How To Make Money Teaching People How To Make Money

Teaching how to “make money online” is one of the most lucrative niches to be in as an Internet marketer, however most people who attempt to profit from this niche do not.

Some people consider making money by teaching how to make money essentially a scam. I mean if you know a system of how to make money, why not just use that system rather than sell it? That smells fishy right? Umm, no, I find that logic quite silly. Why not make money using your system AND teaching it.

So, why can a small minority of people earn big in the Internet marketing industry and the majority fail miserably? Is the make money online niche only full of scammers or those who just got lucky?

As someone who has been making money in this niche for years – and I’ve certainly climbed the ladder over time – I’m in a pretty good position to explain the subtle elements that people new to Internet marketing won’t see.

Where Most People Go Wrong

Let’s start with some common mistakes that people make when attempting to profit from teaching others how to make money…

1. You sell people products about and attempt to teach how to make money when you’ve never made money yourself.

This might seem obvious, but for those people who can only see the dollar signs and not reality, understand that credibility is a big part in converting a sale.

You don’t go to a doctor who just decided one day to open a surgery having never studied or practiced medicine, so why do you think people will give you money to learn something from you that you’ve never done or have very limited success in?

There are a few people out there, especially affiliate marketers who’ve never done anything but promote how to make money products, who can enter the make money online niche and do well, but that’s because they have a skill (traffic generation and conversion), which can be applied across any market.

It’s very likely that anyone today who has made good money in the Internet marketing niche has earned money in other niches before or still do. If you’re currently running a blog that just promotes how to make money products and that’s your strategy for striking it rich, it’s time to face reality and try a different angle.

2. You’re planning on chronicling your journey to make money through blogging and thus profit from the audience you build.

I’m certainly partially to blame for people following this path, as are guys like John Chow, who rose to fame using the phrase “I make money online by telling people how I make money online“.

I’ve had numerous people go through my blog training programs and begin the with the idea of starting a blog on how to make money. The thought process usually goes something like this…

“I want to make money online, but I don’t know what niche to run with”.

“I know, I’ll start by experimenting, and write down my results to my blog and build an audience that way”.

“As a worst case scenario, I’ll be able make money from my blog”.

That theory looks good on paper but most people have a fatal flaw in their execution.

They key to making money by writing about your journey to make money is that you absolutely must take action and try different systems and methods to make money, and then report back real results to your audience.

For example, try Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) to sell affiliate products and hopefully make at least a few hundred dollars in sales, so then you have a great little case study to report back to your blog. People want to know how to make a couple of hundred dollars from PPC, so explaining how you do it is valuable content.

What usually happens is people realize how hard it is just to do the experiments. Reaching the point where you profit from the experiments is tough enough. Adding a commitment to write about the experience as well for little to no immediate return – that’s beyond most people.

The fact is, unless you already have experience actually profiting from a business it will be very hard to build an audience by talking about how to make money on a blog. That’s why my blog, and the few similar blogs to my own will likely remain at the top. Many contenders have come and gone, and most come to the realization they just don’t have the energy to run their business AND write about it too.

3. Believing that if you make enough blog posts promoting affiliate products eventually you have to strike it rich.

This really is a newbie mistake, but it’s so common I need to point out how futile it is so you don’t make the same mistake.

If your blog only features promotions for products you will never build an audience that trusts you. Why buy from someone who keeps asking for money and never gives anything.

This is actually a huge problem in our niche, which, for the smart marketers is a golden opportunity.

It’s fair to say that the average consumer who goes looking to purchase something that purports to teach them how to make money – a business opportunity – is pretty skeptical. Down right jaded is a better label. These people are petrified of being ripped off and because so many people sell junk online using copy from the hype-machine, as an Internet marketer you have to work extra hard to build credibility.

The opportunity is to stand out from the crowd and build a sustainable business simply by not attempting to steal every penny from an unsuspecting newbie, and instead actually help them with genuine support.

If someone gets burnt once, then comes to you and very cautiously makes a decision, buys your product or a product you recommend, and then has a positive experience, you have generated some very powerful goodwill. Being an honest person in a sea of sharks and hucksters is a HUGE advantage, assuming you can figure out a way to create that perception.

How You Can Profit Selling In Internet Marketing Niche

The key to profiting in the make money online niche is to focus on credibility, authenticity, trust, quality information based on practical experience and sheer consistency.

Most people fail on one or several of those criteria and thus struggle to stand out as anything more than yet another person attempting to steal an unsuspecting newbie’s money and then run away.

The next key criteria, assuming you can adhere to the criteria of credibility is to find your unique positioning in the market. It’s very hard to just teach “internet marketing” and unless you find something you can specialize in, it will be hard to build a sustainable business.

In a sea of also-rans, anyone with a clear point of differentiation, a unique market positioning and a specialized area of expertise, wins. Here’s how you can be a winner –

1. Find a Sub-Niche

Most marketers who make good money teaching how to make money, even at the very top level, have some key point of differentiation, which essentially is just a sub-niche of the overall “Internet marketing” category. Here are some examples of the people I learned from and consider peers and mentors and the sub-niches they focus on –

  • Jeff Walker is know for product launches
  • Alex Mandossian – Teleseminars
  • John Reese – Traffic Generation
  • Rich Schefren – Business Systemization
  • Mike Filsaime – Viral Marketing
  • Perry Marshall – Pay Per Click
  • John Carlton – Copywriting

These guys are some of the celebs in our market. If you drill down and take a look at any smaller success stories, the less well known Internet marketers, who every day are making good money in the Internet marketing niche, they still have some form of specialty.

They might focus on email list building, or pay per click, or affiliate marketing, or copywriting or conversion or lead generation or any countless parts of the overall industry. Each person has a focus that distinguishes them in the mind of their customers as the best solution to a specific problem they suffer from.

You can even go deeper than this, with some marketers taking one specialty and applying it directly to a geographic location (Sydney copywriting) or specific type of customer (pay per click for mortgage brokers) or a combination of these elements.

One of the most successful formulas I’ve seen applied well is to become the local specialist for a type of small business in your community and help them market online. Your angle might be to focus on retail stores of a certain type (say antique shops) and help them set up an eBay marketing campaign to sell their goods.

This formula of taking offline businesses online can be done in so many markets and in many ways, and is a fantastic entry strategy for any person who knows at least the basics of Internet marketing. Or, if you can become very good at one thing, for example SEO, you can make as much money practicing your craft as you do teaching it, or more.

2. Ride the Wave of a New Evolution

Specializing is vital for success, but sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you can’t find your spot in the Internet marketing landscape. If that is a frustration you have experienced, you might consider leveraging the emergence of a new form of online marketing and become proficient enough in it to be one of the first experts.

