Is There A Force Behind Everything In Life?

If this is the first time you have read this series on how to create Positive Change in your life, please read the previous chapters in the series before continuing –

After reading the preceding chapters you will have a strong foundation, and a set of tools you can apply to your life to essentially get whatever you want.

In the previous chapter, part five, I introduced the idea that there are two forces that have a significant impact on our lives. They are –

  1. All other humans on this planet, in particular those you come into contact with somehow during your life time.
  2. The greater universe, or intelligence, or spirit, or god, or whatever you want to call it, behind how everything works.

I began a discussion on what I have come to know of the force behind everything, as I choose to perceive it. This chapter I will reveal to you how I gained my awareness of aspects of this force, why I decided to interpret it as so, and how you can come to know it and leverage it for your own positive change.

Bear in mind, as I’ve stated previously, all of this comes down to your choice to see these spiritual aspects of your existence and give them meaning. You can ignore these ideas if you want to, take parts, adapt them to fit within your existing religious or spiritual context or label it all a bunch of hogwash – basically do whatever you like.

The only recommendation I have for you is to stay open minded enough to read these words and conceive them as you choose, don’t ignore them just out of ignorance. If something rings true to you, take it on board, if it doesn’t, then ignore it. If you’re not sure, experiment, then decide. You make the rules, but you have to at least be open to new ideas for them to potentially benefit you.

Authors, Omens, The Secret And The Power Of Now

Let me take you back on a quick trip through my studies of the subject of the nature of why things are the way they are. This is a particularly contemporary journey if you believe the world is going through some kind of awakening right now, because in many ways it chronicles a form of awakening within me to the idea of a force behind everything.

Given the background stories I revealed in the previous chapter, explaining situations that have left me asking questions about the nature of my existence, what I’m about to reveal is my attempt to find some answers from other sources, in particular authors of popular spiritual literature.

The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho

In my early twenties, I was as lost as most people are when it comes to purpose. I was in university, working part time jobs and cruising along in an at times mildly depressive stupor. It was a roller coaster time for me, and I often felt lost and helpless, though there were many good times too.

One of the very first books I read during this period that had a profound impact on me, was The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

The Alchemist is a parable about a young shepherd’s journey across the desert in search of a treasure. The book offers many spiritual insights as you travel along with the shepherd, but essentially, the core message is that life is a journey, not a destination. I’ve never read a book that does a better job of delivering this message and making it real for me.

Paulo as an author has an incredible ability to use language to express feelings, like no other writer I have ever come across. The Alchemist opened my eyes to many ideas and made the world feel much more spiritual.

One concept in particular stuck with me, the idea that there are “omens” or sign-posts that the universe presents to help guide you towards your purpose (Paulo calls this purpose your “Personal Legend”). Before this I had certainly marveled at life’s little coincidences, the cool things that happen and you go – “wow, that’s just uncanny” – but I didn’t really see them as sign-posts, or omens, or divine messages given to you by some kind of force.

I went on to read all of Paulo Coelho’s books that have been translated into English, many of which had a profound impact on me (try The Pilgrimage, Veronika Decides To Die, The Devil and Miss Prim and The Valkyries). His writing made me see the world as something that is DESIGNED to help me, if I’m willing to acknowledge and work with the “omens” that are not just random coincidences, they have real meaning, if I am willing to see them that way.

Rather than feel like a floating random object in a completely random universe, I now decided that I would work with the idea that there are forces at play that I can choose to work with, rather than ignore. Even if I wasn’t sure whether they existed (and boy do have I plenty of examples since then that I can choose to see as proof – life is one big example!), I may as well work with them if they can help me experience what I want.

The Secret, What The Bleep Do We Know And The Law of Attraction

Years later after first discovering The Alchemist, and having started to well and truly develop a sense of spirituality, I began to focus more on my own personal development, in a concentrated manner.

Prior to this I “floated” a lot in life and didn’t really push myself. As I discovered what I wanted to do for a living, realized what I was good at, and became more settled in my direction, it became clear what parts of my personal development needed work. It was around then that I discovered Steve Pavlina’s personal development blog and first heard about an underground hit movie called The Secret.

There are plenty of mixed feelings out there about The Secret, which is inevitable when something becomes mainstream. Some view it as misleading and preying on fools who think they can just “imagine up” whatever they want. Others consider it a truly powerful tool for manifesting what you want in your life and follow it with near evangelical fanaticism.

I viewed the movie while it was still technically an underground hit, with certain groups online spreading the word. It hadn’t made it to Oprah yet, so most people didn’t know about it, and hence I had very few preconceptions. My reaction to it was extremely positive, and I felt truly inspired, taking away a strong message of hope and a sense of power that I could influence many aspects of my life.

I’m not going to dissect The Secret here, however I recommend if you haven’t seen it yet, go out and do so, it’s enjoyable, just keep a level head when you do. I recommend the original movie, not the book. .

The core message that The Secret reinforced was similar to what Paulo Coelho’s books had first instilled in me, talking about universal forces that you work with for benefit. The Secret took it further, mixing in some science and attempted to present a practical process to make it real in your life, along with some hype and intrigue to make it exciting and help it spread further.

Before watching The Secret I had viewed What The Bleep Do We Know (and there’s the extended version – Down The Rabbit Hole), which also attempts to meld science with spirituality, though the focus on science, in particular quantum mechanics, is stronger in What The Bleep.

I find the merging of these two worlds fascinating, as in general the practitioners of science and the believers of spirit don’t get along too well when it comes to agreeing on the nature of the universe. Science looks for hard proof using a set of laws considered truth by the practitioners, and runs experiments within this framework of truth to verify or disprove hypothesis. Spiritual seekers come to know things based on faith, feelings, experiences and a choice to see things in a certain way.

I’m not a scientist, so I found what was revealed in these movies regarding science backing up the spirituality, and vice-versa (though science of course would never ask for help from spirituality for validation) interesting and even inspiring, however I’m wary of the extreme viewpoint in both groups.

Some scientists see an absolute truth that is just too absolute for me, and some spiritual people are perhaps too devoted to something that they lose their sense of physical reality. Of course all of this is fine, and we should cherish that we have freewill to enjoy these different viewpoints that people are willing to explore and share with us, so we can make up our own minds.

The Secret draws heavily upon a concept known as The Law of Attraction (LOA), which you could say is the secret. The movie features Esther and Jerry Hicks, the former of whom is said to channel an entity known as “Abraham”. These three are the most well known teachers of the LOA, and I found Esther’s (or Abraham’s) contribution to The Secret compelling. It was my first exposure to the LOA.

The Law Of Attraction is a universal law that says like attracts like, and with the power of your intention you “pull” towards you what you are focusing on and feeling. In fact we are doing this all the time, with our thoughts, feelings, decisions and actions dictating what kind of life we lead.

The idea that the universe is governed by this force, is quite compatible with the concept of “omens” introduced in The Alchemist. If you want something, you think about it and feel what it would feel like to experience what you want (this is important), doors then open for you (look for omens) thanks to the LOA, and if you decide to walk through the doors they lead to what you want.

Steve Pavlina talks about the need to change your vibration to resonate with the energy you want to attract, which is why it is so important to feel the state you want to be in, even if you are not. However it has to be genuine, you can’t fake this or fool yourself, so Steve recommends visualization as a helpful tool to manifest the feeling in you, to change your vibration and thus attract what you want.

We are dynamic creatures and the LOA is very specific, so what you think you want isn’t always what you project to the universe, hence more often than not we don’t attract quite what we are expecting. The process takes refinement, because let’s face it, most of us don’t know exactly what we want, instead we live through a process of elimination learning about what we DON’T want, to discover what we really want (and ultimately realize we had it inside us all along!).

The process takes time, and given we feel such strong emotions in a single moment, we often want things to be different immediately, when in reality change on the outside is not instant. Most people lack prolonged focus and congruency between thoughts, feelings and actions to truly leverage what the LOA proposes to offer, at least if we are to use it in a proactive way to get what we want.

The Secret, What the Bleep and discovering the Law of Attraction, like all spiritual resources I’ve come across, taught me many things, but “learning” is not the right way to put it. It feels more like a sense of “this is right” and “I know this already, but it just wasn’t as clear as it is now“. It’s a clarification process rather than learning process – it’s as if we are remembering how something works, but the knowledge was always there, it just needed the light of our awareness shined upon it.

That being said, it’s challenging to practice the LOA, and I’ve had to continuously refine my understanding of how it works, and my own practice of it. At times I haven’t believed it at all, or ignored it, while in other points in my life, like with my perception of Omens, I’ve seen uncanny proof in my life that the LOA is well and truly active.

The Law Of Attraction As A Process

The beautiful thing about the LOA and at least part of what is presented in The Secret and What The Bleep Do We Know, is the practicality of the ideas, even if you are exceptionally pragmatic and decide to throw away any need to “have faith” and instead just look at results.

You can switch off the spiritual aspect, ignore the concept of some kind of universal force helping you and look at it as a process that, if executed well, works.

If you convince yourself that certain actions will take you to where you want to go, the simple act of taking action and making decisions will lead you closer to the result, because of the fact that you took action.

