Living The 2-Hour Workday: What Is A Travel Buffer & How Can You Create One

Towards the end of my trip around the world in 2008 I started to lose interest in seeing the typical tourist spots, even if the destinations were exotic countries or ancient monuments from cultures long passed.

After visiting many amazing buildings and sites in cities like Edinburgh, London, Brussels, Paris, Rome and Athens, I was feeling a little tired. Not to discount the wonders of human history, I was just missing home and seeing building after building was losing its magic.

I had plans to visit Egypt on the way home, but I decided to skip it as I didn’t want the pyramids to be “just another monument”, so I put them on the list of places to visit in the future when I recharge my travel batteries.

This is going to sound strange and perhaps small minded, but towards the end of my trip, especially in my last European stop Athens, one of the remaining motivations I had left to visit the sites was to simply say “I had been there” and capture a photo of the experience.

Throughout this time I was thinking about what I wanted to work on next. My focus was turning towards the concept of the 4-hour workweek, or my spin on it, the 2-hour workday (this to distance myself from Mr. Ferriss – Hi Tim! – and avoid copyright infringement and because I like working a couple of hours a day).

Regardless of what you call it, clearly there is huge interest in the lifestyle I lead, especially when you can travel and earn great money at the same time. The idea of coming back from 8 months of travel with more money in your bank account than you left with is so appealing as a concept, I just knew I wanted to tap into that idea and help more people experience it.

The idea for a new training program started to germinate. I still wanted to visit ancient monuments to snap my photo, so I’d have lots of proof of all the places I had visited for the product I was thinking about creating next. The current design of this blog, with rotating travel photos at the top, is very much in line with this idea.

As you can see, it was hard for me to put the Internet marketer’s hat down, even while visiting amazing places around the world.

Travel Without The Financial Headache

I started 2009 fully intending to open up some kind of high-end coaching program to help people move towards living the 2-hour workday. Although my plans have changed, this idea is still in my possible to-do list, it’s really a case of “when” rather than if (let me know if this idea appeals to you).

Although I’m not ready to produce this course yet, there is one idea I wanted to begin discussing on this blog as it was instrumental in my ability to travel around the world for so long and not worry about money.

Being worry-free when it comes to money when you travel is such a critical factor. I didn’t want to be umming and ahhing about spending money on a nice apartment, or a meal, or a train or plane ticket.

I’ve traveled to Canada more times than I care to remember and I know that when you travel it’s inevitable you will find yourself in a situation where you will spend more money than you need to just because you have few choices or you’re tired.

When in a foreign place, sometimes just spending the money on the last remaining hotel room, even if it’s expensive, is so much more appealing than trying to find something better or more affordable at 11PM in a strange place.

Planning to travel for such a long time and to so many places, including expensive locations like Western Europe and the USA, I knew that I would hit many situations where I would spend a stupid amount of money. I’m not one to spend money frivolously, it’s not in my nature, but I will choose to spend to be more comfortable or avoid problems especially when tired, hungry and lost.

With this knowledge, being in a situation of financial security BEFORE you leave is a good idea. You don’t want to be in a situation where you rely 100% on the income streams you currently have to pay for things as you are going. In other words, you don’t want what you earn this month to cover what you spend next month, or you only go for a week or two before you have to return to work, which unfortunately is how many travel.

Traveling is stressful enough and not knowing how you are going to pay for accommodation next month if your business doesn’t bring in X amount of dollars is not a great situation to be in and is not how I wanted to travel.

So What Is The Answer?

When I left to travel for eight months I knew, even if my business stopped delivering any revenue, that I could spend months, possibly even years abroad without worrying about making another cent, and that didn’t mean I had to spend all my time in the “cheap countries” either, I could go anywhere on the planet and not worry.


The answer is capital.

Capital in this case refers to cash reserves I had in the bank, money available when I needed it and not required for any other strict purpose.

I say strict, because you can use the capital to pay down debt (like a home loan), but you don’t have to. It’s an “extra” payment that is optional beyond your required payments so the money is available for other purposes.

I discovered the “comfort” that capital in the form of cash provides the first time I sold a website. Earning over $13,000 in one hit from my first website sale showed me what is possible when you sell assets.

I’ve written many times before that you may never realize true financial independence until you sell your business. This really depends on the business model you are following, but one thing has certainly proven true in my experience – selling a business or a website or any asset can result in a huge cash windfall.

