7 Tips To Help You Become A Millionaire

Income Report: I’m A Million Dollar Blogger

Back during the early days of this blog I used to write income reports on a semi-regular basis. John Chow made the idea of reporting your blogging income popular, and before him guys like Darren Rowse and Shoemoney would show pictures of checks they had received from advertising programs like Google AdSense or affiliate programs. Today guys like Pat from Smart Passive Income keep the trend going, though most of the other guys have stopped reporting now.

There’s no doubt people are inspired by seeing how much money others make (I certainly was before I started earning much online), and for the person sharing their details, it’s great for the ego to talk about how well you are doing. It’s also beneficial as a practice to report income to monitor your trend growth rates and also see if you can sustain a level of income significant enough to live off long term.

I’ve often had people, especially those who work “normal” jobs, question the practice of revealing your income online. How much money you earn is considered one of the most private things you don’t tell even your friends or family, let alone the entire planet through the Internet. I personally don’t think income levels should be hidden, it could be a force for better wages if the knowledge was public, so I’ve never had a problem talking about how much money I generate. Plus it’s fun to report back your successes when you have them, even if it does seem a lot like bragging, which I think it is, but it’s great for social proof too.

How I Made A Million Dollars

It’s amazing for me to write this, but during the last two years I’ve generated over a million dollars in revenue online. What’s even more amazing is I did this without any full time staff and only one regular contractor.

In Australia the tax year runs from July to June, and in the 2008-2009 tax year I made over half a million dollars in revenue doing what I do online. I was expecting the next year to be less because I wasn’t launching as many new things, but it turned out that I actually surpassed the previous year (just), though the profit was less (I bought a new BMW – that tends to hurt your profit a bit!).

Obviously profit is different from revenue, so I didn’t keep the million dollars I made over the last two years. For my business, tax compliance (the cost of setting up a new tax structure), outsourcing to contractors and affiliate commissions are the largest “expenses” I incur. In general I make about 70% profit (and tax comes out of that), which is incredibly high compared to most offline businesses. That’s what is so good about online business – the low cost structure.

Before the last two half-million dollar years I was making a solid six figures a year, so I actually surpassed a million dollars earlier. I feel comfortable saying now that I’ve made more than a million in sales and kept more than a million in profit in the last five years running my current online business.

How You Can Make A Million Dollars

Obviously it’s nice for me to be in this situation and I’m incredibly grateful I can live the life I do, working on a few hours a day, make what I make and do it by helping others through sharing words, but I know what you really care about is how can you replicate my result.

There’s no simple answer to that question, however I’ve met enough millionaires to notice what they do differently, not to mention had my own experience becoming a seven figure blogger.

Here’s some key points as I see it to help you reach your own million dollar result –

7 Tips To Help You Make A Million Dollars

1. Although I don’t have staff, I couldn’t get this result without some kind of leverage generated by other people. The best two examples I can give you from my experience is my partnership with Gideon Shalwick, who co-created the Become A Blogger program with me, which is responsible for a fairly hefty junk of my income in the last two years, and my affiliates, who have helped me reach a much larger audience than I could alone.

2. Repetition of what works. Although I’ve done many different things over the last ten years, when I found something that worked and I enjoyed doing it, I stuck to it long enough to get a result much higher than the average.

3. Choose a business model that has the potential to make you rich. This might seem obvious, but many entrepreneurs are smart enough to know that working a job won’t make them rich, but then make the mistake of choosing a business model that won’t do it either. If you can’t see how your business could make you a million dollars, then you might want to think about changing your model.

4. Isolate your core strengths and then build on them. I mentioned it’s important to find something you enjoy, and what you enjoy is always a strength, so if you can find a business that allows you to express your strength, develop it through repetition and reap financial rewards from it, you’ve hit the holy grail.

5. Tap significant sources of traffic/audience/customers. Most people I meet who are millionaires have access to large amounts of people. Yes you can make a million dollars without needing distribution (like through property or shares), but for those who do it with a business, they generally have a means to access lots of people. It might be having lots of physical stores in retail, or a large email list or popular website online, or affiliates/joint venture partners, or money to spend on advertising, or some kind of media like a television or radio show, or magazine or newspaper. Whatever the case, you need thousands of customers to make millions of dollars, unless you operate in a high profit-margin market (see below).

6. Pick an industry with significant profit margins and high demand. Profit is a function of how many sales you make and the money you keep from each sale after the cost of providing the goods or service. Obviously the greater your margin, the fewer sales you require to make a million. While you might have trouble starting a business where selling just one or two items can make you millions (for example, selling jumbo jets), it is possible to be calculating when you choose what you are going to sell, so your path to millions is quicker and more likely.

7. When something is not working or won’t take you where you want to go, quit. This is probably the biggest reason most people will never make a million dollars – they are too afraid to change. If today as you read this you have no potential to make a million doing what you do – and you want to make a million – then start making changes so you can.