My own story becoming a blog trainer is one such example of riding the wave of a new evolution. While I’m not the first blogger, nor the most prolific or the most popular, I was one of the very first to sell an information product that teaches how to make money blogging.

It helped of course that I spent time to build a blog that made money, which leveraged my earlier life experiences in business. I had the sense to realize there was an opportunity there that I could take and become one of the first to establish positioning as a blogging expert.

I also happened to be one of the only bloggers who focused on Internet marketing, so again I leveraged what had worked for thousands of other marketers and applied it to my area – blogging – which was something that few bloggers did, or even do still today.

In more recent time the example of Maria Andros springs to mind as a person who was able to ride the wave of another evolution, this time video and social media marketing, establish herself as one of the most credible experts and – here’s the key part – released a product to cement her position.

Maria had the sense to know she was in the right place at the right time and there was a market she could dominate. She took action, branded herself appropriately and then went after a market. Maria now has very little quality competition, at least in the perception of the marketplace.

3. Stay One Step Ahead of your Target Market

One key concept that I’ve had to remind my students of time and time again, especially if they are attempting to brand themselves as an expert, is to realize that you only need to be one step ahead of your target market.

You can teach how to make money if you know how to do something that a large enough group of people don’t know and would benefit knowing. As long as you are good at one thing there will always be a stream of people new to your topic who need to learn what you know.

If you combine the previous points about building trust, finding a sub-niche or riding a new wave of opportunity, and stay one step ahead of the people you sell to, you are set, even in the highly competitive and highly lucrative how to make money online marketplace.

Making Sense Vs. Making Dollars

Everything I’ve outlined in this article makes sense. It’s clear and you should be able to get your head around the concepts I’m teaching. Unfortunately most people fail to execute and thus fail to profit.

Although this article is about how to make money teaching others how to make money, the rules apply just as well to other markets.

Every market is at a different stage of its development cycle and some will have more competition than others. The current relationship between supply (the number of quality competitors in the market you are in) vs demand (the amount of money you can potentially make from customers) will dictate how much effort you need to put in place in order to make money (I promise you, there will be effort required!).

My advice to you is to get out there and experiment until you find your place in the industry. There is enough room for everyone who provides value. It doesn’t matter if you think you face too much competition, it’s not the competition that will stop you from succeeding, it’s your ability to leverage the advice I’ve outline in this article and carve out your position in the market by delivering value to a specific segment of people, that will dictate your success.

Good luck, and remember the golden rule to making money in any marketplace: The more people you help, the more money you make.

Yaro Starak
Blogging Expert

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  • I agree. Especially at the part where you mentioned about getting a sub-niche instead. You’re a tremendous blogger — so I assume your sub-niche is blogging.

    Good post mate. 🙂

    • very thoughtful post and provocative too. I think it’s clear that Yaro’s subniche is teaching Blogging.

    • I was reading your great article Yaro and had no idea I had a mention. 🙂 Thank you so much. I appreciate the fact that you are and have always been a Leader who delivers quality content. Honored to know you and thank you again for being a trail blazer my friend! Blessings , Maria Andros

      • Thanks Maria – you must have missed this article when I first published it. I just resurfaced it on Facebook because I’ve had conversations with my coaching clients related to the subject.

        Congrats on your growing family too!

  • Hi Yaro!

    Wow I loved this article!

    You would have saved me 9 months of HARD WORK and MONEY
    had you posted this article in 2007 when I was still a beginner.

    To beginners reading this :

    Yaro just saved you A LOT of PAIN and FRUSTRATION.

    But for those of you who had the “chronicle my journey” idea in mind,
    I wouldn’t advise you cancel that out totally ESPECIALLY if your idea
    revolves around a niche OUTSIDE of the “make money online” market.

    Because I’ve done it.. and it’s worked pretty well for me!

    READ : 1000 Subscribers in my first year and a $10,092 launch!

    Thanks again Yaro!

    Say ICAN!


    The World’s First Teen
    Personal Development Video Blogger

    • Your latest Video post on your website l think says it all , in terms of foundational principles for growing a successful business model.

  • (First, let me apologize for being a little off topic.)

    Yaro, you’ve made my dreams come true!

    A few months ago I started a new blog. It’s a topic I’m passionate about, but I wasn’t really sure how to market it to generate traffic. Luckily I found your blog and began to implement everything you teach. In about 2 months I was getting over 200 visitors/month (before then I was only getting about 20/month!)

    And here’s the best part:

    My blog caught the attention of two bloggers in my niche and they asked me to be a guest writer on their blogs (complete with links back to my blog!)

    It’s truly exciting stuff and I own it all to your advice! Thanks!

    (Now back to the topic of your post)

    You hit the nail on the head. I’ve seen too many blogs about Internet marketing that only try to sell stuff. They offer no quality content and most of the time come across as “marketers” and not as trusted advisers. When I find such blogs my initial reaction is to hit the back button on my browser and head for greener pastures ASAP.

    As Yaro has taught time and time again: quality content, great free advice, and the willingness to honestly help others is what will make your blog stand out from the rest… no matter what niche you may be in.

    Thanks again Yaro!

  • Good article Yaro.

    The ‘make money online’ area seems over-catered for by bloggers. The smart ones find a niche that they can focus on.

    You make the point that you were in the right place at the right time – riding the wave. Do you think if you were starting this blog today, you’d have the same success you’ve considering there are so many people blogging about similar topics?

    I love your final point. If we can help people i.e. have the right motives, we can be rewarded.

    • It’s tough to say Allan, but I suspect I’d actually become successful more quickly, assuming I still have the knowledge people want.

      I stumbled around during the early days of this blog without as clear a focus, so with that focus now I could ramp up my growth quicker in this niche.

  • Great post, Yaro. I found much of this out backwards, but did find some success with a site about going to college – something I know about and have written about for over a year.

    That site now earns money every month. Not huge money, but some. I’m no longer trying to figure everything out, and I’m looking for ways to expand my business.

    Love the help you give, and I try to give first as well. Trust is very important, and genuine knowledge you can share.


  • Most people don’t understand the simple concept that if you help other people to become success, you will grow your wealth way beyond, rather than trying to do everything yourself. I believe that you should try to develop a good relationship with people because once you have their trust, the sky is the limit

  • Thanks Yaro, always excellent articles from you which gives me food for thought.

  • Nice article…. infect Complete tiny guide on marketing etc…
    Really impressed with that…:)
    Thx for sharing,

  • Great stuff – I really like the way you present your thoughts. I have to admit I’m falling in the “blog about my experiences” category at the moment, but I really have nothing else better to blog about haha. I am, however, trying to generate money as an affiliate marketer and basically just writing about experiences with different systems and software along the way. If anything, I’m hoping to use my current blog to keep myself on track and see how far I’ve come at certain steps.