If you decide you want to make a change to your life, the typical process goes something like this –

  1. Isolate the problem you have, opening a door in your awareness that helps you “see” possible opportunities for change
  2. When opportunities surface you decide which to pursue
  3. This eventually leads to taking a set of actions, and ultimately…
  4. You have a result

You repeat this process until you reach a point where you are satisfied with the change.

None of this requires you believe you have some kind of universal force helping you and you don’t even need to consider any science about quantum particles affected by your intentions, thus drawing things to you. It’s just do this and this happens. Simple as that.

You can make this process as spiritual or scientific as you want to, or you can ignore it all and just see what happens when you make decisions and take action.

I personally feel more inspired and life is more enjoyable when I acknowledge, respect and flow with what I perceive as a force that is there to help me. This is especially true when I’m struggling and my emotions are doing everything they can to derail my progress. The battle between emotion, logic, mind and body is an absolute roller coaster ride, so being able to see the divine behind the every day and know your purpose, helps you to maintain focus.

(You can read about the practical implementation of this attitude in my blog article – How To Remain Productive When You Feel Like Giving Up.)

It helps me to believe in universal laws because it makes me feel a lot less alone, which may in fact be one of the core reasons we even want there to be some kind of force helping us – so we don’t feel lonely. Whether or not that force exists is completely subjective, no matter how strong science might argue for or against it. It’s up to you to decide whether it exists and then use that belief, or lack thereof, to help you.

When things are subjective (which ultimately is everything in life – there is no such thing as truth, only perceived truth, even in science), that means we have the power of interpretation. I’ve learned to make “smart choices” and leverage what appears to work and what feels best. Feelings are fantastic barometers for how well you are doing and what is true for you. It’s a smart idea to leverage your feelings to help you, rather than hinder you.

The Power of Now

In 2009 a new phenomenon surfaced in the form of author Eckhart Tolle, who aided by the raw distribution power of Oprah, was able to influence a lot of people with the ideas in his book, A New Earth.

Before A New Earth, Eckhart rose to fame with his first book, The Power of Now, which I studied in audio format in 2009 along with the ten part Eckhart and Oprah series on The New Earth.

Eckhart’s core idea is that there is only one moment, the now, and all human suffering and problems stem from two sources –

  1. The ego’s insatiable need for recognition, and
  2. Our deranged fascination with the future and the past, which only exist in the mind

Eckhart is an incredible force for clarity. Although his writing, and definitely his speaking style (I’ve attended a couple of his in-person workshops), are at times dry and lack flavor, his ability to make statements that cut through the noise of life is incredible.

Studying Eckhart’s teachings took my self awareness to a new level. Previously in my life when I had panic attacks, as a means to stop them I became aware of my own thoughts, that little voice inside my head that talks to me throughout the entire day, which we all have.

Becoming aware of your self-talk is an incredibly powerful skill, especially when you work on manipulating it to become a force for reinforcing positive aspects of your life, rather than negative. The little voice often defaults to negativity, if you have learned negative thought patterns as your standard viewpoint in life, which many of us have. Monitoring this “conversation” with yourself and then changing it to positive can drastically improve your life – it certainly did for me.

Eckhart made me question what, or who, exactly this voice is. Once you become aware of the voice you start to realize there must be the voice and the observer of the voice – so who or what is the observer?

Trying to “think” your way to an answer to this question is impossible, the only way to know is to stop the voice and see what is left. This, in essence, is the power of now – the single moment where you exist with no label, no voice, no projection into the future or reference into the past (both constructs of the mind and communicated to you through the little voice). Once you enter the now and become present, your true identity arises, or so Eckhart teaches.

I’ve written extensively about the idea of entering the present, or what is sometimes called – Flow State – something we all enter when we experience what we are most passionate about, or when situations force us to focus. In my life, writing blog posts where I tap into creative forces to create content results in entering flow in the present, as does playing tennis, and listening to music. Other people experience this when they race cars, or rock climb, or speak on stage, or read a book, or in all manner of activities.

For a more detailed look at flow state, how your memories of the past slow you down and how your expectations of the future cause stress, read – If You Want Success Today, Let Yesterday Go And Stop Seeking Tomorrow.

After you stop the voice, become still and enter the now, it can be said that you have gone as close to the spirit as you can in physical form. Much spiritual practice, especially in some religions and yogic philosophies, have an objective to reach a state where you transcend the physical. The “practice”, whether it is prayer, meditation, a set of movements or a form of devotion, have the same purpose, to help you drop your attachment to the physical, in order to enter the spiritual realm. This state of letting go is considered blissful and leads to becoming enlightened, or at least that is what is taught, and apparently experienced by a select few people on this planet.

Clearly we are entering a realm of discussion you’re not used to reading on a blog like this about internet marketing, and if you’re still reading this, I expect you are at least interested in this topic and have a sense of spirituality about you. I said this series of articles was heading in a new direction, although I believe a discussion like this, especially as it impacts creating positive change, is relevant, even to internet marketing, since we are all humans trying to figure things out for ourselves.

Ultimately, as you constantly change and move toward what you want in your life, questions of the nature of your existence will arise, as they did for me and do for countless others. However I like to keep things practical whenever possible, and I believe this is one of my strengths. I enjoy examining the spiritual and have experienced transcendent moments to know how true they are, but I also see the need to translate this into the physical world, so the ideas can reach as large an audience as possible.



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The Ego

Eckhart Tolle has a great lesson for us, which can be observed without any spiritual context at all, and can be of immense practical benefit. He’s wrapped this concept into what he calls the Ego.

The word “ego” for me came with some baggage that was developed because of how I heard the word used during my upbringing. To put it simply – to have a “big ego” was considered bad. It means you are full of yourself, that you consider yourself superior to everyone else and this makes you arrogant and unlikable. As I grew up, whenever I became confident of something I suddenly became wary of how I expressed it for fear of being labeled as having too big an ego.

My interpretation of the ego had nothing to do with Sigmund Freud’s use of the term in Psychoanalysis. Although surrounded by counselors, therapists and psychotherapists in my family, I walked a decidedly different path and focused on business instead. As a result I simply saw the ego as your sense of self – similar to your self esteem, which had to be kept down to earth in order to avoid becoming labeled as something I saw as negative – a person who spent way too much time basking in their own glory.

Eckhart introduces the concept of the Ego as a form of energy that exists in all of us, which although only a construct of thoughts, is powerful enough to be at the heart of all the worlds problems, and most of our individual issues as well.

The Ego is our identity with form. If the present moment is the doorway to our true self as a part of spirit, the Ego is the opposite and thus the tool we use to operate within the physical world. The Ego is nothing more than labels and emotional responses we have assigned to the labels. It allows us to operate within the world, but unfortunately for most people on the planet, the ego is conditioned to operate from a base level of fear and scarcity, and as a result, stimulates negative emotions and actions.

The Ego demands recognition and is constantly comparing itself to other things. It lashes out when it doesn’t get what it wants, makes you feel good when people praise you and always demands more. It has an insatiable desire – and that, unfortunately is why it is impossible to satisfy the Ego.

Eckhart’s teachings about the Ego are helpful because it makes you reflect on how you react to your world. If you identify how you think and feel with the Ego, and not your true self, you begin to see how dependent you are on everything and everyone around you.

This is a terrible place to come from because everything about you is dictated by external forces. Your validation comes from other people and material existence, which means you are like a ship lost at sea, impacted by every gain and loss, forever riding a roller coaster of emotion. You cry out when someone takes something from you, and look to validate your existence by demonstrating to others that you matter. If what you are is dependent on what is false – on what material possessions you own, what you do for a job, how much money you make, how attractive your physical appearance is, where you live and ultimately – what other people think of you – then you suffer.

Of course there is purpose in Ego. You need the reference point offered by an understanding of the Ego and its separateness from who you are, so you can discover the “power of now” – the present moment where Ego can’t exist and where what you truly are does. Once you do this, you gain freedom, the kind of freedom that only comes from a new awareness of what your existence is, where nothing – and I truly mean nothing – can impact you in a way you don’t choose to let it impact you. This is how people reach a new level of awakening – which you might call enlightenment – when they realize they are not their physical form, and thus transcend the mundane motivations of the Ego.

I wholeheartedly recommend you read the Power of Now and A New Earth, in that order, regardless of your spiritual or religious beliefs. I find the ideas very applicable and practical, and although difficult to absorb and practice completely (I’m far from a master myself), opening this door is a very powerful first step towards a new way of being.

This is not a light subject, and I don’t expect all of this to sink in for you if you are new to these ideas or they challenge your current beliefs. These are concepts that I’ve learned from studying the words of other people and referencing them back to my own experiences and seeing what fits. This is not meant to be gospel or a new form of religion – they are simply words which I’ve attached meaning to. It’s up to you to decide what you do with them, but I hope they benefit you in some way.

Where Does This Leave Us?

I’ve introduced various concepts in this article, including –

  • The existence of Omens delivered by a universe that has intention, if we choose to believe and follow them
  • The Law of Attraction – like attracts like – which means how we think and feel dictates what we experience and actually manipulates the physical world
  • The power of the present moment, which in essence is all we have and all we will ever have
  • The insatiable Ego, driven by a fear of loss and a desire for recognition, necessary to navigate the physical world, but unfortunately completely out of control causing us to make decisions rooted in fear

All of these concepts refer to the existence of two realms – the physical world, which we all know very well, and the spiritual world, or what you might call what is “not” the physical world, or at least not perceivable by our physical awareness, which not everyone believes in.