If you’re debt free, or at least in a situation where you comfortably manage your debt, any big cash lump sums you earn make for great “travel buffers” as I call them. Capital gives you the financial comfort to leave your home knowing that if push comes to shove, you’ve got the liquid cash available to cover yourself for whatever comes your way.

How To Raise Your Own Travel Buffer

If you’re considering an extended trip overseas and you’re worried about the dependability of your current income streams to sustain you, then having a financial travel buffer is a good idea.

Here are three ideas you can apply to raise capital online for the purposes of a travel buffer. I’ve used all three of these to create my own buffers –

  1. Save business profits – This is a pretty straight forward method of creating a capital buffer, but it does take discipline, as any savings plan does. Most people who work a job know what it is like to save money for a holiday and in business the same option is available. The difference is that in business you have a much greater upside potential if you’re following a good model, so you’re not capped on how much you can save based on your weekly paycheck.

    If in doubt, read “The Richest Man In Babylon” and you will know how powerful this technique can be.

  2. Sell an existing asset – For speed, selling something is one quick way to make a lot of money, but of course you have to have something of value to sell. Remember your websites, especially if they are income producing, are assets, so you might be sitting on something of value if you just change how you look at it and consider selling it.
  3. Buy an asset with the intention of flipping it for profit – My initial travel buffers were all created thanks to websites I bought and sold, and although I was making enough money to cover myself while I traveled thanks to my blog, it sure felt good to see thousands of dollars in my bank account thanks to website sales.

    Website flipping is a strategy anyone can get into, especially if you are prepared to take the time to understand how income is generated from a web asset. Understand how something works and you’re in a great place to improve it and then sell it for a profit. I suggest you read How To Invest In Websites In Your Spare Time, in particular the links in the resources area at the end of the article, for more help with this strategy.

I hope you now see the power of capital and how it can be used to create a travel buffer so you can move about the world free from financial worry.

I’ve got a couple more posts planned on the 2-hour workday and I value your feedback regarding what you want to know about this subject, so please leave a comment if you have a request or any feedback.

Yaro Starak

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  • hey Yaro, good post, I know a lot of people out there are interested in this stuff. I’ve been doing it for a couple of years now and while I’m not a vagabond by any means, it’s great to just take off whenever you like and not have to worry about running out of cash.

    And I definitely agree about the travel buffers, I sold a few of my sites about this time last year and then took off overseas for a few months. Takes away all your worries when you have a fair amount of cash stacked away.

    Also, when you do a lot of travelling, it’s easy to try and rack up as many “photo ops” as you can, rather than doing the things you’d actually enjoy the most.


  • The “work less for more” concept is a compelling thought, as is living/travelling free from financial worry. As you plan to write a bit more on the subject, I’d be interested in hearing how you organize and plan your 2-hour workdays and is/was that any different when you were travelling? and I think it would also be interesting to hear how you planned your travels, being on the road for that long. Oh, and next time you go on a trip like this, drop by in Finland too ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi, Yaro,

    While you were travelling were you still maintaining your blog? I’m sure you had to replace the ads with another ones unless they were paid for 8 months. You must’ve had you computer with you. Though nothing is impossible right now.

    • I was away from April until December 2008 – so you can go back and read my blog for those months to see what I wrote, though it might take a while ๐Ÿ™‚

      The answer is yes, I ran my business just as I run it now and as long as I have net access I can do this from anywhere in the world.

      • That is one of the biggest advantage of running this kind of business. I am running my business since past few years and had been to many places across the world. I teach people how to make money online using intext networks like kontera, echo topic etc etc. Have done serious research on In-Text advertising in the past while i was in Buffalo – Niagara Falls. These days enjoying life ๐Ÿ™‚

      • me too, as long as i have internet access, i will survive!



  • (oops, forgot to enter my name!)

    Completely agree with you on the 2 hour workday thing… I think it’d be weird to just have almost NOTHING to do every day! haha

    I like to do the same thing by having cash saved up before I travel, though I do know a lot of people who just like to live on the edge and do things on a whim too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Solomon Huey

  • Working a 2 hour work day is definitely a dream worth pursuing. The sole idea of traveling and getting paid for it… is amazing.

