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Three Limiting Beliefs You Need To Destroy If You Want Success Online

Last week I used some of my work time to read and respond to all the various comments that people left on resources I released in the build up to Membership Site Mastermind opening.

Although I spent several hours reading over 500 comments and writing about 50 of my own, it’s worth the time invested. I learn so much about my audience this way, which helps me better serve you because I understand where you are coming from. Any chance you get to do research like this, you should take it.

One of the things you have to come to terms with when you run a teaching business is that you will receive the same questions over and over and over again.

Each new person who becomes exposed to your work is new and usually has the same common questions and challenges as everyone else. Their experience is unique to them as an individual student trying to learn how to do something, while for you as a teacher, you repeat yourself with each new student. The more people you help, the more you repeat.

I bring this up because it’s clear many people are struggling to deal with the same issues and tell themselves the same false truths when it comes to starting an Internet business. This is the fundamental reason why only a tiny percentage of people actually make the kind of money they want to from their business, while most people do not. It’s the people who choose not to believe these things and who do it anyway, who get a result.

If you believe something that stops you from getting what you want, then you have a built-in failure mechanism. Why guarantee your own failure? If you want something so badly, who do you make a choice to see the world in a way that automatically prohibits you from ever having what you want? That’s just silly.

Three Lies You Need To Stop Believing

The following three beliefs are repeated to me by students again and again, especially when you are stepping into the entrepreneurship game for the first time. You need to understand these are beliefs only, not truths, however if you hold on to a belief they become true for you, so you need to be careful.

If as you read the following points you find yourself on some level agreeing with them, then you need to stop and start taking steps to change the belief. If you don’t, it will always hold you back. Most problems can be solved with smart persistence, as every successful entrepreneur knows, so why not apply that belief to these situations instead?

1. You can only make money teaching/writing/blogging/selling how to make money

This one really bugs me. It’s such a short sighted view of the world to see only what’s directly in front of you.

This problem I believe stems from the natural process a new entrant into the world of Internet marketing goes through. First they look for methods to make money online and find a ton of resources, some which are good and some which are not. They notice that although lots of great free content is released, most of the people who give away this information seem to only make money by also selling products that teach how to make money, or by talking about the subject on a blog. It’s easy to get jaded by this.

This is how I make a lot of money online now, so I’m a perpetrator and certainly have had to face my fair share of people attempting to call me out as a fraud, only profiting by teaching how to make money. Although the fact that you make money teaching how to make money isn’t exactly fraudulent, it does cause people to be suspect of the quality of your information.

The truth is that the make money online niche, while good, is far from the best. If you really want to make big money enter the dating, weight loss, health, investing or real estate niches.

There are so many possible niches to make money in, but why you don’t hear about them as much is because of two reasons –

  1. Those making money in other niches are not teaching how to make money, so there’s no incentive for them to talk about how they do it, that’s just not the business they are in.
  2. You have your focus so squarely on how to make money you spend all your time studying within this niche only, which naturally means you are exposed predominately to how to make money products and blogs. If you want to see other realities, pretend for a moment that you want to lose weight, or cure your panic attacks, or learn how to improve your golf game, and go search for products in these areas. You will realize how many niches there really are where people make money using the exact same systems as those who sell how to make money online products.

If you want proof, just head to the Clickbank Marketplace and browse around for a while at the top selling products. There are so many niches within niches within niches that are hugely profitable you can only begin to imagine the possibilities if you look outside the make money online niche.

And if you don’t believe me, then you must believe to make money online you have to sell make money online products, so just start doing that and see how you go (read this for help if you are serious – How To Make Money Teaching People How To Make Money).

2. Technology is too hard so I will never succeed

This has to be the catch-cry for every baby boomer out there who’s taken their recent retirement money and looked online to start an Internet business. If simply reading and sending email is challenging, how on earth can you expect to “have a blog” or “sell a product online” or “launch a membership site” if the technology will stop you from even getting off the ground?

Here’s the truth – technology is a bitch. It’s the biggest pain in the butt for most Internet marketers and we all struggle with it from time to time, but that shouldn’t stop you from leveraging it to make millions.

The problem is that you believe you need to learn how to do it yourself and you want courses that show you how to do every little step, so if you just follow the steps you make money. That might work, but why on earth would you spend so much time learning something you’re not good at and don’t enjoy?