For me, understanding and believing in these ideas, or at least using them as tools to help live my life, has helped to enrich my experience of creating what I want from my existence. Of course they are not hard-truths for me, but nevertheless, they have immense value, and simply put – make my life more peaceful to live.

There’s one more resource I want to talk about before I end this section of the series on Positive Change, something that I’ve come to call my “bible”, which surprised me, especially coming from such a secular background. This resource ties in all the concepts talked about above – and more importantly has offered to me a possible explanation for why we all exist and what’s the point of life in the first place.

Ultimately what I’m talking about is just a story I’ve decided to give meaning to – a construction of ideas that in this case, make a heck of a lot of sense. Sense, however, isn’t the appropriate word because it implies understanding from a physical, logical “thinking” viewpoint. In this case, simply “knowing” it’s true – the ultimate feeling when you break open an awareness that experience dictates as true – is what I am talking about.

Confused? That’s to be expected, and I’ll do my best to explain what I’m talking about and reveal what this resource is, in the next chapter in this series.

For the time being, take on board these ideas and see if they help you see a new form of truth. I encourage you to seek more information and study the resources I’ve referenced to come to your own conclusions. These ideas can help you realize a form of positive change in your life that transcends anything physical, which is truly the highest form of change you can ever experience.

Update: Part 7 is available – What Is The Nature Of Truth?

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  • Yaro, the more i read your blog the more i understand that being an entrepreneur makes you a better person (at least onlne) Am i the only one thinking this?


    • Your Message:

      Hi Fred, I couldn’t resist throwing out my opinion on your question about “being an entrepreneur makes you a better person.” Man, if it were that easy, there’d be a whole lot of better people out there, especially all the internet marketers who are trying to sell us stuff!

      As per Yaro’s latest spiritual messages, becoming a better person involves a lifetime of awareness and practice of the principles that Yaro writes about. But your question indicates that you’re on the right track by even asking it.

      There is no Holy Grail that comes along with being an entrepreneur. In fact, I would offer this, that entrepreneurship has the potential to derail a person further from becoming better by focusing one’s attention too much on “making money” versus becoming a better person.

      Entrepreneurship is a very slippery slope for those of us who are in the business of sharing information, knowledge and ourselves with others via the internet. One can become enamored with our own self importance at great cost to our spiritual growth and the potential growth of others if we focus too much on “building our business” without taking into account the principles that Yaro espouses at every step of our entrepreneurial walk.

      I share this with you as a man who has walked many miles searching for the “truth” of life; in India, in the Philippine jungles, throughout the Middle East, via a practice as a psychotherapist, trying to help others through service to them, etc.

      What I found, for me, was a path that led right back to who I was, or was not, inside of myself. It also led me back to the God of my childhood, a Father God who loves me much more in depth and adequately than my birth father ever could. But that’s a whole other story.

      Keep asking the hard questions Fred. And for me, it’s more important to spend time in quiet contemplation and listening for the answers to the hard questions than seeking answers outside of yourself.

      Personally I use meditation and prayer to accomplish this. For you, it might be reflection in nature or something else that allows you to quiet your mind and tap into the answers within.

      Enjoy the journey because without doing that, the destination will be a big disappointment…

      Cheers Bro


  • Thanks for sharing Yaro. I’ve been on a path for quite some time and find that the Universe also can present some “reviews” to allow you to be come conscious of the choices and to implement the new skills and state of consciousness.

    I jokingly call this the “universal test.”

    In my book, What Animals Can Teach Us about Spirituality you can see a lot of lessons animals motivate us to take.

    I’ll see if I can find the ebook copy and send it.

  • Hey Yaro …

    I am really loving your positive change series!

    Sometimes we deep down “know” all these things – but need a reminder to embrace them again, especially if we find ourselves in a rut.

    So thanks for your “spiritually” enlightened blogs.



    PS: To add to your list of great books to read – I would recommend John Maxwell’s “Thinking for a Change”.

  • Hello, Yaro!

    I have read the book and watched the movie and also watched some movies about water that it can take and carry the energy of one’s thoughs, mood or words. That is if your thoughts or mood are happy or joyous, the water becomes “happy” and carries that energy and affects well. If your thoughts or words are bad or evil, it affects worse. Thus, if you pray, it helps, if you curse, it ruins. You can read more about it on Masato Emoto’s site

    So, since air contains particles of water then it is affected by our mood and thoughts. That has something in common to The Secret.

  • Yaro,

    Re: you can’t fake this or fool yourself

    The ability to deceive ourselves is a permanent trait in us all and very hard to root out.

    The point Freud made about the Ego was that everything one does (everything!) is done to benefit oneself.

    Why? Because the ego is solely concerned with its own survival. Everything else is a threat.

    Morale posturing, religion, charity, even starting a family etc can all be manufactured by the ego to justify its ultimate aim – to create a better life for itself.

    What you’ve outlined above is very admirable but one needs to be careful not to sabotage one’s endeavors, especially as there are so many ‘false prophets’ out there.

    Marcus Aurelius is worth reading if you’ve not read him.


  • Yaro, I believe that this entire process is simply old wine in new bottles. Time tested methods used by other spiritual paths have produced same results without the modern mumbo jumbo. The problem is, as I understand it, that our educational systems throughout the world have taken the path of secularism to ridiculous extremes, depriving students of a spiritual base to live fruitful lives. So, new age gurus, and self help methods flourish.

  • I’m reading through your posts within your positive change series, some of them for the second time. Sometimes we need a little refresher…just to keep everything in check.

  • I really enjoyed reading this and motivated me to think positively. I have watched the Secret. I think I need to watch it again. The last time that I watched the movie was 3 years ago. Although the concept is very simple, it is powerful and inspiring.

  • Hello. I applaud you for bringing in these topics here. Great and thank you!
    I my opinion there are universal truths. There is also interpretation. But to say there is only interpretation is self-contradicting. If there were only interpretations, then one could equally interpret that idea as false. In this way, nothing really has any value or depth so I personally don’t subscribe to that idea that there are only interpretations. If I drop a heavy stone on your foot there is no question about your interpretation, it hurts. Gravity is a universal truth and there won’t be a choice if it hurts you or not.

    There is truth in every moment. THEN come interpretation but interpretation is not making the truth. The truth exists with or without your interpretation. It is also worth-while to mention that your interpretation depends on your awareness; a baby, a teenager, an old person etc etc. So, I value interpretation by people with higher awareness. I don’t like the interpretation of a terrorist for example.

    It interests me that you mention the power of now and the ego. This, in my mind, is more about spirituality. I mean that spirituality is about the spirit, beingness or everything that is. It is not only about the ego. The power of now talks about seeing more than just the ego, beyond the ego. The secret does not do that. The secret really only sees the world through the ego and what the ego wants. That is totally ok and it is good to learn that you can affect your reality this way, especially for business, right?

    But, ego is a very tiny aspect of life and there are many many other parts of your being that affects your reality. I think the secret has a positive impact but ultimately it does not interest me in the deeper sense of spirituality.

    Thanks again for your enthusiasm and bravery!

  • Thanks for sharing, Yaro! I’ve been meaning to read The Alchemist but I haven’t gotten to it yet. I’m definitely marking that as one of my priority reads for the future!

  • The secret is very inpiring, it has changed my life…

  • I have listened to “the secret”, read “the power of now” and “the alchemist”, as you say Yaro I think you have to be open minded to learn and grow. I am sorry that I did’nt have all this amazing personal development information sooner in my life……so thanks for passing on the messages to your audience, you can only attract more love, positive energy and success!

  • Another great post on positive change!

    The part about FLOW resonates with me the most because that’s what really drives me these days – achieving that flow state more and more often.

    I get it when I train, when I meditate, when I play the drums and when I’m involved in meaningful interactions. Time just ceases to exist and I feel almost euphoric.

    Life is a combination of states, energies and flows so we must be aware of it at any moment in time.

    Thanks again Yaro!

  • Great post Yaro, I agree with Fred’s comment above.There’s just something about entrepreneurship that improves yourself overall. There is such a learning experience in entrepreneurship that manifests itself into self-improvement. Again, great article Yaro, thanks for sharing.

  • This post certainly made me want to know more about the “omens” in my life I may not be aware of. I’ll also check out the books and movies you mentioned in this article over the weekend.

    • This is an outstanding series, Yaro. I’ve read or watched most of the material you’ve referenced here, but will check out Paulo Coelho. “Ask And It Is Given” (Hicks) should be required reading for every human!

  • Re the science: any experiment in quantum mechanics gets the same results whoever conducts it – quantum mechanics does not mean that individual consciousness directly affects material reality. It may be that this happens, but it is not quantum mechanics that shows this.

    No such thing as truth? Would you really tell your child to ‘go play on the highway’ and just ignore the cars because they are only perceived not real?

    Realising that we live in the here and now (not that we should but that we do – like you say this isn’t so much learnt as realised to fit) changed my life. It was a wonderful liberation for me.

