Podcast: How To Profit From Niche Websites By Adam Short – Part 2

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Complete The System

This audio is the conclusion to my two-part interview with Adam Short, who is an expert at building profitable niche websites.

During this portion of the interview Adam explains the second half of his system, including how Adam builds traffic to his niche sites, how he then makes money from that traffic, how he uses email autoresponders to increase his profits (which can be templated to fit almost any niche) and how he increases his income by adding back-end products.

I love Adam’s system because it’s simple and I also find Adam, as a teacher, easy to learn from. If you appreciate my style of blogging I think you will also find Adam a helpful resource and someone you can learn from too.

This is definitely one of the best interviews I’ve featured on this blog, so make sure you listen to both parts one and two carefully. There are TONS of great ideas to be taken away from what Adam talked about, including several things you can begin applying immediately (like outsourcing to the Philippines and using Amazon.com to find profitable niches).

Do You Want More From Adam?

Niche Profit Classroom LogoYou can get more information from Adam Short at his Niche Profit Classroom website here – http://www.nicheprofitclassroom.com/

Show Notes

  • Adam explains how his article marketing system works and why it can be so effective at bringing in free traffic from google
  • Next we look at how Adam has made money from his niche sites once the traffic is in place
  • Adam talks about one of his live sites on the topic of a favorite pet fish, and how the site continues to make over $1000 a month on autopilot
  • Adam discusses his follow-up email marketing system which is used to convert more visitors into buyers
  • We talk about adding back-end offers to increase the profit coming from niche sites
  • Adam explains what his coaching program contains and offers a link to more free content

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  • Wow, this looks great.

    *clicks play*


  • PhiGus

    Adam sounds very honest and knowledgeable. I am interested that Article Marketing is the only link-building technique that he uses – I would have thought that more SEO would be required.

    I am not convinced of the longevity of this technique as Google seeks out valuable content at the expense of e-book sales pages.

    All that said, I think that I will give this course a go.

  • I loved the first part of this article and looking forward to hearing this later. He does have what seems to be a very simple system going and it is always interesting to see how other people make money. Would love more information on his sites etc. Thanks for another great article Yaro.

  • Such great content from one interviewee! I think this podcast has had the greatest amount of tips I’ve heard so far from a single person.

    I think I’ve seen Adam and Frank Kern in a video or two about some other info products and how I remember thinking it looked pretty interesting and not like the same old stuff you typically find in this market.

    Congrats Adam and to all that will benefit from the information, which really should be everyone!

  • Fantastic Yaro,

    What a wonderful guest and insightful presentation. I am taking your Become a Blogger class and I heard a few things that I have done wrong. Then again I heard some things that I have done right ๐Ÿ™‚

    There is certainly an open door of opportunity and now it is just a matter of doing the wise thing and applying the knowledge.

    Thank you again and keep up the good work!

  • Great podcast! Like you, Yaro I followed along through amazon and google and I know I learned a lot of new information. I must look closer into google and the free tools they have. Where there is smoke…, there is fire, so to speak.

    I still have got to put it all together, but my .com web site is up with a wordpress template (still working on), my ebook is near finished and I’m ready to start a newsletter at any time. I have to find the right keywords, though that is going to be a problem. The aweber.com is completely on the moon for me, still. But I’m working on bringing it down to earth, lol!

    Thanks so much for giving us the chance to listen to you podcast.


  • This is amazing.

    Thanks Yaro.


    Unless I missed it, How big are his e-book? How many pages on avarage?

    Thank you.

    • I’d say the size varies a lot Alex, depending on how many words are required to adequately teach something. I’d say 30 pages is probably around the minimum, up to maybe 100 at most, for a rough guess.

  • Are parts 1 and 2 the same link?

  • Great podcast, I liked both parts. Very informative, thanks for your great job!

  • Sorry, i mis-read the post.

  • Hi Yaro,

    An excellent interview the rapport and content throughout the interview was first class….even the impromptu arrival of the uninvited guest ( crow) was handled very smoothly….well executed……Paul

  • Hi Yaro,
    Thanks for the podcast by Adam Short. Superb content and well worth a look at his programme.