    And even if you’re not traveling, just hanging around at your friends’ house or being lazy – you still get paid. Who wouldn’t want that kind of lifestyle?!

    But of course, there has to be something more to it, contribution. Growth, Expansion. It is very important to have those in order to really enjoy the lifestyle you create.


  • I think that the titlew of “2-hour workday” is probably slightly misleading, though I could be wrong.. I have a feeling that more goes into maintaining this lifestyle than just working for 2 hours a day.. For example, Yaro, you do seem to spend a majority of your time thinking about your businesses, developing new plans and ideas, etc.. Not everyone does that and it can be considered extra hours as part of the whole “workday”

    • I’ve written about the “truth” of this concept before. The challenge is defining what “work” is. In the strictest sense if I was to just “work” on my blog for two hours per day I could easily travel and live a very relaxed lifestyle. The problem, as anyone who has tried this for a period of time, is what to do with the rest of your time.

      I chose to “work” more because my work is so much fun, but that doesn’t make the statement of working only 2 hours a day untrue, I just choose to work more and thus earn way more than I really need to in terms of living the traveling lifestyle.

    • Precisely. One needs to define what ‘work’ in this context is.

  • The kind of lifestyle everyone dreams about

  • And now I’m dwarfed with the $13k accomplishment on the sale of your first business. Dang. I only just started mine. *smiles first* ๐Ÿ™‚

    Looking forward to hear more of the 2-hr workday from ya. Cheers!

  • The 2 hour work day certainly takes the headache out of your travelling experience. Prioritizing certainly makes a big difference in my working day, focussing on the stuff that will grow my business and tuning out all the noise and distractions works for me.

    Whether you have a 1 hour, 2 hour, 4 hour or 8 hour work day, it’s important that you make every minute you are working count.



  • Interesting post. I can safely say I’ve never had that kind of travel buffer, but its certainly something to shoot for.

    I’m looking forward to hearing more about the 2 hour work week.

  • Of All the places you visited, which one was the most memorable one? I wish I could take a trip like that.

    • It’s hard to answer this question. In terms of most fun – Manhattan wins – in terms of most meaningful, Toronto wins because most of my family is there.

      • Hi Yaro,
        I love reading your blog because it make my visualization of living the internet
        lifestyle stronger.

        Have you ever traveled to any part of Africa – Kenya, South Africa and Obudu Cattle ranch in Nigeria? If not, you should go on a safari, it’s so
        much different from seeing sites or buildings.

        • No visits to Africa yet, just Australia, Asia, West Europe, Dubai and North America so far…

          I can only imagine Africa is quite different!

  • I do hope you pursue this new idea, Yaro. The idea behind it touches on something which appeals to a lot of people and that is designing a life which isn’t dependent on working most of the day in order to pay bills.

    And I can attest to the comfort having money coming into one’s bank account while traveling. My wife and I own a service-based business which brings in money Monday through Friday. So it has been nice to take a trip, knowing we had money coming in while we were gone. It is no fun at all to take a trip and be worried about affording to do this or to buy that. Those situations takes a lot of fun out of traveling.

    Wesley Craig Green
    The Geek Entrepreneur

  • Wow..mouth full article Yaro, great. Yeah, i like the idea of selling website. But i wonder Yaro, what is the indicators of a websites to become a worth selling website and can generate us $13.000? Because this article tempts me a lot to enter this field.

  • Hello Yaro,

    Being very honest with you, my biggest challenge is to squeeze two hours a day while I still can’t make a living online. That actually should be the seductive part about the two-hour work day: being able to make the transition from whatever you do to whatever you want to do, and it shouldn’t be as hard.

    I end up procrastinating a lot. I think you said in 3-4 different places that people are lazy, people don’t take action and similar stuff — this is what originally made me buy one of your courses. In the end, it seems like I’m searching for an external factor to push me, instead of searching inside me.

    Cheers, D.

  • That is the only way to travel….

  • You are my constant reminder as to what is possible, and that is exactly why I’m working my butt off right now to take my online success to another level Yaro.

    I’d love to be able to travel around the world for an extended period of time (with my wife of course). You said to let you know if the coaching program appeals to us. My answer is HECK YEAH, lol. Let me know when it’s ready ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Go ahead with your new training program. I will be the first one to join!

