I Made $10,899.83 From Blogging in September

Back in March of 2007, I reported my blogging income of $6549.52. September, while a slower month for net usage because the northern hemisphere is wrapping up the holiday period (people go outside when the weather is nice instead of sit inside on their computers, thus reducing traffic and income from some advertising programs), turned out to be my best month yet for blog income.

Blog Income Breakdown

September Blog IncomeThe total I made from blogging and blog related activities in September 2007 was: $10,899.83.

The income listed by source is available in the list to the right. I grouped together revenue streams into general broad categories, rather than break it down by each income source like I did last time, since the list has become quite long (I have a lot of different income sources, which is deliberate because it makes my overall income more stable). You should get a good sense for how my money was generated by looking at the list.

Note in reality the money I received was over $13,000 because a few sponsors renewed six month contracts, but I divided the half year payments by six in order to get the share for September only so as to not artificially inflate the total. This list does not include the income from Blog Mastermind.

Other highlights in September included breaking the 5,000 RSS readers mark at this blog and also surpassing 12,000 people subscribed to my email list.

How I Increased My Blog Income

If you look over my results for September against what I reported in March, the biggest gains were made in affiliate income, I did a few more sponsored reviews (this time direct purchased, not from ReviewMe, so I get 100% of the revenue, although some of it goes to people who help write the reviews), there were solid gains in banner packages sold, text links keep bringing in the money (I don’t expect the PageRank penalty to make that big a dent in the coming months, but you never know!) and there was a general increase in all income sources.

As a broad explanation, the increase in income came from one of the key concepts I talk about in the Blog Profits Blueprintcompounding. Everything increased because the underlying metrics that drive my income – traffic and email subscribers – increased. When you have over 20 individual sources of income, if they all increase by 10% each month because your core metrics increase, you start to see some big gains overall.

Analyzing further, my traffic increased because I kept doing what I’ve been doing now for years – I pump out good content at a pace I am comfortable with and strive to provide authentic value to my readers by teaching from what I am learning. I think the concept of authentic content is critical for successful blogging, so much so that I devoted an entire lesson to it in Blog Mastermind.

How Can This Information Help Your Blog

There are two big lessons to learn from my experience and if you are an experienced blogger you will have heard this before.

  1. Diversify your income sources – In my income report, the largest figure comes from affiliate income and if I showed you exactly how that affiliate income is broken down you would see 11 different affiliate programs that paid me in September. Some of them have continued to pay out month after month for years, thanks to previous blogging efforts. It takes time, but with persistence and testing of different monetization methods, it adds up.
  2. Trust your trends – If your overall trend is moving upwards, as in each month your income or your traffic if you are not earning money yet from blogging, are growing, then just chill out, keep up the good work, and have faith in the process. It’s amazing how fast $100 a month can become $1,000 a month and then $10,000 a month as long as your blog vital signs are good. The only cause for concern you should have is if you are flatlining or decreasing. That means you are possibly in the wrong niche or not providing enough value on an ongoing basis to sustain growth (or one could cause the other).

Why I Disclose My Blog Income

A few bloggers have made a habit of reporting income and like I stated in my March report, it pays to talk about how much you make because people love reading this stuff.

Whether it’s hero-worship, a source of motivation for you or because you like to make yourself feel bad because you don’t make as much money (please don’t do that – I’ve been there, it’s an absolute waste of energy), or a combination of these factors, doesn’t matter – if you make money online people want to know about it and how you do it.

In my case I have the added benefit in that it acts as social proof for Blog Mastermind. I couldn’t exactly claim credibility to teach people how to make money from blogging if I didn’t do so myself, so posts like this are helpful, and well – they are quite fun to write too!

However I expect this report, at least in this format, could be one of the last I do since I’m making some changes to how I monetize this blog and it will be more difficult to accurately report numbers. This is because I am further emphasizing this blog as the start of my sales funnel and as a marketing tool for my business, and less so as an ad-driven income source. Then again that could change depending on how the next evolution of Entrepreneurs-Journey turns out after the redesign launches.

Get a Copy of My Special In-Depth Income Report in MP3 Audio

Blog MastermindNeedless to say, if you are interested in following in my footsteps and learning exactly how I built this blog to – now I can actually say this – a six figure blog, then please consider joining Blog Mastermind.

Blog MastermindIf you don’t have the funds to join my program that’s fine, all the important details are in my free report, so go grab a copy of the Blog Profits Blueprint and start your journey towards making money from blogging.

As added encouragement to join Blog Mastermind, I’ve recorded a special audio just for my students that goes behind the scenes of this income report and breaks down each and every source of income listed, how much I made from each source and what methods I used to generate the money.

If you want the inside scoop, you better sign-up now.

