are lucky Janet, but most people are not professional writers. There is nothing wrong with outsourcing.

  • Jun

    On the $1 trial on Adam’s coaching program.

    Well, I don’t see that on his site, submitted a support ticket on this matter 30 hours ago but no respond yet. How professional!!!

    Did you check the validity of this $1 trial yourself?

  • This seems to be the way to make money by finding out your own small piece of the pie and being really good at it. Thanks, now I am going on to part 2.- Nate

  • jjjodiez

    Hi, Just wanted to ask Adam, what methods does he use to discover there is a gap in the market for a niche ? Rgds Jodie.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Very good interview and Adan thanks alot for sharing so much … none of that “I can’t tell you the secret unless you pay me” which mars so many other supposedly successful ‘Net guru’s talks.

    You mentioned the outsourcing issue in the interview as well, and I noticed some comments here. I was oarticularly interested in the one that said, “as a professional writer I object to outsourcing”, thus telling the world that she wouldn’t work for someone from another country, so to speak.

    That in itself is fine. Adam’s method has nothing to do with outsourcing except that he now uses it as atool to increase profit … so if someone believes that their money should only be spent in their own countrym super, nothing at all prevents building an “Adam Site” that way at all.

    I am a native-born American who has lived now in the Philippines for many years. English is one of the two offical and legal languages (like the one the laws are written in). Some Filipinos never learned English, a few know it and disdain the use of it from some national pride issue, but the vast majority are English capable and many are excellent writers.

    Some, like my parents-in-law, my wife and all her family and now the latest generation actually learn English as a first language, only switching to Tagalog or one of the other native Filipno languages after they start school.

    I think that regardless of one’s feelings on the actual “where” outsourcing should come from, anyone can follow Adam’s method and also restrict where they source ‘from’ based on their own preferences.

  • This is exactly what I want to do – that is create so many free sites that address several niches and use the google traffic to cash.

    Although, from the start, I am creating websites of the same niche – making money with a free website.

  • M.Brown

    Good info, but curious as to how anyone is finding competitive results of 10,000 or less. It’s almost impossible to find less than 100,000 of anything. How niched can you go?

  • RJ

    I think he gets those results by using quotes around his search terms, which I am confused about. In the interview Adam said it was “very important” to include quotes, but didn’t say why.

    I’ve heard from other niche marketers (and thought it made sense) that using quotes to test competitive results should be avoided because that’s not how most people use search engines and your results won’t be as accurate as they could be without quotes.

    Yaro, Adam or anyone else…

    What is the reasoning behind using quotes in your keyword research?

  • Putting quotes around your phrase makes it match the phrase exactly. So if you search for “red pickup trucks” (with quotes), it’ll only report the number of pages that have that exact phrase, which pages competing for that keyword should. Without the quotes it will count every page that has those three words, even if they’re nowhere near each other.

    You can narrow it down further with Google by putting allintitle: in front of your search. This limits it to pages that have your search in the title tag, which will probably be the case for any page that’s seriously competing for that keyword.

  • David

    I’m not so sure about this guy, if you do a basic search for this guy he is also pushing something called pginsider, so is he making all this money from what he does, or is he making all his money from selling his membership sites?

    • David

      Also hes an “expert writer” on ezinarticles; which makes sense regarding what he discuessed. However all his articles lead to dead sites, and he is also using google ppc for his beta fish site. I thought the point was to avoid using ppc? Im just a bit skeptic, and maybe I am being too hard on him. Maybe ill give it a try and find out for myself. Thanks for reading.

  • Mike

    David, I share your concerns. In the Niche Profit Classroom sales letter it is clearly stated that membership is limited to the first 163 users.

    The words being used on http://www.nicheprofitclassroom.com/onedollar/ are:
    “Because once we reach 250 members, we’re closing the doors, and we will NOT accept any more members, no exceptions.” The 250 has been crossed out on the sales letter and replaced by 163.

    They are currently on 1500 + members. Hmm, make me wonder.