    I’m enjoying this series and looking forward to the next instalment. I’m not sure that consciousness has much to do with success (in the physical world there are random events and good fortune, like being born in a particular time and place) – but I think consciousness is more important.

  • Hi Yaro, great work in bringing these concepts to a new audience, and explaining them so clearly. I didn’t really have time to read this article, or to write a comment, but I’m glad I took the time to do so anyway…. 🙂

    While i’ve been a meditator and spiritual seeker for many years, i’ve only recently begun REALLY applying my knowledge to the work i do online as an entrepreneur and online strategy consultant.

    This is really the next wave, as we all move towards the “ultimate complexity” (have you read Shantaram?) – and the global shift that is currently taking place. We have reached and passed the tipping point on conscious awareness as a collective experience and understanding. It’s exciting – cheers to you!

  • Thanks for sharing. I am a believer in the power of positive thinking. With all of lifes setbacks I tell myself I can, I can, I can. I always try to change a disadvantage into an advantage. If I try hard enough it happens.

  • Thanks for the reviews, Yaro. Positive thinking is so important. That’s why I love reading authors like John Maxwell, Joyce Meyer and Casey Treat. The one I’ve been into lately is the Third Dimension by Dr. Cho. Great stuff!

  • Yaro, You are becoming a new age blow hard. All this nonsense about Oprah and Eckart Tolle is gobbledygook. Quit navel gazing and get on with being an entrepreneur! Besides, you’re chasing the feel good spirituality. If spiritual destiny depended on how good you felt about yourself, humanity is a lost cause. However, there is spirituality that is based on faith because it is by God’s grace that someone can be truly saved and not by works so that no man can boast. This is Biblical truth. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

    • Your Message

      This is a contardicting statement. One is about quitting the “spiritual NEW AGE stuff. And then come a quote by the bible,. Is this a joke?

      • I’m with Jose. If you’re looking for any truth or substance in life, INCLUDING in your business and home life, there’s no need to go devouring anything and everything by every weirdo author out there. The Bible has absolutely everything you could ever need, and more. God created us in His image for His pleasure and to have fellowship with us, and we go run after other sources of inspiration for life’s answers – go figure!

        As for the universe? Psalm 91:1 says: “The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork.” Another scripture says God measures the universe in the span of His hand. And yet He’s so intimately acquainted with us that he knows each hair on our heads.

        And as Jose said: “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16)

        Wake up!

      • AP

        I agree man. What f….d up father would give away his son! That is no father that I would like to associate with! A lot of so called “believers” are so non-spiritual – like our man above! Go the “spiritual atheist – I say!

        Yaro – Good post

  • Great post Yaro, it’s good to delve below the skin and decide what our beliefs really are and how they came to be. I’m all for expanding my universe but sometimes it’s better to just achnowledge there is a force greater than us but focus more on taking positive steps forward – every day.

  • Three hundred years ago, the Enlightenment liberated the individual ego to explore beyond the borders of a very constrained superstitious religious cultural control. Historically we can see this in the birth of the USA – the land of the free (or at least it was conceived as such.)

    With the Enlightenment came the scientific process by which we have subsequently gained a burgeoning understanding of the physical world. For me this almost defines the physical world as it exists within the spiritual world. This physical world exists as a scientifically understood clearing, within a much larger, more mysterious spiritual forest, which we are yet to explore scientifically.

    The argie-bargie at the perimeter of the clearing ( ala Richard Dawkins) is a bit of a side show. Most of us are reasonably competent at separating scientific proof from snake oil. Like many of your readers, I feel as if I can watch Oprah and be inspired by the possibilities, without being taken in by the various stuff she sometimes broadcasts which probably, simply ain’t true.

    I think a far more significant issue in all this communication technology is that it may be creating the opportunity to move past the cult of the individual which was so implicit in the Enlightenment.

    This will not be a return to some form of papal infallibility. Rather, I would sum it up as the age of the joint venture where we use the technology to create much more intimate intellectual teamwork that creates a more bountiful life for all. This is my favourite myth at the moment; the two college dropouts who invent the personal computer in their parent’s garage, by doing stuff they really love to do.

    This would be a nice improvement on the welfare state and the selfish me society where we waste all that money suing each other and paying government and commercial leaders to push us around, while we try pay everyone else not to produce anything.

    Now that would be progress. A world in which we all produce benefits while we have fun. This for me is the potential of the idea of living in the flow. Flow is both enjoyable and productive.

    In this context, your articles on finding your own music within is potentially a profound step forward towards living in harmony within our spiritual forest.

    Strength to your arm, Yaro.

  • Sometimes that force makes me angry.

  • Be wary of such thinking and teachings.

    ‘The Law of Attraction’ leads to an inner self-reliance that is unrealistic – ie the foundation of one’s thinking is ‘I did it all myself’ & equally ‘I am responsible for all that happens to me – both the good and the bad’ & ‘You can get whatever you want’.

    Such thinking can work and make sense in the doldrums of daily life, when reflecting on ways to improve your life, but when a crisis hits it becomes a psychologically dangerous point of view.

    For example, did those who died in the September 11 attacks ‘attract’ the painful deaths that were forced upon them by others? I stress the phrase FORCED UPON THEM.

    The sad truth is that to a large extent, we as human beings have little control over our lives.

    YES: We can and should make the best choices we can and also set clear goals that we work towards in a constant effort to improve ourselves. We should also be self-confident and fight to remove negative, self-defeating thinking.

    BUT: The ‘Law of Attraction’ steps over the line, putting self in the centre of everything. The ‘power’ referred to in the Law of Attraction is infact the power of ‘self’. The god of ‘self’.

    Such ideology is pure selfishness of potentially the worst kind in that it is a selfishness that leads to self destruction.

    A much healthier way of thinking is that:

    You may NEVER get the things you want from life – BUT THAT DOESN’T MATTER – It is the journey that counts, not the outcomes.

    It is strength of character in the face of defeat that makes one great, not the big wins in life.

    A hero is someone who is terrified, but continues despite the odds.

    As ANZAC day approaches (for fellow Aust and NZers), remember that sometimes the greatest defeats are what define you.

    In conclusion, let me give it to you straight. The opening sentence of this blog post is false:

    ‘After reading the preceding chapters you will have a strong foundation, and a set of tools you can apply to your life to essentially get whatever you want.’

    You and I CANNOT get WHATEVER we want.

    BUT as I say, that doesn’t matter. It is who you are and how you roll with the punches that counts.

    Value the journey my friends. Embrace your troubles and barriers.

  • “When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky”


  • I just have to add a comment with regards to the posts of 19 and 20.

    Personally I am 100% comfortable with the Law of Attraction because the basics of this law is actually a principle found in the Bible. Go and read the book of Proverbs again. The whole issue here is that one must trust God to bring into your life what He knows is best for you.


    • Hi Maartin

      The Law of Attraction is not in the Bible, and is in fact a teaching in contrast to the Bible.

      The Bible does not teach: ‘tools you can apply to your life to essentially get whatever you want’.

      You yourself said: ‘The whole issue here is that one must trust God to bring into your life what He knows is best for you.’

      The key difference between the teachings of the Bible and Law of Attraction are:

      LOA: I can get whatever I want
      Bible: God will provide what HE knows is best for me.

      Opposite teachings really.

      • I donno Martin, I think they are compatible. Jesus teaches “Ask and it shall be given.” “seek and the door shall be opened.” That sounds a lot like LOA to me. Ask means just what it says, ask, pray, visualize, write it down, etc. To me visualization is just drawing God a picture of what I want. No different than asking him verbally, actually sometimes I think visualizing works better.

        I have had to reconcile these two ideas for a while. I used to think it was wrong for me to ask for what I wanted because it was in opposition to what God wanted. But ultimately I realized that God gave us free will and physical, mental and spiritual abilities and he wants us to use them but int he right way. The conclusion I came to was that LOA is real but we want to create in alignment with God. It’s only then that we will be truly happy with the lives we create. God will allow us to create bad things but we will then have to face the consequences of those choices.

        • Hi William

          Yes, I know ‘The Secret’ quotes that verse of the Bible – a quote from Jesus – in an attempt to make its New Age spiritual teachings somehow appear to be compatible with Christianity. Having said this, I do also agree with what you wrote. It is good tell tell God exactly what you want, and in detail, including visualisation. God may then give you what you ask for and he may not. Equally you may then go after what you want, and you may not.

          But remember, the night in the garden of Gethsemane, Jesus went and prayed alone. He was terrified of what was going to happen to him to the point that his sweat was blood. He also asked God if there was another way to do things, and for God to take the burden from Him. In short Jesus did not want to die. He wanted to avoid the pain and suffering. But despite what he wanted, he also prayed: “God’s will be done”. He didn’t want to die, but He was willing to do it.

          This is where the LOA diverges from the teachings of the Bible. The LOA is centered on ‘me’. What I want – and those wants are usually material things. It also teaches that ‘I am responsible for the good and bad things that happen in my life’, which is a half-truth. I say half-truth because all of us should take responsiblity for our own thoughts, words and actions – but there are also many (if not the majority) of things that happen in our lives that are not the result of our thoughts, words or actions. We live in a world full of other people!