  • I really agree on one of the points you made there Yaro about when you should travel. Those who are living pay check to check should definitely not travel. If anything I compare it to starting a business, you have to have available funds for a few months times in order to go into it comfortably.

    Till then,


  • I’m sure heaps of your readers would be interested in this idea. For most of us it’s the 10 hour work day.

  • The 2 hour workday is definitely what I’m striving for. I’d be interested to get tips on how you transition from a one person band to bringing on your first team member. My thought is that a successful blog bringing in a lot of cash needs a team behind it and I know that’s what has happened with your blogs. But how do you go about that initial transition? Thanks Yaro.

  • Hi Yaro

    I wouldn’t mind working 10-12 hours a day if I could make a lot of money by blogging. I’m giving it a big try now with the goal of starting to make money in a couple of months. But I’m going to need some advice so I’m going to sign up for blogmastermind.

    Thanks for another great post.

    • I am also seriously looking at signing up for blog mastermind. It is just to find the time to do this on top of all my other daily “stuff”!!!

  • If you’re getting paid for what you love to do, then you’re lucky. That’s the idea of 2 hour work day. You have the sole idea of traveling and getting paid for it. It’s really great.

  • Dan

    I think you blog is turning towards lifestyle design, digital nomad type stuff and I’m not complaining at all, I love it. I’m making slow progress myself and small headway into affiliate marketing but I would love to create an info product of value and see how that goes.

  • I’d even settle for a six hour work day. Thanks again for your insight and inspiration!

    • That would be nice, wouldn’t it! Yaro’s work has opened my eyes to the concept & inherent power in working smart, but actually applying this is a very real challenge!

  • Yaro

    2 Hour work day really sounds like a good idea. Is it really possible?

    how about a coaching program that show us to start small and then achieve a 2 hour work day. I think most people reading this will be happy with just that.

  • I wish I could work 4 hour in a week, I even can not work 2 hour a day … I think 2 hour workday only work for an already successful entrepreneur .. not me .. at least not for now ..

    • This reminds me of a statement that Henry Ford made – “If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you can’t. Either way, you’re right”

  • I work 2 hours a day in internet, i have some target to achieve each day. I have a time table, what to do each and every minutes. Plus an hour of reading time every day. Thanks for the info, You are an inspiration to all of us, keep up the great work.

  • Your thoughts on the two hour work day are quite interesting. I think this to be a good compromise for myself as well – in order to get done what I always have floating in my head.

  • I’m starting to see that I can actually get an extraordinary amount of work done in 2 hours per day. In fact, most days I hardly get that much done because the majority of the “work” I do is so ineffective. It comes down to the activities you are doing when you work.

    Content production is perhaps the most highly leverageable (if that’s a word) activities that I can do right now. If I can spend 2 hours a day producing quality content, I can find ways to leverage that content way past the potential hourly wage I would earn to produce that content for someone else. Unfortunately I spend hours upon hours wasting my time planning and re-planning my business models, instead of just executing them. When I get to a position where I can afford to pay someone else to produce my content, then I can focus on the management of the content production which is a step up the ladder.

    My thought would be that to achieve a 2 hour work day you need to really focus on two concepts:

    1) Single tasking/Batch processing tasks:
    By focusing on a single task or type of task at a time you can get work done with higher quality, faster (think specialization, assembly line workers)

    2) 80/20/Pareto principle:
    An extension of the previous concept in some ways. This means focusing on the right kinds of tasks that provide the most impact.

    Of course if you’ve been reading Yaro’s blog as long as I have then you already know this stuff : )

  • Interesting idea. At the moment I have to work at least 10 hours a day….. ๐Ÿ™

  • Yaro, this is a worthy ambition to aim for. I would however like to define work as something that you do to generate an income. Whatever you do to achieve this end, must be defined as ‘work’, including thinking. If you do that, I doubt that you can have 2 hour work days.

    • Well in that case, my goal is to have a 12 hour workday, I’d never want to stop thinking about things I enjoy, what would be the point!

    • I agree with you Nicole except for the worthy ambition bit.

      Work can be looked at as a challenge and a stimulus that brings structure, communication and interaction to our lives.

      Our genetic makeup doesn’t allow us to be happy long term when we don’t work and history has many examples of people self destructing when they don’t need to work

      • You have stated what I had not. Among the other things that great business consultants advise family businesses is that when a scion is not capable of running the business, let him become a playboy. I know one family business that took this advise seriously, and that scion ended up with cirrhosis of the liver and died at the age of 38.