  • This may have changed my life, lol. I came across this from a RT on Twitter, then listened to both parts for and hour and a hlaf while taking notes in notepad, and 10 minutes later I found a PERFECT niche site that follows that >1,000 <10,000 rule (well, it’s 10,500, close enough 😀 ).

    Does Adam Short have his own blog? A quick google search revealed nothing.

  • Yaro, I have a doubt. I noticed Adam is using “broad match” when using adwords research tool. The thing is that this match type is not very accurate.

    Shouldn’t we be using “exact match”?

    • Can anyone confirm if I’m right or wrong about the match type? I consider it’s pretty important to make this distinction, as it will affect considerably how we choose our keywords.

      • Javier, no you are not right. using broad also brings up other POSSIBLE terms used to search for. What he is doing is coming up with possible keyword phrases that may land him MORE money phrases. I understand where your thinking is going with this, but no, it is the broad term you want to use.

        • You’re right, but I think that phrase match would be even more accurate. Using broad match you can get some irrelevant results.
          Anyway, I joined they program and so far I’m very pleased.

  • I listened to both parts of this podcast the same day I got your email, Yaro. It was fascinating and I thank you for it.

    While I was listening, I went to try out the google adwords keyword tool. Everything worked the way Adam described. I was able to see the number of searches and the number of website results for my chosen keyword.

    I went back to try it again today…..only a few days after listening to the podcast. It doesn’t work the same way. Google will give me the number of searches but it won’t give the number of website results any more.

    I just thought I’d mention it. It’s frustrating. If I’m doing anything wrong and anyone reading this is still able to get the results the way Adam was able to during the podcast, or has any other suggestions, please let me know!

    Catherine Kasper
    ps. I really love your blog, Yaro. I’ve learned so much. Keep it coming!

  • This podcast was really rocking, though I have listen half but I liked it and I will listen it full later.

  • Yaro you will pleased to know I signed up – I intended to be in and out once I had learned all the info and secrets but three months later I’m still a very happy member – thanks for the interview.

  • Thanks for this article. It is an interesting contrast how some people have many websites in different things, while some just have 1 super website. I guess people have different ways of making it work!

  • I’m just through the first portion of the podcast, and what strikes me about the outsourcing issue is that, yes, there is concern obviously. But on the thought of “slave labor,” by whose standards are we judging? As Yaro and Adam brought out, the standards of living are not equal, but neither are the costs of living. If a writer is happy, then there should be no conflict. And as to taking money away from your local economy, consider that by benefiting someone from another country and their local economy you are building your own income, and this is then spent in your local economy as well. Just a different source of income, still being spent locally. Your online business income, partially derived by outsourcing your writing, can then employ local painters to paint your house or repair your car, etc.
    So, in my mind, there is no real issue, provided the writers or others you hire for outsourcing are themselves happy with the arrangement.

  • Great content Yaro, and thanks for the interview download, i like it and learn alot here.

    From david

  • That guy Adam is a genius. To own 90 websites and make money with all of them is certainly a complicated task. I’m downloading both of the podcasts. I will listen to it and make sure to grasp most of the tips the man gives. Thanks for sharing useful information like that Yaro.

  • This info is great thanks it will help me build and sell niche websites.

  • I love that you go outta your way to make all these great resources (podcasts, videos, etc) available to us.
    On topic, though, owning 90 MONEY-MAKING websites in no mean feat.. I wouldn’t mind branching out into a wider variety of niches but, my god!! 90!?

  • Hey Yaro

    Thanks for the powerful informations and audio.

    Adam and Alen videos is simply amazing. With 90 websites all making money, i must definitely take alook on what he has to offer and those strategies that he applies on those websites..

    Wonderful updates.