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Yaro Starak is the author of the Blog Profits Blueprint, a report you can download instantly to learn how to make $10,000 a month, from only blogging 2 hours per day. You can find Yaro on Facebook, Twitter and .

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  • Azmi

    whoa dat’s kool!..hope to learn more from you!

    • Bob

      Just listening to Yaro’s audio book blog-profits-blueprint and I really learn a lot and hopefully reach this $10K income from blog. LOL. Hope so.

  • Too good to believe it…

  • Awesome! Someday I will match that 🙂 How do your year-to-year expenses compare if you don’t mind? I’d guess they’re pretty much the same but I’m still curious.


  • Wow Yaro!

    Great job… I love hearing the results of bloggers and their income from their bloggers.

    I know I’ll get there as well. I’m targeting June 2008.

    Hopefully I can join Blogmastermind to help monetize my blog better.

    Carlo Selorio

  • Congratulations Yaro, you truly are an inspiration. And I take your income posts as exactly that: inspiration. You demonstrate what is possible and you pony up the figures to prove it. I appreciate however that you also provide the accompanying insight as to what those figures mean and where they came from. More important to me than “what” you do is “how” you do it.

    You mentioned the pagerank penalty not being too much of a concern. Are you concerned that the pagerank penalty is just the beginning. If Google punished the same sites further in the SERPs that could be catastrophic for some. I just wish they would be more open with the whole thing.

  • 47 – It difficult for me to describe my expenses since I’ve been a sole trader for up to recently so everything I did business-wise was under the one banner.

    Running the blogs the biggest expense is people that help me, but that cost is shared with running Blog Mastermind, so again it’s not super easy to clarify specifics.

    I can tell you that last year I was running at around 30% profit on revenues just over six figures, but that will change heaps given the major changes to my businesses in the last six months – it got A LOT better.

    Courtney – I don’t want to even attempt to guess what Google is up to, but I do agree there is an element of FUD that I think they need to address.

    I know they don’t want to go revealing everything or all the spammers will take that knowledge and game the system, but they need a clearer line of communication with the webmaster community than there is now.

    I’m not too concerned though, what I care most about now is building a brand online, providing more value to my readers and building my RSS and email list.

  • Wow, getting better margins makes this even more impressive. Thanks for the reply and congratulations again!


  • Hi Yaro! $10.000 + is amazing, a big congratulations from me! But growing a blog to such an income is a long process, and it certainly does require commitment (and talent). So once again congratulations, and may this blog grow in this pace the next many years 😉

  • That’s a great result Yaro. I’ve been reading back through your old archives and it’s really encouraging to see the growth of this blog over the last couple of years. It’s easy for new bloggers to get disheartened at the inevitible slow growth at the beginning but when you see the bigger picture and look long term, it’s very encouraging! Thanks for disclosing your income, I hope it becomes a regular feature 🙂

  • I am glad it’s increasing for you 🙂 Your blog is a huge inspiration for me and it lets me improve my online business… I am still faraway from $10k per month, though much closer to $2k per month than I was 6 months ago.

  • Congratulations, Yaro. I’m really happy for you. It must be tremendously exciting to hit such a major benchmark. I’ve been reading your blog for a long time and I’m so glad you’ve done as well as you have.

    Keep up the great work!

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  • Yaro,

    Congratulations on your income for September. I was skeptical about the business value of blogs – until I read your Blog Profits Blueprint. Now I’m a believer. I can’t wait to post my own Blogging success article.

  • This is great. I’m listening to the audio as I write this comment. I’ve read the article and it’s very motivating. Thanks for sharing these figures.

  • It appear a large portion is from affiliate marketing — mind giving some of those suggestions?

  • […] since his RSS count is in 5000’s. Just today he released his September’s blog earnings of $10,899.83.  This number is really high up there like John Chow’s $20K earnings last […]

  • Yaro, you are really one of the best, you inspire me deeply. Can you share with us how you made such a huge amount from affiliate marketing alone?

  • Yaro,

    That is a lot of schmakaroonies and well deserved by you. You put a lot of hard work into this over a long time and people who hear that sort of income statement seem to forget this at times.

    Congratulations Yaro, you are truly an inspiration to all of us. 🙂


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  • Very nice! It would be great to make that kind of money from my blog but that would mean I would have to do it full time which I can’t do since I’m also starting a company. 🙂

  • Hi Yaro,

    I’ve just done reading your Blog Profit Blueprint. I didn’t spend 30 minutes to read it as you suggested to those who downloaded the report, or 10 minutes with the help of speed reader.

    It actually took me the whole day to read it as I need to stop every now and then, to think and digest what I’ve read thus far.

    After I finished reading the report, it becomes clear to me now that I had been blogging “blindly” the past three months. I would love to sign up for your Blog Mastermind programme and that would be one of my goals.

    Congrats on reaching the 10k income.