          So the key difference between the teaching of the Bible and that of the LOA is where is the foundation of your faith? In yourself? or in God?

          True faith in God results in true faith in self – because you know who you really are.

          • absolutely agreed! you know who you truly are, because you and God are in essence one and the same thing. you just don’t know it, can’t perceive it, can’t realize it, aren’t aware of it, aren’t sure of it, and that’s why you’re separated. according to the bible are we not all children of God?
            Teaching of the bible = God centered universe (incorrect view because God is a separate entity)
            Focus on ego = me centered universe ( incorrect view because I am a separate entity from everything else)
            The Power of Now = We centered universe (correct view because we are all part of the same universal Spirit or God)
            The first and second perceptions creates friction, the third creates flow.

        • Seek and it shall be given or I attract what I want are not quite the same. In the former a number of possible outcomes are possible and one is trained to accept whatever is the result with equanimity as His will. In the latter, there are only two outcomes, you get it or you don’t. If the latter, all the gurus of LOA say, that you have not gone through the process properly and to start all over again and read or see a video of how to go about doing it.

      • Hi John,

        I agree 100% with your statement “You yourself said: ‘The whole issue here is that one must trust God to bring into your life what He knows is best for you.’

        This is what I meant with my phrase you quoted.

        I do have some difficulty im expressing myself clearly, as I am not English speaking – so sorry for that…

        In any case, I think we are heading in exactly the same direction with our thoughts.

        There is a WONDERFUL book written by Dr. Henry Cloud – The Secret things of God.
        The book even looks exactly the same as The Secret (same size, layout, fonts etc) but it discusses the teachings of The Secret from a Christian perspective.

        If you haven’t read it, I would really like to recommend this book.

        Have a great day!


        • Hi Maartin

          Thank you for your reply. Your English seems perfect, so please do not be concerned about it!

          One comment I want to make, which is not to you specifically, but more to everyone.

          Please beware and be aware – the Law of Attraction was first taught as such via a group of spirits that call themselves Abraham.

          These spirits are responsible for this teaching and they teach through a lady by the name of Hicks.

          On their webpage Abrahan-Hicks, the group of spirits have their key teachings listed, some which are completely the opposite to that of the Bible. For example, No. 12 is:

          12. You Can Not Die; You Are Everlasting Life.

          The Bible says that none are immortal, except God. And that all of us will die. But God will restore us eternal life.

          Here is a video of Mrs. Hicks chanelling these spirits to a crowd who are clearly deluded by their desires to listen to such lies. Notice that the key thought being taught is that ‘You are God’ – the Bible says there is only one God and that God is certainly not you, or any other human being:

          The LOA is a teaching of pure evil wrapped up in paper that has the words ‘Love’ and ‘Get what you want’ written on it.

          Keep away from it, and you are well on the road to true happiness

      • Great post by Yarro, all very relevant, useful and inspiring. However, whenever we raise the topic of spiritual awareness, purpose and destiny, that invariably draws comments and references to biblical relevance or “irrelevance”. There is much conjecture over this and for good reason when one considers the plethora of varying biblical interpretations and messages plus the structuring of our modern Christian church since it’s first “blueprint” for implementation and control of the minds and actions of men via the Council of Nicea in 325 AD at Constantinople where the Christian elites voted on what would evolve into modern Christianity.
        Having said that,.. I move on to my relevant point and that is that I have seen two references so far in this reply thread that are so baseless and ignorant that I’m startled to see them on a thread that I had perceived to have attracted an intelligent audience of readers.
        First we have the moronic statement by “AP” to the effect that only a”Fu**’d” up father would sacrifice his only begotten son (the concept of the death of the world’s only sinless man being made as a sacrifice for all in order to end the concept of “death” as the price of sin is lost on you sir,.. the historical account of this event shows that in fact “death” was an illusion and was conquered,- evidenced by the fact that He did again raise up his body and again walk amongst men (for 42 days after the event in fact),… believe or don’t believe in the historian’s accounts…. your choice and I don’t care either way!).

        Then we come to your comments John in which you demonstrate further ignorance of biblical reference to the principles that Yaro is expounding here.
        You said there is no biblical reference to LOA (which in itself (LOA) is flawed/misinterpreted,.. and can be disproved by quantum physics,.. and yes I will rise to that challenge if required)
        Here’s just one biblical reference to LOA
        “As a man thinketh in his heart,- then so is he”,- Jesus
        “The Parable of The Talents” Matthew 25:14-30 (NIV) speaks specifically into the concept of LOA. … and there are many other references.

        Look John, Yaro and fellow readers,.. I’m not here as a bible thumping preacher (far from it I can assure you) nor am I one of those radical lunatics that go nuts in their quest to discredit EckhardtTolle, Oprah, and “The Secret” as new age mumbo-jumboist anti-Christs.
        I really LOVED this post by Yaro and I’m delighted with the apparent insight and depth of thought and preparation that has gone into presenting this message in an entirely non-religous and non-dogmatic respectable format.
        Let’s either keep religion and the bible out of it,..or at least make the references relevant and accurate.
        For that matter,. if were going to introduce religious references why not also invite comments from our Muslim, Hindi and Buddhist brothers and sisters who may care to quote some relevant references from the Quoran or tha Bhagavad Gita.
        Peace on on people…. and power to you Yaro!
        (Crazy)Expat Aussie Alive and Well & Living in The Kingdom of Thailand!

        • G’day Russ. I am a fellow Aussie. Must be nice living in Thailand. I hope all is safe for you though considering recent events in BK.

          You raise two points:

          #1 the role of the council of Nicea in 325 AD. This council has not had the effect on Christianity that many say it did. It certainly did not play the role that was presented in the ‘davinci code’. Those who cling to the council of Nicea as a reason to discredit Christianity and the Bible miss an enormous fact that most of the Bible (the whole old testament) was already canonical hundreds of years before 325AD and the New testament books were canonical before 325AD. Yes there was disagreement on certain books such as the book of Revelation, but the point here is that if you look into the history of the Bible – which holds the teachings of Christianity and therefore defines it – the council of Nicea is not the defining event many like to protray it as being.

          Your second point about the Bible teaching the LOA is also unfortunately not true. There are some parts of the Bible that agree with small portions of the teaching of the LOA, but overall, most of the ideaology in the LOA is against core bible teachings. I became aware of this myself as I became interested in the LOA about 4 years ago and read widely on it. What i found underneath the fuzzy commonly heard teachings of the LOA was a message from spirits that is contrary to God the creator.

          Most people don’t seem to know this. The LOA is so well presented that most people just don’t see how dangerous a way of thinking it is.

          Anyway, glad you loved Yaro’s article! It certainly got me into the discussion today! I shall pull back now – I have made quite a few comments on this post, so will pull back.

          As for comments from people with different beliefs – I believe they are free to comment here just as we are. I for one, would love to hear from them.

          I would also love for you to explain how quantum physics can disprove my statement that the Bible does not teach the LOA.

          Happy sabbath all!

          • G’day John,
            yes all is well where I’m living in northern Thailand thanks,- just observing all of the craziness and hoping some balance prevails for all concerned.

            Seems you’re stuck on LOA and insistent on it not being evident in the bible even though
            I’ve given two specific biblical references to the contrary. I won’t waste my time in quoting
            innumerably more to the fact as they too would most likely be ignored or denied,.. that’s your choice.
            Perhaps its just your interpretation of LOA that’s the sticking point you feel compelled to argue in relation to it’s biblical relevance but to say “there’s not biblical reference to LOA” is on the whole inaccurate and subjective.
            Whilst there are many historical events and political groups, movements and philosophies
            being used to discredit the bible and its relevance I’m not using the Constantine reference as such and for the record I see The Davinci Code as nothing more than opportunist fiction
            fabricated by a very clever and profit driven author that should know better.

            To say that “the council of Nicea is not the defining event many like to portray it as being.
            ” is purely your opinion John, and I sense some Christian fundamentalist defensiveness in such a comment. I’m very familiar with these attitudes having had scores of in depth debates on Christianity and the spirituality of man with my extreme Christian Fundamentalist father who like most
            fundamentalists is afforded the argumental privilege of always being “right”. You may as well say that “Chancellor Hitler coming to power in 1938 didn’t have the impact on Europe
            and the history of the world as many claimed it to have”!

            To be clear,..I did not say that quantum physics disproved your theory/claim that the bible does not make reference to LOA,.. I said that quantum physics refutes the principle of LOA in that “Like” does not attract “Like” but that “Like” repels “Like” and instead attracts its opposite (viz-a-viz “like-charges” repel “like-charges”). Quantum physics then goes on to say that when this scientific fact is amplified and you get positively and negatively charged protons and neutrons together (that normally repel each other) as the nucleus of an atom then this combined creates a phenomenon that they term as a “Strong Force” that is a hundred times stronger than the electromagnetic force.
            In summary, there is much conversation (I prefer to say “noise”) on the topic of LOA because it is popular right now and hence the popularity of “The Secret” which spoke primarily into the materialist and profit driven ego that current prevails in our new age society and “get rich quick” world which has been fueled by Internet opportunity (not denying any of the relevant abounding Internet success stories that have applied to a minority of the population). However, there is little to no real understanding on the topic and too many are too willing to cling to a LOA success “formula” than to live in the question of “what is LOA really?” and “what difference do my thoughts and actions make upon my life and the human landscape?”
            For the record, if you’re wondering am I believer then the answer is a resounding “YES”, but as an aspirant to true Jesusian principle and His teachings I tend to agree with Ghandi when he said “I like your Christ but I do not like your Christians,- Your Christians are so unlike your Christ!”