    I really like your point about finding niches within niches, that is almost too obvious for some to notice, but it makes perfect sense, especially with the examples you listed.

  • Well times article Yaro, I am currently doing the same on my site., showing people how to make money online.

    There are a lot of people who do not understand how to go about earning from home. I find the major barrier to people succeeding is knowledge and experience, if you do not understand what you are doing you are more likely to fail.

  • Thanks Yaro – another thing which seems to fuel the ‘scam’ beliefs is the way many of the products are marketed and packaged.

    Quick (unrelated) Question, Mike Filsaime suggests that a person should give access to the membership site for free and then you have people to upsell etc. Do you agree?

    • That’s a possible strategy worth investigating Andrew. We sometimes use the $1 trial model with membership site promotions.

  • Hey Yaro

    Awesome post ! You actually listed out 3 main key points to be able to success online and not forgetting those sub points..

    Many thanks for many of your interesting tips and strategies.

  • Hi yaro, you are my real mentor. i am very new in blogging. Sequences of your article fully matches with my reality, when i learned about blogging. I didn’t get any topic to start with so obviously i started with what you mentioned , teach people “how to” make money without even i made a single dollar myself. so it go a big flop naturally.
    Now I realised helping people is my hobby and i used to help people “how to “solve out their troubles and their problems computational study related or personal whatever, so i am writing on it currently, hopefully it may get to see good time sooner or later. i am regularly checking your posts.
    Realy thankful to you

  • Yaro, I just got laid off! June 5th, 4 weeks now to the day, almost.

    This article couldn’t have been more timely. I am working on becoming the local specialist for small companies in the my area and currently have 4 clients. Not nearly enough to survive on but there’s hope.

    I offer a lead generation service to small business where they pay per call for leads I generate and a small ongoing fee.

    I’m wondering what thoughts you have on this, any advice, anything at all. I like many Americans are struggling now, but I know there is light at the end of this tunnel. I’m not going to lay down and do nothing though, I literally got my website up in the last week and I’m getting out there.

    Would be awesome if you could take a look (shoot, or any of your readers could take a look) and post some feedback, profile the biz somewhere, ANYTHING would be much appreciated.

    Thanks, I’ll be hanging around for replies. Yaro, again, you can’t believe how timely this article is. Thanks

  • It’s quite funny to receive email by email promoting this and that product promising this is THE product that will help you to reach thousands!

    But I keep on receiving those emails – 1) they amuse me 2) I know what’s currently hot and make that an advantage 🙂



  • Yaro you helped me during the Membership Site Mastermind course to see the benefits of working in a sub niche, and this post has really expanded on that nicely and provided further clarity.

    Your point about staying one step ahead of my target market has really hit home and given me more confidence among other things. Thank you once again. 🙂

  • Thanks for blogging about this subject, Yaro!

    To become an expert, one has to first practise, then teach. Common sense is not always common practise, though.

  • That’s a very complete post Yaro. If you’re a newbie its not easy to get acredibility to teach others. So what do we need? Experience, testimonials, diplomas?

  • Yaro,

    I have to say I’ve never been disappointed by your posts and your blogging videos have allowed me to take everything one step further. Your comments above are more testimonials you need to capture for your materials.

    One major question: Most blog themes that are magazine layouts or more than 2 column show up strangely in I.E., therefore submission boxes are invisible. I’ve changed to 5 different themes and none of them work in I.E. Any recommendations or advice?

    • Get yourself a custom theme if you are serious. I recommend

      The Thesis and Affiliate themes are also great choices.

      • They are good themes but now everyone’s blog is starting to look the same. I long for the old days when webmasters could code themselves.

  • Yaro, I agree with you 100%. My problem is that there are “Guru’s” out there who try to pass off legitimate ways of making money as the route they took to make their money – when in reality it was done dishonestly (by ripping people off). And newbies can’t sort out the good from the bad so they end up getting burned.

  • I like your spirit and you are one of the only “I make money blogger’s” I have time for. The whole mass 2.0 thing in my mind is something that we used to call “confidence men or scams”. There are many movies that show how this works better than I can explain it, but it goes a little like let me help you out and we can both make money. The Sting!

    Essentially is it true or not. When I see a squeeze page—I click away. When I see an email for e-book proposition, I click away. I can get any number of e-books for free to re-brand them, most ebooks are repetitive and have one thing to say and it is held to the end. I could spend all my days and all my time investigating all of these offers and never get anything done. Your e-book may be an original and your videos on be a blogger are a good piece of confidence building.

    There is an axiom that most people know and follow and that is “if it sounds too good to be true it probably is” coupled with “everything on the internet is a lie”. This niche is flooded and I think that it will eventually reach the point of diminishing returns because the one big factor in the market place is supply and demand.

    With so many people on the street begging I don’t know who to give my money to. With CEO’s of the United Way flying in private jets and living in big mansions where does my money deserve to go–maybe a wishing well. Give your money to cancer research and then when you get cancer– give me all your money. What is true?

  • This is a great post Yaro! I have been Blogging for a couple years myself and I find that credibility is HUGE when you are trying to market things online today, especially with a Blog. I started my Blog based on your teachings and they have never steered me wrong.

    Thanks for all the great info!!!

  • Hey Yaro,
    Have been following you for awhile and enjoy your blogs and teaching. This is such
    a good one. It’ll save me the embarrassment of blogging something I don’t know
    anything about!
    So, it sounds like I need to make something of my niche before I start to try having others follow me. Need to get those blogs going. Blogging is so much better than trying to establish a website. Thanks for getting me into thiss.
    Dr. Kary

  • Establishing credibility with your readers can be very difficult. If you are trying to market to them, your efforts will be useless without credibility.

  • Very nice post yaro, i am regular reader of your blog and i am doing all that thing which you saided in your newslater and blog
    Thanks Yaro

  • As usual, good blog topic from you.. Teaching others how to make money is all about reliability.
    With my current blog, its more about tracking my own journey to earn money online as well as advices for other newbies, just like how you offer advices to us.

  • Thanks for such a great article. I personally think the ‘Making Money Online’ niche is way over crowded, however braking it down to ‘Making Money with a Blog’ was a really great idea.

    It’s unfortunate that so many people don’t realize that you really have to give something of value before you can make money online.

    I know so many people that want to make money online but don’t want to put in the work that goes along with it.

    In order to get – you must give.

  • Yaro,

    Another great post. I think this most valuable piece of information here is the execution. Failing to execute is probably the one thing that causes the 90%+ failure rate in business, and the countless dreams that cease to be realized.