You don’t necessarily have to quit your job or close your business, but you will need to tap on some kind of potential million dollar system to what you are doing. For example, investing in property with your business profits, or starting a business on the side if you’re still working a job, or finding someone to partner with to start a business so it doesn’t require all your time. If you can’t see how it will happen then how on earth will it ever happen?

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And one last tip –

Bonus Tip: Many millionaires are created when one significant event occurs – you sell your business.

You might spend the entire life of your business making a low and steady income, but if you can turn your business into a machine that keeps that income coming without much input from the owner, then you’ve got a sellable asset.

Create a business that makes a few hundred thousand a year using a smart, hands-off business model, and you’ve got yourself a million dollar asset. If that’s daunting, consider starting by creating a five figure business and then selling it for six figures. Do that a few times over a few years and you’ve made your million.

The options are there for you to take any time you decide to go after them. Just spend a little time reading the archives of this blog for a blueprint of a million dollar blogging business, if you’re willing and able to do the work. If blogging is not your thing, then keep researching and testing until you find what works for you.

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  • Yaro,
    First I’d like to extend congratulations on what you have managed over the past few years – I’m always around reading to see what I can learn here!

    I initially was a little skeptical about bloggers making so much money online. The longer I’ve stayed around, and more I’ve read and “surfed” through blogs, I’ve found there are quite a few people who have managed it. Obviously I’d really enjoy a similar situation.

    The key point that you’ve made in this article, is that it’s possible – but it really requires a personality type that is willing to work hard, work long, and work smart. The point you make on change is particularly useful – too many people nowadays are set in their ways, and unwilling to change.

    I’ve found the tips useful. The bonus tip – of actually selling your business is probably the fastest way you can make money – but of course that takes time to build up.

    What I like about what you have going here is that you have managed to make money at different things at different stages of your life. It tells me that you need to look at everything as potential business. However, I’d imagine that your biggest earner comes from teaching people how to make money money and be successful. I think there’s a famous quote on making money can make you rich, but teaching people how makes you 10x richer.

    I’m sure you’ve heard it – anyway, thanks for the tips! Enjoy driving the BMW! 🙂

  • Yup, I’m hanging out in the right place with the right influences. It amazes me Yaro what I’ve witnessed over the last 12 months of reading your blog and being a student of your coaching programmes, the leverage you have created. Mixing with folk like you and Gideon through your training, your Q&A calls, blog and now Yaro.tv I’m planning for it to rub off. Your benchmark has been set so high, and it calls for us to step up and take the necessary action to join you or even better you. The internet is an incredible place of potential and pportunity. Its fantastic to be a part of your journey as entrepreneur and pioneer in the space of blogging. Congrats my man on a fantastic milestone achieved!!

  • Nice dude, looks like I got stuck on the seventh tip. Need some change definitely. Thanks for the little advice. Wish you the best and drive safely !

  • I think what you have achieved is amazing and very inspirational to everybody who reads your blog.

    I am afraid to say I have to disagree with some of tip 7 for the simple reason is, if you keep trying something and it’s not working and you quit and move on to something different. The chances are you have not really give it chance to work. When I first started out I must admit it was very hard and if it wasn’t working I would quit as you’ve said and do something different. I then stopped, had a long think for a couple of months because I was so determined for this to work and went back and tried the same thing but changed the system. When I done that things started to slowly change for me and I kept at it. I then went back to other things that I started and played around with different systems that I could think of or research on the internet, and voila the money started to come through for me.

    There is successful people in every niche on the internet, if there wasn’t that niche probably wouldn’t exist.

    Congratulations on your achievement Yaro!

  • Really great post Yaro,

    You are absolutely right! Leveraging the power of others is really very important and it is one great key to get more results from your efforts.

    Another mistake many people make is trying too much at what does not work.

    Thanks a lot for the great post,

  • aJwitaFrO

    Wow Yaro this is AWESOME! I can honestly say that I’m genuinely happy for your success. Not just because I feel like I’ve come to know you over the past few months and so it feels like one of my good friends is achieving success, but also because I aspire to become a six figure (now 7 figure) online entrepreneur using blogging as my base and it is extremely inspiring and uplifting to see that it’s actually possible.

    With the help of your Blog Mastermind program, I was able to launch my blog in May and I have over 3k monthly visitors to my blog already (I don’t know if that’s much but it keeps growing everyday). I’m really trying to follow in you and Gideon’s footsteps and duplicate your success.

    Congrats again, see you at the top Yaro!

  • A very interesting article, but like Steven I wonder about point seven. I started my first ezine back in 1988, before word press, before even blogs were invented. I thought I saw it all quite clearly, I approached advertisers and others and had some success, or at least I was flooded with items to review. Sadly when I tried to build some income I was told that no-one would ever consider advertising on the web. I often wonder where I would be now if I hadn’t taken the advice I was given – to throw in the towel.

    Mostly I work with webstore owners who want to promote their businesses and what surprises me about that is that many haven’t done the basic arithmetic. They’ve chased a niche where some simple calculations show that the profit margin is not enough to achieve their goals and they’re pouring resources into a business which may be a great hobby but won’t provide for their retirement.