  • http://s3.amazonaws.com/buzz_img/2007043014142354_avatar.jpg
    I would be most interested to see what you have done to increase readership, as ultimately this is what drives the increase in income. If I had 5000 readers I might start making some money!

  • Yaro – that’s amazing. Congrats buddy and all the hard work you put in in writing top notch articles is paying off big time for you.

    I think with the new design though, that by focusing on trying to start the “sales funnel” as you put it, that may work even better for you, as your BlogMastermind turns into a monthly recurring income.

    Well done again mate, and hope this figure keeps increasing!

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  • Congratulations from me, too! As I read your content I realize that it’s not “good luck” that you’ve generated this income, but you deserve it!Thanks for the inspiration!I hope some day to make it like you! 😉

  • You Da Man Yaro!

    It sure takes time blogging and you’ve shown it pays off. You’ve come a long way and deserve success! I guess you can say you’ve now entered the six figure blogging/writers club?

    I’ve been reading your blog for a couple years now and wish I would’ve started blogging myself back then in 2005. Was working on my MBA at the time and just had a huge workload doing that and working full-time in management.

    BTW I only typed in “Yaro” in the browser window and your site came up! You probably already knew about that. Cheers!

    Michael Erik

  • YC

    This is great inspiration, Yaro – especially motivating to know someone as honest and humble like you can still achieve the same success. It is a model I strive to be aligned to, and keeps me chugging on without straying towards the easier but murkier channels. Congrats!

  • Great job !
    Yaro, I hope I will get such achievement in the coming future.

  • Well done, Yaro!
    It takes years of hard work until someone will get these figures!

  • Yaro – I just found your blog but you obviously like sharing – thanks for being so open – its a real motivation

  • Great inspiration. You show it can be done.

    With me, in the short time I’ve had my Blog, I’ve been dumped from Google page rank twice, Then restored twice. It’s quite a kick in the head from being dominant on some 30 pages, then disappear–only to re-appear again, all over the place. Guess I never will be able to figure the Google pagerank thing. For me, that’s my underpinning for progress, and I haven’t even developed any sea legs yet.

  • Hey Yaro

    Great to see that things are going so great for you. And I must say, the social proof thing is working!

    All the best!

    Gideon Shalwick

  • Congratulations Yaro on doing so well.

    Sure this is an element of social proof to showing people profits in this way, but with you it is all shown with such clarity and detail that we can be sure that it is legitimate. You are doing a fantastic job by showing people how they can blog and make a dollar.

  • mw

    Thanks for sharing those inspiring numbers. It gives an idea on where to focus efforts.

  • I am very impressed with your work. Congratulations! I realy like the way that you write. It is simple and eazy to understand. I still figuring out how to create my own blog (inside my webpage http://www.paulopics.com). Do you have any preference? wordpress.org or .com, blog.com, etc?

  • Hi Yaro,


    This article helps me a lot how to diversify the income source.

    Upto last month i was putting adsense but they banned me.

    Now I learned from you they are lot of other sources

    Thank you yaro


  • Congratulations Yaro in achieving a 6 figure blog. If this is to be the last of these posts that what a way to wind them up!

    As one of your BMM Students I have to say that the course is so worthwhile. I have learnt such a lot since I joined. And now i have to play a bit of catch up as I have been overseas for a month and have only just returned.

  • Congratulations Yarok!

    Great accomplishment. At The Budget Fashionista, we passed the six figure mark about a year and half . Now we’re working on our next six figure blog- See Jack Shop

  • good stuff, you got yourself another subscriber here.

  • thats cool, i have adsense since 3 years and nothing received yet 🙁

    keep growing ;D

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  • Excellent Yaro! 🙂

    Congratulations on your success, and thank you
    for sharing. This is indeed incouraging to us
    fledgeling bloggers.



  • anonymous

    Hey dude.. congrats on making this much.

    I just hope you can still look yourself in the eye even after knowing you promote shady get rich quick schemes like “reverse funnel system”, etc.

    Care to break down your Affiliate Income?

    What % came from scammy Internet Marketing sites, and what % came from semi-legit sources at least?

    • mw

      Is this true Yaro??????????????

  • […] I received my first e-lesson as soon as I signed up. It points me to a lot of excellent resources from interviews to downloadable audio lessons. I found the audio lessons very straight-forward. It tells you exactly what you must do and why you must do it. I am quite eager to flip through the succeeding e-lessons next week to start earning money like Yaro. […]

  • Yaro, you keep doing it. Can hardly wait to see October’s report. I want to walk in your shoes.

  • That is awesome. One day I’ll be doing that. Keep up the good work.

  • […] In September I enjoyed a record month in blog income, breaking the $10,000 a month mark for the first time since I started recording my blog income in 2007. You can read the post I made outlining how I made the money here – I Made $10,899.83 From Blogging in September. […]

  • congratulations!