  • Sigh I just wish I could do a 2 hour workday. I am building towards that, but I am realizing with my current strategies it will take a few years to get there. Then one day I can take off and travel the world. I think I will follow your advice about breaking it up into smaller trips to avoid getting overwhelmed by the tourist lifestyle.

  • In my honest opinion, what you talk about is only possible after all the hard work has paid off. No one can live the dream from the scratch, unless they have an ancestral property waiting for them. My 2 cents.

    • Just have a look at the story that I have given in response to comment from Warren Cottis. We need to be productive with something or the other. It is built into our genes. If however we can get to the stage where our work is what we like doing, as obviously Yaro does, we have got it right.

  • Website flipping is something I’ve been interested in for some time, but haven’t really known enough about to feel confident attempting. I’ll read your articles with interest.

  • Other than visit “another monument site” again, have you tried an in-depth backpacking?

    It’s like you don’t just visit just an over-populous tourist ground, but instead, you go to the sub-urban area, live the way how the locals live and experience their lifestyle. I feel it would be more enriching and you can understand their culture deeper.

    Although, it sounds very enticing to have a 2-hour work day, but I can’t do it. I am very passionate on what I am doing. My mind is always thinking on how I can improve my business further. To me, it didn’t felt like “work”. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Yaro, have you ever visited South Africa before? We don’t have much going here in terms of conferences and the like, so a working holiday, where you might make some money by being a speaker at an event I’m thinking of putting together might slip in nicely with your way of doing things?

  • Mr Yaro,

    You are the person who finally forced me to resigned from my highly paid IT job. Don’t know how to react. In my previous company, my supervisor wanted to do almost anything to stop me from resigning. I had to literally blackmail him sentimentally, to let me leave the company.

    Your blog has this effect on me I know, there are many in this world who want to be full time blogger. To help those people and To work with something i like the most, I have started 3 blogs. Wish me luck.

    Also, I want to start full time coaching program for bloggers here in INDIA, I need your advice to start the same.


  • Hi Yaro,

    That is one of the beauty of being an internet marketer! Everywhere has internet access these days and all we need to do is just to find a plugin with an internet access and tha da!

    All businesses are about duplication. Duplicate the income flow and create more multiple streams of income. Then once you have more money, invest it by buying assets and properties. Man, you’re probably in that stage where money is in abundance.

    You have written other very interesting articles as well. I look forward to read more of your articles again! =)

  • I’ve been saying this for years – enjoy what you do or do what you enjoy. It’s your choice. Good read.

  • Yes, it is!
    I now work as in Internet Marketer and I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate which has certainly changed my life for the better.

    These are some of the benefits;

    Less Hours.
    Work from Home.
    Sleep Better.
    Enjoy Life.

  • What to say, sounds to good to be true :). Until the 2 hours work/day i will still need many hours in developing the site. But if a training program will be online i will join it.
    Thanks for the great post.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Fantastic post really interesting,I will be visiting more often.

    Derek Overington

  • Yaro,

    If you do create the 2-hour work week program, I’ll surely sign on because now I work a 12-hour work day and I’m determined to make changes in my life to have more of a life.

    Great post!


  • I guess we all dream of working the two hour day but apparently many people already do. Now the rest of what I am about to say may sound like twaddle because I really can’t remember the actual facts but I know what I’m about to say is close enough to the truth.

    I think I heard it from Rich Schefren, possibly when he gave that talk about the zillion things Internet marketers need to do. He quoted two major companies (fuzzy memory thinks Gillette and IBM) who ran an internal audit on their own workers to see how much actual work they really did during the day. One of the companies came down to a final figure of one hour 20 minutes and the other company got a figure of 40 something minutes.

    Of course, the employers needed to be in attendance for the entire day, but that is how much work they “actually” got done.

    On that basis there is probably no reason why a fully concentrated, fully productive two hours of solid work cannot produce the results you need in your online business.

    I just wish I knew how to suss it out for myself!

  • Thanks this very informative I really liked it
    I look forward to read your post perhaps
    getting into being coached by you.
    Thanks again. felipereal

  • I can run a single blog now, in an hour a day.