    How do you do that calculation for blog income, is it simply a question of visitor numbers?

  • Tip 7 is bang on for me. I’m at that stage now with an online business I have been persevering with for 3 years. But is it a case of doing something different or changing what I do?

  • To Lesley and Steven,

    There’s a balance to be struck between point 2 and 7. Repetition – and consistence/persistence are required for success, but banging your head against the well forever, is not.

    There’s a time to keep working and a time to change. Most people get this wrong on both sides. They give up too early when something will work, or keep working ungodly hours on something that won’t bring them what they want.

    The key is to become aware of when is the time to apply more action and when is the time to stop and move on to something else. This should only be decided through conscious assessment of what is working, what you are doing and how you feel about the process so far. You can get advice to help make the decision, but in the end it is your decision to make alone.

    • Hi Yaro.

      Yep you are right, The key is to become aware of when is the right time to apply more action and when is the time to stop and move on to something else. I would say 99% of people give up at the first hurdle or if they do not see immediate results, in effect this does not get them to where they want to be. What they forget to realise especially newbies is they have to stick at something to make it a success. If you look back when you first started your blog there may have been times when you felt like it wasn’t working or maybe everything wasn’t going according to plan but you jumped the hurdles and crossed the finish line and today you’re posting on how to make a million dollars, the reason being, you stuck at it and possibly tried and tested different business methods with your blog and it’s become a major asset in your life.

    • “The key is to become aware of when is the time to apply more action and when is the time to stop and move on to something else.”

      This is the hardest part. I’ve dropped things in the past when everything just seemed too dim and dark continue, and watched others score big in the same field shortly afterwards.

    • So it’s a bit like the serenity prayer. We need to know what we can change, and work harder on that, and what we can’,t so we know when to give up. But the real skill, and probably what made you a million, was having the wisdom to know the difference.

  • Well deserved Yaro. Thanks for explaining why it is ok to reveal income (and the spoils associated with it). One of my old mentors used to park his Ferrari at the entrance to the building we worked in so that staff had something to aspire to…. I am sure you have inspired others with your post to go the distance!

  • Congrats to you, Yaro! A great example of how hard work and persistence can definitely pay off.

    I love points #3 and 6. Far too many people just get into the wrong industries that don’t have the potential to make a lot of money, even people that start an online business. You’ve got to do your research and find out if what you’re wanting to get into can provide you with the life you want.

    Again, well done and good luck in the future!


  • I think first step is to forget you want to make a million dollar and focus on the job rather than the million dollar final result.

    After that I like your second idea the most. Repetition of what works. If you have 50 websites that each make $500 a month you have a pretty healthy income coming in

  • Wow, well done on your milestone. And thanks for all the tips.

  • These are great points. It’s a good idea for people to take a step back and evaluate exactly where they are. That may lead changing their focus and direction. I evaluated my goals this morning and took new steps. Thanks for these tips.

  • Very good posting.

    The key to success is testing!

    You need to try out your plan, test, learn from it, tweak it, try it again etc

    I’ve made over $7 million on the internet and this approach is THE KEY to success without doubt.

    Does everything work that I try?

    Absolutely not!

    Only about 20% comes out the way I want, the fun part is tweaking the other 80%

    You obviously need a good idea etc but overally if you have the ability to learn from your mistakes and take action on your experiences then you will succeed.

    I started out with the goal of 20 sites making $10,000 each year with 20 different niches based upon a replicable model. It didn’t quite work out that way as I have some sites that make me $1 million per year and some that make me $5,000 per year! But it’s the principle, the planning, the execution and then the testing and learning that’s key.

    Internet marketers….I salute you!

    Hope my advice helps in some way.


    Sean McPheat

  • Yaro,
    What a great list! I think #7 is surprisingly important, especially to entrepreneurs. Often times, it’s difficult to admit when that “great idea” isn’t working…and even harder to know when to let it go, learn how to fix it, or just move on to something else. Entrepreneurs, by nature, are often overly optimistic with that Las Vegas attitude ” Any time now….any time now…. it’s going to happen any time now!”

    Removing the emotion and the ego helps to analyze what’s working and what’s not….

    Thanks for sharing your very insightful list!

    To your continued success,

  • Ron

    First Yaro, let me say you suck. I would like to get emails from you much more than I do because you put out some good information. Why don’t you get up off your lazy ass and send me some more great stuff – because I am too lazy to come visit your blog every week.

    Next, congratulations. Despite your slovenly ways you have to be commended on reaching a remarkable milestone. Kudos

  • There is one thing that no one can argue with, and that’s results. Generating a million dollars online firstly satisfies the question of whether it can be done and secondly demonstrates that if one person can earn a million on line, and your targets are slightly less ambitious, then you should definitely be able to achieve them.

    So congratulations on your milestone, from what I have seen it is well deserved.

  • I am in awe of your success. Just the simple act of being able to put simple straight forward tips and methods to success is part of why I look forward to your posts. They are always interesting reads full of great advice, that most people would pay a fortune to tell you.