    Keep up the encouragement!

  • Great article Yaro. I totally agree with your mentioning that focus to sub-niche within Niche.
    I am new to blogging ( around 1 year ) and had learned a lot from your posts. I am a librarian by career and at the same time very interested to internet marketing . And blogging is one of my favorite . By the way, good post…

  • As always something amazing to learn from your blog entries. And so true it is that the best way to earn money is by helping others. I guess when one helps someone genuinely they automatically enter a cycle which gives them something they can be content with and in return money just pours in.. running after money won’t get one to the money, but helping others definitely will.

  • thanks Yaro.. you always give good advice and very informative article.. appreciated it!

  • Blogging about how to make money online is such a strange phenomenon. I doubt most successful How to Make Money Online bloggers had the thought to begin that type of blog while they themselves were learning how to make money online, at least four or five years ago they probably didn’t think of starting that type of endeavor. Nowadays it seems that there is more money in showing people how to make money online than actually making money online by not showing people how to make money online.

    Yaro, you are a perfect example of this phenomenon because as you readily admit you no longer run other online ventures outside of this blog. It seems there is no end to How To Make Money Online blogs that snuggle nicely into profitable sub niches.

  • Great teaching and reminder on how to make money online. I strongly agree that creating a sub-niche is a way to break the market competition. It’s like the Blue Ocean Strategy – discovering you own market. You don’t need to compete, rather you need to be unique.

  • Yaro you make a lot of great points. It is amazing how many junk ‘make money online’ sites I see. It is true that if you can’t make money online, people won’t trust your advice about the topic. Presenting a professional looking site is crucial for this niche. In almost any niche you will do better if you go out of your way to help your visitors and make them happy. I really need to start taking that approach with my websites. I made my websites a long time ago and made the mistake of making them all about the sale.

  • Great article, Yaro. I’m new to this internet marketing/blog business and I only got started as a result of being laid off in early May. I’m approaching it all slowly and trying to take in as much knowledge as I can from people like John and yourself. I would recommend to anyone who starts off to use a free blogging service like Blogger, and then if you like it and you have a sale or two, upgrade to hosting service with your own domain. It’s certainly a tough business, but if you keep at it it can work.

  • Great advice Yaro and I wanted to add my two cents as well…I think you have to put in a certain amount of time and effort to see any results in internet marketing; it’s a learning process which normally doesn’t products positive results overnight. In order to break through to see a positive cash flow, you have to “grind it out” and learn all the different aspects of what it takes to be a successful internet marketer. A heart surgeon takes years of study and application before the are qualified to operate on hearts. Internet marketers on the other hand can operate right away, but they run into the same predicament that a heart surgeon would run into if they operated on your heart on the first day in class…their patient dies without seeing any benefit of a skill learned. Be patient, be determined, and in the words of Jimmy Valvano, “Don’t give up, never give up!”

  • Another great article, very well written. I totally agree with the article. Find a market for your passion and provide value. Credibility will surely follow.

  • That was straight forward and sensible.

    I keep an eye on several people who write about what you talk about – and most either don’t make any sense or are just talking because they think what they say makes sense (when it doesn’t).

    Thanks for a good article that actually teaches something.

  • If anyone thinks that this is a great article, wait till you look into what’s being offered in Blog Mastermind and Become a Blogger Premium; you’ll be even more impressed. I’m a member of both, so I know. 🙂



  • Yaro, a question for you. If you’d put yourself on that list… what would you say about your *specialty*?

    Another good post, and congraz on making $500 000 last year. You deserve every cent.

    • My specialty is blogging, if you were to use one word anyway.

      I could say it’s combining blogging with internet marketing, plus of course I have a program on membership sites as well, but most people will perceive me as a blogger first and that’s where my best positioning is.

  • I laughed when I read this post because of the timing. I started a personal blog about marketing and making money online earlier today.

    However, LAST week it was a business idea that included mistakes one and two. I had figured out other ways to build credibility, de-emphasize the work of the experimental portion, and had even identified a sub-niche, so I might have done alright. But your blog post gave me another view on my own thoughts that confirmed my earlier decision to abandon the business portion.

    Now I feel even more okay with it just being a personal blog and devoting my business-building energies elsewhere.

  • “The more people you help, the more money you’ll make….” If the entire world operated by this mantra the world would truly be paradise for all. Excellent quote to finish off a great post. Very relevant.

  • Great article. This post should be the ultimate guidebook anyone should read before attempting to make money online.

  • Your Message is Good info for all bloggers. In particular providing VALUE- So many fill their blogs with they’re own random trash. Digressing from the topic, and there-by the value. People come to learn from real folks, w/ real experience, not hear about your cousin’s marriage problems. Thx Yaro, you continue to provide solid, digestable value day after day.

  • Being the FIRST or one of the first in any sub-niche gives you such a powerful position for people to view you as the market leader. Starbucks was the FIRST in the coffee-experience market and has firmly stood as the market leader. Darren Rowse was the FIRST to give professional blogging tips and has stood as the leader within the field.

    The best opportunity lies in finding that sub-niche, group of people, or geographic location where you can be FIRST to teach. People will automatically perceive you to be the leading authority.

    Awesome post!

  • The disturbing part about the wide variety of MMO sites is the fact that the internet space for making money online seems to dwarf every other space and compare to everything else put together. I.E. A high percentage of the commerce going on online is about teaching others how to do commerce online. This doesn’t suggest sustainability to me. There needs to be more people making money off of things other than teaching each other how to make money off the “next one in the pool.”

  • Your Message Hey yaro, talk about perfect timing. I read this and was very grateful for having it delivered to me right now at the beginning of my adventure. I think you’ve saved me some rather big time-wasting exercises and running in circles. Ta 🙂 xn

  • Jo

    This is the most discouraging and demoralizing post I have ever read anywhere. It falls into the category of not being able to get a job because you have no experience and not being able to get experience because you can’t get a job.

    The post generated a lot more thoughts, but I feel too down and depressed to write more.

    • Hey Jo,

      You shouldn’t look at this as anything more than a look at reality. You need experience in any market before you get results. Yes you could look at this in the frame of how I can get experience if no one will give me a job to get that experience, but that would be inaccurate because you’re placing the power in other people’s hands.

      You are entirely in control of your ability to gain experience. Simply putting into motion any form of action, which you are the instigator of (you have to be, no one else is in control of your body), will get you there.

      In other words, you have the power, not your employer, nor your market, but there are conditions you have to live by, so the sooner you accept that and just put your head down and get to work, the better.