  • I was amazed. But Adam said that his method are quite related to what was done back then and now we have social networking and blog, does the sharing still applicable now or are there any better ways to leverage on the current technologies.
    Its a good sharing and yes internet marketing is still much much alive

  • nice share Yaro, i just looking niche topic for my new site, i have 3 sites but always fail, this interview give me lesson or step to build again. thanks

  • Hey Yaro,

    As always Great content.I am just beginning to Blog.
    Every time I come to your Site,I learn more..Adam has
    some real Good ideas and they actually do work.I am
    looking forward to applying some of this information.

    Thank You Much Again,


  • This podcast is very informative and Adam does really outline his process for creating profitable niche websites.

    I joined NPC last week and have gone through most of his videos for building a niche website. The videos obviously give much more detail about the process. Overall the most enlightening part of his process has been the keyword research to uncover the “Money Words” he puts so much emphasis on. I was amazed to see, after doing some keyword research of my own, how many Money Words there truly are out there.

    The second most powerful aspect of his process is the autoresponder/email mini series he recommends implementing. His balance of information with sales emails while building a relationship i.e. trust with his list is truly powerful. Instead of giving away a report offer a mini series so you can send ten to fourteen emails to the subscriber.

    The third incredible part of the course is that he has a template you can use to set up your website. The template is for WordPress and it has the sections for opt ins etc. Built specifically for information product list building websites.

    Needless to say Adam’s process is potent. There is also a very active forum and calls with Adam and Allen at least once a month.

  • Fantastic seminar – just what I was looking for!.

    May I comment on the discussion about payment. As mentioned you cannot compare the buying power of 3$ in the Phillipines with the buying power of 3$ in the US.

    I dont understand the Phillipines currency but I come from Zimbabwe where again the buying power of the currency can be very different inside and outside the country.

    Supposing by writing an article a week a mother can put her child through school…….
    It might be very difficult for her to get the 3$ in the Phillipines and so the ability to pay school fees is very valuable to her.

    If you try to equate opposite currency values and lifestyle etc. etc. you may do more harm than good. So rather find out the buying power of the money your writer received then you know if it is fair or not.

    Been there, Got that T shirt!!

  • Hello Yaro! Maybe I should have tweeted this (not adept yet with it, though). I’m sure you probably realize this by now, but didn’t see reference to it in the comments. Nevertheless, your audio portion of the interview was very quiet, as compared to Mr. Short’s. Of course, I kept adjusting the sound according to whomever was speaking. Your tutorials are so exquisitely done and as such, I knew you, as I would, would want to know. I’ve only recently been introduced to you, after much research on the topic of internet writing (as I first called it), or blogging, and would like to tell you that out of scores of people that I have listened to on the topic, absolutely needing detailed, simple instructions on something I have been interested in for years (didn’t even know about blogging) to make my life much easier, you were my first subscription (only a few now). It was through Darren Rowse’s problogger (another original, as yourself and Gideon) just a few weeks ago (July 1) showcasing you, Gideon, and specifically the 8 modules, that hooked me. Oh, now that I am here, I wanted to say thank you, maestro!

  • I think it’s really cool that he actually helps out enough to give you the wordpress template with all the opt in functions. I know wordpress very well, but for those who don’t, it’s a life saver.

    Kudos to you Mr. Adam.

  • Thanks for providing the mp3 for free! Listening to it right now.

  • just finished. this is great stuff. as an online marketer, I can say that this mp3 covers all the basics you need to know to make $ in a niche market. very comprehensive. I picked up few good nuggets as well. thanks yaro and adam

  • wow, 90 websites? How can he manage time to maintain all the website.
    It’s really hard work.

  • I’m from the Philippines,, and I am proud you have mentioned how great it is to outsource writers from our country,, it is really helping us a lot.. I am one of those writers for some clients,, and it is helping us a lot if we can earn $500 a month, that is way to big for us already and we can buy a lot of things locally… I hope I could be working with you someday as well ^^