  • Yaro, this really is a nice milestone to reach. Glad to hear about all the success you have had. I enjoy following the projects that you have going on.

  • Good information,but Yaro. What do you do with all that money? Why everybody wants to be a millionaire? Don’t need that much, just a bit…

  • Congratulations Yaro – Glad that you distinguished between revenues and profits – a simple and common distinction that several tend to overlook. What you make is not what you keep – thereby careful entity structuring and tax planning is critical (which you did!). Congratulations on reaching such milestone – it’s an inspiration to several!

  • Yaro,

    This is only my second week on your email list (along with following your blog), and I must say I’ve learned more about business and blogging than I learned in 5 years of engineering college! 🙂

    I appreciate the 7 millionaire tips. I’m sure those who are struggling and or need direction and clarity will find this article concise yet detailed.

    Thank you for being different and flying above the crowd…you ROCK!! (Sweet ride by the way!)

  • Yaro
    I have followed you for about a year now and really like your candid and generous style. I am part timing the online thing and can see opportunities beginning to present themselves. I’ve made a million offline (selling my business:)).

    The leverage and momentum one can create on line is astounding so I am intermingling off and online resources and it’s getting very exciting

    Thanks and congratulations-keep bragging!

  • It’s good to look back at your achievements. I think there are many “wealthy” people out in the world, that are never happy, because they dont go back to recognize and celebrate what they have accomplished. Congrats Yaro… Next goal 10 million, then 100 million followed by a Billion!!

  • Another great article Yaro. I also had a bit of concern over #7, especially because so many of your podcasts had the interviewee say the most important thing to do is stick with it because too many people give up just before things are about to break through for them.

    I’m glad you commented here to clear that up, and I think you’re right. It’s striking a careful balance between acknowledging the wisdom in this quote: “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten”, and not “banging your head against the wall”. Somewhere in that balance is the key to #7.

    The rest of the points are helpful, inspirational and accurate as well.

  • The author never mentions how he made a million dollars step by step, he just beats around the bush without giving you a thing. Than he adds some vague tips which you can find in any get rich quick book on the Internet.

    Everything in Internet marketing is million dollars- get rich quick snake oil salesmanship.

    Its all about stimulating your need to be rich and than offering you a product and pulling cash out of your wallet- you my friend will never get rich buying anything from them. The only way you can get rich is doing what Yaro and others are doing- selling get rich quick schemes- leveraging your time and laughing at them.

    • If you want to know how I did it Richars, read my free reports, the Blog Profits Blueprint and Membership Site Masterplan. Also read through the archives of this blog, I’ve pretty much explained it all in about a million words over the last five years. I’m definitely not holding back on you!

  • Yaro,

    There is an art and a science to failure. I like to fail fast. That means that I will try several things at once, monitor my results, kill off what doesn’t work and invest in what does work. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    I also like to use my current success as the baseline for future projects. I never just jump into a new market or new line of business cold. First, I look at what’s working really well… then I seek to create 5-10 variations on what’s working. And again, I’ll kill off what doesn’t work but I’ll invest even more with the winners.

    …this simple approach is excellent for small, niche sites and targeted blogs. Folks using Adsense or following a simple affiliate marketing system can benefit greatly from this approach.

    I think your real insight is that people are full of FEAR. They fear change. They fear doing work. They are just full of fear. Doing what you’re doing right now is also easy and that path of least resistance is very seductive. It also just appeals to human weaknesses…

    Really, you can boil your success down to a couple of key points: work with great people, follow a proven system and continue to improve, and be persistent. Or, be cool to other people, do cool things, and do those cool things with cool people all the time… and you’ll succeed.


    ~ John

  • Yaro, if it’s true, I say put it out there for all to see. You’re very correct when you say that it helps to inspire others, at least that’s true for me. When I see that someone else can do it, it only spurs me on harder to make my dreams come true.

    It’s because of your & Gideons ‘Become A Blogger’ tips I was able to build a Blog over the last 10 months and follow my passion, writing. As of yet, I’ve never made a nickle online but what I have done is come to learn that I’m not a person that is passionate about selling info products based solely on “how to make money online selling info products online that will teach you how to spam enough people to where you will make a million overnight, online, in your underwear” if you get my meaning.

    That took a bit of time to face that fact as I was in that “don’t stop trying” mode, even though I knew it wasn’t my ‘style’ and therefore I wasn’t motivated to pursue it as much as I needed to.

    My Blogging (writing) is everything I’m passionate about and I know that at some point I will figure out how to monetize my Blog (or my writing) and then I will finally be making a good living, doing what I love.

    But thanks to you, you’ve shown me that it CAN be done, so thank you for all of your valuable information and for showing all of us …. that ANYTHING is possible if we work hard enough.

    BTW: I lost everything in the Real Estate market collapse here in the US but the worst of all was losing my M5, it meant the most to me. So enjoy your BMW! I can hardly wait to get another one!!!


  • Wow Yaro,

    I had no idea that you had done that well for yourself. That is a powerful message for eveyone to take home, that this really is possible.