Technology is not your problem, choosing to handle it yourself is.

All you need to do is hire someone, show them what you want and tell them to build it for you. This can be as easy as finding a website like what you want created and then telling your tech person to build it like that, or have them go through a course for you and tell them to handle the tech parts of the project.

3. Thinking that you have to be the best expert

This problem really is about two things –

  1. Your lack of direction
  2. Your lack of confidence

If you want to base a business on expertise, and you want to frame yourself as the expert, the path is easy – pick a topic, study it and practice it and then teach it. Stay one step ahead of your students and you’re providing value.

If you don’t want to be the expert, then you need to either focus your business on a product that doesn’t require an expert, or hire an expert to create your products for you. If you go to Guru.com you can find experts in pretty much every niche you could think of, who would gladly create ebooks or write courses for you for as little as a few hundred dollars.

The insidious part of this situation is that until you commit to something you tend to take on most projects half-assed, resulting in not so amazing outcomes, thus reinforcing your belief that you’re just not good enough. What you need to do is get focused, pick something and do it long enough to get a positive result (even just making one sale is good) and then build up from there.

I was making $5,000 a month from blogging but I still didn’t believe I was good enough to teach how to blog because people like Darren Rowse were around. Who needed me if Problogger.net had all the answers for free already?

You know when I finally believed that I was good enough to be a blog teacher? The day someone emailed me and told me that my advice was helpful. I realized then that the world is huge and the Internet is vast, you can always find your tribe if you’re willing to give back. Expertise is simply a perception created when one person helps another.

Are You Ready Now?

I hope that I’ve helped swot away some of the limiting beliefs you might have about your potential to make money online. There are a lot of “traps” you can fall into when starting a business, and most of them originate in your mind. The tools are everywhere, but most people just don’t know how to use them or self-sabotage themselves.

It’s my job as a coach to help as many people as I can start successful Internet businesses. I get more enjoyment from seeing someone make a full time income from something they create and enjoy doing than anything else that I do, which is why I love blogging and teaching my courses.

When I created Membership Site Mastermind my goal was to teach a formula for creating and launching a membership site based on simplicity. The reason for this is because when I created my own membership sites I faced the same challenges as you.

Here are some things I dealt with –

  • Technology has been a roadblock for me too, so instead of struggling, I went with simple solutions, with fewer moving parts, less things to configure and fewer things that can go wrong. That’s the same system I teach inside Membership Site Mastermind, which pretty much just uses WordPress (no special membership plug-ins required!) and AWeber.
  • Another issue I have had to deal with, and I know you do too, is creating content. I’m a prolific content creator, but I can’t write materials for a blog, an email newsletter, free reports and membership sites all at once. It would kill me. Nor am I prepared to create an entire membership site’s worth of content BEFORE launching. Instead, I follow a process that means you only need to produce about 10% of your product before launching and selling it, and once you finish creating it all, you can keep selling it, doing relaunches whenever you want to. This is exactly what I teach inside Membership Site Mastermind.
  • I also like to do things by myself. Yes I know if you really want to grow a huge business you need help, and I don’t want to contradict my own advice, you should have other people do things you are not good at – like technology – but still, if possible the fewer humans involved in the projects, I find the smoother things go. In the case of how I run my business today, which could easily scale to a seven figure enterprise, and is already half way there now, I don’t need that many people. Once you’ve built your empire, it can run reasonably automated, which once again, is the principle behind the system I teach inside Membership Site Mastermind.

The course lays out how you can set up membership sites, or any information product like an online course, and launch with only 10% of the content finished, how you can keep your technology requirements very simple and do it all without the need to hire any full time staff, which most “normal” businesses require.

This is a truly beautiful system to make a living from the world wide web, if you’re willing to build it. Before you can build it, you need the roadmap, which is exactly what my coaching course is.

If you want more information or you are ready to join, go to this web page –

Remember, I offer a money back guarantee. You’re protected by Clickbank (my payment processor) for a full 60 days, so if you don’t like the course, you can quit and get your money back.

And if you can’t study it now, as long as you complete your payments you have lifetime access to all the materials, so you can do it next month or next year, I won’t take away your access.

I look forward to working with you!

Yaro Starak

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