            Bless you brother,.. and peace-on one and all!

  • Ron

    Really excited for the next chapter.

    About this post by the way, it feels like, the law of attraction have a great impact for me. Why? its because, it works really well for all people.

    • Does it? How many instances of it not working for people have been reported by the Gurus?

  • As someone in a personal development/spirituality niche, I LOVEd this post Yaro, thanks for writing it! More and more people are opening their minds to the concepts and ideas you shared and I hope your post will make the shift for even more people.

  • Great post Yaro. I’m loving this series and as an entrepreneur focused on personal development and spirituality I applaud your willingness to share with us your very personal journey. I love the law of attraction as taught by Abraham and Jerry and Esther Hicks and also enjoyed the original The Secret movie.

  • Superb, Yaro. You’ve put up the clearest signposts for anyone setting out on a personal growth journey. Enjoyed your words immensely.

  • Ok Yaro, this is it. You have officially shifted from Internet marketer to Spiritual Teacher! Please don’t go back. 🙂

    I have always suspected from the quality of your sharing that ultimately your purpose was to empower all of us to share our passions more with the world. Which is the “Giving” aspect of what we do. Ultimately, I think this aspect is much more important than the “getting” aspect of making money. One of the things I have admired about you is the amount of material you “give” away freely. And that is why I am a student of yours. The whole world is shifting from a getting economy to a giving economy and the Internet is the perfect vehicle for sharing and giving information. And you are at the forefront of helping us though this important shift. So thank you! Not to feed your ego too much 🙂

  • I see an interesting development in your blog. It seems for that at the beginning you wrote more about ways to improve the blog, to create streams or rivers of new visitors and now you are heading more and more towards personal development. Anyway, interesting to get to know how you see life and possibilities to develop yourself.

  • Your Message
    Thank you Yaro for an interesting blog. It is ‘true’ when you say that its a question of mind-set, because you will have to know what to do when your desired outcome manifests itself. Its also important to keep in mind that you allow the ‘right’ people
    into your circle of influence, since staying on track with a focused mindset, is harder when you are distracted by different energy levels.
    Someone searching/exploring the world for money alone, is totally missing the point, which brings into real so many misguided efforts by us humans.
    Lets stay positive and continue to learn, again, thank you for your bravery to discuss these important issues, actually, when thinking about it, these kind of issues should be taught at any MBA education, since with great power (over people) comes great responsibility.

  • Your Message

    There is no basic difference between Science and beliefs. Each starts with an hypothesis. It’s only the way you prove the hypothesis that differs.

  • Although I am very familiar with these practices, your ability to summarize and explain information is uncanny. You are a brilliant young man; a true giver.

    Please continue to share all of your strengths with us and know even though we never met personally, you are a valued individual in my world.

  • Yaro,

    One thing is certain, your post brought a lot of reaction – which is a good thing.

    Fact is, there IS a force behind everything, I happen to truly believe with all my heart that this force is God the creator of the universe, of me and you. I think it is beyond the scope of this post to get readers to spell out what they believe and what not.

    As human being, we are bound to be able to see only the three dimensional reality – but the there is a fourth dimension of the spiritual reality, which we will not be able to see until one day…

    Up till then, let’s all work hard at the grindstone of life, bearing the fruits of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness.

    I wish this to all the reader of this blog.

  • Hi Yaro,
    Great article, thanks for sharing. Currently, I am reading Eckhart Tolle and it is changing my life in a very positive way.


  • Is There A Force Behind Everything In Life?
    My 2cent is parental guidance/nurture is the greatest force behind a person life.
    Without firm foundation from parental guidance, one will buy into all kind of fancy theories and many wacko theories and wackos are created.

    Stick to online marketing stuffs, please, Yaro…

  • Yaro, I sincerely appreciate how you brought together quantum physics, the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, Eckart Tolle and Paulo Coelho and for that matter, the “universe/God/Source/allthatis”. Nicely done!
    I’ll be pointing others to your blog. I also weave the thread of spirit into my own entrepreneurial endeavors and teaching. Many thanks for sharing your words with the world! Keep it comin’!

  • Great to hear some of the comments on this… it is comforting to know there’s something behind business.. something driving us on.. great discussion here

  • Sam

    I’m not sure I like the idea of the teachings of Tolle being mentioned in the same breath as those of The Secret … read Karen Kelly’s The Secret Behind The Secret – it also includes some interesting references to the Hicks.

    I wonder what Tolle thinks about visualisation (aussie spelling – i’m sticking with it) ? Isn’t this transporting one’s mind to the future – and, therefore, out of the now?

    The Secret and the Hicks simply don’t do it for me – much of Tolle’s teachings come from the ancient Tao de Ching (among many others, far more valuable than most modern day, over-hyped, over-commercialised offerings). Is there anything new under the sun, or is it all simply different ways of saying a similar thing that manage to resonate in different ways with different people?

  • It’s great to read this stuff – but The Secret and LOA books are like MLM meetings – you get all hyped up and excited – and nothing happens.
    Daily meditation practice is the only way to know yourself and clear all the crap – and raise your vibration.
    If I read anymore BS about The Secret and Abraham, I think I’m gonna puke.
    Yaro, I’m surprised that if you’ve read from Buddha and other sources, that you would go to an Amway meeting.
    Couldn’t help but notice those Amazon affiliate links for the books … sorry, but it’s a cynical world out there (despite meditation).

    • Hi Heather, just to clarify, there are no affiliate links in any of the links in this post – just normal Amazon links I found through Google search.

      As I stated in the article, I choose to give meaning based on what feels meaningful and helpful for me, and I never label anyone else’s belief system as wrong, or mine as the only way.

      • And that is why I like this post and your responses. If it works for you fine. I really wish that you or someone would conduct a survey as to how many people are out there who tried it and for who the LOA did not work, does not work and will not work, and why.

      • Yaro, I stand corrected and please accept my apologies for my inaccuracy.
        I have a bad habit of putting on my Cynicist’s Hat when I read anything about The Secret.
        It’s not the messages of the book that I find disturbing as such, it’s mainly the marketing of the product. From a business point of a view, it was a brilliant campaign – started by an ‘underground” viral video which did exactly what it was intended to do – but it’s “get rich quick” slickness has failed to deliver actual results for so many people, who are now disillusioned and disenchanted with the idea of LOA (which is unfortunate, because it does have something to offer). I now hear so many people, for whom TS promised so much yet delivered so little, and who were previously open to spiritual concepts, slamming the door, thinking it’s all one and same.
        My other problem with The Secret is the way so many people involved (including many of the scientists) were misrepresented – their comments edited to give the impression that they believed in the connection between LOA and science (which some didn’t). They felt (as do I) that this was misleading and deceptive – why the need to do this if it really works???
        I guess that’s what I like about Buddha, Tolle and others like them (and why I feel they are so far away in their teachings from TS) – they say: Yes, you can improve your life by improving your thoughts, but it will not be easy, it will probably be difficult and it will take some reasonable time and effort on your part.
        I know this isn’t a very sexy idea in an advertising campaign, but Tolle sold plenty of books (sure, he had help from Oprah) without hype or false hopes.
        In the end, I think the magic ingredient is ACTION. But this is a concept which doesn’t appeal very much to the “I want it, I want it now, and I don’t want to have to work for it” mindset, which is becoming increasingly prevalent.
        Does anybody know of any successful person, who simply sits on their butt thinking about their success – and it walks though the door? I read about them in sales testimonials, but I’ve never met any. What kind of success would that be, anyway – if you didn’t put out any effort in order to achieve it? Empty?
        I know you’re successful because you actually DO something – you blog.
        It’s great to get guidance, inspiration, energy and direction from a Higher Source – we all can – but we have to get our hands dirty, too.

  • Wow, a lot of these readers missed the point on this blog post. And would the bible pushers like JOHN please take it somewhere else? It’s not polite to dominate someone else’s blog the way you have – take it to your own blog if you feel that strongely.

    Yaro is not pushing anything ‘dangerous’ or anti-Christian as some you seemed to fear. If you read his post, he discusses the fact that he struggled with whether he believes in this stuff early on – in his 20’s. He found that without believing a ‘force’ he was unhappy. So with the choice to believe or not believe – he made the choice to change his beliefs…and it’s worked out for him. He doesn’t say you must believe in this ‘new age’ mumbo jumbo or you won’t succeed and he also doesn’t say that you have to in order to succeed. He merely points out that these beliefs are avalaible and accesible to anyone – should they want to explore them further…and use them as a tool to better themselves. They are tools and that is all. They aren’t a religion, they aren’t a cult. It doesn’t threaten Christianity any more than any other secular train of thought out there…and you shouldn’t get so defensive. It makes you look desperate.