    I think the point you made about leveraging help from others is the critical step that most people don’t seem to realize.

    You just can’t do everything on your own. It’s ususally much more efficient to ask for a little help. Most people are more then happy to extend a hand. Once you help them back, you can create lasting partnerships that result in very big things.

    I’m sure all of my Underdogs would be happy to hear your results as well.

    -Joshua Black
    The Underdog Millionaire

  • Hi Yaro,

    This post is a true inspiration. I am going to share this with my readers. I have changed my plans on a few occasions as I did not see any big picture after I started doing it. I learned a lot from that tho so I do not feel bad that I started projects and then had to change plans. Mistakes are ok as long as you learn from them!
    You are always a great inspiration for me. I am a subscriber and always enjoy your wisdom! Congratulations on your success!
    Have a great and successful day everybody 🙂

  • Number 7 is really important. I have had a hard time quitting projects that I knew weren’t going to succeed and didn’t.

    The reverse is also true. Many times people don’t stick with a project long enough. You see that a lot with blogs. From my observations it usually takes people at least 6 months (usually longer) to establish their online business to the point that it makes a good income, and a good percentage of people quit within 3 months. I have talked to a lot of people who get frustrated within the first 3 months and just give up on a proven business model. In most cases, I think that if they had kept going for a year rather than giving up in the second month, they would be running a successful business by now.

    Anyway, excellent advice (as always).

  • Yaro,

    I’ve been very happy with the information you have been willing to share on your blog! Developing my “online presence” has required several major paradigm shifts for myself and my company. Through this process, (and thanks to your tips) I’ve come to realize how inflexible I was about my business model and how much that effected my revenue stream. Point #7 is very true and not an easy lesson to learn – I believe many of us feel that stability is a sign of success and that change is counter-productive.

  • Did you make a million with this blog? If so then you made much money with a blog
    which is blogging about how to make money with a blog 🙂

  • Hi Yaro
    Well done and thanks for these great tips. One tip that I think you have possibly not added that has probably also resulted in your success is that of building “relationships” with your customers/affiliates/friends, not just taking their money. Your success wouldn’t have come about without focussing and helping many others achieve what they are looking for in life. Would this be a fair comment?
    You started me in my quest for more information and ideas on the internet, and no matter where else I wander off to, I always keep coming back to your blog, and your ideas. They are so sound and logical. Thank you for your inspiration, and I look forward to reading your next milestone.

  • Hi everyone,

    as I a management consultant and wanna be blogger, am trying to learn from all of you, from a small country in Serbia. As I am Strengths Based management fanatic I have to comment on strength advice (Tip no. 4). Most people around the world (up to 80%) believe that you can prosper in life faster by correcting your weaknesses, rather than by building on your strengths.

    I never understood this obsession of trying to create ”well rounded” people, and while you are out there worrying about your weaknesses, you are probably not putting your strengths to work, and therefore you are probably living life that became ”very heavy very quickly” and struggling with the job you hate. Maybe it doesn’t even bring you good money. I was in such jobs, so I know.

    I am happy to see Yaro’s advice to concentrate on your strengths, if you hope to be at your most productive, creative, innovative, top of the pack. Money will come as a result once you put together purpose, passion and performance. But the strengths are the best starting point.

    Still, nobody ever tought us how to recognize our strengths, strengths of our business associates, the strengths of situation, so we can build on that. Gallup’s consultants charge 500 USD per hour to consult you on your Strengths Finder results! I will make sure this will be one of my internet courses in future, (no, not for 500 USD:), and will try to spread the idea.

    BTW I expect other management consultants I know to look down at me for falling in love with internet marketing and information marketing, but I feel I have to be there, and am enjoying learning small things every day. I just HAVE to try.

    Regarding Yaro’s tip no 7, it is common sense, but we don’t often apply common sense do we? I heard the same thing from Eben Pagan’s program where he said: ”Let your winners run, and cut your losers short.”

    Best regards to all from management consultant and coach who still haven’t earned a cent from her blog, but hopefully will very soon. I don’t like driving anyway, so I am not to be very disappointed if I don’t get a BMW one day.

  • Just new to blogging. It was great to read about the success you have experienced with blogging. Congratulations on all your successful work and great acheivements. Looking forward to learning the business and I am sure you will be an important mentor. Thanks, Dennis

  • Great to see your success! You deserve every bit of it!
    #7 hit kind of hard, but it’s absolutely true. I have a tendency to keep going with what’s not working just because I don’t want to give up too soon :/

  • Your Message
    Congratulations: You are an inspiration to read about. Thank you for good
    posts I really enjoy and learn from them.


  • Hi Yaro.
    Big Congratulations on the MILLION from another Aussie just down the road in Tweed Heads.
    I started following you just when you kicked off.
    Nice to see you doing so well, and thanks for all the great content over time.
    I must admit you create some great products and have cool informative blog posts.

    Marty Ware
    The SEO DAD

  • This is a really great post Yaro. you give great advice and if we will take these and act upon them we will benefit from them. Thank you for this blog and your honest teaching. Really appreciate it.