  • This has to be the best podcast ever-I listen to people’s voices as I do internet marketing on car leads from the internet-more a glory word for tel-marketing,however what I wanted to put across is you can tell the honesty and excitement in Adam,s voice-I will be checking his learning site out-I really thank you both for giving so much great information away for free.
    Have to say after a few years trying to survive on the internet,this was a huge wake up call for me-If I told you how many thousands of dollars I have blown-yes wasted on Adwords I could have fed 500 homeless people for a year-might be a bit extravagant but sure you understand what i mean-also it never covered the cost of advertising to what I sold—
    Again thank you guys so much as was about to give it all away-but hey one could just be at the peak of the mountain and then stop not knowing you are a few learning steps away from your dreams-Now I will never give up-unless the computer sucks me into the screen like the lawnmower man-hell that shows my age-again thank you Yaro for the great Podcast and thank you Adam for your complete honesty-Always in awe with successful people-Always a time to learn more-Regards John Treby

  • I listened to the podcast twice just so I can absorb the lessons thoroughly, but it was worth it.

  • It is mind blowing. Not for me.

  • Great pod cast on niche marketing. This is not directly related to my markets as I’m selling a service rather than eBooks. I want to give eBooks away to build my email lists though, so there is still a lot to take away from this.

  • Hello Yaro! Enjoyed these podcasts and they rock! Yes, Filipinos speak and write good english. If there are people out there who wants to take the route of outsourcing their content to build their niche websites, it will be a good strategy. As Adam mentioned, it’s a WIN-WIN kind of thing.

    It’s not because I’m a Filipino that I’m promoting our English kung-fu. I just believe that there are many content writers back home that can deliver a good job. Like this podcast from Yaro, it delivered a good job.

  • Awesome. I’m excited.

  • Heard this podcast during a break in my service and really opened my mind for new ways on how to search for “selling” stuff and how to do it.
    I realized that I can test this method for about a 100$ and see what comes…

    By the way,how many “good selling words ” are enough to test a project?


  • Your Message
    To carry the idea of outsourcing further, remember that while helping to improve the economic situation of the worker and the country they live in; you are earning money where you live that will be spent in your country, thereby helping your own local economy. Great interview, looking forward to hearing part 2. Thanks.

  • The best outsourcing is by someone who understands your niche, but can relate to what your trying to do online / ie your promotion. I have helped University students understand Internet Marketing, while they create eBooks on technical topics.

    Awesome PodCast, listened to it many times now.

  • Iam


    Have been reading for a couple months, great site, nice style!

    I am interested in Niche Profit Classroom, but have a couple questions for you (or Adam) please.

    The podcast says it’s $47 a month, but the sales page says $67 a month… what is the correct price?

    There is mention of a 30 day money-back guarantee, but I couldn’t find anything that clearly says you cancel at anytime… is this possible?

    Thanks, keep up the good work, and hope one of you have time to answer before the offer expires.


  • Hi Yaro. Great site and great interviews. I been listening to the podcast with Adam and I´m close to signing up with your link to the site. But after browsing the net for reviews about the course I found this http://hubpages.com/hub/nicheprofitclassroomreview1 which had a few negative comments. Some of the comments was about not getting their money back. What do you think about that, have you heard anything like that? I´m a pretty experienced web developer and I really wanna be able to cancel my membership if I don´t think it´s useful information for me.

    Hope you got time to answer within 11 hours since it soon closes.

    /Pierre from Sweden

    • Hi Pierre,

      I’ve personally not had any reports of people wanting a refund from NPC not getting one. I did have a couple of people email me directly as they had trouble getting through the customer support at NPC, so I directed them straight to Adam and Alen and they sorted it out in 24 hours.

      All programs have negative reviews and people having negative experiences. It’s difficult to know who is to blame, but what I can say is that Adam and Alen, like myself, have no intention of keeping your money if you don’t want to stay in their program.

  • awesome marketing. I will also challenge using the idea. thanks for the post.

  • Wow… a long ordeal to listen to him telll you how your blog is going to make you money?….. but the only one making any money off of the is him…
    Typical D. B.

  • I am really amazed to no 90 different websites all making money.
    Keep up the good work. I am eagerly waiting to learn more… from ur blog.