      Try this article for more along these lines –

      How To Remain Productive When You Feel Like Giving Up

      • Hi Jo
        Thank you for sharing your thoughts especially when you are down it could not have been easy for you. May i share my thoughts with you. You see i can see a sub niche in your post writing about your experience/frustration on exactly what you were commenting on i.e. how to get experience if you do not have a job etc… something like how would yo9u brake th evicious cycle? You do not have to be an expert just share your experience asking for comments advice and share those experiences with others.
        Do you know you can become an expert in anything you want within 2 years especially using blogging and Yaro’s excellent advice you do not need a job nor a boss to prove yourself
        Hope this is helpful and please not I am not an expert but a Jack of all trade and Master of none (well not yet)

      • Jo

        Thank you for your response. I appreciate it.

    • Jo,

      I can totally relate!

      But here’s the good news: most people give up.

      If you like doing it, and there’s a market for it, you are almost certain to succeed sooner or later. For example, I love to write, lots of people love to read. Are they reading me? Well, I have 48 people in my RSS feed, and let me tell you… I am absolutely delighted! 48 people people think I have something to say that worth their time spent reading.

      That’s really amazing to me.

      Maybe next year it will be 480. Or 4800. Or more, who knows? But I guarantee one thing for sure: I’ll be even more amazed!

  • You have certainly hit the soft spots in my mediocre web results. I have found I have had more success in topics I’m passionate about than talking about internet money-makers.

    Time and time again you always say ‘Why promote other peoples products? Promote your own’. Things are starting to go well for me with my sporting niche site which I will focus on. Any guest posts out there for blogmonies? Let us know. I’ve got sporting interests 🙂

    Yaro, I am an avid reader and keen to study your courses when I get back to Australia next year,

    Here’s to Your Success!

    All the best,


  • Finding a niche is something that is hard to do because to narrow all your passions and interests down to one simplified thing seems like a big risk.

    Many bloggers, like myself, who have been trying for over a year to get somewhere with their blogs really admire pro bloggers like you and John Chow, not because you’re successful, but because you are always trying to help people! Keep it up 🙂

  • Good stuff. I’ve noticed way too many blogs on blogging that just don’t know what they’re talking about. Most just recycle what pro’s such as yourself, Darren, and a few others discuss on their blogs. I hate seeing bloggers who never owned a blog blogging about making money blogging when they never made a dime. I like the part about making sense vs making money. Build a readership, spread good content and persevere and you shall have yourself a solid blog. Then when that’s going for you then it’s time to monetize. Thanks again. Cheers Yaro!

  • Hey Yaro, Awesome valuable point in finding Sub-Niche, as l was reading your post and you recommended finding building partnership with others or another in your Sub-Niche.

    l couldn’t help to come to mind the very successful offline partnership between Shell Petrol Stations and Coles, Shell really done there home work ! l think considering Shell was going through a bad patch in terms of trust after all the negative press over the environmental issues that concerned them.

    They have done great masterminding homework to develop a great marriage with Coles in terms discounting and up-selling on the back-end using Coles talent in the wholesaling and combing that with there speciality been petrol, l wonder how many business marriages (sub-niche partnerships) like this can be completed by the end of 2009 ?

  • It seems like there is a million bloggers out there all trying to sell there get rich scheme. I have even seen an infomercial about it.

  • Jef

    Damn, that’s a lot of info. Nice to see a blog where the author really puts time and thought into a post. You really brought up some good points as I often do wonder why some people don’t practice what they preach. You really need to make sure that you are telling people that are doing both.

  • Waw. Did my email with critical questions inspired you to write this article?
    I’m impressed.

  • Great message. Sensible & sound advice. Your comments about “staying one step ahead of your target market” (mine is persons thinking about – or in the process of – starting their own small business) reminds me not to get too advanced in my posts or articles. It also reminds me that I don’t have to know how to be a master of all subjects myself. All I have to do is point my readers to experts like yourself to get the advanced help they need. Thanks.

  • Yaro,

    Great post! I like what you mentioned about the sub niches. I would have to agree that I didn’t focus my blog on a particular sub niche from the beginning but over the last several months I’ve adjusting to a more focused niche.
    It’s also true to say that if you’re willing to do what others are not willing to do you may be able to gain that edge that most bloggers in a particular niche are not willing to do.
    Thanks, keep the great content coming.

  • I agree with you Yaro, we need to establish our credibility before we can be called experts. People can definitely see right through us. They know when we are genuine or not.

  • This is a great article, Yaro! It all makes a lot of sense. I’ve just begun teaching people how to make money online, and I agree that it’s really important that I, myself, have used, and better yet, profited from, the methods I’m teaching. Thanks for a great read!

    Brenon MacLaury

  • Hi Yaro,

    Excellent post, as I am new to blogging I have a lot to learn, which I am doing at a great speed thanks to you and Gideon. Keep up the good work.

    Best regards,


  • AP

    Great Post Yaro,

    On the money mate, I like your points about being Credible in the area that you choose to blog on (or regular website). Yaro intially ran a couple other smaller sites that made money- this builds up his experience at being successful on line.

    I couldn’t imagine talking about something at length that I knew very little about- If you going to talk the talk you have to walk the talk too! You have to back it up. It is like getting advice on how to lose weight (I’m a personal trainer) from someone that is a little fat! No I want to the trainer to have a six pack and be able to show me how they got it and how they can get one!
    That trainer has knowledge from experience not just information- any one can get information; it not worth anything unless you test and commit to it- then you will have knowledge on a subject.

    I have a small on-line business (1 year old) and is making a modest profit (about 20k) but I’m in no position to be some oracle on making money on-line-YET!

    I have written 20 000 words on my next projects- Golf Fitness and Losing body fat why this these topics? because i have been a pro golfer and I fitness trainer ( a lean one!) for the past 13 years.
    I’m not doing a blog either, as I know bugger all about blogging (i will have a members only blog/forum) and may do a blog in years to come but the time is not right just yet.
    Like yaro said do stuff that your passionate about and that you have credentials in.
    If your successful at that you can sell the process later on your ”how to”- Andrew and Darryl Grant have done that: they built there credibility by selling US$250,000 of E books in the first year- now that gives them credibility- now they make millions every year because they teach now how they did it-cause they are now experts.

    My promo video which will send people to my new site is building those credentials- it 1. shows that I can hit the golf ball well and 2. Show that I’m in shape and walks the talk on health anf fitness- sooo I practice what I preach. site not buit yet but video is up (but not tagged as i don’t want people going to a site that is not up)- credentials= This is not a plug it is just showing what I’m talking about.

    Keep learning and…..IF YOU BUILD IT (credentials) THEY WILL COME!

    Great post Yaro


  • This is a really great article with lots of good tips – thanks for the information. One thing I’m wondering though, what would you consider a good balance between just info and more selling-related info?