    On another note, for a more in-depth and sophisticated understanding of the ego – one should take a look at The Tibetan Book of the Dead – liberation from death of the ego…it’s hard for anyone to understand truly what the ego is until the have the experience, however brief, of being separated from it. You gain a perspective that may not play a role in your day to day life…but one that you can reflect on when you need it most.

  • I agree that online entrepreneurship forces us to become better people because of the things we are forced to lean. Writing (instead of only reading) helps us master learning whatever we are writing about. In order to write, you have to think more critically about the subject.

  • Hi Allen
    Yes you are right that I have put a lot of comments here, and dominating the post is certainly not my intention. I originally only wanted to put the first comment (comment 29) that I wrote (which made no mention of the Bible or Christianity or other religions for that matter). I then was drawn in to respond to other people’s comments, especially their comments about my comments! I apologise if I have offended or dominated anyone. And to answer Russ – I am most certainly not always right. I am on a journey through life just like all of you are. We live and learn!

    So this is my last comment. I will not comment any further, unless specifically asked to.

    In conclusion, I would like to try make what I am trying to say clear:

    1) I am not saying you must believe what I believe. I am saying you should be clear on what you believe. Many people hold to what they think are the teachings of the LOA, but their understanding is usually very shallow – limited to what they saw in the movie ‘The Secret’ or the book by the same name.

    2) What I am trying to make clear is there is more to the LOA than just being able to improve yourself and have a useful tool to work towards what you want to achieve. There is a spiritual religious teaching behind it all that has a clear agenda. They claim their message was and is delivered to them through a group of spirits ‘Abraham’.

    3) The teachings of the LOA and of ‘Abraham’ as a WHOLE are contradictory to the teachings of the Bible. If you don’t believe in the Bible, well that is your choice and it is up to you. We are all on our own journeys. But one cannot look at the teaching of the Bible as a whole (instead of quoting individual texts) and the teachings of the LOA as a whole and say that the Bible supports or agrees with the LOA, because it does not. The two philosophies on how to live your life do not agree. Yes, as Russ (comment 40) said, some verses in the Bible seem to support some aspects of LOA. But if you look into LOA – where it came from, who teaches it, how it is taught and exactly what is taught (beyond the simple info in The Secret), you will see the overall teaching totally disagrees with the Bible.

    Now if you are not Christian, then my comments may be irrelevant to you, because you probably do not value the Bible in the same way a Christian does. And that is fine, because that is your choice. I am not telling you to change.

    The only reason I mentioned the Bible is because others were talking about it and i wanted to share what I had discovered.

    It is a shame, however, to see that some commenters here then took to attacking me and also calling me names – something that I would never do to them.

    I hope this helps explain why I wrote what I wrote.

    Now it is up to you to either find it relevant or irrelevant.

    Have a great weekend all.

    Thanks for your post Yaro.

  • Yaro,

    Good read on a rainy day in Queensland. Religion seems to get as much comments as I get when trying to discuss Marketing to my fellow Podiatrists. Sadly though Marketing is viewed as the work of the Devil in my circles. Maybe it is my EGO screaming out for recognition.
    One of my thoughts for many years has been maybe just maybe my EGO doesn’t want my life to be futile so we create meaning where there may be no meaning.

    Good fun with the posts and we will find out soon enough if their is meaning or not but in the meantime enjoy the ride:-)

  • Bo

    THANK YOU for sharing your spiritual insights and experiences. Your writings inspire and guide me on my “entrepreneur’s journey” to success.

    I particularly enjoyed your brief comments on “the voice” and “the observer”. Being very intellectually focused, I tend to forget that I am not my thoughts.

    Looking forward to your next post!

  • it’s so hard to explain but there is something more than this shirt and I think what they call spirit

  • Hi Yaro,
    I love this series. It fits right in with what I have been studying since I first saw the movie The Secret.

    Are you familiar with the True Nature Centre in New Zealand, and the writings of Elysha? The website is You might enjoy Elysha’s insights into Who You Are and he has a free introductory eBook called Seven Steps to Living Your Freedom.

    Dr. Joe Vitale just recommended a book he is reading called The Science Behind the Secret: Decoding the Law of Attraction by Travis S. Taylor, Ph.D. I haven’t read it yet (I’m in Morocco and it takes forever to get stuff send here) but Dr. Vitale gives a good review on his blog at

    I’m really looking forward to the next part in this series. I hope you put them all into PDF format when you are finished! Thank you again.

  • To Allan G.

    I never cease to be amazed at people who can’t win a discussion on the merits of their position. Their answer to those who disagree is universally the same- “you should just shut up!”

    In other words, individuals in this group, into which you fit very comfortably, are saying: I will say what I want, without substantive facts and you are not allowed to express any opinions to the contrary.

    As you said to John-“just take it elsewhere”. Is this because open discourse is not allowed in your opinion and what John has to say is too dangerous and powerful to be allowed expression?

    The Bible is has been the number one best seller every year since its first printing. It is quoted more than any other book ever written and read more on a daily basis than any other book-ever.

    Educated people are said be well read and I wonder if you have ever read the Bible. Wouldn’t it make sense to read a book like this in order to communicate with the masses in areas of their interest instead of attempting to push a personal agenda on everyone else?

    Does this not leave us asking the question, “Who are the real extremist?

  • Wow this thread has degenerated since I first read the post. Synchronistic, I was just working on a post about the (F)Law of Attraction, so I’ll toot my own horn here:

    I’ve got one called “The Myth of Heaven” for the Christians coming soon…:)

  • I definitely believe there’s a force behind everything in our universe. Even if you think of the Big Bang, there had to be a force behind it. It’s too complex to even think about. No matter what scientists say, there has to be a God behind the perpetual existence of everything in the universe.

    Till then,


    • That’s a very good comment and worthwhile observation Jean and one which I have raised in conversations with those who subscribe to evolution and the big-bang theory as opposed to creation. Now without getting into argument over the common or Christian viewpoint as to when the world came into being and how long it took to create,.. I have to agree with you that there’s an obvious question that comes to mind when a big bang occurs,… whether we’re talking about the original cosmic big bang or a big bang in the street, in the distance, outside our home or wherever… there’s that obvious question “what was that and who or what caused it”? Nobody for a moment would accept the explanation that a bang happened all by itself without any person, reason, cause or energy behind it!
      Taking that one step further,- if we accept our galaxy, the planets, and our solar system as being and end (and evolving/expanding) result of this Big-Bang then consider the argument of noted Physicist genius Stephen Hawking in that he points out that unless the Big Bang would have happened with exactly the right dynamics and force that the universe (viz-a-viz) our galaxy could not have formed in the manner that it did,.. and that if in fact the sun had been rolled out and positioned even fractionally closer (or larger in mass) to the earth than it is then the earth would have no atmosphere and no life because it would have been burned up. Any further away or smaller in mass and we’d be in a permanent ice-age. Is this some kind of uber-phenomenal coincidence or did some higher and supremely intelligent force have a hand in the Big-Bang blueprint?

      • Wow, very cool observations, Russ. Yes, that is the thing, just the fact that everything had to fall in line perfectly for everything we know to come about makes you wonder what force in nature laid down those laws or tolerances that have to be maintained for phenomenon like life to come about. It’s like everything we know seems too unreal to be true at times.

        Till then,


  • I myself, am a student of LOA, visualization and self improvement techniques. Your post hit on every one of those. Was informative yet somewhat intriguing. I loved the movie The Secret. Only issue with it was that it pushes LOA a bit too much. The universe will not hand you anything without taking action first. That’s why i like authors such as Tony Robbins that give you a kick in the pants and get you going. LOA is important as well as visualizing where you want to go.

    Self talk is another great topic that alot of people don’t study up enough on and it affects their every day living. You need to combat and squash negative self talk daily as well as replace it with positivity. I believe in these subject so much that i’m about to publish an online book that should be out shortly. Thanks for the post and the other comments are great.

    Dwight Anthony – Financially Elite Blog

  • Hi Yaro – A little flash from the past here. I was one of the students in your first Blog Mastermind course.

    It’s been forever and a day since I last visited your blog. I’ve been out and about doing other wonderful things. One of the things (no – make that several things) I’ve been wrapped up in lately includes activities directly in line with “The Secret” and recent attractions that I’ve brought towards me.

    This morning when I saw yet another one of your emails in my box, I decided not to pass it over this time. Instead I followed it back here and darned if your current writings aren’t moving in the exact same direction as I am.

    I didn’t even stop to read this posting or the others in this series yet, before writing this reply. I figured it was meant to be. So…. I’m just taking a moment here to touch base with you to let you know that some how, for some reason, you and I are still connected to one another across the miles. I’m sure in time we’ll find out why. 🙂

    Have a terrific day!
    Now I’m off to read your articles. Maybe today will be the day I’ll learn for what reason our paths are crossing once again.

    ~ Cindy

  • Just returning to your article after reading the Alchemist. I read it on one sitting while my train was delayed for a couple of hours and thought it was great. Thanks for an interesting blog site. Will check out The Secret next.