  • […] make your topic unique. Make it yours. And make it your passion. You will be rewarded as proven by Adam Short. Find out how he made it with his […]

  • Honestly, I haven’t listened to it yet. I plan to download it to my mp3, but a question for you. You mentioned holding all your websites in one niche to maintain authority. Why so many? Can’t you achieve the same by focusing on building one powerful website?

  • Running 90 different sites same time also all sites are making money, Hats OFF. thanks for giving the information.

    • I agree Furniture, I know in the past I tried to run many websites at the same time, but instead I opted just to concentrate on just a few websites. From my experience the easiest part is setting up the websites, and writing the content, the hardest part is actually getting the traffic, and the rankings you want.

      Really enjoyed the interview with Adam, since I can relate alot to him, I am a college student right now =D

      Till then,


  • Hey Yaro, why do we need so many websites in one niche to maintain authority? I thought all along authority site is 1 and others are umbrella sites you can use to create backlinks and divert traffic.

    I listened the podcast with Adam and I plan on signing up with your link to the site.

  • Really amazed to no all 90 website really making profit.

  • Your Message

    How long is the program and for $67 a mouth

  • Great video Yaro,
    No wonder if someone who is already a successful person, willing to reveal the “template strategy” to create variety of niche for everyone to replicate. If i am still struggling to be a successful blogger, i wont give anyone that secret, even my best friend.

    Daniel Likin

  • Nice way to start racking up change! Can you blame him?

  • When all this can be very profitable, I believe the much easier approach is to have a few bigger money making websites. Two ir three of them will be making you 80% of the money, and the rest will be for additional income.

    This way it`s much easier to maintain all your assets. To keep relations with your customers, and stay passionable.

    And if you get it to a forum, or membership level one day, this is where you go big.

  • Awesome. I am excited

  • Getting traffic to one website is tough, how much more if you have lot’s of website unless you decide to do outsourcing then it would be fine.

  • Hi,

    Many thanks for this post I have been pondering on this thought for quite a while. I have been given different information, some say you should concentrate on one niche until you get sufficient traffic. Then I have heard others saying create loads of blogs in different niches.

    My question is how do people manage to do the work to get traffic to this many?


  • Yaro,

    This Adam Short interview is good stuff. I believe during the first half of the interview Adam was getting ready to mention the typical cancellation/refund rate and you got on to another topic before he could mention the stat.

    I’m a numbers guy, just curious if you have that stat.

    Win Lindner

  • Hi,

    I am a bit new to the idea of online courses, form experience if you wanted to offer and ecourse via a landing page, and promoted on clickbank/with other affiliates – what would you use to create it house it. I realise ebooks are on pdfs. I want to do one with a combination of text and video. I don’t see many pdfs with video in, how do you create a secure set of pages with text and video combined that can be sold as mini-course to work through page by page?

    thanks jules

  • Yaro,

    I must compliment you, this was the best IM interview that I have ever experienced. You controlled the flow superbly and I thought Adam was absolutely open and honest!

    Keep up the good work.

  • I would be weary of this guy, Adam Short, though. I tried the product because Yaro recommended some time ago. It wasn’t for me so I asked for my money back (he gives you 30 days) and nobody got back to me ever after trying different ways. I had to cancel may card eventually with all the hassle and implications. This kind of things give bad reputation to internet marketers.

    • Ahh social, you should have just emailed me. I have a direct line to Adam and have helped some other people who got lost in the system with sign-up problems etc. I could have arranged your refund for you without the hassle of canceling your card.

  • would be weary of this guy, Adam Short, though. I tried the product because Yaro recommended some time ago. It wasn’t for me so I asked for my money back (he gives you 30 days) and nobody got back to me ever after trying different ways. I had to cancel may card eventually with all the hassle and implications. This kind of things give bad reputation to internet marketers.

    • Hi Jersey, I don’t understand why you didn’t contact me. I have a direct skype line to Adam and could have solved your problem for you so you didn’t have to cancel your card. Adam is a great guy and I’m sure if you were having troubles getting support it was likely a communication error because of technology or something like that.