    I’m writing a lot of posts/articles where I do give good content, but then at the bottom suggest a product on this topic. Is making a product suggestion at the end or at some point of most posts too much?

    It’s something I’ve been questioning quite a bit as I’ve been doing my writing.

  • “It doesn’t matter if you think you face too much competition.” That’s key. There is no such thing as a saturated market, just gotta bull your way into them and take your share. The most saturated markets are so saturated because they are so profitable.

    Making a lot of money online is hard, and is a full time job. That’s why 99% of people fail.

  • I do believe that there’s money in the internet. Internet marketing is very “rampant” that spread virally all over the world through internet. With combine knowledge in business and computer technical aspect you can earn money using the power of your fingertips.

  • Hi,

    So many ways to make money from internet, some maybe scam, some aren’t. I depend on you to choose wisely. And focus to one way until you got some money for rest of your life.

  • Hey Yaro,

    very cool post.

    Most marketers just jump into the IM
    world without having a clue about it.

    The topic you have touched upon is
    in fact the reason why someone
    who is starting an online business always should
    look for a mentor first(proper one)


  • Great post Yaro!

    What I really like about this blog is that the posts are also good. People focus on the bright side of things: they say thank you or share an experience.

    I’ve read posts on a Hungarian blog and almoust 70-80% from comments were very offending and negative. The same people comment on the blog every time but they have nothing nice to say. Incredible. How do you ” soften ” these blog readers?

    The blog I mentioned is also about makeing money and the editor sometimes goes to USA on a seminar, then comes home and writes about stuff he learned there, but makes it sound like he invented the whole thing.


  • Great post very informative and useful information you can act upon. Yaro you practice what you teach and you certainly give first without attempting to sell your excellent products What is a bonus is the amount of comments and the added live info resulting from these that are also useful
    Thanks for sharing

  • Yaro, great post. When I first began scouting money making opportunities online, blogging was one of the things on the list. I had far more success with freelance writing and so blogging took a backseat. I have been reading your blog for more than a year now. In fact initially I would not even feel confident enough to leave a comment, but have come a long way from then.
    Over the last year I have experimented with a number of options and have finally narrowed down to my niche. It is still a blog under construction, but when I do finally launch it I must say, it was in no small measure thanks to the advise I got from your blog.

  • The best way to make money online is to teach others how to make money online. 99.999% of the world population still does not know about Yaro Starak… And there is nothing called “THE TOP”. It is all a relative measure.

    • You can teach people to make money online unless you already are.

  • Yaro,this is an owesome article at the right time.Ever before now, i had been researching on how i can maximize the full opportunity potentials of my blog on online gold trading which i started late last year;But this article of yours have answer vitually all my questions.Thanks!
    Although i’m totally new to blogging but i have tried all possible means to educate myself and choose my passionate niche which is Precious Metals (gold/silver bullion and coin).
    Once again,thanks for this wonderful post Yaro,Its came at the right time.

    My Blog:-

  • can’t**

  • This needs to be read by all the guys writing on this subject. There are so many out there that it is now an overkill.

  • Hello Sir Yaro ^^ i am looking forward to be joining in your coaching program. ^^
    im still saving money for that but for the mean time, im learning a lot through your free report.
    Thank you so much sir. However i got something noticed ^^ this is not important though but ive noticed it haha lol.. your twittercounter is not updated hahaha.. i noticed it ^^

    I know that you are very busy and twittercounter is not that important but if you have time sir update it ^^. Goodluck and Godbless. Keep inspiring us ^^

  • Yaro i agree with your if you discover a system that is making money for the best thing to do teach peopel how to make money from the system while you also continue to make money from it

  • Hi Yaro
    As usual, a great common sense approach from Yaro that always seems to be diferent from everyone else i.e. so called ‘Gurus’, and delivered in a very sensible, straight forward manner.
    Yaro – You definitely have a way with words!
    The ‘make money’ brigade seems to me to be like a ‘lot of headless chickens’ running around in ever decreasing circles – and getting absolutely nowhere for most people.
    I got off the ‘magic roundabout’ and set up my own site in my niche and feel a hell of a lot better for it!
    So Yaro – Tell it like it is
    Graham in UK

  • Your Message


    Great timing with this article. I’ve been working on setting up a classified ad on eBay for the purpose of building my list by giving away a “blueprint” book on starting an online business. I was concerned about the fact that I haven’t reached “guru” status and how that would affect my credibility. I do have 30+ years of Sales/Marketing experience and provide online services to offline businesses. I believe that my experience is more extensive than most newbies just starting out.

    My plan is to provide good educational content and the right tools to do the job. i.e. software, videos, ebooks, etc. My autoresponder is set up to provide the content with links to my products and affiliate products. I’m holding off on starting a log until I see how the response to this plan.

    Keep the good stuff coming.

    • Mike,

      My sense of successful online marketers is that they are successful marketers first, and online a distant second. Something that isn’t often discussed.

      For example, if I were foolish enough to let Frank Kern into my home, it’s a pretty good bet I’m going to buy *something* he’s selling. (Which is why I’m very careful about NOT reading list, etc. 🙂

      Nothing at all against Frank, he’s just that good. He’d be a top salesman if he were selling vacuum cleaners door to door. The internet just gives him profound leverage.

      In summary, if you’re good offline, you’re path to success online is likely to be much shorter than technogeeks like me.

  • Thanks for the great post Yaro, it really made me reassess my intention surrounding my own blog. I will focus on delivering value and make money in my other niches. Thank you for the wonderful content that you deliver on your blog.

  • Hi Yaro

    Absolutely right.. I have seen many newbies launch into a ‘make money online’ frenzy..I was also talking to a web designer friend who thought it was all a scam, I guess MLM is to blame.


  • Hi Yaro,

    I am just starting out learning marketing and feel really fortunate to have come across your article. It is going to save me a lot of headaches and wasted time. This is a terrific article full of great information

  • Well said Yaro. Of course preaching to the choir for me, but love having the little reminder of why I am doing what I’m doing from time to time, so thanks!

    For those getting started, take this article to heart and apply what you learned. Don’t fall off the edge of the world and then wonder why nothing happened. Its all about you and your passion. Execute and stay focused one step ahead of your target market. 🙂

  • Interesting thoughts on the IM niche Yaro. There is definitely a lot of money in teaching others how to make money. And I like reading about it from you because you aren’t the typical “used car salesman” that so many of the IM guys are.

    You deserve your success because of your good principles in what is sometimes a pretty dodgy industry.

    All the best to you.