    Thanks again.

  • Great advice, I have an information site on Ireland and was thinking of ways to create other revenue streams. An ebook seems a great way…

  • Good podcast.

    I am just starting to get into this sort of thing and I have a feeling that I can learn a lot from this blog. I’m going to bookmark it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Yaro,
    Again how timely your sending me Adam’s interview. I was just considering a related product. sitesells’ site build it! what do you think of it. I expect with your track record you might have used it before. do you recommend site build it! ? adam’s stuff sounds somewhat like it. i’ll listen through and see.
    thanks anyway.

    • I currently have a site with site build it and let me tell you, this system is a bit complicated at first, but if you dedicate a good chunk of time, you will learn it fairly quickly. They have awesome tools and tutorials that come in handy when setting up your site. If you decide to go with Site Sell, make sure all your content is ready to upload. I strongly recommend that you upload your own HTML as far as your design gos, because their templates compared to other templates outhere are not too pretty, for a lack of better word. Their system works! bottomline… It’s up to you to follow the tutorials to a tee and most importantly, keyword research. You get alot of tools and support for the money you spend and the forums are great help. Make sure you are passionate about your niche if not, outsource my friend! Hope this was helpful!

      Good Luck!

  • Vic

    Thanks a lot for the post Yaro. It is really great to visit this site always. Thanks for sharing.

  • […] was listening to the Podcast by Yaro and Adam Short about Niche Marketing โ€“ another way to earn money online.ย  I was surprised that they mentioned […]

  • wow… that’s cool!

    great info yaro!

    Love it! it’s amazing how much opportunity there is on the internet still!

    Opportunity is still abundant online! YES!

  • Yusuf

    Hi Yaro,

    Nice interview, but I can’t find the option for the $1 trial on NPC? Any help? I contacted them but no response yet. Thanks!

    • Hi Yusuf,

      You can find the $1 trial by entering your name and email here –


      After you opt in you will see a button to do a $1 trial, which takes you to the sales page, then the order form.

      • Yusuf

        Thanks Yaro I found it! Does the 30 day money back apply after 7 day trial once the $47 is charged? Please answer soon less than 20 hours left, thanks!

  • Thanks Yaro. Sometimes back I took an internet marketing course and the things that Steve shared are the same to the ones that I learned. It’s amazing that Steve used the same tactic and become very successful. Maybe the secret is our persistency to move forward despite the challenge we face everyday. The fact that Steve created 90 websites explains that we need to work a little more harder to come a little closer to his level.
    It’s a very good interview. I’m starting a new blog now and refreshing on some internet lessons that I learned and of course all those valuable tips and guides will help.

  • This is such a generous offer………….!!!

    Love your teaching yaro……….!!

  • Hey Yaro, once again a great post from you. I loved both the parts of the Podcast

  • Marko

    I was looking forward to signing up for this course, but it appears the site is down (maintenance/too much traffic)? I’m hesitant to pay for something that I’m not able to access. Wondering how often this happens.

    Thanks for the info regardless. It looks great.

    • Richard

      Their $1 trial offer did indeed attract too much traffic. This seems to be a very common problem on new launches.

  • I listened to both parts of this podcast the same day I got your email, Yaro. It was fascinating and I thank you for it.

    While I was listening, I went to try out the google adwords keyword tool. Everything worked the way Adam described. I was able to see the number of searches and the number of website results for my chosen keyword.

    I went back to try it again today…..only a few days after listening to the podcast. It doesn’t work the same way. Google will give me the number of searches but it won’t give the number of website results any more.

    I just thought I’d mention it. It’s frustrating. If I’m doing anything wrong and you’re still able to get the results the way Adam was able to during the podcast, please let me know!

    Catherine Kasper
    ps. I really love your blog, Yaro. I’ve learned so much. Keep it coming!

  • I like this approach because it is effectively using value to market.