  • Great post, Yaro. Thanks.

    For me I just had to do something for sitting around for hours reading case studies etc wasn’t going to help me reach my goals! I haven’t made my first million but at least I am moving in the right direction.

  • Thanks Yaro… every post of your is valuable for me…!

  • Yaro, this is an eye-opener for me. I need to focus now in what works for my site and do it again and again for effective results. Thanks man, I’m glad I found your site and subscribed your updates.

  • […] out this post from Yaro Starak whom I recently started following. He offers income proof of how he is able to make a cool $1M in […]

  • Love your car, always wanted a BMW allowing one to come my way. Lots of great tips thanks!!

  • Hi Yaro, great to see you talking about profit. Those cheques showing revenue can be deeply misleading, so I for one ignore them.

    Congratulations on what you have done building your business. The low cost structure of an online business is hugely appealing I think.

    For me at this stage it is about building my audience. Thanks for the post.

  • Yaro,

    I love reading your blog. 🙂 Every time I start to feel flustered or feel that things aren’t moving a long the way I want them to, one of your posts pops into my inbox… It gives me that extra “push” to keep at it when I’m down…and every day my IM revenue increases just a little bit more. Looking forward to more inspiring posts and hopefully I’ll hold ya to that visit soon! 😉

  • Hey this is some great info Yaro, thanks for sharing! It always helps for me to view your blog posts every so often to keep myself going and on the right track.


  • Thanks Yaro,

    This article really helps us focus in on what is important in regard to focusing in on becoming a million dollor producer. I will show this blog some love on my blog.


  • When one provides value, it shows, so thank you and keep up the work you are doing. I am enjoying it and learning from it and I don’t think I am the only one!!!
    With Gratitude

  • Beautiful insight and brilliant points from that school we all know and love … the one we call “hard knocks.”

    I especially like the fine point you put on checking the glass ceiling of your business model before diving in. That’s like checking the upper salary ranges of the job you go for so you know what’s possible.

    One of my millionaire friends says the most important thing is to create an information product that is extremely high value that you can sell for a much higher price point (basically, like selling expertise in a box) … high-end knowledge for specialized fields versus low-price point products and know-how for the masses. Another millionaire friend echoed that same idea. They both agreed that I would not succeed by selling a book with a low price point. I argued that I was writing a timeless guide that would be relevant to everybody in the world, especially Underdogs (it’s a personal results sytem for work and life) so what I lack in price, I’ll make up in numbers. They both seemed to agree that I should instead be creating a hard-core information product on driving projects (I’ve lead distributed teams around the world since 2001 at Microsoft.)

    I can definitely see their point. My book is a passion play so I’ll do it regardless of the economic impact. But that said, is it really not possible for a low-priced, “evergreen” book to make the numbers, if it can appeal to the masses? (I have success stories from folks in the trenches, to CXOs, to Moms, to teachers, etc.)

    In other words, is the business model itself limited and I’ll find myself in a glass ceiling or is it simply the unlikely path?

    • JD supermarkets (Walmart where you are and Aldi in Australia where I am) are doing well by selling low price-point. High end restaurants often do badly – some do quite well of course.

      It depends a lot on what you enjoy of course but there are lots of successes at a low price point.

  • The one thing I love about this blog is how open Yaro is. And like he said, if you take the time to go through the archives, make notes, and work for it, you have the blueprint for a million dollar blog. But there is the key word – work. As I said to a co-worker the other day, people could be rich if they worked at it, but people want it given to them via lottery ticket or scratchcard, not working for it.

  • Your MessageYaro, You’re a great, steady voice, and have built a standard
    of delivery that we can really rely on. (Probably worth a million right there). You could be better, but probably not too
    much:) We love ya’ man. -Dale-

  • Hi Yaro,

    I am a newbie blogger. One of the resources I got involved with even before I decided to have my own site is your Become a Blogger videos with Gideon. After reading this post, I got a lot of ideas but for me a little bit advanced from a beginners standpoint. I’ll follow your advise to Richars…. to check the archives. I am pretty sure I will learn a lot there too. Right now, I am still blogging about news about my country but I will divert it to more profitable areas in the future.


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  • Hey Yaro,

    Great points and I especially loved the #7, which I too believe is the most biggest obstacle of all. Fear to change. I believe most of the people go head first into blogging and then later “decide” they want to make a business around it. If there’s no plan for a business model in the first place, it’s most definitely a tough (and sometimes impossible) thing to create later.

    Creating multiple sources of income is another thing. Don’t just sell products and services through your blog. Diversify and create joint ventures and go after whole new markets. Having a mastermind group of like minded individual is a fantastic way to create collaborative projects and reach venues that would have otherwise left untouched. Probably the best thing I’ve personally done online yet to push my business goals forward.


    Ps: Maybe you should change the Suzuki from your blog mastermind sales letter to the spankin’ new BMW now! ;-D

  • very inspiring article Yaro……..I liked your 7 tips. I think the most lucrative way to make money online is by selling your own information products or membership sites, just like you have done to make your million+ dollars. There’s very little set up costs and deliverability is usually a download of pdfs/videos. I plan to start making my own info products/membership sites by joining your membership mastermind next year…that’s the goal for 2011:)

  • Hey Yaro !