    My income went up 37% in january. Its a lot less than yours but i’m still stoked!

  • Great infomation. I have been looking for a resource like this for some time. I am looking forward to learning much from you.

  • Mildred

    I made $4.50 from google in 4 years time and since they do not cash out below a certain amount, I will never get it anyway. From affiliates, I once had $12, which was encouraging in the beginning, but
    I guess my subject isn’t as popular as writing about money 🙂
    It would be nice to make monet with wht really interests me, but it is so nich that not a dog is interested, so webbusiness appears to be hopeless for me anyway.

    Notwithstanding, congratulations.

  • Alexey

    You come across as avery authentic person. I just joined blogmastermind today. I am based in India and look forward to learning frpm and interacting with you. It is very generous of you to share your success and your “trade secrets”. Keep up the good work.

  • I’ve heard a lot about you, but I didn’t know you’re still so young, which made me more impressed. I got your blueprint. I know I’ll learn a lot from it. Thanks!

  • Robert

    THanks Yaro, I look forward to the newsletters. I know blogging takes time but you are proof of what’s possible if you do it right and with passion.

  • Well done Yaro. I’ve listening/reading your advice for quite some time and I’m on the verge of joining the Blog Mastermind program. Even thought my DemoGeek.com blog is in its toddler stage it has great content for its niche and would like to take to the top. I’m already and willing to work hard to get to the top.

  • Congratulations! Your such an inspiration for all the aspiring blogger like me. Running a blog and make it on top is not that easy unless I managed it properly and doing some efforts and motivated and inspired enough. Good job!

  • Thank you Yaro! I found this to be very inspirational and wanted to be sure to “THANK YOU”.

  • Well I hope to be making as much in the near future. I imagine if I continue to follow your blueprint, I will have not worries. just takes time and consistancy.
    Thanks Yaro, I really appreciate it.

  • When i read stuff like this i know im doing something wrong. i know it dosent happen overnight but its all good, im gonna follw your blue print hopefully ill make my blog work for me in strad of it being the oter way round


  • Im so excited, reading this information you provide us. Ive been studying problogger these last few months, which is how I found your ebook Blog Profits Blueprint. Thanks for all that you do.

  • Reading the Blog Profits Blueprint now. Just finished the how to make your first $1,000 in business last week. Hoping to join Blog Master Mind real soon 🙂

  • After reading this blog, I’m very excited about learning how to make money from blogging. This is definitely a motivator for me to learn as much as possible and be consistent. Even though I may not have the funds to join Blog Mastermind, I’m getting started by reading Blog Profits Blueprint and taking notes. Until I’m able to join, I will keep attaining knowledge and putting it to work so that my blog can work for me. Thanks for posting such great content and sharing everything you’ve learned with others such as myself. I look forward to getting started on my journey to success, and with consistency, hard work, and help from the experts such as yourself, I can finally reach my goals.

    Thanks for everything Yaro

  • I recently started my new blog. Its only 1 week actually. However whenever i need motivation I come back to this post of yours. You will not believe me but I have read it a million times 😉 I only hope some day I reach where your today. God Bless and Work Hard as usual

  • Your message is like god’s message these time , i am new blogger and very passionate to achieve my goal.

    Thanks for motivation i also downloaded your blueprint pdf will read it tonight.


  • Good post, well crafted I must say.

  • I’m looking forward to getting stuck into your various training methods, Yaro, and one aspect that i’m particularly interested in is advertising. I’m reticent to use any on my site, as I have a very particular ‘ethical’ focus to my work (I’m a food blogger) and I don’t want their to be incompatibilities between advertising and my material. I hope that you might have written about this somewhere? I’ll soon find out! Thanks and see you round, Angela

    • Oh, and just as a matter of interest, I live in Brisbane too (just read that in your pdf). It’s great that famous blogs don’t have to come from famous cities to be successful.

  • I’m now a copywriter and a blogger. Thanks Yaro for your free blueprint document, it reads really well. When I make some mulah frommy writing I’ll look at doing your mastermind course

  • Hey Yaro! Just downloaded your Blog Masterming Blueprint and I’m so appreciating all of the awesome nuggets of info! Will certainly keep in touch! Quickly realizing your e-mails are the first to open! Thanx!

  • I’m on about $1,000 per month with my various blogging projects. Looking forward to watching that grow…

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  • Thanks for sharing with us how much you made. Hearing stories like yours gives me motivation as a blogger to continue. I will definitely be creating membership sites (thanks for telling me why they are important).

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  • It is really inspirational for me to watch you, Pat Flynn and few others excel in this high competitive markets of the blogging world. Hoping to grow from avg 800$ to 5K – But it seems a long way to go to get there! Keep inspiring us!

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