    One question: Is it better to have a website for each topic or could I use a page on one site? I’m thinking of writing info products all within the health niche.

  • Richard

    Yaro. For me, this was possibly the best interview you have ever done. Thank you. Adam’s way of explaining matters was very clear, and I was almost shocked when he gave us a real live example of a niche AND his website address for that niche. Wow!
    My only concern is that much of the NPC sales material talked about a membership cap (scarcity does help sell) and the cap was later lifted. A no-no in my books.

  • Yaro,

    I’m new to your blog but have been running ours for quite sometime. Maybe we’ll have Perry on our radio show someday.

    Christopher Ott
    Marketing Director
    Your Trusted Referral Network

  • Wow a sequel of the part one, this one is also really great; I liked the first part also.

  • Wow, this is a VERY informative interview. Probably one of my favorite ones that you have done because I’ve learned a bunch. I’m about to sign up for his program just to learn more. Keep em coming Yaro!

  • I am trying to turn my online business into more of an automated model like Adam describes. The system does work but it does take time for a domain to get established in the search engines to receive enough traffic to get consistent sales.


  • Thanks Yaro after the interview I signed up and three months later I’m still a very happy member soaking it all up and getting new stuff from NPC each month to justify staying on.

  • Definitely One of the Best interviews you conducted Yaro.

    Thank you for introducing us to Adam. Just when I am thinking of automating my IM business process.

    Unfortunate though that the $1 offer expired with a few days of your podcast.

  • This guy is a genius. He has found a simple yet fruitful system and he makes money with that. What more can you expect from a website. It’s the best reward that you can get. I’ve almost downloaded both parts. Thanks.

  • Thank for sharing, I really learnt alot from this call!

  • i learned a lot from this two part podcast. Very useful. Thanks Yaro.

  • Thanks Yaro…. I learned a lot today…. good information

  • Yaro, I have enrolled in Adams course, thanks to your podcast and information. NPC 2.0 is a pretty interesting methodology, and it works well too.
    I can’t wait to be in the mebership site mastermind course.
    keep me posted.
    Larry C.

  • He sounds very straight forward and honest. I am surprised that article marketing is him main SEO strategy.

    I have been doing SEO for a while and have to do lot of backlinking for my sites. I am really surprised to hear this.

  • Hi Yaro, this sounds like a really interesting system..however, when I checked out Adams’ web site the monthly subscription is quoted as $ 67 not the $47 as stated in your podcast?

    Patrick J

    • Hi Patrick, they must have raised the price since the podcast was done, which was last year.

  • I’m trying article marketing right now and I wonder if you can suggest the best sites to submit to? My page ranking has increased but I’m not entirely sure how to separate the wheat from the chaff. I’ve heard ezine are good. Any other suggestions?

  • Thanks for this interview…loved it!! I really appreciate the step by step guidance Adam gave for free. I’ve already found a few niche keywords using his system and am eager to get the sites up and seeing some results.

  • Hi there

    I enjoyed the podcast-so cheers for that yaro

    One thing thing I wanted to mention is that you can set up a site based on less than 10,000 competing pages, but its important to look at the backlinks and pr rank of the sites you are competing against on the front page

  • I just listened to a podcast with Yaro about niche targeted markets. Apparently the post is about 5 months old but the value was very apparent to me—A ton of information about inbound marketing. Great content.
    This is my first exposure to this blog–came here via a link from “how to automate your small business”. So they get some credit as well.

  • Incredible stuff. I can’t believe how much you guys are willing to put out there for free. There’s almost enough out there for free from you guys, that someone could make a hugely successful site just off of your give-aways!

  • Hi Yaro, I have a question:
    The Article Marketing part, he said he uses about 10 articles for it, do they all target the same keyword or each one its own? If article per keyword, is 1 “vote” enough for google to rank the site high for that keyword?

  • Interesting interview. He makes everything he does sounds so easy. Very nice!

  • Muhammad Ahmad

    Thank you very much Yaro and Adam I truly admire your efforts and honesty. Very helpful resources.

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