    Wanted to congratulate you on the million dollar mark !
    And thank you for the inspiration of showing that it can be done.
    I read about half the comments and came to the conclusion that continued effort,
    persistence, and knowing just when to throw the towel in are key points to No. 7.
    Yes I have just started fallowing your map and am looking for the inspirational information
    given by you.

    Forming a number of sites online for business and growing them to each make a modest income without much effort seems one of the common goals..So far mine is writing and gardening, so I am looking for a few more.

    This site is so full of great information, taking it all in is my niche past time.

    Thanks again Yaro !!

  • Love the post, especially the 7 points. My favorite is #3 – Choose a business model that has the potential to make you rich – sounds simple, but it is not. I’m not sure that I have actually chosen a million dollar business model, and I’m really not sure that I care about making a million dollars, time will tell. Very interesting and thought provoking.

  • I think people like John Chow stopped showing their income reports because they are not earning as much as they used to and don’t want their readers and fans to realise this.

    I always show my income reports as a way to prove I’m earning online and to try and motivate other people to get involved in making money online.

  • Congrats, Yaro! Seeing you report an income of this staggering amount surely does give us marketers solid proof that there really is a pot of gold out there on the internet! I particularly like your 7 tips, especially the 7th. I think a lot of us are not succeeding because we are too happy in our comfort zone and are unwilling to change.

  • Your Message

    Thank you for all of your valuable advice and suggestions, Yaro! In reading through the comments, I noticed that one person said he was more interesting in developing the content (writing) than in monetizing. I am interested in both. However, I find the content development (writing and journalistic acitivity, reading and research) to be more familiar and readily at hand. Spreading the word about the writing and communicating about it is a separate type of activity which takes a different kind of leap. In addition to your 7 tips, I like your examples. I have learned most from your interviews with people, such as the car advice person and the woman focusing on skin care.

  • All of the things you mention is right. The things that is kept in my mind is the word repetition. Repeating the same good process over and over again with a touch of improvement will surely help you a lot. Repetition is next to perfection. When you are used to it and always doing the same process. You will eventually master this process and then eventually improving it through years that we all call experience. The key here is that Never GIve Up.


    I am newbie blogger and wanting to be like you who earn money online for a living. Will please help me achieve my goal?.. Thank you in advance. =)

  • Pat Flynn is my blogging idol! No offense Yaro.

  • Great Post Yaro,
    To think of a blogger making a million dollars sounds very exciting indeed. Gives one a reason to keep the dream alive and to continue learning what it takes to make this kind of income a reality.

  • Persistence pays off. Find what your are Passionate about, and go after it. Everyone has something that they can teach others. Like you said, if you are willing to do the work, go for it!


  • Great Post Yaro..
    May I translate your post with indonesian language in to my blog..?
    may thousands blogger in my country will be know & interest with you..

  • hey yaro,

    Great down to earth advice on building a million dollar business and brand. Made me rethink a few things on my own end to make sure to get on track.

    If you had to start from scratch and build your business from the ground up and you only had two years to reach a million. What would be your business model then? I’m curious to what your answer would be. Thanks.

  • Congrats Yaro.

    You have inspired many people over the years and deserve your success.

    It’s a difficult call between persistence and giving up too soon. Is one a dead seam or are you within touching distance of the gold? Often you can’t see in your own business – cant’ see the wood for the trees – so outside, impartial help is needed. I guess that’s one reason why the coaching industry has grown.



  • Hi,
    Thanks for these incredible tips. But i need to disagree a bit at the 7th step because quitting isn’t the answer although finding an alternative should be and i think that’s what you are trying to suggest here.

  • Though by no means do I make alot of money online but I am definitely more of a private person which is why I shyed away from personal blogging or personal branding online. I think the BMW you invested in this year is great! I’m sure you’ve read my other comments in your blog posts, but I myself am looking to get an Audi, one day I’ll get there! In regards to your 7th tip, there is definitely a right way and a wrong way to “quit”. Quitting because you are giving up is definitely the wrong approach, but quitting because you see a brighter path is the winning move and not a backwards one for sure! Think about all the successful College dropouts like Bill Gates.

    Till then,


  • You are absolutely right! Leveraging the power of others is really very important and it is one great key to get more results from your efforts.

  • Yaro, I think these tips are rally handy. I like the last one because I know many people dont want to leave the business because they are in their comfort zone.

  • Great tips. Finding the right niche can really be the toughest part of the equation for most, it seems. The last point really needs to sink in for a lot of people, who are very afraid of taking a risk. While the reasons behind it are understandable, many fail to capitalize on really good opportunities for the same reasons.

  • Awesome. I must say that I was stuck when I’ve seen my first $60,000.00 online. The truth is that it takes consistent work and a solid plan to make six figures, and then the million. I think my next step will be to sell my business. Not easy to separate yourself for your online business though.