  • Hi Yaro,
    I was wondering if I could print out this article because I get a “Oops! 404 File Not Found.” I think I had an earlier circumstance with the article on June 19, 2009. I want to print out these articles for reference in the future.
    Thank you for your cooperation and the valuable advice.


  • Hi Yaro,

    Thanks for this article, I have lost sooooo much money trying to be an affiliate of these make money ebooks etc. Its the adverts on google, I just can’t stop clicking them and signing up to stupid things. I swear its some sort of disorder. he he

  • Really great post Yaro!

    You always provide valuable information. The sub-niche recommendation really leads in the right direction. Most importantly, as you’ve pointed out many times, take action.

    The lack of taking action is where most fail.

    Thanks for all you do.

  • Thanks I think this is a great article.

    A point of clarification. If consistency is important it would mean that it is not possible to make money quickly. If credibility is more important it would mean that it is possible to make money quickly.

    I would like to know if you think one is more important than the other (and if so which). Or whether you think it isn’t quite this simple.

    • One of the first things I check when I visit a blog for the first time is how long that person has been posting to the blog. If I see only two or three months of posts (on an Internet marketing blog) then I leave immediately.

      If I see a lot of dates in the archive but only one or two posts per month, I’ll most likely leave as well.

      I want a blog that has been around for a while and has at least good weekly content. Anything else smells like a marketer who is just out to take my money.

      That’s my opinion anyway.


  • I agree, finding a niche is important and allows room for growth while the general area gets saturated. Very few “get rich” actually made money in the niche.

    “They key to making money by writing about your journey to make money is that you absolutely must take action and try different systems and methods to make money, and then report back real results to your audience. ”

    The few that do make money know that the “hour a day” is a bunch of bull.

  • Yaro – your post reads some what like a page right out of How to Win Friends and Influence People – Essentially, If you help enough people get what they want in life – then you will get what you want – The secret is figuring out how to do this on a massive scale and do it daily-

    You are a tremendous writer/blogger – Keep up the Good Works and I know you will get what you want/need out of life –

  • Reason #1 is golden — How could you possibly teach something you know nothing about!!!

  • concentrate to what you desire and work consistently towards it, you will find success in one day. Thanks for your teaching course:)

  • Great post Yaro, although I’m left wondering why you had ‘how to make money’ twice in your post’s title. It doesn’t read sensibly, so is there really something I’m not getting…

  • I thing the best way is to log the journey for making money online as you mention. But by just creating a blog and sitting down is not a journey. As you said, running PPC campaigns, writting articles etc. And provide the results as a report to the readers. I strongly beleive that people can make money from making money niche as long as they are patient enough. However, showing people how to make money without making money is bit ridiculous.

  • I am presently making a french blog about how to make money (excuse my english i am a simple frecn 🙂 ) . But it’s not a way to tell people, yeah I made money and I am a liar who gonna teach you something. It’s a manner to tell people, that ok i knew some success but I’m gonna teach you the several informations you have to know to grow fast. Juridical, economic, marketing, psychologic informations and others, and ok if i make money with my blog, thanks to God, but the one who want to make money must have an open mind: blog, book, work, wages, black money (in french we say “argent au noir” to talk about money we don’t declare to the tax authority). That the only thing I have to stay. For the rest, good article, well done!

  • This is an excellent post. Your knowledge and your caring for people shows here. Give good service, show people what you yourself have done, and help them see what they can do. I am looking into blogging and you have given me much to think about before I jump in. I am looking forward to the journey.

  • Yaro
    I have recently been working on just such a blog. Using information that I have gathered through experience for the past year and a half. I am going to have to bookmark this and come back often to review it as I continue to piece my efforts together. Thank You for this!


  • That’s definitely true! Most of the people who claims that they teach people how to make money with a system, but they never made money from the system, it sounds like fishy. I think this post will be more on telling beginner how to success in affiliate program or product selling, right? Anyway, I’ll be following your further post and I hope to step in to affiliate program. Thanks Yaro for great post!


  • Great post. I am consistently impressed with the quality of your content. Useful, concise and not jammed full of “sell me this crap” that I don’t want.. Thanks again for posting with substance.

  • It’s a bit ironic but it’s definitely true. It is a very lucrative niche to get into. I have seen many people fall into category number 1. If you are not making money, then how can you expect to sell the product. You are right about the importance of supply and demand … very important concept.

    till then,

  • This is a good niche to get your hands into. Building trust isn’t easy, but if you do you may can offer a great guide to make money online. I would suggest offering something that actually works. Great point on this article though….a real thinker!

  • Some great information here Yaro. I think if people are willing to work hard enough there is money to be made in all markets, even the saturated ones. And I do wholeheartedly agree with that you need to know something about what your going to be teaching, or had some success in that area.

  • Yaro – Very interesting post. I’ve been along the ecommerce path for a while now – mainly because that was the obvious way to make an income when I transitioned my web site from a hobby to something that needed to support me and my family.

    Over the years I’ve counseled several people with new and established businesses on aspects of SEO, direct marketing, and running a business and what really strikes me is how much of the basics people neglect. If you know the basics, take action, and execute then you can do a lot.

    Now I’ll be putting my own observations to the test as our business launches into a couple of more areas.


  • hi
    i think it is a interesting topic but it is a good way to earn money by Teaching People How To Make Money?

  • @Yaro Why not make money using your system AND teaching it.
    Because in most of the cases the more people start using your system the less money you will make, if you make more money by teaching the system + using the system then just by just using it go for it, but if not better keep it to yourself.

    • @Masini – I don’t agree that if you sell a system it will become less effective. In most cases the system can be applied to many niches, so the hard workers will get results, and there aren’t many hard workers and many niches, so can still earn using your system and teaching it.

      Just because I teach how to make money blogging does not mean I will thus earn less from my blog as a result.

      • I couldn’t agree more Yaro, there are a billion people out there who want it all handed to them and only a handful that will have the fortitude to see their plans through, it will be those who succeed in their ventures and the rest will fail miserably, just the way it is.

  • The problem with trying to sell how to make money is you’ll always be stuck with the question: if it’s so easy, why don’t you do it and/or just scale it?

  • How can it be that your advice always comes across as comon sense, and yet I only realise how blatantly obvious it is AFTER you’ve pointed it out?
    Bleuh! I know all about the “makig money online while chronicling your adventures of making money online” approach.

  • Everybody wants to learn how to make money online, and teaching them (successfully, please note) how to do it is definitely the niche you want to be in! Building trust and authority is key here, as you don’t want to be labelled a shyster scam artist.

  • I think that about 99% of those out there who are “teaching others how to make money online” are just that, sheisters and scammers. There are very very few that have the credentials like Yaro does to pull it off and provide real, tangible results.