  • Hey Yaro,

    As a seriously small-time entrepreneur myself, I think your thoughts on meditation and entrepreneurship are intriguing. I definitely need to bridle my ego, from what you have said, as I’m sure I make many decisions from fear. I might need to be reading some of these books, methinks…

  • Jay

    Hi Yaro, beautiful writing. It’s not a new stuff, but I always love to hear someone’s spiritual journey. Everyone has their own path to find their spiritual enlightment, and it doesn’t limited on a specific religion. I believe if Jesus,Buddha,and other enlightened ones can meet in a same time on a same place, they will sit and stand the same height and not bothered quarreling over whose teaching is the right way.

    Let me add another title to enrich your reading, it’s not a new book, but it will shift our understanding of life : “Journey of Souls” by Dr.Michael Newton.

  • Hi Yaro!
    Kudos on being the brave soul to open up such a topic. Religion, according to ettiquette books, are not for polite society to bring up as it quickly becomes heated. As someone who has been surrounded by many of various spiritual persuasions, I know this to be true and I admire your courage in writing about spirituality.

    I have found it interesting, based on my personal experiences/observations, as well as spiritual studies, that there does seem to be a loose unity in many “religions” or spiritual-defined walks. For example, your synopsis of “The Alchemist” is similar in theme to several other spiritually based books, such as “Pilgrim’s Progress”. That one is rooted in the Judeo-Christian spirituality, but is basically the same type of story line as “The Alchemist”.

    Because of my experiences/observations and studies, I do believe in a supreme force that interacts with us. I also have observed many similarities in beliefs/behaviours by those who respond. Which has lead me to believe that the walk is more important than the labels.

    Have a great day!

  • Well there it is, nothing more to say, thanks for visiting! 🙂 No seriously, curious about where you intend to take this next… Always interesting to see growth happen before your eyes.

  • It’s wonderful when the natural world sends messengers to guide us, wouldn’t you agree?

  • If everyone understood there would be nothing to explain.
    Peace, love and light

  • Great post, Yaro! Many thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience with us on such a personal topic! I also appreciate the discussion started here. Very interesting…

    I’m quite familiar with the concepts and references mentioned in your post. Especially the concepts of Positive Thinking, LOA and Visualisation do very well work for me! I’m in particular thankful for the inspiration being given to me by the movies What The Bleep and The Secret and I love the books by Paolo Coelho too.

    There is an another concept I’d like to point you to, it’s the Resonance Project Foundation and the Unified Field Theory. It’s a fundamental new approach in understanding of physics and consciousness. I strongly recommend watching the DVD “Crossing The Event Horizont” which is a presentation given by Nassim Haramein, the main person behind the unification theory. The first half of the presentation just blown me away (it takes about two hours) and I’d imagine it’ll be as electrifying time for you as it was for me. Then make your own conclusions.
    Love and peace

  • On which force you are talking about here..

  • I just had to add my thoughts one more time: I’ve been thinking about it, and I realize that the universe or the driving force behind it, this entity grows as I become older. I believe that it affects my maturity and overall mindset. As I learn new things and become aware of more truths, the universe provides opportunities to open doors for much much more truths and realities.

  • This is very helpful you see i had a friend and and i felt that he is very lucky when it comes to money i think money is attracted to him but when i read your blog I’ve finally come to my senses that maybe he just doing his homework harder than I am. From now on I’ll put more effort and concentrate more in what i do best and see what happens.

  • I’ve read many of the books you’ve mentioned, Yaro, and I’ve seen both “the Secret” and “What the Bleep”. I’m a big fan of both movies. I admire your willingness to publicly discuss a topic that is sometimes difficult to explain to people who are looking for concrete answers and the “right steps” to take to get from here to there.

    I’m a big believer in signs. So much so, that I won’t move until I receive a nod. Maybe because I’m always alert for my sign, I always get one. What’s interesting to me is that the sign is always slightly unusual or even completely opposite to what I thought my sign would be. I always know – without a doubt – whether to move forward or say no.

    As I advance, however, sometimes the road doesn’t go straight to what I think I’m after. It gets confusing. I’ve learned (after having lived for so long) to ride it out and see where I end up.

    More often than not, something unimaginable happens that would not have been available if I hadn’t taken those first steps.

    That works for me 😀

  • This is why I love your blog. It doesn’t only teaches about IM, but it teaches about life too 🙂

  • Yaro, I love this article and the whole related spirituality series! I agree with everything you’ve written, and couldn’t have said it better! I’ve read most of the books you’ve mentioned, but will have to check out Paulo.

    I’m a regular meditator, and practice creative visualization, LOA, etc. You mentioned ‘Flow State’… if you aren’t already familiar with her work, you would probably enjoy Summer McStravick’s Flowdreaming ( I listen to her daily.

    And I, too, gave up drinking and smoking many years ago. Now I eat very healthy and am considering cutting way back on my sugar intake (not working too hard on that last one, though 🙂

    Thank you for going out on a limb (Shirley Maclaine reference not intended) and posting this series!

    Juliana, aka Kernut
    Flowdreamer, and Fan

  • Life IS a journey and we may never reach our destination.

    That’s exactly why we need to live our deams as a process, as we go along, vs. put them out somewhere in the future.

    I find that if you lead with your why, and if you know your “how” that makes you why possible, you end up on a solid path. The “what” then is simply a variable, since you can take your game wherever you go.

  • Life IS a journey and we may never reach our destination.

    That’s exactly why we need to live our dreams as a process, as we go along, vs. put them out somewhere in the future.

    I find that if you lead with your why, and if you know your “how” that makes you why possible, you end up on a solid path. The “what” then is simply a variable, since you can take your game wherever you go.

  • Yaro, really cool that you talk about the law of attraction and Ester and Jerry hicks. I have been listening to the teachings of Abraham for about two months now and what he says makes such logical sense, it really does. I think he is great because he explains things in such a realistic way, it’s really easy to ‘get’ what the law of attraction is really about :).

  • The Alchemist is by far the greatest book I’ve ever read. It is full of symbols and signs and make us think about our lives, amazing!

  • I read the Alchemist too, and it really put things into perspective for me. At the end of the entire journey the treasure was actually at home…..

    The people you encounter in your journey through life all serve to act as teachers in one way or another, and paying heed to what everybody you encounter, even the simplest beggar, has to say is key to getting the message from the universe.

  • As much as I love the movie, The Secret, I’ve been trying everything, heck I even downloaded an additional course by the makes of the Secret where they’d go even further into detail about everything… but I screwed up and made a few bad choices, and now I’m back to square one again.

  • Interesting article.. I don’t agree with your assertion that scientists believe they know the truth. The most “certain” people I’ve ever known have been people with complete faith in their religious belief system. Any reputable scientist will acknowledge that we don’t know everything but at least what we DO know has been tested and demonstrated. There is no proof, indeed no evidence whatsoever, for the “truths” of religion and yet they are treated as “fact” because it’s easier to do that than to think for yourself.
    I’m not anti-religion as such, just anti-thoughtless-faith

  • Hello Yaro,
    I just love reading your posts and I feel I know eactly what you are talking about as I feel I am following the same path. It almost seems as though you do come to a self awareness realisation, that questions your life , your reactions and why we are really here. I have somehow stumbled on books that have enticed me to open them up and read them, only to find they they have held some of the answeres I have been looking for.
    I must say though I only started feeling this when I left my job of 20 years and decided to follow my passion of trying to sell my creative efforts in the form of beaded jewellery. Somehow this journey to follow a less certain path has opened up somany new ideas and if I concentrated just on the money making aspect, I would have given up long ago.

    What I have learned so far is that you do need to think positively and live in the moment and to give and give which out any expectation of return. Life is about service to others. I have also learned alot from having animals all you can give them is love and you don’t expect anything back.

    Thanks so much for sharing your insights, it a great way to get back on track ( if you fell off).


  • Interesting post – I too really enjoyed the Alchemist and will go and check out The Secret, sounds good.

  • As much as I love the movie, The Secret, I’ve been trying everything, heck I even downloaded an additional course by the makes of the Secret where they’d go even further into detail about everything… but I screwed up and made a few bad choices, and now I’m back to square one again.

  • Gary

    I am not normally a commenter. I listen to Yaro’s MP3s, read his blogs, etc., empathize with your situation with your mother. My mother passed seven years ago and I still feel guilty about not spending as much time with her as I could have. Same with my father who died earlier. Recently my wife died; same thing again, even though I believe I will see them all in someday in the spirit. Yeah,I believe in the Christian Bible, so none of the others can be true.I read the comments above and really don’t understand all the concepts and ideas presented, most of which seem to be looking for a way that we came into being without God, and will go out of existence without God. Deep stuff. Too deep for me, I guess. Does everything happens for a reason? Are there no coincidences? you can think yourself into oblivion. prayer is never mentioned by any commenter above. I prayed for you and your mum.

  • Hi Yaro! Some days ago a read an article where a new blogger asked, if the people, who write about getting a successful blogger do only earn money with their “earn money by blogging” blogs, or if they really know how to run a successful blog about any niche. That was an interesting point. I never read the alchemist (even if I read another book by Coelho), but I guess this is something similar brain-opening. 🙂 As a blogger you should not be seeking for a treasure in first line. But maybe if you run 3 blogs, there will be one, which gets you enough money to live from the blogging.
    Thanks for your interesting articles!
    Bye, Jens

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