    All the best,

  • your right on point with this post. Especially find a way that works and repeat it. If you can you can sell it or market it.

  • Hi Yaro

    For me, there is enough advice out there to help anyone develop a profitable business that is right for them (you just need the right mentor or coach). The secret is to find a profitable niche – after that it is often a question of just ensuring that you have the right business model and processes in place. As you say, once you find something that works you can then repeat the model in another niche.

    Congratulations, keep the quality advice coming!

  • Yaro,

    I loved the 7 tips, as I am still learning the ropes. Hardest part about internet business is it is lonely and competition is fierce. There is also steep learning curve and as soon you learn, things changes.

    Hardest part about it all is to keep going when we do not see any results in the beginning. I am so happy for your success and hope to mimic it with passion and hard work.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Those income reporting posts were really inspiring, especially for those who had just started blogging and were looking to some kind of proven way to monetize their blogs…

    Now, it’s really great to hear from you that you made that amount of money in just two years. Hope some day I could reach there too…

  • Thanks for the tip Yaro! I got some ideas on a new business but don’t know how to start. frankly speaking, I’ve been blogging for more than a year in hoping that I could find something that suites me. Now That I found one, i don’t know how to do it 😉 Got to learn more from you Yaro !

  • Congrats on such good earnings for the year. These are great tips to follow and stick with. Number 7 is really hard to do but because sometimes you never know when an idea won’t work because if you give up too soon, it might have worked at some point.

  • Yaro – I think this is a great list, but the ones that stand out to me the most are the last two. A lot of people look past these and never pay much attention to them, all the while not even realizing that these two things could be costing them their business!

    For people starting out, I always recommend they sit down and pick niche markets that interest them. It’s best to try to come up with a few options, rather than one. What most find out is that one of their favorite things may not be a huge income generator, which is why having a list of your interests to conduct profitability research is best.

    And lastly – knowing when to quit. That’s probably the hardest thing for anyone to do (especially those who never want to give up). While you shouldn’t apply that technique to everything in life, knowing when to quit when something just doesn’t work can open up more doors than you imagined. Never be afraid to try new things.

    Anyway, this is good stuff. A lot of newbies out there can learn a thing or two by following these 7 things.

  • Amazing! 😀 Congratulations to your success. The internet is definitely the right place to build a business and it is always true to take that which suits best for you. I think one can’t really fail here (even though you can hold yourself apart from success for a long time). Looking forward to here more and expand my knowing. Thanks to you.

  • This was a very insightful blog post. Very honest and upfront on how to become a millionaire which it is all basic concepts but most people do not understand on how they could get there. I really liked this.

  • That’s awesome Yaro!

    I always enjoy reading your posts as they are both inspirational and motivational – this post was no exception.

    I’m glad that you have had such great success and are in a position to motivate us towards the same goal. You’re a great example of what hard work and perseverance can achieve.

    Thanks again Yaro for the inspiration.


  • Yaro,

    Just dropping a quick note to say Congratulations on achieving this milestone of becoming a million dollar blogger!

    I’ve started following you only recently, and I was thinking you would have achieved this milestone way back. Well, I’m glad I was not loo late at least to miss the moment of this achievement 🙂

    Well, I guess I have a lot to catch up on from your archives. And it sure would need a lot of time. But going by your latest post, I think I’d first get something out the door instead of keeping on building my knowledge and not taking any significant action!

    So I’m off for today to get something done for real.


  • Congratulations on your success. Great Post. Online business is the business of this generation to be involved in.

  • yaro i run a club for the poor and the less privileged. right now we are in a financial mess, hope you can send me more tips to enable me run my club. i’ve a mission for them but i can’t do it all alone, nee to know more about making money online so i can do that at my spare time. [email protected]

  • I doubt whether I will be on the same course as you, Yaro, making so much money in a year – but thanks for highligting the fact that it’s quite possibly earning that much with your blog!


  • Yaro, Thanks, you are the best coach that I could find. I got an idea, would you let me translate your tips to spanish? I´m starting a blog for newbies in spanish. Maybe it could made a new market for you.


  • Yaro, Congratulations, Thanks for sharing with us your experience, with these tips will hep many of us to advance our on line business and success.

  • nice article just wanna know what is your starting capital in earning a million and how long did it take you to get a good reputation from the internet

  • Sounds cool but I just can’t understand why people when they reach a certain level of achievement buy a BMW! I would have thought that being an original and creative thinker that your choice of car would be something better than an icon of coporate success, just complete conformity. When I can afford to spend some money on an expensive car I’d prefer a Maserati, something with style, elegance and that also looks and sounds good too!

  • Who works fairly well and is entitled to win! Great post. Congratulations on your success, Yaro!

  • Joy

    Congratulations on your success Yaro. I only discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago,but it has become one of my favourite resources. I love going through your archives to find out what I have been missing all this time. I have learnt so much in this short time from you, and lets not forget the great team you and Gideon make on Become A Blogger.

    Thanks, you are an inspiration.


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