    If you wouldn’t pay your garbage man 10K to teach you to be a pro chef why would you pay that same person to teach you how to make money online, because to be honest they could quite likely be the same person. Just my 2 cents.

  • I’ll agree with you on scammers. Adwords policies has made it very hard for newbies to stay away from scams.

  • You didn’t understood me, I was talking about a system for a specific niche, that is the most common method of “teaching” and also this type o niche teaching is most likely to be a scam, I was not talking about teaching a system that applies to a wider range of niche. example: you have a blog about car reviews and you teach people how to write reviews in general, how to get traffic for a niche etc.

  • Yaro you are indeed one of the best bloggers I’ve seen on the Internet so far. This explains your success. I’ve read the comment where David explains how he’s implemented whatever you’ve taught him and succeeded with that. I have no doubt upon your abilities as a blogger and the information you provide. In fact, I’ll start to put your advice in practice….By the way that post was magificently written and really informative….Thanks…

  • I think all of your tips are good ones and I also feel that researching the market and knowing as much as you can about it will help you to be more successful as well. I like the layout of your blog and you have valuable information. Thanks!

  • I have been really struggling to make money online and i hope this article will help me lots achieve my goals.
    Thanks Yaro for this post!

  • Great post.. it makes sense that if you’re teaching how to build muscles, you should be physically built.. if you’re teaching SEO.. you should have some first page listings.. & if you’re teaching how to make money onilne.. you should already have made some money online.. (enough to catch people’s attention)..

  • Great article.

    Am really enjoy you’re site.

    I thought about and recently started a blog just about “my journey” in trying to learn this stuff.

    For me, the idea of making money from blogging is very interesting but it almost comes secondary to the love I have for the things I’m writing about.

    I almost feel writing about learning is the toughest so far. Writing the other about the other things is purely pleasure+research+connecting with others.

    But none the less, I believe this to be a great exercise in self-expression and a great learning experience.

    Anyways… Peace + Love + All the success to you!

  • Hi Yaro

    I like the post, very well articulated and structured. I agree with your points especially about finding a sub niche to focus on becoming an authority in a particular market.

    I am learning the ropes myself but do have a sound mentor in Alex Jeffreys who is very keen that all his students work to gain credibility in the market place.


  • Good post, Yaro. I hope I can take what I read hear and apply it in my work.

  • The key to success in the MMO niche, like most niches is that you need to rank well for a good range of profitable terms…i.e. build quality backlinks… that would make a better article.

  • All the newbie sentiments wrapped up in one post. The best post here so far 😀

  • I think there is a typo in “Jeff Walker is know for product launches” its known, right? 🙂

  • I started my blog to share my opinion with fellow traders.
    Never counted on Google’s ads to make a living …….
    You are right about the “teaching” factor ; readers tend to trust “teachers”.
    If your blog teaches something, then readers will buy whatever you are selling

  • Yaro,

    Impressive, I’m sure many will find your advice and insight to be a source of comfort, as many struggle to find their footing in online business. 🙂 Thanks for a well thought and clearly communicated post. Cheers!


  • Thanks Yaro for giving great advice on how to make money. I think this article will help me to achieve my goal.

  • Yaro, you said it. If you want to teach someone how to make money online you should fist be making money yourself.

    You should have some proof to prove you are authentic before helping other 🙂

  • Hi Yaro,
    How much money did you make by posting this article??

  • I am gonna start doing it from next year,been in this business for 3 years and i think i have the potential to teach people.Thanks Yaro for giving me the inspiration.You ROCK!!!!!!!!!

  • There are so many of this going on all over the internet where you have people teaching you how to make money by teaching other how to make money when they haven’t make any money themselves.

    What you should do is leverage the information share by Yaro here on this blog, learn what you can about online marketing and apply it on your own marketing. When you are successful doing this than you can share with others what works and what doesn’t.

  • I’ve seen many people doing this, the big question is however How to teach making money if you haven’t making money yourself?
    It seems you get this right, you seem a real deal, I like your redaction and you are providing valuable information to all of us.
    Thumbs up to you!

  • I’ve seen too many blogs about Internet marketing that only try to sell stuff. They offer no quality content and most of the time come across as “marketers” and not as trusted advisers. When I find such blogs my initial reaction is to hit the back button on my browser and head for greener pastures ASAP.

  • Yaro,

    Great article with so much truth in it. All too often I see people starting out in the industry trying to spam their way to success with poor quality content. This post offers great insight to newbs as well as industry veterans.

    Keep em coming.

  • Excellent post Yaro. I have a question though, would one still be considered an expert when your background comes from money making online but instead of the actual person doing it, you are the one providing the service.

    Still, you get to measure in quantity success for each action because it’s required for the project.

  • credibility is the key point.

    Misbah Mumtaz

  • All I can say is WOW! I wish I knew this article long ago. I also have a “make money online” and you sure had an influence to steer it this time.

    Thanks Yaro!

  • Thanks Very useful

  • Hi Yaro,

    First I like to let you know that I joined your blog mastermind course since a few years. It was a big investment I made in my entire online business.

    The structure of your course is good. But I failed to push my blog to success because I didn’t take the actions. I was busy with other stuff. But to be frank, it was because I didn’t make the time.

    Personally I don’t like the course of teaching how to make money online. We should go beyond it. We should treat it as a business.

    For example, I think for this year I will write 4 eBook and sell in on amazon kindle. I am showing people how I generate my side income while I still keep my day job. I think sharing experiences has more value that actually teaching people to create a blog just for to make money.

    They should be able to find what they really want to do in their life and online business will allow them to ask people to pay to do the work they love.

    That’s something I believe in making money online. Maybe I didn’t express my idea very well but I hope you get my point.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Your articles, your ebooks, all your stuff is a gold mine. Your honesty, credibility and willingness to help others making money are shining every where in your products. Thank you for your help and God bless you.

  • Hi Yaro, This is the biggest problem here in Nigeria; Everybody is claiming to have made money online and at the end, scam the next person with a fake ebook on how to make 1000 dollars in a month. And that’s a big challenge for me to teach people the actual path I explored to make money.

    I love the idea of sub-niche which is the best way to establish one’s credibility as an expert. I love this guide.

  • Krish Srinivasan


    I have just landed this blog from Google. This is a great post. I agree that some scammers are misusing “make money” concept of driving traffic to their websites or their affiliate links to sell useless stuff. However, blogging is not only the money-making source on the internet, there are plenty of other genuine ways to make money online. For example, in my case, I have made handsome money with Kindle books, drop shipping business and Clickbank affiliate sales. I do not prefer blogging as a business because it will take too much time to monetize. Anyway, thanks for sharing the great info.

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