  • Adam’s technique sounds intriguing. I like the idea of having several small niche websites. It sounds as though once they’re up, they require very little maintenance. I’m going to look into this a little deeper. Hopefully I’ll learn to make some good money doing the same thing.

  • I owned a retail business for five years and it never ceased to amaze me how “customers” complained about the free products and information we offered. I used to hold free seminars on a variety of topics, serve refreshments and pay the speaker and then have the attendees walk out the door (with a handful of cookies), telling me they thought they could get the products I sold for a few cents less at W-Mart. It is why, now, the idea of a fully automated niche website has a great deal of appeal to me. A little worried about the reports of not being able to easily cancel. He should fix this so that a click of a button cancels.

  • Outsourcing to the Philippines and paying the wages you advocate is exploitation plain and simple. There is no gray area. You are paying far below market wages and you know it. Yaro, you can rationalize this all you want but at the end of the day someone’s got to stand tall before the man.

    Is this the Cristian thing to do?

    That’s the nature of Capitalism. It only works if someone is exploited.

    Adam mentions paying $750 to $1500 per e-book in the past. For an electronic product that pays as much as he says it does, over and over again, it seems like a pretty good deal. Paying $150 sounds immoral.

    Why not offer $150 up front plus monthly payments from all the profits you gain from their work?

  • Jan

    Hi Yaro,

    thanks for recommending this article at your email list. I am actually doing Leslie’s (the freebie guy) 7 day bootcamp training. This interview fits very well to some things that I actually try.

    Best regards, Jan

  • I owned a retail business for five years and it never ceased to amaze me how “customers” complained about the free products and information we offered. I used to hold free seminars on a variety of topics, serve refreshments and pay the speaker and then have the attendees walk out the door (with a handful of cookies), telling me they thought they could get the products I sold for a few cents less at W-Mart. It is why, now, the idea of a fully automated niche website has a great deal of appeal to me. A little worried about the reports of not being able to easily cancel. He should fix this so that a click of a button cancels.

  • I used to dedicate all of my time to these smaller micro-niche type sites. Even though the money was good, I’ve completely switched my time and effort over to larger, more authoritative websites. I find this approach to be more rewarding and actually more profitable in the end.


  • That’s interesting Owen. I’ve recently done the same thing. I used to build lots of sites, but keeping up with it all got very confusing. I decided to work on one niche site, which I’m turning into a big authority site, and then my main site.

  • Superb 🙂

  • Bo

    This was a great podcast.
    I have a question. When doing a niche site, for instance, betta fish, and then doing other niche sites within the larger fish niche, what is the benefit of having each fish site a stand alone site rather than have tier one headings for the individual species under an umbrella site. Seems like it would be less expensive buying less domains. Any clarity on this point would be appreciated.

  • Great stuff, didn’t know that demand:supply ratio of about 1,000:10,000 is good enough, I mean, 1K unique visitors per month? Is it really enough?

  • @Yaro,

    No grey area here. It’s not slave labor. We Filipino writers love working for niche marketers. Rock on!

  • Lindsay Collins

    I notice you guys were looking at the # of results in Google for competition. That’s pretty useless when the only thing you really need to look at is the competition of the top 10 results.

  • great podcasts, thanks for the email Yaro.

    By the way, I get a 404 when I try to go to the “free videos” link in he more info tip box down the page!

  • Irek Luczak

    Yaro! I’m listening and following along and typing in to adwords keyword tools knitting patterns. I’m following along and finding that some of the knitting patterns keywords are over 1K in demand monthly, but the supply is over 200k. Keyword tools is saying that the competition is low. In the few years since this blog has been taped, was there a significant amount of extra pages being made to suffice for this increase? is this now considered a low abut for entrance into a market?

    • Hi Irek, I haven’t done the research on this in quite a while, so there’s a good chance the numbers have changed a bit. Make sure you do the correct matching though or you won’t be looking at the right numbers.

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