    But I can’t really (yet?) *grow* a single blog working an hour per day. Growing it takes many more hours, and the more hours per day I work, the faster it seems to grow. Although it isn’t growing quite fast enough frankly… but that’s more misapplication of effort to be sure.

  • jim

    Yaro, I was lucky enough to stumble upon a way to make money on the internet, which has since dried up. I’d like to get back to that! I just put together my first website after listening to the Adam Short niche-market interview about ten times, what a motivational piece!

    Using the internet has allowed me to travel to South America for free several times the past few years…

    Your blog just rocks & is so neccessary to keep the drive up….

  • Thanks Yaro,
    Really motivating stuff. But remember, a lot of us out here lack the skills necessary to really get that blog or website to get noticed.
    Thanks again,

  • Awesome read! I just love reading your posts. I am here daily and I have to say you are my number one inspiration to building my sites to become the best that I can make them so that one day soon I too will be traveling the globe and living the dream! Thank you so much for all the education I have and continue to gain from you. I believe that if you would take a quick look at my site you will clearly see that you have taught me a great deal. I can not wait for you to put together the new tutorial program! I am even trying to create one for my readers!
    I love looking through your travel pictures. I can’t wait to see the world with my own two eyes and experience the locations, cultures and personalities of the folks living in these places.
    Thank you again. Thank you so much for the inspiration and all of the knowledge you share with me.

    Brett Burr

  • 2-hr Workday sounds Fabulous indeed.

    Nevertheless, for an active & hyper person like me,
    I’ll need activities to keep me entertained.

    Thus, the 2-hr Workday should also include ideas for
    a ‘Before & After’ Playday.

    This will make the whole Concept even more exciting.

  • Thanks for all the education I continue to gain from you. I believe that if you would take a quick look at my site you will see that you have taught me a great deal…

  • I wouldn’t want to sell an asset (website etc.) only rent it. Nonetheless, if I thought I could get another asset easily then I wouldn’t mind.

  • Yaro, I just listened to your interview with John Carlton – and all I have to say is THANK YOU. I’m just getting started with internet marketing – I’m a musician and am developing a Brass Playing information product system called Power Brass Chops. Your interview helped me so much to see my next steps and how to create freedom with my online business. I know this is a marathon, not a sprint, and you helped me see that more clearly. Very authentic and real life sharing — I loved it.

  • I think for many entrepreneurs travel is something they plan to do. When running a business the prospect of leaving everything to others is a little scary. You are so used to having full control of everything. At some point you have to ease up your responsibilities and outsource some tasks. Even if you think you can run things on your own, the help of others can be a lifesaver.

  • Hello Yaro,
    I enjoyed reading this post and I watched the video with Andrew Warner from The interview was awesome and making a living eight figures a year is sure a large sum. It reminds me of that one ebook from Rich Schefren that talked about the company by the name, I believe, Angora that was making nine figures a year on the Internet. I applaud anybody or company that can make that amount of money, but after awhile it is just a game to see how many zeros you can make and you have to find another game to play to keep your interest. What is the best of the best games to play on this planet? There sure has to be more to life than just money. What is your thoughts on this?


  • Hi Yaro,

    Would your two hour work day be focused on the Blogging market still or some other internet based niche?


    • My own business is focused on blogging and yes, the majority of the regular work I do is writing my blog and secondarily my email newsletter.

  • I’m looking to travel to latin america long-term.. so this is VERY helpful… I wonder how much cash though to have on hand? 3 months extra rent on hand?

  • It will be great if I am about to have a 2 hour working day like you.

  • I don’t think I can get down to a 2 hour work day. I have got it down to about 4 hours a day but still.

    • Sell textbooks – maybe not with your current model, but there will be one that allows you to get down to 2 hours a day. You have to believe it’s possible and ask yourself “How can I halve the time I spend doing this?” and “How can I do this differently so it takes less time?”

      I know you can do it if you really want to :).

  • we should work for more than 3 hours for that .

    Misbah Mumtaz

  • That is a great way to go about traveling. I never thought about having the extra cash that way. If you are financially dependent and are able to continue making your loan payments, why pay them off early if you can allocate the funds to something better. When i have extra cash I try to pay things down so if there is any issue I come across I have things covered without having to think or scramble for money. I feel that I am saving on interest, but while this may be true I am not taking time to do what I want.

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